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Cool FAB-Racing 2019 - Round 1 Llandow Sunday Afternoon


Twenty nine hundred nine Kupa bracing British mini bikes Campion's ship. Live from Clem now in South Wales. Fall round one of the two thousand nineteen bracing British mini bikes championship, welcome. This is these afternoon set of rices the final a threes set of races for nine categories in the official partner series to the British superbike championship and the roads to Motoji on track. Fall. The first set of racist is the mini GP seventies. And we've already enjoyed walks of amazing Raissi's with Eddie O'Shea taking the race victory in race number two and yesterday race number one. Got his first victory of the weekend. And the the grid order for this final. Race race number three for many seventies. This weekend will be missed. Eddie O'Shea on pole position Bailey. Stuart campbell's. Second position Ryan Hitchcock in third and Owen mellowing fourth Ghana Gonesse lines up in fifth place with James Cook. In the top six starting insect place James rose in seventh fin smart in eighth and ninth place will be Kyle pain. Mason Johnson and ten thousand Crosby eleventh. Emmanuel Brinton starting twelve. I'll Davidson go from thirteenth south what lean fourteenth Carter Browning. Fifteenth. Thomas Gomez in six things Dylan Ellery, seventeenth only. Walker starting eighteenth nineteenth? We'll start Jack Kirsch Joe Farragut in twentieth place in Jamie woodcock in twenty first position. My name is Lester and our race commentator alongside me this afternoon. We'll be Blake and Unsal for various rounds. But starting to race it's Liam Hudgens. Thank you, very much less the raiders on the Greg. Looking for the stock office? Number theory. The many fake GP seventeen. Green flag is going to go up very shortly. Once I recall, all the raiders this unless you at the back of the grab one radar and Baker came in your. That's a shame for them in the back butts. We're going to get underway in a few moments. The rating is fantastic. Bill Campbell, turn number one pumping and boarding and to hook chicane AD shea ahead of Bill Campbell. And Ryan hedge coke the top fie as a moment who the first couple of coroners over this opening race three today. So shave Bellingham bet offer gab through the first week orders as also Bill sure Campbell as chasing him down. So as we see them come through the bottom over the circuits here and to start trying as hard as to break through at the moment, but eight you she is building a small advantage ahead of strict Campbell. And Ryan hedge coke Lister definitely looking like. And let's hope we have a show from the rest of the from the rest of the writers. And it won't be just an Eddie O'Shea walkaway book. Well, as I say that it is who's leading by only half a second and Ryan Hitchcock. The fastest lap. So far with a fifty point six five zero hour Meller dimension down to fourth. Yes. Absolutely. I do hope it's going to be an eighty shave show again. But then again, the he has a trying hottest to. Ruin your dealer star. So pulling away at the top of the pike as Billy Campbell still in second place. Right has coke and third. There's a great we battle between. Ryan hedge coke and own Mailer. The moment for third and fourth eighty. She got a couple of eight and to remind here pen. Right has called looking pretty nearby. All we've got on the final corner. I say the moment sold. Fin smart who took a bit of a tumble but fronts, it is still addio shaming the Red Sox. Played flags are the race stopping for the moment. So. Does the rate of that good down as going to be feet fairly shortlist? So at the moment with that have AD share that was leading the pack from Bill Campbell ride hatch coke as went into lot number was third possession. Mela who had up comedy box earlier on and setting forth, joining garnish as infest spot at the moment, James Cook and sex manual. Brenton was setting and seventh place we had higher sin. Crosby an eighth Mason Johnson. Ninth kale? Pain was intent saffron Wortley grist are from Safran there up until eleven th place. Only Walker and twelve Dylan Miller was in thirteen alpha Davidson and fourteen and we had Jackie Kirsch and fasting support there so joke. Follow Fateh Garh wasn't sixteenth at the moment. So we're just get integrated. Then the hairpin attended to LeicesteR so finger is going to be okay. So we are streaming right now live online on the usual social media channels on Facebook, Kufai, bracing. Also, be motorsport radio Facebook page as well. So if you have any relatives back home, maybe some family and friends will maybe a mother, maybe she's having a special lawyer on this special mother's day. Hello to all the mothers listening and in. Maybe you'd like to share the address of the stream, and I'll do my best to get sharing various online. Forums such to let everybody know what a fantastic show, the fabric, reddish mini bikes championship is and. We will be reading out some of the some of the best comments that we've seen and we have lots of comments as well. Flood in so far certainly in the in the morning as well on the cool fab Facebook account, and you can also use the hashtag on Twitter, which pops up directly into the studio. Use the hashtag cool fab. I think that's a good hashtag we so we had the gopher hashtag. Which is always great. They're all defecate delivered to us. We will reduce some of the comments and hopefully hear from you in days going, and what you're most looking forward to what the most what the race. We must forward to coming up later on today. So we've definitely had some grid racing action. Thirty dealer we've had over. So they're the many GP's over to earlier on this weekend. We had eighty she taking the spoils and both races earlier on this weekend. Iran has coked second and the second race. Earlier tonight, but rank joining s was a second place yesterday and on Miller who had up comedy books earlier on and really really Spiring kits. Loss of loss. Look for for hem. Yesterday and manual Brenton was in third Elian today. So there's a maximum much apart from AD, she the top sports. Loss to look forward to certainly and I don't think we can entirely rely on the precedent from the previous two races to maybe we can to find out. What might happen in race? Number three. I mean, certainly at the start of the mini GP seventy radio show was looking set to well. It was looking strong. But yeah. Loads of comments already on our livestream. Hello to Philip Longhurst. Hello, Phil and Alex Barros as well. Helen hill, still tuned in and Ken as well. Hello and good afternoon. Folks. This is live radio commentary of the first round of Kufa bracing clan now in Spain Spain. Was this wish we were feeling the Spanish weather apart from today at so far this weekend, we forgive you mistaking it for beings being less? I was thinking I was mentally in Spain. I think that's what it was. But a lot of the right is. Our team Spain a couple of weeks ago for I suppose preseason testing just update the rate of they can get and so, but you finish bam. If you listening, and yes, it remember Evan was part of the seventy class the number fifty two which should be racing this weekend. Unfortunately and practice that break has caller born, and which is guessing because apparently, and he was saying on for a very quick team this weekend and challenges some of the risks lot record. So he's unsettling by still Choon everyone on on looking forward to be seventy action as we've got the raiders back on the grits again for the start of the green flag warm up lap NFU moments lifestyle. Yeah. Just I think we poised for a restart of this race from the very beginning. And. Yes. That's the remain by the granton host ships up. So just give you top three. So Eddie she and forced Bill Campbell second and Ryan has caught and third place. So that's gonna be the start of the restarts for the rest of the many GP seventy so and we may actually see best tamer maybe Bill Campbell, Lester jumping audio. She off lane. I'm not gonna make a comment. Just in case. It turns out to be true. And then the rider usually comes up and says, why did you say that? And then I say, I don't know. Commentators. Hello and good luck to all of ideas down on the grid on this on this restarted, many GP seventy race. And this is round one of the twenty nineteen championship kill racing. We are the official partner series to the British superbike championship and the championship. He's on the road to Moto JP. We've seen already lots of amazing big names come from this championship. Paddock gone too. Many great things may be many great people from this race as well. We will be hearing from in a couple of years time maybe next year. But right is our own leg. Green flag lap at the moments and reminder of who's on pole position while it'll be any O'Shea Baillie Stewart Campbell lining up alongside him in second place. Ryan Hitchcock in third Meller in fourth Johnny Gonesse due to. Launch off in fifth place. James cooking saith James rose in seventh. Been smart was qualified in eighth position. Tile pain ninth. Mason Johnson in tenth Harrison Crosby eleventh manual Brinton in twelve Alfie Davidson thirteenth place with Safran. What lean fourteenth Carter Brown? Fifteen. Thomas Gomez in sixteenth. Dylan Hillary seventeenth Ali Walker eighteen Jack Kirsh nineteen Joe Faraday in twentieth. Jimmy woodcock rounding out the the grid. If that wasn't a forget who is pushed off the grid at the original style. But saw shows some toys the back of the race. I think could it be maybe joy fattier. But I think we're a couple of raiders from the fourth row of the grid. Gyms rose this session L today and fence mart appears to be. I just had a rate of the pets. There may be trouble. As we get ready for the restart off the seventeen. All at once again by a little bit of a Wheeler by combo seconds. And is also Ryan has called into third spot own Miller just took nicely behind the hedge coke there as the the first few corners, eighty she is already pulling a bit of a gap and front over Billy's jerk. Humblest definitely saw. It's good to see everybody cleaned the off the grid this time round. And as the bikes, go out of our view. It's certainly looking like pretty close up front at one would hope anyway, definitely a fight for third emerging in a huge gaggle of bikes train of bikes further down up front. Shave coming. We've got move further back. That was aim a move for position. I think would be. Make kale pavement on missing Johnson McCaw Selena as Eddie share Billy's jer Campbell. Right had spoken third-place own Meller fourth. Mason Johnson festival James Cook. And sex. We have joining garnish and Emmanuel Brenton, and is I think it was actually a manual Brenton amid the move on hottest in Crosby into the final. Turn kale? Pain runs. The top ten at the moment. Affidavit and eleventh sufferin wallet twelve all Walker and thirteenth Dylan Miller and forty and Jack Karsh renting out the top fest in for the moment. So as we come down the bugs dream for the second time Eddie share with a commanding lead. That's all a second and a half. We've got move for third possession of the moment. Honest tug the back of going to happen. But both my stay on the right has an own mellow on male runabout way to roughly around the Bates ten sport there. But a very lucky the both of them say, yeah. It was good piece of skill to stay on the bike because the touched wheels. Only Mellors you say loss of action and drama outside of the top two butts leading at the moment. It is Eddie O'Shea based Campbell's second. And then you can literally a piece of paper between all of the rest of the the bikes in the chasing pack. Yes. Very close to wards the back. They're going to be great to see how when Milken recover lost possessions. But the battle for fourth there's five raiders we've got a manual Brenta looking further behind coming down pass for fourth spoil the moment. And to remains hairpin vast. Looking Laker QB manual Brenton moving up to four. Kicking Paul again front of Mason, George Mandel. Renton stays and sex spot as go through the hick chicane is looking like racing. For fourth. What you got James Cook? Mason Johnson manual Brenton joining garnish and Harrison Crosby battle only people covering the top five. There could say James James Cook moving up to four place at the moment on the making the move on the I think it was the final form Mason Johnson taking that position of him and bottles further down the order. Well, Harrison Crosby eight place. He has. Owen mellow somewhat right behind him enough. Davison behind him. Yes. We've got another move coming up here to the final hairpin at once again and ravens proving to be an amazing sport for some overtaking action coming across governing to as a manual Brenton taking the festival a win from amazing Johnson his lost at two possessions. And two loves the final Turner source above a weak spot for Mason Johnson. So come round the rest of the lap at the moment. Still Eddie she with a four point three second advantage over billing Stor Kabul, only hold a small one tenth advantage over. Ryan has James Cook is a further one point five seconds further. Back a Brenton and Feth missing Johnson. Joining Garner's Harrison Crosby end bateau for our own male or a couple of couple of tents for the bike making recovery after Milton back, all we might be looking a move for second position here between Ryan Hitchcock and Baillie Stewart Campbell into the final corner and out of the final corner. They're almost side by side coming. On the line. And it was Bryan. Hitch Kois crystal waiting and the right has called and two fourth seconds ahead of Bill Campbell fantastic. Nevertheless, it was I'm super clean racing as well. Credit to to these young writers and definitely learning their race craft cleanly, which is what we only want to say. Absolutely. Yes. Oh clock to see some great race there. But as you said Lester as nation clues. And we'll just go quick on the top. So far Eddie Rochet and five seconds in front of Ryan has just moved up into second possession ahead of Billy Sturt Campbell. James kick is in fourth place and Emmanuel Brenton as federal once again, it looks like am I knew Brenton may be actually closing the gap to