Episode 17: Eddie Edwards on GayBarchives


Welcome to another episode of the gay bar show where we explore gay history one bar at a time. I'm your host. Art smith in our special guest today started his performing career at a very early age. Impersonating the look and the sound of such gay icons as bette midler barbra streisand and share forty years later. He's still at it. Please welcome eddie edwards. Welcome eddie thank you very much. It is great to be here art. Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it. You're quite welcome looking forward to our conversation. Yes me too. I think this is going to be a lot of fun down. Memory lane ed and has been for me so far as you know. My gabe archives project is all about exploring the history of gay bars and the role. They played in the growth of our community. Why do you think that's important to remember that part of our past. Oh man well because it is basically the on. Lgbt transgender community. If i miss something you know a forgive me but I think in a lot of cases for a lot of people that was basically our family when we actually were coming out of the closet. We were confused when we have all mumbo jumbo going on in our brains about you know all the craziness that society basically gives us all this trash. The the gay bars were very important to me in so many other people And it's it's it's kinda changed a lot over the years but yet the foundation is still there in the fact where it's just a great community the fam And i think it's something that needs to be always remembered And something that needs to be you know always there for us as a gay community To be able to have. I agree one hundred percent. You started performing in gay bars at a very early age and the early eighties. Some accounts claim that you knew that you were gay by that time. What was that experience like for a teenager. Well i'll tell you on. I knew i was gay probably even before i hit puberty. I know that's really weird For a lot of people to understand. Maybe not. But i really knew that i was gay and on i think the only thing that kind of held me back from kind of accepting it You know at the age of like you know twelve. A thirteen was basically my influence. I had with the Religion that i grew up with which was pentecostal You know southern baptists and That kind of lasted for a little bit. But then as i educated myself about it i realized that it was just a bunch of hullaballoo. You know lot of craziness that is based on fear and of course you know just other people's belief but i just kind of on you know decided i wasn't gonna live ally and i was just going to basically let the world know who was that i was and if they decided to accept me. That's great if not. That's their issue not mine. I mean i. It came to terms with it. So i actually told my. I told my. I told several people. I didn't tell my dad. I told my mom. I told other friends of mine that Were gay that. I was gay and then When i was a sophomore in high school i came out of the closet. Now this was a very redneck. A high school it was tucson arizona back in the One thousand nine hundred eighty And it was really redneck. And i just thought you know what this is who i am. This is you know i'm not. I'm not gonna live ally. I think that's probably was the most important thing is. I didn't want to live a lie in who it was that i was as a person. Well it's funny because you know. I'm glad that i actually did that. Because i get letters and emails from a lot of people that i went to high school with who said that i was really kind of their their hero in a way because on as they came to their ob sexuality on you know in learn to a was that they were. I was an inspiration to them. Which was you know. Kind of weird for me but a lot of these people were people that i got bullied by but anyways You know that was the reason why. I decided to come out of the closet when i was really young because i just you know i just didn't wanna live ally and you have a a somewhat unique experience because you started before you were professionally performing. You started performing at home with your identical twin brother and your parents and your twin brother were aware that you were gay. Obviously since you came out to them What was their reaction. Well i think my brother was the one who took it. The most difficult and the reason why is because when you're twin you are really judged as the same person you don't have your own identity so It was really hard. I think for him But you know in another way as time went on it was an inspiration for Him because later on you know during the His life he did come come to terms that he was gay but he just didn't want to live the gay lifestyle which was fine. I mean again. I have no judgment about that. You know if someone wants doesn't want to live the life of being gay. That is their decision so he that's the way he's always been I would say from the age of twenty on. He decided that he wanted to become a sexual just because of our careers and he just did not have the time to be able to focus on that part of his life so it was kind of just put everything into business and i respect that. I appreciate that and in all honesty. It was good for me. Because i didn't want to run the business part of show business but a lot of his friends that were gay looked up to me and john. I think that on you know it was a it was tough but we when we when we played his kids i was always the woman and he was always demand so i think that you know in a sense kind of deep down you know he knew that this was the journey that i was gonna take life and i will say that you when we started working together was really a major issue for a very long time just because my brother is a devout born again christian now