ep 87: There's a band of Huns re-enacting Top Gun


Hello and welcome to sell to show podcast reattempt and always succeed because we're the best to keep up with Laura Enron as pop culture references on Gilmore. Girls. My name is the Queen. Does that make me ice woman? I mean, you could just be anything I just made up. I don't WanNa be goose. You don't have to I. Mean I. could be chicken. That is also an option. Maybe. I could be codename spring break. Perfect I mean you have to say it with confidence though because. We're the greatest there ever was at podcasting We're heading into the danger zone of podcasting. You might say it's girls gone wild boys doing the twist. And I am spring break. Deal with it I'm a lot of fun boom. But. Also, my name is Kayla. You know if you wanna be normal like that. I am also called Taylor feel free to also call me madeline or Louise feels like a synonym of spring break in the sense. Yeah I'd say so. We're talking a fun eighties movie fun. I don't know why fund we're talking to the eighties. Enjoyable. And it took place in a warm place just like this episode of Gilmore Girls did. Yeah on the. Beach. Not. The same beach different coasts different. Should we give a little rundown of which beaches were talking about? Okay, well, the episode of Gilmore Girls we are talking about today is gilmore girls for seventeen girls in bikinis boys doing the twist for clarification rory death say girls gone wild in the episode. The episode title is girls in Bikinis. Not sure why the change maybe it's shorter fits in TV guide Donau. This aired April thirteenth two thousand four. Anne I'm Debbie plot summary is Raleigh in Paris flea from rainy dickens like late winter for a week in Florida for college spring break with the socially Awkward Glenn and the Fitness Freak Janet. Harsh but okay. There Rory in Paris meet old. School. Friends Madeline and Louise the party Queens of the area who gives them some pointers party in which Paris goes out of her way to get some attention. Knack. In Stars Hollow Laura Juggles with her growing romance with Jason while she's forced to bail out luke from jail when he's arrested overstocking his former girlfriend. Also current wife. Yeah. So I see worry they might say former girlfriend, but it's actually current wife. To be divorced from. Though trying to rekindle in failing because he's not wearing his socks factly now wearing his socks. I have to say this episode for Rory's part of it not a fan because again. She's starting to like Dean again and calls him and I just can't handle any of these episodes where she's trying to get with Mary Dean. I don't like it either. This is not one of my favorite episodes I. do think there are funny moments I like the. Laura Luke story lie the wearing socks. I think is a funny and then kind of turns into this really sad moment where you realize that Nicole is cheating on him. I think works really well, but I'm totally with you. I just. Cringe with all the rory and dean stuff. Yeah. as love life just goes in the toilet from our perspective as Laura -lize romance. Goes. sprite where we want it to be yeah that's pretty true although I do think it's funny and re watching this episode earlier today. That guy that she's Kinda flirty with. At Spring break in Florida that I don't think ever gets it name he kind of looks like a Taller Jess which I think is kind of funny. and. That is about the extent of his character development. And I do like when Paris Rory get to Florida and they're like t field. It's warm. Can, this is good. Yeah well, and then at the same time, Paris is dealing with her Asher thing waiting for him to call the which I don't like that relationship but I do think it's funny when Rory in Paris, they choose instead of doing crazy spring break things to watch the power of myth on their personally requested VCR. In. Their hotel, room. Yeah Paris. She's got all the connections. Yeah and that actually when Peres no, she's good at something. I, think she's really funny. She's like here I'm GonNa give you five Bucks Go Gimme a soda. Like confidence But when they first hit the beach. This is a conversation they have. So. Loud out here. You never think of the beach is being loud and there's a band of puns reenacting top them not to. Throw it back now. So Taylor boys ran acting topgun. What's that? What did that look like in your mind back in the day? Well, I'm pretty sure I had seen top gun before watching Gilmore girls so I feel pretty good on this one actually. Not to say that I'm sure our conversation today will enlighten the understanding further. But I love eighties movies in this crease for me started in high school and went through a phase where I watched a lot of them. And I did not watch Gilmore girls to college. So I almost certainly watched this before I watched Gilmore girls. Okay how are we? I had never seen top gun until. This week so Brand new to me so I didn't know. All right. But I knew it was a movie. That I had heard of seeing the cover. Our top then but that's it will miss reference is definitely less obscure than some of the other ones we've done. The title of the thing they're referring to as opposed to. US trying to go is that