Let's Ride: Why the Steelers draft class is for now, not later


Every day can bring changes challenges and opportunities that can also change your personal or business financial goals and priorities as a true partner. Sandy spring bank can make it a little bit easier. Someone who really listens understands and then create solutions in hard times and good times. We will always drive to be your advocate today. And every day that's real banking for real life and real best best visit sandy spring bank dot com slash real member. Fdic pittsburgh steelers fans. What's going on this. Jeff harding calendar behind the steel curtain dot com with another episode of. Let's roger monday wednesday friday. Podcast here to talk about all things. Pittsburgh steelers like i always do. So what's new with this deal with the steelers. We're gonna talk about all of their. We're gonna talk about this. Nfl draft class which were still dissecting. It's been a little over a week. Now we're still breaking down. We're still trying to figure out what the steelers have with this draft class in twenty twenty. One i'm going to talk about big alejandro villanueva comments and i've got a little bone to pick with some people on social media not individuals. I'm not gonna call anybody out like that. But i do have some issues. It's kind of like the airing of grievances on seinfeld. I've got a lot of issues with you people and you're going to hear about it. Yeah some of you are going to hear about it at the very end of my heart to heart save. But let's start out like i always do. I just want to send a reminder to everyone out there if you're a steelers fan and you love content and that's written that's audio doesn't matter what the form it is. My gosh behind this to occurred dot com should be your one stop shop for all things steelers on top of that. Make sure that wherever. You're going for your podcasts. 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But let's talk about this draft class. The headline the title of this show is why the steelers draft class is for now not later and this might sound a little bit off. The wall. People might be listening to saying jeff. I don't know if you got that right. Did you read that correctly. Why the steelers draft class is for now not later. Maybe that's a little deceiving when you hear my overall thoughts on this so hear me out before you go ahead and judge so when you look at the nfl draft used to have a slogan net. Is that the future is now. We have these images that we use for certain articles behind the steel curtain dot com. Where it's from the drafts of past and it says the future is now boy. Is that correct. The future is now because when people need understand about the nfl draft. Yes you are drafting for the future but if you think for a second that you're drafting for anything more than that specific year you are crazy a you literally. Don't pay attention and it might just be because you kind of fall into these lulls fans follow these laws. Where they're thinking about okay. I'm thinking about three years down the road. I'm not sure why you are. Nfl teams. Don't they're worried about right now. They're worried about this season when they pick mainly in the first three rounds they're expecting players they can help them right now. Not three years down the road right. Now if they draft a player that's quality. He's going to help them out for the next four plus years but the draft slogan the future is now is very poignant. I think that when you plan for you still do plan for the future. I don't want people to think that. I'm getting my messages crossed. You you do plan for the future. But unless you're someone like the jacksonville. Jaguars in their incomplete rebuild mode. I mean completely rebuilding tear down. Build it back up then unless you're a team like that you're drafting for now. Don't worry about the future it'll take care of itself. You're drafting for right now. So what i did is. I went back and i looked at the last four draught classes. That includes this twenty twenty one draft. And i just broke it down looking at players. I think you would consider their now picks and then there's future picks and what that means is that there's players that they're expected to be able to contribute now and then there's players that are looking at okay. You're just supposed to contribute in the future and again you might look at some of these picks in the future and say well wait a second. There's on the team that's fine. That's great they're doing their job. They also you might look and say well. Why would they make this pick. It might be filled the spot of someone that didn't pan out that that was drafted before them. So let's do this the right way. Let's start in two thousand eighteen k two thousand eighteen in the first round the steelers take terrell edmonds. Then they go with james washington. Mason rudolph chook sikora for marcus allen jalen samuels and joshua frazier defensive. Tackle out of alabama. No longer team. Everyone else is still a member of the steelers. When you look at that draft class you can see that. The top two picks edmonds in washington. Were now picks. They were picks that were supposed to be able to help out right now. Edmonds was a again. I'm not saying that when they drafted trump is expected him to start right away. They didn't expect him to start. Right away morgan. Burnett could stay healthy and he was forced to start in. It didn't didn't hurt him. It didn't hurt him at all. he's still a member of team. James washington. I