Blinkers Off 440: Churchill Downs, Santa Anita Return and Rapid-Fire


Churchill do specifically really hard to predict that. But I think it's going to be huge and you gotta think them and Gulfstream are gonNA kinda compete with each other at the same time and then Santa is going to can to compete with the later half and then they're going to be unopposed them and Golden Gate so you're GonNa see big numbers Bit doesn't she rightly dudes name. Amran who by some race and they wanted to share with players picks. The goal was to cut wrists. They put the plan into motion person. Suitably the expert picks of Free Willy Racetrack. Better just to begin. Doesn't WanNa go to find a winner. As a matter of fact morning. Hit the exact There's only one site that keep coming back next. Horses all end up at the post mixture used the website. Battling the most church oaklawn Gulfstream Park's Toga tricks in between there's only one when it comes to your best plus. It's catching game that no one never forgets to stack com to all the needs to calm the holy leauge dude dot com for all the events do that com is good his waist dudes dot com the meads dues dot com. All you leads right into DOT COM DOT com. Guess Well Jeez ultimately this is blinkers off. What's up man? I like the hanging there before going on now. Much man I you I got on there. I'm driving me crazy already. Yeah I'm getting tired of this whole in person. Kind of stuff got new over the phone. Call you talk to and I wanted to. But no yeah it was a love fest last week and now it's like this guy leaves you got here at. Eight. Am and you haven't loved my. Hey all day and you only have been told what's going on man. I'm just learning a lot here talking to you before I mean here. It's been good yellow. Save that for another. Yeah Yeah but no I am educating you a little bit over here but no so racing is coming back. Well I mean if you want to get right into. This is the best week we've had maybe all year right. I mean they're going to have dedicated listening on. We'll talk about Churchill opening up but yeah shit man we're just looking at site and we've got actually have multiple tracks on site now. Yeah so we hit the lowest of the low last weekend to have four tracks running Friday Saturday Sunday and two of those were quarter horses not nothing against quarter horses but to have to thoroughbred racetracks. Running on a weekend is just You can't get any worse than and not only that there were just nothing good running Thank keep to golfing for doing the mandatory. Pick six that co that cost a little excitement but overall it was the worst weekend. I could ever remember a covering the sport or being a fan of when you're talking may talked about in the middle of. May you're right. You're expecting have something going on. Obviously we'd be talking about Chris Week Brightness Right when that'd be this weekend yeah this is so but yes so yeah. It's all things considered we are. I mean I feel like and I've said last week in and I feel like this week a week closer feels like we're starting to get back even in our daily lives. I mean I know. California extended their stay at home. I know I know New York is still very much closed for good reason. But it's like for the most part in the Midwest and we're like Kentucky and things like that where we were starting to these tracks to back up and even in California would stay home or at least we're like seeing racing's like okay. We can continue racing. We've seen the blueprint. We know how this can work without fans with central people there. We can continue racing so I think it's a huge sign of doesn't mean that Saratoga for instance are going to have fans there. I don't think it's going to the more we go. I don't see how it's going to all of a sudden this flip a switch and we're GONNA have fans but I think the race from from the start I've been worried the most about New York because obviously it's just so bad there and so I I just don't know yeah they're going to raise Saratoga but but are they gonna race the Belmont anytime soon. I really don't know it's kind of frustrating. I I know better than to than to go down this road but when you get on twitter and people are blaming naira and they're mad at naira and it's like guys you really think naira doesn't want to run. They want to run but they can't. They have to get permission to do it. So that really frustrates me when I see that but listen. They're ready they've got. They know the drill. They know what to do to get open. You know they know what the how they need to operate. But you have to have permission to do it from from from your state government. And they don't have that right now so it's going to be tough. It's going to be tough to convince Convince anybody that the racing needs to happen but it does need to happen if there so a few updates that we've learned this in the last couple of days about the Kentucky Derby and obviously adding No. We're still several tracks for waiting on. Obviously neither like we just talked about being one of those but as we started to get closer here where these track or these races are gonNA run So it sounds like right now. It's kind of run through these the hassles now going to be worth one hundred forty two nine tenths of one hundred point race the Pegasus which is like a prep school at Momma's twenty eight four to the the Matt win coming up next week. Which by the way that be a big big weekend weather wagering guide available next week for that fifty twenty ten five the Derby. Twenty eight four to