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MG 205 - Midnight at the Concord (with Carrie Rosen)


Los Angeles This tickets are now on sale for the Mazel goes I ever live show. We're doing a live standup slash podcast hybrid conifer Saturday night at the guests. Let a dicey typewriter March twenty third seven PM. I I'm sorry. It's going to be a standup show. Or is it going to be a live podcast because I need to know because I'm going to have to prepare and I have to wear something. If it's going to be a stand up show, or if it's going to be out like puck has completely in is going to impact. But I wear we'll midge is going to be a little bit comment. A little bit of com. B? That's the beauty of it. Okay. I've got to get a babysitter. Because honestly, I just kidding. I've never going to be done now. Mckay. Just honestly I haven't seen him in weeks. So you can get tickets for that dynasty, typewriter dot com dot com. Oh, no. I'm about to break. Your brain is going to be a lot many have tried trust me boy, Saturday night the gas like Mazel goes live be there or be dumb. Listen, there's a dress code. So I'm gonna have to come to your house. Help you pick something out. We are dressing in one thousand nine hundred thousand nine appropriate attire come see as a dynasty typewriter, March twenty third do stand up as Mitch. Hey. Yeah. You could do your classic care to the problematic. Mrs mazel. Yes, we'll have some standup friends doing the show and an old special guest special friend doing the podcast. So come out and see it March twenty third seven PM don't be like Susie come out and see this show. Don't be like. This is a head gum podcast. To hang out. Each other. Eric davie? Or no reason you we're gonna make this chart topping hit baby tapping. I see Dallas. Cheap cheese. Welcome welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Once again to the marvelous, Mrs Maes voice and Kevin. And I'm Alice, and we are here we are till five mid point of the season finally half. What? Hey tread. No. Enjoyed. Are. You kidding me? I've enjoyed it. Thoroughly isn't this more fun than most of the stuff? We have to do. I listen to our first episode. Did you because it was released? So now, I know how to be that's oh, yes. This is the first heated might I usually like love my takes narcissist. Listen to everything I do and I needed it. Turn within your honor. Celebrate you're talking about my friend that way. She's my friend, and you didn't like any of your takes. Let's intro the guests. Okay. Laze in gentlemen, lays and gentle lays and chips ahoy because that's what this song reminds me. She was a writer for faking as well, as you know, what let's say say her writing will leave you speak on ABC lays dumb. I give it up for carrier. Rose. Miseries of turn. But it was worth it. It again, it you did it. Oh, should speak of turn all tests that limit when I'm on other people's podcasts. Sure. Feminist quote, powerful room in our wehrley, polite or whatever pillow or something polite. Women never got in. Legislate. It goes so far that's a rejection of any courtesy or manners. It's like don't be polite. Be gray magin the like snow Globes on Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, mantle imagine all the snowflakes in that snow globe. Impolite? And then I was like oh my God. I'm so sorry about that. Earlier. Listen. So okay. Yeah. This is two five. This is the first episode we've recorded since putting out starting to put out the season. Now, we're like four hundred or putting out more. Yeah. Well, I think we should put out more than twenty. Eighteen. Kerry. Thank you so much for joining us show back. I'm so excited to be here. A Mazel mainstay. I'm I'm so happy to be amazed mainstay, I only feel I hope I don't say anything you've already covered in the episodes. I haven't listened Kevin edited out if you think you say that. Means. I can't wait for the public to know my real opinion about acts wires, and it's like never comes out before we start reporting. Fuck outta me. You said, hey, can you cut off that thing? I said in two two, and I said, I already did don't worry an offensive thing. So you know, what is good? It's so. Yeah, we're gonna I'm gonna kiss. Now. I'm starting to sound like a little snippy. Probably will. See fund to be God. I'm only talking to myself. That's intent the God of this podcast that you say is it fun to be God just out of nowhere. Isn't it fun to be? Yeah. And then it's like moving on silent along to that. Along. So anyway, thanks for coming in, Jerry Kerry. Have you watched the entirety of the season? I have they have. So I'm going to be very careful to not say anything beyond. Okay. Episode five a little bit of a blur. Well, I think some our listeners to might be doing it the way we've been doing it, which is one time as well. If you're one of those listeners out there doing it one of the time cool. You as are showing a lot of restraint or you're like me, and you're busy. You can't sit down and watch a whole thing. Isn't it fun to savor? It's fun to save her even mediocrity. Even the things we don't like to save her. I mean to examine and consider. And you know, what I think the people who make this stuff one is to do that. Like, I don't think like, for example in the spacious writer's room. I don't think they're putting together up saying, oh, people kind of forget this in like a month or two they want people to like think about it talk about knowing what they want. Well, there's a writer from the speech. Can't we can't plan around what the gods might? Well, we could talk to her right now. No, they're they are just mysterious. I'm not yet. We obviously since we are show the airs once a week we envision that way. But it's interesting me with like the binging shows. What if what they actually will do I know that like, I don't enjoy it as much, but I feel pressure to watch everything at once because I don't want anyone else's spoil it for me. And that usually a rush to get out of the sport LUSA or incident. It was right before the holidays. And I was like, oh, my family is gonna come in soon. I'm gonna watch it all before they get here, and before I can read anything online, and then it was just this big forgettable blurred Amee because it had so fast. And also my internet reject MRs Mazel anytime, I want to show my internet goes down. So I was watching it all on my iphone, which wasn't the best. Oh, yeah. Yeah. The stuff that gives Christopher Nolan nosebleed when he hears. He jets. That's right. Amy Sherman Pallini was quoted to have said like it's best to watch this season on one of those curved, plasma TV's. Super hoity. Only way to watch. I bet she has a TV from like the fifth got from in it. She watches it from like Mazel period. Was she has a current TV? But she's so rich now, though, she she so powerful now in the television industry that she made them fashion it into an old TV from nineteen sixty. And I only wanted to play that would be on. That's right. It's like she has a screening room. But there's no screen. There's these two guys once tall in one's short. And they assembled a screen and like an like a hokey pokey TV they come out, and they're like he's like Mel Brodsky, and then they come on out. And they said they undo the set up and they're wearing like coveralls with their names on them. All right. Most right. Mrs palladino. What is this is a question? I want to start asking kiss on the show which seems boring by feel like it's interesting in the specifics because this season as I've said in previous episodes, which you haven't heard because they're not out yet. But talking about how I'm experiencing this season slightly different way. Because I'm watching it as an event on TV that I bought by myself in my living room lights off like I'm going to the movies and before as watching the computer so for you, what is the ideal way too. I assume it's not on my phone. What is it with people as it was snacks? No snacks. What's the what's the best condition that has been hard for me to figure out what this show, and that's part of why like when people ask me do you like Mrs Maes? Well, it's like a twenty minute answer that never actually says anything conclusive because it's so there's so many things I like about into many things that are good with it by find it so long and so all over the place that lying. I find it hard to sit down and watching tire because it's I was just telling my mom, I was coming here to do this. And when she asked me what episode it was it was hard to describe that. You know? But I think with this episode more than the other ones. I would say that's true. Like this this episode pretty wild. Yeah. It feels like the the the season works onto a story that's told this way. And then it like there's another part of the story. And this is the end of it and I'm doing hand gestures. Which is I know great for podcasting. But this just don't use five really feels like that. They started the store. They started writing the story at the beginning. And they also started writing it simultaneously at the end. And then the two parts crash into oh five, and there's just like woods going on. So overall the season without spoilers. Do you feel like this is comparatively better worse about the same a little worse to me? That's okay. Yeah. And that's okay, just conflict 'cause I like Amy's works. And I'm gonna present by saying Amy is such an amazing writer at a much better writer than I am. And I should not be like what she should have. Is this? But I feel like now, I know her work well enough that the knowledge of that takes me out of it a little bit. And I feel like I understand her world views, and I don't like them that much a lot of really. So you can kind of see the ones Xeres in the matrix of what she believe. Yeah. And then when it bleeds over into the show in ways, I might not make for the best or entertainment. It can take you out of it. Yeah. Thank you for putting that better than I did. No. But I get it too. Because like, I'm sure you feel that I feel that a little bit. I felt that sometimes we soar can where it's like sometimes it's hard to watch Steve Jobs and not just see like a screenwriter trying to make amends with his daughter Roxie. You know what? I mean. It's hard. It's hard to separate it. Which is. So what does she believe? That's interesting. I feel that there's this kind of self centeredness that you know, there's always the brunette. I think most writers like your lead character is in some way proxy for you. Like, I find it very rare that. 