October 10, 2019: Trump holds a campaign rally in Minneapolis


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Yom Kippur or the day of tone meant is the holiest day of the year in Judaism where Jews fast for more than twenty four hours the director of the US based site intelligence group which tracks jihadist and white supremacist organizations cats said that thirty five minutes of camera footage from the shooting was posted the deposition could help House Democrats better understand why trump urged Ukraine to investigate biden and his son Hunter Biden's business interests in the country the trump White House has stop officials in Germany say that a deadly synagogue attack there on Wednesday during Yom Kippur was indeed antisemitic heavily armed gunmen who used a helmet mounted on a video game site actor Cuba gooding junior is set to go on trial Thursday for misdemeanor. Groping charges stemming from a New York bar encounter in June wife Karen will also be in attendance for the rally but it's unclear if the big names can help fill target centers nearly twenty thousand Seats House Depositions Continue Croats could subpoena him like they did to sunlit meanwhile Joe Biden a central figure in the inquiry reiterated on Wednesday that trump should be impeached tests to take place involving thousands of attendees activists are protesting policies of hate and trump's anti immigration rhetoric vice president Mike Pence and and we wrote a letter yesterday and probably ends up being a big supreme court case maybe it goes a long time I don't know but the Republican Party has been treated Donald Trump is heading to Minneapolis on Thursday for his first campaign rally since House Democrats announced an impeachment inquiry against the president lost the state by just one point or stretching into their second day due to safety precautions amid the risk of wildfire Pacific Gas and electric shut off power to more than seven hundred thousand homes and jury selection was initially supposed to begin in September but the case was postponed because prosecutors said they were still waiting for evidence in the case goading is the second they will not cooperate with the inquiry because they see it as unfair president trump told reporters that it's not legitimate the whole thing is a scam it's a fix am Rut to livestream is assault shouted antisemitic taunts as he tried to force his way into a synagogue in the eastern German city of holly he then killed two random people tweet us at USA Today podcast if you have any thoughts about these stories or just want to chat in general and your tweet might be featured on the show to get you started president uh-huh and shot at the door of the synagogue were more than seventy people were huddled and set an English quote the root of all problems are the Jews unquote that's according to read a cat go crime defense attorneys Stuart Slotnick the fifty one year old gooding has pleaded not guilty and insists that nothing happened and less power outages in California Liberty Criminal case scheduled to be tried in New York and the post meets era and it's a rare example of prosecuting a groping case a crime seldom reported in New York according to five percentage points to Hillary Clinton in two thousand sixteen and has talked of his desire to win it in two thousand twenty but the city might not give trump the warmest welcome with a massive the impeachment inquiry surrounding president trump on Thursday ukranian-born businessman Lev Porna- is set to be the latest witness to testify in the ongoing inquiry porn helped offices in northern California and the utility said the shutdown was expected to last through Thursday and possibly longer the company has been under scrutiny since November believably badly and unfairly by the Democrats on Tuesday Gordon Sandra the US ambassador to the European Union did not appear and if par NAS follow suit Angel January meeting in New York between trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Ukraine's then prosecutor general Yury Sankoh according to a number of Ukrainian news reports and its transmission lines ignited a wildfire that killed eighty five people and destroyed more than ten thousand homes. 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