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Welcome to the roots of leadership with anthony grupo. This is anthony grupo and welcome to today's episode of the roots of leadership. I'm so happy to be in the studio today. The virtual studio as we know with lee ashton the founder ceo sales consultancy lee. Welcome to the roots of leadership. Selling today thank you very much for inviting me on to the main so glad you could be on lee so lee. Let's go to nine hundred eighty-five shall we go back. Shall we go back to the future bit. Would you and. I were in the sales to start a business. Although i have to say that was added a little sooner. So i won't give eight away right now lee but let's Let's talk about a little bit. Today is going to be a very interesting show for the listeners. You know the roots of leadership A lot of times has its infancy and it's For people in the world of sales and it's something that Impacts us all so take the nineteen eighty five at. What were you doing that. Lee was on a was stacking into a silo. And my aunt. You know. I was walking the streets and dobbins buildings and signed. Who's responsible for ex. You know back then our work in the corporate world at the service driven company. Not go inside. Hairdos who suctions option. That got that will be john. Smith just gonna say he's office and also the receptionist would go jones. Smith would come back with. It's like help you lay and it was a different loan. You could go. Even if the person wasn't there. I would like let me give you a comfortable with these tales on and you could contact him. Direct and there was no voicemail baton by then it was her turn and you know i love technology and i love what technology is a knighthood us to do in this modern age I'm so happy to have more routes in that timing. Because i had seen housing's have evolved and it was at that time to develop the skills and the confidence to just have those conversations and it wasn't a bow quotas by yet everybody knew you had to achieve. Your talk was just want human beings talking to another human being remember in the last conversation we had is couldn't believe my luck. I was getting hide to check with people. I know what the best job in the world. I mean else. Could you do that. And i saw a such a privilege to gallini and identify what appropriateness people had and then babies problem solve. It made me feel good. It might them feel goods and ogle hikes are doing it honestly. It was could drain country. You know and let's let's let's stay with this for a second there is Two things that you said is that you. And i both know. And a lot of the listeners know who who are professionals or or even entrepreneurs or starting new businesses is that it is about the art of conversation. It is about problem solving. I've never sold anything to anyone you just faced with the problem and you solve it and are you. Are you amazed at how intimidate people are to speak to other human beings to just walk up and ask introduce themselves and start to talk to them. Still feel that Just walking into a building and asking to see a leader is still so impactful so rewarding in effect very complementary to the people. You're stopping to see. Why do people struggle with this lee. Y they struggle just what. They're so intimidated. Oh my god. What do you mean. I'm going to go in and make a cold call. Why well you know nine my niece. She's mindset sows nine sets. So why they so intimidated. Because i had fear you know nowadays back then there was no internet. So what you've got to remember these. We could only compare what we shave to the people that were in our immediate circle now he have the pressures of social media these goods hitherto amazing outstanding. Things back dame's they were not many gurus you towards is people he recovers the inspiration and and You know to learn from but now there are such precious on paypal and they think that they got these amex Unrealistic expectations of themselves of others. They have fairus walk. People might say to them and human beings don't like uncertainty and the media also wore trice sales professionals in such a derogatory. Why have been going into deliver a mindset programs and not code sales programs because i will decide to freak out but they with new trying. Some kind of would lose stop. That was mike. The master manipulators. Yeah so let's stay with woo stuff we go back i to talk about gurus boobs so i would i. Would i also love be are these self-professed groups who have never carried a sales gold never knocked on a door never hit a quota never picked befall never made a cold call never delivered a really a solution to a client facing all kinds of different objections and in fact never ran a company never managed people but yet they put themselves out there as some kind of an expert and they give bad advice. Don't they yeah for show. I always liked me to. There are so many cells trying that they've never had cyrus joe or they've not done not sales pool or something like that and i just think how and how on earth can you even converse with south people. Because it's a kind of language. Is you have to know the pain of cyrus you have to. From your halt and all totally agree gurus and professed so professed arrays side. If you do this you get that is just based on ready is and and the woo woo stuff right. They think sprinkle fairy dust on people and and all of a sudden you turn them into. So let's talk about you. And i about what it really takes so you were sales leader and at the time at a young age and a frustration happened right. We all face it. A sales leader sales coaches of frustration. When when a team that has potential and talent doesn't deliver as it should so today for the listeners. Is is first of all you and i are here to dispel the myth of sales. I that it is not. It is not the wu guru fairy dust it is it is really just going out there and trying to solve problems for people that need our help and using a team of talented people around us when when you think back to the frustrations and i know that was kind of the the birthplace of of you starting to think about founding the company and and sales consultancy but how did it impact. You le- if you think when you think about that. Frustration hit because there's a lot of sales leader sales coaches people that manage for outcomes. Let are listening to you. And i today. How did that frustration manifest itself. What did you do about it. Well