'cause you just you have to pull from somewhere. You know, if you've ridden a character. That's totally disconnected from yourself. Like that's weird to me. And it just seems like, you know, we've talked about like Laura li- like it's like a lot of. Oh, like look coming down the street like it's the star of our whole world, Amy Sherman, female protagonists full name. ASP's AB protagonist Sherman. Another maze. Coming on like the way that she can dismiss other people in the world is boring. You know, it's like this is the star itchy surrounded by people who don't deserve time. Because they're not as interesting, and she is in. It is very like there is a hierarchy of like humans. Yeah. Like, they're super people. And then there's just too. And like the thing that drove me crazy in this one. It wasn't this episode before I think when the drama is midge going to be able to win miss Catskills eighth year in a row as the villain in any other show. Like the woman who wins it every single year and doesn't let anyone else going to shot. I have a hard time rooting for midge because she's not an underdog in any way. And I feel like like laurel lie was underdog in some ways, and you like you rooted for her. Right. And I'm like completely coming around in the Matt is what drives me crazy and Michelle is in underdog because she was working in Vegas, and she was doing the strip. I keep thinking you me and Michelle from the in yet Michelle was underdog. Show of underdog worked for. Michelle the protect. So Gilmore girls this amazing show about a dance studio. There's like a mom and daughter, but does dance and the hero is MS Patty. Yeah. Lot of drawn out week that would be the villain. That's such a good this episode. I think was the one where I realized I don't care that much about her comedy career. Which is maybe like a controversial take. He. Well, what happens for me is that what I like I care a lot about her comedy career when she's struggling doing interesting things and then in in in the realm, or at least in the in the world that they have built like I can see why she's either doing well or doing poorly, but in this past episode, she did a long set that it was like she was like say thing, and then people would laugh, and there's something totally not funny and everybody laughed and then say like my dad's here, no laugh, and it's like wait just a laugh track in this room. There's no reason people would laugh at any of this stuff. It's that was mind boggling. Yeah. But for me like when I don't care about her comedy career. I guess I'm more like don't root for it. I don't feel as she cares about it as much as she should the moment where she got that hall that. She could go first of all after Susie saying, hey, we gotta work on your comedy career. Oh, but I've badminton I have pesto class. And then when the woman says, you can work at the Revlon counter, and she's a holy shit. And she makes. Yeah. Beeline into the city, if she cares this much about Revlon and not about if she put this hurt her life seems totally full without comedy. Yep. Exactly. So many people like when you look at Lenny, Bruce. He's like, oh, this keeps me going. Do you really think you can go back to making jello, mold? You've totally feeling Mitch could and she'd be totally jazz. She says the scene, I don't know. I make a pretty good Jehlum. And there's not even if she loves Joel so much, and she's like he's like you can't quit like obviously Jovan would make it about him. How he made her quit, and it would be this whole thing because Joel's a drama Queen. But like that we stand quit just quit. Like, I know if I'm real life who is like I want to have a home life and a job and a comedy career. I'd be like totally go for it. But TV is. I know when I watch TV I kind of like being told here's what you root for and here here, here's what we're working toward. And I don't feel as if you were that that's the comedy is bang that I would is drawn fend. If it felt like all of these things were coming to a head like she was actually sort of being pulled between the world's kinda like that before where I was talking about. When you go to the when she went up to the Catskills, and she was like, yeah. Missing take two months off comedy. And then she gets up there. And she's like starting to realize you can't have it all because everybody's like, wait. Where's your husband? And she's like, we're friends, and it was like, no. And they're like, oh, you can't be in the contest anymore. And so she's starting to see maybe her world, isn't she can't keep everything together. But it didn't feel like that. Actually, the the next episode. Yeah. The rushing to the city things like oh, also when Susie called this is another thing when Susie called her and was like earn Suzy was on the phone with the book, and she's like the gigs tonight at midnight. Okay. And she hung up and then. In the next scene. You see two days later midge is going to the show. Like it was like a weird. It felt like an writing error the times of configured didn't make any sense. But maybe that's a pain. Noticed that sort of thing that like we agonize over in writer's room of like, oh like this time thing doesn't up like. Yeah. Should we just ignore it? And there's some people who are so intense about tracking time stuff, and you're like shut up and I looked to be of the camp. It's fine. Just go. If I see a character being like, she has to be there tonight at midnight. And then then I see the character one scene later being like, you wanna go out on a date two days from now, and I have to stay in the city for it. I'm like, okay, unnatural conflict, and then doesn't become a that's mess and other thing I thought that was going to become a conflict that didn't is when she said she has to work blue and she called Mitch. And I'm pretty sure she didn't let her know that she had to work blue. I thought it was going to be a thing. Like, wait. Why didn't you tell me I had to blue? And then it was not a problem at all. Yeah. And it just did it. Great. Because she does everything. Great. Well, let's get into it starting to be all over all. No, it's good. There's a lot of passionate takes a lot of good takes for channel. Takes her. I know and I love when you say mean things about me what a functional relationship. Functional deficits till five midnight at the concord, the Amazon prime synopsis is summer season it Steiner mountain resort continues. As moisten surely joined the group. Disturbing piece Suzie tries to ward off a new friend while keeping a low profile, the resort midge jumps at the opportunity to redeem herself at beyond Mun. Okay. The new friend made this office is so weird Chester Connor Ratliff. I know we know what I was excited about con, I saw the synopsis. What's I hadn't watched the episode yet y'all Mun heaven why I was excited her new friend was that girl that she met in the in the bunk. That was like, oh you. Oh, yeah. Friendly that girl was now I think just player who was way too excited. But like she was just like, hey work here on my God. Hey, do you wanna bunk weirded out by her? And I was like, okay. This is great. This is going to be Suzy being gay those really hoping for sued, and then it was just dumb ass Chester do. That's the opposite of TV enga-, Chester. And now it's time for a little segment. We do every episode called. So worth it. Oh you saying. Pop culture. In the episode put in super cut this is to five midnight. Here we go. Okay. Pretty Roman is a basis street east of the Blue Angel. Danny Kaye is Jewish motion surely are seeing into grossing those Tuesday's mainly Eisenhower lost sister. Why did they make a play about Lizzie board? I hate trials. All that ridiculous Perry. Mason crap. Look Valentino you single. Rockefeller like Rockefeller those acute seen. Joel. And his mom. Joan his mom was like a beautiful was I was really taken sweet. His mom has the voice of like, Kathleen Turner. She really started smoking surely. Yeah. Do you know what she's a she's a Broadway gal to she's done a lot of Broadway stuff? I thought she loves people. She in strictly ballroom. I don't know. She reminds me of the mom from strictly ballroom. That's the one of the of the red curtain trilogy. I have not seen. That's the we got to complete it. It's the new hope of the red curtain trilogy. That's what I was called. Right. Yeah. Romeo. Plus, julia. Which would make. The last week or the Baz Lerman. Yeah. Yeah. He calls it his unofficial red curtain trilogy those three movies. Yeah. I love more love me last night. Think it's not what I told you. Baz ler. They kind of repeat the joke that they did in just the episode before when moisten Shirley, they do with the cabin. All the shenanigans. Like get this get that. It's the exact same thing as the maze was doing the exact, but I I was like what are we doing? I think