Bluegrass and this is an interesting one. This one's going to be one hundred like it would normally forty two thousand ten but we're talking keeneland are they gonNA run into Churchill? I mean they're obviously keeneland race but on opening right now so I was really shocked when I saw this on the list so I stay tuned I think Churchill downs where the run it but the Ellis Park Derby fifty twenty ten five. That's fifty point racist interesting. And then the West Coast Santini Derby obviously coming up one hundred forty twenty ten lows Al Derby. Twenty eight four two in the shared belief at Del. Mar Fifty twenty ten five so few a few big races Starting off with the Matt Win next week. It's going to be all of a sudden back to Derby Derby points and that win and then a week off and then the Santa Anita Derby and those are going to be to premier races and I know we're kind of like on you know trying to figure this out but it's like okay next week Matt Win. Nashville is GONNA lead that race right two weeks later like you said you mentioned with the Derby. I mean authentic and API honor. Ap ARE GONNA run in that. I mean those are. Those are three very high at least believed to be high prospect. So yeah I mean even though we're kind of in this you know flex where it's like. Well we know we're going to get something going here pretty soon so yeah we got lots to talk about obviously talked about a little more with. Churchill. Santa needed coming up. We got some some random races this weekend. You know. The racing is extensive. But nothing majors are the stakes action goes. We're GONNA talk about a few of those and rapid fire before we do best things. Yeah it's such a great week. Even though we don't have the big stakes is still like a celebration this week. So that's kind of the theme. I'm going with The best thing happened yesterday for me and it was Santa. Anita finally getting that approval Iran. I mean that that like the way it was going to happen. That's why it was so great because I had given up and and really guys that the magnitude if they don't get to run say through July or the meats over and they missed the whole knee. People would have had to leave and I don't know if they came back I mean I. I think they were dangerously close to being done and so they get the news on Wednesday. Twitter just exploded. People are so happy. I was happy to you know it. So many people's livelihood day it revolves around Santa Anita and then running so man for them to be back with just such good news. Just a huge relief. I felt like a shot of adrenaline. When I read that because I really thought they were not going to be able to run well. Then they extended the state home order. I was like Shit. It's not gonNA happen now so now I definitely decisions like just in general that we're starting to see more of A. I don't know like an adoption of like okay. We understand kind of like we've been saying along it's like you know we understand. This isn't a norm but we can still make this work in not. It doesn't have to be perfect. So you have all these tracks starting to come back and say okay. We're GONNA run. We're going to get back to normal but it's GonNa be this or no fans or whatever and you're even seen that In sports a little bit be sort of kind of slowly. Planning a Comeback Year of the eighty two game schedule now starting in July and so obviously no fans will be there but it seems like all these these sports are starting to realize. Okay we can do. This is just a little different than what we plan so well in Gary Bettman of the NHL came out and said we will crown a Stanley Cup champion this year. I promise you so. They've got the works for a playoff. It'd be if it is literally didn't know season disturbed the playoffs. That's what they're gonNA do. That's what they're going to twenty four team playoff what they're talking about so. I obviously super nerve wracking. But it'd be so much fun to watch you know. Some people have been like that is just so dominant always have an ashtray. And it's just like people. What do you want them to do? Play the whole season in front of all the fans. You know what I mean. It's like how you have to be realistic with your expectation. Maybe they could play. Adam played three games a day every every day. Yeah Yeah for three months out of time they just have to get something done so it is one of the NBA will do. I mean they've got they'd be some similar you would think. Yeah I mean whatever and just like we talked about last week with triple crown. It's like if you did have a triple crown this year. You definitely have an ashtray. And there's another people I saw people. They need to run them in order in the Belmont. They can't change a distance is it's just. This is what was going to happen saying along. This is what is to get over it. Yeah Yeah does anybody like do we. Are we rooting for it? No but am I happy. It's not preakness week. Now we're going to run something you know. I'm glad that it's going to run and -actly I it. It is what it is. It's like you have a season it's weird and you'll look back and say remember when the triple crown that year but it was weird or I don't think you're imagining. Imagine if we had a college basketball website you know to be a little worse. Yeah yeah well. The the other year that we decided to start offering sports information on the side is when this happened so maybe that was the best thing I saw so I had one plan and then something happened earlier before you got here so when I did. That plan was like my my son. Colin