ACS (Part 2): Perez Hilton


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Zack here from Boston question of and trying to get your feedback on usually use this type of federal as an icebreaker for social setting. Would you rather have nipples the size of Dick's or dick the size of nipple? I mean, I would think also you call and Bill and a futon honor today made me pull the car over while I was driving home. Thanks for all you do forget it. You can leave us. A message at eight six three four one seven four four. What made him pull the car over calling him? A what what will win again figured out? I know it was. Dick size of nipple. I mean, I would think also new call and Dylan a narnia today. From narnia ten from narnia Dylan Dylan, something all right, guys. Nia a fruit from narnia. Oh, that's sure why. When he brought that. Oh, he brought some fruit in. Yeah. Okay. Anyway, catch that was disappointing. I just have this year brought to you by pack out Bronner fights coming up. I'll tell you about that on Showtime. Lifelock lifelock dot com lows I'm going to pick up something from Lowe's, real quick and Geico. Geico dot com. Pres- Hilton good to see you again, my friends who have been here because it's almost like me doing my podcast because you remind me so much of my co host. I think you know, I'm Chris Booker. So we don't record together. He does it in his place. And I do it in my place. It's nice to see people. It's it's easier to be in the room. God I used to try to love line with Dr drew when he'd be on the road, and it was always difficult because there's sort of body language. The do. I almost feel like if we were in the same room. It would it would diminish our energy a little bit because we disagree so much. Do your you got some takes on our Kelly heaven heart and maroon five and even more stuff and even more stuff. So let's just talk about some of that stuff. All right. Let's start with our Kelly. All right. What is going on with him? I mean. The tallorder of an answer. It's it's really amazing the power that art can have effect change and not just change people's hearts and minds. But also now after this TV show multi-part docu series only now are thirties in both Georgia and Illinois investigating and talking to the alleged victims. But hello. Everybody's known for a long time. I think the issue is kind of how the legal system works. He's been able to buy his way out of jail over and over again because he would pay off his accusers denied it. This whole time. He continues to not only that his lawyers very aggressive lawyer who is trashing everybody. I mean last night lady Gaga sent out this statement, basically apologizing for having worked with him and saying that she was going to take off their duet from all streaming platforms. And then today are Kelly's lawyer says Gaga just did that to help her chances at the Oscars while all Allah and didn't he get served a search warrant or something for harassing one of the alleged victim? He got served a search warrant, but yeah, they were searching house or something. I thought oh, maybe I got that. Maybe I heard about the the manager of our Kelly not the lawyer. I heard the manager was her. Harassing one of the fathers of the alleged victims sending threats so many years ago. There was the whole thing with him urinating on like an under town. There was a cave. Right. And as we talked about earlier in the show, if you think it's a good idea to have sex with someone in vegetative state chances. Are you will do it again and have done it before? Like, if you think it's a good idea to take a whiz on a fourteen year old then by the way, which I have done, but I was fourteen. And not take aways fourteen how I've been on multiple times multiple fourteen fifteen seventeen nineteen twenty one twenty five year old. But this was straight dudes aren't into that. Yes. We are really serious brass. It wasn't pleasure. Okay. Here's what you straight dudes are into is much humiliation as they can deal out to their other straight friends. And if you're a nation is is is up there. And by the way, when straight dudes do things that start to veer off onto onto the gay shoulder the road road. It's more of that just more more, right? Yes. So just why I it's a non sexual. Yeah. So our our Kelly sting initial thing is twenty years old, right? Yeah. But I mean, according to reports there are parents who are still claiming right now that their daughters are. Being held against their will the women that are with him. Now, though claim their their of free will. But you know, there are countless instances in history where Stockholm syndrome brainwashing or manipulation or allegedly. Having damning information video exactly they'll threaten to release. If you leave and all sorts of possible scenarios for why they may still be there does our Kelly do disease. See the inside of a courtroom. Does. He see the inside. Going to. And is our Kelly. I'm not up enough on our Kelly is he a phenomenal talent is he that good where we tolerate a lot of stuff. I know he's got a great voice there. But never taught you know, it goes back to the question. Can you separate the person from the art, and I talked about that on my podcast this week? My co host Ken, I can't you know, like, I listen if I heard a Michael Jackson song, I'll get down to it. But I'm probably not going to actively stream Michael Jackson music, especially now that even more information about Michael Jackson. Also coming out there's that. Or what is that? There's this new documentary that's going to be premiering at Sundance where two men land claim that when they were seven and ten years old Michael Jackson sexually abused them. Well, we always talk about whether it's having sex with the vegetable. Or being an arsonist like you're in or you're out. When you're appraised if there's ever story with this guy father Flanagan of such and such parents, he molested this one boy this one time over thirty one year career now, you're either inner you're out of no different than if you think George Clooney during a single days or whomever famous Cockman Gerard