we're supposed to feel like the Maizels are especially knowing though, which I was not sure I felt like this episode really present the world and those like and here are these annoying people. And I didn't remember them being annoying as episode. Yeah. Imagine like being like, the I always see them from the actress perspective, and we like so in this show. Like, if I my character has like, you know, we've just summit up, you know, what their direction it's like, oh, they're the most annoying people in the world. That's what we are seeing here sites. Yeah. Protagonist. I was here. Take by that storyline is sudden too. Framed it a little bit in other episodes like, yeah, they kinda like them and stuff, but why the the Wiseman stout? So stuck with them? I could only that it was because of their mutual grandkids who never come up. So the drive for anything. They're going to be allies that eventually they're both going to have to pay for these children's funerals. That's actually what David talking. Attrition. It's like a hard thing to there was a line. I was like oh it smells like esters diaper. And I was like oh, right. Her. Sir. No, sir. So one mentioned was like derisive like she smells. This is the shittiest smell in the world like my child. Thank god. So I don't know if you guys caught it this is a it's unconfirmed. But I I have a pretty strong suspicion, the PA voice. Didn't you have arrived? I repeat. Arrived. Pretty sure that's Daniel yet. Almost one hundred percent. That's Daniel that sounds like Daniel right sounded last night. Hey, so is Bess Daniel palladino party. With all the streaming kings. Streaming. If you've seen kings of streaming part for. Stream. I am more Catskills stuff more. Yeah. The Chester stuff is. So it was just gift Susie something to do. And so he has non exploring that. She's probably gay. I wonder if there's anything juicy to Susan plunger. No, hideous another weirdo. Kevin of women. Yeah. Guy. Funny that you bring in the last officer they could totally dug into that. And it didn't have to make it a thing with her being gay. They could they could decide to later. You know, what I mean, you could plant that seed and do anything with it. But it doesn't have to be another, dude. It's dumb. They'll know any can't really right. Very well. Oh. Swinging Chester's five reminded me of like when a detective has to go talk to a murderer who's in jail. You know that kind of like I have a secret. Definitely like what's his name on mine hunt? Totally like him. I know, you know, me, no, you how links now aren't we? Oh, gosh. Probably best. We don't exchange names, Brenda. Name is probably best we drink malicious like like you're scared of me, but we need each other less. She's playful. Yes. Like here, you're gonna come in and be my little play thing. Rose grows, Chester. I'm sorry. I ruined your favorite character Chester while all the Chester stands on tumbler have taken a hit you with Chester Oprah dean all. They took porn off tumbler. And it's all checks. The back humans been filled Chester's head, Chester. Yeah. So catskill stuff more fifty stuff. See this. This is what we're talking about. The last step is of the split between like like, you were saying midge being a proxy for P in so many ways. And you saying I'm not sure if I care about the comedy more in Mitch kind of being like, I'll know if I care about the comedy more does ASP care about the comedy anymore. Right. What we got 'em. How to make a ESP still care about stand up because what maybe show guys we have one chance we all together in on the upper east side, Manhattan. To rent out place. I know a guy place. Oh perfect. But if we have to right. We have to do the perfect podcasts. And when we do I know she'll do the right thing. Oh, man. I think she's such so taken now at the fact that she gets to just like have unlimited fifties like fantasy time. Why would you care about the comedy? Yeah. She can have people play Simon says and make a observation about how back then it was for adults literally makes dull twice. In this episode. Maybe this is the gambit Macias. Okay. Jeff bezos. Here's the deal. It's going to be fifties. Going to stand up. It's about her doing comedy. Okay. And then they're like couldn't it be about a divorce too. Just curious. To walk for a friend. Can lex Luthor being it. No, again, let's Luther cannot be in it can the mR Clean of the internet business. Give it cameo. And then she did it. It was very successful on every spectrum imaginable. It would appear for them and for her. She gets an overall deal. And then it's like, okay. Well, we can make this last larely as long as we want to like this'll be this the first show that she gets in one thousand percent on her own terms heads was cancelled Gilmore she left and she came back like eight years later. This'll be the first show that she gets to close out. This is what I wanted to say. So could run four seasons a run nine. Yeah. But but it's not a foundation built to last that way. So I did that's not good as much as I like, Amy. I'm really not rooting for her and then shows on earth. Rather doing she needs straits real bad. She needs time limit. She needs a budget. Like, I mean, we saw what would it would be like if go more girls didn't have to end it forty four minutes. And it was a mess. I think she needs constraints. I don't know if she would do with a budget for this stuff. Do you know what I mean because then you would lose so much? There's a lot that she does just because she can not art art sake. And this episode has been out already. But I guess you haven't listened Carey that like it was her fault. Oh, no. I didn't mean to send her to be on a podcast, listen to one episode or whatever. But. Time. So no vit-. Like, we were contacted knows visits haven't been released yet the first one I listen that without you did. Yes. Oh, I thought I supported your take on my God. What a sweet. You're being such a jerk. Nineteen. I can't I can't believe you such a misogynist, Victor jerk is massage and as Jirgas cancelled jerk is. Steve Martin hitting Kerry, and I was doing a bit. And it was sort of like it was it was a good bit or not because you are too. Sweet. That is kind of your fault. No. But so I was just saying that whole idea of art for art's sake, and like directors being just extra with their budgets like we do allow men to do that. And we like make so many skews for them, and they're messy, you know. Autour bullshit and Michael Bay's of the world like I kind of like that Amy's out there doing this. I like that she can go to Paris. Yeah. I don't like the she can have an incredibly long musical number just because she can afford the right standing song. Like cut in half or something. I don't know. I know what you're saying. I know what you're saying. I feel that way that anyone. Yeah. I do. Yeah. I'm trying to think of like what who would benefit from having an unlimited budget any person. We'll be true because I understand what you're saying. And I don't know if I totally agree because like, well, Matthew Barney or something, you know. But like that is he's artist. Does installations furlong? He's very old. He's a dinosaur free masters turned purple over time and. Kevin. Can you talk to the dinosaur is performance art? Oh, I think it's hard to me. I love you. You love me. You don't think that's poetry happy family? A ryan. He didn't have. But he did anyway. So I guess yeah. It's it's messy. But I I don't know. I appreciate your sentiment that everybody benefits from a little bit of limitations. Can you think of a it's a it's a friend? Can you think of a movie or TV show that you saw that you wished had more money because I know there's exam worked right? Well, I mean, it's obviously that like some money versus all the money show shows that I've worked on in Burbank that aren't supposed to be set in Burbank. It would have been nice to have a little more money to make it look. Let's make a good point. I think if Amy could rain herself in. It just seems like you this is what all of her shows would have been like if she could have had all the music and all everything would have been way too long, and like the eighty page Gilmore, girls scripts would have been two hours long it. It's can I draw a comparison, maybe that might be helpful. And I know we said in the last officer not to reference him and to reference his antecedents more. But Wes Anderson you see those earlier movies where he's still like, you know, making a name for himself, the Rushmore bottlerocket, Royal Tenenbaums, and there's something about those where you can feel some of the like constraints are disciplines of like they shot Rushmore and Houston in debt. My hometown, Alexis Ladele actually makes a cameo shot in my little hometown, the suburbs of kingwood, Texas. You see that she didn't have like everything his disposal, and he didn't have a reputation where everyone would say yes to forever for any five-second, partly boomer. He does. And then you see something like grand Budapest hotel, which is just I mean, some people think it's a masterpiece. I liked the movie a lot. But there's a way in which that thing is trapped. If you look at the way that the characters only move side to side in like two d planes likes stuff like that. Where it's like, yes. Do all the production design. Do your intent. Color palette. Do this do that do Bubba? And he didn't have that Rushmore per se, but his Rushmore worse moving because he didn't have it. I never I rarely watch anything, and I wish they had more money. But I often watch things and think oh like all everything they have at their disposal is taking away from the contest. And I it's for me is really more of a