on but yet i say that in a way where he's very open to gay people and all that stuff he doesn't have a judgment towards any of that those people now he did it earlier in his life Twenty years ago. But i think the journey that i've taken in my life Has really helped him. Look at the whole gay thing Completely differently i can understand that. And i totally agree with your philosophy as well as his that while. It is heartwarming to hear about some celebrity or person that you admire and respect coming out as being gay and that does kind of bring a sense of pride to the you know two gay people in reality. I don't care who anybody is sleeping with. Unless i'm sleeping with them. Then that that might be an issue but in general it doesn't matter to me who other people choose to sleep with. That's their business. Yes yes yes. Yup i agree. So you have performed all over the world you performed. In asia japan japan china singapore singapore. You performed in puerto rico. The bahamas all kinds of different places and several of these were gay venues s. You remember the names of these these gay bars where you're performed early in your career and you have memories about them and yes i do and being being someone who was young You know not that. I'm young now but younger. I was in my twenties and thirties were. I was traveling to these places. It was so amazing for a young gay man to be able to experience the the gay bars and all of the things that were kind of different project the same From america to let's say japan or china or You know Puerto rico or different things like that on you know. A lot of it was the same but yet a lot of it was different. I think the common denominator is that they were all the same but yet it was interesting because in some countries that i were female impersonators. Gods you know they were. They were just amazing because people just looked up to them because they were just amazed by what it is that they did so. It's kinda like you know the the ladyboys in thailand They are you know like goddesses over there and it's very popular and you know You know it. They were not looked down. Upon like we were looked down upon in the seventies and eighties where we were just drag. Quaid's you know our and different things like that over there. It was considered to be an art form on it. Was these these These drag queens were kind of worshiped you know in their own community and on you know Their their art form of performing was amazing. Things that i had never seen it's amazing the imagination. All the different things that you know that they did over there that i had never seen as a gain man over here. You know when. I grew up on look-alikes were basically The thing if you didn't do a look alike and you were a drag queen You weren't really anything you know. It's not like now. We're like with the with the rupaul drag race. People are the set. They had their own image. They had their own thing Back when i was in the eighties you know It was different. You kind of had do a look alike To be able to be kind of a big not saying that there were not people that had their own personas. But everyone that i that i worked work. That had their own celebrity. That they actually did so like you said In japan wonderful bar called the kinsmen. I don't know if it's still there is wonderful. We did performing there And then on singapore it was a place called dorothy his With was owned by two of my very dear friends I know they had chosen different things over there than in In puerto rico. We did an amazing place. We did this a lot. It was called the atlantic beach. Hotel was to gay A gay hotel gay bar that was on the water and they had a amazing outdoor area right on the beach. And so when you were out there you know you had a wonderful midst of the ocean. The wind that was hitting you and your hair and it was just blowing. Just write whatever and it was kind of like diana ross. She was in central park with the hair. All this up or whatever and we add a amazing amazing times over there. it's interesting. I don't remember the gay bar in the bahamas but there were a couple of them that i formed out when i was over there. Which was you know we really. You know that was. That was really great Experience they really and you have to realize you know over in the bahamas. It's very conservative so That was really underground. It was kind of an underground club. Because the you know the bahamas people didn't really look at Gay people as you know. accepting china exact same way. It was all underground I don't remember the bar over there tonight. Performed at but it was on there. Were a couple of them a man. It was packed. It was packed and they gave money like it was going out of town and also japan was the same way They would tip you a hundred yet. Which i believe at that time was about one hundred dollars so you know they. You really made a lot of money when when you went over there And then also amsterdam is well performed over in amsterdam at several different places. One i think was called the concrete I believe i'm not sure about that. But i i. It seems to be At performed i couple performed a couple of other places again The it was amazing. They really worshiped. You know celebrity impersonators drag queens over there and it was just you know it was really amazing. How like over there at that particular time. It was just so open and everyone just let everyone be who they were and it was amazing in. You know the bath houses over. There are completely different than the bath. Houses were here in the eighties where it was kind of like a hush hush thing over there. They're celebrated over there. They have they had two different ones. One was a day spa and it was a place where you would go and you would relax and