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This is MAC OS Ken. P. Morgan notices, apple wet. Where is the weakest link and who's Mogi isn't any way. It's Friday the twenty. Eighth of September twenty eighteen. I'm Ken Ray and this is news from MAC OS. Ken brought to you by yours, truly and sponsored by Jamf. Now helping you sign up, manage and protect your apple devices. On demand get started today at j. m. Jamf dot com. Slash MAC OS cat. This show is also supported by people like you patrons through patriotic find out more in that your support that patriot dot com. Slash MAC OS cow. There are many, many intricacies to Wall Street and financial institutions that I do not understand my look, here's one now business insiders as j. p. Morgan initiated coverage of apple this week contemptuously. I think I know what that means. Analysts have certain companies they cover or certain companies to which they pay attention this week. JP Morgan put one of their people on it. Specifically Samir Chatterjee the part I don't get as how they got around the covering apple all year. Maybe even the last year we wondered who would reach evaluation of one trillion dollars. I would it be apple, would it be Amazon while apple has not been on a constant Tara? It's been company of notes and the heyday of the ipod. So for at least the last fifteen years, I'm pretty sure j. p. Morgan did cover apple sometime in the twelve and. Half years that I've been doing this show if they did, they apparently stopped. And now they've apparently started again, Apple's trillion dollar market cap could grow by twenty percent. By the end of next year, says business insider based on Mr.. Chatterjee's initial note actually reading bits of that note may explain why his firm hasn't given up the same attention. Other firms have quoting that apple has historically been regarded as an IT hardware company tied to a short product refresh cycle of the iphone in an extremely competitive smartphone industry. More recently. He continues. Investors have been proved wrong on the pace of Apple's transformation to a services company with revenues in the services reporting segment increasing from eight percent of total and fiscal year twenty twelve to an estimated twenty percent of total in fiscal year twenty twenty one. Chatterjee his eyes open. Sounds like the firm finally gets services story which many have argued is tied to the stickiness of apples ecosystem, which is tied to those iphones. JP Morgan was afraid I phone owners would drop for the Samsung, whatever's next with an appreciation for apple services sector. The analysts would apparently like to see more of them quoting his note. Again, Apple's interest in entering new end markets is likely to be evaluated based on the opportunity to offer services on a large installed base certain and markets. And our view could be of interest, including gaming services automotive services and smart speakers. Smart speaker, Zia say. Mr. Chatterjee initiates his coverage with an overweight rating on apple shares j. p. Morgan's price. Target on the shares is two hundred seventy two dollars. So there's a scary set of headlines floating around online with suitably scary illustrations as well. Props to call to MAC for their weird stock photo. The headline apple flaw. Lets hackers steal business passwords. That headline is true, but being a headline, it's overly simplistic. It would have been as accurate, perhaps more accurate to say social engineering lets hackers steal business passwords, but where's the fun in that pulling from the report researchers with duo security have discovered a flaw in Apple's device enrollment program, which helps companies manage and secure their mceniry esta vices that makes it possible to steal WI fi and -application passwords. The hack involves enrolling eight rogue device and the device enrollment program system then registering it with the company's mobile device management server. There are a number of methods that can be used to do this. How would hikers get the necessary, serial numbers social engineering, basically tricking someone in the target organization into giving up a serial number. As long as that serial number isn't already in the company, servers and serial number can only be used. Once alternatively, says the peace, hackers could surge, mobile device management product forms where employees frequently post serial numbers for support. Another method would be to use brute force software to cycle through countless serial numbers until a match is found once they have a device enrolled and the mobile device management server, the peace says it's possible to retrieve passwords for applications and why find that works used throughout the company. So if someone gets an iphone or ipad into a company's device enrollment program for apple, that device will have access to the company's information. That is, of course how device enrollment programs are supposed to work. Let me be clear. There's nothing apparently untrue about duo securities findings. I'm a bit bothered by the focus on apple in all the coverage, though. I asked nNcholas, Todd, check of secure muck about the story specifically. My question was, am I right in thinking that while this works for Apple's device enrollment program, they can just as easily work for any sort of similar program. If the hacker had the necessary info, which they would likely get through social engineering. His answer. Yeah, that's generally how it works. Yes, there's technically at technical hack into a novel program that could leave a company's info vulnerable, but relies largely on someone in the organization not following best practices. By the way, we've been covering stories like those on the checklist by secure MAC for a couple of years. Now, if you wanna primer on social engineering, what it is and how to combat it checklist number forty, five would be excellent for you. You can find that at secure MAC dot com slash checklist where subscribe to the podcast wherever you subscribe to podcasts. And as long as we're talking about that show, this week's checklist has us waiting the waters of hotel WI fi, how do we make sure we're using wifi safely? When we're away from home, we tackle a few ways on episode one, oh, eight of the checklist search for it where podcasts are served. Of you updates about which to tell you. I, the MAC observer says, apple has released, watch OS, five, zero dot one for apple, watch. According to Apple's release notes, the update fixes issue