don't know if anyone expected in the come in in just be a superstar but they expected to contribute and he did in his i. It wasn't a big contribution because that was the year the end antonio brown was still around but still james washington did contribute some as a rookie. Everyone else though future picks it. They're looking at okay. Can we get these players to contribute at some point down the road and when you look at it they have mason. Rudolph has played szucs a core for the starting tackle right now. Marcus allen saw significant playing time last season when devon bush was heard jalen samuels has had his moments. Those are good pigs because they are future picks that have panned out. So let's go to the two thousand and nineteen. Nfl draft in two thousand and nineteen. This is when they traded up for devon bush in the third round. They take diontae johnson. Justin lane they get benny snell. Zach gentry sutton. Smith isaiah bugs yuji. Three let's go third endure when gray. That was a huge does a lot of draft picks in that draft and they even traded some away so again look at these devin bush. You trade up to to pick number ten yes. He's a now pick. You're expecting to come in and play right away. He did deontay johnson. I would even say that. He was a now pick. They expected him to come in and contribute in some way and he did whether it's special teams or as a wide receiver. Everyone else in that class would be considered a future. Pick someone that they're like. Okay kinda project. It's going to take some time. We're going to go away and we're going to figure out if we can get them a spot. Justin lane still looking for his shot might be getting this year. Benny snell never really panned out. He's still on the team. He doesn't seem like he's any more than a backup. Zach gentry got hurt last year. He missed all of them all the season with a knee injury. Who knows if he's even going to make the team this year after they take pat farm in the first in the second round of twenty twenty one sudden smith. Everyone had huge hopes for sutton. Smith doesn't even make the team gets cut. Isaiah bugs he might be on the bubble now after the steelers trade into the fifth round and take isaiah louder milk. We'll talk about him in a second but he was as a player that is still contributed in some way shape or form since he's been drafted yuji. Three can't stay healthy. He has all the potential and promise in the robot. He can't stay healthy and derwin gray. Who was a cast off. Pick no one thought he would do anything. Spent some time on the practice squad played. They had to cut him due to moving some pieces on the roster he up getting picked up. He's actually on an nfl roster. I think the last. I heard he was in cincinnati. Maybe i could be wrong but derwin gray is still in the nfl. And so you had devon bush. Diontae johnson were now picks. And everyone else future picks. So let's go to last season. Twenty twenty that was only a really small draft class only six players. When you look at you chase claypool. Alex highsmith kevin dotson. Anthony mcfarland antoine brooks in carlos davis claypool and highest smith and dotson. I don't think that when the pig was. Let me rephrase that claypool highsmith were now picks when the pigs were made. I don't think anyone thought kevin dotson was going to do what he did. I didn't i absolutely. Didn't i saw him a. He's a future pick. That could maybe fill in for. Ramon foster could maybe fill in for a. We knew the going to flex to guard before last season. But maybe to castro's future replacement he was a future guy claiborne. Highsmith were expected to contribute whether a special teams. I think we all thought claypool had a spot on the offense and he proved that he was worthy of that spot. Then you've mcfarland brooks davis. They all made the team. They're all still on the team. They were future. Picks looking back at it now. You kid kevin johnson and you say well he's actually pick. Because i think that there are some i'm not saying i'm one of these people that thought that he was maybe the best offensive lineman they had. It was a small sample size. The steelers really didn't trust him out there and big moments but still he was consistent. He was a very consistent player. In hindsight he definitely could be considered a now. Tick not a future bit but when the pick happened. I think it was a future pick. So let's look at this year's draft class the class is still so fresh in remind nine players selected and let's see who could be considered now picks and then picks ever more for the future picks that we are expecting them to come in and play significant snaps in some way shape or form for the steelers this season. That's the definition of a now pack compared to those that were looking at maybe inactive on game day. Maybe they don't make the team. Maybe they are someone that you're looking at and saying this guy maybe can contribute somewhere down the road. So let's start. Nause harris pat fryer kendrick. Green those your top. Three picks dan more buddy johnson. Isaiah louder milk quincy rochet trae norwood and pressley harvard. So let's talk about now. Picks who out of the nine would fall into the now category. We'll nashi here is number one. Yes he's a now pick. I'm not saying that he's going to be well. I think he will be. I'm not going to predict it. But i think he will be the three down bell belco back for the steelers but if they designed to spell him with benny snell only in the season sprinklings anthony mcfarland maybe sees jalen