he would offer I don't know. Yeah. Here's from Riverdale. But it's pretty funny how they decided to use this movie. Yes. So topgun eighties movie. Interesting about it or is that at? The. End. No it came out in nineteen, eighty six, and in prepping for this episode I thought this was our episode eighty six and I was real excited and I just realized it's our episode eighty seven not as perfect as I thought. Topgun came out nineteen, eighty six it starts Tom Cruise, Kelly mcgillis Tim. Robbins Val. Kilmer Anthony Edwards Tom skerritt England Meg Ryan Baby Meg Ryan. Actually believe it or not won an Oscar for best original song for take my breath away which you have probably heard on an all eighties weekend on your local radio station. It was also nominated for best sound best editing and best sound effects editing. And it was the top grossing movie domestically in Nineteen Eighty six. So huge hit. And well, it is not on the American. Film Institute's top one hundred must see movies. It is in their top one hundred movie quotes it is number ninety four, I feel the need the need for speed. So, this is a movie. Also, if you casually mentioned this movie to my parents, they're both like I love this movie. This is a great movie. So huge hit everybody loves it or most people do it seems like to me perhaps you'll disagree with me and your research, but it is a just royal big commercial in it. Of the coat I feel the need the need for speed I did not know that from top gun but I have said it myself I've heard. Many other people say it. So those fun to. Watch. and. Then also the it's classified, I can tell you but the nine to kill you yes and I. From this movie or if this movie just made it famous but yes, I definitely forgot that that was in this movie. Yeah. I live right now from top gun I in my mind. While and as soon as I watched it this weekend I mentioned it to my mom and she's like well, now I'm going to be singing. You lost that loving feeling all weekend. And very quotable movie. very eighties music in it. Oh. Yeah. Allegations all my gosh. Every every song I was like Oh hello eighties. Our. Oh. Yeah. Along with footloose, probably our emotions movies that we've covered. Yeah. So. What happens in Topgun? SKYLA top gun man. It's just a bunch of dudes being bros... Up in the sky in their fighter pilots in their fighter jets, they're the fighter pilots So, yeah they are, which is so odd to be like, why aren't they just in the air force but no, they're in the navy, but there the naval air force as they land on boats. Yup. Sure. I don't know why. That's just not like the navy and the airforce working together I don't know but they like their branches then. And we can talk more about this later but I do want to make it clear. This movie is not a hundred percent accurate to how things are done. In the military so we don't get it right. In how we say they are the official loaded you know. It's because the movies not right and so it doesn't really matter. It's not. We're not making a statement on what the military does. We're not. We're not this in the military Yes don't get your information about the military from top gun. That's all. Good to know. So either way they're the naval air, force. Navy. Now I'm all word I've said, who knows air naval force. They are in the Navy I can't confirm. And there's this school special training like six weeks or so. Over in on the East Coast California Right California West Coast yet they oh yeah. That is the west coast. It's where I am And, it is a top school for top like. Like training for guys who are already in the military And just trying to be the best fighter pilots they can possibly be. There's a trophy involved if you're the top on of top gun. So that's pretty cool. ICEMAN IS VAL Kilmer I was looking. Of course I always do this I was looking for an old instructor for valuable no student and then Tom Cruise looks exactly the same. Yes. He does not age much. I think he has done a great job taking care of himself. Based on the film roles he continues to do he basically his career requires him to stay in great shape yeah. Must be all that scientology magic into skin. Yeah. Uh I don't. Know. Muscles He. So Tom Cruise, this was his breakout role. I mean he'd been in risky business all the right moves, he the outsiders which we talked about way back in the day he even that. was here that I've forgotten he was like a small part not a big deal just one of the gang members because he hadn't become Tom Cruise yet. Yeah. And I think that's the only movie I've ever seen him in where he's just a small part. Yeah. So Anyway. This was the movie that made him a Megastar atop star. ooh, the top gun, the movie business you might say. And he's got his. co-pilot goose and they're besties their just stews being grows up in the planes in the sky and Tom Cruise. He's like I flip upside down I've flip off enemies and I take full of pictures of them up down inches away from their cockpit, a Oh and then Iceland Val kilmer's like. I'm too smart for that. You're dangerous. You gotta be safe safety is cool like me iceman. And Basically Tom Cruise a codename maverick Elliott his. He's got a boring formal name, but we're just