i think and this if you've been successful sales us said let's face it. Most sows leaders opt from motif into that role. Because i have been a successful sows best in sidra era was successful salesperson going into leadership and really the first time in my life or so like ice leader. Not and i felt look a failure because i thought it was gonna be so easy just sharing all the great things that i had done that to me seem so easy sharing that paper and then they would go. That's amazing jason. I had these. Massive frames massive. This way we're gonna kick off. You know we were going to be that team in the country and it was all going to be amazing and we would each other and be the best of friends and actually the realities so from not so a found. In the early days south people fell into three camps. The first camp was lay in all star shades of an approach to on want us lean. That's amazing and i would go and troy. The second camp was lee. That's amazing and they would go and tarry young during what they would always and the third cameras that want worth mayo march territory and arkansas figure out why somebody wouldn't do something that would help them to become more successful and i honestly fell. I remember sitting in front of my gm general manager and sign. I'm all rubbish niece now. Am i just come out. Why now the reason our configura out was. Because i was one of those people that would do. It couldn't relate to paypal the wooden but the pine of that and the frustration of that led me down paul to find out what's going on here. 'cause done understand in on need to understand if i'm gonna fix is i'd have to understand what's going on. And that led me down the positive side holiday and learning about the mind and Learning from the guru's back. then you know who actually focused a mindset and. I'm so glad that because now you now having had that tying of not knowing what to do to to win now turn that situation around and then finding out led to probably the biggest joy dot com serving the planet with what i was meant to do so for any latest listening right now. You know it's any pain and frustration. His wife walked receipts learning wise. Not frustration is what happens just before grubs so as long as you don't allow it to plummet you into the debt souls -display ecstasy's an opportunity to learn something that's going to tie you to the next level. So that's the why. The online sales lead shit is really giving people the mindset spice all allowing them to grow in a culture that doesn't beat the moxie site. John get they talk. Doesn't say you all roll your. Do we need role because everybody does in their whites and the job of a salvage is to create a coach where people will have gone where people who step out so i think comfort zone knowing nine have your support and they expect us to challenge them in order to keep growing. Because if there's something. I know if you're not rally you're going. You only have to look in niger for that you know. There's i am nightshirt. Everything's flourishing crying. Wing comes in deutsche and then in the spring all comes back. A with even move. Vega even mole knowledge in sales of how to overcome challenges. So the job of a leader is not to be the boss a job of a leader. He's to take care of the people in the you know the people grow beyond where they are now to give them a future that they actually kennel save for themselves quite yet. Because we've all made the mistake avin. We'd and leadership sales leadership of china muscle it through Especially s sometimes younger professionals. And you're right. A lot of a lot were promoted from sales into those positions. And what we try to do. Is we think we're helping. But we're actually just muscling stifling and if you if you do give people look because it's harder it's harder better results but it's harder to learn every body style coached an individual style and help them with the way that they can achieve given the tools and techniques that you maybe you have but there is certain things like an accountability. If holding holding ourselves accountable. So how did you when you formed your company. How do you hold yourself accountable now because you have no one answer to your at le- well. I think that you have to sawing strategies to do that now this something in one of the ratio is also interested in this will give you an insight into my mindset and oh god. I was hoping that we'd never have to go there. There's a show now. Leadership ashton shows over. I'll tell you have to go through a darn scary place go ahead. Let's give it a shot at k. In every sales team an organization worked with their in ten percent. Thousand for a high thrones and then we sent of the leadership that really for gun-free and they the that came to send all kinds be naturally gross mindset. They can be driven by achievement. So that stay natural guiding so if you this year in the year twenty twenty we've had caused you know you have not seen your teams that thought. Ten percent conference will be flexing adapting to what's going on in the marketplace and they will still be doing amazing things because that's the way that they might you know that you actually don't really need that much leadership a few positive strokes every now and again. 'cause ain't gonna do it within the lead ship is good all right. Then you got the ten percent at the bolton. Who's lost hawks. Who maybe you're in the wrong job who've decided you know might be this company isn't may and you talked about trying to save. Those people is law of acknowledge. Lost sales leaders will think that they reputations on the line and they'll save is people in actually. It's the wrong thing to do. Just prolonging the agony for everyone be there to support them bumps. Let them do it or not. It's their choice then. It percent in the middle of the ones that need leadership in order to step outside the comfort zone. So the why. I keep my sales cancer boys because i am naturally one of those ten percentage i might show the on continually striving and i set myself goals. That i'm naturally not if things don't happen quick stop the haitian and thinking. I'm watching something roll. The i surround myself with people who different to me so when on chasing cihan to add to attain i don trump peak mini league ashton's because that's counterproductive so every morning we have a zoom call. And it's not wall taw your three important tasks today and we challenging chara Who be