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L.A. over pays Ramsey drops Peters like a bad habit


If you want to live CD medic target your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you the chiefs now granted wouldn't have wanted to pay the price that either of these teams play paid for any of these players but Chris tell us what happened today we know nothing but the best result will happen here for kingdom radio so look can't city we appreciate your support but we're GonNa talk some chiefs now because plasticity pizza shop last night a look we started donkey haters week and out there with in Los Angeles Rams Traded Marcus Peters a former chief to the Baltimore Ravens for a player and a undisclosed drafted. How's it going Kansas City welcome to Kingdom Radio I'm Richard Smith and with me as so come out to pizza shop we have another one on Thursday we'll have the pre-game show a halftime show Anna postgame show so please get out there and support us Yeah Yeah we have a short week we have Denver coming up and there's some big news going on here inside the NFL today because the trade out there and support kingdom radio we're out in the community now it's not just an a web based broadcast radio based broadcast like we are live Bayern Washington junior and also down humphries from Arrowhead update maiden appearance and we just went out there and we had a good time and so of Kansas City live shows birth and when he some support from Kansas City to get this man from New Mexico so over here presume thank you cannot find this their research kingdom radio can't say cheese and you will find us welcome to the kingdom you but it's about the fans and that's what we love you know and I think that's what's always GonNa make keenum radio special is you know it's not about one sole person or individual right deadlines coming up here in about a week and a half and some big things happen that will get into here and just a few the first I want to touch base on on our live show that we did at Platt Austin another trade deal that the delivered a Jalen Ramsey from the Jacksonville Jaguars for two first round always we have our co host and senior NFL analyst but this this evening Chris Chavez how we doing Chris I'm doing really good on hopeful for this week Oh is about us as a group to bring the best content that we can to the fans and I feel like if we continue to strive to do that that we'd love to see all of you we loved interact with the fans and get everyone involved so I wanNA touch base a little bit on that and hopefully we can get Chris job is up here to do that'd be great that'd be great we'd love to get you up here and it's common it's common I think can city knows that as well I think we they know that we take things seriously here kingdom rate you know breadth each didn't pull the trigger on a huge deal the window to there's actually two huge deals down today and a missed opportunity he also plays a key to leave on injured reserve yesterday and so following that move and I'd say about twenty thirty minutes later the rams picks one this year one next year and a fourth round pick in that following years so let me ask you this Chris and we're going to you know there's some bad blood there between Marcus Peters and the rams and seems like every place he touches down he just causes problems in chaos and and I would have been highly upset if we would have given up two first round picks for for Jalen Ramsey and then another pick as well and obviously what's up more talent to your team it's it's a scenario where you're right it would it'll it would bury a team not to have four I so in response to your first question I don't think the FCC would allow me to respond the way that I would really want to regard down picks in a row and that that normally sinks any franchise recall of the quality of player that you brought in for that yes because when you think about the future refranchising just how important those first round picks are even even trading away those first round picks to bring and all season long a lot of fans and media out been clamoring for the chiefs to to pull the trigger and to make the trade due to the train for Jalen Ramsey I I would just mirror you're responsive heck no to that trade I think take a fifth round draft pick which opened up two holes really out at the quarterback position because no I I'm not even really sure what he's doing but it absolutely is enough for the rams to part ways with Marcus Peters as well you can say will you got asthma homes will you you got Frank Clark I don't counters we we would have given up four you know this is a question to king chiefs kingdom as well as if you're the each would you've paid that price because I'm telling you right now as achieved ends around the NFL for any franchise injuries happen you know there's freak accidents I mean you never know from day to day life can turn on you a minute and so I think that it's extremely important to have that backing the podcast spotify record player them Task Fox and all third party applications check us out on facebook platform such as of date and Arrowhead of the draft. Yeah absolutely I mean you have to find a tally is the drafts a crap shoot that the four straight years that the chiefs would not have a first round pick wow we can do that on your perspective that's outside the point but yes like it's things like that like you never know what's going to happen on your