Fallout From the NFL Draft, Rookies of the Year, Most Punchable Face, and Andrew Brandt


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I'm great another day could MP any bidder. Did you watch the draft? I was excited. We had something something that I lost a lot of money. I'll get into that but it was nice to have something to to stare at and football and be hopeful for the fall. How much of the draft did you watch a lot of it? No Yeah I watched most of probably the first and second round. I could've used more human interest stories football in that thing could of us even more could've draft notice funny stories. I did the I did. The podcast with Simmons Thursday night and he was making fun of Joel Nardi and all the human interest stories. I thought I remembered one or two but I played along and I made fun of Booger McFarland. And he kinda half laughed and played along and then we realized we weren't watching the same broadcast but he was watching the ABC version. I was watching the ESPN VERSION. Which was much more sports intensive less human interest side. We didn't pick up on that but I thought that a fantastic job I was happy. It was back I don't know I don't know I don't know what to think. I'm just happy anything's back. Maybe Tiger King wasn't that great. Maybe maybe maybe Michael Jordan was a bum role player. Who knows if Dennis Rodman is even interesting anymore? I don't know but we're GONNA. We're GONNA figure it all out this week with my Gu's of gambling my wizards of wagering my barons abetting my overlords of the odds that the Jenner. Try a Harry brother. Bry and Darren the Parlay Kid. What's happened in Fellas? What's going on south-south Zao up? What's going on but Andrew Brand is gonNA join us in a bid. He's longtime lead counsel for the Packers Front Office Guy. Been involved in tons of war rooms and drafts. He now is a podcast. The business of sports has got a new column on SL DOT com talking about Green Bay. We're GONNA talk about Green Bay what they did take Jordan love when they already. Avak quarterback a capable quarterback. It's it's it's interesting a lot of interesting things with this draft not the least of which the Parlay kid twelve and two with his picks. I think maybe even more I mean there are some little round of applause there. We don't get that a lot. We went over a lot of props. Poly Kid to to the dolphins. Dammit I should have just jumped on. That was nice. Yeah herber to the chargers to over four and a half Herbert over five and a half love over. Nineteen and a half quarterbacks under four and a half in the first round rugs the first wide receiver. Kenny me swift over hurts over from was your best bet. That was a winner from a draft. Might just got drafted like five minutes ago. Bama under players you also said Hilar- possible I running back. I don't remember that one but good job. Twelve to nine either. I I listen I I did released into the podcast about eight times as we talk just to feel really good about myself. I didn't mention Hilarious said Hilar- could possibly be the first running back taken. I Bet I really sal look. There's a reason why Tony Romo Pen me as And you guys were there when he said Hey. This guy knows more about football than anybody. I've ever met that. I remember that I do remember. Might have been a little too much blue gatorade and vodka that night for number nine. But he did say that he did actually say that. But I don't want to mention how much capital you turn. This into that does not reflect does not reflect twelve and two it does not and that's what happens when you parlay everything right You take one or two losers and everything becomes a loser but overall sales a fun time to bet I really kind of You know nothing. Nothing good or nothing bad really happened out of it so right. If you still still surviving was was it was fun. It was fun you know you could guarantee nothing. Good or nothing bad's GonNa come out of it. Don't bet at all which is what our friend Harry did. He had a lot a lot of opinions. he claims he went eight and three last week Herbert to the chargers love for our rugs under hurts. I'm reading all these Eddie. Sent me that. Oh but he lost his best bet which was a homer pick the Arizona Receiver To get taken over Riga right was that what was. That's what it was but come I you. I mean honestly San Francisco traded down. Because they wanted I I you And honestly what in the world were the eagles doing? I mean awful. I mean I don't regret. Green Bay was padding the draft Brian. Traders weren't grade either but I mean Philadelphia has had no name receivers at the end of the season. And they take when with the twenty one pick. They take Jalen Rieger He had one one hundred yard game as last fifteen games. I know he's fast but he's five eleven when Justin Jefferson's out there and at six foot three for Lsu and and all his stats and everything in the. They go rieger when he wasn't even picked in the first round by anybody. I mean Philadelphia. Come on get with it. Yeah I think well first of all I wanNA mention Joe House jumped on your pick. You were so excited about it and solidarity. He's like I'm jumping on aries bic. He put an ungodly amount on it and ungodly compared to your zero. Because what did you say you ran out of time? You couldn't bet on the draft because you ran out of time right ran out of time. Yeah I was busy that day. A lot of stuff going around going on around here I'm busy that brother Mommy draft. That's three years ago for this draft among the celebrity prowl. Again I got a lot of stuff going on around here. That's right you did scope a cliff. Kingsbury Bachelor pad their spectacular. You say maybe that's a good place for you to move your bowels now. That's where I go jogging every day. Right Bisons step it up. This is all you need to know about Harry. A I was getting. I probably shouldn't have mentioned this but I had a guy on the inside who was a privy to the Google doc and he was getting the picks like two and a half minutes ahead of time he was alerting me to them which I couldn't do anything gambling wise. I wasn't going to post them publicly. But it was just fun to know. And then bother. These guys ruined their surprise and Harry. Text me separately. Oh I'm doing a radio show. Could you tell me what the Pixar ahead of time I WANNA? I WANNA look smart. You want smart. I asked her a couple. I just wanted to slam the door on me. None that's right. Did the right thing. What do you think of that? Jim Cunningham amazing. What a scoundrel that would take a lot of picks for him the LOOKSMART. Yeah right when when many many when Harry Harry just said before the twenty one th pick in the draft? That wasn't smart said really. I know it's one twenty-one h right yeah brother Bry your best bet hurts over from good job by you. I jumped on that and shark tank. That was a winner. To to the dolphins you had loved to the packers. You mentioned offensive player over defend Andrew Thomas for the first tackle both at plus three seventy. That was nice. Four seventy five so that kind of wow. That was a good one for me right out of the gate. Considering that I think I lost like I lost like ten bets in a row right after that but between I felt like had hundreds of bats I ended up profiting forty six dollars so it's an how it always works so you see. Isn't it better not too bad? Jesus isn't it better. I guess. Tell Joe House that so. How's that I will say brother Bry? Harry's right about your raiders. Kind of set the wheels in motion. And did they everything up along the way they take. Rugs the fastest receiver. You're never supposed to take the fastest receive. A right. Isn't that how works sending the wheels in motion cowboys kind of had to take. Cd lamb there at seventeen. Which I don't even know if the eagles were planning on taking a