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Hello and welcome to episode 18 of the this & that English podcast. My name is Alan. And I am here to help you improve your English through listening. This podcast is especially for intermediate or lower-intermediate learners of English but of course, everyone is welcome to listen as I talk about this and that. Hello again in today's episode. I wanted to talk about my tooth, tooth. Just one tooth. I'm going to talk about one tooth Em... A tooth, you know teeth, toothbrush, toothpaste, a tooth, a tooth is in your head. You use the teeth to bite things with so i'm going to talk about trouble I had with one tooth. How old was I? I'm not sure. I was in my mid-twenties in my mid twenties. Maybe twenty-five, twenty-six years old and i quit my job at a computer company in ireland and decided to go to Austria and work as a dishwasher on a ski resort. Actually when i was twenty one i had worked there before and i had enjoyed it and this time, I went there with a girlfriend. That's not so important. But when i arrived i had a toothache and then on the day i was supposed to start to work. I woke up and my face was swollen that means my face had become very big because maybe i had an infection in my tooth. I had a cavity. I had one bad tooth. "Mushiba", "Mushiba" in Japanese. I had one bad tooth and em... so the boss of the restaurant I was working in, he sent me to the dentist. In Austria, they are quite... well... I can't speak for everywhere in austria b ut the job was four probably not the right word. How do i explain. So i have medical insurance and my company. The restaurant and the government take care of their workers in australia. Or that's how it seems to be seemed to be when i was there so what that means is when i went to the dentist i didn't have to pay for the dentist for the treatment and so i went to the dentist on. I got some treatment because my my face was so infected my mouth affected. It was very big. They couldn't treat my too so well. And i have to go back and then i have to go back on a day off so on the next day off i went back in. They have to wait in the dentist's office for a little bit. And then they treated my tooth and then but still it was too early to finish treatment and they said i had to come back again the next week and in this job i only have one day off and so going to the dentist on my day off. Every time was a little bit tedious. It was something i didn't really want to do. I wanted to ski basically or this time. Actually i wanted to snowboard. I had bought myself snowboard. And i wanted to go snowboarding on my day off. Of course but because of the tooth problem. I have to go to the dentist on my day off and then i didn't have much time for snowboarding and i was just learning how to snowboard. I needed time. I don't know how many times i went to a dentist. But at one point and he put in temporary feeling. And i had no pain my face back to normal and then i. I skipped the next few appointments. No and i didn't actually go back to the dentist in australia. Which is crazy now. That i think about it. If i had continued to go back to the dentist in austria it would have cost me nothing and then my two would have been retired. But yeah i was stupid so anyway. They put into temporary temporary feeling and when my job finished in australia back to ireland. The you know. It's a ski resort so it was a temporary job and then i went back to ireland after some time. After a couple of months. I guess temporary feeling started to wear away and then the pain came back and i had to go to the dentist again so i went to dentist in case in ireland town near near. Dublin is a very very good dentist. I don't remember his name. David door or something like a very very good. I've never before or after being treated by a dentist. Such him like most dentists. When you have a problem even if you don't have a problem it's uncomfortable you know with things being stuck in your mouth and and there's always some little bit of pain here or cheer but even though i had a kabardian i was in pain. He didn't cause me much pain. A tall and It's like magic. It's like magic. He didn't even use a us. An aesthetic like painkiller to stop the pain so much anyway. That's another story. We'll probably another story. That's the whole story anyway. So i got some treatment there and so this is the second country. I'm getting treatment for the same. And he put in another temporary feeling. But i couldn't go back to see him because why waiting for my next appointment. I got my visa. My working holiday visa to go to austria and then i went to australia and i kind of forgot about Temporarily filling in my math but the temporary filling that he put in my mouth was much stronger than the temporary felling. They put in australia so it lasted a long time. I don't remember but maybe one year on the half years or so and then one day the pain came to my face suddenly and the cavity was like a striking again and the pain was was was very. It was pretty bad. You know anybody who's had about toothache will understand how much it hurts so i went to the dentist. Clinic had several several than this four five dentists in this clinic and i got some treatment than they put another temporary filling in intent me home and then when i got home the pain came back worst than ever. All i could do was lie on my bed on. Hold my face for a couple of hours. I couldn't talk. I couldn't walk. I couldn't do anything. But eventually i guess you know. I started to get used to the pain. I wasn't happy. Of course. But i was able to stand up when i stood up when i went back to the dentist but i was very upset. You know because. I was in extreme pain very rarely in my life. Lie being in such pain so much pain that all you can do is lie down. Hold your face anyway. So i went back to the dentist and i said i said like dentists heart me. Please help me fix. It and i was so angry as outlook. I'm not paying. Because he didn't do it right last time but indian they refuse to treat me. Of course you know. If i'm not going to pay them wire they're gonna treat me. I shouldn't have said anything. i should have. Just got my treatment. I but anyway they didn't treat me all. I do get some painkillers. And then i'm not sure. I think it was a saturday or sunday. So the next day i went to another dentist near very near where i was living in sydney and i told him the story and he knew that clinic. Of course it's not so far away either and actually it used to be his clinic and those dentists bought duck clinic from him and then he started his own like one month clinic and he said he heard