you would have your massage than you. Would you know all that stuff and was like a luxury thing. Whatever and then you would do your thing. Whatever during the day maybe in between work and then at night you would go to the evening spot and that was a whole different other things as well but it was celebrated over there so the cultures were very amazing to me and i just loved it so much because in a lot of those places unlike the united states are being gay was it was just a celebration and i think that was what i really enjoyed about being in different countries at that time. was it was celebration. You know More so now. It's more of a celebration than it was back then in the eighties. Because i think of aids and everything like that you mentioned the Atlantic beach in san juan and alantic beach hotel. And the first time i went to san juan i was on a trip that was sponsored by the puerto rico tourism company which is like their travel bureau and they put us up in hotel on condado beach called it was the sheridan i'm not sure marriott kanadoglu it had this laris casino downstairs and it was not a gay trip. It was a trip that i was doing for publication mainstream publication. And i was little nervous. Because i knew that puerto rico is a little bit of a You know macho image of nails in that there was not likely to be as much openness for You know the gay community. And i was hoping to at least able to visit a gay bar while i was there and kind of experience. It and the irony of it was that one night i decided to go from the marriott and walk down the beach so i walked between. You know the side of the marriott down the san toward the beach and there were these big sea turtles. They're roped off because it was may and they were in breeding season and i walked past there and turned to the left to walk along the beach at night and the very next building to marry hot was the atlantic beach and i didn't know it was a gay bar didn't know what it was but there are people up on the patio having a good time and there was music and says i'm going to go up there and have a beer and so like you were saying it was. It was kind of unusual that it was in such a open public tourist area light next to a major hotel. Unfortunately the The atlantic beach bar is permanently closed. Now so it's no longer there but You know obviously at a young age performing gay bars. What impact did the gay bar scene. Have on your process with coming out. How did that impact you. Well you know. I think basically it was the fact that i just saw so many people that were just happy and they were themselves and it was their energy and that they just didn't care what the world you know thought about them when they were in that particular atmosphere and you know i just I you know. I mean i have always always just thought to myself you know. Life is just way too short to be able to hide it. Is that you really. Are you know. I'm not religious. But i'm very spiritual person. And i believe that a lot of cases god put gay people on their on earth to be able to teach the world about diversity you know and being able to you know Made people understand that everybody is different. In every way rather it's sexuality the colored the skin you know type of person they are personalities you know on and on and on it's all about diversity and as the world gets older and older and older i do believe that diversity is going to basically kind of on people are just going to really on just embrace it and enjoy it and in a lot of cases may be you know celebrate it and i think that's what's happening now more so than a lot of different places. Yeah i mean we. We are seeing some things with race in all that stuff. But i really think that things you know in a lot of cases have to get worse before they get better. You know But that your question regarding the impact. I think it just was the fact that i just loved the way that people just accepted the fact that they were and how much more happier they what they were because i did see people when i was out of the bars that i knew for a fact i mean these people were going to high school with. They're like totally gay. You know but yet they were so denying it and you could tell by just their their their essence and how they were that they just were not happy. They want happy because they just had this little secret inside. That would just eating away at them because of what society has fed them you know in their brains and they decided to take this little thing and take it on as a belief and it completely destroyed you know so many people you know and i just thought going to be one of those people. You know i'm going to. I'm going to celebrate my gayness. I'm going to celebrate the gift that god gave me. You know So that's that's that's kinda you know the the impact it had on me and obviously it was. It was a positive thing for your career to because you got to start performing publicly with gay bars and things like that before you may have been able to get into some really you know mainstream venues in california talent and everything you performed also at an iconic bar in los angeles i think everybody who Reminisces about the old days in in la has at some point mentioned studio one And that must have been an incredible experience for someone coming from tucson and having that smaller town image in their head and then going to somewhere like studio one. That like for you off when i tell you art it was it was such a drain because as i always i always of studio one in all of the celebrities that use to perform there because you know they had that place downstairs from it. Oh god and you know. I can't remember the name of it. The rose tattoo. I think is It was called yes. And oh my god i mean wayland. Flowers perform