RHLSTP Edinburgh 2019 07 - Spencer Jones / Janey Godley & Ashley Storrie


<music> ladies and gentlemen welcome to the new town theater. Please welcome a man who already rather damp today his regional ring not the thing very much for coming along to this podcast. It's called rigid. Herrings lipstick smear teats podcast. It's a trip to come up with the new thing with this too. Many interview ones comedians and drink other communities boring so from now what this is going to be. It's going to be attribute to the scene in under milk. Wood west isn't penn halligan stick around her nipple. I'm gonna talk to all about guests about their main memory. Just that one seems he's like no one remembers that is i remember it very clearly. I'm friends with susan hannigan on twitter. Now that's all i think about when she tweets but i was hanging out with the silent disco walking tool that people with headphones around singing and dancing in the streets that you can't see what this singing singing and dancing japanese fans of nauseous horrible doesn't it but it's it's not it's really cool. Most of them are just listening to this podcast as they do it. They call it relates to persona plus gonna. I've been up again today. I was looking at five fifteen this morning by my son singing nearly two singing his version of baby shaq five fifteen in the morning which is just going daddy daddy which isn't even the real ashok sung. Somebody may not be aware baby. Shaq had cha small child right now and you will become quite where steeler charleston you'll become pretty quickly so it was good though i mean there's a lot of subversive comedians on the fringe but nothing is subversive being waking five fifteen by that and happened to go in and then face that chart for the rest of the day poking you in the i four stars. I'm giving him for that performs. Yeah i've been walking back and forth to this gig and then going home look after kids but every time i do that walk. Something happens on a con on working on the meadows. If you want to go to become contract of if you can hang onto the bar for two minutes you got one hundred pounds of you've seen that he's a fake you stay com. Don't do it is. It's not spinning around or something if you do they get a guy you can do it because it's not spinning around and then it's been ram when you try to which is impossible so don't do. It's unbelievable. We'll it's good to see. People being ripped off in the other day today as well. I got soaking obviously as across the meadows at the other side of the meadows. There's a phonebox advertising tour of wet wet wet which is when you being heckled by redundance communications technology you so you really know your at the edinburgh fringe and that's all the way down i saw the most obnoxious man in the world and i tried to take a photo of him but bosko in the way he was quite old man. There was two of them wheeling along suitcases. The wheelies cases but quite small ones. Men of their size should have eased. They've been able to carry. They're both williams along the pavement down. Broadcast great grey bobby unlike a group of spanish go kids came the other way and he didn't know how to end his hand and he just let it bang into all of of them never seen anything more honest sort of funny but it was also farm and i was terrified to go the fuck you doing my whiny carrying that then some very big scottish men came pass no sudden he was able to wheel may was wade's. I wish him because they said to me one the obnoxious edinburgh which is joining fringe time. He's quite impressive. Have you seen you seen silent disco anyway. Look it shows seven now. So in research is fucking minimal. I'm going to tell you it's going to be a lot of emergency questions. My best casted. It's just gonna get worse and worse as the fringe goes on. Please come see the show. How i i am on tour as well. I'll be much more happy and less wet. Ah richard having dot com slash podcast slash tour if you want to see them coming into you and i will start trying to put some guests those gigs in september and brian less bristol quite soon but my guest today my first guest is probably best known as days from hollyoaks later. That's why we will come today and out of the rain the he pays suggested sit down here. Pick up the much carter up. We go how you doing good. I didn't say hollywood. Holyoke slight took us up. It's a bit too sexy for me. It was the one yeah swear to sway arri and slightly sexy and i find the six thirty one sexy another five minutes for me well. How what did they do in dave was a real straight laced born again christian who who's really cool yeah hey guys it's going to be this and he got spiked with mushrooms and a dog started talking to film this. Can this is weird for you tweet terrible. I always wanted to be on holiday. 'cause i was hoping when i was about thirty five forty. I was hoping they'd just part of a four year old man who comes into chester faster and just gets off with all the details one. That's what i was hoping i'd get that part and i kind of kept on mention on social media more of the holy right right to still get back to the idea but they basically don used to as it curves me with. He did tiny andrew collins site. He was rubbish. He got to go to bat now. If i go that role now is a fifty two year old so he different different sort of poll hollywood yeah yeah by. It's not nice as as a forty year old. It's still horrible forty look man. I've i've been watching your tv show which is just coming. It's all on. I play right yeah the the clunk which is awesome awesome. I don't know if you've seen this show yet. But it's ten minutes long. You can get more on. I player so much in ten minutes. I've seen clips of your standard for there's elements of that so so imaginative as a comedian the question you really asked his way to get your crazy ideas from. You must be on drugs. But where did you get your crazy ideas because i can't look like all of our minds kind of going one hundred miles an hour. Everyone's minds. Maybe it's just me it's just being it's not like i'm thinking of idea idea did this brain keeps moving and doing stuff and home in my gaffe. I've got like a work room with like like a