franchise and and it pays to have those draft picks I looked that was a laughing stock of a deal if you ask me the rams are super bowl or bust right now that team's going to fall apart here in the futures picks a row I'm going to even a team like the chiefs look at our injuries right now a cheese kingdom has to keep in mind which is insane and you know I've seen the rams pull the trigger of so many players and they have so many but they could have traded away two first round picks in fourth round pick for a guy that they're going to have for the next eight weeks the WHO ended up just getting benched by the titans which was not does not surprise me and I feel like that's something that has been I'm with the trade deadline coming up what what's the big news here in the NFL came so there is kind of a domino effect of sorts the profile names there with with franchise on like unfriendly deals extremely unfriendly deals and it's just you get Jalen Ramsey here's the problem with that let's say that we made that trade for the exact same Christ's two first round picks a fourth traffic it is but the more I sean picks that you have the greater chance you have of mailing ingwer finding that diamonds in the rough the the rams franchise felt pressure you know from moving from Saint Louis to Los Angeles Hams and Ramsey have not discussed a contract extension at all land so potentially they could have I mean things can change the whole team left all of them including the coach in one year like that's what we're looking at what the Rams I see that coming here I think they I and I'm GonNa make a really bad analogy here but this deal just feels like Sean McVeigh is playing Madden with his team right now and not thinking both aspects of this deal I think they overpaid to get rid of a problem on their franchise which is you know blows my mind the pressure to perform and they went out there and they spit every single dime they had to bring the best team they could and they're still not GonNa win the Super Bowl so at that being said look those are the big big trades today obviously you know the excuse me the rams were involved you wait till that team falls apart remember in the forty niners fell apart oh yeah like Ed and I'm talking like six seven years ago Oh absolutely and is there it's the striking thing about this deal at this point at this moment in the freely even in for Sean you're looking at fifty four fifty fifty chance of nailing a player or end up with a guy like on Marcus Mariota and and balance and that's something that obviously the rams don't have and to be perfectly honest with you the chiefs need to get back to the long term effects on his franchise it's GonNa come it's going to catch up to them and and this is one of those scenarios where I mean it's legitimately go his contract year on his rookie deal on so the ravens could potentially be looking at a contract extension with him they'll save some money there you had a top tier talent then you get rid of him to go overpay to destroy the future even more so I wonder how much they still million dollars over four years I mean you should pay the man and not go give up two first round picks yeah I mean the disparity and slap in the face all at once and they're not going to know what to do but hey you know that's football it's all about you know the future coverage he's right up there and he makes some incredible place his instincts on the ball or something you can't teach I don't think he's going to bring any more production to the rams than than Peter's did like I mean yes he's a shutdown corner but you just went tit for tat across the board computers yeah that's a really good question I definitely think that it's GonNa be at least the majority of his contract with this year but this was the GM of the Rams and you think about the fact of the headache that you went through with Marcus Peters is the headaches Moore talent over and over two different teams on a rookie contract and now you're headed to your third that's there's a character flaw for the price that they got four peters and what they gave up for Ramsey is so disparaging that it really I'm getting a running back and now what's he doing potent to all right the you go through a Marcus Peters worth the headache you're going to have a few years down the road with your entire franchise uh-huh definitely not leading the league in in yards no but that's my thing is he's not Khalil Mack no matter how you look at it across the board I welcome kingdom we talk all things Kansas City chiefs brought to you by Arrowhead empty joined Chris Richard on iheartradio apple podcasts that was one of the dumbest moves that in my lifetime than any franchises made up until this point right here this this moved in Ramsey and how Ramsey in Peter's play the rest of the year side-by-side hey I can't argue with that but I mean you're in the rounds they took on a huge contract because Ramsey's gonna be a commanding a lot of money from them yes along with what do you say about that Chris I mean is it worth the headache a few years down the road for all this or putting up with Marcus Peters value to where there was nobody else on the trading book or I guess do they want Marcus Peters out there that the ad what were they willing to give up I guess they weren't willing to give anybody else up you know if there's everybody else on that team hold that for for Peter's they basically paid the ravens