GONNA call a Maverick and Val Kilmer Aka iceman, they are mortal enemies because they both want to be top gun. In. That means they can't be friends and they're gonNA destroy each other in a sand volleyball match. And time somebody makes a mistake or gets chewed out. I mean they're just GonNa like intact the other about it. He am and Maverick and goose given trouble lot because of Mavericks decision in Iceman is always there to be like. Should have done it the strategic Safeway like me you're getting everybody in trouble. But an mavericks whatever you may you may be winning slightly to be top gun of the school, but I'm top of the ladies. You sound like Hamilton, there for a second. These yes and apparently his older teen is queuing up you've lost that Levin feeling on the Jukebox in singing to a woman in the bar to get her attention. Turns out, she is one of his civilian instructors she works in the corporate world and knows a lot about planes and I. It seems like she thinks it would be really unprofessional. To be in a relationship with a student. But she gets over that pretty fast. Dang fast yet one day he just like shows up at her house and she's like well, he came all the way here although finding someone out. Oh. Yeah. That's right. Well, he actually showed up so might as well give them a chance. And the two of them. You know I, I guess they fall in love the. Roger Ebert talked about how this movie doesn't seem to know how to people in love really. act. some of the dialogues pretty bad. But you know they do seem to have some chemistry and other both good looking people. So I feel like in the movies, you just assume the too good looking people are gonNA find each other. Yeah, they had a nice eighties love Ballad plane during their love scene and be wonderful silhouettes and one face just comes down on the other. And the blowing curtains in the ground. Off Beautiful Yeah My. High But. Not all of this can be tapped gun and games. Okay. And tragedy strikes. So basically once you meet Meg Ryan Aka Goose's wife and his child you know this guy's GonNa. You know this is going to end badly never have a wife and child in these movies. Now, that just makes you vulnerable to death apparently. Something goes wrong. They're flying in one of their exercises. The plane. Starts Spinning. uncontrollably. and. They have to eject and the. Top of the plane does not open in time. Goose waddled jetting goes straight into the top the plane breaks his neck and he dies in the mid air. And of course maverick, is hugely upset. They do find that. He's not at fault for the accident. There is something wrong with the plane. So at least he doesn't have that on his conscience. But between that in his daddy issues of his dad disappearing. Of His. Yeah, he's like I got to give this up I can't be a pilot. But then he rides around on his motorcycle. And Kelly mcgillis Aka Charlie comes and talks to him. And I, guess now he can go to graduation. he's not topgun balch low gets it. Yeah and VAL kilmer. To his credit he did say. I'm sorry about goose. We all liked him implication. We don't like you but this sucks. And so they go to graduation but guess what? They gotta go on a mission straight from graduation. And, there's just another great moment where Maverick has to save the day. He's the hero and even iceman recognizes it. And then later. Not long after. Charlie starts plan you've lost that loving feeling on the jukebox. An presumably. More, curtain start blowing in their together forever. And he mentioned that he wants to be an instructor at Taka. Oh. And we also forgot to mention that his instructor at Topgun actually knew his dad and he's going to tell him the classified story of how his dad actually died a hero. But. Because it would make the government look bad or something they can't really tell you. What happened? So. If I, tell you have to kill you. Another one of those moments Might play. To finish my. Margaret you of your flight performance was right on that right? Right. I held something back. I see some real genus you're fine map, but I can't say that in there I was afraid the everyone in that task Taylor would see right through me. I just don't want anyone to know that iphone. Tap Gun. What did you think Kyla? First Time. Left in this movie. Yeah. I was thoroughly entertained. Is Fun. I definitely, I mean just immediately. It started just saw like trying to dislike. Move get the all the testosterone fumes away. So. There there were. In the first transformers. Okay. So there were a lot of even with the even the opening tax said the top naval air force men come to top gun and I was like, what about the ladies? Not, invited to the party but Y- there were plenty like in even making bets on he and goose making bets on if. If he could sleep with the woman get women to sleep with them at the bar. So there were plenty of like just. Moments like that but You can get past that. no, there were a lot of like. Exciting flying scenes I mean they're flipping up and down chasing people like that was really interesting and really well done like I could actually felt like I understood basically what was happening up in the sky? And Yeah it was funny. goofy