Butler something during the whatever fuck as many people's he could because that's what he did. Because that's what he wanted to do. And I would argue that young boys are every bit as attractive to certain people as a hot Twenty-three-year-old would be Gerard Butler when he was single or not. I mean, it's like this notion of well, he did it one time at this one kid got he got out of the system. It's interesting though, the response that the Michael Jackson documentary announcement which just broke has gotten because. There's something about Michael Jackson that so many people are willing to overlook all of the accusers in the past. And then these as well and seen comments like let them rest in peace. He's dead. He can't defend himself or his mother is sick and his mother's dying. They do this to the mother writing. I think he gets a, you know, he's the king pomp, and he I I have a theory, which is always this. Whether it's Michael Jackson or Chris round if you can dance all forgiven because every go like, Chris brownie puncher in face. It was brutal. That guy could move like people do that all the time. Like, he did his moonwalk. And we went like, okay molasses. Yeah. It'd be physically can move. We're like gravity persists natives guy to an eight second move, and we go I like this. Guys, got some. I don't care. It doesn't the kids don't bother me with the truth, but he's damaged goods. I think Michael Jackson gets a, you know, what must have been like growing up like if I had no childhood. His dad is also had a damaged childhood as we've learned. He according to his brother was molested by a family. Okay. Well, then on he also can't read according to reports he's illiterate which is shocking detained age. It's one thing to read poorly here, but to literally not be able to read and have chosen not to educate yourself later on in life, either at this wild to me that explains maybe we were, but it doesn't excuse it. I think we were talking a day or so go about all the people that were victims that dish come up victimisers. And so our Kelly and Michael Jackson. All sort of fit into that mold because people at grope in healthy loving families. Just don't think it would be a good idea to urinate on fourteen year old runaways now. So my Michael Jackson, a lot of things sort of working form, which is our Kelly is masculine and sort of big in stature, and so and so forth and Mike go do the little girl voice. And do the little little bow p p kind of thing. So we're gonna go like, oh that guy couldn't hurt leave him alone. He was not going to do anything. You know? We're so stupid where like that guy doesn't look the part. And that guy sounds the part are Kelly. Definitely looks towns apart. Michael Jackson, not gonna hurt anybody. Because it sounds like a little girl. So there's all that. But this is coming out. Yeah. It's called leaving Neverland. And when when when will come out where will it come out and it comes at Sundance, and I guess that they're going to try to get distrbution for it nationwide. There. No plans for us to be able to see it yet. Is there boy? And it's so long they're showing two parts. Right. I mean, it's like two hundred forty minutes or something. So I don't even know how they would distribute that is and then there's Kevin Hart going around and apologizing I guess he was polish ising on Alan. So and then he apologized on his own Sirius radio show. But then after all of that. Okay. Wow. He's really serious. He apologized on Ellen. He apologized again on his own show. Then he was interviewed this week on good Morning America, Michael Strahan because he has any movie coming out. All right. Maybe not the best timing. But Michael Strahan. I'm sure you know, he doesn't care. He's like a little puppet. He's like, okay, boss. What do you want me to do? Okay. So his bosses. I'm sure right up the questions for him. And Michael Strahan was told asked him about that. And to me the way that Kevin Hart responded and his demeanor throughout the whole interview is shocking to me, and I'm not easily shocked just because Kevin Hart's been in the business for a long time. Now, he's a comedian and professional entertainer. He was basically so antagonist dick and just defensive and saying I'm done talk- done talking about I'm like, you could be done talking about it and get that message out there and skillfully pivot and move onto something else. But the way that he chose to say he was done tugging about it. Really surprised me? Do we I guess we draw distinction? I'm thinking between. Kevin Hart specials, which are material. That's repeated repeated and honed and repeated and written down and repeated honed and then filmed versus like Louis C K trying out material or even sometimes what I get in trouble for which is literally just improvise somebody yells out. What do you think Chaz Bono? And then I yell something back, and that's right on the spot. Like, we draw like like manslaughter second degree murder. Yeah. We do we do that. I think we should. All right. Do you do that press? I mean, aren't there rules that you don't have videos and comedy clubs are nice. But it doesn't do it. Yeah. It doesn't seem to affect anybody. I know that people will talk like people shared stories about Louis C K when he came back, and that that one also scratched my head made me scratch my head because he came back with a lot of material that from reading it, clearly I get I wasn't there. But from reading what he was joking about it. It seemed like almost like he's got. No, let me try. Let me try to purposely be even worse now or offensive to you non care. Do you guys think I have a theory that I've not applied to Louis C K? But. There are theories that I have about people wanting to get off of the merry go round. And the kind of just wanna tap out. When just one out my theory is when you're cheating in your sex thing with your secretary, and you just leave your phone like just out on top table, dumb and people are dumb too. But I have this theory that when people want something to happen or not to happen pretty mode about it. And when you just leave the phone