cable. It's up because i like to play. I'm rubbish but there's music there but there's also some paints and stuff and this stuff to draw then you've got the kids and then you go to the computer and i think i might be a little bit a._d._h._d. Where boorda that now no one of his. I feel like i'm gonna pay you paint for one minute. Ah buddha now but as long as you keep in a home eventually stuff starts filled up the bills game paid mrs. Lets me live like that. Did the program is very much character. That types of presume is heavily based on your wife. Yes yeah he was long suffering but he seems real team. You thirteen which oh yeah. It's definitely not rowley is lady. You're here. He goes again. It's a funny the wife character of her but who's not your sleep well it is i mean you talk about this iraq. Tobacco you say on forty whatever you always reference your age as you're walking around with things stomach but it's lovely to be able to carry on playing into adulthood and beyond owned yeah. I'm very lucky yeah for now yeah. I'm getting away with <hes> as we look at it from the outside you go. This is mental what you're getting away of eh but it must have been difficult when you first went onto stage with that because obviously if you're going to do in stand up clubs away or so there's people going on traditional standards. Coming on first gig was awful january for go on as made first and then i'll go it goes someone like me and i walked stage badly for output the tights on came on this issue in tights and it died died and then the next one i think i mean i was managing for maybe three minutes on stage and then bottling it. There was one bit wide shot into a glass like if ayoola in a bad mood you can show class and i thought that was a good idea. You can hit us feel now like taking a microphone and you another phony this unlike x. factor when they sing quantity two then they sing they did that for me is getting yeah on night. Move on it takes a lot of polls. I mean we can see you bowls in your truck. It does a lot of courage that to push through that and presumably aid through quite a lot of difficult things to the point where people understand what's donald yay you do you think about i think being like an old man and not giving ago comedy sir. I'm happily a really really skin old man. Who's just tried it. It doesn't mean rather than i didn't try sitting. They're gonna wish bloody tried it. I should have definitely turned a dog. Poop bags. Were hat should have gone much of the guy who you like. What percentage of the i._t. Is don't work or don't make it so you're trying to basically mundane objects and yes visual puns on my citizen but it's fun in the comedy mundanity as well but it's it's different yeah. It was more percents hit rate. I reckon this usually did he stuff works but sometimes it's very degrees you kind of have to work out why it's not work. It's hard to a number and it really at stuff. Sometimes changes like obviously with an audience like i've got the minute. We should just me saying gee. I remember mama over and over again. If you say you do remember the young moms and gang onboard brought into the minds as a comedian. I just want to get thinking technical issues behind it like you're doing pretty melbourne and i'm thinking to do you have to take that. There's a thing with your wobbly and you have to take on the flight with all the props you must the go-to melba shows based at the airport when idiot bring noise it was made it inside and i just went on my i've no idea if any of this is legal but look and that was enough for them not to look at any the black no one's going to do that way to fix in which you're allowed smuggled some weight of it all uh-huh cook get soggy and then stop to the side of the plane took. There is some lovely stuff in that just in that first episode of you put your face in koko pop and then and then gradually fall off. I mean that's what i wanted to do like <unk> breakfast theme where that pretty breakfasting with malcolm lines when they do the stripper and then there's stuff. I thought be quite nice to have a guy who's like a conductor but he feels like he needs to have a bid to eh. The idea was banged down into two bags per active cocoa pops because they were better and then you come up with a bow tie on and then i kind of get like a breadstick and conducts wherever it was going on but then not like this lowly changes and before you know face covered in vacillators of boko pops and it's a it's a chat with the agent so you it just kind of always evolving and again. Did you try every different breakfast to find out the best one <hes>. I wish i had but no we someone mentioned coke reports. We tried it and that was there's my mom makes johnny where we've always wanted to have a plate of something. We had this idea for spaghetti pollen as there was going to be and it was going to be had as kids. We never got around to that. Never was we had this idea. We never did it but you know you get puns japon. We kind of our county. I wanted my kids to come up to me and say in in the show. He says what counts go into his head and i go to look into this pond the ideas i did my whole head into the pond and then come out with these nice green. The allegation of long tash never have yeah. It's it's such an individual thing i mean there are echoes of other the stuff in sometimes it feels like very old slapstick comedy something a little bit of young ones. Ask sorta stuff because it's talking objects but it does it is is finding your own comedy voice which you've done very i mean how long how long were you working in the club's before you well i would say because i started very young like hit. Double double that in seventeen years old marks and spencer and nice run three gigs first two gigs with bright right turkey was at the sixth form disco and and i said we'd smashed it lovely thing you start. This is amazing. I say mama home not just need to find it from a big seventeen years old onto giggs phone party. Everyone's like trying to get off of each other. They snuck in vodka and i got to the d. django yoga the company now and he says he'll yeah yeah yeah and you stop the record and there's gonna be some comedy