receiver but they kinda had to after the cowboys cowboys had to take him to block the eagles from getting lamb and then. I'm not even sure I'll talk to the polly kit about this second. But you're raiders rugs. Damon are net from Ohio State. Sixty fifth on most draft boards. They take him late in the first round. You knew you aren't going to be happy. You predicted it and there you go. You should have won money for predicting that you would be unhappy. The raiders trial for sure. I mean I knew I was going to be unhappy. Look I I said last week between Judy. Lamb and rugs. You couldn't really go wrong. Except for the raiders. I didn't think rugs was the best pick but I'M NOT GONNA APPs I'm not GonNa Kill Them for it. I didn't really like it but I'm not gonNA kill them for the rugs pick but the Arnett pick was absolutely terrible again. It's one of those things. If you'RE GONNA draft this guy please just trade down ten fifteen twenty picks. He's GonNa be there if he's not. There's going to be somebody comparable that you can take. I'm sick of the Raiders. Doing this all the time and that really did That are net pick. I know you guys had under right for Ohio state players. So that screwed you guys on a bunch of bets You Know I. I'm just you know as it turned out when you look that day to the way the quarterbacks fell on my Arnett would definitely been there at the end of the Second Round. Probably into the third round we might add a chance of grabbing them there and another top guy at nineteen side really thought we. We blew that pick for sure. Doesn't that just suck? And I know Harry put grades on everybody. I don't like putting grades on drafts. 'cause think these players need to three years develop before you know but the one thing like poly you wouldn't grade. You're an educator you wouldn't you wouldn't give grades to keep kids first day of school right. You would just unless they were on the wrestling team or a football team. That for sure getting away. But you wouldn't normally you have to see what's going on before we give grades right and it's kind of silly. Yeah grades overrated. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy you know right how well your team did or how. Well you think they did in the draft. The minute all remains to be seen But itself. You were to give our cowboys. What would you give wall? So here's what's interesting with the cowboys. In a lot of this may bolic's you brought it up and tax. It might have something to do with the fact that they didn't have a lot of the intercommunication that they would with these players. Normally they wouldn't they didn't even seek doctors didn't get to work out so the cowboys kind of and you said this. They kind of went on auto draft. They had the best player available at every spot like number one receiver number. Two receiver falls to seventeen and a very deep receiver class. You have to take them when you have. Trevan digs to replace Byron Jones at that second pick. You have to do that. The defensive tackle from Oklahoma's nice draft the Wisconsin. Senator to replace. Travis Frederick you do it and yes you gotta give them a grade. It's kind of like when we do our fantasy great draft and the guy who pretty much did the auto draft is GonNa get the eight because they ranked the players so the next day when you see it but yeah you were happy with it right. Oh Yeah By household exploded on the CD LAMPING. We were ecstatic. I read something today. from will mcclay. Who's really the cowboys draft? Expert there and He said Mike McCarthy had said to him players over system and I think that maybe helped forged away. They drafted there. And I think that's always the best way to go. A good coach will develop a system around his players right rather than vice versa. I think in some cases so McCarthy said hey get me the best players available and I'll make it work. I like that I like. I like the fact that Mike McCarthy said that I feel real good about it and they just had. They really addressed all their needs In this draft and you and I had talked about it unless on the last podcast about them possibly taking a receiver with their pick and they did and I know you hit that pretty well because that was about plus two hundred or something like that for them to take an offensive player I picked. Yeah plus fifteen. Yeah Yeah I was excited about having a win. Actually out of the dozen. It's recommended yeah. That was good. You have to feel good for the cowboys which makes me think there's not going to be a season because because it all just kind of work out for them maybe and that's the other thing we talked about it. You know everyone's like the cowboy haters like Oh you passed on safety in the first round your good luck good luck. You'RE GONNA have to score fifty to win these games like real first of all. Since when does a safety change? The course of the whole I never happens with the cowboys. Have the worst. We really swing and miss a lot on on defensive like cornerbacks and safeties secondary players. Like you know Mars. Clayborn was worst picked first round pick of all time. We traded up for him. I don't even remember Wilcox's okay. Seven years ago I I was totally fine passing on safety or Corner. There aren't you. Yeah well listen buried church and Jeff Heath been there safeties. Yeah they're both undrafted by the way and their defense has not been spectacular. Maybe that's why. But they did exactly what they had to do. And I heard they might be moving One of their d-box a YMCA to safety now. From what I said because they drafted some that very deep at defensive back now and I think that might be a good Changed for him as well. So yeah you just take the best player figure the rest out. That's that's how it should be how it goes. We're going to go over They have odds. Fox Bet has odds out for offensive rookie of the year defensive rookie of the year and the first player drafted in next year's draft was just kind of fun. We're going to go over that right now. Offensive Rookie of the Joe. Borough no surprise there. Plus two fifty favorite Clyde Edwards Allaire the chiefs running back. They slam them so all right. I got killed with two bets. The under two and a half players from Ohio State. Take in brother. Brian's raiders screwed me there in Youtube Paul again with the taking the corner there that should have gone like seventieth and a and the other bet was that Alabama would would have more first round selections and Lsu. They had a four to one lead by the Seventeenth. Pick and then. It was tied for the longest time for four. All right. Let me just get by this. Frigging Clyde Edward. Solaire Malcolm Jamal Warner pick. And I'll be fine. Sure Shit the chiefs take him so I lose five four there. Lsu had a lot more players anyway as ended up but that first round they won five. Four that's buried me. Those two picks may way hilarious. Second at seventy one. Jonathan Taylor nine to one number three To attack Lova tend to one as fourth and then the Andrea Swift is also tend to one jerry. Judy thirteen what else Cd LAMB fourteen. So on and so Jacob Dobbin Sixteen Justin Herbert Seventeen to one. Let's go with you. Harry. You're going long. Shot here for offensive rookie of the year. I am GonNa go with the twenty second pick overall by the Vikings The wide receiver from Lsu. That I mentioned before Justin Jefferson thirty two to one. Look terrific cans. He can play in the slot if he needs to. Minnesota had that trade with the bills. So there's no more Stefan digs The Atom Phelan was the second best after after digs had the most catches for wide receiver for the Vikings last year. I know he's hurt but only had thirty total catches last year Jefferson put up crazy numbers at lsu twenty four hundred yards twenty four touchdowns in the last two seasons with borough throw him the