the back all third and fourth places there. So we could be getting above scrapped and to all the Tigers other. Down. Couple rates are not may have been Joni garnish in harassing be there. Find the second basic Johnson on Johnny garnish seems to be that. We've also got mockup upon their bikes. However, so there, okay. Yeah. Okay. I think K own mellow gone falter not dropping down the field as well came across the lane. Slowly, so Ornella dental Mason Johnson that twelve joining garnish and thirtieth. So they've been caught in that incident. Don't Raymond hairpin? So we have to top of the feels still aiding shave Ryan haiku, stugotz, Billy stir Campbell snapping all over the hills of am Bryant has their James Cook further. Second back, Emmanuel Brenton has bridge that gap to James Cook their maneuver going on and to final hairpin a three way for for second position. It looks like a four pricing with them at Brenton closing them both earned as well. That last lap was had Ryan has called Bill Campbell fourteen point nine, but James kick in the manual Brenton, a fourteen fourteen point one last are so eight tenths of a second of taking them there. Yeah. And we will keep an eye on that second place. Battlers you say, you know, slowly emerging to be four bike train with. No this to Ryan Hitchcock might be seem to be a bit of a cork in the bottle between between himself and Brinton. But let's keep an eye on an indeed as I mentioned in the looks to be someone getting a good one out of the Ponente corner down into the last turn James Cook went from possibility Campbell who also overtake on coke. But all remains the same at the moment as a hand, enter the hook chicane at the moment last. Steph cork, Ryan hedge. Some. Yeah. Falsly third-place, right and making a maneuver as always same at the moment lesser. So we still go Bill. Campbell and thoughts ball from Jim's kick animal Brenton, just paying them. But still chasing Ryan hedge coke because maneuvers during the back. End of the field at the moment, so Elvis, go Mason Johnson. Johnny garner still chasing each other down and eleven and twelve spot there, so say joining Mason Johnson, even went into the backup togetherness battle air for the war positions. More fighting for second position and into the final on go every day Nuys Brenton, according to the Kim rang. So he's had a loose late. Nestle. It was a James Cook moved in front of Bill Campbell into third spot. And thank you. I think new Brenton was just trying to get on the power love. Failed turn but his backup. He's okay. Is back in the race. Just in front of military comes across the lane and sports. Yeah. Say the racing action. Anyway in James Cook. As you mentioned moving up one spot in the final corner up to third place. Now, James Cook, we still Campbell re looking to correct that. Yeah. Absolutely. I think the top three, of course, some backmarkers there as we've got a group of before together. Just go back mantra source Ryan has cooked James kick chimps kick lay on the bricks in front of Bill Campbell or so close to tagging. The back of Ryan has come across late to complete another love. This is to be a fantastic for second place. Bill Campbell does seem to be getting the session bag further into soccer by come into the hairpin definitely go James Cook flying another couple of maneuvers towards ravens hairpin dollars to be that looks to be a couple of years as we've got would mellow come across lane and eleventh that was Mason Johnson diving Bensaid of own mellow for ten possession. Tonight's three bike scrap between Brinton Johnson and Mela. At the moment. So lots of bottles developing all through this meeting GP seventy feels at the moment, including as still the fight for second which rages on heading into the the final corner fatal office to come up here. So with God's Ryan has caught from James kick Bill for sex just to come back very quickly to the bottom of the top. Mason Johnson own maller. And Jodi gardening all the mice about up fighting each other for that bottom possessions air, so they went still rest together, which is quite interesting. So we cater forgot our leader Eddie shape. Well, if you were wondering, you mentioned in the the leader because he's almost ten seconds nine point three ahead of now second place, man. James cookie is fighting his way to the top. He probably won't be able to get the race win as it is the last lot eightyish a couple of running the final turn through across the lake to take the third rates went off the weekend. Three in a row Heidrick for eighty. And we've got fatal we've got final possession change on the last lap. Good teams cooker cost lane. I'm Bill Campbell challenging right has as right has coke who does mice to hold a third possession across Bill Campbell and fourth spots hottest becoming a little cross lane and Feth all e Walker becoming a costly and sex pot. Dylan Mailer will have of course, Layton, very and seven another couple of bows coming field, and we've got and we've got a manual Brenton common across Elaine and Maine's alpha Davidson miser grab spot and joining Garner's and eleventh with own Miller dropping down to twelve fantastic dominant performance by AD she once again now we said. Shouldn't take too much of what happened earlier on this begin? But that's his is winning margin this weekend. So feel row for eighty and fantastic. Second possession fating second session for James ran has coked takes a second possession of the weekend. And we had Jay we had our previous possessions of Johnny garnishing male good last few laps there and Bill Campbell just messing out on possession. So fantastic, recent Lester, definitely walls, and there was something to watch. And listen to all the way down the order, and yeah, it was unfortunate for some of the some of the writers who didn't make the finish. What's there will be looking to make amends in round two at red launch in a few weeks time in April and April begins tomorrow? Unbelievable that we're almost there and unbelievable that we're or already in the third round of races this weekend a round one. Thou in South Wales for cool vibe racing the official partner series. So the British superbike championship. Hello and welcome. If you just in online. My name is Lester Liam Hudgens is here. And we have like Amsoil fellow writer this afternoon popping up from time to time to help with commentary in between his races. Fixing his bike as well. So they'll be. An interesting stressful. Juggle fall for Blake. We'll keep you abreast of his progress. Are we get some but not to the detriment of other providers role? So no favoritism at all here in Coventry box. Definitely not without being set any riders here in the product that come up for an interview. You're welcome. Just pop hope we're at upstairs, appropriate control. And yeah, we moving on next to the fourteenth parole rice. Third and final race of the way say give me a quick date of hire their previous racist looked at MS one. We had Mason false start. Taking the top spot any repeated up for race at number two. It's sparks mice. Official second for number two and Samuel Munson the Munson burner. Vice official and third sports Edmunds and Samuel Munson whose some third in both races as we can Clinton Edmonds Masha take a second place and recent number one, but heart attain and recent number two, so we can see some fantastic action from the AC forty Pru. So the grid for this third and final race for the forty pro is as follows Mason foster start on pole position Ican sparks in second place. An Edmonds third Samuel Munson goes off from fourth place fitting Wetten v Henry McCartney in six Cameron souls starts in seventh Ruben brain in eighth place. Charlie Huntingford, a ninth, and it's Holly how intense Warrick Brady eleven place. Keaton pain starts twelve Kobe Perry in thirteenth Gregg Marshall in fourteenth and ask them. Starting this race in fifth position. I get the feeling real sad. Or maybe the best AC forty pro race of the weekend. Jeff Anthon after previous races are anything to go by you know, these guys are extremely hungry for success and were deaf end for battle. Once again Mason foster leaning up on who has been taking the spoils for both race race is this weekend. So Hugo came into Hajric for the start of the race and reflect. Preflight fantastic. Start ethan's bugs jumps missing poster and to the hick chicane reversal Goto place there where they're looking say of and to try and get into third spot ahead of Samuel Monson anklet but holds back and fat spoil the moments or Clint start from all writers through the first couple of corners by still if in sparks the leads away from Mason foster on, of course Clinton Edmonds. Enter Tarn number five raider down at the bottom of the circuit. They're just sled off backup trying to push the bike back onto if he can get back and the race and a couple of seconds tame, it looks like he's trying to get the bike started again asking for the marshalls to run over. So the coffee of them over there and trying to Cam started as we come onto the hangar streets as sponge with a gap in front of missing foster. There's also gap in front of Clinton and Samuel months and months looking up and say, the Clinton and to the final hairpin doesn't get it. So far over the line. Ethan sparks in foster Clinton Edmonds. I months Clinton, Ed. Fourth Henry McCartney funding where sex. Can spot on the slobber head of holy hottest and eight Keaton the name Kubi, petty and ten or the eleven and Gregg Marshall and twelve so far adding and thirteen head of ribbon Brie and Charlie Huntingford running fifteen for the moment as x-rayed across lane. And I was actually breed when down on the first lap patrol hunting as up to forty sports. So as right as come, right? The second half of the second up Mason foster slightly closing the gap on ethin- sparks as we head onto the backstreet. Once again, it looks like Mason foster struggle to get to the backstory as quickly as sparks does. Open up a veteran gap, but maybe. For third possession going on nor the moment Clinton. Edmonds. Does who by Samuel Munson form it same being according to start lap number three. So we've got Mason foster who just pumped in the far the fastest level of the race festive the point one LeicesteR definitely looking good. Certainly for Mason foster is in the possession, the best physician to to make advantages. We got a brief yellow flag down on the far side of the track was neither see what not walls for hopefully, any of our leaders. Hopefully, but yeah, Mason foster over the line in second setting the fastest lap. As you mentioned the fifty three point one eight two second. Yes. Absolutely Mason foster continues to close on its box further end. That's lot Clinton Edmunds and forth. Still chase during couple writers turn out the chicane. It looks like it could be three right? Is it looks like the battle between and fully hottest factors cost. Most of them seem appointing the banks again and tried to push them back. Got ready to come on star strains on to see what soon but one four sex Clinton. He's fourth sport such as putting on a strong performance chasing third place of Samuel Munson as horrible shame for the Clinton as it was looking for Sean performance. But as we get back to the start over the top of the race is still in sparks and front of Mason star. It looks like the raiders at that. Good of air on the Dell chicane are up Senator by one that might to get back into the race spot. Come owned by the leaders I stole the same status. Cool it sparks stolen forest spots. Mason four-star as chased him. Every end of the way, I've got Samya months and third available for the moment. Henry McCartney and fourth and holy hottest the way up into sports. Daddy, the the fight for the lead as well inside after all drama on the previous lap. It say. Fast for Mason, foster fifty two point nine three or four and that increases decreases the gap between him and the race leader Ethan sparks just three tenths of a second. What's what can he do on this lap, though looks like it looks like why can do is definitely a little bit longer before tries to make an overtake on ethan's, boxers. Come as I say that it can put changes Mason foster taking if this box towards the Dell chicane along the extreme. Can we see if it sparks try and move on Mason foster end to the ribbons hairpin for star of number sex. Believe looks like Mason foster does have that covered. Enter the hairpin accost slop note, quite on that tenth of a second off what Mason foster has done so far fast as Sam. Come again, getting hunted down by Henry McCartney who's four tenths faster on not lot there. A couple of riders who who went down on the previous lapse of got back up and rejoined the race. But as you said, great grades four Mason foster to get into the lead of this rice, boss, even spark to any it as looking tougher it his boxer with may be able to see Mason foster pill gap through the Dell Mr. foster has opened up what looks to be about half a second advantage over ethin- sparks coming into the Raymond hairpin was again missing Samya mountain as. Currently holding off headed Cardi across the finish line. I said you find slob from Mason foster fifty two point sex. I said it was really half the second guy. It's actually turned into nearly a second sex tents five star chasing sparks on our previous lobster, the gaps starting to spread out a little bit. Now, as you mentioned almost a second between first and second place and some Monson way back in third place sorts of jumping just had another writer at the chicane back up on the bike and raider as okay. And of course, your that was at the chicane that I've already done so basic foster continues to extend the gods passing backmarkers putting couple writers between himself and in sparks. So it looks like Mason foster started control to control the Rhys final op for a about to be declared. All these why does let. And well, Mason, foster, increasing his gap. One small one point three seconds as the gap to second place. Now. Yes. Got the second place. Samuel months. Just comes across the late in there. And looks like he's got in front of Henry McCartney as regards a couple of other coming coastal it looks like Henry McCartney something how he's drugged back. Eleven seconds