now. Booed off stage my fortieth. My best mates in two thousand four the clowney kind of stuff eureka moment. I'd been doing loads of stuff but then it was probably five six issues ago. I started trying hard. When the kids came first i came along and it was like you need to sort this out. People rely on you but you have to call of acting as well you're in crow nation and if he asks the code base into two days before and then they i bought it and then when nobody should rejoice impression really it'll be fine and we find and it's not just about al it has a great it seemed a little as the series progressed a little bit on the nose and benoy toby because the guys in charge said like the camp of his time was the biggest comedian in the world and they went for wreckage evasive because he's as you know the based on so well in america they wanted it to be that and a significant because you kind of went came to edinburgh in two thousand fourteen scene on knbr i did one gig went well and the cost was that and that's how i got the worst that endeavors horrible. I got that job out of it. A <hes> yeah has wreckage obeys commented upon no. He hasn't no no no no. I know people that know him and he's never mentioned it really it. Doesn't you would have even sometimes gets no beef so this is an american comedian who always takes the piss out of him and he is on twitter. It's quite angry guy. They probably means. He's not angry about you. Know try the hardest and from what i was born in reading as well. That's part of the accent. It's quite easy so we'll pretend pretend go back and ask you a couple of emergency questions. That's sorry doesn't just trying to sell to the audiences. I'm i'm gonna ask you this. I'm gonna it's coming in quite random okay. If you had to invent a fifth season two other seasons pretty put it in between and what would happen in this fifth disease. That's great. I think i think let's have some like just between all winter and spring. We're going to quote it. Why would i think about eh and maybe a season before summer so you can work out how to wear shorts because i look rubbish insurance too nice little caesar season many seasons working at what you need to like section getting trousers gradually imperceptibly for three months it. Nobody knows just grab some yeah yeah. Let's let's make that happen. I think in edinburgh they needed. They need four seasons. They've only got one every season every day. Okay there's there's some questions and you know. I don't remember writing. I i'm not saying i wrote this book quickly. A is your happiest memory of a time when you were alone or with with other people question his memory. That's that's a question for date. Apparently that's the one big request yeah. I'm going in my thanks bye happier alone or with other people perhaps memories like when when the kids were born the did did you read it because i'm glad the kids a ham and the day they were born. Both of them was a horrific. Just once it finished gig gigs exactly yeah once i think it was when my daughter was born because we convinced the we're going to have two sons not not like kind of feeling just there was little clues and stuff you know when they do the scan and stuff and then it was daughters i it was that was an amazing feeling. That's pretty big. You know it's funny how you sunday listen to. This is going to be really upset finds out. He didn't want to get very happy. Watching the rookie movies on my own still get goose pimples. Yeah i kind of you know the older. I get the more i like big as much as possible uh-huh yeah. It's nice having a family. It's all right now that you have to pretend that you have to pretend my master thing i know we're on the same wave like i will do one more and then we'll have to get the crazy ladies from backstage. I'll ask you this. I'll be interested to find out this. Would you rather have a that dispenses talcum powder yeah so nipple or a finger that can travel through time so you can go anywhere in the past all the future not the president of discovered because that is just your finger and you can you can ulta things can look through the whole and see what's going on so you can you can. You can't get any further than that thing got. He can spend some top cover. That's a base of the question is what would you do if you could put your finger through time. What would you touch it. Probably i probably do stuff but then you want to see the result of afterwards so i think just my finger popping up very key moments in time there. Is there yeah just in case as a big back to the future still issues. There is something in the bible about a finger appearing. Maybe yeah. I mean just some aiming for the bible times. He's not significant story remember. There is something about a disembodied finger. This is a question. I thought i love coming to edinburgh hardly ever done. I'd like to go and see the lewis of lewis chessmen national museum gallery. Whatever is i would quite like to take some of those home home with me and keep them in a drawer. Did you see that someone found the lewis chessmen they draw the fifty lewis chessmen you must do. They were discovered in the oatmeal. Someone like that big of mike. The olive lewis probably i'm thinking about it and and that just this really so slightly comic but quite cool chest that from viking times i would like to own one of those if you could take one item from any museum of the art gallery in your life to take home with you in the world or just set your interesting anything that you look. Is there a painting because it's like no ought to be the most valuable thing could be. Oh god is there anything. He finds having in your house a nice van gough the other day that never seen before. I thought i'd like that that's not one of the main once the cheaper than another one of his to see how much the price range like so maybe some from the summits do beatles yeah maybe good to have john lennon's dot pinole played in imagine. Not me pretty good happened. Never play imagine on it. Chopsticks videos online to annoy people. He should as version imagine you have my p._i._n. No ready into we've got fantastic. S coming up so it's going to be slightly but thank you so