this kind of story a few times before and he wants but He wanted me to go to the clinic and get my and bring them to him because you know of their their past relationship. He didn't want them to feel. He was stealing their customers or something like that their patients and he didn't want them to sink like he was you know taking their customers. Something something like that so he asked me to go to the clinic. And get the get x-rays basically the idea was just to save a bit of money. If he rayed me have to pay for those xrays so i went back to the clinic but they wouldn't give me the xrays they'll give them to the dentist but not to me so i told after the new dentists he said okay and then he got the rays and then he started to treat me he was quite a good dentist but before my treatment was finished i left australia. Had another temporary feeling on my very back to us so that was three countries. I had already been treated in three countries on four dentists so far for the same tooth then i came to came to japan Then i think at some point i. The pain came back to the tooth. And i found an english-speaking dentists in tokyo so i went to the tokyo on that dentist in and i started to get treatment but the dentist was very expensive and they use them take insurance. I didn't have insurance. I knew at that point so it didn't matter was very expensive. And then they told me how much this treatment is gonna cost. And i didn't want to pay so much money for this treatment so i didn't go back there again. So that was Treatment in four four countries in the fifth district is that right extent and so then i talked to one of my friends always working with the japanese. The japanese woman and one of her friends was a dentist so she introduced me to the friend. He said he would treat. Treat me a little bit cheaper. So i went to him But to to to problems three problems. Maybe so this'll be dentists number six and then this number one. I think he wasn't the very good dentist. And then i think he. He chipped away and broke more of my tooth that than that. Dan needed to be broken to put in the crown and so but he treated me and this time. Finally i got the permanent crown but part of that was the problem on the ground was a silver crowned very common in japan to get the silver crown but in ireland. It's not so common has has a bad image. So i didn't like the way it looked in my mouth for sure but on top of that maybe worse than that was. I could feel the crown in my mouth all the time. I was aware of it. I was conscious of it. Mike mike tongue would always go over to touch it. And i didn't like that. It just didn't feel natural so so so I wasn't. I wasn't happy about that but that crown saw what's up i went to. I went to another dentist this time in australia. So we've just added another country. Austria ireland australia japan and new zealand. But i was only in new zealand for a holiday so they wouldn't have time to replace my crown. I think that's what happened in your and then but still i was determined to get rid of this crown. I remember when i opened my mouth. And they look in and he didn't know me or he didn't know her. I came from but he looked at my mouth and they said you had treatment. You had dental work done in. Japan didn't john so he could tell he knows what japanese dental treatment looks like. That's kind of shocker. Anyway i went back came back to japan living in oklahoma at that point and i found another dentist and english speaking dentist in tokyo but she had very good recommendation. Her name was now go freeman. I guess her husband's name was freeman. And i think. I think i remember she had. She had the studied to be a dentist in australia anyway. She was very good. I replaced my a silver crown with a white crown. They're finally and then it also. It was comfortable. I can still notice. It feels different than my other teeth. But it doesn't feel unnatural if you know what i mean so that was another another dentist of lost count now but as a lot of dentists so anyway Those are of small Dare and so. That crown lasted a a long time. And then i'm not quite sure what what happened. But after i moved to okinawa and i had problems with that tooth again i feel like i'm missing one step of the story but in the end the to i guess the damage was too big in that tooth so one day i was eating and then suddenly i thought that tooth is gone and then the tooth had fallen into tiny little pieces in my mass it had just broken into tiny pieces of tooth and i had lost my tooth so anyway i i now have no to swear. That should be home. Many dentists was that many countries. So i had treatment in austria ireland australia japan new zealand zoll five countries five countries in australia. One dentist ireland. One dentist Australia to dentists. Japan three dentists four dentists new zealand dentist so ninety dentists and i'd treatment in five country five it cost me thousands of dollars hundreds and hundreds of thousands of the an just to treat one tooth. If i had had the to treated properly in austria. The first time none of these problems would have happened. So by not fixing the problem airlie. I cost myself a lot of money. And i cost myself a lot of time. So the lesson here is aired. Here is better if you have a problem. Fix it as soon as possible to connect this to studying a language studying english. It's better to study hard as much as possible when as early as possible it will. It will save you money and it will save you time in the long run so if you for example if you study if you go to an english language school once a week maybe for twenty years. It's gonna cost you a lot of money on people do that. I see it all the time but imagine and instead of once a week for twenty years you go four times a week for two years. I guarantee you. Your english will be much better if you can talk if you can practice talking almost every day and during the week. It's much better than studying once a week. I'm not saying that you should go and sign up to the english language school because they can be expensive but you should try as much as possible to study hard early as possible. It will save you time and money in the long run or get get. Thank you for listening to episode. Eighteen of the distant english podcast. My name is alan. If you have any comments or feedback if you have any questions or suggestions please contact me on twitter. My handle is twitter e. n. no. It's not my handle is this and espn jeep. All one word. He hates. I s. a. n. d. t. h. a. n. g. or you can contact me on my website at this english dot com. Thanks for listening.

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