their jim bailey. Perform their If i'm not mistaken a lot of great celebrities perform there. And i just i dreamt as a child when i was a kid i thought oh my god i mean i could see myself you know being able to perform at these places now back up a little bit on so i graduated from high school when i was seventeen years old. I graduated when i was a junior. Just because i wanted to be able to finish my education and high school. I want to get my diploma. And then i had things i had to do. In the world i wanted to become a star. You know on sell. I basically graduated. When i was a junior i left. Tucson actually left tucson You know a star because you know. I was very well known as female impersonator really a celebrity impersonator. I wasn't a drag queen. Although i it's funny i it was my only time that i did have a drag name. My drag name was miss. That was my very first drag name. That was what all the drag queens decided that they were gonna call me missy so that was kinda like my very first Drag name I didn't bring it with me. I just thought. I just wanna just go with eddie edwards. That was what i had for my in my career. But it was so i moved i graduated. I moved to la. My uncle was the announcer on the senate share show. He was very connective. He was the one who said ladies. And gentlemen. Sonny and cher. That was my uncle jack and he basically got me into The industry Working as a script. Boy i was. I was a running scripts Off preteen them up for all of the famous Thing series that we're going on like fame little house on the prairie. Who's the boss. You know all that stuff. Whatever so i was do we back during the day and then at night i would go. I would venture out to the gay bars and you know i. would you know. Try to figure out how. I could be able to crack this. Not you know because no one knew me. You know i so anyways on. So what happened was around the time that down and out in beverly hills Was was very big They were having a bette midler look-alike contests and scott forbes. The owner put this whole thing together. Scott forms was amazing. Amazing guy and he basically Had known that i did that. And he said we're having a bette midler look alike contest and we I would like for you to be able to interrupt. Because i think you have a really good chance of winning. It was hosted by the very famous female impersonator kenny. Sasha now kenny. Bette midler impersonator of that particular air. There was no one who looked more like that midler than he did at that particular time plus he also traveled with share on the road doing a lot of videos of him out there singing with share as bette midler when they were in las vegas anyways. So kenny hosted the show. Long story short. I won the grand prize. I think it was a thousand dollars. I think at that time and that was kind of when people started to know. Talk about me. All the subsidy is amazing. That midler all that stuff. And then that kind of is what got me into the actual on circuit In california at that time which was like a it was rage Which the the one of the big ones The four star saloon. I did hundreds of shows at the four star. Saloon with erica townsend. Which was the the main diva at that time and she hosted the show so i worked there a lot and then at that particular time they had every every like i think every every other sunday they would have kaj. That was when the famous kaj girls from the the main nightclub the one that created it all here in the united states was just literally four minutes down the road and that was where all of the celebrities would go to see famous drag queens now. I thought to myself. I'll never worked there ever but i just would always i go there i hang out. You know you know mingle with the cast all that stuff. Whatever anyways i got really good in with the cast of that Particular on the show. The the the the main show that was way before the broadway musical and all that so i'm going on a tangent. I don't wanna get a head of myself by a long long long story short. I went in. I addition for kosh and after i was hired as bette midler the very first day. That's how popular my bet. Bette midler was. I was hired immediately a four for that but the guy the owner loop has yoko who is mr kasha fall was the one that actually created created. He said you know he said if i'm going to hire you on a regular basis. He says you can't just do one character. You've gotta do to characters. Everybody had to do at least two characters. So i said well i said i do barbara streisand. He says well. How good is it. I said well. I'll audition for for you So i he said this. The most pathetic thing i've ever seen in my life he says Work on it and come back. I worked on it and worked on it work done. I even went as far as hiring professional makeup artists to kind of help me make up whatever long story short after six eighteen sixteen auditions. I finally got hired as barbra. Streisand and mr kaj and then the rest is history to mazing so far. Most of what we've talked about of your coming out experience and you're you're performing experience in the early years as been pretty positive and uplifting And i don't wanna leave our viewers or listeners with the wrong impression You were bullied and shunned for being gay at some point as well correct. Oh god yes so much i mean. In high school because tucson arizona back then was basically like the south. You know i remember. You know. I was i i was. I was bullied in high school so much. It was so funny because my brother had to go through the exact same thing because we were so identical. People couldn't tell us apart. So you know. I remember this one time when i first came out of the closet and all this stuff. One of the the big jocks. He was the quarterback or whatever. One of the