much coming. Wins your show. I love the posters well a loved. They all the five five at the pleasance one of the ones beginning with beyond besides just walk in and the monkey metaphor is my late the disco which is with every night. If there's anyone wants to get up and sing please do amazing stuff as you do have to say if you haven't seen before jones it about just getting old but everyone. I see now good what they do fuck he's. He's an amazing comedian as quickly mentioned the fact you should we'll go program. That is a gift as always what these shows as always dumped fifteen years is making collection at the end for scope which is a charity that is helping disabled disabled kids and trying to get equal rights and access sable people. If you feel that is worth something you can give someone in the buckets up to the show either someone holding one going out or if you look for me i'll be sitting sitting on a desk in the entrance door will slightly wet from the rain and we're back on my table. Hopefully you can give give somebody that. I'm also selling mercy questions books. You can buy the brand new questions book at knock-down prices. I'm trying to shift my remaining stock. You can buy the original questions ashton's book and you can also buy some amazing robusta week stickers. I'm one of the cool kids if you buy both books you get those stickers for nothing. That's an amazing. I think we've got a few more. That will be available on. Go faster stripe dot com if you are quick as well. I'm very happy to sail osaka. New programs do sell fees all that nonsense. I have a card machine. You can pay card if it's working p._k. Does the end of his does he goes out. I sometimes i make forty. Five pounds spent on pre monitoring sub sandwiches. That's what i spend on right right. My guess i've really prepared nothing for these two but i'm on even been done what they're best known for. I haven't their best known for <hes> being up against each other for the herald scottish culture awards but which of them was the winner of that and is therefore the best of the two and would that lead then also best known for their like russian dolls. One of them came out the other ones. Vagina is is the is the there might during in this show another one might come out of the other ones i will. We'll never bad for just off. The cuff was because i forgot to prepare. Apparently he's amazing. Johnny nash these related from scotland scotland like you coming coming up. I'm not pregnant. I'm just bulletin. Search your horrible mon-. I thought i thought you were a sexual the family in the just produce another another clone when when the time is ready yeah we just keep pollen comedians rejoin to okay saw audie mason's whole catholic wefa. Fani is setting the stage and a masonic lodge watch. I feel like i should rule out much as i can just start shaking hands. We are flashing manappl-. I don't they do they. Do many women who comes in the leaves him in a coffin is my guest or just a pontiac respect put them in a coffin hashtag signal mason's no so far i've been caught read about the masons on this podcast and we haven't been kicked off. This selects not discuss that might be sent the prison context shape. What am i doing. All the police are in the masons on that. They aren't so who won the which one of you won the award for being the best cultural thing in scotland the one who's had more time to contribute culturally yeah. It was me she she heckled me all the way through speech and the funny thing is people in the audience are under didn't know that she some that no she was madore your suicide up. She's let's play and i could see the horrified caught. It was very very upmarket and all these people are really upset that she lost a warrant. Explain madore that was booed me and i thought it was funny money but there was you know those old people that shouldn't attend events because they don't have the right cultural and put the salt lake. I'm not mike if i work in james. I can't tell if it's me or is that right as my microphone working okay. I think it does my j. That'd be able to hear you. Thanks for the national space station causing day schnorr should all yesterday decors bushy it enough law at the fringe because we don't have a million pounds for two lots for the month. She got up at like nine in the morning born and she does these voiceover videos. You'll love adwan understand name. She was doing some. I don't know what you're doing all that katina's best it's something over and over again and it like sweat tend to my dream and then walk me up and i was furious and then you didn't understand why i was in a bad -ment she said in a bad mood every single time she wakes up sensuous and a half these want which is true so i'd understand why why you're surprised i used as the morning when i'm in a bad mood when i wake up the pattern holds mother stopping like what's wrong with you. It's more thing and of woke up. That's that's true even as a newborn baby. She will not let us 'cause. I hear your voice. I told you wouldn't need any question. I'm like just take the rest of the show off can have a nice tough now with my own idiot children so they say it is i have to apologize because every time i complain about edinburgh the price of edinburgh combination on twitter some will then living blasco and commuting and i will then say told janey godly about that he lives in glasgow doesn't commute we can't because of this show oh and then she's got her show and then i'm doing martial and then i'm doing radio for tonight so it's not like we can just come in the train. Do a couple of shows stunned in a bus. Shell are and then wait to that spanish then you need to be here you can an hour flat this three and a half grand this year and the women asked us not smoking flat so i still left haley my i'm saying in the house they'll go to children and they don't contribute anything is working. Yeah conscien- conscient- seven thousand pounds for the i._t. The guy who i it's a nice house. I have to say what it is. I mean it's not worth a go into the always worth it but the guy who owns the house is friends the guy i know in london and i've mentioned which tank stay in my house and saw tweeted