take him yes and yes and having peters on one side in Ramsey on the other that's a scary defense absolutely and and so the fact that because you moved on from him and you went and you got jalen Ramsey and and look we've said this over and over the Jalen Ramsey is a poor man's marcus it it's mind blowing honest with you or and to go down that road I mean he essentially what the what they paid for or would they got in return for that's an I don't think he's going to be happy in Baltimore you know you that better situation could you have to win a superbowl than play for the Los Angeles Rams or the Kansas City chiefs and I think that they were afraid of having those two head cases in the lock same locker room together however now let's say that this was and has got to be horrible has got to be really bad for them to overpay for Ramsey the way they did and think about this too if you're sitting there as really I don't know about this this just a desperation move and it is going to destroy their franchise and a couple of years so that headache the the way he sets up quarterbacks as well I mean the guy's magician asked that position and for the the risk outweighs the reward yeah absolutely and he wanted to California we sent him there and he still wasn't happy you wonder what the heck the rams were thinking making that deal that's kind of like you know the Oakland Raiders giving up you know Khalil Mack for a first round pick and then going on peters and so they're going to go up two first round picks I wouldn't give a first round pick for Marcus Peters and so it's make a lot of sense for me Marcus Peters he's really I wish I knew the backstory Marcus Peters of why these teams were are willing to walk away from such what's your question here in a second but another asset limited to tackle really quickly is the rams already lost a cornerback putting to leave on the injured reserve list and so they're already missing a cornerback why why don't you just make the trade him bring rams felt that they had to get rid of Peter's in order to bring in Ramsey something else is definitely going on there in that locker like you already touched on just like he's backtracking now and it's not about the money you know it's not about the game like it's it's about Marcus Peters and whatever mm-hmm Look Marcus Peters you're not GonNa pay to I I don't care what kind of money he's asking you know if Marcus Peters one forty and given all of that and now to go back to the original question and he's definitely not worth the risk on on that man's head and why he's flopping around so much in the NFL such a high talent but hey look can city I feel we're banged up Chris go ahead and take off what's up with the injury report right now and what are we looking at because this is going to be a tougher game are Eric Fisher. Andrew Widely kindle fuller is looking to get a second opinion on his on his than we think it is that running game Denver's deep and our our whole teams banged up so touch base here on the injury port where we have going on repaint on those prices and to twenty degree or another I put them in like top top tier quarterbacks in the league I put ruined entire season because I've said this before this is this is a make or break year for Sammy Watkins and and realistically or is going on in his head and I firmly believe that and it's no judgement with that it's just like how are we how are we supposed to know yeah I don't understand I don't know what this guy is looking for out of the NFL but whatever it is that he's getting he's not happy with both in like top team. I'm trying to give Marcus Peters a little bit of credit there I should take deduction points on his tackling this okay so I'm gonNA leave off the list of everybody who was a full pack practice participant today but clears of know who are still out I don't understand it but I do understand is that they can't see chiefs play the Denver Broncos Thursday night we have a short week go down the Sean McVeigh's pipe genius for minute infertility this is mad where I don't have to deal with the personality issues on paper but I feel like Sammy Watkins has never had to be that guy who's had to push through those major injuries and so now the third get back to your life with CBD medic available online and that CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease yes and it gets to a point where is it is it more of a discussion of his heart I mean does he have the heart to get her as far as staying healthy but just looks like this guy just he can't do it and I think after the season we see Sinar it's because of things like this like tough it out your you know get on the field show show your team you know that your faith been a guy who's had to battle and push through and I had to fight through injuries that's not something that you can just awesome snap your we need Sammy Watkins and he does not understand that and I'm GonNa take a different one this but then he has been the rest of his career right but having been an athlete my entire life and eighteen years and just do the mindset yes and I feel like and again I don't know his story I don't know his background injuries that he has they're not some they're not injuries the sideline you as a player but I don't know what's going on but those nagging he's got these little nagging injuries that won't go away a he's letting get into his psyche and he's not letting it or he's not pushing through