length thing, for instance, like with this episode like every episode of maze like a little restless because they're very long. Yeah. We're conditioned the hour long show should end it around forty five minutes at the very most. These are. I don't know three hours. Our like watching a guy playing Lenny Bruce doing his comedy like for couple minutes. Yeah. Yeah. That was a two minute. And I know that if you know on speechless when we have we really great like the band's going to perform the song, and we'll do the whole thing. And then when we get in the editing bay, it's like, and we're gonna start at the very last word of the song because we're for time. Yeah. But like ultimately, you watch the show, and you you're not like, oh, man. I wish I could have seen these actors sing a lot more. It's usually the lengthy wanted to be so because it's not a singing show. There's an argument. There's an argument like, for example, when you see Benjamin and midge driving away that you don't need like twenty shots. It's like a convertible. It's also like contextual. We've to think about the TV that gets made and the TV that we all watch TV that these directors and writers actually watch and. In the context, we're in everybody is working in time constraints. And so when somebody gets to do something without time constrains, it's like they don't know what to do with it. Exactly. So it's like, yeah. Lenny Bruce thing. It's so great. We gotta let it go on. And it's like, yeah. You might think it's so great. But like because you don't have to cut it like we as the audience who are used to watching something that has appropriate length are going, wait. Why are we watching this for so long? And then we get confused, and we think we're supposed to be looking for some sort of plot point in it. And then it isn't there? And it just feels jarring and weird one that's worth like if you watch Star Trek. The next generation is just a quiet show that takes time and people walk into rooms, and they sit down and sometimes there's awkward energy because that's just the way the show runs. And that's how they roll because they had a ton of time. And it doesn't feel weird. It's not like you're confused about why we're like looking at. We're like waiting for John Lee Picard to drink a sip of tea and pause before he makes his statement. Yeah. Now, we're notes can sometimes be good the fried identity was a network now. Now that said never I want this to be said, I don't want ever any network to ever give me notes for any reason. Interesting say that right now on record Benjamin Zachary Levi's Benjamin carry you mentioned before we started recording that you worked as a P A on. I worked on. I worked at check. It was one season anything. So he's Jewish right? He is not Jewish. How? Zam is not Jewish. She's a Hello shoes. AM sounds like it could be. Yeah. Right. He's not sure if he likes her he asked her out, and he's like, she says it to you like me, he says, not sure. And then they go to a bad play. He likes her a bad play, which allow listeners pointed out might be a palladino ISM. Okay place. They went to bad plan. Bunevacz Michelle goes and meets fo- digger and the classic time Gilmore girls. Do it bad flea time and eleven year in the life, which one was it called levittown or something like Levitz. No town, you're in the life one. No, no, no. Day to play right? Just make this up. No, there's a bad play in Gilmore, but there's also a bad plan in the year in the life. Oh, y'all. Oh, yeah. And some are Waterloo Lou. And like not only did they go to a bad plain water loop at the audience. A year in life. Also went to play the entire fucking play. Yeah. So Amy, and she's such a musical head again. This is the ones zeroes in the matrix of world. She loves musicals. She's probably people love plays can often be snobby about musicals people have musicals can be weirdly, reverse snappy at place the point of going to nonmusical play really really even if it's like meeting, especially on Broadway theatre if there's a chandelier, I don't wanna this watch people not sing what about noises off like something like that. New york. I'm back gonna go. See something like Hamilton. Go see him play like. Yeah. Like what about a play with? How about like music or something? I love a play like the museum. Classic play something like Anne to play a dramatic play play that has songs consistently throughout. Yes. Yes. Yes. We're exiting just break into song that has contact yet. It's their singing what they're this of the park. Kisses. Brought to you by squarespace love squish base so much. I don't need to be on this one. Folks, I use squarespace for everything. Kevin t porter dot com to Gilmore guys show dot com to good Christian fund dot com to Rory Gilmore, sex, bowed dot com and douche fireworks dot com. All domains, I procured in built websites for on squarespace. You can turn your cool idea into a new website with squarespace you. Could blog and publish your own content. You can showcase your work and say, your products and services of all kinds squarespace does this by giving you beautiful templates built in search engine optimization free insecure hosting and analytics to help you grow in real time. Now, his Bill Maher just regular real time. 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Knew that it was such like an idol. They see Lenny, Bruce because they do leave in between acts and midge and Lenny Tom something a head. It was. Swell an olive at my head. I don't know if you've heard, but I've become very meticulous. Great happens today. No, you'll coming tonight, my homing pigeon. Nice to see you a YouTube look. Good cleanup. Nice. Are you do searing? No seriously. I am out on bail. How are you working? Right now, I'm up in the Catskills wash bell. Thom what is what do you play Steiner? I'm not working kiss kiss. Together. I guess I'll have imitated them kissing. I'm just mostly I don't ship them. Because I don't want to bend reality that much. Sure. Mary sue thing where it's the real love of. If it was all ready, if a reality was already bending that way. It would be a maybe a better show because. Yeah, fuck, you know, he's like so you're up in the Catskills borsch belt, and she's like, no, I'm vacationing there. Happily not ashamed at all weird. Yeah. I was in doing comedy when I started doing comedy. If somebody was like your vacation for fuck. What a day, you know? And then, you know, three months they you would be ashamed that crazy like. Listen, I wondered if she's going to start to be self conscious at all again. I you have the whole time Susie saying, oh like this is ridiculous. Pastels pencils? The only I remember. And then he goes, oh, you're with your family. That sounds terrible like assuming that she would be doing comedy because she's a comedian like you'd think that maybe she'd start to look inward about what her life is. And what this experiences, and I was kind of hoping at the end when she went up and did her stand up would be more of a takedown of this lifestyle. Yeah. Become self reflexive. Like, wait. What have I been doing lately? More obvious version of the show. I think in Amy never does what I think a lot of other people do for better for worse. Be like the sand of the end is kind of like, hey, you haven't been able to tell what's been going on in my head all episode now, you get to know, right? But instead it's just kinda gentle comedy about until about the food. And then she sees her dad and only talks about his sex life. I guess. I love Alex foreseen can what I like, it's she's one of those for me. I watch her and literally can't do anything wrong. Nothing. She ever does is like even with that fucking Chester stuff. It's like her reaction Chester is the audience reaction to Chester. Yeah. Perfectly. And and her and I felt embarrassed for Alex Burstein as an actor having to go you killed at the end of that shit. Yeah. It was just like, oh, you think hitting me hated the standing it was it was like, what was the term you use mind mind boggling? Yeah. It was like a mind boggling it was you wash. And you're like what did cause dissonance? Let's play a little bit of it to set it up. It is the gig. That Susie is secured her for the midnight slot at the Concorde. She is going to work, blue and blue. Yeah. I wasn't working. I think unfortunately, every time. Lou that is ROY Gilmore when. Expects you to worry blue. Weiqing blue like before you guys covered it on your show. What? Which I'm sure you know, Wade did one more one of our guests learned what the term working blue was on that episode. I her birthday party or I don't know a season five or six who cares? If so long ago, we appreciate on last week on the show where she case airway, and he said, yeah, I hate townie stuff. I was like you do as if we haven't recorded, you know, twelve hours of Gilmore contact together. I've forgotten so much, and I do feel bad about it. That's okay. I know your faith is important to you. And your other podcast the hell. Come on come on. That's not what this is about. Few. Okay. No. I'm sorry. Lurking. Blue blue efforts thing happened in the Catskills. Everything my mother, I told me to keep my knees. Closed until there's a ring on my finger in the cat skins. Actually, she told me was biologically impossible to have sex without a ring on your. Guess what? Mom. I I ever kissed I kissed in the Catskills. First time I ever let a boy Christopher Columbus might nether region skills, this boy, he was my Papa. Well, we've talked about how every standup said the show this far seems to it's like a it's a different challenge in a video game almost like can she recover from guys selling around and throwing her under