further behind Samuel Munson live there. I don't know what happened to him carton. I think maybe I think Henry was the one that went down the hick. So you mentioned stole stay and forced possession. So come in the fatal up to Mason, foster still in the commander leads and holding off if in sparks at the moment, so as we see them coming towards the end of the watt as gonna be Mason forced through the final is box. Try as might cannot get close enough as come across lake and Mason, foster takes a hydric of ones and the AC forty pros and this box and say Samuel Munson as next to come across as he enters the Raymond hairpin at the moment has become across lane Schoon to be Samuel Munson taking the final podium sports. For the junior AC forty pros. We're just gonna wait. For Henry McCartney come up next alone. He'd been fourth spots still my she's a great writer to stay in fourth after fell off. It comes across holding four spot funding where as gonna be next up and restrained. Holy hottest finishes at the moment. Ribbon Britain eleven Aston dean alive as well. And twelve possession to come across line fan. Weather does pick up a heads of holy hottest fantastic right by both of them and coming into town bound to for seven sports as Keith Kobe Patty who packed up in front of Keating pain. Kobe pay fill the fantastic on kitchen paying rent the final op Charlie hunting and Wally Brady and ten ribbon and eleven and Aston and twelve unfortunately, we've lost from race Clinton Edmonds. Cameron sill on Gregg Marshall, it was a fantastic result. Especially for as you mentioned just over the line. In Folsom Kobe Perry started this race in thirteenth play. Yes. There were a few DNS along the way. But still good to see you making making all the right news or Pleat fields. So final race John for the AC forty pros this weekend. And they next time. They will be right saying in the coupon pricing British many bags championship round two at red lodge. We tend to separate the next batch of riders come out, which are the bite one forty and Moto team race the third. Final rises fall. These guys big Hello to Michelle cannot. And everybody else who's been in touch on our social media streams as well today. We you might you may if you're tuned in live on Facebook Twitter of twitch YouTube what writer anywhere, basically, you may see your name flashing upon the on the on the screen along with your your face Bishop just anyway, so says live radio coverage if you're wondering where the cameras were why because it's absolutely of course, also radio coverage together you add we're going to be running auto racing. But we've had some couple of so far that's weekend. From the PEX fourteen and moti, Ben Bailey pecking, both Rhys went so far that we can and the Bank one forty and Hudson cana-, Canada, you may remember that name head that name before he's been the super bag product over the years. And of course, I'm going to drop this fucked once again last so he was also the runner up and the two thousand eight reddish super. Bort championship. So Hudson Cana was Mexican amongst the cutback one four to class and reading the pasta racist quickly becoming by hero the way you're talking about. Anyway, the the sound of the pit by warm forty to- team class as they go full that green flag, WalMart laughing the while. I didn't notice that's charleena's bit was in his second place box does because he wasn't per. Ben Bailey will be starting this rice on pole position. Charleena's bay, Jim. Second position. Maybe he'll turn up at the back of the grid last minute. Maybe mafia bowls over will stop from third how cloudy and forth like and so do to starting fifth place only qualified that Jamie king from sixth place. Hudson Kenna in seven in Jackson. To lineup eighth-place Jordan Smith in ninth. Simon clouds in ten Scott, dude sin. Set to rally he qualified him eleven Mont Paula twelve. John Petit thirteenth Bernie Hokkien fourteenth. Sean Whitaker in fifteenth. Mike Collins, six Carrio case in seventeenth, Ben. Okay. Next to him in eighteen Daniel Gilbert ninetieth Neil can add in twentieth. Alistair can add twenty first what Germans twenty two Felix hood and twenty third Harrison or Keith twenty four th place Kaethe Bolton in twenty fifth place. Twenty six Vince Bailey and twenty-seven riders miss massive great is lying by Trevor Jones at the box just to give information and the Blake until Anjali expert Welby starting at the back towards the raiders get ready for the start off the fatal race over the day grit Vigers day on disagreed start. By Ben Billy, enter turn number one predator out. I regret by himself as my multiples over enter thirst ball at Harvey Claridge. Sorry. Over and to say Harvard Claridge and two thirds so bumping born Blake until on Charlie both making a few possessions at the star there. So it looks like a fantastic start for both of them towards the back of the grid and fingers cost like until won't have any troubles race. Lester. Fingers crossed. Yeah. We don't want to jinx anything. But. Yeah. Matthew balls over now chasing down. Ben Bailey and Harvey Claridge. Try not to be left out is currently in third place at the moment. And we will keep an eye on the tools the back as well. As you mentioned Blake Hansel and charleena's bit both starting at the back of this building already. I noticed making up a handful of positions abso as looked back towards about two for five. The final turn up and say of Bill grand, Billy foods rent. They're say of fame. Fame very differently coming here that might be taking your late. I, of course, we're hearts credibility, much title different. But with award raiders moving up the fields. No. Of course, it will. Of course, we have a book and and charleen as moving up a handful while spots on the foster lobbying on so naturally. One of the raiders out by come across, Elaine. Ben Bailey, still leads the way in front of Monte. Bozo. Ver- and got Harvey cloudy, bridging that gap to leader. So you'll know hey, Harvey Clark. He's wearing one of the British talent Cup. Recent definitely end keeping an eye on the front runners at the final turn at the moment. Heading over the line to stop that. Bailey with people's over in hobby, cloudy and Jamie king following in fourth place in the leader of the Moto team toss these Hudson Kenna followed by Simon thousand second polar in third all your top three Emoto team right now at available to classify was Hudson cannon trying to tag onto the back one fourteen. Four as a quadruple quadruple cautious. However, you want to say on the grand slam the top for it. And it will say that Ben Bailey multiples over Harvard. Clouds, Jamie, king just in front of the first possession writer, and the moti much is Hudson can so as come along the backstreet once again, the hunter street and to Ramon's multiples over high school in front of Ben Bailey somewhere a lot band Bill looking up of polls over doesn't go for the guy. Born again Harvard Clark's it looks like he's pushing quite hard to try to stay with him coming onto the start on the next lap with God. Same play on trillion. That's making up then say as interim. It's not quite yet. But play council make I run across lane on the number sixty five. Undevoted moved up to ninth top ten both absolutely fantastic rating for both of them so far as made from link today. Sports child at Blake ten. Ten. Looking really really interesting into tactic. And there's a there's been an incident down on the far side, right? At least one writer down yellow flag and can't see from my position, they do seem to be back on their feet and picking that biker, but unfortunate for whoever that is that we might see dropping down the timing but front then it is a multi balls over still leading Ben Bailey on number five by less than Trump second right now super close Claridge with in infer, Jamie king keeping watching briefing fourth with the Hudson in fifth place at the moment. It was locked Paula fell off at the bottom possibly getting tangled up with band. Advantage play counselors are making the with the field. So Charlie s and they book onto amputee and running top ten or multiples of as making a brick or trying to anyway, but guest buying a couple of bag markets gap is closing right back up. Again. Ben Bailey hitting them to ravens maker's goofed up there and said as past by markers along but wait for Ben Bailey. Multiples over makes backup and say as coming through across the late once again start lob number sex, Lester, clean rice in Israel, negotiating people further down the order and how the Claridge got the fastest lap. Right. So far on my last lot fifty point eight two second the clouds close the got to Ben Bailey now and while all to manage traffic as well. Which is a a skill NL Novick self not only the person behind Jay trying this well up so as the way enter. The Dell chicane stole my Monte, bows. Overhead and Billy clubs looks like his get ever so slightly Matale too. But it looks like Ben Bill shipping, multiples and to fennel hip once again the highest up there and say, well he runway it's coming of the corner. He does do multiples over guests on the gas next cost face say say and the list multiples yourself very slightly just let Bambili head of them. So. L up playing going on there. Certainly from charleena's bet. Hey, he was trying to plunk. I think on his bike. He was literally lying down on his bike is an Ambu council glue together seemingly just having a bit of fun making their way in making. It seem so easy as charleena's. But now in seventh place Blake in eighth place, and they've just passed Simon clouds who as a ninth place second in the Moto team. There's absolutely as you say challenges has s having fun. And I haven't blackout intellectual mate. So at during office council lost. Cats coastal flooding on sold has a recent soot. So that was really nice. Council had as we watch. Ben Bailey, stole eating as cross lane and to the mic chicane ahead of DeVos. Once again, I thought he was getting drawn for her which has cooled back up again. Yeah. The they both have Jay king news somewhat back. Now, he's still four place and kind of on his own out on track moment Hudson Cana in fifth place and play council. Just getting ahead. Charleena's on that. Last lot with Jordan. Smith ahead of them. Keeping you're having a relatively quiet race in six places so far absolutely as come back onto. To have yellow flags starting at the bottom end of the circuit and gonna win believe. So sure that was four and maybe the writer might be back on Cape elitist complete another essay fan Billy hand over Harvard. Clive third spots not sure find Harvey largest he's gone on. Yeah. Maybe Harvey clouds the way. Which is a shame because he was having a fantastic great and the mex- between Har Harvard looks like is in the Mexican flick Ansell on Charlie s. Slate. Couple of council, five o'clock, Charlie names, bandaids possession. He's got back up his end, the mex- whether Harvard at with Blake Ansel, and charleena's so fingers crossed that he can get poster result of that that misdemeanor the happens while it looks like at the moment. Jake hang gays in third place in a year is set for his at least the second podium of the weekend. If he continues to do what he's doing already at the moment, which is stay on the bike, very nice smooth. Calm REIs and bring it home in third. Yeah. Couple ops left three months left to go saying not Hudson has been got back to the last couple lobster just prejudice by ten year. They're everywhere. So Billy stole leading the way ahead of my over 'em. Two tenths of a second between both of them. A lot of teams the best life is ready to go like until on Harvey Claridge charleena's by crossing lane and sex seventh and eighth possession. Very close race in between them as leaders. Come right to end the second part of this. Love stone monkey balls over who has actually gotten front front of Ben Billy at the bottom end off the circuits heading Spitfire straight on high street, whatever you want to call it. I ca- rent each other to each other pasta, my boss over saying after you bet Bill is like, no, no I thought jump Josh. And lester. Reminds me of when you twenty get good run out in in qualifying. You're trying to let the person passed maybe? But yeah. A few games being played by balls over the still first and second chain thing in place Houghton Kenner enforced at the moment. And is looking like a big group of bikes in, sir. Overall fall. Four place. Absolutely. Looks like him Blake cancel on. Of course. Harvard clubs are catching bed goggle on my Marcus at the moment butts as we've seen about extreme IT both overtures pulpit wheelies second possession. Ben Bailey men Bill is leading the way I hate amount. The Bozovic as you once again, good, try and settle for seconds. Well, I don't I don't believe that would be any any riders. Intention before before any race spots loss lock moments. And as Ben Bailey as you mentioned as leading over the line from Matthew Bolsover. And maybe this is now where they will start to get serious. And maybe multiples send the inside of the people have down at the final corner. As further end allowed the band. Billy does have a bike you. Multiples over at the moment. There's a couple of lanes and stoke Jamie Kennedy, the forgotten Jimmy king. The moment is about a lunar race and third spot just of Muthu team. I possession Fultz in Kenner his overall and fourth Jordan spent and Feth Blick antone parv Clive so far in seven Chilin is eighth time in closed on joint tenth so far. As we jump petite. Just pulling over to one side, he's called it quits. We've got the leaders come through fatal car looks like it's going to be Ben Bailey packing. Another one really multiples over and second place, both like very happy with the results. And wait Jamie can come through the final corner. He does soon to pick up a fantastic start spot. Hudson is across the lane next and fourth photonic Gago raiders it looks like Blake until Harvard closed on the weekend through the bike markers coming across the lane. It's going to be Jordan spent George just absolutely just two tenths of a second between Jordan Smith. Harvey Clark's one tenth farther back there but finished eighth closer. We're waiting for to come and nightspots and bang all kief