and over you've spent quite a bit of time on on these players here and that is a big deal I in my mind a very ignorant deal for the for the Los Angeles Rams even believe that this year he was trying to be different your life you'll that he knew that he had to step up and he had to be different player all to him and just as one of those things that he's not the right fit for Kansas City if he was a fulltime player absolutely but let's be honestly and shows on the sideline you know when he was out these last few games you could tell it was killing him to stand on the sidelines and I don't see that out of Sammy I do not see that same passion don but it looks to be a a fractured thumb and obviously Chris Jones is GonNa be out again because he's not seeing any of practice time at all team and you are very much a part of that very much a part of that and you need to play that role no matter what I mean look you see Tyreek Hill chomping at the bit now watch two women in practice again I I was really hoping that he'd have a better year the man he's letting it just create this wall in front of him that he can't overcome can't get past again and it is purely mental because you know the agrees that it's not going to ruin your career at some point you have to get past that and understand that there's a goal for the entire year for the whole and out of Sandy Watkins and I feel like even in college where he went to Clemson correct yes okay and so you know he played on national championship team Clemson I believe they won the national championship all he had to do is run fly routes there is so much talent around him all he had to do is run fly routes I have not been evaluated by the F._D._a. this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease over the top because they can't they can't beat us over the top and I'm not saying that's a testament to you know the chiefs defense it's just like like you said who who really couldn't stop anything we can't stop anything and to me I'm nervous is what scares me those winds did not come easy none of them and those games we put up twenty one points seven tell you what you know that's a scary situation for a quarterback WHO's a game manager who stands in the pocket and really I know that you Chris but in my mind we already know the recipe Denver's GonNa come with and my thing is can we stop it as extremely tough divisional opponent that is very very very deep running back that's a scary scenario for canc- chiefs team flaco never been that guy he's never he's like a an Alex Smith didn't take those huge shots down the field he's more of a gay manager and we've won like eight in a row or something like that but is that what it is yes okay so we've won eight in a row now this this those numbers up right now do you know this is the first time in Patrick mahomes his career his whole life that he had a passer rating under one hundred for three to stack the box put a put in an eight players in that Baux health throw in nine if we have to stop the run come out with a victory because there's two players that we need to shut down and that's it that's it whatever running back is in and whatever quarterback is in because eighteen points twenty eight points you know we weren't putting we don't put up the numbers against Denver that we put up against every other team in the NFL and we're not scare me right and I'm with you like I one of those people were on the exact same page Chris make them beat us yes and the reason why I'm saying to commit to that is because Joe FLACCO and his ability to throw the ball does not a lot to to chase kingdom to the chiefs to get this win but looking big picture I would much rather he'd be a hundred percent breath and football history if you've just put together it's pulled together Sammy that's all we need to do get your head right get back in the game and show Kansas City why we look they're defensive stepped up as well there is no joke and that's going to be really tough game for Kansas City but look we've got Denver before that and and for anybody who's ever played baseball or quarterback you've ever thrown anything and you've done correctly you need your plant for your this Johnson six games he's thrown five interceptions and in six games he's been sacked fifteen times you never know who in the NFL but we have Joe FLACCO and I think we can stop them I think we stop them it's still scary with that running game straight weeks and yell it might be sending ninety seven point eight whatever whatever it is but what's going on patch mahomes real we have at least closer to one hundred percent and he currently is right now for the green game next week which is going to be huge and we all know Aaron Rodgers can do and is beyond us this is what scares me about Denver when we have played Denver the last three or four years look we have a great record against offensive line he's thrown for two thirds of the yards that Patrick mahomes on a bad ankle has thrown yeah and the the looking at at flacco stats just throw some stuff out there to to support what we're saying FLACCO has six can't scramble around as well as he did in years past I think that Y- if we stack that box the whole game the entire game I think we can aged and on the flip side I would like for him to sit out this game I know that this game is going to run off of your back foot on every throw yes that's what he's doing still global role for an average of three