out at some point, you're tired of living the lie with the secret life and your wife finds it. And she announced she wants a divorce, and there's a party that doesn't want to get divorced. But another party that just wants to tap out. Sometimes celebrities it's a grind like grind just being everywhere and having people in front of you all the time, and whether they know it or not I sometimes just wanna step off of the crazy merry go round. And maybe. Louis CK just wants to step off like maybe he's got enough money. He's this. It is weird subject matter. And I like that he says whatever he wants to say he's always kind of been subversive that way. But it's also weird. We're living in this world where even the Kevin Hart example or also with Lucy K to over the holiday break. There was this video that went viral, but it was an old video from a few years ago. Louis C K with Jerry Seinfeld. Ricky Gervais and struck Chris rock, right? Right. And they were talking about the end were they were just using talking about using the N word, and that's a new trend that happening where in two thousand nineteen where as a society, it seems that we're asking people to be held accountable for a ton of stuff from the past. And like even things I see that hasn't even. So we've. The ones that have happened. Then there's some have even happened like people on Twitter. I see like wanting to take down Jimmy Kimmel because of back in the day. He used to do some offensive comedy gusting show with John never to be heard from again. I don't even want to mention it because we don't want to give a laugh because it's like we always laugh about unearth footage of the man show from two thousand and one surface easily findable it's aired at all aired. It's all in box sets like I agree. And you could you could extend this to civil war statues is as well. Like, I don't know who it's helping. I'm not sure what what how what kind of needle is going to be moved. I understand what people think about. And in the comedy department seems insane especially with all the same. Abilities all the to the moon now fast. It's going to punch. One of these days. I'm going to beat the shit out of my wife that the issue that people have with Kevin Hart specifically, which is the difference between Jimmy having done stuff that he probably wouldn't do it anymore or even Sarah Silverman. Having said things in the past that she wouldn't say anymore is with Kevin Hart. It wasn't just material. He he sent out tweets. Right. People received it like he wasn't trying to be funny. Like he was just sharing thoughts. Right. Some of the thoughts were violent thoughts about his son. So, you know, but when you're comic it's a blurb because everything could be doing comedy, and maybe even just this week. There was another old video that went viral this time with Gordon Ramsay. Did you see that? Well, no, it's just in here though. He was. It was an appearance that he had on the tonight show back when Jay Leno was the host. And so he ever Gara was a guest, and he was just being, you know, very, dude aggressive and very much all about her. And I didn't watch the clicks didn't care but all being gay. But it was but it was going viral. I care. So I so I read about it. But I didn't watch watch it not. Well, it was it was basically Gordon being chauvinistic, or whatever you wanna call it towards Sofia even touching her. And she clearly didn't want to be touched and getting out yet. But it was from two thousand ten and now in twenty nineteen that clip is God viral to see if we can find it. I say, you know, not that this is going to help me in the metoo movement. But she walks around in the tightest fitting stuff, there is an push push shelf out there a modern day, Charro and. And she if she's going to have that as a persona she is going to invite a certain amount of that reaction. We do need to keep this straight like her that is her stock and trade super tight everything. Bosom pushed out shaking it and playing this almost comic book character of a sort of Latin lover, you know, fem fatale at a coochie coochie thing. So if you're going to go out on stage with that guy like like Ramsey, you're gonna invite a certain amount of beyond. I gotta see it. But that's like the argument like, oh, she was wearing a really short skirt. Any rate? Thank you. Thank you were saying, no. Three. Here's what I here's what I'm saying. Don't get it. Twisted. What I'm saying? This. If Gordon Ramsay is standing in her dressing room doing that to her that is a totally different situation than doing. They stage version everyone has a kind of public persona of it. And if he's playing into her persona that I would judge him much differently than if they were just backstage hanging out. He was doing whatever is doing. I don't know what he was still married to and has many kids, and like you said there's probably certain amount at the addresses. We haven't seen it. But you can because she put yourself out there as character. You can look at her and comment about it. All you want. You can't touch her. I don't know what he did don't either. But you can't commenting on the scene. I keep. Nine the collapse, and we'll figure it I keep hoping that some old shit. I said would come. We'll come back and go viral and get me in trouble. But nothing's happened yet. 