Cooper broke his arm last and has been in the cast and there's a minor minor break. But maybe the doctor today and it's removable. Cast thing brace because there's only less than a year and a half old and so anyways Geiger poor a good one guy good report. It's off and keep an eye on them but from those parties. He's good to go. That was what I was going to be but then this one was too funny to not do not make the best thing so I have a an spy here in my office where I discount basically have collected over the years all the different credentials. We've gotten the press. Some Brusca tons of Pegasus just and I don't know why keep them. But now the I get the boys like they play with them and put them on whatnot. So we're playing with them earlier before you got here. I'm putting them on Koa. He wanted put them all on and I was like here. He's like I want to be. Jarrett calling. You said jared because they say jared right. Jared Dean Welsh and so I kept on and then I said here about this one. You can be slim. I had one of Slim's I said you could be slim and I put it on. He looked at me with his face. 'cause I don't WanNa be slaving is like think I think the Belmont one year. We got the Belmont Forum and I don't know yeah so I want to slim was the last. It was last year. He said there's no triple crown. I'm not so yeah. He doesn't want to be there. It was so it was so funny as well. That's fine you don't have to be slim so don't ever let him put those in his mouth. There's no telling how much alcohol's been spill on those drugs. Especially the Pegasus and Florida Derby. All the Gulfstream was off my best. I to be honest. I don't know where those are. There's no telling what I'd I'd probably got back or in the found in the middle of the panic. That is a funny idea. We're going to do that next time. Throw in the throw the passes in the fountain almost like a wishing well till next let them fish them out of there. I love that idea. A fantastic idea. Go after the last race on Pegasus to Florida Derby. Just chuck them in their money. Would that be at like two or three or four yearly jared? Aaron are always in this fountain every year. How like come on so I like that. In today's show we're going to discuss and preview the return of Churchill downs and Santa Anita Park this weekend in the dudes. We'll ratifiers like some of the major races going around the country this weekend after months of wondering if they're going to run win they're going to run. What's going to happen with the schedules? The stakes races were used to we're back. Churchill downs and Santana Park get the green light to come back and run so obviously no fans will be either one of them but it's huge sign for both tracks obviously and this in general sign that we're we're kind of getting through this so man you know it's like okay now all of a sudden you've got churchill downs bag endless throw in Girl in allowance race. Yeah so on Saturday. Race for multiple euro is a fortified favorite. The two-horse It's like welcome back. Churchill Down Churchill. Downs has to a fantastic fantastic cards this weekend. So highlighted by mom girl. But there's a there's like three or four really good allowance. Races on Saturday really allow trace on Sunday with a horse you own Toledo on in the Fancy League Toledo and wish right. But he's facing some really nice. Three Year Ozzy littlefield probably going to step up to stakes after this. If the ones that run well it just. It's so good in. When Oakland closed it Churchill definitely was the one the needed to get open know. Because it's just that's the next step that's where a lot of people go and to have the marquee track in the state of Kentucky Open was just very uplifting for the horse racing community so Yeah this is going to be a just a monster meet at Churchill You know you you already mentioned the Matt Win coming up next weekend which is going to be Monster Day. They've they've added other stakes races on that card. Thank there's five on the car and then Stephen Foster night is still going to happen to me later on the meat. So there's a lot to look forward to and and I guess speculation maybe the bluegrass on. Maybe by the end of the me like this. The Matt Win a prep for the BLUEGRASS. I I don't know that I mean all of a sudden being the winds were fifty than you would think that the next the next point would be one hundred point race at the. It seems that lay now. Who knows what's going to happen with that. That's all speculation but the the point of it is. It's Saturday is a celebration that it's back and we're going to have a really good solid meet at Churchill. Probably one of the better meets I've ever had. We'll really going to start. Because obviously you've had so many owners and trainers and whatnot just in this holding pattern waiting. Obviously Oakland picked up a lot of the slack but that was really good for the local trio people in thankfully we. We had a lot there but and they chipped in for steaks but for the most part like all of a sudden these traitors. When I can get back so you're going to start see this influx of horses and we haven't got to the west coast but you're starting to see this influx of horses that you're like like I mean I'm not by no means. Do I think Toledo is in the but that field? Say let's call that field that the Sunday allowance. You're going to start to see this kind of horses that you hadn't been seen yet. They're like okay. These are the horses that could step up into at least the Kentucky Derby type hopeful that emerged in the