the bus, the our previous can she follow, blah, blah. Can she do this? And then the challenge in this scene is can she do her material blue front of her blue and in front of her father, which when they cut him? I did in my couch. Go. Great schilling beautiful piece of acting from shillue because he looked so sad. Yeah. He didn't look pissed off. He just kind of looked confused him bumfuzzles and just like bomb Fasel. Yeah. Oh, she'll bumfuzzles shocks. And yeah, he just slowed distraught. Because it was a lot of stuff falling apart in his life. And I thought he played that really really well, including the line where he says taking him. Puts on his head. I felt that for him. I felt really bad for him. Let's specially 'cause she proceeded to make our whole set about him. Like the last the line of the very end she says, and that may look just like my father is that what she said. Oh, donkey was my it was like. It was like some. I'm interested to see if they deal with this. But they probably won't there's for me. No reason to have her do well during this it just so undercuts the reality of what we're supposed to be watching which is this person's journey with with this new passion in their life that like she's able to overcome this perfectly it if she's able to overcome it perfectly. What the fuck there's no intention, and my just bulletproof no matter. What you do? You're a comedy superhero. She's amazing. She can do anything. Yeah. And the whole cool thing about season one was it like she couldn't she kept running up against walls where she earned the wedding. And this season, you know, where she like fucked it up like at least like that was really uncomfortable. Interesting. Like, oh, you're not interesting. It was interesting. They played that given circumstance, but I think in maybe this is like Amy slipping interest in like, I don't care about comedy. Are aiming being a nonstandard going, easy, right? In my mind. I felt like there are two ways. I wanted that seem to go either. She sees her dad, and she blows it or she sees him makes the active decision of we'll soar former I and I was booked for a job. And I have to do the job. No matter what and crushes it. And it's kind of killing her inside that he's sitting there. But she doesn't falter they kind of split the difference in this weird way where she's faltering the whole time. I couldn't tell her staff blows it. But they, but it still work. Yeah. Yeah. The performance. I was going to be about her dad or did you just start like spitballing about her dad's sex life and his penis brain and stuff because he was like sitting because whatever she does and the laughter seemed almost like like the way the laughter is on the show reminds me of that like to St. Joe's sketch SNL where it's just like. It's so scary mechanical start Doria hungry. It ever like it was just like how how incredibly hard. Are they laughing like eight to ten? Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. I'll play a little one time. Percents. I mean, it's free to guy. Want to be free husband boyfriend one girl in college? Ticket to Sinatra concerts, even my mother would give it up and not. Might give anything to anyone will my father should get up to him. I mean, not that she told me she'd give it up the him. I'm soon while I'm here. So somebody gave up something to somebody. I did laugh at that part. So I think. I think maybe we just need to pivot our expectations of the shell. And of the show is like a musical. And the stand up is the musical numbers. Were you don't you don't go musical and say, no one sings in real life. But I would go to and if musical bad I'd be disappointed. But but I think we're critiquing the reality of right? Like, no one has bombed this well ever if feels but it's like, it's like if you were watching the hunger games and catnaps was just firing EROs everywhere and missing everything. And then the person that people died anyway, it's like wait as an audience member. I can't be invested anymore. I don't know what the going on like if it you're saying, it's so divorced from reality. Yeah. Just it's not that. It's like, oh, she's so good. It's just that. Like, what am I supposed to think is happening? What is what what is success meat anymore? It's like fucking fake news. Fake news, did well the coach. Fake news. She is the villain. I completely. Yeah. Out already. Mark. Mark your calendars listeners episode two five. The villain mrS. Sometimes the guests can be very persuasive. Yes. Anyway, I it. It does kind of feel like you could look at it like Suzy is the hero who is just trying to get and oh and midges Avila who was sending it her way. Yeah. It's so hard cheese. No money. She's almost homeless and like oh, hold on. Let me just go the casco's for three months, and you see legitimate love and respect in a fiction for her in on ironic ways, like even during that pep talk forever to retreat. Yes, they will. So what might be tough to hold a long last look down. Concede the audience smiling doing good put mainly Eisenhower do in the situation room is just more people to fall in love. I would really enjoy seeing the last take longer to get to her. But unfortunately, there's no editing machine that can make that happen. Fuck so annoyed by this. Now, I think they don't I think it really is. They don't care about this. Yeah. And it's it's it's super show. And it's really shitty. I I I don't know like I'm too much about it. Like, it could be interesting to get into specifics. But the same time, I'm not like. That used to be the interesting thing to me as stand up, but I felt like it also really helped tell the stories of like the story of midge where it's like you come in. And you see a sassy brunette winning life and then her life falls apart. And this is her struggling to make it back, and like she's able to be that her own Greek chorus and do this thing and at the same time, it's hard. It's like, I don't know it worked for me. And now, it's like hard anymore. Yes. A heart. Definitely agree that she needs to she's over JOL Dole's over there. Jolson loves her. And then all of this new guy Levy deal still want to. Yeah. There's this weird dynamic between the two of them were. It's always he's always rejecting her. But she's always in the position of power. Yeah. It's it's the constant light. I'm leaving you Mitch? But I love you. Oh my God. I missed you so much. Yeah. It's I still don't care. They just need the phantom threat it up and figure it out just doing something for the hungry. Boy, just go just something for my hungry Bill. Do you guys have seen phantom thread? Right. Yeah. I haven't you have Alex spoiler. It's been a while. Okay. Are exposed for fan of threats skip ahead of a little bit. If you get ahead, exactly forty it. Because I love in threat. I think about that. It's awesome time. It's so good, especially when you realize that the man who made is married to my root off. Oh my God. That's true shit. So it's come about her. But anyway, the kind compromise that they come to at the end as far as like the relationship. You should absolutely see it, by the way is that he will accept being poisoned by her on a regular basis. So she can take care of him because otherwise he gets too big for his own Bretches he ruined himself. So she worked for for mitt right respects her so much because it was her scheme that she came up with that. And he's like, you know, me better than anybody else. That's such an extreme story. But I think about the all the time with people friends of mine in my own life and couple friends of mine where I'm like, this is some fan thread shit going on and it worked. So it's like I can't knock it if it is functional, but there's like the OJ literal talks relations. She literal that that should have been the title. Totally Joel v midge like your way to your veteran comedy your veteran's life, like how can I compare with you? And what if you've can poison me a little bit? Joel. Every single month that way, stay in love will raise the kids. What kids we have kids? I forgot to tell you. There's still life. Don't worry there. Still alive? It's it's like it's lady Woody Allen. Basically what we landed with it. There was some other stuff that happen. This episode Joel kind of flirted with some bowling girls and moisture screamed allied in Deb really the only thing cared about was that surely Joel scene with them where. Yeah, he was like, I'm with a woman right now in, blah, blah, blah, blah, you know. Tweet kissing. I'm saying, but I kind of was interested in the date with Zach Levi where she was like interested in his opinion of Lenny, Bruce, and like what he thought about comedy. And then she was like, look, I'm dating a person who accepts that. I'm a comedian and isn't upset about it. So far. It that was wild. Yeah. It was. It was good. It's like while. Yeah. It seemed like a natural place for season two to go. It'd be like, okay. Like, she enjoyed her done. She's going to date someone new and she's going to like have to bow. She maybe she is someone that she's excited about, but doesn't know the real her. And then there's Joel who doesn't know the real. But instead she tells immediately immediately like wasted her than she told, gee, never told Joel. Yeah. Yeah. He just found out and Benjamin's cool. Great. And then he likes. She's weird the way. He softly said weird. I found very charming, man. Man. I'm a softy. I also like I enjoy like a tall dark haired man, like, I'm definitely. He's not do this motivation. I I understand why she did it though in that makes sense at least the motivation adds up like direct aid to be unlike of course, she would do this because she doesn't want to repeat. She's