'cause I just had so much bad shit in the past expected expect that you watch we're going gonna we're going to cut a Labao find it. I'll tell you about. I pack ou- Browner, by the way. These guys are finding speed in this clash of styles to box into boxes. Most explosive punchers Goto for the welterweight world title boxing's, only eight division world champion. Manny pacman pack returns US to defend his title going against former four division world champion must see attraction. Adrian, the problem Brunner. Adrian broder is a really good fighter by the ways problematic these problematic to other fighters. And yeah. Yeah. Not the law enforcement community, but other fighters pack ou- sin his fourth reign one hundred and forty seven pound champion browner's looking to begin his second reign as a welterweight titles can get ready for explosive action Belda bell. These guys do trade, and they're all action fighter Saturday. January nineteenth nine PM eastern time. Six PM Pacific time live on pay per view. It will be a great fight. These guys are all action. All right. Clips going on earth. She tasted like do. You remember young Hilton saying that on the radio drop ever since saying what she tasted like sham? That's me. I tasted like champagne. I think. Manila is you kiss SM Nilo one time when she was drinking champagne, maybe that's ounce. Like me. I was. I've had hardly Alzheimer's. I don't remember half of the shit that has seven fifteen in the morning. Champagne, that's the funniest all right, Gordon, Gordon Ramsay and Sophy of Garowe doesn't in two thousand until seemed like you'll join that yet. In your mouth. You haven't heard from folk. Pizza with a knife on a four just pick it up and stick it in pause. That's all. Exactly. Exactly. Right. He's not a fan. On top of Leno. Much ado about nothing cat like he's not bad. Radha way. She's like. Yeah. She does the I. Gene. Yeah. Playing in it, you know, on it there, that's enough particular. All right. It's on earth. Service. What about maroon five, and we haven't got, you know, we're going to blink are is in the super bowl's going to be here normally announce the act and two big deal in bubble blonde. Got maroon five and no one wants to join them what you know about that. Well, I love music. I go to tonnage shows. I would safely say that. Maroon five is the worst artist ever seen live real. I saw them twice live every third eye blind. No that's not indictment. If people. Dear friend. I'm just curious. Now, it has nothing to do transit van in the the second time, I was in New Year's Eve, and I I left early. I couldn't even stay more than thirty minutes. What is that bad now certain bands write songs that they can't reproduce live wasn't even that isn't that? Well, first of all they had they have so many hits. And I know this song that song. But it's almost like going to the buffet get sick of it, especially if there's no. No pause. It was very little talking very little connecting with the audience. It was just song after song. I felt like they're doing it for the money, which a lot of artists probably are going through the motions. And if felt so uninspired New Year's they was well, I have a theory. We just got into it with Tiffany haddish. Nobody wants to fuck and work New Year's Eve, especially rich, people don't wanna work New Year's Eve. Because they give you sweet sweet like I've performed on New Year's Eve. Oh bunch of times. No one wants to go out everyone else's getting drunk everyone else. Having a good time. It's all a cash grab. I'll bet you any comedian more most bands on New Year's Eve, you will see them in a much more diminished state than if you saw them in March. Dragons New Year's Eve this year. They were awesome. Yeah. Give us some other bands. You've seen that you've loved imagine dragons, I saw well just recently even I saw Tun shows. I saw Bruno Mars, he's amazing. He's already done the Super Bowl. Imagine dragons would have been a good choice. But yeah, maroon five has also come under a lot of criticism for agreeing to do it even faced pressure from other artists to bow out because of the NFL and all of the controversy there. But they're apparently trying to reach out to or talking to or the NFL is the Rolling Stones to see if they would guest during maroon five set, which is like why the Rolling Stones our guests during. Well, what's in it for them? I read that they have a tour coming up so they want to push their tour. Well, it's all right. When you reach if you're the NFL, and you go, hey, maroon five we'd like to perform at the halftime show the public's probably not delighted by but that's the artist. In band. You reached out to shouldn't. They just play it. A long history of guests during yes aches show. So I've got two guys and a girl here. I would venture to say that the target audience. Maroon five is a fee. Women scared. Either of you guys. Maroon five about to say, we talk sometimes about things that are insane that we've all signed off on somehow it is bucking madness that Adam LeVine is a judge on its popular singing show in twenty like Ronald McDonald judging food application. Petition mocking madness. He's a judge on the singing shell. I couldn't tell you any of their hits kind that. If you find three of their topic all Seto, I'm not I'm not I'm assuming with a guy like that a lot of it is the look he's got a look then pretty and I don't like when the look sort of. I don't like any. I don't like any like my whole thing is like I don't like win race car drivers get a lot of attention because they're looking but they haven't won any races. There's an element. Where tennis be male tennis players that have long gone hair. We'll get get a ton of attention and not really ever beat Williams sisters ever write this when we know. Right. So they're not my jam. I don't think they're your jam. I kind of like some other stuff, but it's so generic. Their first album was really good soften the that's from the first album. They got the moves like Jagger. Right. All right. So speaking of Jagger, oh, that's where they would come in with Mick Jagger, exac, and then and then do a Rolling Stones song together as well. So it'd be at least a two song guest appearance. I would imagine age group wise when you're dealing with Rolling Stones and their median age, there'd be less there'd be less debate within the band of. Should we do this third rail? I mean, do they give shit at this? And it's probably easier for them. We got to do to solve. Yeah. Right. Right. For the halftime shows a big deal pushing eighty they give a shit controversy is didn't stones play the Super Bowl years ago. I don't I don't see any reason why they would ever go back, especially as a. Maybe it's just this ugly American, but Brett's they like soccer. Let's get fucking Toby Keith's big. You know, what I mean like, I don't I don't like the foreigners leaving like football. I guarantee I guarantee