characters to. They weren't like Sirius X. for iceman you know but you got. You gotTa have a villain. Yeah. Even though you was like I never really felt mad at him. He was just. kind of a jerk. But? I don't know I guess I didn't see him as that. Okay. His handsome. Maybe I was just blinded by about kilmer's I mean he did go onto Batman. So. What did you think of it? I think this movie is a lot of fun like I said. Don't think too hard about lines like take me to better. Lose me forever. Jesse I mean it's funny but it's also like. There's a degree to which all the dialogue is at that level mom. Don't think too hard about how cliche it is that he's got daddy issues. It's like a few good men if you've seen, which is a way better Tom cruise movie in terms of like seen part of that is actually a really good movie in which. He's also in I. Think the Navy he's a lawyer and it's an Aaron sorkin script. Anyway that's actually a really good movie, but he's got daddy issues that are really vague and it just is A. I. It's kind of a lazy way I think in a lot of movies just like give character. A little more depth I think obviously, parent issues can be really well done and obviously a lot of us in real life. Issues. So it's not irrelevant to put that in this story but I think a lot of times. It's just a short cut for like, ooh, their damaged in wounded, right? Yeah and I'm super handsome and have excellent find skills and instincts Yeah. Me and my dad, and it is slightly better developed in a few good men but Both Tom Cruise I couldn't help but think. Of that movie while I was watching this one and I was like this is exactly the same thing. So maybe this is the thing that happens in movies all the time. Yeah. But I did say you basically just summarized Roger Ebert Review. He was talking about how difficult it is to make aerial battles in the sky. Easy to follow you were just saying those are really easy to follow, but he's like they did a great job but when it comes to when people are talking be a little more skeptical. So he gave it two and a half stars some very complimentary things. Some other things like he's like this is really cliche. I think it was really dislike the goofy characters that they weren't just like serious. I'm GonNa be better than you like they were also silly and singing Karaoke you times. So. Kept manner tained I do think it's a movie that is it's a really good blockbuster like it knows how to be exciting and it also has very memorable scenes were like you can remember them singing Karaoke. You can remember him flipping his fighter jet down on top of the other one you like. There's so many things about it that are just really memorable even if they're silly. And the music is memorable even if it's Eighties. Super Eighties. So a little bit about the making of top gun. This was inspired by a real topgun school. So the producers, Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, they already were pretty successful in Hollywood. You've probably seen a lot of movies. These guys have done. I know Geriatric Bruckheimer is on. Like all the law and order TV shows I saying his name pirates of the Caribbean he's producer on that. Yeah we love. Shaq. betham movie on this podcast in the early eighties, they read an article about the real top gun school. And the in this article, there was a lot of great aerial photography and this article showed a lot of people with big personalities and they said the pilots that attend the actual topgun school are a combination of athletes in the sky and rock and roll hero. So we immediately wanted to make the movie which I think that Kinda gets across in the wall that the movie feels and. Finally, Enough Tom Cruise. We all know is a little shorter than most movie stars. He's five foot seven. So He's actually too short to be enabled pilot in real life hall by one inch. However, he did spend a lot of time learning about it actually flying in these planes. So he took a lot of the classes at top gun. So he knew it was required to be a pilot and he got to ride in a Ta four with the Blue Angels. And he did learn how to land on an aircraft carrier. So he did have some experience. Obviously, they filmed a lot of those in a studio not in real planes, but he did know what it was like and the movie was made with the full cooperation of the US Navy. So they were able to provide training for the actors technical, advisers Air Sea rescue operations, and they gave them five different kinds of aircraft for filming. That said, as we said, there are technical errors and things that the movie does not get right even though the US Navy was involved in making this movie. So. For example, they get some of the names of the planes wrong that they're talking about. and. It's just like you said, don't get all your military now from top gun. However the US Navy enlistment numbers soared after this movie came out tons of people wanted to join. And another fun fact of a place that really did well, after movie came out the Kansas City. Barbecue in San Diego where they film those jukebox scenes, they had huge upsurge of business and they started getting props from the movie to show off. By. Smell like I said, this was a huge