like, oh, I like this guy. What am I going to do right away? I don't have anything. There's no, yeah. For her. There's no stakes in telling him and having him at this point go. All right. Fuck you vegetarians, freezer. No stakes. But I feel like the show is trying to Kevin. Skull. Anyway. Like, the show seems kind of ability Joel as the great love of her life. And I don't know how feel that way. When like his original sin of like, he is so insecure he stole someone else's comedy and cheated on her. I like how I say Salsabil's comedy. I. The offense is go in that order. And. And he kind like blamed her for all of it. Because it's like, oh, you're so great. And I can't Harris I have to fuck other people excuse me. And then this season again, it's like oh, mid I love you so much, but I'm too insecure for you. And I just like couldn't handle being the butt of Joe, even though I'm so in love with you the fact that you might talk about me on stage. I can't handle it, and how don't know Howard post a root for that over this guy who's leg. Boy, actively looking for someone who's weird? Yeah, I'm doctor, and I totally fine with you being a command he values that even before knowing that she's a comedian. What wins him over to maybe is the radio riffs in the car in the gorgeous Lee super expensive exterior shots of xactly by driving a vintage convertible down a stretch of highway. They had to close off. So there were no other not period cars. This over on acidic. He's smiles at those little radio everyone out there. Like if you can find someone who loves when you riff nonstop for full what our you marry them. Yeah. You marry that person. Look. There was so much riffing. And he was so amused time. No, I'm tied to the idea that of the jewelry Dempsey, I love the because for me, and I've said this before JOL as the modern man like where do you put yourself in a universe? How do you? How do you cope with your own identity in a universe? Where men are not the center of attention and all heroism comes down to you. That's an interesting story to me. And I think it's one that is worth telling. But if we are supposed to root for Joel just because like without him having redeemed himself, then essentially we're supposed to root against midge and her her journey, and it seems like now that we're not caring about comedy anymore. We are doing that. Like, who cares whatever jacuzzi comedy that big of a deal? Yes. It's the whole premise of the show me center. Yeah. Me an anchor words like Mitch says I care about this with all my heart. Not like I care about it. Yeah. Like, it feels like next. We're gonna do everything fun. Next week. I feel like it's one of the kids is going to be in the hospital or something. And we're like, oh, suddenly, she cares. What kids? Place. They'll never go is anything with children. This is going to be in the. This is going to be in the now for. Yeah. They might both have polio. She would never now. Oh boy. Well, you know, what let's do a little Twitter q. A tweet tweet. Adrian says does everyone, you know on the such of what we were just talking about. Does everyone agree that the absolute worst palladino ISM would be to have an unplanned pregnancy. I'm terrified of this happening because maybe. Four and she's a bad to have a big comedy. And she'll be like my comedy opportunity. Oh, I'm out if that happened. I'm not doing this podcast anymore. So people start tweeting at Amy Sherman palladino to not do that. Everybody's so attached as doing this podcast weeding her. Excited on. No, no, no says shouldn't we be talking about a sneaking around to a blue comedy at the Abe. Get out that also by the way. Yes. Yes. Dear listener, I agree with you that we should talk about it. Because also I got mad at the end of that like, then he is allowed to just go and not be like fulfill his obligation because he's so annoyed by moisture that he can't go to dinner, and it's like roses like all to it rotates them to why does rose have to go. And so Tony just gets to go to some other random club. And then he's like no daughter of nine will be. I mean, we get it. It's the fifties. But like hasn't said anything yet. Maybe. Yes. He's very, okay. React. Now, he doesn't know my daughter doesn't get to talk in front of people. You know, we're going to go home now, and she has to sit in the back seat like a four year old fuck that you probably. In the backseat with Susie. Yeah. And isn't that amazing woman's choice? Even in one thousand nine hundred fifty it's about women the most progressive person on this. Desharnais says the set in front of a was so uncomfortable. Have you ever said or done something from your parents? That was uncomfortable. I've she goes on to say I've had to do some dances that were not ideal to do from my dad Belize He wasn't in the front row. Saw no way her profession is. But sounds what dances. I don't know. I've done pony. And from my parents, I did it Nashville did in front of them on stage to them not to them. But that's what they were. Specifically asking about revealed that tree something uncomfortable saying comfortable, I'm from my parents think performing in front of your parents, generally isn't like if you're not in like skinny setting. I think can be uncomfortable. I talked about like I talked about munching box a lot and my sets. And like like, you know, I'm, unfortunately, I am not talking about me munching other people's boxes, but people munching on mine. And while I said a lot. Oh my God. I'm just like, Madge and. Be great, by the way too much box. I've had parents those shows, and it's like, not great. But when I'm on stage. I mean. Yeah. Unless they're in the front row, I'm I'm not remembering that, they're they're hopefully, so whatever blackout blackout. By the time again for that for that set at the concord did she have a whole new our prepare confused about that she seems to be doing new material every single time. Yes. See her. Yeah. It's usually goes up and talks about what happened with our parents. That's what I'm saying is like these are musical numbers me off. Because before we had a reality side where she had to test them out over and over as of season one. And now she just does material on those season one that was kind of the case to we're stuff would happen. And then she would just talk about it. No. We saw her Rick. We saw her per improve a bit at one point. Oh, yeah. You're right. At least see her if I recall correctly at home being like, oh, I could that's funny in using it. Yeah. Just like, here's what my mom said today. Yeah, it's like a dire. Yes. Data team more supportive of if a diary that gives you know insight. The best kind of diary man, the Catskills. I think I think we're in the Catskills. At least one more episode this season and the Catskills is the new jump the shark. Oh, God is this show going to the catskill and season through true? Detective they really want to. Season two Alice de went to watch two six with me this week. Yes. Okay. I would like that every much, but I'm going to sketch fess. So we said that last week, and then it didn't happen. I know, but I will try. I do I have my car back. So yeah, that's true. It didn't have a car. I'm hoping if I can say maker say on Mike on air. Yeah. You're hoping against a lot of things. I know you know, what to the wrong today. Motherfucker just sell just watch it. So again with my blanket. With your son. Yeah. Blankets my side. It's a Michael Jackson. I'll boy anything else anything else in this episode. We want to talk about we didn't refer to my notes. Yes, absolutely referred to your. That's why we wrote them girl who. Oh asteroid. We'd even talk about didn't talk. Also, this this thing. But you know, I watched I watched it twice today. And I watched it and really the first time. That's how I prepare today was until like in usually now that it's historically thing that I watch maze. Life three times to prepare for here. Like, the third time is what I start to get really troubled by something. And this was the girl who JOL teaches to bowl. She says. Yes. Yeah. I had I hate fingers. You're amazing. Joel all those pins flying around like they're afraid of your ball. There's a line the sailed over my head the first two times when I was really what? I, gene. When she had to ball. She threw it all the way across the I'm worried about her. There's a thing she says, we're. Sprinting easy. I know nothing would know where to put my fingers she wants to show where to put a finger. Yeah. She's doing a thing. And this is what I'm gonna defend because it is so hateful. If you look at the other way that she's like literally somebody with a pretty pronounced mental illness. But she. Isn't. She isn't she's doing that thing where she's like like broadly flirting playing. The ball cross the room added. Oh, yeah. I think it's I wish it had been had been like more pronounced like a person trying to flirt. And then throwing a bowling ball is funny like, but we don't, but it wasn't funny because it's not like, she's the funny person doing it. She's we're laughing at her. So it's like she's supposed to be somebody who's playing dumb. And then we're supposed to be laughing at her like she is dumb. You know what I mean? So that's kind of I didn't see it as playing dumb because to me tied into a lot of the ASP worldview of like the lead is a star. And she's smarten get one over on everyone. And yeah, every other girl in the room is just a fucking idiot. Yes. She does. There's like a bunch of bridesmaids like, you know, the lead is the Brian this bunch of is being like, should we pour paint all over your body? No, I read magazines, everyone's pouring paint. The milk. Well, I thought you mention