is false. This business impact and stress be is to dying and these are the three things if i only get these three things of chattanooga jain because often people start work and now do the things they find easiest and they can leave the most important things undone by the end of the dime safe. I need to one. The the is going to have operative impact business. I still liquid die. Yeah and you know you think about too is that we all hit slumps and we have a sales people and and i when i say sales people. I always crackup when people say to me. I'm not in sales on like really do you converse with people on the planet to try to influence anything to your decision to you. Welcome to the. If you're on earth you and sales and try try to just even work with your own children without being in sales you know. Good luck with that. So when people did hit a slump or do hit a slump. What advice do you have permit them. They've had a bunch of. Let's say they've had five deals. They've all gone wrong. They didn't get the deal. They've been rejected. They've made ten more calls and and people are just not responding. What do you say how do you. How do you get your head up. They've dealt with rejection. I the first thing is awesome. Had a sailing on the inside. Because you can't fix the why that somebody thinks you can't make them think positively that can pretend to positively but you have to address have a feeling. So if someone's having a tough thomas. I how you saving and you know we do in our own zoom calls. If i'm having a tough dos i. I'm having a tough time tonight and you have to create spice with people feel comfortable today. That so awesome. How they savings and then just listen often in verbalize isolationist that will come some relief. And some hailing of the challenge. That has caused that to happen. You can also be really good clues to how maybe you've mentioned rejection. How some old wounds can be triggered. Boy you know currency situations so if you start to identify what those loons all then you can start to separate this. Got cannot stand the disappointment of getting this style. I can understand this look in lost siles but you know if they ratio responding six lima. You're getting ready now. So so it's about. The of sows lead is to give the person a reality check so when somebody gets really upset a site e is is this upset about this. What's going on now. Because ev snow than we have to do with the old upset. It is about this is what do we learn from the experience and and ask questions that actually get them to feel the goal something from the experience of they learned. What would they do differently next time. Based on what they've learned you miss experience so it's not totally fruitless by have. Come away with experience. You and i both know that we have never go every sign. It's about all off the most exciting things for me is sometimes you get sales. You don't think you're going to get and then you you were expecting and why some what you know. It's not going to get. That didn't so what is it. What might may think that those things. And what do i type from that stinking in my toolkit so that the next time on can has much more rounded. Yeah i i never made every sale. But i sure got every lesson and and that's You know as we talk about things under roots of leadership. And i wanted to have you on the show today because sometimes we just don't talk enough about about this issue and how important it is because you know they'll i've heard the term. Maybe you have to. Maybe it comes more from the. Us sales people. The great ones were raised by. Wolves would have taken exception to that. But you know why they say that about us because they sometimes we just don't match up with how people expectations or how people see Others and themselves and and sometimes they they have that in aid ability to just not want to be out in front or on the edge and sometimes his sales people you have to. You got to get out in front and you have to. You have to lead. And have to hold yourself accountable. The as we get as we start to wrap up today what What advice do you have for. People that are that are just wondering if this is the right job for them. Well my advice is to get some tau chain and explo- where your heart is because if your heart is in this job it's impossible to succeed in this career. Because i had any night desire that is cellini to help pay and so went on cisco And our team really not. What the hell. I was doing our. We'll just chat with them and find out about becomes and be nice. And and in that. That i didn't realize the time but in my desire to be interested in dame while i was trying to figure out how to do this. New career I actually was doing some really important. Things like developing ripoll filling more hall in her with a desire to help us getting to know that person and decide. If if it's not the you then he the you on that. I'm just fine. Something the aids. But on the flip side i will sign that. There is no other role in my opinion that allows you if you have the courage to bay yourselves and to really support of the papal in moving their journey on like this one seriously. It's the closest thing to relay making changes in the world. Whatever you sell you are changing. Somebody's experience going forward whether you so call us software medical staff. It doesn't matter you are changing lines. And sometimes your fear of doing this sales activities that are required. Raleigh the ability to feel the power of this world. Bo said because nothing happens. Nothing happens til someone sells it. Has it has to go that route. The ashton founder and ceo of sales consultancy. How do people ritually if they want to contact you. Well you can definitely reach me. On linked in our On linked in every single died my favorite platform choice. Which is our way man. I know sitters. Yeah i just love it so you can definitely find me on a link and you can also find me on my website which is sales carson consultancy dot com league such an hour to have you on this show. I could talk to you all day. I'm sure we're going to have you back type. Let's just you. I keep harassing each other talking sales. Yes thank you. Thanks for coming on show grupo. Thank you for joining today's episode. We're all sales people to get on the edge. Try something new. We believe in you. Believe in yourself a good out there and let's get it done thanks.

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