big guys was really popular you side. Hey dude you said. I i heard you. I heard your brother was gay. Is that true. I said no. That's not true. Said i'm the one that's gay he those arcade of he just went. And just weld on you know and you know and so you know i You know i. I put up with that. You know but you know. I just figured you know if i was if this was what i had to go through to accept. Who was that that i was so be. I mean there was nothing i could do about it. You know i mean it was their their insecurities not mine so anyway. So i took a lot from this particular guy plus other people as well. And then you know In tucson anytime. I was out shopping or anything like that. And i'd be like in a store or whatever and there'd be like a young a young kid probably who is struggling with his own sexuality you know You know a you know. They would always tease me. Or you know different things. Either they would ask me. Are you gay. You know all this stuff. And so anyways. But yes i did. I did take a lot a lot of abuse. you know. i think a lot of us. Have you know at that particular time and really sealed. Still do i mean it's still. It's still happening to these days. But as i said before earlier on in the video to this day i get so many emails from people that i went to high school with who basically said that i was an inspiration to them because they it really gave them a chance to look at me and kind of envy me because i was able to come out of the closet You know and they weren't while so about five years later. You know when. I was kind of starting to get a name for myself. You know i was really big in the la area I think i've maybe done a couple of tv things and all that stuff. I was asked to go back to tucson. Arizona and perform in a club called. Ib cheese and You know believe it's still there. I think it's it's it's it's dale. There may have dried chosen and it was great because i came back to my hometown. The house you know coming back to her hometown and doing a concert and you know i was. You know That was me you know and on people just you know really looked up to me and all this stuff while i walk in on that particular night to do my show and all this and who's sitting at the bar french kissing this guy was that jock who literally weld on me. When i was young and would tease me and who would be up. It was him sitting at that bar. And i thought to myself at that point you know what it all makes sense. He just unfortunately saw a little bit of me in him and he just unfortunately couldn't handle it. Did i go up and did i approach him. No i didn't because that would have been a judgment on my My you know with me. Having to judge jumped. And what's what's the use of that. That's a waste of time in energy. I figured you know what he had his journey that he had to take. And if i had to take a couple of punches to be able to have him accept his re reality and who was that he was so be it. Listen my life is amazing. Amazing today and i wouldn't do anything different now. I noticed that during our conversation name of bette midler has come up several times in several different contexts and she is apparently one of the primary characters that you have been impersonating for decades. It's widely known that that midler got her start in some Gay excuse me gay bath. Houses and cd dive bars. What was the response to your impersonation of her and your act in general in those same kind of places. Well it's funny. Because once i got the name of doing bette midler and there wasn't many people besides sasha who actually was doing back at the same time that i was and so i was asked a lot by lot of gay bath house owners if i would come and basically you know host shows or kind of do a reenactment of her actual Bath house you know You know extravaganza that she did when she was with. Barry manilow and the Bat houses. And so i really. You know made some really good money doing that. And it was amazing for need because you know bette midler always talked about Having all the boys in towels surrounded by her around the stage all that stuff and you know singing. And and all that stuff and everything. And i i of course you know did a lot of her older hits anything that was on recording That i was able to duplicate you know or seem to or whatever back then was why didn't of course also you know i also talk to her live and i did all the jokes and sophie tucker never forget you know all that campy stuff and all that stuff you know and and i just basically got as much of her stuff that i could get you have to realize this is way before youtube so none of that was available but i was lucky enough to be able to have friends in the business. Who had like beta tapes or a old videotapes. They had converted into an. I was able to see a lot of the stuff that she did when she was in the bath house. So i was able to create all that and for a lot of these people that were at these bath houses and all that stuff. It was amazing for them because they've never seen any of this stuff and they really thought that. This was my own material that i was doing as a bette midler counter but it wasn't. It was all of her stuff. I just happened to have been copying it on a doing it and it was amazing. I also went as far as getting a very mantle Look alike eating play the piano but we kind of made a little cardboard cutout of the piano you know and all the stuff and he was in the background in all this stuff playing in different leagues that he did a couple barry manilow numbers and stuff but he was he was really great. It was really great. It was a lot of fine people. Enjoy edged. you know and It was it was really really fun. Fun fun times. It was wonderful to be able to perform at the famous hollywood spa in california which is like my