samuels as an h back with matt canada. Because he's familiar with that scheme. I wouldn't i wouldn't be shocked but i think that nauseous is going to very large role in this team. In this offense and twenty twenty one. Pratt pat fryer. M- youth frothy meath from penn state. Second round pick. He's a now pick as well clearly. They weren't happy with eric ebron. Advance mcdonagh retires. So zach entry. Nope he's not the answer Kevin reiter no probably not and they didn't go out and get a free agent tight end. Someone like jesse. James will still out there tyler. I for those being tossed around that. They were rumored to the steelers or anything like that but there was a gaping hole a tight end so they take meet in the second round. He feels that whole. That also means that he's going to be a now pick in a big way barring injury barring him not being able to block the nfl level knob being able to understand concepts at the nfl level but he played at penn state. That's a big time kalija program. I have no doubt that he's going to be able to come in and contribute as a rookie he's in albuque- he is a now pick now gets a little dicey kendrick green. Is he a center. Is he a guard. He did not play center that much in college. I didn't realize this until our own Cliff is still a punk. Or kevin smith have ever gov. He's one of our film. Guys are behind the steel curtain dot com. He did the breakdown on green. And i read it. And i'm looking at the film that he put in there and he's he all the video showed a only very few. I think he only played center in four games so thanks. Yeah he's center. That's going to be the center. Do we really know that or is he. Maybe a backup center in can flex to guard and they want to address center. Maybe next year he gives them options but he announced pickers future brick. I think he's a now pick. I think he's a now pick because they might need him more ways than one. We'll put it that way. David decastro struggles or if he gets hurt. Maybe he's the guard maybe he's the first guy in. I don't think it's joe hague. He's more of a tackle guy. I know they said he can flex the guard. I'm not try by that has our. Bj finney well. You'd have to make a decision if someone gets hurt. A guard are you to move. Bj finney to guard input kendrick. Green at center is kendra. Green gonna win the center job outright. These are questions. Kendrick green now gives them some versatility. I'm not sold on jaycee dugard center make that very clear. I've made that clear before he added you bang attention just not a big jc our fan. So i think the kendra greens and now pick. He was picked to help out this season. Twenty twenty one. Is there anyone else. Because now we get into day three picks there anyone in day three that i view as a now pick. There's only one there's only one and that's presley harvard. My my boy. Big press. Because i think that he can not only beat out jordan very he can be the punter for the long term and he can do that now. Specialist kickers longs of only the steelers draft a long snapper in the six round. And that's my boy call and jojoba but still presley. Harvard should be able to beat out jordan berry. And if he does he'll be the punter he'll be the punter you only keep one so yes absolutely. He's a now pick if they give big f because we know jordan varies a weasel. And when he when you have a weasel he'll find his way back he did it. Last week last year with colquitt he could do it again with harbin but if i e r presley harbin burs if presley harbin beats out jordan varied. And there's no doubt in my mind that he will be announced picks that leaves dan more offensive. Tackle buddy johnson. Great article ran yesterday on behind his current dot com film. Breakdown of buddy johnson. I highly recommended to anyone. That loves that type of subs to see what you got with. Buddy johnson you need to check out that article that was written by kevin smith. He really breaks down how he could be the future inside linebacker next to devin bush. And it'd be those two and they're very athletic. That's a good thing. Isaiah louder milk. I don't think anyone in their right mind believes that he's a now pick Quincy rochet could contribute on special teams. But if you go back and look at all these other players. Whether it's benny snell whether it's jalen samuels marcus allen whether it's your antwon brooks it's not that these players didn't contribute as rookies. It said they weren't expected to be significant players on the on the roster. I hope that makes sense. I do think once he might see some time at outside linebacker. I do think that he's gonna play special teams. But i don't think they're going to count on him. Barring injury i agree the same with trae norwood future pick. He's versatile he is what mike tomlin called a swiss army knife in the secondary. He can play safety. He can play cornerback and so they're gonna utilize him in some way shape or form. No doubt about it. So you look at traynor would and that makes more johnson. Louder milkshake norwood. All future picks for the steelers they will contribute in some way shape or form but their future picks and this is kind of. Let's bring it all the way back around. I hope that everyone understands that when you look at the nfl draft a lot of people say well. This player could be good in a few years. The history shows that not necessarily always feasible. So look at two thousand and nineteen draft. Benny snell hey. This guy could be good in a few years. What they do in two thousand twenty one they just running