spent finishes and ten Placer so close just comes across the lane there and Alastair can as an eleven Neil Konare and twelve Daniel Gilbert and thirteenth Harrison O'Keefe and fourteen and make car who's writing and his story about concert. Loss of religion celebrations from Ben Bailey, and and charleena's bit showing some flair. He's traditional usual flair. I saw him literally lying down coming down the back straight on his bike whilst overtaking people while you wouldn't get away with in BSP. You're not doing it again. A good old fashioned plunk. That's a lot about day. Charlie still. It's nice to say only if you don't only if you don't fall off and yourself look like at blank. Which? Yeah. So show off. Yes. Nice. Yeah. Anyway, weld onto to all the riders in that rice and the next time we'll be hearing from them. We'll be Rahm two at red Raj not in Spain. But down south further down south. Well, if you're north as as leeann Hutchings as anyway, everything's down south North Africa North Pole. So thank you very much to James Ansel. Chen says great race guys. Well, done son, referring to cancel. Yes. James making his way over to Spain. I think it is to to help with next cook on the. There's so many things he's doing this year next cookies erasing and the rebel rookies. EV junior world championship is. Well, so we'll be keeping a close eye on what you're doing and twenty nineteen. Hopefully, he'll come along to the paddock at some point. And maybe do charleena's base to did some planking backstreet. Maybe maybe maybe charleena's picture take a a second career in bike acrobatic, maybe as stunt rider. I mean, all those action films will lead as Don raider. So John is could definitely take up as well. So with God's the junior c forty elite class up next on ESPN on joining garnished affair at the moment. He's been taking booth wrist wins so far. That's we can't raise one soil. Mason foster finish spot ahead of Josh, balanced, and the second razor Sullivan Mensing say don't finish second head or just two possessions at the moment. I go onto the green flag warmer. Plop, the poll possession nineties, Johnny gone, s rice Sullivan, mounds AJ to starting second-place. Josh Bonnie stuff, we'll go from third. Make some foster in fourth Ronnie Harris in faith, Emmanuel Brinson, Sam Monson seven place eighth in sparks in eight with Cameron, solely ninth. Taylor Stewart Campbell in tenth Charlie hunting for in eleventh place. Ruben Brian twelve Keaton pain thirteenth place Warrick Brady, pay fourteen and Kobe Perry in fifteenth place on mcgrigor, you are listening to live radio coverage. Online streaming on Facebook Twitter, twitch YouTube motor sport radio bracing and also podcast available straightaway after we offer on Stitcher. Spotify apple podcasts, and all of our usual places. So basically restraining all over the globe. We are. Over voice Thatcher. By the way. It's another podcast. Before. So we've got the raiders on the grad today are preparing for the final race over the weekend phase of their day that was elites healthy forty elite class. I the wellbeing another joining garner. His looking to pick up a hat trick of when's fest weekend. So the green flag is up. I understand this stuff has once again launching and front of Sullivan ninety Bannister slow to and to possession their head of Mason foster at as as you wear off the star lane or Johnny garnish completely getting fantastic launch. We head rent the first couple of coroners stole joining getting chased hearts by Sullivan, mainly for the first few corners and joked bias or stolen start possession. The woman through and through the bottom end, there's still dead gopher athlete. Change their butter. It had hoped back as Johnny garnish chopped off his nose going through the bottom line of the circuit's coming up to the Dale along the bio street, we're going to be heading into Raymond hairpin can Sullivan Monday. Mount a charge on joining very close is going for it's going for Jani garner. Stellar men's as but Willie runway coming into the corner hill Helder so far is an for possession, the forty four Sullivan Monday leads onto our tune in front of Johnny garnish. But joining excellent try and read their say hick. Hick? They might use to hold about just for the moment. Mason foster made a couple possessions. He's in third place at the moment. Ronnie Harrison, fourth Emmanuel Brenton Feth Samuel Munson and sect place. Josh Binstock drop down a few possessions. Grand for stop Taylor. Sure. Campbell an eighth Henry McCartney and on Charlie Huntingford, render the top ten for the moment. Still Silva amounts leading. He's just being challenged by Johnny garner says they remerged into our view from the back of the circuit almost glued together. Con. Con Ghana got a better run down of the final Ponente corner is gonna make a challenge into the core. Yes, he is. Yes. He gets the leave. So come back out, of course. But Johnny garner halter into the hit. Whose heart action out here? The moment is fantastic towards the moment. So let's self slow to enter taking behind joining garnish. And we've made you change every single time to come into the rims very close between them almost side by side over the line. They got between amounts at the front to the failed is zero point zero eight nine of a second. And that is gonna play out certainly the rest of this law has can say that they are equally as close coming into the the back chicane the to be dropping the rest of the pack in the moment. Mason foster came across two point two seconds further behind rolling. This is rare in the back of Mason, foster the moments, maybe leaving a gap at the moment. Not quite yet. But it looks like joining garnishes opened up a bathroom advantage. That's setting a war. After one point four say seven second. Lob is stretched the gap up to half a second to number three there. So at incident. In the previous two races. Also, lots of fighting happening further down the older as well with looks like maybe him pain, Warrick Brady and Kobe all fighting for possession towards the remaining positions and Kingston painting twelve warrior pride and Kobe Perry in fourteenth four now. Yes, absolutely. Looked like Kobe petty that try and go far and then say never on water Brady end to the hook chicane butter once again joining as leading onto the Bank shaper Salvin Manzi does look like his close the gap ever so slightly joining tell lane and to Raymond say we've got seven Monday taking a waiter poach enter the hairpin on. He has close to Russia. Five Walker Kendra second or not live there. Mason foster stolen, third spots to fill four seconds back of Johnny Garner's with Ron how just over four tenths over Mason foster at the moment. Emmanuel Brenton set in woodland and fastball moment three point two seconds further back of rolling heart. Josh Bonner star and sex for the moment as we're looking back during the field towards kitchen paying greater Kobe Patty her stole tied together with them. What it breezy? We can like you still trying to hold on the ever advancing Kobe Perry and to the Hickey second place has had a bit of a tumble down the back. Chicane look to be Sullivan Mounsey he got straight back up on his bike again. The pressure is for Mr. garner front. Garnishes lost the ever going pressure. That was as many many looks like he's back on the back end for sports. Misinformed comes across second ahead of only hottest merger comes ESPN four spot. And we've got jobs binders making off our of a horrible star. He's never in second and fest. Ball ahead of a manual Brenton. Sam you want to come to the lane and seven Campbell. Onto Henry McCartney are very close together as approach the hook chicane. But once again looking back to the bottle of kitchen pain Brady and Kobe payday another yellow flag values like a kid of being someone the seven seventh or it's the back on the bake back in the race. And hopefully, not too many possessions, lost still these three fighting the case in pain Warrick Brady and Kobe Perry. No change in possession. But yeah, there's only I would say less than a second separating the the remaining three positions in this race. Trump thirteenth and fourteenth. The moment. Absolutely come across Selena looks like rolling hottest is actually close to on. Mason foster ever. So slightly took two tenths of a second of for Selva. Major looks like it's going back on both of them taking fill. Second of Mason foster around the start off that lob J Joe sponsors, Emmanuel Brenton Samuel Munson. We have and some the Munson as winter and Eller on a lot is still he comes across the lane. Very shortly till sure Campbell and seventh. Henry mckearney sports. We have Samuel Munson ninth Charles hunting further tenth ribbon brace gonna come across. I love it. But we still have the battle raging on for twelve spot. At the moment is Keaton pain just holding off what it Brady and Kobe pay a couple of tents further back by the leaders. Joining garnished approach the backmarkers. It may have to the way which is gonna grew in as being a fantastic battle between the bottom three. With two laps left to go in this race than say five point eight second lead for joining Mason, foster a half, a second ahead of Ronnie Harris can wanna do over someone during that the chicane. I think that may have been a manual Brenton once again just during their is slowly back up to speed the companies feet walking over to bake. So it seems to be okay at the moment as such shame under the hick chicanery there. But I was just gonna say we're looking at self in men's a hit dead fall off the Dell chicane and he's back in the back chasing makes foster and rolling hardest is all one point two seconds further bag with a lap and a half to go. Someone else starting chicane again sold. Kane is looking to be problematic at the moment for these bakes. It's challenging I think. Yeah. As writers now head onto their that last lap. Johnny Ghana's beginning last laugh and Mason, foster Ronnie Harris now closing got between himself and second placement. Based on foster Selvyn, Menzies taking Neil, Phil sake. And both of them on a lot on the back of the grip and fought sport. So you may be able to grab second pushback as silver Menzies turn again the Baltimore end of the circuit. That leaves Mason foster, and of course, running hottest settle for second and third spots. Such a shame for Sullivan Manzi down at the bottom of the hairpin but his backup only fits it. Just looks more dejected than anything else. Besides a horrible horrible turn of events for Sullivan mainly, but as Johnny garnish completes their last coronaries coming to complete the Las lob it's going to be another joining garnish when pecking up three when's three another Haji today popular, we really on one of these junior Elsie forty elite bags fantastic rates by joining Garner's. Mr. foster comes across the lane ball. Rony hottest complete support him and thirds great battle all the way to the lane between Rony hottest on Mason foster. Joyce binder star worked his way up from start to finish and four spot there. And the fortunately with that. Loser Sullivan, mainly on the last we're just having the last few runners and raiders coming pasta star finish line with kid be seeing Henry mckearney coming across lane as they can. Second. Henry McCartney finishes and fat spot will waiting for trauma. Huntingford Samuel Munson ribbon Bray to finish line of last couple rates coming through the final turn out the moment across the lane as good to be the number forty four of seven main the who wants again fell I reminded to finish his sex spot for tacit right by solving ninety two gets exports. Charles, Charlie hunting and seven Samuel Munson and eighth place there and coming across the lane took play the race as ribbon brand and Nate getting paying and ten sports. He was lot of what he paid. It was also allowed to Kobe Patty might suspension to our salaries and Manu Brenton until sure Campbell mice to not put race towards enter. Yeah. It was I never even though there was only fourteen writers in total in that rice still action parts, I would say lots of events happening, and it is going for various tumbles seemingly someone stops only. Final chicane and care with the couple of raider star at the end of the lobster that kid of being Emmanuel Brenton on Tillerson Campbell. They'll just become pets such shame for them. Certainly they'll they'll have the next three races to make it all up, and they will happen at red lodge in a few weeks time thing for weeks from now at red lodge in berry Edmonds is politics, but you are listening to live radio coverage of the twenty nineteen bracing British mini bikes championship. Hello. And welcome. Next on track is the third and final rice Foley, senior mini motos and always an action part drama filled race for these. Big little bikes. This'll be interesting. There was there was there was a lot of games between. I think it was Birkin and and. To. We enrich their between Bernie hick and the Broken Hill. Both one one recipe that we can both finish and seconds and each of those races. Well, and I had Andy Weeden taking the third spot. And in the second race for Bob. Rob, Bob, rob petites. I first positive taking this bowl. So far this weekend and class. No. Except for shaping up to be another fantastic battle between the barking. And Barron hick, which we don't know he's going to come out and either one of these races so far. Now, I've got maybe that hook chicane is actually named after Bernie hooked because these I dunno so good navigating is by no idea. My suspect note, though, maybe it's not what you say that let's say probably lose the race on chicane them. I lost lot pasta my fucking. So we hope you having jinx them already. So we're expecting a fantastic race from from all these guys in the senior Minamoto third and final rice, and we are going to expect lots of drama lots of action lots of racing and cheapness as well as they get onto that green flag lap. Pole position for the final Sadia mini motel race of the weekend will be not Birkin Bernie hooks starts in second possession and the Weeden in third place. Josh Birkin in fourth Simon Huntingford in fifth press yeoman's in six rotates in seventh Craig asshole innate Ross Michael in ninth. Mitch Hollings bay