this and then now. He's all his friends taking the piss out. He's a socialist guy. That's right. Thank you for being good for that. I decided not spend any money on anything else. I post soon. They'll be a fish oil so it's a different thing and the sense is a different thing that not good but then you don't have a gun komo wage command either. We take such rusty talk to strangers. Don't do you guys both you've got a fantastic attitude towards the friends. Well actually we're. We're talking about the shows a free and you want them to be free because we want to see them when they can't afford to see him. It's actually doing an important message for the mental health thing masters last year. Smear tests spat important to get your smear test because women are dying of embarrassment and that's ridiculous and this year. I'm talking about being mental 'cause the n._h._l. Waiting list was too long for put so now you have to listen to. It's free and i think it's good. I mean i still make money. That's the other thing is when you do a free. Show people think that you're not making any money and i don't do a big push on the bucket speech h._m._o. Even she gets annoyed because my speeches if you like to and you've got money stack one in if you don't like it just keep that to yourself because nobody likes us that set they don't push for money. I think that when you're not a paid venue and i've been at eleven so i've watched comedian set when nazi what's in their stomach salem new sexy tar every day and knowing that they still won't go home with money. No one knows they'll go home and even though the sold out every day because the venues taken a cotton because everybody's taking that and i never ever wanted to be a never wanted to live that life where the syringe was distressing the the wasn't fun anymore and the free fringe ellos you to have fun allows you to not have to set without boulder in your chest and also not funding tortoise so that's my ghetto. I didn't feel for the people who live in edinburgh coming up. It's expensive excessive anyway. Yes there is a free show this important that that i mean hardcore what can claus claus speech in a non know that the arts on always accessible to people on a limited budget and i'm not that i'm not you know scan anymore but i remember wants want to come through the french. People can't afford sexting ticket. They can't afford the twenty five train or whatever it is and then he just can't afford to see more than one with such a huge risk and the thing about the three shows is it makes it really accessible for people to come and see a show and then go well. I don't have money and people often coming mccune go jimmy. I don't have any money like nothing for money. You don't have to pay. This'll be fine. Enjoy the show. Go have a good time and i see people. You can put money on the bike do it. You can't do it if you're really scared. Take money out and cause. I won't die for the one a couple of people take care of me and it just takes that whole thing is this hasn't fought us as far really posh english people. It's not fought us no as far as all comment and see have a laugh and some people put do you know bitch curtains and use mobike which is fun as well. We'll keep them after brexit when the economy clashes but but from a business sense even though from her socialists everybody deserves entertainment and that fucking boys study away from business sense it just makes it just makes good sense as well because you'll yourself when you're a newer comedian and and you're coming to the people who have to equate are going to spend that equipped to see somebody off the tally gonna spend that money to see somebody they know and are guaranteed laughs offs because of made them locks before they're not going to risk money on me soon you act should come and during the three fledged because it's it's a way you can get see because he told repeatedly the only when you come to the flinders to get seen by people you can get seen by people actually seat. You're not fighting retrofit head and you're you're fighting when people people who you don't think you're available the other thing that made me speech to the free throw because i've done other venues for years of assembly that plays in the whole lofton pneumonia mona member one day i was on fly on fly them and do the daytime shows to get an audience son and then i would fly them. These people went obediently loved to shore. We'll see you at six o'clock and i'm like thank god and then i'm standing outside the pleasance and up comes the people who taught me that shaw and in front of me was a guy from like you know some big comedy promotion company and this is what the medal of the festival get free tickets so as ready defensive over these people. Why did you buy a ticket for me. When a guy standing there we can't eat hundred of not beg off e tickets but has comedian has bike london by that's gonna make it next on the tail so we need to people ed room so i'm like why did you say the venue kevin away fleet ready three festival swollen maps myself and properly and i do get some steaks. Some of the promoters moore's upset or didn't do the festival. You legitimize kill us. Thank you say and good and i'll pay my tax. John what's more important up. Pay my fucking staff obviously doing the beggars don red shirt off. You've seen newspapers. They don't well. This avenues saying <hes> nick burns was saying that down the line. You'll get your foot in the door and then it means you could ever leads onto other jobs which i think was driven the eight tonight with all those people was dying off but it's not you know there's so many people here now then people leaving an everything there you're not guaranteed to get expect kids to come on the come from all over the world will come from the no even grown cats all over the world and they come here and they work for a twelve hour shifts and it's like all would actually charity so they get paid title trump and then eleven and a floppy nineteen other kids but if they put it didn't expedia geno what staff see something funding because there was a girl selling tickets opens with rain when she came up to an interesting this is going to be at