back. They just took a running back and now. You're looking at benny snell playing out his rookie contract and he'll be going elsewhere. I really really doubt that. He'll stay in pittsburgh And then you look at other positions where you have players that were drafted in then a year later. They took another player the same position. Look at isaiah bugs. Isaiah bugs was a ads trying to find it here. I lost it. He was he was in the later rounds. I think he was a sixth round draft. Pick out of alabama and. You're like okay bugs. He had a lot of sacks for the crimson tide could he possibly be a guy that develops in the future and he's a big time player. You think that at the time and then what do they do. They trade into the fifth round of the twenty twenty one. nfl draft. They give up a twenty twenty two fourth round. Pick to get isaiah louder milk outta wisconsin's please tell me how that actually works. Bugs or mondo or carlos davis who was a seventh round. Pick and twenty twenty. They could be off the roster this year because of that so we love to say with the future pick. This could be good in a few years until they draft. Someone that they think is better. That's just the way the nfl draft is now. You don't have the luxury of waiting around six or seven years till you just can't do that. They've got to be. Nfl ready they've got to be nfl ready. And that's one of the reasons. Why the steelers do focus on mainly the power five schools because they are the most. Nfl ready players coming into the draft. You look at last this number one graphic nashi harris. If you watched the road to the pros documentaries he talked about how he had with teams and they were asking him questions about protections and things like that and he kept on telling these coaches guys. I went to alabama. I know all this stuff. I might call it a different thing. For instance you might call a left. Blogging for instance as a pass blocker as running back. If he has to slide to the left. You might call it lucy. He might have called it lefty. It's the same thing. It's just different terminology because alabama's like the nfl team just collegiate level may run the same principles. Same type of offense in. That's why those players are coveted in the nfl. So don't fool yourself the. Nfl draft is not for the future. The future is now meaning. Who can help me right now. Especially for a team like the steelers. The steelers aren't messing around. They wanna win right now and they wanna find players that can help them win right now and that's the case every single year. I hope that made sense in the second half. It's going to get a little feisty going to warn you it's going to get a little feisty we've got some talk about some big al comments and we're gonna talk about some of these we'll be right back support for this episode comes from locker room the app. That's changing the way we talk. Sports locker room as a sports fans dream come true. It's a live audio platform that lets you connect with other fans experts. And even the athletes themselves locker room makes it easy to start your own conversations. Talk about the latest rumors takes news and teams you care about most join massive watch parties for all of your friends to react together in real time as you celebrate buzzer beater or suffer the agony of a crucial bricks. Free throw. and if you've got a bunch of supremely spicy takes you like to fire off during luck you can even record the conversations if you want and released them as a podcast to. It's time to start thinking about catchy. Titles it's all totally free and available at the. Irs store right now so go. Download it today. Locker room changing the way we talk sports. All right pittsburgh zula fans welcome back to the second segment of let's ride. I'm your host. Jeff harbin here for the second segment of this monday wednesday friday. Podcast every monday. Wednesday and friday at five o'clock eastern time is when this goes out and the co editor roberta steel curtain dot com. You didn't know that by now but still. We have a lot to talk about still to finish out this friday show. I hope you have a great weekend planned by the way it's for me. It's a rest and recover weekend after last weekend. The nfl draft is so long and grueling for people who cover a team. I don't care if you're a blogger that gets paid. I don't care if you run a website. Like i do or if you are a credited writer from some newspaper i don't care it's a long weekend so this is a restaurant. Recover weekend for me but the news on wednesday was interesting. We'll put it that way. Big our one hundred villain wave. I was asked about this in my tuesday mailbag segment and that was. What do you think about villanueva. Going to the ravens. Is it something we should be concerned with. Is this something that is you know we're looking at is does the steelers have an advantage knowing alejandro villanueva and i answered the question and i was honest about it but then he has his first press conference with the ravens and the media. They're you know they're going to ask him a lot about the steelers you know. They're going to ask him about the military because the baltimore media contingent hasn't had the chance to really ask him these questions. Now there are some that. Cover like for instance. Espn writers nfl network people. They've covered him at all wherever he's been because they might cover the entire. Afc north but there were so comments that were made by villanueva. That i was kind of. Wow i can't believe that you know. I can't believe