god renown He'd been it's been there forever. And i remember there. Was this one guy who was the. Dj name was wizard. Doubt you had to be really ought to remember wizard. But he was one of he was a bald guy. He was one of the best deejays of all time and the always played the music there and he was the one who did my sound. You know but that's that's how far. It's how far i go back and you have to realize when i was performing at this club i was like totally. Underage are like i was with all of the rest of the bars. But they didn't care because you know on. I looked older even think anyone really asked my age. He just figured that to bend over. Because when i dressed his bette midler. I just looked older. You know so. That's that's kind of the story of that since then you've become famous for portraying a wide variety of world renowned celebrities and one thing. I want to emphasize for people who may not know this. You know we're talking about your but all of your impersonations include you're live vocals. You're not lip synching to anything ever you. You do characters voices mannerisms makeup costume everything and impersonate them in the true sense of the art which of those people have you met and you know what stories would you want to share about that sure. Well i have been so blessed in this business. I mean i think god every day because i could could have never in my life dreamt of the celebrities that i had met our have had dinner with had been invited over to their beautiful homes had gone places with them. You know it's it's just. It's incredible. I'd have to pinch myself. Sometimes because i think is this. Is this a dream of course in my spirituality. This whole event that we're going through as al-ajeen rain but You know it's just amazing. You know on so i have met the people that let's start with the people that i performed performed as in match first one that i was able to meet was lily. Tomlin lily used to coming to the club. The famous club in los angeles slow lucretia for the original lucretia fall and she was the very first one that i was able to perform as now when i was a child. This is how ma started. Is that you know my brother. And i would sit in front of the tv set and we would basically a pick up voices. That's how we learn to do. Voices was being able to hear them and then do that lily. Tomlin was my very first character that i ever did live. Ernestine tomlin one rating and so. That's kind of what. I was the very first one that i it was ironic that i happened to been the very first celebrity. How can have been the very first celebrity that i actually performed for so the way the story goes is that i was doing. I was doing on in barbra streisand at the time in the kosh and owner lupus. Yoko had called me and said lilly and her partner. Jane just made reservations To come to the show in a week. Could you get your wig costume. All that stuff together and enact together to do for her when she arrives. And i was like absolutely now honestly i'd never did lily before except for when i was a child all this. I never did the walk. So i rushed down to hollywood wigs. Which was like the place for all of the famous suit. Celebrities would have on would buy their wigs. ellen was the owner and she was the best Stylish she could do anything. And i said ellen Lillies coming to see me. I said i need this way in two days. So she had the wait for me. I went to a salvation army. And i got you know a blouse and a skirt a black belt and i had a friend of mine who worked for the on the I think it was eighteen or or or bell or whatever. It was at that time. Whatever and i said you know. Do you know where. I could find like one of the old operator. Things that lily tomlin used to use for pharmacy. He says yeah he says we have a ton of them he says i said yes i said i need one so he got me one which was amazing which made it that much more authentic and so i put together in a week and i was nervous as hell but when i came out and did it lily and jane were in hysterics. They just loved it. She had said that she'd never seen anyone do her. That particular thing. So i guess i guess i was the first which was amazing and she was like it was. It was amazing. She said you every nuisance News of may she said everything was just absolutely perfect so of course she loved it. There's a photo of me. I think that you have with me doing ernestine dressed up as ernestine with her the night that i actually did it. So that was the first one and then on the And then as time went on Trying to think who else it was there was anyone else. Macaj that k actually came to see me perform kid. I can't remember offhand. There was so we got so many of the big celebrities. In the cars that would come see us. Lucille ball frank sinatra johnny carson. All kinds of different. So i mean i was performing for all of these amazing celebrities. Donald o'connor ginger. Rogers martha ray. I mean you know all the great ones if they were an old star or even new start. They were always coming into tila cash to see themselves in person. So then what happened was are so bette. Midler was performing at In the This was before her residency. I believe and so she was performing at caesars. And so i had a friend of mine. Uk scott schecter who was the entertainment director. He schussed seen my show in vegas and he had said Why don't you come see a Bet miller she you know she's doing a show at caesars and says i really want you to meet her. I've shown photos of you to her. And she was in hysterics so so scott. Got me front row seats. You know and i was able to go backstage. Spend some time with her. Meet her and just it was. It was just. I mean amazing. We had some really amazing quality time together and she was just so complimentary about me. She