the edinburgh fringe and you're gonna be saying how just printing tickets for people if they're not going to pay for to do anyway. I love both of you on social. You'll meet lots of reasons. You both have grab hold in the internet then you love manson. Don't follow me on aw that's mike doesn't sound weird because the jeevan. I'd see all the time i was lucasville. You must be your memory twee. We love social media for me is really weird because the people in public assumed the people my age can walk social wichita's it snap chomp that are bodice thing social media and your as fit for years hot and my dad would fight law and then she got twitter know she fakes spur strange. They're finally hoppy saved armata and she can tell when i'm arguing arcane with some dishes by the hardness of typing i can heat and i can no or she's. She's in an argument with some. I'm gonna hate. I love the people who take you on jamie king. They think oh it's it's a woman show crumble. Are they really don't know you not. I will go for that. Foul brought roll out some to go. I don't like your your no funding needs meet and you watch mcelwee arsenal well. That's not very nice genoa elsa very nice. You're i go away. Keep off to our feed. You don't look at lake it. When it's the geyser lake you ugly and then you look at their profile picture and for those listening i did a thumb with a face and i like the ones that see you'll never get section sex and you look at them and you see if you've been in a fire. I don't care if you gonna question. My ebola have sex. I'm going to slide you. You entered the yawn the door tip me. He sees nettie touches. My heart down on also we love to harden dodd pump like crazy soul sounded. Just one room isn't it. I like to stand at the door and shape. Why are your heart mummy and then they have to pay me. Go away we while the your video is on the doing online incredible ashley really really really good fun. Thank you tail what in some of the therapies greymouth roads estate in scotland f stop with scott issue because we you can't allow representation like when i was growing up you only score people i saw were drug dealers on the bell on the father or org or on ankles in but i just like the idea of things being different if they were scottish in and i've got some cabot tires lake chad i had a pet cop artists really good at parker and i love the fact that she did. The handmaid's tale discussion migra outward retweeted spoke of boats that she was absolutely she cry. She's all by this author and it's me i have to around the hall where camera and i can be certain just like watching t._v. Or reading a book and she just comes in we are wagging low for comfort to get your camera can hole and then we have to tell donna it cute. We have to put the sausage dugout pikers speed tepi toys beacon is on the floor and and then i have to do and then she's trying go back in your room and then they go online and i love your characters but she's always done even when she was in the pub she used to commend the pump and all the drunk men with who is this giggly dick did make me funny noise. He's he's your child is really come into the pulp open just to mention to say does and i would walk ken and address and be like teddy lows of needs a love are aw just horrified old man would be stayed in a saucer assassin. She's very weird. It stop start animation throwing camera and she took all the to be plea deals and been along with it was always a jewish escape tape from the nazis always and the wash wanda's toed pump to tell them it's really bad. I didn't know they had they had the baby and they often and i didn't know any better we couldn't say which just means the jews escaping the nazis dad's lucky and you in how the playmobil which was always a catch in the off switch to catch unseen and then there's let we need the nazis and the mummy opened the up and down the bb and the other lick contel she escaped and everybody was fain and it was really good and then occasionally like the ginger cat would come on and just like pee in the middle of my scene and she couldn't add it. It should be allowed to beg tat than i the but she was always. That's all she ever wanted to do is make felony. Even this very small al-sharar wanted to do was just setting the carpet. We are comedy comedy and make the internet allows. It's interesting when we talked before you saying is sort go to gallon t._v.'s us people but then something ten years austin that doesn't matter anymore the first working class scottish woman to be on on have i get used for you and set five years the forest they are yeah. Thank you your lot lusted. Applause does not no. I think it's the attorney has a proper ha ha for for both of stuff that i'd pitch to bbc for years. They relate mill. They taught you or your mother name and then the first video made the f. harry potter scottish got thirty million hats yeah they are melian melian heads and that paul won't really what well with the public lake here. I was like manna it was it was a great feeling the same with people who were very much like you have to be less political gene yet. It's all symbolic and then she's made our bread and butter making fun. Ana politicians fight trump but one of the things as well as she made the b._b._c. and modern media had a real had to be like a a one minute set that somebody at media skill has taught all the people in media has to one minute there with research does she actually through exchange. She made a video that was over two minutes and they know changed. The rules can belong the algorithm who's changed on facebook so they want your goes to be longer than three minutes. It's a weird thing it shows all the time and it makes the vetted air for the robots the site but yeah the internet has changed things and nothing that at people always said to i need to working class to scummy remorse us to me and you're working to load your to common. You're not and you won't ever find your audience and the whole time the audience was there and i phoned them and now the only so innovative national you. We say two years ago lucy a woman running. Ah hopefully things are changing in the world. Hopefully things are getting better for women