hundred yards of week on how will I think that it's definitely GonNa be screened chains that we have to make we have to commit to stopping the run we need is honestly and this is very much contradictory to what I was saying Sunday night but the I'm not just with the injuries but you know Andy Reid needs to take control back a little bit with Patrick in we patrick an ankle that's impressive in and then you throw in on top of that the fact that are wide receivers and tight end have cod the front foot it Patrick left ankle will to support your throw if you can't push down on that because of the pain you're essentially homes as ankle injury and look Kansas City this is an issue and I've been saying it and I'll continue to say until this gets taken care of like this is an issue I feel like the we have every reason in the world to be worried and we need to take the precautions to make sure this man is protected because this is a bigger issue as a quick taken shots downfield every time there's a few things that Patrick needs to fix but I feel like I'm going into a rant about this but it's concerning on all levels at Chris what what do you think about this Patrick mahomes injury everything everything that's going on with Patrick mahomes right now because than he's letting on he's a leader he knows what's at stake and I promise you Patrick Mahomes will not come out and less you know that there's a lot there's a lot of what you think okay so the kind of a touch on what you were saying as far as protecting him from himself you and it continues to be an issue we continue putting him in places at Bognor bull situations for this injury get worse and and I'm I'm worried a big lead halftime Asher moms you do not leave the locker room now more you go in mahomes that'd be great because I think Matt Moore's Gay Maj. You put Matt Moore and a game where four touchdowns and there's only one half of football I feel like we can pull out that victory easy to put together a Web page but Casey Kim Radio Dot com should be up and running this week Woah everybody now I'm excited to get going and there's a lot of great content but yes ashore up on our upcoming blog yes by the way the web pages almost done we missed our Sunday deadline but that's all right Congress and take put your ankle up put some ice on it it we'll see you in ten days we played the packers I would love to I'll tell you let that's going to be huge for Patrick Mahomes bye week is going to be a big deal he needed it. Ns An extended by week which is even better well quite a bit here we need to run the ball you know obviously control the line of scrimmage create turnovers but what what Norman the at the level that they've been I'm not GonNa go into that too much right now but probably after this game I'll either rant on your own the last couple of weeks and it's really hard to upset me an artsy I think that's a huge key component as to why our offense and defense have been basis we've got a few guys writing blogs for us and there's a lot of fun and we've got I think you all know that king needed important win because we cannot go to four and three to to really kinda down to one thing catch the drops he's like it's flu season for some reason and we need Chelsea to step up and set the tone and start catching the ball I don't know what's going on with him you know we will have the blogs and that's going to be some exclusive content make you WanNa go to the web page in and check out our you know our less seventeen minutes less than the Texans that blows my mind blows my mind we cannot and he does he just needs to kick back and put his INC put his ankle up and just chill for a little bit and I'd love to have a huge first half in him sit the second won't come out unless he's dead and then we'll buy them on the sideline he'll ask to go back in the type of player Patrick Mahomes is but we've got to tame the line a little bit on all aspects let's roll on here a little bit I wanna I wanna ask you Chris what are your your big keys to victory I know that you said you know yeah absolutely and what that would also allow us to do is to build are running game which has been non-existent game and expect to win any game yeah we definitely need to control the clock control the the big key for you I want to know the one thing that Chris Chavez things will solidify the win for Kansas City very very much loaf of bread like you would touch base on last week but look let the man produce let we cannot have twelve to fourteen touches and that's why they've been winning two games lately or at least making them competitive three weeks ago right it's time we put her foot from Hitler's open wide receivers 'cause players have to play up closer links scrimmage to honor the run game if we can establish it co producers great content so go check that Web page I'll be done this week at some point Chris thank you for bringing that up but yeah those kind of mm time television for the last year and a half so Chris is there anything else you'd like to add to the show this evening Sunday and got to see and hear the passion and that was coming from him I mean the emotions from that man you know what he has gone he needs to get his head back in the game a. and so look you kind of touch base on and we gotta get back and what better way to get it back then against the divisional opponent on prime time television which honestly we haven't looked great on on McCoy we have Gaming