this wonderful smartness is Gilmore girls tarmac. That's right. Although that's that season seven. I'll you're right. So. Or maybe trying to reclaim it. Oh, maybe Rosenthal. Rosenthal doing he's done in the virgin, oh, he is all the try. I was like does he have a clue tumbler going that we all need to check. It also. Yeah. Asked made me really sad. The Astros stuff. So midge gets back up there by her brother driving her in also Astra's in the car. And there was this long really off color joke about paste in someone's private parts in the smell. And the was it was what only Amy would play someone's desperate inability to have a child for laughs. You know? See her being oh in baby kick, pregnant hilarious. So funny so obsessed baby. This is not working just trying all these crazy baby. So bad. She literally sinks. In the car is so nice that you call it. It's usually the doctor said you're pregnant though, it's really sad. Funny funny. Oh, we were talking off, Mike. So so the I'm forgetting name now. But the woman who plays astroid on this shell is also on a show called succession now too. Oh, I wanna see that show. Yeah. I mean, you know, I be oh. The first couple episodes are tough hang where it's like do. I have to care about these words champagne problems stuff, but then gets like kind of satirical and VP and better, but she does play an escort like a high dollar date for higher on the show and the guy that she's going out with who has hired her to go out with him is Alan ruck. So it's this. We were talking about the very funny mash up of all these palladino universe. Astor going out with frigging in tragic circumstances played for less. Yes. The two. Yeah. You to death was hilarious. Oh, yeah. But I like that actress I think she's she's sweet. I remember how much she was trying in the first season to connect with the Jewish culture. And the way she kept saying shayna put him really in this one because like Mike rally, I put him to me all the time. And it's. Look at that put them to me. I don't know. I assume my grandma used it. More commonly is what you say to acute kid. I don't think it's so often like you're gonna meet some shayna put them. The way of doing it. I liked it. Because it literally translates I believed to pretty face. So I think it really seem real to me the acid would see that. And be like got it. It would be I really like that actress a lot awesome. I just wish though just for the sake of continuity that they had hired a Jewish person to play that role. Because. So we're going to look into and she probably will be. She probably will be. Well, yes. By the way, speaking of Jewish culture staff, did you guys watch the Golden Globes this past Sunday as recording as of releasing private two months ago. They had a MRs Mazel joke in they did. Yeah. So sambergen. Oh, and they're one of the jokes. I liked allies. Sanford said marvelous Mrs Maes nominated again for multiple. It's the show that makes audiences sit up and say, wait is this anti semitic. And then I saw people on Twitter get mad about that's great man about questioning of his how dare he say that which I thought was strange because is that an offensive. Yeah. But the joke was like his this anti what some of the stuff we said and like so many the first episode of last season. We're. Heavy have moments where I find that knowing Amy's Jewish feel better about it. Like the mister Greenstein MRs Greenstein recurring bit MS Greenstein your husband's gonna only way. Jewish woman. Right. Yeah. And I that kind of other me. Okay. It's fine. Maybe it's too. Yeah. You forget though. Cranston's? Well, you. If you'll like self hating when she hires people like to play the main characters who aren't Rachel exactly they they look like Barbie. And Ken ju. Yeah. And I've said before like Rachel Brosnahan affect I don't love because it feels very like a put on Jewish. Oh, I agree with you in this episode mostly I always feel that way. I feel like I just she's doing her her. She's doing her midge, and it doesn't feel like particularily like she's just this fast-talking ASP Burnett. But in this episode it did kinda come. I think especially because I was watching terrible stand up. That was gonna throw me though, is that Tony shalhoub, and I don't speak. Yeah. And it's it was kind of like that thing where when a movie set in France like some of the castle do British accent of the castle do threat shackling on English words, and like why did we all just get all the pain? Do I feel a little like ANSI that way? Because I think that if more people spoke the way Rachel Brosnahan does it wouldn't be as jarring to me. I think Tim Joel speak. Similarly, I would say they're they're young the same ballpark. His accent is more Brooklyn. I think than any show mid come on mid on. We gotta go downtown. Okay. No. I'm Joel in your your midge, come on midge. We have to go downtown. Why do we have to go downtown? What do you show me downtown? We see up here. This. Up. Here was perfect apiece. Well, you know what? I yeah. I despite all the criticism, I really enjoyed this episode more. So than the previous two. Pick up from that. Really? I did not really I enjoy. I did not enjoy this episode thoughts on a scene to scene level. This is way better than two three to four. Am I pin with a lot of these episodes all the scenes are good? But it's never won that. You're like oh God. I really want to sit down and watch midnight at the Concorde. You know, it's not like like if I see a certain Gilmore girls episode is on I'm excited, but I'm never in a mood to watch. You know, this standalone may all absolutely white people. Don't hardly anyone because the streaming stuff right to nap associates anymore. They pry they writing seasons we watch it as a season. But like there were standing episodes of like, I jump you jump Jak or like defrayed Crean thanksgiving because they were just closed circuit episodes. Everyone should come back to network where I work. Finding episodes true the network discipline of like, this is a distinct episode is. So it's so hard to think of streaming shows where it's like. Oh, yeah. That one like sometimes happens like the bow Jack one where they don't speak or like there was a really great Kimmy Schmidt. That was like fake documentary about a DJ. He only remember the ones that are gimmicks though, because they true stand. As thing, you're totally right. Is that funny? Yeah. And I imagine I'm trying to think of like what was my what was the standout up Assode of last season. And the only thing I could think of is like the finale, I guess because I love the ending of it and the way it all came together. But I only remember the one I came here and talk to you guys about which was which one who remember? They could've put. Well. I mean, why not have a Catskills be one episode? And then it would be the Catskills episode. And we take all the good shit from these maybe three episodes were having watch and put him into one. Let's say they made the season longer to great more time of the Catskills. Eight episodes again and fury. It's me. The other thing about this episode. The reason I don't like it as much as the last two is that we were going to the Catskills. The fucking borscht belt comedy like this huge this rich like setting setting for comedy. And she hasn't done a mother fucking show until the end of the second one. And also doesn't seem like she's going to do any more like the whole plot of the comedy that Suzy's trying to get her one gig. What the fuck is going on. It's like paying ticket for Broadway show, and then spending the whole show in the bathroom. Yeah. What are we doing go to the show go to where the action is? Maybe Amy doesn't care about stand up comedy. I know I was. With Suzy when she calls, New York and midges in New York and Suzy's like what the fug wire EU in New York, and I'm in the Catskills. I we show that fury. I was I was so angry. And then when I actually got mad when midge was like Susie like about two bitchy. I was like no you fucking bitch. Like, I was I was like. No, not talk back. This is a real turning point season for all of us. It sounds like where it's like. Yeah. Maybe this show is something different something different altogether. Like the travel moment was theoretically, very small, but it did a lot for me, especially because we never even saw how it played out. And if you need any difference at her working at the counter, the fact that like we did see what it looks like when midge gotten opportunity and dropped everything and made it her mission to get there. And it wasn't for her comedy. It was like that's when I was like, oh, why am I even invested this this comedic journey? Yeah. It was damaging. Does it get clear like do you think the season gets progressively better worse as it goes on? I think I got more frustrated as it went on. Not. But it's not because like I said before it's hard for me to answer a question about Amy Sherman. Production with a simple answer. I guess I know what a complicated thing. What a lady are less where she he said, it gets better progress, the more I collected data. I felt like I just kind of got further and my like, I don't really like it wasn't the quality of the show. Robert Muller to Trump. I need to hire more people. Wow. Did you talk on the show invention is ongoing about her not wearing her hat at the Globes? Oh, dear God. No. We did not. I mean, maybe really sad tweeted about it. I think you know, what it was. Oh, no. We talked about it. I you. Yeah. I I think is because they live SNL which was exciting and scary like as a writer. I never wanna live in a world where writers are fair game for us now. But then again, I a writer you ever