ball and we know in that and the national semi final Game Versus Oklahoma. He went for two twenty nine and four touchdowns in the first half so at six feet. Three with no more stefan digs with the Vikings Kirk. Cousins has a guy to go to Other than feeling who's who knows about how healthy he is. The Guy can do it all and he can do it immediately and step right in and be possibly leading receiver for the Vikings at thirty two to one. That's great value. Yeah I'M NOT GONNA kill you because it's thirty two to one but it is so hard for a first of all that's a good offense anyway for him. The shine there is going to be. It's going to be difficult but it's so hard for wide receiver to win this award. Anyway you're looking at the last. Six seven eight nine ten ten years. It was only Beckham Beckham in was the only wide out that did it. He had twelve touchdowns thirteen hundred yards. So that's sort of what you have to do. And he had Old New York backing him the media he was a flamboyant player. It all helped for back himself. Thirty two one. Lsu Guys Lsu. That's true I don't see. I don't see a receiver though Paulie kid what you say. So I like Taylor with the called. Set nine to one for offensive rookie of the year. I I know some people a little bit worried about. Maybe him sharing the backfield with Mac but they didn't take him in the second round for no reason they're going to use him. He is a great fit behind. Potentially maybe the best offensive line in football runs a four three nine at two hundred and twenty six pounds. Look if if this draft he was available in this draft say twenty years ago. He's a top ten pickets the value of the running back now just not that great so he slides but he is a Ultra talented running back. He's going to be playing half his games minimum on a fast turf. This kid's a sprinter whose beg rivers isn't GonNa throw the ball forty times a game. Frank Reich is a very good offensive coach This is just another weapon from. I think Taylor gets between minimum. Fifteen to twenty carries a game He's GonNa end up with about twelve hundred yards Minimum I think and maybe scores between ten to twelve touchdowns and that might be enough to get him. Rookie of the I really do like him. And this scenario sitting here at nine to one. That should be the puts up those numbers. Nine one's not bad for job than tell yes splitting. I'm just looking at all these guys at split time brother. Brian's and it makes me think that well also the fact that they lean towards quarterbacks makes me think that they're going to go quarterback Kyle Amari probably shouldn't have won over your Guy Jacobs Josh Jacobs. Running back for the raiders last year. But they gave it to him and he didn't even have outstanding stats. He had twenty touchdowns twelve interceptions. That's why I think Joe Borrow not a sexy pick plus two fifty probably the way to go right. Yeah I mean I think plus two fifty million. I think those are still pretty good. Odds I think at Bernie at the same point lash was probably very similar at odds of two to one plus two fifty but this year there are definitely a lot more choices for offensive rookie of the year. So if I was looking at a long shot maybe I would look at somebody like acres for the rams. Because if if he's the primary primary ball carrier He some good stats. But like you're saying what the Jacobs thing. If Jacobs didn't win last year for a guy who missed some games and still had great stats. I think a running back or a receiver is going to have to put up twelve hundred or thirteen hundred yards right. And that's GonNa be tough especially for the receivers rookie receivers just in general. Don't don't win this award. That often so like out of the last fifteen years has been to receivers that one. It was Percy Harbin One and Beckham on those were years where the quarterback play was down. so I think again so borough I mean we've never seen a quarterback like him last year in terms of least stats wise and college. I think him coming into the NFL. A little bit older I do expect him to put up. Good numbers right away. I think he could definitely match. Murray's numbers from last year. Probably be even better. I think the bengals will Improved tremendously with next year as the quarterback so I think I plus two fifty. I think it's it's good odds and I think at some point Sam. We're going to be like. Should we put borough on something you know? He's even my right now. Should we parlay with something? So I like those I saw something to Parlay Kid's GonNa love. I think it was borough ofensive chase young defensive and what was the other one mahomes. Mvp I think it was like seventy something crazy steph. Also you really see that I'll send it to you. Pollock it. I'm maybe I'm maybe. I'm having corona dreams or something but I really think I saw that on Fox one thing Fox has it'd be that umbro brother Bry you said. Yeah it'd be about bry. You said he should match or exceed. Kyla Murray's numbers Fox has his over under twenty one and a half touchdowns addict that goes up. I think I think the you know the Joe Borough fever increases as we get closer to the fall. It'd be should have to take it. He should have some goal line. Look I think he's right around there? That's pretty far. Let's go to defensive rookie of the year odds on Fox bed. Chae-jong mentioned the skins plus three. Sixty Isaiah Simmons nine to one is second Patrick Queens. Seventeen to one. Aj Apenisa Eighteen one gym on Kinloch Kinloss Twenty One. This is all screwed up. Kenneth Murray Twenty a Khuda for the Lions twenty two and then we get Derrick Brown twenty two also and Willie Gay junior twenty five. This is an interesting war because it's mostly first round. Mostly I top three or four. Picks like the boasts of brothers. Did they won the award? You had Marshon lattimore dig. It was like a run eleventh or twelfth. Pick right there thirteenth. Maybe he won the award. Darius Leonard kinds of screws it up two years ago it was a second round pick and won this thing as a long shot. Harry I think I agree with you. With Isaiah Simmons rush the passer seventy one times kind of does everything for Arizona. I don't know if this is an Arizona hometown. Pick for you but it's not for me. It plays all over the places. The KINDA got wins at two hundred and eighteen snaps at safety two eighty six at slot corner one hundred sixty outside linebacker you know. He's one of those Swiss army knife players. I think he's got great closing speed. He was inside. Linebacker for one hundred twenty snaps. You like him at nine to one. I also yeah definitely I I wanted him to actually go to the giants At four didn't go slip down to eight where the cardinals grabbed him. Look I I've been on Simmons when we were talking college football last year. How great he was. He had one hundred. Twenty five tackles seven sacks two picks last year the year before. One hundred four tackles at least versatility He had the fastest combine time since two thousand six for technically a linebacker. This past season This past combine I think it'll be. It'll go a long ways to see in terms of voting here for considering the cardinals last year. Gave Up Ninety six receptions sixteen touchdowns and over eleven hundred yards tight ends so he can clog the middle and stop that and and help out my my neighbor cliff Kingsbury Defense It'll it'll do wonders for him in terms of getting voted for defensive player of the year. Plus like you said how he is all over the place all the time. Yeah Alright Isaiah Simmons nine one. That'd be fun. Pollock head shot here by the way the value of Cliff Kingsbury Beautiful House is going down and down right now as we speak. He should invest in some curtains being that Harry's already taking pictures of his trash maybe somebody should alert Kingsbury. Oh really oh no yes. He's