Worms Daryl Williams is shown us some great things to like Lenham Ron I mean shady needs to quit carrying the ball go out there and in the first half of drunk as AB stadium yes was real he was raw you could tell that he he felt that loss yes sam I which kind of feeds into the office of lying not GonNa go there I'm just GonNa leave with we need to establish the run and have a big I do that clock management Andy Reid get on it the clock manage it right now is in the bottom of the trash in God hone in on this get the Brian Game we have in just a run game because if you look at the time of possession these last few games look our last game the we were on the field seventeen minutes I I haven't seen every interview I haven't seen every player after every single game in but I can't remember seeing a player that you know these guys bring the hammer and start chopping some wood because I feel like we're losing a little bit of passion that is the chiefs amount of time that are at our defenses off the field and the amount of time that their defense is on the field other teams have been able to command that and control that I'm going to say that we need a big run game I knew that we need to put up points and FLACCO mahomes needs a game if I think if we had over one hundred yards in the run game we should win this game yes and to be honest with you it's it's deeper I don't know if everybody got to see the video of honey badger talking is at his locker after the game on I guess we can do our predictions but outside of that is there anything else you want to add and I don't want to beat a dead horse unintended that's not by not by a long extended week because of the Thursday night game up sorry not by week but he needs that man needs that ten days rest are after one game even even some of our playoff losses I can't remember seeing a guy that hurt and he earned a big game but we need to establish the run if we established the run that opened things up from the homes he can get those big throws where he can on the field so it's one of those things about clock management as Andy Reid thing we got hone in on this and I'm with you on that one Chris and so what the prediction for Thursday night's game it's highly important it's the difference between five and two and four and three so much more respect for me from that game got loss that I don't think he could I don't think he could do anything that would last year we had the left-handed throw I mean these Games are won by a I mean moments in a game yes yeah and looking back at the recent history with these guys they've played as close I'm GonNa say this one ends up being a twenty seven twenty three win for the cheese like your thoughts real single game yes and I mean you're back two games ago when we played them not to so with that being said Chris I really appreciate you coming on the show this evening is always a pleasure talking football with you especially chiefs football is owning the fact that they need to step up of Frank Clark is one of them he also made a statement that said that the defense has to step up and make an identity and look for Mahomes to to continue to struggle until he can sit down for ten days and put ankle up so it's the seventeen to sixteen for me it's a victory is going to be seventeen to sixteen it's still going to be another sputtering day for the chiefs but we're gonNA control the clock and we're going to make some big plays on defense stop putting all the pressure on the offense because that's exactly what's going on but you know I don't think the defense is get enough credit for as much time as they spin in that respect for me at any point and I will say that there's a number of the player players on our defense on chiefs defense there is I'm sorry to go patch MOM's first game in Denver for a he comes back in in the fourth quarter lead us to a fourth quarter comeback doc content on the show a lot of big muzy. NFL We look for that to continue because you know the trade deadline is coming up there's still another week and a half before they actually happens but we're GONNA see some more action here around the NFL so keep your eyes and ears open and and we'll see if can city pulls the trigger on any high profile players there I'm going to take the score down even lower my thoughts martial artist said on this I think the chiefs are going to win this game I and I feel like that we can come out with a win if we go into it with the right mindset you know up until last week I think I would ever see office back foot because he has to like you said you put a lot emphasis on your plant foot your foot is everything and I to start everything over which is okay that's all right but we need to get the information out there to chiefs kingdom gosh and then also our lives oh get out there Thursday night and have fun for donkey haters we come watch the show Platte city peach shop there's food deals drink specials there's here for a post game show I'm sure on Friday you know talk about the results of this Denver Broncos game also Dante Hall Sign Memorabilia and we have all signed memorabilia that we are raffling off so get up there to shop Platte city this Thursday live show kingdom hard-fought victory but but I think we can continue our streak here make it nine in a row against the broncos I if out and have a drink it is nine thirty arrowhead timeline we really like

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