you. And can name anybody on the field. Oh, one hundred percent which banned because Venkat point. They have a higher likelihood of some of the players. They they they hasn't been set who's playing the Super Bowl yet has it. No. We have we've got to play. When it's not even close to the vest this year bird. Brobeck? I. The Super Bowl feels pretty uniquely American to me. I do like it. It is it is. They do have football two biggest sport in the world. But it's played with a soccer ball. And I like our acts doing our games European. I don't feel like they care waiting for. You to is really good. When they did it. I love U2.'s halftime show performance. But they would never do it this year. There's a lot of not gonna play sense city of kind of pressure on everybody. But it'll be curious who. Ooh, Kevin Hart should play the halftime. He should do is gay jokes. I would bash goalpost over my son's head. If he was saying. Let's do it in five everybody make that work. All right. Let me tell you about lifelock. Experts say the top cyber security prediction for two thousand nineteen ransomware will taper off but crypto jacking and other moneymaking schemes will increase government regulations and public sentiment on privacy. We'll drive stronger data protection policies more nations state attacks and surveillance of individuals. Good thing. Lifelock identify theft protecting ads the power of Norton security help protect against threats to your devices can't easily see or fix on your own. So if there's a problem there agents will work to fix it. It's two thousand and nineteen. Let's get some protection from the cybercriminals. You hear about every day with lifelock. Right Dawson, don't give a mental identity theft doors or cybercrime or monitor transactions at all businesses. But lifelock Norton security throughout you on your own good. Dot com or call live lock use promo code Adam for an additional ten percent off your first year. Go down at lifelock dot com for an extra ten percent off. Right. Let's take a quick break. We'll come right back. We'll do the news which Enid grad press Hilton will hang out and giving us this right after this. I can't believe that Gerald is presenting the quarterly budget report with finger puppets. Look here comes one point seven percent decrease in fixed overhead I know everybody. No, I can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance guy. Go. Though projected increase in organic Khukri revenue. Believe it. Geico could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Genial break all those crazy. Trump tweets. Gene, crack trouble. Gina g. The news with Gina grad. Well, have a little bit of an update on the bazo marriage scandal Bockel, and there might be some things that pressure you can hopefully round out in this. So he announces his divorce the same day the National Enquirer published an eleven page investigation into the billionaires four month long fling with a married woman. They have photographic proof of bazo getting all cozied up with former TV news anchor Lawrence Sanchez, who is married to a Hollywood talent agent. She's getting divorced too. By the way, they claim we're doing. Yeah. She's a she's on good day standing. Yeah. Host here. I definitely know the name you recognize it for sure they. Yeah. They claim to have copies of sex and quote erotic self as you know. The one I've said it a million times seven million of the judge. It's never been. It's never been a better time to be poor. And it's horrible time to be rich because used to be able to just a Frank Sinatra. I Frank Tanaka would just do whatever the fuck you wanted and pay off if he just got pulled over driving drunk just pull his license out of the couple of twenty folded around it to the guy that guy would escort him home. Now, it's all over TMZ whereas Hilton and everything else like you can't you can't cheat. No matter how much money you have you can't do anything anymore. So many will still do everything can you? But you're going to report on it. Well, it's almost inconsequential because we also live in the day and age, I mean, look at Konya and his two thousand eighteen there is no such thing as bad press. Yeah. But I think if you're bazo she pretty much just wanna bang, Laura. Sanchez. Quietly. And anyway, so now she's getting divorced. She's getting divorced too. And by the way, TMZ reports that there is no pre-nup, and that means that because there in Washington state. They have MacKenzie may have the right to half the fortune. But even. Like, I don't know as a guy Brian. Yes. Chime in Peres's, well, although it'd be different sexuality here. But like if on the dude, and I find out my wife is cheating. Then I go who you cheating with. And she goes the richest man in the world. I go. Okay. Understood. But this is also allegedly according to the National Enquirer, which I don't know. I find them the most credible. Well. Now. I mean hasn't their batting average kind of going up like from we're to Rene. Marshon this month. They still. Yeah. I mean, if people magazine was reporting like okay that definitely happened because they're way more reliable and credible than the Enquirer, but is inquirer gonna do eleven pages against the richest guy in the world with a team of lawyers who would destroy pretty good evidence. Sure, they would going. They would be. I know I he's getting divorced. I tend to divide the name of the guy that was from national car that was always stir and I died. Olds. Not Weiss Fleiss. Mike wallace. No. Another famous name. But he I mean, a lot of that stuff turned out to be something not all Leonardo topsy. Mike. Yeah. Mike walk a W. So now, they get divorced and he's with Lawrence Sanchez. She just happens to be getting divorced. Why are you drawing conclusion? She's married Hollywood talent, whatever. Canana? Well, judge has dismissed Ashley Judd sexual harassment claims against Harvey Weinstein. The actress claim the producer blacklisted are after she rejected him making her lose out on a roll in Lord of the rings. According to Z, quote, she sued under the legal theory sexual harassment in professional