wearing a top hat. I am not I don't I mean not living in a way, you don't dress like the fucking dick like, then you wouldn't be lamb. Did you say Bob, dick babba, dick? Australian way a dick. I'm sorry. David jake. Yes. So so Carey said, oh, I think she didn't wear the gloves because she lampooned SNL is crazy hat lady. And then the next time we saw no hat, and as a non performer, she doesn't understand that like, yeah. You lean into. I mean, maybe maybe she'll she was a performer for a little bit. She was dance that obsessed nation or that. But I wonder yeah. Wonder what the was isn't that hilarious because that was all the tweets is like. Oh, no. And she like I have a friend who worked with her veronica's closet, and she wore the hat, then the hat has always been part of her and Warner Brothers offices pink in like, I hate to think that she's going off rand because of that brutal now take down. Yeah. I love it. I. She colleague light Bjork without that. Yeah. It was weird. She lost her power. I mean, they didn't win. I can't help. But wonder if it was relating coincidence. I think not. Oh boy. Well, you know why? Let's let's close out last last season. We did like she'll Maizels Mazel tov on the show for like things. We liked like. And we're. On other shows we've done ratings, and we're not doing either of those now, so I want to conclude with this question as it pertains to Mazel, and then just about TV in general because it's talked about a little bit with Richie. But I thought the conversation was really interesting from that. Which is the value of good TV and what like especially now when you have a lot of options a lot of choices at your fingertips on your phone, watch Mazel or prime or Hulu Netflix or anything and your shows as someone who makes TV and likes to watch TV. What do you think is the best case scenario for what we can get out of a TV show in twenty nineteen? Yeah. My relationship with TV is kinda complicated because I work there. Now like, I feel very Natale GIC for the relationship. I used to have with TV and I like like I said, I don't really enjoy binge-watching stuff because I find that. I'll watch it all and never think about it again, and you madman that I loved and wasn't been show like they'd drop episodes so far apart that I find that like I could live my life. Totally fine. Not checking it on the madman world, and I wouldn't think about it at. All right. Maybe it's because I'm just kind of idealising what it was like before I worked at TV and solve a hind the record and trilogy and you. But yeah, I think for media situation is like a show that I care about consistently and think about when it's not on like eating the leaves of impression on me that I'm excited for the next. I've lost like I would like when like between alias seasons. Two in three. So yes. Oh my God. So two years. I was so anxious that I literally had dreams about it like wake up. Maybe like, oh, no. I didn't it didn't actually come back. All my guy was just amazing. And the night that there's a big that revealed where Sydney had been like, my mom and sister started fighting in front of the TV. And I was like, hey guys, could you just clear out? And then they kind of turn on me like I was sent to my room because you know, I was like twenty five. I was. It was it was like high school or middle school. Well, that's what happened literal mids. Yeah. I bet. Yeah. Like, I was that way alien Buffy. And again, I think it's the shows that you grow up with. But I do wish there was something that like I felt that deeply about that it haunted me. Yeah. I wanna be haunted. Interesting. Yeah. But it's also the there's maybe it's because of the plethora probably, you know, we just have so much more content that there's not going to be something that because like for right now, I'm waiting with baited breath for the good fight to come back. I think that the TV that Michelle king makes us. Oh, good shake but liking like her I think that she's one of the. Oh. Michael, Michael, Dr king, Michelle, and Robert Robert king the stuff that other husband wife deal the stuff they make. I think is like some of the best TV out there. As far as what I expect in wanna get from TV. Like, it has it for me. And I really really love. I think that the. Good fight is incredibly intricate and like vary. Wildly entertaining. But also presi n show, but since that's not on. I have the other things that I like to watch. And it's like they're good enough that my favorite show not being on. Right now is like keeping me sated until it comes back and then star Trek's coming. It's like there's so much that I have to go on the that. I don't have that affect those characters to sustain me. I kind of felt like haunted. Also by the first season of crazy ex-girlfriend because of what I was physically going. Yeah. That's one of the shows is one of the only ones right now that every week. I'm like, oh, man. I wanna watch this right away. There was and there have been maybe a couple episodes three maybe over the course of that whole series that I've been kind of disappointed by, but generally the story itself, and what it deals with. It's like for me, the only show that has so far besides like homeland or something. That has like the the right to claim it's about mental illness. You know, in a way that is actually trading it with dignity. Yeah. Yeah. That's not trendy it. Like it spoke to me. It really did that show for sure it's like that's the opposite of MRs Mazel. Because like, yes, there's like a thing within the world. And the show is not asking you to say, it's good. But it is good. Whereas the company Mazel it's asking you to think it's good. And it's not yes. Also, the the the main character the hero is the villain. And you're not supposed to be like rooting for the villain because they're supposedly amazing everything you're soci- rooting for the villain because there are human being that you care. Villain. It sounds like Marvis MRs Mazel might not be show that haunts us now in the way that we would want. What was the comedy supposed to be good? A different kind of haunting. I'm haunted because I have to do a podcast about it. You don't have to week with this anytime. I didn't realize really. Yeah. Come along. Kevin this fun. It's all I I'm haunted by not doing it. Isn't it fun to have fun friends on I've talking and I love to spend time with you carry. Oh, two sorry. It's been literally since the last time we recorded for coming on. I'll see when exactly one year. Well, people can watch speechless on ABC, and they can fall you at Carey Rosen on Twitter yet is that it very little content. A lot of a lot of wanting followers. Anyway. Those followers carry on Twitter. Oh, man. You know, what I'm haunted by right now, I will say as as a show the era. No. Because as aegis Elba so eloquently put it men who have nothing to hide shouldn't be afraid at all. I like the way you said. Each. He would say, yeah. He's with a lot of emphasis on his own name. I'm a I'm hot in a good way by great news right now. Oh with Andrea Martin that Tracy Wakefield main oh years ago, and it's Nicole, Richie, and John Michael Higgins and Brigham healing. I love it and got cancer lovely traditional sitcom. I yeah, it felt good like that traditional sitcom like the not. Let's switch our premise every five episodes. Let's do insane. You know, watching something already canceled. I felt you all and it's done. Yeah. The same way about champions. Oh, yeah. Was like it was like it was not not a reboot 'cause hot take. I'm tired of reboots. You know, just like sorry. My hands. Building. Yeah. This is like it was like these two brothers have to raise one of their sons, and they're very different and an author reactors great. And it was just kind of like a clear engine you you weren't like like huge pilot. But how will they follow up with that? Like, you just knew exactly what the show would. Yeah. Go for years. Yeah. Wonder I wonder in this like age of tours and stuff. If thing we're going to gravitate back towards things that kind of aren't challenging and good way. Been watching a lot. Cheers recently. And it just feels great Frazier. There yet. Yeah, dot yeah. Oh, sorry. Spoiler raise your origins. I know a lot of people know, but it's actually season four that. Frazier comes and John Mahoney and season ten plays a mailman that's not related to him. And then they have to read con says dad is dead. Yes. I know another Frazier head in the house haunting car, right? No come on. You're haunted by the good fight. Right. By the good fight. Great. That's a good show. Everybody follow me on Twitter. Elsewhere Lynn, I'm Kevin podcast to its trucks in the city Christian fund. You have to be a Christian, please. Listen. You actually really do have to be a Christian. Listen to mine though. And I would prefer if you're a Trekkie. Thank you. Listen to mine Kerry, thanks again for joining fun time, so fun so funny. So thoughtful such a fun time. Let's go out come on. Thanks alice. Let's go out with the sun. That ends the episode tell that girl to shut up by trans vision vamp, which I would not the title of the song. Yeah. I guess you can't tell the shut up any more women. And then. Yeah, I and I like that. And I agree with that. Oh, well, let me finish. I don't speak over me while oh, he's gesturing to say more things. He's doing it. What an ally Allah it. We'll see you next week. Kevin. Allies always allies don't have to have the last word though. So. Bye guys. He's oh he gets. He's frozen. Kennedy. Gotta meet ally. You gotta be an ally. Oh over him speaking, choking simple. Oh. That was a hate gum podcast.

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