and for different social groups because of a man puts up. This is the thing we've noticed if agai sergio is content on the web to a woman puts the coin and that's just the kevin we were speaking without mama journalist for female pits story up and it gets it gets hundreds of comments a man. It's just that still exists that as stow that thing that the minute on it you put up a video hateful comment hateful comment oh wiscon- more for women than for men. It's just the just the there's always going to be. He some guy like there's a man who comments every time i told you before you know funny like that's go to change but it keeps it but just people showed numbers walking in the street china a wide awake wait but i'm one trade and i was playing. I was playing pokemon. Go and this guy drove past me and he was like fuck off. Indiana jones awards and i'm not going to start with a white but i'm happy and fat guy show a window so that's just what to our comments on this guy shouting nonsense a window he said is is typical is like someone understand that i've told coach i have to. Everybody and i tell you casually a message in like radio toward toward lake powell l._b._c. No i've never run an air because when i hate mossy pawn why why is being made an disgustingness league almond blitz don't make we we we support each other. I mean sometimes in the house. I'll get our whole bag slough. You're gonna die. You're gonna kill you getting threats and the best thing is in stable edible and shouldn't see a load but the most as the county spell threat right and it looks getting threes or coming veep make which is weird can't hours right by judy we saw and they don't get the jaw and then just goes on and on and on but she'll come through and go mom achieve. It's heartening to know what put the phone down. Just ignore them bunch assholes and like you taught me just a showtime at cars but then you'll laugh because you'll get that one. I've told you before you know funny and i'm like well. They are just the who spike inevitably the tech at money buying. Stop doing comedy and go back to work in the obure right update saudi. I'm i am saudi. My talent has offended your life. I think they think you upset and they take delight and not when in fact she said passing ourselves on a coach fighting with these people and i'm like mum won the law any bear. It's not fair because it feels like it feels like an unjust. It's league. This leak doesn't look a big heavyweight. Boxer have enough eight with like a two year old. It's not fair finally if a two zero comes in and says i want to fight the else if they've seen it is so arrogant stupidity. There's somebody who's a professional comedian a that making a living from it so that proves that what they do but i'm going to take him down from. I saw the should not funny honey. I'm like fine. You bet what my favorite one is no dues when a lot of people say you're not funny. I can't believe m._d._c. You might argue standard say venue until the seven hundred people people coming on the show pintucks and you don't like me because i'm sure they'll lesson but sometimes they do and then they turn up with we flit scene but yet a spy no and how you're not really mothered indoor. We've been hired by the dash gov government to cause trouble date divert attention away from what's actually i'm gonna talk. She's an she's an emergency. I'm a spy for the but each government guy sigma venue give the flyers. I mean the the gag that night was hysterical took such a straight on stage and then upon i just watched the f we wear the flaw yeah. The wages for the british government beat an emergency nights or a shot but i just accept that that is people who only stop for not just go well. That's why don't you comes to segment dan you intend left but the sure that people get rate son. She's robbie snow on iguana less than any just as as as but as i love the way and i love to our and i love this and i love the access we've got strictly. People who enjoy <unk> stuff and immediately they can see now love that that's the they upside over mostly outside of an enormous downsides at twin both but yeah i think that's when twitter started it was always mainly upside is getting to know each other and things they liked and some been infected by block block block block him no new up. It's fair commute. I'll tell you why north of being muted and then they're just screaming and avoid and they think you can see it econ an feeling but the problem commuting as people who like start fighting with them and get involved in you know site arguments and then there's a french fry answer the charges block them so they all godless provide aww fuck county c._n._n. So i like that feeling it. It just means it just feels. It's just like a good my door. Don't come in by dot look and that means. I can put videos up no and there's no list seventeen. Thousand rangers funds gone. You'd have other football supporters also mean i am arrange of spun on abroad stole having another head but his fame some of them are really buying and all those so alike that some of them get president muscles and you know they smell and links off the african i call them hall cross huns faulk across on he wanted to hold my bet s. His belly begged often with people. I know you like to be work. I was just thinking kennedy weighed whether you will have you on your national cushion thank you should we be dead. Eventually as that's why the gabriel award she's close to deny i think this is i was thinking god if i had to go on a podcast my mum and <unk> with such good friends very close. We told them through a before j._d. About how your life was game with an obvious the joke about at life life inside side book is amazing that relationship is my mother endorser smugly and belly cross han no all i know as really good good powell's pretend like she was always like i'm not your land on your mother but that was bill scher. She's very eddie much for powell's born of the fact that my dad is very audience. Good innocent socially suggest to step had there and n. b. like her husband daughter too yeah. That's a homicide but you've always even when we were young. We're young. She was always good fun and we've always been