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Predicting the 2020 Golden Globes Winners


Hello and welcome to little Goldman the awards podcast from Vanity Fair and happy New Year honours present this next award nominees the US group bill and I can't deny the fact that you like me mistake like you guys won best picture. I'm Katie Rich. Deputy editor of Vanity Fair Dot Com. I'm here with artistic pigeon director Mike Hogan Katie our chief critic Richard Lawson our senior writer trying to Robinson Hi Katie and joining us is our Hollywood correspondent. Anthony Resin can. Hey Nice to be here. We're recording episode before the New Year. But as you're listening it is January. The Golden Globes are right around the corner and we're gathering together to throw out our Golden Globes CBS predictions. Because it's going to really sneak up on us after the holidays and which is exciting because we always love having an award show to dive right back into so we're going to go through the Golden Globes Nominees and make our best stabs at predictions as we always know. It's best not to pretend you know too much. Because the Golden Globes a particular can be really weird and surprising. But we're going to go through movies in television and try to predict what happens and hopefully we get some right. He does want to start at the top and go into best picture drama. Which I actually don't think I know who's going to win? Yeah I mean that's Like you said that this is a hard to predict a job. Because the age of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is made up of sort of a secretive group of you know of not that many foreign journalists but my gas is. They're going to say the Irishman because it check enough boxes. It's appealing to a wide enough kind of selection of people even though it again. That's a narrow voting body. I don't think the Netflix thing will be a problem. I I think we've kind of gotten past that at this point. So that would they don't. I don't think they have an issue. Outright flicks right. Yeah Yeah I mean. The problem for Netflix is the contingent of the the academy and some of the other guilds that is feels protective of the theatrical model. But I don't know that anyone in the Golden Globes voting thought he gives a damn about the American active of they're very protective getting movie stars on their TV broadcasts. Yes Y- yeah. I'm tempted to agree with Richard. Sure just because Like that Pesha Pacino roles a nominated screenplays nominate. You know like it's it's. It's well nominated Irishman so. I think that I agree. A bunch of wacky foreigners did give joker the golden line advantages trust as wacky. Yeah Joker winning the biggest. Everyone hold onto their hats. Surprise you guys can imagine. That's because marriage story upsetting would be interesting nine hundred seventeen. I can definitely see as a contender but all of these like maybe joker in two popes are the ones where we don't be like. Wait a second. We've been misreading this whole race to be baffling and joker would be kind of ominous a something. Yeah what's up because it's all going to come down. The Globes is the Han foreign press. They love their movie stars to be on their TV show and then they also Kim successful campaigning like campaigning. Really works on them is what I've noticed eh straight so. I do think that Netflix feels like It's got strongest chance here. I have a formula for gauging. My my own predictions for Golden Globes. But it's a little bit cynical I don't know. Do we like cynicism on this podcast. I feel that the Golden Globes are pretty much irrelevant at least as a as a voting body. It's eighty seven people who so some are legitimate journalists some have more dubious credentials. The show itself has a kind of wonky history But I think they derive their legitimacy intimacy from the appearance of legitimacy so if the films that they recognize go on to win Oscars people say well the Golden Globes H F. It's a bellwether for the Academy Awards. which is the one that filmmakers actress studios in the public in general really cares about so I think so? I mean to malign anybody but I think often I feel like the Golden Globes give their trophy to the film that they think is going to win in the Oscar or as likely to win the Oscar. So they're actually. The Golden Globes are the predictions for the Oscar. Yes yeah spotting so. That's kind of like so what I think if they they don't WanNa go they don't WanNa make the wild choice because they don't want people to come back and go. Oh yeah well they go they choose crazy things like they're they're contrarians. RHAPSODY did win in this category last year. So you never know through the that Nathanael. I think. That's a good argument for Irishman because it's got such a prominent spot at the top of the race and also I think a good argument for what's time in Hollywood in the comedy category. which to me need that one seems like a much safer bet given on board for both of those? Yeah that's that's the one I think we'll win it and we've talked about this just the last thing about. Mary store like Mary Marriage story had landed differently. When it premiered on Netflix? Then we'd be having a different conversation but it landed in the midst of this very silly. I don't know I just feel like marriage story. You got on a lot of different sides by just the discourse in a way that even despite the discourse around the Irishman the Irishman didn't so yeah I could see those is that marriage story has become kind of a joke like I feel like whenever I see people talking about marriage