like he's looking through his trash taking pictures of it. Sorry should alert. The didn't get that you didn't get that out and said he did. What are you looking for launch? Harry what are you doing That's unbelievable Lilac Sea cliff remember Bronx Tale Parlay where? They said. They wouldn't let coffee cake. You couldn't watch as the kid roll. The dice would hire that face looking at this house. Throw him in the bathroom and look. I'm just waiting. I'm just waiting to have one of those crazy Pool parties he. Has You know maybe I got the invite. Oh Yeah I'm sure you'll get the sure Right back to my picks defensive rookie of the year here so I I'm GonNa really talk about two guys. I think they've both great value and basically play the same position so queen on the ravens at seventeen to one and Kenneth Murray on the chargers at twenty two one off to high character high energy players. I can consider them the plug and play guys right going to start immediately for both their teams. They're going to be high volume tacklers. They could both lead their teams and tackles And we kinda how Leonard wanted a two years ago I think these two at this value Especially Queen Plan already playing on a good defense where he could immediately become like a standout on that defense and Conway Derwin. James came in for the chargers. A couple of years ago made a name for himself. I think Kenneth Murray at twenty one great kid is going to be a great player there for the chargers. I think they're both could lead their team and tackles and when that happens at those odds I kinda liked them as the defensive rookie of the year and I do like I do like young but I do think man I think i. I don't like I don't think any of these tackles are going to want to get beat by a rookie this year so I could see him. Maybe not getting the sack said he needs to get to win that award but he has a special player to Dago. All right yeah. A lot of people like queen there. I did a little hit while unlocking him with a with Clay Travis and todd firm and they both like Queen pollock it. Maybe Mallory will let you borrow her jersey then all turns out seventeen. Why not do it brother Brian? You're also going long shot. And it's a defensive tackle who wears a single number Jersey which I love. Yeah I like. I love Derrick Brown at twenty two to one You know I do like the linebackers to like Darren was saying what those guys because if you look historically a few again a few stats just over the last fifteen years seven of the defensive rookie. There's been linebackers. Three Three D and Three d tackles two quarterbacks and Sao one thing you said to about all these high picks thirteen of the fifteen were first round picks and the other two were the thirty third in the thirty six pick in the draft so most of these guys are just going to be one of the top guys but when you look at Brown I thought he was probably the most. Nfl ready. Along with Young Simmons coming into the draft. He probably would have been a top. Three top five normally fell seven. Not that that's a big drop. But he's a guy who's GonNa have an immediate impact with the panthers While his sack numbers at Auburn were that high. I mean the only had maybe five sacks a year Probably in the proposal pro facing a ton of double teams in the pros. You probably should have you know he could easily get even rookie year potentially get eight or nine sacks But I just he's one of those guys is going to be starting right out of the gate for them is explosive. He's going to be in a division with Drew brees and Tom Brady so he's GonNa get a lot of a lot of airtime so I think at twenty two one I I just love those odds remind. I'm actually shocked that they're that high for somebody at his caliber. Because I do think he's you know the top three defensive player regardless. Let's face it guys and I hate it because I hear. Sec Talk all the time on. Lock it in but these guys sorta seemed to have an edge right all the all these guys. We talked about Queen. Isaiah Simmons Brown ago Clemson Clemson Sec. But but I just feel like they adjust to the speed better at scheming and everything else That you'd be able to see in the NFL. By Harry just sent me. The pictures of Kingsbury is garbage. This is unbelievable. This is now Harry. Let's let me just you know one of the pictures. You have his address on their. Don't don't be a Dick. Don't post that you should not post in that. I- disinfect you. Well listen you. I know you need to be told Jim you know he would post that in a heartbeat right of course and retweeted and that again. Yeah quote we tweet it and then asked me to tweet it to a pool party at cliff. Kingsbury is once July fourth in. La rented like some crazy mansion. I ended up. This is maybe four ago. Four or five years ago they always. They're GONNA ask you. How did you get the invite My girlfriend at the time. Her friend was dating one of his friends Yeah wow it was crazy and Harry. You're probably not going to get invited to one justly. Yeah Oh Man. Ask for the loudness. Imagine being invited to any pool party any party for that matter when we could leave our houses. That'd be Nice Harry's got it all figured out who is taking matters into his own hands. All right first player drafted next year. The odds are being garbage. Trevor Lawrence the obvious favorite minus two eighty six Justin feels quarterback Ohio State. Plus Three ten pennzoil the Oregon offensive tackle. He is third plus four fifty their King. Sixteen to one Houston quarterback as fourth and then we have Mike Parsons Twenty. Five to one from Penn State V. What Travis at the end? How're you loved him for For heisman he's thirty one to jump back this year to be the number one pick. Tamar chase the lsu wide receiver seven thirty three to one. Then we go into the weeds here a little bit quarterback for Georgia. Jamie Newman. Thirty five to one greg. Russo DEFENSIVE END FOR MIAMI. Thirty five to one goes on and on. Alex Leatherwood Tackle Alabama thirty five to one. Let's start with you Parlay Kid Trevor Lawrence the favourite. I duNNo. He might have been the favourite this year. I mean it's a cornerback. Thing right now. The last three have been quarterbacks Baker. Dialer borrow five of the last six nine of. Twelve fifteen in the last twenty. Why wouldn't you take a quarterback? You're right yeah I think Lawrence had come out this year. He might have. You might have had talk of Him. Going over borough so. I I'm not sure I don't really love these odds for Lawrence but I. I don't think you could find a true early. Mock draft here that doesn't have Lawrence going number one right it. Had I understand that a lot of it will depend on the team that has the number one pick and what their needs are? But I think unlike this year where you didn't see any trades early. I think next year there are several quarterbacks available Lawrence being the the prize there that teams will look to trade for that number one. Pick to take Lawrence. I think you could book that right now so. I don't think anybody but Lawrence. Barring injury will be the first pick in this draft. I'm actually seeing something. Come across Fox bet right now that has you could take Lawrence as the number one. Pick and heisman trophy winner for plus six fifty really wow yen while though we know fields is gonNA put up phenomenal numbers for Hieaux. Thanks so that heisman. That's that's the thing but that did come across a very interesting on Fox bat other bribe. What do you think the odds were probably didn't even have it on the board? Joe Borrow for first pick this time last right well over over one hundred right right. That's the thing right. Even for Heisman is odds. Were full Jesus out of this world. So yeah he. He wouldn't have been up there so. I mean and you would have assumed coming into this year to would've