he said that but at the same time. Let me explain i. He was asked about why he came to baltimore. Why did he choose baltimore. Well the first thing he says that the steelers made it very clear once the season was over that they did not have an interest in bringing him back. I found that interesting. I feel like that was the situation. Maybe where they said. Hey we can't offer you as much as some of these other teams are so you have the green light to go look and maybe we can bring you back. But it's not gonna be for what you're expecting the starting left tackle and we're not probably going to promise you that you would start either it so he's probably looking at the writing on the wall saying i don't wanna come back to this situation. I wanna play. I've been started here. Ever since i got that job as a starter i i wanna play in. So the steelers were never an option. But why did he go to the ravens. Here's what he said. Quote the fact that i knew the ravens is a team that plays hard a team that plays afc north type football. And i get a chance to play the steelers as well with something that motivated me coming here for shore. Oh oh okay all right. I my ears perked up a little bit. My ears perked up a little bit. He little shots fired there at the steelers meaning. He knew he was going to get a shot at the team that maybe he felt that they kind of turned their back on him. Maybe he felt today. He was still playing at a high level and they didn't value him. Let's forget about the fact that the salary cap dipped and you really couldn't pay a left tackle starting left tackle money but that's neither here nor there. Then all of a sudden yeah. He was asked about his time in the service why he left the military But then more red flags went up when villanueva's asked about run blocking because he didn't do a ton of that in pittsburgh let's be honest. He was more of a pass blocker in. He's still good at pass blocking. Here's what he says. I'm assuming it's not as much fun. Running the ball for the receivers because they're not getting all the catches they're making the tiktok in there having fun on their social media and shots fired. Everybody shots are fired. Right across the dow. If you're the steelers if you're someone like juju smith schuster chase claypool eric. Ebron you're saying he says what he said what. Oh my gosh now zach. Banner kinda tried to calm down the fan base a little bit and said al is living in your heads rent-free right now l. o. L. e. o. g. Already i wish him. Well congrats on a great career in the steel city. That's great jack. Thanks thanks we can think for ourselves. We can think for ourselves and then he got jerry of the pittsburgh post gazette anne. Here's a war veteran. Who is of decorated war veteran. Who goes to a new team and says these things and people just turned their back on. It speaks volumes about the fan base. Well you know what jerry you know what jerry. I got a couple of comments for you. And i've got a couple comments for our one hundred villanueva allah hundred villanueva. I still don't hate you man because you're with a new team. You gotta say what you're supposed to say. Did i think you were going to say that. No did i think he would just tell the company line say. Hey i'm not gonna talk about pittsburgh i'm just gonna focus on my time in baltimore. I'm gonna try to make the ravens the best team that they can be did. I think that's what you're gonna say. Yes you chose not to go that route. Guess what you also did. You gave the steelers some bulletin board material so when the steelers play the ravens. Guess what's going to be in your face. A bunch of microphones. You're going to answer some questions. And you're going to have a motivated steelers team to go out there and shut you up. T. j. watt will be ready to shut you up period. That that's is how it's gonna work out that's how it's gonna work out. But then jerry dulack his comment on twitter. I mean i want to read it verbatim. I wanna give jerry the benefit of that here okay. So here's a dulack. Says he says all of a sudden who served three tours of duty in afghanistan and stands up for his is a villain in bad guy because fans think he took a few folks at their beloved football team. That's all you need to know about some fans. Well jerry gerbera. Let me explain this to you. And i said this on twitter you can follow me on twitter at j. h. Ertms underscore pat. I said let me make something very clear. I've said this before. I'll say it again. I'll probably upstate a million other times in that is i root for the pittsburgh steelers. I do not root for individual players. Do i hope those players succeed. Yes why because they're steelers because they are pittsburgh steelers if they leave or when they leave they are no longer steelers. Therefore i do not care i guarantee you. Mike tomlin if he was as it. What do you think about big al hundred illinois waves comments. I don't care. He's on a member of my team anymore. I appreciate the work that he is here but he's not here anymore. So i'm not saying he's dead to me but in 'cause i still do appreciate what he did for the country. I appreciate the worst stadium for the steelers he was very good very serviceable left. Tackle not take anything away from him. But i'm not going to sit here as a steeler fan and say oh okay well whatever. It really doesn't matter because big our hundred villanueva can say whatever he wants. He can see what everyone's i root for the steelers. I don't root for individual players. Do i have players that. I enjoy