story now they're kind of mocking it and the the intensity of the emotion or the melodrama of it and. I don't think that's a good that doesn't feel good in terms of its awards prospects especially think Status Conscious Golden Globe. Voters would look at it. No we don't WanNa vote for the movie that everybody's kind of making joking memes about. Yeah if I had been asked to predict which movie of the fall all would become the blake. Have a very hilarious Matach to it. It would not have been a no about about divorce. I think you're right that I mean at least from our sort of filtered perspective which is you know looking at twitter all day or whatever that that particular marriage to remain which is the four panels. You know them fighting with overlaid text La- it does kind of frame. The movie in a context that I don't think is really beneficial to I think you guys are two extremely online. I don't know when I've been having conversations and we're about marriage story admittedly I I'm dominating these conversations but it's just about how good it is so I don't know I feel like twitter is doing its twitter thing but I'm not sure that that's ask the conversation that's happening among award season insiders but maybe the FBI on twitter ruins things. I don't know I mean you guys are all season insider so so maybe I'm I'm probably just out of it but But yeah I I want to resist the notion. That twitter has ruined A marriage story. But I do think that Ed Murray story doesn't have the epic you know. Sweep of the Irishman and it doesn't have compelling of a kind of you know capping a series series and a career or several careers Of An argument the way. That Irishman has Irishman just has a ton of sort of is like a little bit of a freight train coming into this thing with a lot of weight behind it. That being said like the third thing that Hollywood Foreign Press Association is obsessed with is is is anointing new talent They love they love ushering in the new and planted their flag on that. And so I think just as the Irishman is like here is the end of not end of like closing of an era of a kind of you know actors and film making a ball Blah like Adam driver and Scarlett Johansson are like of the now generation like you know Oh right now if you're listening in January right now. We're in the midst of an driver. Fresh air controversy I suppose but like driver being anointed as like you know who's already worked with Scorsese who's been anointed as as new thing. I think that that is appealing link could be appealing to the gloves with that. Might be more relevant to discuss in the acting categories that in this category all right because my do comedy. Yeah I mean I think Katie. You're you're on the nose with with Hollywood I. I would be surprised to see JOE JOE or or knives out or Dolemite win. I mean rocket. Man You know like you know did win a best picture trophy at the Golden Globes last year. So so maybe that has has more legs than than than I think it. It does but if Joanna's bribes have gone through the F.. Jeff but I just I don't know I just can't see them not rewarding not only Clinton Tarantino movie not only a Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio movie but also a movie about Hollywood. It just feels like those three things combined makes it kind of a syllable. I'm with you on all those points. Hundred percent well then. Let's combine all of them into best director and figure out who we think is going to triumph here because as I go through our weekly predictions on our awards guide like basically feels like Scorsese and Tarantino are tackling back and forth as the best picture. Best actor front runners and I kind of almost feel like you could flip a coin on these two in this category. I I think it could go either way and You know sometimes when you have a coin flip situation where voters feel strongly about two individuals. they look for a way to split the vote right or split it give recognize them for one thing or another thing and I think like if if if Tarantino doesn't get director I could see that going to scorsese and then screenplay going to Tarantino Yeah because that's where Tarantino tends to end up right like he's well Oscars for it like it's just kind of people like oh I mean. Of course he's amazing filmmaker but it's the writing or you know it's it's a safe place to put him. Um We're certainly score. Says he has more of a sort of great director from the You know the seventy golden age of cinema kind of aura about him while Turkey does making movies about that Eric Score says he was making that era. I don't know I have this weird feeling that because it's it wasn't able to be nominated in the best picture category that that some voters might be like you know we'll give it among Juninho here. It's an amazingly directed film. It is by some of the movie of the year. I thought that too. Yeah Yeah when you go. Galaxy Brain Sir thinking about Oscars and best picture the whole preferential ballot at the Oscars which we can get into later like. It's not really possible to slip boats because you know if one of them is in first place in the votes get allocated gated so the Irishman versus once upon a time in Hollywood like that won't factor in but in director at does so you could also imagine score says he and Tarantino splitting the amount of affection and bonking Ho kind of cruising losing to the top which has happened before I could also see Sam Mendes just coming in here with with that kind of slightly strange Win You know. We'd we'd be that strange but I could see. I don't know but also the