relationships. But TMZ reports that the judge ruled on Wednesday that Judd and Weinstein, quote didn't have a relationship that fell within the law though. The law was changed last year. It can't be applied retroactively and Judd can still proceed with claims for defamation retaliation. But specifically what she was doing for with sexual harassment. Got thrown out. Do we have a clip her from the million Posey March right after the election that was some of the greatest all sound ever captured? I mean, she was fired animated in fired up. So this kind of well, maybe not your theory. But what what Gary was saying that this isn't just a closed and shut case by any means Mark era. Guesses been saying that I think swinestein is gonna walk and he he he knows first off. He he has inside thoughts because he lives in that world is daughter works for the law firm that is defending Weinstein, but she's not on that case of he's allowed to kind of talk about it. But he's not the business of prognosticating being wrong that often, and he isn't in his batting average is pretty high. And so when he goes, I think now you as us as lay people go, oh, my God is going to go to island for thousand years would have probably thought the same thing about Bill Cosby, but he was found guilty. Well, they was a hung jury the first time which Mark sort of act. Actually predicted. So as I trial he wasn't found guilty the DA. I don't like. Not a Bill Cosby fan. But also can move I can move. I'm also not a fan of DA just kind of going. Well, look, you'll let me and then we're going to retry Bill. Cosby, it doesn't seem little un-american to go. I had a trial. We they reached no conclusion, it's a hung jury. I'm now going to go home. And then someone goes I got elected based on retrying you and bring you back and finding you guilty. And that's what they did. They brought him back and they found him guilty, which is good. I guess big picture, but there's a little part of the law where you don't want people on limited budgets, like the DA just going. I'm just going to I told everyone elect me, and I'll I'll get you. So that's kind of what happened to him. Although he was guilty guilty. Right trucking raping. That's right. That said that being said, we find clip or should we move forward until we have it. We'll plan. Now, this is from the women's March in Washington. It's great. Bring you words from Nina Donovan, a nineteen year old in middle, Tennessee. And she has given me the privilege of telling you what she has to say. I am a nasty woman. I'm not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in g Joe dust. A man whose words are desks track to America electoral, college sanctioned, hate speech contaminating this national anthem. I'm not as nasty as confederate flags being tattooed across must city. Maybe the south actually is gonna rise again. Maybe for some never really this chop blocks are still in shock real her. Good about a long. Purpose. Whatever front of people. As animal skin. I am not as nasty as a swastika painted on a pride flag. And I didn't know devils could be resurrected, but I feel Hitler in these streets. A mustache traded for a. Not so. Carta? Hey, she chose Mamat writes it, and then she just gets out there delivers. Say kids still got it. All right monologue in your own time. That's a stirring, stirring speech. She's very good. She is very good, Scott the ethical chops. All right. Let me tell you quickly about craftsman lows new home for craftsmen including their new twenty cordless power tool lineup. One battery system works with multiple products. 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He said he pulled easily five hundred times on Wednesday fairly said, dumb and dumber exactly. In a prepared statement. I was an idiot. I did this decades ago. I thought I was being funny and the truth is it makes me cringe now Oli sorry. I don't I here's what we have. We have the the whole society took a turn for the feminine. And then we have a bunch of dudes that followed along and they pretend that guys don't do like every guy new grownup they pull a nut sack out of it. Pull one out of their flying. Hang. Out of their fly. And then other guys flies talking to him. And just some point you look down and they're nuts acclimate hanging out. And that's what dudes would do to dude constantly. And now you're like aided I sit at any gum, right? And if somebody through already gets growth, wait, what did it because when you pull because I know that when you pull a little bit of your ball sack out of your pants at it can kinda looks like gum. Oh. I would say her dies place sex do could with us. Saks year sacks. Bor don't don't pretend like Tony thing about that. It looks like gum. I've never heard that before I am saying chewing guys required -ly would expose themselves and do this shit now. But to ordering a woman doing it to a woman different thing and fucking around on the set is something else. But how either she has a great super everything off the back sense of humor or what a company woman Cameron Diaz is because back in the day, according to entertainment tonight her quote was quote, when director shows you Pena's for the first time, you meet them. You've got recognize the creative genius. Well to me. It's all context. It's like saying I'm going to kill you. You could yell that at your kids when they pull the practical joke on you or you could threaten to take somebody. Life. It's all kind of where are we? What are we doing? What's the environment? Now, if you wanna just pull everything and just go he said, I'm going to kill you to nine year old then lock him up. But on water said what? Yes, I wanna know what the environment was I want to know if there are other people around. I wanna know if the guys goofing around also Colmey old fashioned. I've been saying this for a long time all of the jokes all of the comments all of the hijinks, and whatever we're calling it. I want the body count. I want the people this guy physically put his hands on threatened rape. Like, whatever I wanted an arsonist that never strikes a match. I'm not interested. He