written became a thank in a really weird win all seriousness. I know that she grew up up and the more she realized can lay off hard. She became very cheap. You became very protective and overcompensate today and and for you know she would see at amend but this is an example when she was bit for a fight before xia's nearly one she was calling my hair and transceiver namo annum the mommy mumias yield the baby by stress and i think children did do that. They sang that when they go there. You're gone and became to do but she's all you turn an elite benjamin button and go all babyish pella right. That's to be able to be very supportive of each other. We very really have a fight because loving husband who has autism can sometimes be so exhausted and drained and became the gang up on hammer we burton and she's been great 'cause even tell him he's wrong economic and then she'll go as soon as i go for a pitch the manatee leave the room. She's like listen up your arsehole. You'd be annoying woman for four yeah just fucking leona league and then schuermann giggle heavy i wrong and then you'll feel bad yeah that has ruined my dad's life. Yeah it can never be rate of edison again elvis or these songs nine of let's do a couple of emergency questions with them when they go so fast the time on the show but i'm going to go old school emergency questions both what is the most pretentious book you ever bought but never never read lincoln and the bardo okay yeah. I've never read. I just bought it so much to look smart in front of a whole book short man and no and i think i saw a catcher in the rye. Just somebody's cheap clarksdale. My friend becky nobody has call us new my friend becky used to take cash by your check just met with attack just to see if she'd get pilled over and she never got search for our was dead and she would have cashed on the other weird one book about what life than the book <hes>. That's why that's the guy the guy killed in man read catcher in the ryan and that's what made him kill on. I think we should be mental health. Help people that make people think catching rights to blame okay controversial. What is the worst adam. Sandler film sandler tall on this ad refrige- focus is back. I don't even know not on the film yet loved them. She's fell off off. Which is the worst one of 'em. I'm going to see the remake of but reynolds. The longest chart was the worst of the adam sandler phones just because it was a weird remake bartram which made it really confused because it was upbeat. Make and not to ignore. Let's see mcdaddy at bagdhad dean that it doesn't james. I'm the woman that does nino m._d. Asa an early backstage care throwing spokesman for two years than we was. She had to kill it worked in the theater so he walked to say she said weird you mark and he said here meaning alii and she was like oh this wonderful. Can you get me. We competition came out an album. This is my dog. She went correct. We shouldn't even handrail in the fish not mom we literally watched a felon. We're a net it yesterday. An awful faces names like abet sacra for like green killers. The nicest boy told me what in glasgow and you'd be because i thought the film somehow it was really interesting. It's night. We've got margaret. Atwood shatner is doc can't talk about it. He's messaging rates of ood ahmadian ever made that disbelieve. I believe in noise fuck. I could okay acts get shot at if i wanted and the next question question on excite tried to get william shatner when he was gone to the podcast but he wouldn't do my book god was anything tim dick tooken together on william shatner just come by moscow the william shatner margaret atwood margaret back on night thing. I thought he went to a couple of if i'm not far from secret account. What was the biggest lie. Your parents ever told you you were happy. Told you diabetic it wasn't suites and when asked why they said it was because of his diabet- also told that the ice cream van but not noise when at men the mon- was crying and had to go home loss allies take care bear came to my boston had a hole in the bottom of the utah mesa ajayi closed and i was afraid of flying from like fifteen years incase jockey cloud the plane alton so blessed. That's really gonna tell us about your shows. Wh- wh- shows how i'm doing godly on the flange apparently shnell on the outbound donal anyhow godly on the french air clock evidence of the counting post-round at the pierre tree. It's free if you wanna turn-up q. Actually we have quite baku's come along and see doing voice overs life on which was cheered. She had me up no end ashley on five thirty every at the pear tree which is part the counting house and flee shore but i'm also on bbc radio scotland every night every friday night from ten pm to one in the morning and if you do miss that you can catch it again on the bbc soanes app and website the ashley studies show thank you. Have you seen anything you want to recommend quickly. If anyone else would you go and see. I have seen an mark doc. Davis is american comic came over any help and on his own not very essence. The fringe and eastone used to be the auditor general standard fifty two canoes stone in westport and he's only on how to in a day but he's an amazing american comic and he's so good and people won't see him because he's not in the brochure. He's not an anything but let go see him. How pastured fifty two canoes down at the westport. I love him and alison angry. Drunk homeless man who's jazzy certain is convinced half the bars and edinburgh performer for my brilliant absolutely the streets in my favorite place to say insane people teaching spanish toast with suitcases right well. We're going to have to end. Thanks very much j._d. Tomorrow ten aw again by you are listening to how to the edinburgh fringe would be herring. Thank you to pass for providing the music. Thank you the newtown town. Everyone can go faster stripe. Comb producer is james ingram discipline sky potato fuzz. Go foster start dot com production. Go to rosta dot co dot u._k. To find out more richard herring dot com slash gigs to find out who might get soft with the rest of the run the.

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