Koran one last year so if we're going by the same metric of like like parasites in this other category just like Roma was right right. Most people angry most people seem to consensus agree that it was maybe the best film of the year. Then then will you know will honor June in this category up here. So is there not cinematography because that would be maybe an eighty eighty young technical prizes. So maybe weirdly Sam Mendes could get you know the nineteen seventeen Oscar. Because there's no Oscar to give Roger Deakins and bugged me golden glove. Oh and then Bongino gets the foreign when everybody gets a gets. A statue very spread the wealth. Money it yeah I mean if if the nineteen eighteen seventeen surge is going to happen start happening. It's going to be there because running out of things for which would be interesting but I think I feel like if if we want if we can move on to actors Like I feel like that's where the Globes can get kinda weird. I guess it's usually in supporting Aaron Taylor Johnson winning for nocturnal animals or something. Thank my favorite. And even though the Globes are not all that useful as kind of clarifying metric I will be curious to see how the great it kind of best actor shuffle. That has been this season is sort of you know. Sort of sorted out by by this category. Because like you know it's it's been such a competition and even just get nominated because there have been so many huge performances in two thousand nineteen I fear Edge. Joaquin Phoenix Win for for some reason for some reason I'm thinking Antonio Banderas Harris has probably bear hugged all eighty seven members of the fit. Like I I was like I wonder if it's because I've just been thinking like oh it's driver. It's definitely driver but like like Mary getting MEEMA FIDE and then driver getting like vilified for this fresh air thing who knows how long this news cycle last. I Apologize College is once again. We're in the midst of it. Released Star Wars is also going to happen on the Globes Gasol night at my next point where the the rises guy workers is currently currently sitting with a nice fifty three percent rotten score on rotten tomatoes. So you know I thought it was just going up and up and up for driver and instead there's a bunch of roadblocks that I did not not see coming so does rise of skywalker going to be his nervous. uh-huh Richard and I don't agree on this but I think driver is great in the rises skywalker. Richard just thinks he's not in like checked out of it and that's you know that that is an interpretation. I understand but I think he I kind of think that Red Skywalker is like one of those performances. where it's sort of like Romney Malik where you're like Bohemian rhapsody is bad romalis rallies pretty good in it or whatever? So that's that's it might. It might impact in that way. I don't know we're we're sitting here. The general public still hasn't seen star wars though. Who knows what's going to happen so a lot of times? We whoever wins the globe. It feels like it's the narrative but it does feel like like Adam driver and Joaquin Phoenix are still the top of the best actor category. And I I don't know that that will settle anything. Whoever wins like it will be interesting but it will still feel like a race to me? I think a toss her name. I like my Tokens Antonio Madera Star. Course there we've been would cheer for that so loudly early. He's been winning. He's been running critical words. You know. So He's wonderful ended and he really is a fun guy to be a room with which I'm not sure you would say about you know at least three other five people here not naming names naming names but but I mean yeah presumably. It's driver Phoenix face. Off Off as the Oscar will be It is interesting to not see Deniro here with with five drama things and obviously we talked about that when the nominations came out but just looking at again. I'm Mike Man no deniro now. We should talk about actor an economy because Eddie Murphy like I think has a chance to really show his position of strength here because it's basically in this category. It's him and Leonardo DiCaprio. I think the big heavy hitter potential Oscar nominees up against Craig Roman Griffin Davis and Josiah Rabbit and our beloved Taryn Edgerton. It feels like Eddie Murphy can pull this off. It does and yet I've just I have to say it's gotTa be tearing eight them. Musical like sometimes musical categories categories. They genuinely give it to a musical performance. So You know I agree your bloody right but I'm just GONNA put my heart out there and say Taryn uh-huh Dolemite has some music to it. You know I it's it's a very like performing kinda movies true he's And and I I feel like that is kind of the thing I always think about years ago. Colin Farrell won this award in comedy up comedy slash musical for in Bruges which is a great little movie and a Great Performance and Colin. Farrell's a great actor but you gotTa Watch what you say next. You really want to be very careful. One of my favorite movies vis-a-vis time like that because they split between comedy and drama. It's really nice. That a beloved actor. Ken Get a Golden Globe and give speeches John Stage during award season. And I feel like that's exactly the position Eddie. Murphy is in this year and it's like the back kind of role right where we'll go on Anthony. I was GonNa say I think that the the cynical side of they would love to be the place where Eddie Murphy makes a killer award speech and held to Academy Glory. That happened that the Globes that would be a great thing for the globe so I could see