hit. People really responded to the story and I do think some of that is that it is responding to a real story but like I said, don't get you military information from top gun but I think it's pretty cool that it's actually based on a real place that you could theoretically become a topgun pilot. Yeah now. Do they actually have the trophy every year every after every class he get your name on wall. Now, I could not confirm but I didn't find an interview with a real instructor at the real topgun school. He did not long ago and ask me anything on Reddit. and. He said that top gun is not really like the top gun school. What he said when Topgun made its Hollywood debut, a stereotype about cocky pilots was born. But not every flight is set to an eighties power cord soundtrack there shockingly few cheesy bar serenade in beach volleyball, montages. And at the Real Topgun, EGO doesn't fly. So he said the people I work with our humble approachable incredible. They don't fly for fame or not in the business of good enough. So basically, all this competition I'm gonNA suspect that means they probably don't have a trophy, ASS Even get points like they were doing. Running these different like training exercises in the air. But like. How were they getting points? Well and he said, you don't spend as much time in the air in the school. As you would think from the movie, you spend about five to eight hours in the air most weeks instead of several hours a day what the movie makes it seem like, yeah and he said nobody has cool nicknames like Maverick or. You. All had nicknames on what by there real. Yeah. He said unlike the Air Force Navy pilots don't get to have cool call signs. He does have a nickname though this particular guy he said he wants got sick prior to going flying and he didn't realize it till he was in the cockpit. So within seconds I was leaning over the side of the canopy painting the side of the jet with my lunch. And now, they had to wash the aircraft after this. Now They Call Him Wash Jab. Unfortunately were Lieutenant Kyle Haith he is known as Wash Jab. All right. So I I. Suppose they didn't get. All of their inspiration for this movie from the real military like the point system feel like the point system inspiration probably came from Harry Potter. Liberate needs to be I mean you know Harry after top gun but yeah. Yeah. Yes. So maybe hearing inspired by TAP. Yeah. We'll in it is funnier front another article talking about all the different movies that have gotten. Military approval and others that haven't. Times Hollywood filmmakers liked to get the approval of the military. Or have been asked to change points and cooperate with the military because then they get those things like, Hey, we can use your real aircraft to shoot with and we can get your help and support, and so there are a lot of perks probably make the movie. Easier to make just a few that complied in a few that didn't. Here are ones that were a-ok by the Military Armageddon Air Force One Pearl Harbor. If you've ever heard of those, those were all a okay ones that were not okayed with the military include forrest Gump, the thin red line. Platoon and Independence Day, can you believe dependence? Considered accurate according to the military. Glad that straight yeah. And one. Last Fun fact about military involvement with top gun. In twenty eleven you might have heard about this. China said that they were releasing footage from an aerial combat battle. In they were totally busted because it was actually a clip of top gun. All my gosh. I would expect that from North Korea like China, though it yeah. Come on. Apparently people love the movie top Gun in China, and so it was spotted very fast and my Gosh I don't know how the military like if this was just one person doing this and. They thought this was a great idea or if everyone thought, they could pull the wool over their eyes but. Did Not go over. Well. Wow that's funny. will you know what China is not alone other plenty of other people have been inspired by top gun and taken from it but they weren't governments. They were people in entertainment. Industry. One of our joint I like to call it a joint favourite because I introduced it to you and even adduced in to me to one of my favorites, parks and REC now but thirty rock. Luke top gun. In one club where one episode where Liz goes back to high school. Reunion and she says that everyone was jerks to her but turns out she was. That The new one guy says, still think I'm gayer than the volleyball scene in Topgun. We'll get into that more later and then also Jack and Liz in season four, upset eighteen do the top gun hi-fi for courage. which is also on the volleyball court with. overhand underhand Yes. Yeah. Between. Maverick and goose also. hotshots is a movie from Nineteen Ninety one and that had Charlie Sheen. A whole parody of. Of Top gun of other movies also had parodied a little bit from marathon man. Our personal favorite movie I know that was a movie we both found really fun and enjoyable just. A little different but that moves directed by Jim, Abrams who also co-directed airplane so You know what that movie is going to be like oh I love airplane. Yes I. I like