watching absolutely everyone. That's listening to me. There's a big ben roethlisberger fan. I've always liked rothlisberger since he was drafted in two thousand and four but at the same time if rothlisburger were to leave. I don't know let's say he goes to the houston. Texans i literally just put a name out of a hat in my head. He goes to the houston texans next year and finished his career. Houston am i going to root for the texans. No no. i'm not. If ben talk. Bad about kevin colbert and mike tomlin. Am i gonna care. No am i going to have to write the story. Yes but am i gonna care. No i'm not gonna care. I really don't care big. Al can say whatever he wants like. I said earlier he has to. He's in news city really since he came into the nfl. He was with philly for a cup of coffee as defensive lineman and then pittsburgh picks them up and turns into a left tackle. He's been in pittsburgh ever since and so. He's in a new city with new expectations. He's going to say things that maybe rub his former team the wrong way. I don't blame him. I don't blame him for because he's got to try to find his niche with this new team and he's gonna talk about running the ball more he might take some jabs whatever. Whatever i'm a fan of the steelers not individual players. If the. I don't know how to make that more clear. I really don't so that's all i want to say about that. That's all i want to say. I wanted to get that off my chest. I'm a steelers fan. I don't root for individual players. I root for players succeed because they help the steelers. Make sure we know that all right. Let's have a little heart heart. Finish out the show so didn't article. When i talked about this extensively on my podcast on wednesday i comparing najah harris the lady on bell. I said in the article i said it in the podcast and some people in this is one thing that i cannot stand about social media. If you're going to comment on something whether it's a tweet whether it's an article whether it's a podcast whether it's video. I don't care what it is. Please for the love of all things holy read. Watch or listen before you comment. I know for a fact there were people that commented on my article. Comparing nausea harris lady on bell didn't read a word all they did was read the headline and this is not new. This is not new. This is the age of social media. I get it but they read the headline and said oh. My gosh nauseous is just the next nauseam. You need me. He'd go compare them to bell. I have i have a saying about. I've come in about that does that but we're just letting himself shut up already. Read the article. Listen to the podcast. I sit in the podcast. I'm not comparing him to the person a not comparing him to anything. He did off the field. Whether was the marijuana is situation. The holdouts everything. I'm not comparing him to edit all. I'm comparing him as a player. That's it in the article. I said at the very top of the article. I'm not comparing him to the person off the field. I'm not saying he's gonna go and have a horrible crappy rapping career. I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying that as a player. That's what i'm comparing him to in as a player when on bells in his prime you should be one hundred percent okay with najji harris. Maybe being on bell two point l. But the people say oh. Najji is the next night nausea. Look at what you're saying. You sound like an idiot and this is actually stuff that i deal with on social media. Don't be an idiot. okay have an open mind. Be able to read something and if you don't agree with then let's talk about it. But there were so many people on social media and in the comments behind the curtain dot com. That made these comments about the article. And you could just tell. They didn't look through everything they didn't see the comparisons of the times in the hot. This is the stature the highlights in the stats from college. I didn't look at it. And i said it blatantly on every single platform this is not about off the field stuff and yet here we have these morons still commenting about off the field stuff so i want to get that off my chest. If you're going to comment on something at least do the person that product provide produce the content whether it's written audio visual doesn't matter do them the service of actually watching listening or reading. That's all i gotta say that's art gotta to say 'cause if you don't do it then don't comment it's that simple and that's on anything really it is. It's on anything all right. I got a lot of my chest in this show. I hope you appreciate it. I had fun. i hope you did too. We had a weekend coming up. Will there be steelers news. I don't know but if there is. I'll be back on monday to talk about. Just that and i hope that you make behind the curtain dot com your one stop shop for all things pittsburgh steelers wherever you get your podcasts or steelers. Steel curtain. Subscribe follow do you have to do. And also if you're listening turns itunes. I knew that half of you are give us a five star rating if you enjoy content. Leave us a good comment. It all helps exposure. We've moved into the number one slot on the steelers side. We want to stay there. I don't even even threatening us and your need your help. I need your help with. This will help us out five star rating in a good comment. We appreciate that as we always finish it out. Here be safe be kind. God bless have a great week. Everyone we'll see on monday. Those deal our period burn.

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