them wanting to Make that a possibility. So you guys don't think Eliana Caros as much of a threat is maybe I do. Oh No I think he is but I think he has less of a narrative than his Co star. Brad Pitt does I feel like people are like. Oh Leo's great but like You know we're we're. We're still kind of tired from the revenue so as if we see were swimming in the frozen river. Yeah Leo's obviously you're Taryn and we know this about you. Katie so again it all right Actress in a musical comedy musical drama. I keep Straw okay. The actress in drama. Who I think will win? I thought was nominated in a musical which is Renee Zellweger and Judy. which is weird? That she's in this category but Anyway she's is this going to be. where the rene domination like becomes a real thing I would assume so I mean that's kind of I mean since what like telluride we've been like? Oh yeah like that. That she's got that in the bag I since the photos were released but that movie movie has been pretty quiet ever since and I. I don't know I my my my hunch is that you know she'll she'll kind of return onto the scene With the Globes. It'll be kind of like her her reemergence into this conversation I don't see her having really serious competition from anyone else on the list. which I I feel like is probably the thing working? Best for her at the moment What about search Ronin? Well I feel like little women has been kind of this weird nonstarter starter. Thus far this award season in certain capacities and we just ran a story. I think that was from you. wrote it Anthony about about like not getting voters into see little women if I asked you to talk about his story who wrote it was a legitimate question. Do not Not a proposal. Like what about her. Do we think that she might because you know that story was about how male voters in a lot of the guilds didn't go go to see the movie and they're not sure they're watching screener so like do you think she would be like the next possible. I think I think Shirley's and I think not because I think you know we. We just talked about bombshell we've talked about are like whatever with Charlie's performance but remember. They gave Christian Bale The Globe for advice and so like maybe they're just like hey that disappearing act. What a what a show? Charlie's it is surely feels like such a gloves win here for it is a very buzzy performance and I think people are talking about it and I think that you know she is. I think the feeling is even for people who found the Makeup Cup and all that as distracting as I did like she still did an amazing job so I think she's in there. I also think Scarlett I almost feel like scarlet pays the price of of how dominant net flicks is and they're sort of Globes another globes desire. Let's face it to lake. Spread the wealth so that all the studios like by tables and stuff. They don't want they don't want warner brothers coming them being like seriously gave twelve awards to net flicks last night but I think scarlets performance is incredible but I seem seem to be living in denial bubble about the reception of Mayor Story which to me was not that bad so I mean I love marriage story I just I. Don't I think it was received well by the general public. I but maybe I'm too online. You're always right about that. My Do we want to talk about some of the comedy musical where this category is The maybe the wildest one of all right. This is the one where Kate Blanchett nominated for. Where'd you go Bernadette movie? Everyone forgot existed assisted gives aquafina. Pretty good edge is the one person who's in a potential best picture nominee. I think she's going to be the one to be. I think that's a beautiful movie A great performance from her unexpected performance from from Aquafina and I think that's the kind of thing where we talked about them. Liking to break new talent. I don't count as new. I guess she's young and and But but but it shows a new dimension to her at the very least and I could you see them really wanting to be. Wow you remember remember like twenty years from remember when we We gave you that award and Boy that really changed things for you like they would love to be the landmark workplace where people looked at Aquafina is very serious and wonderful actress. Yeah and it's a way to recognize one of the more beloved movies of the year you know. At least at least by those who've seen Senate and elsewhere in the category I mean on the armistice is great and knives out. She has the benefit of that movie being a huge financial success. You know so. It's kind of in people's heads but I feel like the ensemble aspect of that movie is more. It's sort of visible strength than one at any one particular performance. Even though there are single oh performances nominated maybe even a little surprised that she's running an actress for supporting for that role. I mean I know that she is pretty has a principal kind of plot role but the issue I think. Just because of the ensemble. You don't think of her being unscreened the majority of the film necessarily yeah. They divide the supporting categories between Comedy and drama which I guess gives her her much better chance of getting in there. She'd been in supporting up against you. Know Margot Robbie et CETERA. Okay join them. We were talking before for about The power of an honorary award so Tom. Hanks is going to give a speech as a sesame mill award winner at the Golden Globes. Does that give him an edge of Brad Pitt. Here or is this Brad Pitt. All the way pit hit pit pit and I think it's going to be good. I'm really excited to see Brad