those movies and also I don't, but I recently watched. I feel like the title has the word gun in the naked gun naked gun aren't just watch that for the first time. Recently, there was a moment in there I lost it. So Funny I mean like I'm not gonNA. Do It justice now? The main character what's that guy's name? Leslie Nielsen Name. Leslie Nielsen he goes over to a table. Where two friends are and they say we'll says name is John Smith and they're like John Mr Smith. And he says, you're both right. I. I just lost it for about a minute. Yes I will say not everything in either of those movies has aged well. Let's make it clear. We're not endorsing every joke in those movies however stuff like that to me is just it's so stupid it's brilliant. It's so simple. It's Like when the pilot in airplane has a drinking problem in the problem is that he can't get drinks. Over shoulder. Like that's the kind of thing I just like that's so stupid but it's so funny. Yeah and they just take it all straight face yet different kind of pilot than tech and to be sure different kind of pilot. So another movie to tales and for team America world, police they parody Topgun and other war movies. And Action Movies and in two thousand, thirteen, a computer animated film called Planes Pays Homage Shotgun, and Val kilmer in the Edwards are actually. The voice, some of the characters in that reunited. Fail so good. But a favorites seen to parody in movie is the volleyball scene. Volleyball scene. Feels you know I don't know like grows gotTa do other things besides just fly planes likes and I'm just WanNa play sport and we're on the West Coast Volleyball Right? So but this scene it was it was it was not like a a thoughtful. It'll add this to the story except that Tom. Cruise's checking his watch got his date with his teacher coming up Yeah. I ended up playing in his. Full. Length genes which seems incredibly uncomfortable to me. That's the thing that's out to me in that Scene Yeah Do Their oiled. Naked. Upper bodies also stand out to you a little. I mean in the sense that it's everywhere. Yes. Yeah so the director was just like you know what? less I'm just GONNA oil you guys up. We're just GONNA get some close ups. We'll get some real viable players in here to to some of the spikes that look like you and then we're just gonNa Kinda go forth is like shotted puts sandown, put up a net and went for it and in the Thirtieth Anniversary Blu Ray dvd the director said about the scene A vision of what I was doing other than just doing soft porn. Oh. Boy. So he genuinely his goal was to just do I always hot actors. I'm just GonNa like give the world. Semi. Candy for a little bit. Okay. That makes me feel weird. Say That that's like the take I mean obviously was noticing these are attractive people who were all very fit. I don't feel like I maybe if I were seen it in the eighties on a huge screen. Are. Beginning that I didn't think I felt quite as. Excited as director intended to but okay. You know. Like. sweaty. Chess on Matt is just like not really I don't know certain things do for certain people. I was I was just watching them play volleyball. Said, the thing I just kept thinking about was, how can he possibly play on this hot beach in jeans that seem so comfortable to me? Yeah. cabin even noticed that. Okay. I got my big way. I. Do enjoy watching beach volleyball in the Olympics whenever it returns. Oma On the other end of the spectrum. Yes. They play superintendents Louis, and of course, they are sliding and like falling to the ground. And they on the other hand I'm thinking of the Women's Specifically Missing Kerri Walsh. Players, I. Don't know if they'll be in the Olympics next year, they might be retired by now because they've been doing it. So long they are on the other hand wearing almost no clothing. I've always wondered that about that also seems painful. Saw It seems like there should be a happy medium like just some spandex shorts. Where you can like have I mean obviously it's hot. So I understand wanting to stay. Cool. And not be sweating through your full length genes. That I understand but it seems like there should be a happy medium where like you probably don't leave with huge burns like sand burns up and. DOTTY. You know I'd probably eat probably just want like spandex like tank tops the your arms can fully move and then like. You know some lagging Capris or something I don't know. I obviously though. They have won so many gold medals. I. Am not going to tell them how to do their job. Yeah. I think they probably know what's up but in my mind I can't quite figure out how that works and then you've got Serena Williams getting in trouble in tennis for won't wearing a fully full spandex outfit but then beach volleyball I mean it's it's ludicrous how about? I ask how about just? You guys worry about what you have on your own body. And then athletes can worry about what they put on their bodies that are humble for them to do their job. Okay. anyways. But this was very concerned about what was and what was not on his actors bodies in this scene and was not was clothing on top. What was was oil Also seems bad for your skin care and Sunburn. But aside from the