intense Robert Ketley in eleven for Neil Skinner due to round out the great twelve place. So. Let's let it be known that these guys do that racing. Extremely seriously. It's not just a bit of fun. Even though it might look from time to time probably hilarious. Some of the things that these guys. I mean, even the warm up lobster racing that in about three. I think fact the ratio for these guys are literally athletes coil springs ready to get underway into into this. Final rice forget, it's like a flexi my they're less the kid be. So got the Lear minute text between the the front row. So I'll let you going to turn one. Yeah. Okay. No problem, and then you possibly back there. So. Each other. But we're ready for the start of the race all twelve editors CEO, twelve raiders. But it looks like we've got Chris humans messing fromm the sex part on the Greg. But. Fantastic start Chroma. Mark Barkan says Dr buried hook does take the leap at through the hook Chakib named after the Hickman himself. I don't know that. But we've got Ben heck leading the way for Matt Burke in I think it's on the Weeden and thirds Josh parking spot during to fourth assignment hunting. I believe as the Mon. But it looks like it looks like has received in previous races. So far today and yesterday the burn he does build up a national advantage ahead all of my broken, but my bucking may just slowly bell close out back up again. So agree start by brand hick on my barking, her both gap. Ing third spot. At the moment, we're supposed to be Andy within so we could be have on classic Matt Burke in and burning hick race. Yeah. Certainly, and maybe that was the they were arranging seemingly only on the stock right before the race as. As over the line. They come to end the first lap in as the Capitaine Benny hook. Relating from Burke hitting second place, and you're right. And we didn't was in third. Josh in all at track at hook chicanery back on track. So it's just a small moment from I think it may be an semi hunting for the Ross, Michael we will see on the next lap as the times filter three books as the came over the line time round, Simon Huntingford walls, insect place. Ross Michael wall, seventh Neil Skinner in eighth place. Craig ninth. Mitch Hollas being ten from Robert Kinley in eleventh place with eight laps to go. And it's very very close up front with hook and Bernie Bernie hook. And Matt Burke in almost side by side coming down the back straight into the final Turnley. Go for move to Hickey has done. And so it's gonna roll up as berry hit momentum pasta again cost bread hick, stole Horsely ahead of my and didn't cost and thirds coming through the hick chicane safe by Sade knows detail as going to be some fantastic bathroom there. It may be Josh parking may have gone off the track slightly a lot back on track and sex lost a couple possessions. Their special to you'll Skinner hit me fantastic. Good from twelve all the way up to eighth on the first lab joke then tonight at the moment. But once again, a great star by Neil scanner at the start of this senior, many more to raise as growing towards the end of this lot. It looks like my book in front of a burning hick as we head the bag street hanger straits as really to call on Spitfire straight as you want to call whatever as barking looks like he's helping advantage and to the Romans hairpin into the final corner and no position change for the. Lead. It is still as you mentioned Matt Burke leading from Bernie hook in second place and into the second averred corners, they go, and it seems that that pass for the lead happened how so our shots out of the back of the circuit books. Yeah. Fastest lap. Going to my on my last luck fifty three point six eight five seconds a blistering pace. Liam. Yes. Absolutely. My kid as looking like he may try stained advantage over bred hick by north couple residents to go by to see the having for quite a while. Because go berry hick Ray on the back of Mark barking heading through the Dell chicane third Deckers quarter and onto the bag straight once again, so could we see bathing hick leaning up my Burke for positive into the final hairpin. It looks like he was on the brakes. But no quite late enough because my parking still holds advantage coming through the fence Kane fatal hairpin soda across the finish line on its nose to tail was burn hick setting fastest lap of the race at the moment. Are they are the only just as well? Because gotta helped right on not tiling support for the Birkin, boys. I would say in this race as well. And I was keeping an eye on Josh in who is currently in. Or was the last time we came over the line, and he was in six bicycles over the line. There's time around and he's being passed by Ross Michael and Craig shell. Unfortunately, it's a couple possessions there seven hundred our questions and creek came across the lane Sade by say knows detail. There was so close to touch entire Tatar sauce, Simon hunted and Chris Yeomans very closely as facial, but once again bearing hick rate on the bag of barking Golan to the final hairpin and parking takes tight lane is taking much way to the corner cost are once again, and it's another allow text from them another fifty three point seven from hook. But bucking foster affected three point sex as rec- we cover the cost very lonely. Third ten and talk a lot better convey today Lester. Yeah, there's there's no no shaming coming third. Even though you might not be in a spectacular battle on track. Still third place is a podium, which will probably tightly to glass of milk. Kill my luck in hitless at my bark and still holding the advantage ahead of Parnevik as we head rent and to the Dell chicane better run out of this final parental Kohner. Looks like my still holding their advantage at burn hick his leaning for another. We overtake was against up earlier than my barking good. And to the final hairpin of marker to take any second as head enter the chicane. So may the back Barker making the way just at the wrong moment from our pocket. Eddie house done by easily and possum radios eight so no actually there as we're looking at further back at the battle for thank you said and secretary Cressey omens on the Georgia parking. It looks like he's. Actually continuing to make a when pass Olympic Josh barking creek. Actual so. Maneuver, then say of the enter the hairpin there. I think it could be just barking creek actual Ross, Michael and script. So just king has been pushed by seven quick actual and Ross Michael Stella Nate. Yeah. Craig show making the move into the final info the final corner to the demise of Josh Burke in down to seventh place now and still the lead battle Birkin hook Burkan and captain hook into an out of the final corner over the line. They come to begin their penultimate day, still Bernie hook still second by less than two tents. You gotta have a sensation. Perk is just holding by eversource keeping his drive no-show in Brooklyn where he may try and overtake him. So as it comes in the end of the circus still barking ahead of hick as go through the fast and long right hundred towards the bottom end of the socket heading towards Chandler's. And as we see them approaching more backmarkers that works. The Dell chicane actually got chain Phillies here hook is looking and safe. Just hold back for the moment. Soysa come onto the by St. again held up by a couple by markers. I had a fantastic exit off the to mcchord heading towards the hairpin hookers changed anti-ramos barking still hold deletes is waiting for the last lot lesser feel which is now Chile. Birkin and her has she say. All there was looked like he was pretty much writing tundra at this point. That's close together. Yeah. Absolutely. Look like hick, my actual run into the back of barking or nearly heading hick chicane so heading towards the bottom end of the sucker again that looks like something happened to hook awful as there's a few Bank links between barking at hick towards end of Lafayette Masha run across the chocolate. Maybe right off. No speculate that could be a possibility. Yes, certainly will as they as the leader, emerges leader. So berry has dropped by a couple of seconds on your show as happened. But my barking as coming towards the end of the final ABA three ribbons hairpin. And it looks like he's hot a pressure-free half a lot happened. So that's going to be my barking taking the second rates when all of the weekend ahead of bearing comes across and second spot five seconds further back, right, Mark. Nielsen finished his match holdings be and ten spot. There is both congratulate each other and start sports gonna be Andy within I just holding timing hunter for Simon for closer. And within the last few lives. We're waiting for crash humans to come across lane as he does never the battle for sex stole raging on. And as we see and a couple of we smoke coming from begging doing a couple of mini burnouts on these. Mini Moto machines. But yes, still Craig show and Ross Michael and Josh Burke in battling it out for the final or the mid positions over the line comes Craig show Ross, Michael and Josh Burke in for rounding out the Ponente positions as well. So fantastic racing action and Liam gives a quick rundown of the older ones mall. So I was fantastic close battle for the talks about as my barking who came on top at the end, five seconds ahead of Bernie, hit fairly hick has I've ever actually on the final lap Andy within complicit the eight tenths and front of Simon Huntingford crash and the creek actual and sector, Rosa, Michael and seventh Josh parking and eight spot Bill scanner went from twelve hundred up to ninth and the race fantastic. Right. By Nielsen there and nine spot match holdings be and ten and Robert Ketley and eleventh possession. Just remember your lesson to live radio coverage of the kill Fabrice CD's. We'll be back right after this. On the road Moto GP. From this is the twenty nine are bracing British mini tummy ship. Are we get ready for the next says, which is the AC fourteen rookies as they go the great onto the green flag lap. Position for this race will be Archie Gibbs only SIMS starting second physician with Luke Fitchet in third in Blake Wilson in fourth place in fanfare, be William Harris in six Harrison day. Brandon Kane in seven with Marco halt lining up alongside in in place. Only Corey ninth Casey Sperry intense Howie Payne in eleventh, twelve his Josh Williams thirteen Jacob Stevenson coaching in fourteenth place with Foley, several poets all up pronounce your name are probably the first time sixteenth place. Our show Brian Wilson jokes in seventeenth place. Bailey. Lawrence in eighteenth Calamar nineteenth Noah griller rate in twentieth and khloe SU twenty first place for her especially qualified, and yeah, it's going to be another action. Pats rice, Afhanistan after frustrations are anything to go. By being fantastic. Look good all weekend. Without Blake Wilson. All sems taking one piece. That's we can Blake Wilson digging spoils and reached number one all sevens and racing number two. French third. Enrich our head over arch and the rule with the. Results were reversed an arrest number two as Archie got the better of look fetches. So that's race that we will definitely have some awards of action. And as a final raiders are coming to the grit sports. So we're looking for another toll five bottle for this race when once again so that is a racially today. That's got to be the one as green flag goes up, and it goes tacit start off the bye all center started second point taking and to number one ahead over Blake Wilson another star. Blake Wilson my sleep and to turn number one earlier on today from fourth on the Greg's going into second team rain looks like look fetch as four spot ahead or behind Archie gab. So all leading the way as we approached the bottom end of the circuit ahead of Blake Wilson. And of course, Archie gives her just started off pull possession and lost a couple possessions at the start to hit enter channels on the way up to. Towards the Dell chicane it's no change at the top. As of yet. It's still only sems from book Wilson and Archie Gibbs through the Dell chicane, but it looks like we've got chin trying to hold on and four sport making up a couple of EPA sessions foster couple of corners there as lost at the starts. So as come into the fatal a hairpin at Blake all Senate chasing down all sensors come across stuff anyway, Blake Wilson was like making a move on the end of the first quarter. And no, yeah. It's just holding back at the moment all exams by towards about the field. We're looking so writers trying to challenge each other and to the fatal hairpin so far everyone is getting through the first lap. And clearly. Good to say. Yeah. Blake wilson. Setting the sofa pastas lot on the thirty first lap, which is good for him. But amazing to say, oh, he seems Wilson battling it out very very closely on this first initial Lapin loss of action and drama. I think there's now I fall bike battle upfront between same's Wilson Gibson Fitchet as a Wheeler at the front there. I say the same as it was and race numbers. One and two four are battling once again for the top four possessions. Blake Wilson's fantastic run on all as a head down the back straight. But once again state is called into the final hairpin on kids. See some maneuvers coming at the final corner. Look holder verite ladies green run at the corner. Looks of Archie gaps. But holds for protection for the moment Lester. Further down the older. There is lots of battling coming over the line. It is cakes Sperry in seven place making the move on branding on the ninth. Marco halting ten match where team eleven's Josh Williams intensely coaching in twelve thirteenth Harry Payne in fourteenth. And the Foley federal in fifteenth place right now said the the battle of the top as Archie Gibbs looks like he's going on Blake Wilson beholds Packers head through channels up towards the Dell chicane they're just keeping dry the moment until the get to the hairpin further end a lot is they're making the way onto the back streets at the moment. We could be seeing possession change looks like Blake Wilson as possible lighting up. All sevens. Just yet spread out heavy. S is the biggest got we've seen from the toll for all day. Certainly as was the