kept on saying to me. It was so funny she was like you. Don't look like a female personal. She says. I can't believe you're female person. You just don't look like a female person. She kept on going on and on and my bet. What is a female presenters. Supposed to look up. She says i just. I don't know she says i'm looking at you. And she says i just she says what you do with makeup and all this stuff is so amazing because you just don't look anything like me now but she says when you get dressed up you just looked so much like you. Just don't look like impersonators. She kept on saying that was just so weird but anyways So on that was. That was the one i met. We always we always kept in contact with Went to go. See her on broadway when she was dolly. I got backstage added. Sign of a bunch of stuff for me. I have this dolores to lago doll. She signed for me. Bunch of stuff program. Hello dolly then Then the next one. That i was able to me was share now. I make sure before several times. Because i was on the set of the sonny and cher show and my brother and i would hang out all the time when we were little Because he was the announcer. My uncle was the announcer and also was the secretary to george slaughter. Who was the producer writer director of the sending share show and laughing in all kinds of different stuff so You know so Net her again on hadn't seen her in a long time. And when i told her i was she was like. Oh my god. She said i knew you were you. Were little she said you and your brother was so adorable and she said sonny and i we just just loved you guys and all this up so that was that was really nice you know and then on and then later on to keep on the thing for share later on just last october She was doing on a big thing for biden and harris You know to get them into office and all that stuff and so she called on her. People called My friend frank marino to host the show franken do it so franken said i have eddie edwards that could host and she was like. Oh yes get eddie. So anyways on so. I worked with her. I don't know if i sent you that photo. I worked with her during cova. This was amazing during cova. And i have photos of her night together. I'm in the mask she wasn't you know And so i just did something with her and i. It was great. Because i'd never actually worked with her in actual show so to be able to work with her in an actual show and be able to introduce her was a dream. Come true for me so to work with an actual artists that you actually perform for. What is amazing. Because the only one who really did that as far as i know Who actually worked with her onstage. While she was doing the show was up. The best cher. Impersonator of all time in the eighties was elgin cana. Not taking anything away from chad. Michaels chad michaels. Great chad michaels. Amazing but chad. Michaels does share now Where Elgin did share with the eighties. Luck which is the same thing that that I did so it was just really a great honor to be able to work with her. Then after that. Then i was able. I met barbara streisand. When i was at a party i wasn't. I wasn't dressed as her at that time but on her she knew who i was and she knew exactly what it was. I did a matter of fact. Her manager richard jay alexander Had talked to me and said you know barbara. And i were thinking about hiring you to be her decoy when she travels to europe Because the with all the press she wanted to hire you to leave after the show and therefore everyone would follow you thinking that it was barbara and then barbara could sneak out and have her privacy. So i was like amazed that she would even kid sitter me. You know for doing that. But barbara's the most amazing to me is a nice at really amazing and then But see her. oh so. I had on. I worked for one of the top promoters in montreal. Canada showed kagan who was a very famous there and he knew The gentleman that actually got salim started to actually believe introduced are rene to selene and so He came to see my show. When i was in montreal at class czar on and had said you have to meet selene. I mean selene would go crazy. So are so. He sent video of me doing selene. Selene says i. I wanna meet the sky so She had me come to vegas. When she was at caesar's i spent an hour so with her and we had a great shot and it was amazing. She didn't see my website side so i gave her my website on and saw her in. The show was so funny. So i'm sitting front row. And i'm taking notes or whatever add. Selene is playing with me on stage as she's doing her show so she's like seed and then all of a sudden she stops and she'll go did you get that unlike dying and like wondering like what's what's going on but she's playing with and then she would go and she'd sing something and then she'd go like are you taking your notes you know so. It was like a amazing. She's such a funny funny woman she's just no one knows how funny she is. She's just so funny and so so crazy anyways. After after the show the next day. I get a phone call from patrick hirst's on which is has reneged. Son and patrick says selene wanted you to know that she went to your website and she said to tell you and your brother without a doubt she is your biggest fan so i thought oh my god if i could impress selene with my selena might oh my god. This is like you know amazing. So that's my selene. That concludes part. One of our gabe archives interview with the one and only eddie edwards. Please stay tuned for part two where we explore more of his history in las vegas and traveling around the country and some more fabulous stories. You can find more information about this. Podcast and other podcasts. At gabe archives dot com slash. Podcast enjoy your trip down memory lane.

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