been what too would have been minus two hundred to be the first quarterback right so I guess you'd have to be hesitant with that but yeah for sure What do you like what do you like? Yeah so I mean that's the thing right. I think even last year you know. They've been putting out odds for Lawrence. I mean for the last like at least year For Twenty twenty one and. I think it's always been about minus two hundred People have been touting him as the first pick for the last like three since he's been in highschool although I kind of the field fields odds kinda like as well but I'm GONNA say Panel Sewell So I again Lawrence. I mean I just think the odds minus minus three hundred basically. I think it's at this point. I'm way too early to delay that kind of money for but there is a good chance. That team with the first pick is already going to have recently drafted a quarterback And obviously teams can will WANNA trade up for a guy like Lawrence next year but We saw how it worked out this year with no trades. Either at the top so but still is kind of a once in a generation. Type Offensive Lineman Haven't heard that comparisons really but he probably is the best one since like Orlando Pace. I would think he's just a gigantic human being. He's like six six three fifty but he's lean when you watch him super powerful. I mean the kids only nineteen still so I remember his freshman year at Oregon. He was when he was playing. He was seventeen years old and he was already like the Best Lineman in college. Football so I just think you know odds wise you know maybe I two teams in the draft. Maybe already have a quarterback so At if that's the case I kinda like it. A plus for fifty. That's Jeff Schwartz. Favorite right there scours the PAC ten organ Grad anyway. Six six three like you said between three thirty and three fifty not bad. I'm still looking for the quarterback though Harry and I know I'm not going to get them from you but who was may take any. Lsu Miles Brennan would find a guy like that. Maybe somebody could surprise. Read a Jamie Newman George. I think I took like from last year for Heisman. I pick and all that stuff. I just got the wrong ones. But if you could find that quarterback anyway Harry's can help us with that even though I'm surprising and take Sam Etlinger in the spot ninety two one who's your first PAC is nice. But yes I do believe IT I. It's definitely going to be probably be a quarterback but still a wide receiver here. Devante Smith Forty five to one at from Alabama LNU quarterback if he can put up numbers that he put up this past year listen. He had had more receiving yards and Jalen Waddell. He had more receiving yards in Henry. Rugs and way more and more than Jerry Judy. He had the most receiving yards at Alabama in a season since Amari Cooper in two thousand fourteen. The at twelve hundred yards. He averaged one hundred yards a game. Judy averaged eighty and he had thirteen touchdowns last year too. So if he can put up similar numbers with a new quarterback note no to around. You know why not listen. Plus it's Alabama Guy now now. I think you're wasting ever. You're just wasting everyone's money now. I mean you're GonNa go you more receiving yards than the guy that got picked first overall and Jerry Judy as well in terms of wide receivers in the NFL draft a couple of days ago. I don't even know their quarterback between like three guys Allen share. You're giving up seventy six touchdowns in two years from probably should have been like ninety or a hundred if he stayed healthy. So this guy's going to stand out keyshawn Johnson addict wide receiver taken. I twenty five years ago. How many years ago was that? I don't know that's that's crazy Harry. I think you're wasting money apologized. Everyone wasting more fake money. Harry just put that when you walk by Cliff Kingsbury Trash today just that back right. There wasn't there today. Era pulled it back already. Went by so all right. They go all right. I'm looking for a quarterback. I I might just go semi allender. Why not? I don't know I'm like Oh nine I might take. I'm surprised I'm surprised. Harry didn't go with Brock purdy or somebody like that. Where are you on one thousand one for my boy? God I mean. I don't Paula Kid. The best receiver in the draft was taken at number seventeen this year. And Harry thinks is going to be number one next year. Yeah that's yeah from Oklahoma. I don't know yet. That's ridiculous. All right That brings us to our sponsor of segment. Captain Morgan's make-believe Riverboat Casino. Each week the degenerate try effect and I set sail tackling pretend propositions related to sports pop culture events. Hey the last dance. Everyone the no matter what they're doing during the week no one's busy but they park Sunday nine eastern on. Espn that watching this last dance. Two hours of this documentaries Michael Documentary. It's been good. It's been real good. I do jump around a lot. I don't think Parley Kid I. Maybe we'll cut them some slack. Because I don't think they thought they'd roll these out two at a time so like when you say like one of whom focuses on Rodman and then in the next one we see the second one. He's not even on the team. I don't know it bothers me a little bit. I'll cut some slack because I don't think they meant to rule these out this way. I did on twitter. Put out a poll. Who has the most punishable face on the last dance? I only put up Jerry Krause at night. Thomas as the options krause wins in a landslide. Sixty three thirty seven. That was seventy five hundred votes. The captain approach music. Throw up to the FELLAS. Let's put odds on this. Who does have the most punishable face? When go with krause at minus three fifty Isaiah Thomas plus one sixty Dennis Rodman seventy-two or the field at five to brother? Bryce starters up yeah well when you put this out there. I mean I wasn't even trying to think of anybody else other than Isaiah Thomas You know being a Nick. Fan along suffering Knick Fan. I have even though it's obviously James Dolan fault. I blamed Isaiah Thomas even even to this day for where the Knicks are at this point but just seeing him in the last dance. I mean the excuses. He's making for not shaking it. There's just he always has that smirk on his face that you just want to punch right off of them So so to me. It's easy especially again being next up. Why is it though? Magic has a nice smile that lights up the room. You'd think Isaiah has a nice smile kind of you know anything you would ask for an a smile. But they're so different in terms of how we view right as it just this history behind it. I don't know Paulie Kid. Who Do you like? I have to agree with brother bribes or as much as I wanted to take maybe the field and take like will purdue from the Bulls when he hardly ever shows up in it but when I see him in the background I had something about him. Too But Isaiah's an easy one here for us a Knick fans Fifty six and one away as a coach Then they moved them to the front office where he proceeded to a cost. The Knicks Eleven. Point seven million dollars in a sexual harassment lawsuit Something smug about him Obviously Jordan has a disdain for him and might have to do with a few years ago at IU UNC basketball game. Isaiah held up a A big fat one of those big posters of Jordan's face of him crying Just stuff like that. He does which he obviously gets under the skin of Jordan and That's just says something about him to me even more than I already thought so. I definitely a guy you'd like to maybe take a take a swing at all right. They're not GonNa get any other answer from a Knicks Fan. That's for sure Harry who you saying here while you know as definitely is a weasel always played like the good guy but he really wasn't Some cheap shots to from him. But I'm GONNA take the favorite here of Krause I mean. It's just so smug so arrogant. And just the way. He his demeanor the way he comes off. I'm usually I won't. I'll go off the board here but I'm just GonNa go across that big notes just pop right in the face great to smack me. I mean let you didn't WanNa let Jordan do his thing and distal. It'd be krause easily. While the guy's dead Ari it'd be great to smack him now. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA SPLIT. My vote here. I I know this is not allowed but I want to punch krause in the stomach because I think that'd be funny to see him over but But yeah is Ahah gets one right on the NOGGIN. Not Knock that smile off his face just too much too much history there and I'm not buying into any of it Jim Cunningham. What are you safe? I can see krause going down like King Hippo and Mike Tyson punchout or something but I hate Isaiah to as an fan but I was going to go off the board. I think That little kid who got Michael Jordan's autograph and held up Traffic L. Yeah I'm Marie like jumped out. It was like maybe the first episode. He looked like the yodeling Walmart Kid. I'd take that kid right. There was also the French guy autographs making them up as for the autograph until You Doing. Punch him in the face to our JIM. Connie m thanks for that Jim. Where could people see you on twitter at Jim Cunningham? And the is are ones. Did I stop you there? Jim Did you change it or something. I felt like yeah okay. I forgot for a minute. All Right Jim might be considering a chains twitter handle so you use that one us at one while you can Brother Bry what about you. Yeah Matt Brother Brian Like I told you last week Now that the draft is over a mmediately depressed While but at least in two weeks right we're going to have some UFC covenant so That'd be fun. Hopefully that doesn't get cancelled again but Yeah we should have a nice. I would think if anything of any sports going to survive right now. It's you say and we should have a nice little run of that so look forward to that. Then that's eleven days away right. So NASA podcast posture. It's a good one two good good good. I Pol Kit at the chalk. Talker Sal and I also think next week is our three year anniversary. This podcast yeah. That's nice all right. Well maybe Harry could send us something nice from cliff. Kingsbury garbage to celebrate. What about you Harry? I hope you get arrested from one of these things. This'll be really good. I'm at AO. Harry also check out my articles on odd shark dot com and again brother bribes. A thank you and and our kid for being on the best bet corner dot com last night We had a good time talking about the draft and now what we did on Thursday. Brian had Zuma Zuma going on. We'd like twelve people on a good time so yeah everybody will be safe and thanks. Harry WanNa do it from cliff. Kingsbury driveway. The next your next podcast radio show doing till you get thrown out. That'd be good inside. His garbage can right. Yeah just pop out. It was full. It was like it was like ridiculously. Little Guy Sounds definitely going for someone full garbage in this day areas worried about diet and everything. I don't know exactly. He's got seven hundred extra toilet paper and water and he's talking about someone's full garbage craziness. He's concerned about him yet. He's going through his garbage. You've turned into your brother. You realize that lesson. I'll I'll just take a picture out of ticket. Pitcher myself next to the trash can next tomorrow aright. Hey don't go anywhere. We have Andrew Brandt on big sports insider sports business insider Packard longtime vice president. He's GonNa talk to us about the draft just hanging there novel. Corona virus pandemic escalates in the US. Public health officials are encouraging those who are experiencing signs or symptoms of cove in nineteen such as coughing or fever to seek medical gyns remotely if you or a loved one or feeling sick or just feeling worried. There is a way to get help without leaving. Home row is offering free telehealth services for people seeking guidance and information on cove in nineteen the services available free of charge in all fifty states and Washington. Dc AAC ROSE. Free Online assessment will help determine if you are at risk and if appropriate role will connect you with a medical provider for a free consultation. The assessment was designed by doctors and infectious disease experts and is based on guidelines from the CDC and W. H. O. Visit row dot co Slash Corona virus on your phone or laptop to complete a free online assessment or. Just learn more. If you're worried that you may be experiencing symptoms go to rope dot com slash corona viruses to start your free assessment today that's R. O. Dot Co Slash Corona virus. Welcome back against all odds joining us now. One of the Great Sports Business Insiders Longtime Front Office Guy Former. Vp FOR THE PACKERS. Now has a podcast. The business of sports and a new column on sports illustrated DOT COM detailing. Green Bay's draft choices. Andrew Brandt thanks for coming on against all odds buddy. Sallow is a pleasure to be with you after the NFL. Push through free agency in the draft. And now we'll see what's next on the sports calendar. Wasn't that Nice. I was thinking about it for you. We must have mixed emotions because it's weird for you to not be involved after being in a war room so many years and then to see a very strange scale down but I think successful variation of this. What did you think overall of the of the draft? Yeah I had a weird feeling. It was a kind of feeling of envy and feeling. I haven't had watching the war rooms of the past years since I left the packers and really N. became to down to family. You know imagine doing that. The ten years I was sitting in that war room with all these guys no chance of bringing our kids around and tolerant over or maybe get a snack here or there and you see your wife but yeah I mean I had a feeling of envy watching all these kids come in the room and it was relaxed and there wasn't that tension and yeah it was a different feeling. Watch those because draft is and may never be again. That's an interesting to see if it happens. It just sort of this tension and it's the biggest moment of the off season and you're going out the team and know the feeling. I got this weekend. Maybe you to like. We're just draft football players. You know we're not domino world peace. Let's relax have some fun. It's funny because a bring your kids to work day. I believe was last week and you said in in general you would probably think I'll bring my kids to work any day except draft day and then we saw it was not only possible but it was it was a positive. I think the jets. Gm like they well. My son's birthday was today and we drop got him quarterback. It was nice stories throughout some terrible stories throughout two but some nice ones too when I heard some from a couple executives in the league that you know shining shining moments the league not only to sort of do the draft on and bring awareness and bring money to the covert efforts but also to so show everyone and and more. They're setting rather than this kind of cold setting of a war room and I felt it watching it. I think a lot of people did too. And we knew. Sal It was gonNA break record ratings simply because there's no sports everyone star for right but I think that rating even exceeded their expectations. And I think what what I've heard a. Lotta people is that they kinda stayed with through Saturday which they wouldn't usually do because it was so cool. They want to continue to watch it. Through Saturday. Ratings were up As far as like gambling onto draft itself that went up ten times as much as the previous year. Of course we're not having hockey playoffs. Mba Playoffs in baseball. That would would make sense. Let me ask. I don't