that caused a small number of users to see an increase in exercise minutes addresses an issue that caused some users to not receive stand credit in the afternoon, and thanks is an issue that could prevent apple watch from charging the update is free. It's available through the watch up on an associated iphone, bigger updates for a smaller group. Apple insider says, the Cupertino company has updated its professional audio apps logic pro ten and main stage the Cording to the peace both apps now support relocating the sound library to an external storage device useful for people who need to switch between workstations. All committee has picked up numerical editing for parameter values and dragon. Hot zones for re-sent asus and sampling options when importing audio. Each also got features update specific to each. So you know if you use either of them, you wanna update that one. And if us both hack, why not update both updates are free for existing users for the news logic. Proton runs one hundred ninety nine dollars and ninety nine cents while main stage a live performance companion up is twenty nine ninety nine. More news in a moment, but first word from Jamf now making it easy to setup, manage and protect your apple devices. On demand running a small business isn't easy. Running down. 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Slash MAC, OS, Ken, and a big thanks to jump now for sponsoring this week show. A pair of lawsuits about which to tell you. Apple insider says, apple of Cupertino is being sued for alleged patent infringement tied to its encrypted. I message and FaceTime services as well as it's always on VPN technology used in its mobile device management offering. Do I here that's dangerous. The finish holdings berm MP age technologies says it tried to license its contested intellectual property in twenty sixteen apple looked over the offer and declined saying it didn't believe a license was required as the sorted patents were not infringed and or in ballad as m. p. h. appeared to be interpreting the claims. The peace says, MPA is looking for undetermined compensation for the alleged infringement and a permanent injunction prohibiting further use of the patents in question. The other lawsuit has apple being sued over something for which I didn't know you could be sued the Cording to another piece from apple insider. The company has been accused of unsavory business practices and a trademark suit involving nemo g the Cording to the report, a lawsuit filed on Thursday, alleges, apple snake. The me Mogi trademark from. An end droid of the same name through a series of questionable behind the scenes moves one of which allegedly involved the creation of a single purpose LLC. In other words, Apple's being accused of acting a bit like apple. Honestly, the stories confusing. It sounds like the company social tack was either planning called me Moji. That's all caps me. MO g when up announced me, MO, g sort of a continuation of last year's and emoji at WW DC. See if you can follow this according to the suit, social, tack filed in the intent to use application for the me MO, Mark in April of twenty sixteen. But before registration was obtained, apple made a play for its version of the name, the app maker alleges apple formed a subsidiary called me MO fund apps LLC to obtain a forgotten and abandoned app using the name me MO j. along with goodwill apple sought prior rights to a then suspended me MO g trademark application from owners, big three entertainment and lucky Bundy. That deal was apparently reached as me MO fund assigned rights to me. MO g to apple on the fourth of June twenty. Eighteen the same day. Me deeper. I o s was introduced at the worldwide developers conference. So it sounds like the name belong to big three and lucky Bundy social tech wanted to use the name and started the process for obtaining the name. But before it can get the rights, apple showed up with money and bought the emoji name. Am I missing something. The funny thing is the social, tack, Android up is nothing like apples me Moji according to the peace. They're just finding over the trademark that they'd like to use, but never actually belonged to them. And yet apple insider says, social tech seeks preliminary and permanent injunctions restricting apple from using the memo g trademark damages, profits attributable to Apple's unauthorized use of the name and confirmation of rights to the Mark. I'll take things that seem unlikely for one hundred Alex. And finally today five apple stores are set to reopen this weekend. Listen for yours. Macrumors says apple, Lehigh valley in Whitehall, Pennsylvania apple, deer park, and deer park, Illinois, apple Scottsdale, fashion, square and Scottsdale, Arizona, apple, green hills, and Nashville, Tennessee and apple Rabin in Robaina. Australia are all set to reopen on Saturday morning. The foreign the states will open at ten AM local time while the Australian location will open at nine AM. It's not completely correct to say that all three of the stores are re opening to were actually moving according to macrumors. New apple store opens at these Scottsdale, fashion, square shopping mall in Scottsdale, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix on Saturday at ten AM local time. Apple's nearby store at Biltmore fashion park. It will be permanently closed after Friday. As the other relocation, the p. says, a new apple store is opening in the Robaina town center shopping mall in Robaina Australia, roughly fifty miles south of Brisbane along the Gold Coast on Saturday at nine AM local time. Apple's existing location in the mall will be permanently closed after Friday. So stop on by and tell them was sunshine specifically Twitter's not the was these the one who offered us ingested pronunciation for Robaina for MAC OS can if it's wrong blame, whichever was you alike. MAC OS Caton brought to you by me and sponsored by Jamf. Now helping you setup, manage and protect your apple devices. On demand get started today at j. a. m. f. gem dot com. Slash MAC OS Cam, this show is also supported by people like you patrons through. Patriot find out more in that your support at patriotair dot com. Slash MAC OS cab advertising handled by backbeat media online at backbeat media dot com. You can reach me a couple of ways info at Moco west Ken dot com or call seven one six, seven eight zero four zero eight zero. Until next time that is news from MAC OS Ken. I'm Ken Ray. Chow.

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