summer. So you're going to start to see these kinds of fields shape that we haven't been seen or been accustomed seeing so yeah. It's good to have these back kind of brings a whole new flavor. What do you think thinking about this earlier? Obviously Oakland just not after nine really most tracks running lately have been so records just because yeah what else bet. So what do you think about? Now that you're getting some of these really big ones like Churchill Santa Anita you think they're going to continue like are they going to continue the transfer of this day even though no no one's air they're going to hammer records? Yeah I think so. I think Churchill downs. This weekend is GONNA be incredible. I think it's GonNa be a really good telling sign for what we have become. You know what I mean the summer and into the fall like if these tracks that are opening up just continue to just to just blow it out of the water with no one there it. I think it really shows you too. How potentially healthy the sport could be if you just give good product. Sports Yeah keeps keeps on that on that subject. We're we're recording this Thursday night Charleston's on the fifth race and I just saw a tweet. They're averaging about four to five hundred thousand dollars A race in handles. So that's GONNA come out to. They're probably going to do three to four million dollars tonight. Charlestown and handle. Obviously that's very good for attract like that and then what will churchill do specifically really hard to predict that but I think it's going to be huge and you got to thank them and Gulfstream are going to compete with each other at the same time and then saying that. Nita is going to can compete with the later. Half and then they're going to be unopposed them and Golden Gate. So you're going to see big numbers You know it's going to be big. Does what she said. I know that anyways. So now as we move over to Santa Anita obviously Churchill's GonNa take you said GonNa handle the earlier earlier part of the day but then you head over to Santa Anita and it gets you back to that west coast racing. We're accustomed to and against another sign. Another question would be like candidate kind of you know we we know. He struggled with the short fields and kind of unable to fill races and then of course covert happened. And then you're like okay. So can we get back to because he know these trainers have been itching to run so surely there's horses run. We've got full fields Friday Saturday and Sunday at Santa Anita. It's unbelievable and you know Santa. Anita was making a little progress in that direction with fuller fields before this happened so it started to. Yeah so they. They kind of picked up where they left off plus some obviously because of the situation full field. I think you're GonNa see it throughout the meat because you said there in the run the God Iran. Somewhere Guy Rodney sources. I mean it's been six eight weeks for they'd been on track for Ray so Yeah it looks great. I think this meat really revolves around June six. Which is the same any the Derby Day? And they're also going to run the Gold Cup Tanzania and a few other races there big races there. I should say so. That's that's the big date to look forward to You know authentic verizon or a P is a just a huge huge event and we'll have other horses in there as well so it's GonNa be a lot of fun at Santa Anita this is again. It's it's definitely a condensed meet now. Because we've lost so much time. But I do think they're going to do what they can to make up for that loss time you'll be fun to see if you know given the Mazar we have out there like with the Bedford and whatnot. Like you know if there's any any you know hidden horses that might pop up here. They've been itching to run at Santa Anita The that really emerge as running. You know these convinced me but I can just imagine baffert having someone under the Hood. I think the Kentucky Derby winner is GonNa run at Santa. Anita doesn't matter which one it is. It's not going to be in the Derby but he's got one that's probably win the Derby skit ready to debut so that you think he's a winner after his workout today. He monstrous so visit saying fan. Yeah I'm a robot that it works in my article and I still never claimed him but anyways yeah he's a monster he's a he he looks like a monster to that. He pretty much any horse he. He was unbelievable in this less work out today. He's big time purchase. And obviously you know a Lotta hopes I you know I say the I mean he's going to have any started. Rick he's GonNa have a big shot to to be a factor in these steaks raise. You'll make history because you'll have the the first words Ever Win Kentucky Derby Day prior to me maybe be getting ahead of myself time. Derby winner but I think the sources really really good. I mean really. Good Paul Paul Paul. Then pull him yeah so he claimed like two months ago too so now. I mean I know I my radar but it's just like of course we didn't know what the plans were the Derby and whatnot but at that time but still you just like he claim a horse that you know that's never ran and there's going to be Might find out differently now. Listen how can happen but in the mornings he looks just as good as well stakes winner. So and I've been saying like with the doll and these horses you can tell when these adverse I mean are just looks locked and loaded in Charleston. These forces worked lights out in the mornings. And you can tell they're low end. This horse Kazan. Say's on I think it's how you said Cezanne Cezanne a