Pitt. Went acting has. He wasn't not going to look up if you wanted to go. I mean he has an acting Oscar. He's been part of multiple best picture. Nominees teams like this incredible behind the scenes role. But he's such a huge which movie star it feels so overdue. I don't know am I going to get like emotionally affected by him. Winning a Golden Globe would and like and I love that he would get it for like I love that he would get it in the supporting category to be honest with you. Because Brad you know is this like impossibly galactically handsome human being who has always been more of a character actor than he is like a a leading man despite being so handsome. He's like fought against poor him too handsome. But like that's like that's been the pit narrative right is like what he really shines when he does those like Weirdo parts and like it's not like his time in. Hollywood role is not like Super Weird. He's still like incredibly handsome and it but like it's kind of like a weird little character likes you know supporting character role. I would love for him to get the glove for this for sure. Why what? I'm curious about Hank's if either any when he picks up his lifetime stomach trophy or for this one. I think he'll win is will he take off his jacket and shoes while giving the speech and cardigans in like I think I just really just leaning into the sort of you've passed like like Mister Rogers kind of sermonizing of at all. I'm I'm excited for that brand new APP. Brad Pitt. I would like Brad Pitt. First of all to bring the dog up to the but this is I think maybe the most obvious one where Brad Pitt can really start. Now if he hasn't already like approaching this as an audition for his Oscar speech like like it creates the Globes do function that way kind of like you know. Don't you want this this to happen on your stage. You know our this act one and you'll get act you know. The Final Act continued. Yeah so I think that. I think that's what you're some version. One of that Brad Pitt can live with and not hate himself for doing because obviously he's much cool to like campaign or do anything like that So it'll be interesting to see how he handles the tradition of of auditioning for your next award speech and remember at this award. Show unlike the Oscars Jennifer Aniston will be there as a nominee for the morning. Show so get ready for for the cameras to cut to her during his speech. I mean these two have been like circling around each other for so long since they broke up literally twenty years ago at this point. Maybe so I'm sure they'll be fine but I can't wait to see the cameras. Try to juice up the drama between the Tis anyone. Does anyone remember well. Of course you do. We're an award an award show podcast but like one of weird things that I like to remember are like great presentations of awards and an old timer for me. Is Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling Thousand Sixteen Globes like Brad Pitt. Awards presenter is like a barrel of monkeys he's really fun so talk meaningfully involved in this Golden Globes broadcast i. I have just like feeling like he has something to say. I don't know what it is though and I'm just very curious you know I feel like I just feel like there's something there's some unspoken narrative or something if he's just going to like Let fly if if he gets up on a stage This winter. Let's talk about supporting actress. Which might be the most foregone conclusion of this? At least as thank Clark dern has been kind of emerged as the one real consensus beck of the entire year among critics and all the You know awards seen so far so I'm excited for her speech. Yeah but again I feel like the HP could pull something different and go with Lopez for Hustler's Lopez did win the best. Supporting Actress said the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. So like there's a little support on that side of the country I don't know I think that you're right candy. That dern is the front runner but I'm not sure how how far out the head she actually is. I could definitely. I could definitely see J.. Lo winning this and then probably don't get to color Jaylo anymore like Golden Globe winning actress Jennifer Lopez but like. I can see her winning this but that not at all denting the dern Oscar narrative you know what I mean Y- whenever I think I think about the hustlers like awards chances beyond and that of like sort of self congratulatory film. Critics is I think back to an experience. I had at the Toronto Film Festival where this older gentleman behind behind me in line for some movie. I don't know where he was from or what he did or whatever but like he asked me. If I've seen anything good or what my favorite movie so far was and I said Oh you know I really. He loved hustlers and he frowned and said I guess I'm more into the art films. That will actually even keep people away from seeing being it let alone voting for it so i. That's what makes me concerned about about hustlers chances overall but I feel like I don't know the jerk. Here's what I leave. That person holding got hope for is the J.. Lo Win and then era does like a full Jackson main you know drunken performance the Golden Globes here. Yeah he's the one who's like I. I think it was her. MTV Like lifetime achievement performance where he was just like video her on his phone like grinning at her wildly. He's the most supportive like team husband. Just hoping that Pierce Brosnan sons who are the Golden Globes. This just have a lot of work to do a stage uh-huh okay. We got a couple more a movie categories to go. I