like giving grades two teams because it seems silly that a lot of these draft picks don't pay off till two three years. I don't know if you agree down the line so I wouldn't give a grade to any teams but what would you say? Which team do you think reached the most and which one got the big steel? Yeah through question. I've been asked so much packard. I haven't really had been at Trapezoidal as a whole well the packers in a second but yeah. I know we will you know and I think we're going to talk about the eagles as well be but I think beyond the controversial pick it hurts. I like what the Eagles did to really add team speed. They were kind of plotting team last year. Even with the Sean of course Sean got hurt. And they sort of made themselves a different kind of team. They've found a couple of potential replacements. For MALCOLM JENKINS THEY'RE BIG LOSS. And then all these receivers that can run now. Let's see if they can catch but they can run so I really like what the Eagles did like with the Ravens. Did the ravens are always kind of doing the same thing? Tough hard hitting you know just just you WANNA go to war with all the cliches kind of players they get and of course the chiefs doing what they always do. Getting more towards for Andy Reid making the most creative options possible you know in SORTA scratch your head. I mean listen. I'll just say this if if any other. Gm So a D. Two guy in the second round and a controversial kicker. We what the hell you know. What the hell and that's what the Patriots did and of course you gotTa give a lot of credit. Check for what he's done but you're like Whoa. I mean it just did a lot of scratch your head and not taken a quarterback if he didn't see one I get it but You know I just think that. I'm not sure. Stood him in. Hoyer are the last quarterbacks on that roster so I don't know what's next. Well how much of you think. It's I don't know who would have had to have been available for checked of taken a quarterback a lot of people thought Abner Brady Gona Tampa Bay and then Gronk a few days before the draft signing with Tampa Bay like. Oh wow well. Coach checks definitely going to have to take a quarterback. Now it's like no no no. I think it's all a challenge. He needs to win with the antibiotic like you said or Hoyer or one of these guys. It's just weird that he he's he's really dug his heels in when it comes to to this. Now the the controversial kicker monitoring all that stuff but but yeah. I don't. I wasn't surprised that he didn't pass on a quarterback either. Yeah I mean I talked and wrote about for for months and I know you and bill of talked about it a lot in terms of Brady and the Patriots. You know I I lived through the divorce of Farve and the packers. I just saw a lot of similarities where it was. There was no wooing by the Patriots. You know we would Brett back during all those retirement rumors for so many years and then at the end I was like yeah. We're not going to them. And if you want to come back okay. But we're not GonNa win them and then of course Brady redid his contract to get out. It just never seemed like there was a match that was going to continue their. And you're right. What's the thinking behind it from the Patriots Maybe it said Hey. It's not a question of Brady being great or not but we can win. We can win without that level of quarterback and of course Ben Bell Shockwave. Legacy would go through the roof right. I liken it to Jerry Jones never hiring a GM because he doesn't WanNa get in a position where you know. Jimmy Johnson got all the credit for draft picks and ever right so same kind of thing if if if Bella check brings in Jameis Winston or something still. A very capable quarterback went round high in the draft years ago a lot of upside again. He doesn't want to share the credit. I think he wants to start from scratch. You mentioned the packers. You do a great job on your estimate dot com article breaking down the difference between when the packers drafted Rogers while they had farve as an agent quarterback and a few days ago when they drafted a Jordan lob with Aaron Rodgers still a few years left on the contract. I don't know how I'm supposed to feel an at first. I was like Oh my God. Wow I can't believe they're doing this. Darren Rogers and then it comes out like since two thousand five since he was drafted. They've never taken a skill position player in the first round to help them now. I don't know that going Denver Broncos way as a way to go either take drafting receivers for drew lock. I don't know if you load up. I know you you build from the inside out. But what are we supposed to do? Should he have gotten that help? And what what summarize what you think what you said in the article about what this means to the packers who. I let pack exactly what I sat through fifteen years ago to the day it was eerie. You know is a real deja Vu moment for me almost like I said. Iri where we sat there in April of two thousand five sal and two things happened that night number one every guy we wanted gone except one you know we wanted your guy's we wanted. Marcus fears cowboys gone. We wanted to markets where cowboys gone. We wanted Derek Johnson. Linebacker Gone Kansas City. So that happened. The second thing that happened of course no one was taken Rogers even teams. That told him if he's there they take them so. We had this confluence of events that came to us and we realize Oh my God. We're looking at one name and that that plays plays the same position as the most durable quarterback in the history of the sport never gets hurt. Ever and my coaches are my right. And they're saying no way no way do not take someone. That's not gonNA help us this year or next year or who knows never and on my left Ted Thompsons like Hey Andrew. What do we always say? Trust the board So I said listen. If we do this Brett's GONNA be upset. Breads agents can be upset. Probably GonNa put it on a good face. But he's coming to a place that's cold and they'll never play. Our FANS WILL BE UPSET. The fans and media. Ob upset and no one will like this. And then I said but I think we should do it because we're going to stand for something you know. Let's stand for our scouting and are scouting. Says that's the guy so we did? We had lambeau field booed everyone tape bread called and then so the different salads that in two thousand twenty it wasn't a question of player falling in our lap like Aaron Rodgers. They made an affirmative steps to go. Get them now. They're hope is there. Hope I understand. They say we've had a franchise quarterback on this roster for almost thirty years and the goal is to make that forty five years and we think this is the guy. The obvious question is when and the wind is really something where I stick my ground before saying. Hey no I on corvettes ever GONNA sit three years like Aaron Rodgers. And here we go. I don't think he'll sit three though. I don't think obviously won't play this year barring injury and I don't think Oh play next year but we're looking at twenty twenty two to me as Kinda transfer date and then what to do with Erin. Yeah that's I think you're right. That's why it's even more damning. The difference between the year and the Rogers Year. Now a you went after the guy where you didn't he just fell on your lap back when you were explaining and be like you said guys would sit three years back then. They could back up. They can learn. It doesn't happen at the. You pointed out with mahomes where he sat for one year and then it was off to the races with him. So Aaron Rodgers has to be feeling some extra pressure. He didn't he didn't necessarily want right. Yeah I've said you know and I've even told people in Green Bay this like you've gotta manage this and I we don't know exactly what ahrends reaction is. But you've got to manage this