think Yeah he just he. He looks the part. He has the ability for horse. Of course it's in the morning so we'll find out in the afternoon. The only thing that I did in this is dumb to say but at the same time I believe this. The only thing that gives me pause is his purchase price. Because how many times do you see one? That goes for really pay three point six five million eight exactly in hand out hardly any exactly so We're not going to talk about these races. So we'll at least mention them on Saturday. I mean like you say the cards are good. If you're if you're a a California bred Kinda guy girl whatever That's definitely your day Saturday. Because they are running two stakes races The Edco Eddie. In the evening jewel advancing definitely. You're kind of races We're not gonNA cover these races because we'll California breads and they're tough sure so you want picks where to go get them we will work. That'd be clear about when the dog were not handicapping. We're just do it on the podcast. We got more important things. Talk about But we'll have pigs for. I think what is so much is doing Friday Churchill. I think and then Saturday or maybe vice versa Saturday or maybe it's Friday. Danida is a Friday bombed riding santita. He's covering so bombs yes he's doing. He's doing Friday at Santa Anita Saturday Sunday. But we'll have premium big for those so you go check those out but On Sunday we'll talk about that coming up and is going to run into race. Gets MOTHER ON SUNDAY? It's Indiana so pre race in rapid fire Who's the Derby winner by the way? Well I don't know yet. We'll see I used have to see Honorary Felix Pretty. I don't I don't want to worry about that ratio. Let me try to find the MATT winner. I next week I met wing all well. I I'M GONNA definitely go against Max `field spoiler alert. I have to man. He'll never learn. I have to win against all. Well No I. I have my reasons for that. There's no good reason against all GonNa Cruise. Didn't go against the doll. I said I'm going to bet even thank four to five. You said you hated him off air. He's got up there and he's like I hate the worst. I told you offer that I don't like I said that about an adult already. Got My celebration planned for. He wins in Rome so I don't know but yeah so well I would say he's a defensive us for me. Yeah I wouldn't want him to knock me completely. It will take that back. I'll see the sequence but I don't know Mr big news is gonna run that like him. I don't know there's only two I've seen confirmed for that one. Yeah I think they're going to get twelve field so Churchill Santa Anita obviously we'll have magic is just absolutely killed on the side as far as content got the content We've all got content. So Ricky's Ricky's rockets will have content. Shah's integrate job. We got rider anymore. Sean Sean NHCD thing you see coming up so stay tuned for that. But we'll have a ton of content on the site covering all those big meats by the way I knew Sean. Because he listens I think he he didn't do some rapid fire that we're GONNA do three and Gulfstream. We're going to bypass the to Santa. We're going straight to Stanford on Sunday Gulfstream Park. Maybe some smaller stakes races. But it's definitely not lacking some some at least semi stars or at least potential stars rate six. On the day on Saturday the roar a threat the roar stake seventy five. You Know Seventy Five K. For three year olds six and a half furlongs field of six lines up for this one led by number five. Green light goes six to five more favorite. Are you going to try to beat the source? I mean if he doesn't win this one. Stick A four-game right got. It's really not because I think he's great because I really don't but this deal it of leaves a lot to be desired. Not from the moment I saw. He's in the race. I've never been a huge green light. Go Fan and I was like okay. Beat them obviously. You've got to go through the field. I'm like I don't know how you even. He ran terrible in the swell and number. There could probably win this race. That's the kind of racist is I. Just don't see a lot here in this in this. Still if he if he loses this like didn't right the seventy five thousand dollar roar state. I mean it's it's it is often eastern does well. He has to win this rate. Do you feel like it's very clear now that if it if it wasn't already let's be honest if it wasn't already it's pretty clear like this is this is like his distance. The running this is not like winds here and he goes to the Kentucky Derby Prep after that. It's like good luck. Think he's any good. I really I really don't think he's a great horse now. I don't. I'd be surprised if we see anything. Really Ultra impressive industries period. Even even if he wins. Oh yeah totally so. We're both on green light. Go race nine races later. Their race. Nine the powder the powder break sticks were phillies mirrors three girls and not going one mile on the Earth Bill. Ten until eleven with one hundred dollars well Philippine. Likely run by the way. I didn't check the weather because I've been reading some reports pretty decent chance. The it'll be wet. I think Sarah is supposed to be dry. But they're supposed to be a lot of rain today. Being Friday and an today Thursday today and Friday lead up to it so I imagine the the actual day might be dry but could be wet as far as turf goes and stuff so keen on. Having the reason I leave that up to God stormy runs in this race ninety five morning line. Favorite Cantor's a horse. It's always kind of known been known to like a fast surface in