mean we talk about language feeling kind of a foregone conclusion for parasite recite the original song. Category chance for cats redemption because it's not eligible the Oscars but just tragic anything else. You guys want to highlight these last few categories Original score is a real barn burner. This here I feel like there. There's just a lot of movies. It really heavily relied on their score between you know how Alexander Despots Little Women's score which is basically played throughout the whole movie same with Thomas Newman's nineteen seventeen score and his like what cousin distant cousin Randy Newman's score in in marriage story so I'm actually kind of curious to see who comes out of that scramble on top But I have a feeling just because the New York film critics circle is doing it. We don't give Outta score award but we are giving a special prize this year. Randy Newman I feel like maybe it's it's Randy Newman's year and that score. I've been watching parts of marriage story recently just to feel sad or something thing into create basically and that score is just so lovely and really like helps that movie along so I don't know I'm I'm curious to see how that plays out. That's interesting. I'm a big Fan of Thomas. Kuhn's nineteen seventeen score. I really love that. The whole I mean like we all know that I got swept away entirely by nineteen seventeen but the score is a big part of it so Maybe that I kind of think I'm with you on the nineteen seventeen. I think I am too. I think that that score definitely stood out Any other Newman love alike. Where Newman new? Maybe maybe one of like maybe Pierce Brosnan's longhaired haired son We'll we'll break up a fight. Between the newman cousins. They bring all of the entire family and taking they should have Seinfeld. It gives the award out of five chance because of my session with original song Throw in that. I think it's going to go into the unknown from frozen to almost by default because Kind of a gay let it go. After glow the way. Sam Smith one for the bond movie even though the song wasn't that good. The song categories really strange this year. And that kind of seems like the safest bet when anyone with kids just GonNa have memorized it involuntarily anyway away. I can't believe you suggest thing ever got anymore. Also that song rules but I really love that like I think a year ago we were talking about this somewhere like it's going to be the Taylor swift versus beyond a year and then it just like really has not been but they're not gonNA give it to way we don't think they're going to give it to just to give it something to be onsite or Taylor think take that song is like barely exists. I mean it's totally possible. Golden Globes loved celebrities. Yeah I know what you mean because that's a feeling if that song were even a bit more popular it might be a stronger chance but then again it's beyond say who doesn't want to see her winning. Okay let's look at best series drama. which with the Golden Globes a a lot of things feel like repeat to the emmys which happened just a few months ago but there's always some interesting new stuff thrown in as in? A game of thrones won the best drama. It's not nominated here with the morning show didn't didn't exist yet so that one feels harder to predict based on the EMMYS. I'm assuming succession right. But I don't know I mean we'll so wh when Joanna mentioned that the Globes Globes likes to do new things and reward new talent new things I feel like it's usually reflected in television more than in his movie. Yes so even though. This is succession season too. I feel like this. This is like it's the buzzy show of the year a lot of ways So I feel like Yeh that would make total sense. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa Slam on Mozart in the jungle. Wildcard are down the table and say it's the it's the morning show for the new kid. That's the real news. I think we're GONNA see a morning show like run on the Globes really really. Wow I think John Anderson's GonNa win. Yeah Yeah because you go down to them briefly it's like I warn Reese Witherspoon. I haven't watched morning shows so he's Jameson Lake more of the big takeaway from the show. Yes yeah I agree. I don't like the show and I love it. I really think genesis is doing a great job in so yes Libya calm is. You're sort of like I guess natural thing but it is a subdued performance in Jenin's like doing I don't know it's just bad ass. She's bringing her. You're full self to the table and going for it and she's back on TV. It's you know it's just kind of exciting for some reason. Yeah and it's GonNa be so easy for the PA to vote on. All of their brand new shiny has just shuttered no-strings-attached with us for this category No I think I might join Joanna but on the morning show and drama just for full adventure press. Let's go to comedy for a second dust in the best series thing It's a guest. The new guy in this would truly be the politician but to me. I feel like this is more going to be more fleabag coordination. I'm gonNA throw another wild. I'M GONNA say politician politician also feels like they like the Kaminsky like method. You know like the gloves and TV man. It's wild time so comedy especially especially just like flea bags been done. It's not coming back. Let's bet on something that will go forward wasn't the politician was awful. Them nominated like I don't know what to tell you signal. They liked it. They nominate Ben Platt too. I mean like I don't know what to tell you. There are so many famous people in that show that maybe there is sub subconscious. Thinking