full Fleiss Manley, fetch trying to get better different alternative run out of the final half handling picture wasn't able to do anything about it still remains in full place. But further behind Casey, Sperry, Bryan, and Kane and only very very close. Race at further than the order from on car Manca hoop and match heading into the chicane in because old covered and yellow suicide very battle going on. There threatening starts over the race alive. So as we head towards the Dell she came on the gate looks like Archer gibbs's made as we enter second spot just behind all these sems ahead of Blake Wilson has done. So he made his at the bottom of the circuit there to ease up into second challenging all these sems for first possession as we head into the final hairpin. Blake Wilson looks like it's going to try and maneuver on Arctic is going up there and say overall sems, but once again, Blake Wilson's is down. Yes. Blake Wilson's going during the final hairpin trying has tried and tested of going. Yeah. Is is okay is angry with himself stomping on the grain? But thankfully, okay. At the moment felt about into the yellow flags on the final happen. And there should be no overtaking cases. Today, overtaking and Arnie car as chemicals. Politics grinding king overtook so case spending overtake under yellow flags. They will say fat and happy to not. Not. But lots of action and drama up from only SIMS and gives less than half half a second on that last time over the line as they reemerge into our view of the country box and still Justice close this time round. He had a yellow fives of going back for Blake Wilson fortunate. Demise foam that race part of got all coming turn. I turn Archie Gibbs looking up. But once again, look as looking up there and said coming at the hairpin. The lane. Bo I think your whole he has done going into the chicane is approach by markers. Someone at the Dell. Chicane looks like it was some say the top ten we'll just wait until the see her that kids be. So I think it was someone cases Spady Brandon king and Arnie car battlers during their so Casey spaded coming across the lane ahead of grinding king on your car. Believers one is Arnie order must be on the car during the butts. I should ashamed that he might stick with as it was shaping up to the final corner, Israel, and almost taking Amman showgoers one wider count, see his bike number. But he's got quickly by calling these by can MC slightly number fifty six fifty six. Chin-tsun? So as a shame by is back on the bike is back in the race. So he'll he'll be hoping to try and make up some possessions. What again and to the final hairpin RG cabs looks and say of all as Semons of the whole bottle of fresh once again fantastic run of the final hairpin turn to the hick. Chicane hold stationary at the moment seems team rates compared to the foster list. Say that box. We've got. Lap and a half to go in this race and Casey Sperry. Brandon. Keen and max where y'all next to cross the line as one writer goes sliding out of action tries desperately to pick his bike up and carry on. But he might drop a couple of spots. Outta my been actually Marco hall to who slate out, but he is backup in okays perfectly fine books. Yes. Still aren't you Gibson only sittings battle between first and second Ray genome. There's out Archie great run of the penalty corner is going to look and say once again on all entertainment hairpin. But once again, go look fetch again, long run render up or up there and saying they switched it up citing gone by side. It may get them into the hurricane ballot off choir law there so and it looks like he's just keep it dry for fatal lung, actually. Yeah. Has I unusual run out of the final coronary texoma title line, which gives him back to run seemingly helped across the timing being in second position. But he is. If that set the fastest lap of the race on final up there. So as leaders come through, the fatal, they're approaching the bottom end all the circuit at the moment. So the stole close together for only seven looks like he's just opened up a gap. On Arctic gaps the second half of this lot. Is there the final corner? The be safe by saves possibly Archer gaps as looking for maneuver say of all these sems all is holding the moment arches Gebze as no at school from never look at you. Say possibly looks like we're gonna have all these sums taking his second writing off the day. Archie, Gibbs and seconds ball. Fetch and thoughts were waiting for William hottest and four spot any say, so William how this across the line there. How does is next up and possessions, just covering the final corner at the moment? So fantastic right by the top three. The governor's some fantastic action once again lane and fed sport match where is coming up next ahead of Brennan king. But once again, we've a part of come down to the bottom end of the circuit. And it's going to be much where it takes sex ahead of Brandon king Casey's bay has no causal and Joshua because. Just a couple of possessions on the last couple of their Josh Williams, hardy pain and ten guys talk. It's the last couple of raids across lane thoroughly forever and Jacob Stevenson, two thousands of a second between them for eleven and twelve spot there Marco halt and started on car and fourteen and RJ O'Brien. And it wasn't the the elbow to elbow wrist national foster racist lesser about of action. Good on. Yeah. Definitely like a good rice to me and certainly sounded like a good rice as well. So congratulations to only same's unto I'm pictured podium position. And thank you very much for putting on other. Nice clean vice forest here. They South Wales. Car circuited Klunder in South Wales. Unless he's live radio coverage of the round wall. The official partner series to the British superbike championship. And the roads Moto g pay it is fabric saying if you just turned into online, you more wealth more information about how took a racing as well. If you're interested, or, you know, somebody here in trusted, you can check out hilltop rising dot com. All the contact details that you need are on there. Especially important as if he if he probably knows somebody who might want to start racing career, however old or young always Mullen. Welcome to say new faces new names overturning faces and names back to the paddock as we have this weekend round, one of eight twenty nine hundred so next is the mini JP fifties. And that will be in just a couple of moments time. There's loads of ways to follow the racing this season. Live on the couth racing Facebook page on Twitter and on YouTube, listen on multiple radio and on bracing dot com. Many fifties. Heading out onto the green flag lap. That sighting lap. And well we had Harrison Crosby win rice number two earlier today in Josh banish. There was the Victor on rights number one in Saturday where the Ryan Hitchcock in house across the and just stuff, I'm Brian Hitchcock, completing the podium so will willy be those three again in race number three. Well, just vanished style price. On pole position. Kyle pains stars from second. Lucas Brown goes from third place. They in fourth place. Why hitch talking faith Mason Johnson will be hoping to upset the party? He goes from sick place Sullivan Mounsey, what can he do from seventh? Only. Walker in eighth admins starting this rising ninth place wanting how racing only eleventh Jimmy Parker in twelve which Taylor Stewart Campbell thirteen Harrison McKay in fourteen Ben Jolliffe in fifteenth Finnan where salting the final rowing six wallet. Brady. Rounding out the numbers set start from peak seventeen on this race. This is going to be good. So the raiders are Lenny up love pep talk. From the parents for one fatal moment before the game started off. So green flag is going to go up anymore. We find a radar. It looks like he's got that Bevan you at the back of the pack. That was like a kid be. Bannon Scholefield the back of the park they're trying to get to re started and looks like he has done successfully. Well done. And he will that will be able to join the race. And we are good to go there. So it looks like it's gonna be a great start there. So like yourself record another great start. That's we can't from second session pale pay and taking into the hick chicane ahead over George and look, here's the brain. So at my job at Cal payments again for tastic starts offer, the the Greta at every single racer. That's it. We can go through the Baltimore. And over the circuit is still KO paying ahead of Josh balancer. And of course, look at brand and third spots there as head the fast right hundred and towards John Lewis looks like. It looks like Josh Binstock debt. Gopher I have a gap in front of Kyle pain. Look is burn as stolen third spot there as we head towards the back of the circuit at head over the hanger straight. As definitely I maneuver by KO paid up there and saints by mice to hold us. Just seconds kill pain cost to complete lab. Number one thirds of looking Fernan fourth right has called and Sylvan mandates all Walker seven demoting Mason Johnson to eighth Clinton Edmonds. The unrolling hottest intense baller. Definitely shaping up to be fantastic. Scrap eleven laps left in this race. And as you mentioned is just punish the in. Second of the moment. Kyle paying in cross the line in first place with Harrison Crosby and Lucas Brown was the the quickest on that opening all up, but Willie remain the quickest will. Get the fastest time. Overall. At the end of this race is the first three bikes all heading down. And it looks like to be a challenge for the lead. They're just buying start that try and go rent there say of Keio pain campaign went up and said once again, but just balance on a great run just as his nose chopped off by heading towards the hick chicane base still remains and third as we have maneuver further during the field for at the end of the possessions of the moment. Number sexy. They can't place up on number eleven. So how does McKay living up to fourteenth sports on the timing monitors there? So as Hadrian towards the bottom end of the circuit once again, still kale pain and front of Josh balance. Our hottest Cosby and third onlookers brain and four spot looking towards and completely pulling away from the rest of the filter did seem to be at least the challenge if not a pass for second position at least from the from the furthest corner of the circuit, which is always good on the old eyesight. But into the final comb I stressed Bannister. Who has taken the lead narrowed it looks like has gone to spoil as well. Ahead of Keio pain, his talk to start helping these actually drunk spread still in fourth spot. But it looks like it looks like with highs it Ryan hedge coke insolvent Menzi, close the gap on the toke force. I don't know if that was about a skull between four heading towards care or just closing up. Jimmy Parker's fallen down a couple of places only homeowner and Harrison McKay benefiting from that that side fight for twelve thirteen and fourteen place at the moment. The finest justifies his lap of the race fifty point sex. Can't he convert that and to pulling away from the rest of the pack. It does look like the gap is opening up ever so slightly at the top of the field. Josh Binstock in front of how does Crosby kale pain? And look is arguing dropped a lots of for each single corner here. So across the lane to complete another lab just ahead of me. Cruel by can jump by by couple hundreds or not allowed kale paints. Stolen third. Look is burning fourth I with so right has. Looking for the the Cologne system bottles on truck at the moment and keep an eye out. Certainly listen out for Sullivan mounds of using sick place right now books. He is. We'll be looking to close the gap into the to make it into the top five scrap between Ryan Hitchcock and himself Ryan in fifth place at the moment and the leaders coming back into our vision of from the country bucks in the top two just breaking away now. But I find interesting five third place lamb. Yeah. It looks like how doesn't Crosby that run over the cabinet much coming onto the pronouncement corner. So it was a lot like he was posing by star. Spicer sacrifice LOP off the wrist affected point five hustles, still Holter seconds, Keio pain and third Lucas burning fourth on Ryan hash cokes. Oh, so looks like Sullivan Enzi could be a challenge on the feds. Paul Ryan has coke within the next few lots are so as we look towards the end of struck at once again with how the yellow flag down a writer turn to the Baltimore star kit that looks like Surtees the rate of those trying to play the bike helping and it does look, okay. Allow upset with what's happened there on track at the moment. So sure that was being someone within the top ten so as we approached the bike street once again, we've got Josh planets looking behind them seeing the Hodson Crosby as slightly closing up towards the final hairpin on as we complete another labchoice across late closely by the compass four tenths of a second. When it was nearly a second law slop. Two to interesting scraps. Developing the fight for first place between Josh and Harrison Crosby punish Harrison Crosby, and then Kyle pain and Lucas Brown. Five third emerging between those at the moment. Still yellow flag down on the far side had another Reiter slop silver in men's one went down last dropping taming monitor. But I'm not sure it's gonna unless lap for fighter and a couple of moments. The leaders come through past the towards the final hairpin on the last just balancer holding. I very small vantage ahead of hottest Beheer is continuing to close the gap. His brain as shaping up kale pain towards at the final turn at the moment. Not quite close enough yet. Just blindster runs a love coming corner. I go I agree Scott by kale pain. I look Bernard. Clothes come across. Elaine, say definitely closing in the Lucas Brown on Kyle pain. That's the FIFA third place. And we didn't. Yeah. We didn't manage to say who it was who calls yellow flag. Maybe it was just the recovery of Sullivan's bike baps. Yes. Still loss of action on their seemingly saw spread out throughout the field. And the final positions just filtering through to again that lot of Jimmy Parker and Harrison McKay as well so leaders still looking good still looking pretty