even said if it is soft we may just scratch her. You know kind of thing. Honestly it would surprise scratcher anyways because it's seventy five thousand dollars and we saw this last week with who is the horses. Scratched is going to run in the war. Things like that nature where you're like know they're gonNA run like no they're not gonNA run exactly so it's seventy five thousand dollar raise again. I had the same as assumed. She runs even with a soft surface if not her ideal thing. I it's a it's a exactly. She's better worse to go. But it's exactly the thing where it's like if you don't have to witness for. Yeah she really needs to win. I think she will visit view in here. I liked a little bit more than did in the other one. I should say. Yeah the one I remember one. I saw if not race but she's in the race. It's sad it's just another situation where to go more other than her I said would play the horse on the rail. The unknown its European ship. Coming OVER FOR RUNNING FOR SNIPER. Chad Brown one that would assume in the software service exactly has been over it a lot and you know Chad Brown Iran Ortiz. I'M GONNA put that horse in the multi-race place for sure and with got stormy now scratches. I think this becomes a much deeper. Multi-race play you're going to play through four because a lot of different things come into play happens but I don't really want to get too crazy with a bunch of combinations display the one in the ten an interesting one in this race as a seven. That's you know I it big time. Purchase for six hundred six hundred and fifty thousand dollars for todd. Pletcher undefeated never been beat. Haven't seen though since June of twenty nineteen Where she won Monmouth Park. She does have a winner of the service Gulfstream. Obviously I hope to start with this one won every race kind of easily to you know so you know? Yeah you know. It's a lot to ask her numbers. Don't compare to what got stormy is but one is to say got out of the race thing. All things considered well. It's all about this to what's out about is running at Monmouth. You know in the summer. When why not running around the ninth circuit for Fletcher usually since candidate B. ISH team down? So but I agree definitely of worse than it looks like as talented and obviously on record. You can't ever party gets that but if he's out in all of a sudden you're playing three or four horses. I think it definitely is a player in the race race. Ten lots one here that we're talking about a Gulfstream Park the musical romance stakes hundred cave. South Florida bred fillies. Mayor's going seven furlongs still nine lines up for this one. Seven two five Boylan favorite. On the seven lady's Island Unite. Talked about this little bit while we're handicapping like we both go. We both landed on got storm like Shit Gala. If you're playing that sequence starting to raise six you gotta like gotta find gotta find a winner. I gotta find a non Jock and Lady's silent another. Were so you and try to beat that. One or you just chock now. Think you have to play lady's island but I am going to try to put a different horse on top here. I'm going number three wildwoods beauty on I really like I read or TV Ford Year and has been running much much tougher. Racist Great Tune Great. Three events and finishing second lacerations once in San and wants to Sally's curling Racing Hurricane Gertie so I I like the class I think she could be around there. There seems to be a decent amount speed in the race and the source definitely is one that likes to come from as but I think she can sit a little bit closer as she drops out in class a little bit where she may not have to come first so far back so I'll give wildwoods beauty a chance. I think she's going to be a pretty square price because Lady Ladies Island. Let's look pretty good here. Lady's island gossip speed like their speed and keenly lady down three this worse flat blazes early on this date back to December of two thousand eighteen. When this worth the lead at first call? I mean it's unreal. I mean if he's on the front forget about so. Yeah I mean you know you're gonNA have the pay set up to be also gonNA take the beater. I'm going to go to the different one. I'm going to Blair for for todd. Pletcher LEWIS IS JUMPS ON HERE. The source winner of last to last two starts really is not a bit about horse her entire career the only one that can kind of literally draw a line through is the one where she lost a writer and that was three races back with winter last to finish second race prior to that as one for that my five ten combined in a second on debut facing a decent horses decent comeback. Winter's been running a little bit longer. So you get a little bit of life. This annual with Cutler's gets a nice Twenty five percent of the route sprint. So He's been running this route route. And it's like to me. It's always an interesting whenever horses winning routing this one one two stakes races including the grade three and then came back and won that stakes race. It Akwa Doug Going Eight. Both races at amount eighth in wins and then. So it's like why would you? But now we're cutting her back right. So if a horse's like Bernie terrible longer than you're obviously makes sense to to cut back but when worth winning. Oh that's interesting. So you gotta think they feel confident in the in the move so. I liked that a little bit especially in Florida one when the favorites. GonNa get pounded. I think so number two Blair and finally. Let's go to Santa Park on Sunday. We talked about this race