make jokes about fire. He talks about fire. Like, I want some rubber meeting the road. I want to know what these people are doing the people we call racist, homophobic, Zine of Ovik, whatever I want to know what they're up to. And if what they're up to is writing tweets when they're drunk. I'm not so interested I want, you know, everything that's ever happened in this country, and beyond that's been horrible to other cultures other groups male female whenever somebody physically picked up like a pitchfork and did something at some point worth the point now where all the physicality is gone. And now we're into he said or he showed or he made this gesture or he touched me, but it was at the back of his hand. And it was over my. Jean jacket like it certain point somebody's got to physically do something to somebody or not going to count them amongst the groups do and that one hundred percent airtight logic. But when you talk about the arsonists is there's something to be said because it's so easy for slack on both sides. Now on Twitter is going to be said for an arsonist who's never struck a match, but who incites other people to strike matches. Yes. But let's really think about the incites other people we have a weird relationship with that. Crazy people think it's okay. Who knows first off? Okay. Let's fuck and drill down on this because I'm tired of this shit. Which is somebody's Tipper Gore starts talking about satanic lyrics and Ozzy Osbourne song numbers. Like, hey crackpot. Shut up. It's not gonna make anyone knew anything. So the same side that thinks people can incite don't think that can inside then so in talking about violent video game. Or porn on you, porn, or whatever. This is going to cause rapists. No, there's a right and the left argument either people can incite or they can incite I don't think it's kind of insulting to people that are mentally impaired to say that they can be incited to go. Kill people are hurt people. Senator on fire. A different example, somebody some people can like there was that guy got banned from Twitter that all right troll, Milo. Milo. He ever been with. No, no, thankfully, he's married to a guy. Nobody was spared. Two chicks. Go ahead. Yeah. Yeah. He straight up incited violence. And what did he and I mean, the the way that people? Maybe maybe not physical violence, but home that's been bad. But he's straight up incited harassment. He like, I remember one of the reasons he got banned from Twitter as he told his followers to harass Leslie Jones. Right. That's inciting. I'm not a fan of it. And I think if you say go to somebody and go get somebody, but people do that all the time acting waters, basically does that. And nobody does anything. Nobody really cares. I mean, people get shouted out of a few restaurants or something, but I'm not a fan of people going to people's houses and stuff, but I don't like calls to action, but the notion that people. It's a little condescending to go. Well, of course, no one's ever going to get me to do anything. But what about all the weak minded people that will do something? But where are those people like I I don't think that army exists. We talk about it is if half the country could be taken grab a pitchfork and torch and leave your house, but really do they do it. The news goes nuts on where the also depends on your age, if you're young you're maybe more impressionable too. I mean, look at the fucking cut dash, Ian. They sell so much crap. There are impressionable people that are easily influenced everybody. Right. But could the Kardashians. Get you to do something evil. If it wasn't in. You depends what they were offering by. Example, Milo Yannopoulos, but nothing happened over harassing Leslie Jones. All right, but she's fine. And we're here, and she's there, and I'm saying doing, you know, people get that people go to rallies people do this people shout people out of restaurants, people show Tucker Carlson's house or something about the do the the softball game. Or the Republican supper Actes wasn't was saying something about ObamaCare. So he was he had some 'cause you guys are killing America. He's shot a bunch of them. He was a Bernie guy. He had some well. Yeah. There's incited. The do know people dogs tell him to kill people. You know, there's serial killers dogs. Tell them to kill like, I'm not saying. Out their whole cloth. And these are people who are taking words and saying they're incited by words, well, there was the one that happened six months ago, whenever it was the Florida, whatever whatever it was people can be incited by words, it's pretty clear. Well, they can well I'm not clear how the first example the Steve's gleese shooting. Was that guy was Bernie fan? Who's nuts? Went and shot up a softball game. He wanted to kill Republicans. But I don't know who 'cause who told him to do no one told them to do it. But it was whatever is words as you shot. He was like you guys are killing Americans or something like that. It was he was driven by the rhetoric. Pulling loose quote of some kind. There's nuts. I mean. But I don't look nobody. Here's what I'm saying. Whether you're doing on behalf or you're doing it on Hillary Clinton's behalf Bernie Sanders. Have all nutty people say, I did it because you know, some my dog told me to kill or Bernie Sanders told me to kill or Donald Trump told me kill. But that doesn't mean the rhetoric got them to do it. They're nutty people who always have a justification for something song killed there. Let the fuse along the way for them. I look I don't say the rhetoric helps anything I'm not drawing a straight line. Just like, I don't draw straight line to video games. Ozzy Osbourne song, say Tannock Ozzy Osbourne songs or you porn in raping. Now, if you're a fucked up. Up fourteen year old kid who lives in bozeman Montana, and you just listened to Guam for over and over again while you make provides explosive devices in your dad's root cellar, you probably don't pump in and. Yeah. And then you go the quark caused it. But these are number facts fucked up people, but I don't and then also how do we police any of this