point of what he's trying to do. So. Yeah. That was that was his goal and they he just put it together in post and we had that lovely montage. Well. We don't know for sure yet, but it does look like beach sports. and Tom Cruise may be reunited again hey. Oh. Of course, we were all supposed to be getting the long awaited long just stating top topgun sequel Tap Gun Maverick which was supposed to come out this summer. End As we all know we've arranged rearranged a few things in our lives this year. So now tap gun maverick is scheduled to come out July second next year witch pending how things are going sounds like an awesome fourth of July weekends. And from the trailer, it does look like top gun will be returning to the beach for sports However, it looks like a football in his hand so they may be mixing no volleyball this time I just want to say I'm super excited for this movie I think it seems like a lot of fun and in addition to Tom Cruise Val kilmer is returning. End We are also getting new cast members including. Jennifer. Connelly Ed Harris Jon. Hamm Miles Teller. Glen. Powell. So it's going to be a stack cast of a lot of people. and. The. Making of this movie seems really cool. Remember how I said. While Tom Cruise did in fact, get to experience flying in fighter. Fighter jets. They were filming on sound stages et Cetera. That is not the case this time. I have got to tell you about how cool this new camera technology they've developed for this new movie is going to be. So they have developed an I max quality camera. But it's like only two inches big in they can put six of them inside of a cockpit. So, Tom Cruise in many of his cast mates actually learned how to fly these fighter jets and become pilots. And I am sure they are not doing. Everything people in the real navy do but they are getting super high quality images and they're able to get lots of great angles from inside of the cockpit which I think is going to be really cool. So previously you can. Really, FIT GOPRO in there. And now They're getting amazing shots. Thirty four years, Tom Cruise returns as maverick. Tissue, film, family, friendship, and sacrifice. It's a love letter aviation. We're going to show you what it's really like to be top gun. Just can't create kind of experience unless you shoot it live. In order for us to accomplish this, we have the greatest fighter pilots in the world working with us. Putting up in these jets very serious. That's why everybody thought. It would be impossible and I think when Tom here's that something's impossible for it can't be done. That's when he gets to work. One cool thing I noticed in the trailer was miles teller. I'm mean I didn't have to read that that was supposed to be goose's son to. Son He looks just like him. I love miles teller debt kid. I think is just one of the best. Actors of. The generation like I just everything I see him in he's like. The best part of bad movies. footloose remake nothing but he is incredible in it and I just want more miles seller. Yeah I like him. Yeah. So as we all know, tom cruise lopes jude death defying stunts. So this does not surprise me in the least that he has learned how to do this. And part of the reason that this is coming out next summer instead of December is that he is also working on doing some death defying stunts for the mission impossible franchise and couldn't promote the movie as much as he would want to if it came out. Between before next summer so just you know. Tom Cruise is a person that is not above criticism. However, we do not deserve his commitment. To find stunts and movie see. The. End is inevitable mover station. Not. The maverick Iran's control. That, fun to watch I'll watch it. I think after all this business is over in it's safe to go to the movies again. I think I'm just GONNA go every week even if they're. Like I'm just GONNA go see bad movies. Go see movies I've already seen just because I want to be there you know I thought like at the beginning of the pandemic I thought Oh. Yeah. When this is over, everyone go out, it'll be a big party. But. Now like. Of course, realize it's going to be a lot more gradual. It already is. Gradual. So I I wonder when that will be once like. I think I'm going to go to the movie theater. Yeah. You'll. Just you'll know you'll. Probably. If you're living in Wyoming right now, it's probably fine to go to the movies. I'm not there. So I can't say for sure but I would think probably there are certain area the countries that it's fine. I don't feel safer I. AM doing that right now even if they were to open today. That said. I. Miss it a lot. I'm looking forward to it. It's so weird. The movie theaters that I walk by still have sonic in there. And Onward trolls movie It's like a time capsule of March. I laugh but otherwise I would cry. So let's keep laughing. So, should we talk about how beach volleyball intact relates to beach volleyball and Gilmore Girls? I think so. So first of all. When. I didn't remember what the actual quote was that we were going off of from Gilmore girls before I. watched it. So I watched the movie. And then I came back and I read reread the quote and I was like Oh my gosh. The volleyball scene. That's