close between the fight for first and third at the moment into the final corner. They come and also veteran it is taking interestingly wide line through that final turn. But Josh punish. They're still leading. Listen crosby. Kyle painting. Third Lucas Browning fourth and Hitchcock in fifth place. Only Walker in six Mason Johnson at the moment is seven place Clayton Edmonds over the lining, Ronnie Harrison, ninth teller, Stuart Campbell further back in expected to come over the line in tenth place bodies hauling holing up right behind him fight full ten place hotting up. Yeah. Abso- star exam Nolan's halting for ten plus the bottle for the lead as continuously haunting up what they how does it grows, but still hurting the back of Josh banister as they approached the final corner for that's lap. And we've also got look brain challenging kale pain for third spot at the moment. Still stickers score as you come across. Crosby setting a new fastest lap of the race fifty point four as it's on the back on a tenth of a second further behind Josh balance further. Other than the payment screens Baker track this picking up so number eleven is just coming across the late night. Doesn't seem to be on the monitors. Amber, fifty six the number was so small number eleven so okay dot com. Be forgiven. These numbers on these bikes are incredibly small house off some of the riders. Yes. Absolutely. So a couple of them in the country box again with the boys own guys. So we'll talk to them after the racist done and their opinions on we did today, and Harry the racing has been shaping up for them. We approach the last lot the moments and still these two of just finding Harrison Crosby fighting and trying to trying to try his very very best to stay as close as possible eighth now pass Josh punish that. That's how close bay and Kyle pain. There's absolutely riposted both men of the circuit. And it looks like we have look his brain shaping up amid Kayla pain ring eight, but no quite guessing so far but time as reports the end of the circuit Bill second half off the lob and looks like the judge body star. Wars. Pulling Africa is run a little bit weight. And I think we have a house Cosby shaping up a maneuver. So they're coming through the penultimate corner right night, just before the streets. Look we've got Josh still holding possession. Hodson Crosby shaping up maneuver by doing his close enough just Holter God's Josh bonds coming through the fatal. I'd say by say actually, Josh by holding the first poll ahead of side-by-side kale. Pain. Hold starts. Look his pregnant fourth spots. And right has coke will come across the late next alone. But once again, he is facing with only walking only Walker takes on the final corner. Diving of Ryan has coke the right to export Mason Johnson and interest and seventh Clinton Edmonds coming across the lane in eighth place. They're running hottest across number sixty six and ninth place tiller Campbell as next along and ten spot there, a head of Bali or suicide and textbooks till sure Campbell only Horner Coniston the key. Next up on the number forty for machine. So forty four she was Sullivan men's he went there and lots of earlier on how Mckee and twelve Jimmy Parker and another one of the raiders coming through the final turn out of the moment. Number thirty nine of Jimmy Parker and thirteen we have a number eleven bake Aaron circuit there wasn't actually pecking up. So that was a Harvey Claridge there so not Harvey sore. But that one of the their number eleven there wasn't actually picking up on the monitor. Very interesting. Of course, you've got to have your your transponder on if you want to be in the rice. Let's literally no point sunning up winning the race. If if the results don't show it and we don't get to shots about you. So make sure you working transponder on for benefit people in here. Hello and welcome. This is the first round of the twenty nineteen Kufa pricing, British mini bikes championship. Thank you very much for everyone tuned in live online listening on Facebook Twitter, twitch YouTube motorsport radio, I'm the uprising website and probably for the places as well. With our next race up as the extreme two hundred senate's they final race from them of the weekend. And we're joined in the country walks once again by James Kirk James, Cook, Hello, guys. So yeah. Talkers through your your loss rates that race. Second place, and I started sick on the grid. And I just bought my way third and second. Molesters was not too good. My brakes failed to ES is my break. The whole way around. I came twelve last pray for Justice. My back break pretty good. You learn skills, I suppose just coping and dealing with things aren't working on your bikes. Don't. So and I'm you looking forward to for the next round because we go to read logic next. I'm looking forward to like a win. And I think that's. It came second. So as when so next time you can targets guy Dr. I possession there. So looking forward to read number two. Yeah. You're looking forward to the next round red lodge should be fun. 'cause offing I'm going to bring a minute and just be fundraise phone uncompetitive as well. Thank you very much guys. And it was only a short shot that we had but you're willing to come back to the commercial box. And there's no how successful you real in future racist. Thank you very much for coming back up. Thank you know, cover and just before he goes there. Anyone you want to say thank you to take your. I like to say her mom Dodd among for children on the radio because I know his lesson. Okay. To my mom. My dad s three racing Nola. My responses. Fantastic. Thank you very much guys and do join us back in the country again by on track right now for the extreme two hundred Carson charleena's bait lining up on pole position for this one. But really take its position. Yes. He will Richard Holmes Williams starting in second Richie ternary. Brandon peril starting off in fourth place cameras in fifth. Joshing my bowls over in seventh. Jamie king eight hobby clarity night, Blake answers expected to start intense. But really be there Taylor Lawrence in eleventh Felix turn in twelfth place. And we're getting ready for the stars. Charleena's ban on possession as getting awards and a half off the starting laying there and seconds for Richard Holmes Williams, and we wear messing. Unfortunately, Richy Turner and third sports then take up starting there. But Brandon peril moving into third spots Justin there. So as charleena's but still holding the lead over the risks ahead of Recchi, homes Williams. I ruined the second half over. That's lob. So is it China Lurs corner and up towards the Dell chicane at zen still on the wretched homes or Williams as seen so far the threat entire weekend. Pulling a sizable lead over over the rest of the park. So as roughly two seconds as approach the end of patrolling experts still holding it just walking off potential maneuver by wretched homes Williams, enter the final hairpin. Of. Funds. Providers say. Tinguely hours pay by class. And it is as you mentioned charleena's base leading from Richard Holmes, really as as they all filter through the stuff Inish line. And without without a rated just come off as exited the hook chicane just buying the caravans here. So we can't afford to see what happened to him. But the writer that come off just turn right under saw the writer just crash off there. So and I'm not sure fortunate fan absoltely. So from the still it is Richard home, Richard Holmes Williams, trying to do all everything he can for a very quick charleena's into the final corner of the first lap. Second Lapin over the line. Become the now down to less than two tenths of a second is lots of baffling. Pot filters for Josh Ingram. Third. Brennan peddling Bolger v sick journey king. Seventh cameras a Blake on. So to start the race as ninth Taylor Lawrence in tenth place. Ville turn eleventh, Ian Jackson, twelve place Liam Fabra. It might have been him. But he is listed in fourteenth place on the timing as we saw the top raiders trailing. Richard Holmes Williams joy Sangram Brennan peril on mafia Bozovic coming back tears from the crates are still watching truck sites here. So there were on the raiders it looks like Richard Holmes Williams wash shaping up a pass on Charleston's going into chicane side, Charlton as much making a move or hall. That's close as enter the hick chicane gelling wretched homes Williams, hopping separated by dumping Safar. Let's. Baker there say end the final here. But as I think Jay looks life is well, yeah. Taylor turn also involved in not not scrap as well. Blake blackout just losing Coppola positions. Yeah. No, sure. Maybe he's having some trouble earlier on today. Somebody pulling off on the on the far side of the chicane on the inside of the circuit. Maybe some technical problems for whoever that is count say from this position. But yeah, the two leaders Richard Holmes Williams waving down the back straight trying put off charleena's something he'll never do Charlie as a quick look behind him over the line. Slopping, but you don't Williams keeping a watching brief in second position along gap between them both and they third-place rider. Josh Ingram who has brought imperil right behind him on monkey balls over over the line. Then comes it's gonna be Jamie king, who's just pasta college on that last lap. And then it's kinda how as Taylor Lawrence Jackson Felix down to eleventh place and that Blake council in twelve struggling at the moment. Yellowed count hottest dead shape up. Harvard Claridge for never up that say the federal hairpin their butts by off as Harvard Clark's that Trump is over knows of ever so slightly but front in the field. It does look like this has opened up a smaller advantage. I say that that is of course lane and that indeed the wretched homes Williams that set the fastest lap of the race. So far forty seven zero zero seven double o seven with four seven just and front. Josh anger. Come in. Actually got great battle towards the end of the top ten at the moment. Harvard clouds chasing, Jamie Kenyans, come through the final turn southern Kampot. It's all of the by Taylor. Lawrence Johnson all separated by. Luckily, nothing less. Yeah. There's hard to know where to look to be honest with a huge scrap for those. Further down possessions and also trying to keep an eye on charleena's bent on Richard Holmes Williams. I have a feeling that may be charleena's bit is allowing. Apply the pressure charleena's, but has said the fastest lap of the race have sub forty seven second voice. Yes. Pushing Richard Williams ex keeping up. So that's the first time. They've said any of the race is this weekend. I four sex for them as we can end the with I'm very coleslaw only couple seconds between the I say looks like Harvey clouds once again is shaping up another maneuver on Jamie king who just runs a love common. That's just has ever. So slightly was again by Harvey Claridge, Cam, Harry's. I think he's a a much more. Prominent rider say. Charleena's bay doesn't get it don't quite buy. So so so close Charlie that looks over shoulder as a new slap of the rest of retro homes Williams as time these are pushing each other so so hearts, and it costs of an to is charleena's at the moment with Richard Holmes Williams, and you have the feeling that Richard Holmes Williams as is going to get charleena's bit at some points. That will be interesting to see over the line four Josh Ingram Brandon peril. Brandon able to do anything about Ingram. Now, not sufficed for third place of garment ever for ten hours at Felix herring. And in Jackson with them council posing up so it looks like sex turn to twelve possession are starting to bunch together. Lotto bet as we see the blade cancel as closing up on the back of them as real Gelin is still holding the position why Kona? Change for possession knows this close five eight by deed. Charlie nesper still holds the first possession across the star furniture in Iran. The chicane and wretched homes Williams does have to say to enter second possession. Just the way the timing. Loop happens to be situated diagonally here at doubt, dick. Much it homes Williams overlying technically in first place didn't make first place into the first corner. So he's still second at looks like both of them are trying hard as account to lab as many people's accounts nitrates. Cruising training. Adequately on buying the woman as come into the final hairpin once again extraordinary particular defensive lane running on slightly ways. We'll say by say that should know quite that's stone. A very very fast paced lob from charleena's on Richard Holmes Williams unnoticed. Ian Jackson made up two spots out the final hairpin taking Taylor Lawrence and Harvey Claridge I believe, and that's they fight for seventh price putting Jackson bike number seven in seventh place right now. It'd be making a couple of possessions in the last few lobsters Ha's, Ian Jackson until Lawrence on Harvey will definitely be wanting to get by pasta. So is the leaders approach the Dell chicane we're just had the markers coming through just in front of them. So that's a great battle from sex. All the way ten to twelve at Harvard college looking the NSA over tiller Lawrence, but not point making as far as holding believe Tatarian final turn running up. Wait once again, we're going to get Richard Holmes willing to as from either of the milk quite Josh. And yet, and they are approaching a massive group of bikes who will be somewhat reluctant to give them an easy easy path three because they're in amongst five or six all the competitors. The moment's notice Jamie king lost a couple of spots to at least Jackson last lap. Yeah. The writers that they are catching definitely not want to give them any room our boundary and of call them towards the moment at the become through Deckers corner. The Ponente mcchord on the lob so far and heading towards the final hairpin cut to the by markers. Hind over festival. Jamie bell then say wondering about markers push white kid wretched chats final out of the race coming up on there and the -mongst a ton of bike markers. Yeah. Definitely interesting to say the hopefully the the fight for the lead will not be. Decided by traffic site. Both cook Welby Blake