earlier. Eight desert stormer stakes grade three hundred those fields and not going six furlong debate lines up for this one. It's a nice little fields earlier we don't have the is fighting mad for star mother. Mother amused bill. Pheno or to Tomlin hanging star really comes down to a few of these. Bob Efforts got a few fighting mad mother mother and then of course Bell Vena who kind of interesting spa for bird right now considering that she was a no show so to speed at which came to Oakland and that carousel raise comes back in off the off the short layoff. In here she is so I think. Now I'll give you my pin second but newsrooms. I don't want they'll Levin. I'm so mad at her after what she did it. Oakland. I can't go back so I'm actually going to go with Mother mother. I'm going to go number three mother mother. You know the source has been very competitive with with really really nice worse so it's not like I'm taking a flyer here. She's trying to do something I think. I think she's sitting on a pretty good race. She comes in the more arrested. Were like you just said well. We'll and back pretty quick. I was shocked to see belting industry and you know look wins in California at least runs well in California. But you know it's been a long time since horses crossed the wire first so off right-footer in the multi races that I'm I'm GonNa go with mother mother on top and better win on mother-mother I I just I can't get over out and how poorly delvina Iran and yeah. I know miss the break and lost all chance to win. I agree with that but she didn't lose all chance to lose by less than Tim Link Right. She didn't run where the damn it oaklawn. So I You know it's been long time since he's won a race. She's going to be down again because she's back home track. And is the classiest. Where's the field so I'll try to beat her mother? Mother it is it kind of facet of its kind of fascinating. Look at you mentioned. This word. Belkin has not won a race since Santa Nido counting right. It's been a long time. You know in granted from there you go to the yolks test. Killian gone back for the Breeders Cup run race and your brain run a big race miscued. Confetti and hard not to look too good horses mean he ran well both of them You said the Oakland one was kind of a no show slash Mr break but really it's a net. You're finally getting back to your drag your finally getting back to a race. I mean this is ran in not counting carrizo one two three four five six straight grade ones. Oh yeah tough races in now you get into this race and I kind of feel like okay this to me so shopped and set it on that show like I cannot believe. I'm GONNA pick her. I'm GonNa against going against my pag. Your blood pack a blood pact paper outside of California and I did it and I learned the hard lesson but guess what this race is in California and this. I DOES NOT LOSE IN CALIFORNIA. Very office all the time in California's California over a year six starts accents. Anita four wins and to be honest with you it. This is more of a grudge. No I think I touched me. She really pissed me off in that race if it really badly Mauka. Here's my line of thinking. Okay again this is asking for someone that is. I'm the same way like when she loves the Yolk 'cause like never again Never seen again is what I you know. It's like but so Saima galleon good trainer's not GonNa rush her back froze and this word comes out. And since the carousel right may tint puts out a board flies around the flies around the track interests are here so obviously. He's like to run. I mean he's not going run if Allah seemingly ready to run. She really didn't run last time. Though I mean other than I mean obviously the shipping may have taken something out of the race probably didn't because now I really like mother-mother so I think those two your play. I'm not singling. Bellevue by any means. Good I think mother they can beat her so I play in those to but heard it here. First it's tough for me because I like her like I do like I mean. I've been developing the fan for a while but I just really soured on her. I relied on you and that spot and for you to get beat is one thing but a no show just really slow bigger. We'll good thought that we have raised over free. Picks and our premium selection process patient Parks Lincoln Razi Dot Com to learn more. Remember that waging guide. Next week to win can be. I mean really. It's going to be a massive guide and a lot of implications like you said it was like five stakes. Something did they cover on their big town. So we'll have that available sometime next week for you guys currently covering tracks are we covering this point. Well we're going to have ten. We've were up to ten double digits. Yeah I. It's the first time we've been in a on first time we've been double digits since about. I think March twenty first that weekend. I think we may have still had tim left. But you work out for you now. You've been slacking off. I did honestly I really enjoyed. I Friday's which had I think. Seven and like man. This is nice to not have to Remington and low south of no this eating Gulfstream even just and over and over and every week. It's the same day on track. It was so nice to see. Churchill. Say Golden Gate today. I mean heartbreaking loss last race by a head but we had four horses going to that big six in just the most brutal brutal but we we had a good day still handicapping Hicks and it was just. It was good to see another track in the jockeys trainers. It's like you really take for granted how much you like