that's what we're talking about. Like all the top. You know all my life. I've seen the star top Gun I knew fighter pilots. But it's the volleyball seeing that amy. Sherman Palladino wants us to talk about So I mean also Paris ad in their call them hun because they're grunting so much and you know what she hated Janet's grunting too. So she does not like athletic. People Maho she really does not. Also. I just think it's so funny to me that when they get out of the car at two am, and of course, literally the Florida's awake for spring break. In Janet like I. Think I'M GONNA run around the Block and rory says. She seems normal and then she does that they just do not get athletic people know they don't, which is why were in? Paris make a good pair I think as friends. That's true. But maybe the thing that makes me laugh the hardest in this whole episode. Is Right after. Volleyball. Is when he says, Hey, throw back over your. Lives at that she does not. Any context for why she doesn't say do it yourself she decided. She's will not engage not know doesn't WanNA. Come close to joining yachts. But. I think she's basically just saying it's a bunch of guys trying to show off an have. Egos in trying to outdo each other like in talk enwright their compound for points presumably like points with the ladies Bro points with each other I don't know I don't know. What dudes thank when there but you know what after watching? The don't while I was watching volleyball seen. Again didn't know that this is what Gilmore girls is refugees I forgot I turned to my my male counterpart and I said. Hey you. What's like? The, most like testosterone filled like society. Societal Manley like group. Thing. You've ever been a part of because to me this like Bali I just like they're so like. Oh, like they were just like. Oh my gosh, my hormones are pumping through my my sweat. and he just said I I don't. I. Don't I can't think of one. Not Not really as thing. But like while I was watching that scene, I was just like this the amount of. You know supposedly. That was. Just exuding from all of them intense. So I get what stuck out and this reference makes sense they are. Just. Leaving it all on the sand. And Paris does not mean it as a compliment that is known. She is into her intellectual professor. Boyfriend? In she does not care for these athletic guys trying to show off which does seem like the crux of spring break. Everybody's trying to get somebody's attention in this episode. Yes. Some of them are. Kissing. To kissing their friends to get attention and some are playing volleyball Yeah. Yeah. Summer plane with giant cue tips in the pool. Yes what's that giant q tip thing I know when I don't know the real name of it so no me neither yeah. Although, you know what? When Rory does ask the cute. Not just guy he says I don't know do I lose points. And she says, no. We were. hopkin points competition. At Spring Spring in Florida for Spring Break Yeah Excel. Yeah No one is worth noting this is not the only reference to Topgun and Gilmore Girls. This comes again in season seven, but it is a theory different reference. You inspired me I look at you and I think this guy's doing it right slave to know master. You come home at three in the morning. No one cares you WANNA eat dessert predinner. No one cares walk around in your socks tighty whiteys no one cares no one cares what you do or where you go. So what are you saying, Luke? You WanNa, be my wingman. Goose to my maverick. You never close your eyes animal in a kiss. oops. So do you think that Luke could be kirk swing man the goose to his maverick. All My. Do you think that Peres correctly identified. Do you think Kirk is the maverick in? Luke is the goose. I'm, GONNA I'm GonNa say that I can see calling Kirk Goose. Just, a silly goose Zik name. Am I right. But no, I don't. That doesn't check out for me, but also Lucas not maverick because he is dangerous, he does not feel the need for speed. Of. All the characters, Gilmore girls. WHO IS MAVERICK GO? Paris. Vote Logan but I definitely see Paris as Oh yeah. No Logan because the danger Marcel, he's got that extra that But if Paris can win points in school. She wants it. Yeah. So I don't think you're wrong. Soon Kyla. So Taylor that was our trip to the danger zone of pop culture references in our show the danger zone. Yeah. Let us know give us points. Aka Stars on your podcast reviewing option. Of Choice you can find US assets show. On twitter. So the show PODCAST DOT com. What else? What else do we gotta talk about? Shoes an email. What are you to cover season forward get into an end we're. But that does. We usually go back and do references. We missed it the end. So who's to say doesn't mean we couldn't cover yours. That's true. Laid on us. We're ready for the challenge. Keep watching Emma. Say Safe Liberalize. Yeah. Here's a teaser for. Everybody. Lindsey. A okay. You're standing kind of funny and. How you stand in these spans. Vs You've got. And that Frankie really found each other lumped together. They just sort of flute off the charts. adorable. The deans of the world. Sees. Things just like the bookcase lifters.

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