of like. Well we'll get to the show will we'll get you know because Bette Midler is such a huge advertising. Drought does point you know. I don't know I think it might be a little young for the for the average voter though if they give it to the politician that that's appears the door kind of hit that they don't want. Yeah I mean they gave it certainly jungle already so they are bulletproof. When it comes to this I mean but Mozart in the jungle? Oh okay. I haven't really watched that show but my sense of it is like not super popular but like good enough petition was embarrassing Lee bad. I'm still put my money on feedback. I just looked back real quick. The last show to win two Golden Globes in this category and was glee ten years ago like they jump from show to show every single year. So I guess that bodes bodes politically. Brian Murphy Joint Ryan Murphy. Who made the positition and my case no spine? Maybe I was. I think in fleabag I mean it should be fleabag but like it might be Meza's well they really liked. Mazel might be Kaminsky. You don't you just generally don't know but For Maximum Fun Isaiah politician for maximum. Like WH- politician can't wait to hear you say about limited series. Then yeah because one would assume if one we're in Emmy land that this is chur noble right. They get more serious. I think limited series so I would say turn noble. Yeah it'd be nice to see Fossey Verdon make a make a stand. It might be under the might be unbelievable though because that's one of those things that like everyone who seen it. It agrees that it's incredible when it feels like it's surging later which is yeah moment in the spring yeah and has that like net flicks Power behind it so I would put it between Chernobyl and unbelievable. I'm curious how self conscious about these kind of things. The HP is because I feel like like this category is where they made the biggest fuck up in not nominating when they see us You know and I feel like I was the thing that a lot of people when the nominations nations were announced that you know they were people on twitter or wherever. We'll just like wait. What that show got completely blanked one of the things of the year So I wonder if they might try to rectify actifed that somehow by lake making a conscious choice in this category. But I don't really know what that would be except except unbelievable really So I don't know let's put it back to a drama just for a second. Close it out. We talked about Jennifer Aniston in the morning shows being the contender for actor. If we're going with succession like this feels like something. Brian Cox could win. But but he's also like not some new shiny star. So maybe it's billy porter I guess it does feel like the two options to me Porter yeah all right. No Logan Roy for you guys. How about best actor in a comedy series plot or Michael Douglas. I feel like they gave. They gave it to Gina. Rodriguez for Jane the Virgin which was kind of an out of nowhere out of nowhere thing I feel they could give it to Rama Yussef easily. I like it I love it. I love it if it was the Rami. Yousef got the lake. County Kerry Russel Clare Dane American sword. Yeah Yeah Yeah we actually have a running gallery of that that I update every year on on a very fair with love to add Rami. Used to that Gallagher Christina comedy series definitely where they like go for the orange new the most so like who who gets up this year. I don't think we have one this year so I think maybe in May it's probably racial Brosnahan. phoebe Waller Bridge Right. Maybe has the most like new and interesting of the bunch. Maybe it's just so hard because like I just I feel like the Globes like a lot of people do not pay attention to fleabag season. One so I just I don't know what they're gonNa do is season two and that's a good start well because it's weird because it's not it's not the first season you know what I mean so like if it were the first I season I'd be like yes. FLEABAG will win. phoebe Waller Bridge will win. But it's not it's over so they're not like maybe phoebe Rachel Brosnahan has won the last two years in a row. You know so it's true. Okay couple were supporting categories and other acting categories. TV remaining. Anyone really sticking out for you that you're rooting for or you think it's going to surprise us. Justice for Andrew Scott Hydros for Andrew Scott. I mean just disagreed with you about while bridge I'll say justice for Andrew got for sure who needed for an emmy? We should note and but dig it dominated here and I would love to see either merit weaver or Caitlyn Dave from unbelievable Win because once again an unbelievable it's incredible. I think a lot of people really slept on or Toni. Collette like any of those three women who were nominated for that show Really really good. If you haven't checked it out. What a fun watching insist that could be for you over the holidays but I think that could it could? It really could be like that this netflix project. That like people don't see coming at the Globes it could be. It could be unbelievable this year. Believe it or not okay. That does it for this week's episode. I will be back to record after the Golden Globes next week so Everyone get ready to see how these predictions sounds panned out for us In the meantime find Vanity Fair Dot Com and on twitter at little Goldman and on our own. I am at Katie rich and Mike Mike Underscore Hogan and Richard Riles and Joanna Gerald. This and Anthony President can. This episode was edited and produced by Brett Fuchs.

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