stuff? We. He's giving payment and doing whatever. That's why about it up. I think it's worth talking about. Because there is so much talk about who's inciting who who who you blame. And it's worth discussion about so I like when we talk about it. I don't even know who started. But my point is I don't like people picking out people at going go get Leslie Jones or go get Tucker Carlson. I don't I don't like it. But I'm saying even when they do they don't like Jones's fine and Tucker Carlson is fine. Pretty good about it Scalise. One other guy. I don't. We don't know they might have been traumatizing for his kids like strangers at side of our house. They might be a frame. I'm sure it is. And I don't I don't like it didn't. To move like three times after the testimony like things like that. Don't feel threatened sometimes. Well, everyone feels threat all the time. Except for me. That's one thing. I figured out. Clearly, I don't know what the softball games. Galil was. I thought the guy was like disgruntled Bernie fan, and that's all I. But either way he's not he got a gun in one on a literally one out to execute a group of people. He's nuts. That's that's it. But it wasn't the satanic lyrics, and it wasn't Bernie Sanders. No-one orders anyone and I don't think we're nearly as gullible is people think and even people have mental disorders. They're not killers. They know right from wrong issues. But I don't I don't think you can convince them to go kill people. All right. Let me tell you about Geico. Everyone's got the to do list. Save hundreds of dollars in your current geiko dot com. Just spend a few minutes. Go to Geico dot com. Fifteen minutes could be saving fifteen percent or more on your auto insurance. Take that extra money. Put it in your pocket. Do the best thing you can do all day. Save hundreds on your car insurance at geiko that is geiko dot com. One more chain. Well, Woodstock promoter. Michael Lang has announced that Woodstock fifty which will take place. August sixteenth to August eighteenth. And Watkins Glen New York will feature some of the acts from the first one in nineteen sixty nine he hasn't said who but the speculation has begun to who that could be frankly, many of them. Past. Yeah. Well, they did not make out the original they weren't at. I don't think they played the original one. The line. I have some I had the original lineup. But I took off everyone who has passed. So they must not have been. Have been the list is ordered wind burrito, brother. There was a lot of that kind of stuff bands from this airplane. Jefferson now was not I mean, they starship Jefferson dirigible. Airplane? And then it got the. The fish, they'll get country Joan Joan the fish. Well, they never left. Putting the stage back. I told you we're headlining. Moses spent less time in the desert. That's true true here a few of the ones that could be considered at this time Joan Baez Santana. He said he's very interested in participating Grateful Dead. They could do deadandcompany John Fogerty way higher chance on his own than back with credence clear out by what she's not a fan of. And this is so great Michael Lang promoted reached out to each one of Crosby, Stills Nash and young. And just said, quote, it's a mess. So I don't think that's going to happen. The lineup and ticket information will be announced next month. Who in Jefferson airplane? Both. Oh, they did. Okay. All right. Did you bring it home Gina grad? And that's the news. Dick. The news with Gina grad. Last least simply safe to is. And there it is awesome. Exactly. What you need for home security. Great protection, ridiculously us, no hidden fees, or pricey contracts. Go to SimpliSafe dot com slash Adam. Thanks for an awesome week. Let's not forget about fantasy BS podcast with our own Senate Karol Inbal, Brian everyone having a hell of a last episode of the year. Sunny did a great job the season. The last episode is best epicenter think. And he said the same about you in advance. I haven't spoken. Check that out and you can check out the HP the Perez Hilton podcast available in apple podcasts and podcast one YouTube channel says Hilton as well the website, whereas Hilton dot com and shoot a tweet at Perez Hilton. No good sports today. So until next time Perot's hill Gina, grandma, Brian say Mahala. I would bash goalposts over my son's head. If he was gay. Fully goals you on Twitter girl show on Twitter at a voicemail at eight six four four. Four tickets invulnerable podcast the girl was prepared events. Go to Adam Corolla dot com. Stay tuned for AP news. Let me tell you about Pete who loved hockey and always wanted to play NHL Pete played since he was three and begged his mom to let him stay on the ice by some nights. He even slept in his skates. Pete practiced and practiced until one day when he was forty seven. Pete realize just wasn't that good? So he threw his skates in the trash. But then you heard how gyco proud partner of NHL good save money on car insurance. So he switched and saved a bunch. So it all worked out Trump may declare a national emergency. I'm Tim Maguire with an AP newsman at the White House is considering using billions of dollars an unspent disaster relief funds to pay for President Trump's border wall. Earlier today as living the White House for Texas. Trump told reporters. Because I think a compromise is win for everybody or I will declare a next, South Carolina. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham who tried but failed to get members of congress sign onto a plan. He had to reopen the government and get border funding says he's given up presently. This is Bob will auction and said he should do it as last resort over there. A congressional aide not authorized to speak publicly says the army corps of engineers has been told to go through its budget, including nearly fourteen billion dollars earmarked last year by congress for disaster relief projects to find the money for the wall. This just in police say Jamie, clus, Wisconsin teenager, missing Tober has been found alive. And a suspect is.

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