answers been pushed out of the way by charleena charleena's bellows like his comedies through the field. A lot easier than Richard Holmes Williams final out so as a head towards channels and backup towards the Dell. Chicane on this final trailing looks like he's actually going through some of the by markers. And it looks like Richard Williams caught up in a few more of them heading towards all we've had a couple raiders off at the ultimate corner often. Okay. Cancel might be coming across the finish line as Charlie to pack up her starts when of the weekend just an front of rhetoric. I suspect as being really off. I believe your rights rethink Richard Holmes. Well, all rent that would have been a great shame for he might still finish it probably with barring front to be honest. I think he's probably just coming around to finish in second position. And he does just goes to show just how far in front of these two that you can actually go down get back up again and finished second try and comfortable by KamAz, comfortable margin. Face ninety seconds, brain sherline. It's by awards electorally third tire race covered by tens hundreds of a second. So charleena's takes the race. When the when all of the weekend for charleena's. But and extreme two hundred class ahead of Richard Holmes Williams tangled up in the crash with on the back markers on the final. Josh. And groom completes the podium and third spot fantastic right by Josh and. Her and he beats has had to me Brandon peril. Final race that weekend. Multiples over and fed spot in Jackson and Taylor. Lawrence and seven sport there flick until an aide so making up a few possessions on the final lap, Jamie king and ten Felix Herron element spot on we had Cam hottest and twelve possession. Unfortunately, Liam Fairbrother act and complete the race only completed till ops of available. Guy from Granda. Our Beth is the twenty nine thousand nine Cooper, bracing British many bugs championship. And on believable to say that we are at the final race of Rian tire first round weekend here. It's a cloudy climbed out which is not easy to say. Russell morgan. Sidecar extraordinary minus passenger fish weekend by the spark this. Yeah. On by. Because all yes and entire machine. So yeah, he's joining us for a better co Coventry on these final many, Akron sidecar. Our bits of gossip McWilliams has a gearbox problem. Make Williams breaking news. Mick Williams has a gearbox problem. Yeah. Probably window. Well for dine is the thing. And we saw before then if he has a bad start. Mic. The mic Lee and Jack Puertas can run for his money. I'm suspecting over a mind games here between potentially some of the the front runners butts. Yeah, sidecars are on the great about to stop that green flag up the moments and well for the first time in a. Time. We actually didn't see. Run away with and that was in rice number one. It was Jack quotas to everybody surprise, but not charcoal to sister this. He actually the victory and racing them. Wallner wrecks to it was McWilliams writing wrong. Also, he thinks with in the victory back over Mr. qualities. But it was give problem that sort of Iran as well. I'm jack. Look what hoping terribly. No. But it would be nice to have another race where is actually leading from the gecko. I think Mr. Mr. Williams on his his passenger might looking lighter to acquire. It's okay. We had a chat to the paddock. Okay. Fair enough. So the the grid than for the final rice here at Colombo in Wales as McWilliams who starts the race on pole position where they suspect sate gearbox problem really get away. Well, we'll see John Coulter's looking to capitalize on a McWilliams potential gearbox problem. He starts second make lean third. Parker four Simon Ibbotson fifth John hostile and six Adrian Amazon seven pull pulses junior starts from eighth place calling. This rice the final time all weekend. It's Liam hall. Jains back very much last night yesterday fail race over the weekend. Can't believe it's the final rates. All ready, so many F one safe cars championship here. Kill fabrics Klunder as green flag as I've dropping starting off the. By John Walters. Takes into the hick chicane turned number one a head over William. So maybe that's commentary problem of the gearbox problem has actually come to Russian Russell. Well, when hopes horribly, but isn't the noise mix actually, go to work to get into the French and actually win a race from not leading from pole. So we've beverage on a Hans nary source jot quilters leads away from McWilliams Williams and Mike Lee as in third spot. Mark Parker as holding up and four spot by looks like the top two have taken of. I am vantage as we head into the Dell chicane so it's going to be quilters leading the way onto the extreme ahead of Mack Williams Williams looks like he's in shaping up a pass and to turn number onto the final corner on the track with Mecklai trying to hold onto the coattails says come to the final turn Russell looks like him. John walters. The bay so far Jack polders his quick. I mean, he's only young I think he's only eighteen or nineteen. And this is real full season. So I think he's doing fabulous ofa. So is definitely to shake up the old guard. Well, yeah, I think we need a bit of new blood and say about that anybody wants to go passenger in anybody over the age of sixteen and agile Julian I was I was looking to LeicesteR there. I think for posturing for you in the next I think Gile is one thing. I am. If we the that I'm a mobile for comforts as as these sidecars are not compatible with my frame thing about the size of an entire sidecar as. As we're looking back at the race action. It does make Williams house Gordon and to lead of the racing towards the final corner on the track. John Coltart back into his book. So that that happened during the far end of the circuit. Punish late moment to Williams with fifty six point four. So it looks like John Walters has our rates on his car onto the bike off McWilliams thinking. I Russell sorry thinking. Thinking. Now mix up in front just getting rhythm going. And if your way now, although further in the in the back of the circuit, it looks like it's a bit of a side by side-by-side action is not quite conclusive full that fight four. I think second or. Yeah. That that's still fighting hard. So fighting her first place, which is good to see this. As about time the mic had a bit of competition. Let's say and the Jack's not been far off him over the weekend of already one. So it's given a bit of confidence to actually go for the harder. Absolutely. So quarter stole all over the back of mecca Williams as a head to run the final corner cost star financially to start the next lot more alive. And it's only three tenths of a second job Walters as automatic Williams as putting tons of performance. Mike Lee's point eight seconds further bike, and my Parker cost on the two thirty eight cards as point eight seconds further by of MAC, Lee, Simon iberson and spot. Don't host score and seven and agent and seven sport there. Quarter junior. And at the back of the grid at the moment. So McWilliams still holding their lead off the race. John Walters at looks like it's dropping back. Ever-so-slightly? Russell bills. Will remember Adrian is rugged injured, and I believe Paul cultish juniors. Actually the new side Cup ashes finished time at any circuit. So who posted a disadvantage anyway, where they would be better. Yeah. So that's quite good. If someone trying to I say car, we can enter quite well, so the Assegai. And job. Yeah. A lot of karate with rhythm realizes that Linda circuit same ROY has to know where to position yourselves on the park, which is where the genetic Jin that can it can be very difficult special for the passenger known possession himself on the soccer, especially the fish racer to yet till you find whether the handhold than where you should put your feet Tatra. Yeah. I would wanna ride copies. But you do anyway. Red pies. William set the fastest lap of the race. Previous lab is holding seven advantage at the top of the field over onto the final note of race. And it looks like make Williams highs and crucified vantage again over John Coulter's as I say that looks like it might be even closer as the fame wearing the final turn across the star furnish. It's good to be Meg Williams just holding John Walters across face fantastic. When from McWilliams jot quarters takes slop over the race affected five point name so close, but yet so far also here we'll say we to the meeting. So I'm expecting to do all over the season. Give renters money. Absolutely. So we're looking for a great show about the between McWilliams and jog quilters Mecklai finished up third spot. Once again this weekend ahead of Mark Parker. I four spot signing iberson coming of tastic right by Simon iberson on the number forty six say, we're just waiting for John hospital come across Elaine and sex pot. Coastal income don't horse girl didn't finish your previous marriage the finish and sex sports and racing number three for the weekend. Number twenty four pole quilters junior slain ahead of Adrian who's got a desk in bags always. Right. And a lot of Andrew this weekend. He's normally to the field in this fan. I've seen I think he finished second in the hole championship out here. So this is quite. In this weekend. Back up towards the front once again in one time, he feels Philly fed on the McWilliams taking the risk when and Risley many Ephron set cars, quarters and seconds Lee as the port in possessions, their third Parker and fourth possession there. Simon iberson finishing Feth John hostile place poll Coulter's junior and seven sports Adrian ams and renting the runners and writers for the safe cars championship. So Russell we expect you back the next rent for rent number two. I should be read lunch will be hopefully with the fight and danger. I lost it up be running in so much about in the front. I'll be there. You know, when you think Russell you might have come if you had a bike and a passenger in this race in this race. I would have probably from last. Okay. I certainly would have been at the front brand new chassis the jets so in the chassis Blake show all over nothing falls off. Where we sell build. I wish acid. So we can't guarantee that I well in this perfect. As as evident with. Yeah. I mean, the pitch the phone offer normally no human, but sometimes sometimes. Oh, yeah. I've seen I've seen passengers chasing after sidecar, but we call wealth on you say well. Yeah. Fair enough. Okay. Well, well, we'll love to back out round to red lodge in four weeks time. And thank you very much for coming up on the cow commentating on the mini at one side cons. Okay. Was always gets an oil the cart championship from someone actually say that. Yes. Sometimes. Back for reading number two. And we'll be on you so best of what for Red Lobster and a few weeks time. Thank you very much Russell. So you're listening to live race coverage of Ron one of the twentieth. Nineteen Kufa bracing British many bikes championship. And that is as we are done for the weekends for the first round. I'm we've had some fantastic spectacular action all routes every single class. Even the mini f- side caused gave us a huge shock all the for one race only with with with a non McWilliams victory, but will happen again. Who knows you'll have to tune in and find out? Thank you very much for listening to live radio coverage, and we will be back in a few weeks harmful race around number two with more exclusive live coverage of every single race on the weekend on all on Saturday on Sunday as well. Thank you very much to play council. For coming up to commentate with those and yeah, hopefully, he'll be back. Plus, I working by as well. So yeah, that'll be one wjm to work on in the next few weeks. Thank you very much to Chris McCarthy you in. In yesterday's rice as well. Thank you remers Liam hall chains as well. You wouldn't actually know you folks, he's actually doing spurts. He's debut commentary ever gonna go. I'm shaking like a leaf end the moment being nervous. We can Bob how fantastic time here racing. So rent one way and cannot wait for the next seven rents to come up so red lodge next and four weeks time and looks to be fantastic championship all the way through every single series. So a cat weighs against Archer for red number two Lester and just before we go we'd like to give a big thanks to all of the marshalls and medics as well to to race control and to the catering stuff as well. And especially the catering stuff. Governor some really amazing. Yes. Cannot highly recommend them enough. Exactly. And thank you to a the South Wales karting circuit as it's officially known. Thank you very much to to everyone involved in in putting on a good show. Which was the first round of the Kufa bracing British many bags championship and last, but not least thank you very much to all the parents and marshalls as well. Even the most for award nominated ones and to the mums happy mother's day as well. I think it's. Safi mother's day told us mother, exactly. So thank you very much to everyone and keep tuned in life for any amount of time this weekend. Thank you as well for us. And then your comments and and nice positive vibes via the internet. And so you could go back and listen to any of our coverage. Yes. All day if you want you can download it. Yes. I'm sure somebody will but say it'll be available as a downloadable podcast on. Spotify on Stitcher on spreaker and also on motorsport dot radio. And also on the apple podcast and Google podcast. Just giggle basically, kill are bracing. Find all the podcasts to especially if you had to go pro on your bike this weekend. And you may be making nice cool. Little add. It's if you were putting content creator kill fab added, exactly. So that really is for most hair in the studio full round warm. Thank you very much tuning in. Thank you very much for Hollander, putting on a fantastic show. Thank you very much for all your good show for the officials and circuit officials here conduct. Now, get it right one day. But thank you. And join us again next time around two of the pricing British minivans championship. Glenda, Beth as twenty nineteen bracing, British mini bucks.

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