and it was tough man. I mean three years I was hearing from Brett's camp all the time you know. Hey Andrew No. It's like to come into work every day. Replacement and then. I was hearing from errands camp. Like when he's GonNa play. When will he ever play? And you just have to say you have to be professional in tactful with both sides and say yeah. Just hold on hold on some become clear at some point so I would think they're going through that again like the kids not now but the cat some point the kids are GonNa say hey. Can I play you know? Yeah and Aaron. Aaron God for years left and Aaron Aaron. And he's the top of the game and massive contract implication so all that on the table now and the way he pointed out to like packers fans are spoiled. Like they've had two quarterbacks in the last thirty years. Okay if you're going to keep that going and that's a nice thing by the way at any browns fan see how coming that is. What would that not have to worry about? Who Your quarterback is but if you're winning ten games every year you're not gonna be able to grab one of the top three right there normally right. It just doesn't pay off so if you had to reach for love. I don't know that he's the answer is a seventeen interceptions. Last year is completion. Percentage went down but that is the way to do. You have to kind of have to go after somebody eventually. Even if it's a couple of years early what about eight Dylan Aaron Jones Kinda Day? Dhows another little bit of a head. Scratcher right. Yeah also is well you sort of figure out? Well wait a minute. You know. Aaron led the League and touchdowns it may be a slight on and maybe a slight on Jamal Williams as kind of the one to go onto punch guy. Maybe this guy becomes the one two punch that Jamal. We'll see. I don't think Aaron Jones is GonNa really get too much affected by this and then you go to receiver and I've been hearing it as you have the packers take a receiver right and all those years. They've never taken a one receive. Although when I was there we took Javon Walker way back in the day. But you know they've taken Jordy and down. I mean Randall COBB and Devante all these second round picks not like their first but they've outplayed a lot of first rounders. I think I'd take a little. I'd take a little probably Personally that we I heard it from Brad all those years to not surrounding with this wall world talent at the skill positions. You Know Brett was like why. Not Randy MOSS WANNA TERRELL OWENS. And you know that's something you just. The packers are not going to be one of those teams. They're just not gonNA be one of those quick fix teams that some teams are. Yeah but I am especially hurtful probably for Aaron Rodgers that the Vikings going get it received one of the better receivers right there. Lsu Jefferson and you know the bears the bears now go into the season with twelve tight ends swamp from Notre Dame so everyone else in the division is building around them. But Yeah it's definitely going to be interesting to say you have a million great draft stories. You told one on twitter if you don't mind repeating I don't want to Give the punchline but two hundred dollars is involved. Yeah it's interesting because What I tell you. What's different about the virtual draft. It didn't really matter as much as people thought it might with things like drafting but once you got the after the draft on Saturday. I thought that was going to be a problem. Because you need those people in the room around you. They're recruiting coaches recruiting players. You've got agent on the point. A player on the deal happened matter of seconds if not minutes so I've always loved stories from that before it gets to the big this story I'll end with is the story of when someone just please you. I guess because that two thousand three draft someone just yells. Hey Anyone Wanna sign this kid. Tony Romo He he's from Wisconsin. And we're like no no we don't want round. We've got some other quarterback who knows anyway. That's my my favorite story. No I'm embarrassed. I don't even know. Remember the name of this kid. He lasted about two weeks but sometimes they don't have they don't have agents so I was dealing directly with this kid and and I said to him. Listen okay. We're GONNA do the deal and great and I said and the bonus it'll be a thousand dollars and you hear him kind of pause and then he's like Mr Brandt I only have two hundred right now but the rest when I get there I leave of. I paused a minute and I said to him known. I said wait a minute. No no no no no we pay you say you. And he goes really. I'm like yes. Yes yes no you just come here will sign the contract. You get the money really think that. Oh right yeah. Got A lot of a lot of love on twitter. Do you remember what he scored on the Wunderlich Test? Because I think that would be telling. I don't deport kid. You know. And he was. He was out of his element when he got there and again. I don't even remember his name. But what is this story by? The way might come to that where players have to pay to play very sad. Tell me Andrew. How do they fix this mess? As you're a betting man. Who are they going sixteen games? Are they going thirteen games? Starting October what are you hearing? How do we get football back? Whether it's only the luckiest league I know. That's relative word. They can watch weight. Nba Nhl Baseball. It can see what the tracing does. The testing does. See how it goes with fans without Fan Marshall Fans see about the biosphere concept? Whatever it's going to be. They're the luckiest 'cause they got time. So you know assuming we're Outta the woods on this thing I guess my best guess is twelve or fourteen game season starting with layered fans moving up to less layered fans but I do think we'll yeah. I do think they're they're full speed ahead and I do think this will happen at some form all right well. That would be great. The only thing I've heard I've heard a lot of models thrown our way. But what happens if you have a Rudy Gobert situation? Yeah you just treat it like the flu and like all right. Listen he's going to and he's going to get you know. Aaron Rodgers is going to quarantine for fourteen days and then he's GonNa come back or or does everyone freak out and closed down. Do you think you think the owners and the League have a handle on that aspect of it. I guess I would say no at this point but I think they will and again watching and learning from others. You know in my day so we had something called. It's still there. Of course Mersa. Yeah right and I remember. We did exactly that. We Cross team the player I don't know if it was fourteen days I was more like five or six days We had a couple of cases of that and if you remember there was a lot of guidelines from the NFL and we had Duke University people come in and do the micro cleaning and everything else so they certainly have the resources you know. There's no shortage of money. So if they can do all the cleaning and testing You know I just. I'm confident in their ability to get it done if other league show show a little bit of a way to do it all right. You know what I'm confident in your confidence I really am. Podcasts is the business of sports. He's got a new com up on sports illustrated DOT COM GOING OVER. Packers the disaster. Maybe it turns out to be a good thing Andrew Brandt. Thanks for coming on against all odds about blood. You tell all right all right. That'll do it for another episode of against all odds cousin sal lock it in segments me and the crew airing on the herd on F s one all week watched Jimmy. Kimmel live eleven thirty five tonight in every weeknight on. Abc that's after the Jenner trifecta hill producer. Jim Cunningham an Andrew Brandt I'm saying so long and happy handicapping.

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