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Thanks for pressing play. This is Christopher lockhead and this is lockhead on marketing. And on this episode. I WANNA break down a legendary trend Jack. That was just. I pulled off by celebrity actor Ryan Reynolds and his Gin Company now on episode twenty. Three with Palmar. We pop the hood the secret. Pr Black. Art called tren jacking in recently Ryan Reynolds. He's an actor. Who's quite famous in the United States of Deadpool Tempur fame and a bunch of other stuff? He also owns a GIN brand company called aviation and they recently pulled off what I would call the trend. Jack of the a year by inserting themselves into the controversy around a recent Peleton bike. Add as you may know Peleton put out this ad and to say it blew up with negative reaction would be a massive understatement. The peleton add shows a rich young couple where the husband gives his Clearly thin wife. An exercise bike and The world reacted very negatively and they suffered a massive decrease in their market cap up and on this episode. We're not necessarily going to get into. Why the Peleton add blew up but we are going to get into is how Ryan Reynolds Gin Brand Aviation and Hijacked or Tren Jack this ad to produce some legendary marketing. All right. My friends at net sweet are the category Queens and kings of cloud cloud business systems for high growth companies. And if you want to schedule a demo right now and receive a free guide called the seven key strategies to grow your profits. Prophets check out net sweet dot com slash different. That's net sweet dot com slash different to set up your free demo and your free growth guide today also also my friends at spunk. WanNa remind you that we are living in the data. Age and spunk brings data to everything every question every decision and every action action checkout spunk dot com slash D to e as in data to everything today also you can go to lockhead dot com and check out the show notes for this episode including the links to both the original Peleton ad and the follow up response from Av Aviation Gin and the news articles I quote in this story now. Hey Ho let's go. This is long head on marketing. The podcast that helps you develop a lens for what makes legendary marketing legendary posted by Christopher lockhead three times. CMO Godfather category designed and a high school dropout. The Marketing Journal calls and one of the best minds in marketing and the economist calls off putting to some okay so I it's important to know what the peleton AD was Of course there was this negative massive negative backlash the New York Times called the original Peleton. ADD CRINGE-WORTHY CBS. News reported that Quote Peleton's controversial. SIAL AD goes viral and sparks backlash and business. Insider reported quote. peleton's nightmare before Christmas. One point like five billion vanished from its market cap in three days amid holiday backlash and And the stock is down Yeah Significantly one point three billion from its market cap and they further went on to say backlash over holiday add has been widely panned as sexist tone-deaf Jeff and dystopia and in addition to that Peleton was forced to cut the cost of their monthly subscription service for they're Internet connected workout bikes so to say this thing was a marketing disaster would be a Putting it mildly all right. But I don't want to go oh too far into that. What I do want to get into is What happened next Reynolds who is the CO founder of Gin Brand Aviation America Sprung Brung into action and in a very few days for less than a hundred thousand dollars. They hired the actor who played the wife in the ad and shot a response. Response Ad and in the response ad it starts off by zoom in Shot on the The actor who played the wife and and she's clearly distraught and what happens in the AD is she's with a few of her friends in a bar and She's clearly broken up with the husband who bought her the Peleton and they're sort of Consoling her while she drinks. This GIN and the ad is funny and and Sort of captures yes You know what it's like to break up with somebody and And is a real jab at Peleton and they never even mention the name Peleton. And I'd encourage you to you take a look at it and this ad went massively viral. So here are the seven reasons why this was legendary marketing number one aviation Jin found underway to trend Jack the biggest ad flop of the year. And that's just smart number two. They did it radically fast. They acted in a matter of days. And just think about this for a second in most companies. Could they pull something like this off quickly. How many committees might be involved? How many lawyers do you think might be involved? I don't know how they did this internally but clearly Ryan Reynolds and his team at aviation moved moved quickly and they blew by any barriers to get this thing done number. Three Aviation's response was pitch perfect. People love their response. Aunts and as opposed to the original Peleton at which was to put it mildly way off pitch number five. It was radically creative. Live in the AD The actor has clearly left her husband. Who bought her the Peleton and again they never even mentioned the Peleton super radical creativity Number five the and aviation did was built to be viral and to the best of my knowledge it was posted on social starting with Ryan Reynolds twitter and then it showed up everywhere and to the best of my knowledge. It was not got a television ad that is to say they didn't even need to buy TV to get this viral ad Working for them number six This was a move that is virtually impossible for their major competitors major gin brands like beefeater or tanker to pull off. Big companies companies tend not to be able to move that quickly Frankly are often not that creative as I mentioned earlier. There's a squadron of committees and lawyers. There's and so forth that are in the way of acting quickly to trend Jack something and do something. Legendary and so many people think that smaller companies or startups are at a disadvantage to big brands. When in point of fact as it relates to trend jacking and frankly a lot of other things smaller nimble companies can move moving away that big brands can't and Aviation just proved that number seven. They did it for less than a hundred thousand dollars. According to The New York Times let me say that again. They did this for less than one hundred thousand dollars so they found the actor. They created the creative. They shot it and they did all of that for less than a hundred K.. And Look I don't know how big or small your company is but Most companies can afford to do one hundred thousand dollar marketing trend. Jack and that's exactly what they did number eight it makes them the good guys If you read what Reynolds has said about the AD In Yahoo for for example he says quote run. Yahoo reports quote Ryan Reynolds says he hired the actress from Viral Panitan ad because backlash can the alienating and then they quote him saying as an actor I can certainly relate to creating a piece of content or being part of something that is not well received and and how alienating that can feel and so they're they are clearly positioning themselves as the good guys and endearing people To their brand so the top seven reasons they did it quickly they They track the biggest flop of the year. It's pitch perfect. It's radically creative. It's built to be viral. It's impossible for major competitors to follow it's cheap and it makes them the good guys so what what does all this sort of mean for us in our businesses and frankly our brands. I think this is an example. That begs the question. How can we be radically addict? SMART radically creative and radically fast to trend Jack. The news to build our own brand and category and I think that's a question not not only worth asking but also answering in our marketing aright. We would like to thank my good friends at one life fully live dot org okay. This is the nonprofit helping you Dream Plan and live your best life. Check him out on the Internet at the number one life fully live dot org and giving. It's the time time of year forgiving. If you're looking for charity that makes a difference. This is a good one to contribute to my friends at bottleneck dot online helping you scale yourself with the power of a virtual assistant. Check them out today. Bottleneck dot online. My friends at trinet. If you're in the BBC base in Silicon Valley you knew you know how important shorten your website is. It's your face to the world and Audran it has been building to be websites For over twenty years check them out at Att Dot Net not my friends at rapid media legendary marketing media and communications in Australia. Check them out today. At rapid media DOT COM dot. AU and the thought. Thought I will leave you if today comes from Palmar positive marketing in the UK and the man who is the category King of the trend. Jack itself who said the news is happening running anyway. Why not be in it all right until next time? Please stay legendary and of course follow your different

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