handicapping tracks in how it just breaks up the monotony of Gulfstream. Again like all I'm doing is Gulfstream. I feel like you know so. That's no offense to golf stream. It's just when you're the only game in town for weeks and weeks and weeks. It gets old after a while news. Update for you. I watched through both the eleventh time the other night. It is does your Stanley Cup yet. but I mean that's a lot of times for sure but you gotta understand like this happened. Well there's nothing going into quarantine and literally turn on the TV. If I have any anytime like I some on like hey watch superbowl. There's nothing watch is awesome ever told me I love it so yeah I've watched it and I'll probably watch a few more times Mike to you before. Oh the schedule came out talked about it last week. I mean the biggest tickets are astronomical. I don't really care So let's plan for that. Obviously we don't know the opener I'm planning obviously. I'm going to the opener. Assume THEY'RE GOING TO FANS I've met with my cousin. He says they'll play with no fans. I say it's either fans will be there or it's not going to happen. That's what I think. I think it'll be fans. Oh Oh I don't think it'll be fans aren't there. It's not going to happen that I that I strongly disagree with I. Just I don't see any way fans won't be there didn't fill needs a fans. I think. Well every sporting fans I think it's severely fifty fifty lies like baseball even hockey. I know how he's a little different. Because it's tight quarters sort of the baseball especially like especially it's like you can play a game without fans and it's all like like playoffs would be but not postseason would be bad but my point is is planet. Nfl game with no fans would be so. It's so weird weird. You're talking about this because I was. I was on the phone with my dad on the way to. Your House mentioned in college game and we said football and hockey would be is is going to be or could be or would be whatever you want to put in their bad without fans. It's going to be boring because the fans make the atmosphere. Baseball is like it's quiet. Most whatever yeah basketball we can talk back and forth. We don't think it has as much of an influence as hockey or football. But yeah I mean it's very like people don't realize how weird that's GonNa be but you talk about you know talk about Arrowhead. How part of his teams because the fan noise and just fear in. And you just literally scrimmage you know is very strange Football and hockey is going to be working. You go back and you watch any football. Such a spectator sport. There's so many people there eighty nine thousand people at these games right. You go watch a hockey game. The fans are into the game. Oh Yeah Yeah. Nba can be quiet in the arena at times imbue. It'd be weird for sure but it wouldn't be as bad as hockey and definitely not. Nfl and college football. So it's nothing but I'm with you. I think a lot of people are like there's no way they'll be fans and I. I don't think if I had to bet I would say no but I'm not like hard against it like I think there's a shot but I'll tell you this my ass be there if I'm allowed to be there at any that game. They is Tampa. Whatever I'm going really afraid to it either I yeah. I'm not either. Give a track opened up. I would go yeah I would. I guess what I'm not gonNA wear mask either. Neither I haven't or masked yet so I did you know pissing off but well first of all preference that with where we live. It's really I lived in New York absolutely a Los Angeles or a city. Yes but you're talking about county that has like twenty cases and we're going to Walmart and gas station or whatever and it you know. It's like in the product areas this country. It's just not see people wearing them in cars though. That's what I don't it's just amazes me. It's like you've been in my life today because I talked to my insurance agent and he goes if I see one more person with a mask in their car and having a panic attack. He's why are you wearing it in your car? You're with yourself. Yeah but anyways. Yeah no I mean. It's it's funny when we talk to slim or Ricki or a curtis or or or Ryan on the West Coast Slim Ricky on the east coast. How different their outlook of it is. Because they're living in and I would be scared but here it's just it's not. It's never been real scary especially what we're able to do from home and whatnot. We don't have to get out very often so it's and we've been blessed to be able to do that and a lot of people can't and so we're definitely been fortunate in that regard but yeah. Hopefully they play. I'm I'm very hopeful. So schedules out. I think fourteen into that's my goal. I'm going fourteen into so you know it's one they'll games think they're GONNA lose. I think fourteen to should happen. I think thirteen and three more likely because there will be like one of those games. You're just like you ause did lose but there's a few other tough teams in there as well. You could see it going either way but yeah I think fourteen to should be should be should be the goal right. You're listening on soundcloud. Google play music stitcher even the website rates. Dot Com magic. Show took them out as well right. I'm doing well. He's an and got a big show next week show next week when Matt Win. Stay tuned com all the needs dude. Stack holiyay leads. Dudes DOT COM. All your best. Rice due DOT COM is good as they get ready to do that. Com falling in mead's dot com doing dot com all the dunes dot com.

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