Game-Time Decision Making with David Meltzer


Lates that spark fire nation j. l. d. here with an audio masterclass on game time decision making king to talk about this. I have brought david meltzer on the mike because he's a world renowned entrepeneurship. He's currently the c._e._o. Of sports one marketing and is recognized denies as a top one hundred business coach. He's also two-time bestselling author in hosts the playbook podcast so fire nation we were talking about some incredible credible things like the best ways to handle input and advice from others how to recover from a mistake how to focus on the present not the past the future don't time travel fire nation in so much more when we get back from thinking our sponsor ready to build your first sales funnel without having to hire an entire tech team to help with click funnels you can visit e o fire dot com slash. Click to start your free fourteen day trial today. That's you'll fire. Dot com slash click when it comes to hiring background. Checks are a must entrenched union. Sharable hires enables immediate access to employment screening leaning tools that deliver reports and minutes start your on-demand screening at sharable dot com slash fire in use code on fire fifty at checkout to to save fifty percent on your first screening. David say what's up to fire nation and sure something interesting about yourself that most people don't know most people don't know that i asked my wife in sixth grade camp to go steady with me the through a friend and which caused her literally like through an got her when she said no that caused her to stay away from me until late in my twenties when when i finally had the opportunity to ask for forgiveness and that that one incident don't change my life because out of anyone in my entire life and i've lived in extraordinary story life of relationship capital <hes> that one person oh my god. I always think of i didn't do that. What would what what would by life be like because that woman women has saved my life and is discussed the cornerstone of everything i do. I guess is just a lot of truth to not how you start the race. It's how you finish finish the race. David and i think you finish the race in first place there. If there's a higher place the natty means my wife knows that's true so distant extraordinary extraordinary person. I say that you know people tell you that there's a great woman behind every man great man in the in the old days and i say the opposite opposite. There's a <unk> unbelievable spouse in front of every successful person pulling them along not standing behind well. That's awesome awesome and fire nation as i said in the intro. We're talking about gametime decision. Making what are we talking about a lot of cool things with david today but let's just start off with this. You know a lot of people make poor decisions. They make good decisions but the question is are we making these decisions based on on a wrong assumption so break that down force david i blessed i beat some really good decisions in my life and then i started realizing you know what i make really good decisions and it's just a matter of how much stable data my working off of and where does that stable data come from. I don't think anyone really makes bad decisions. Asians they made poor assumptions and those assumptions can be deadly than but. I think that if we're more interested than interesting if we asked for mentorship and help that's a typically we can actually derive our decisions from good assumptions and you know people say will come on man like when someone decides to rob something or you know to break the law whatever they're actually making an assumption right. They're making a risk assessment and mitigating that risk through the assumption. You won't get caught or there's all these assumptions that are made and those can be prohibited. I mean literally can be changed so i don't look to my decisions visions. I always look at the data that is in front of me before i make that decision an extra step but it causes great success in my life okay so so you kinda gave an example with breaking the law or whatever that might be but let's talk about like a real specific story or a real specific example of either making arawa assumption or right assumption. How do you wanna go with this but let's go with a real story here. Oh i got a huge one so my entire life literally since the time. I graduated a law school. I've been able to attract money. I have an unconscious competency to making money and through that i started assuming that i could make great financial decisions for myself without any help <hes> beyond that i owned over one hundred million dollars in my portfolio and i made one in data solution. I thought i owned a golf courses ski mountain thirty three homes. I had gone through a lot of my liquidity a lawsuit to try to prove that i was right of things going on but i made those decisions based on the fact that i had all this equity in properties like my golf course in my ski mountain outten and that at any time i go to private bank and borrow against the equity that i had and so when i needed a quick five million dollars float i went to my private bank assuming they would say oh my gosh you have so much equity of so much with the bank. That's not going to be a problem that you borrow. Just you know secure with one one of your assets. Meanwhile the bank was going on her. It was two thousand eight and they weren't willing to extend credit in fact other. Institutions weren't willing to to give me that credit either because there was no more stated income. They're a bunch of variety of things that i could have avoided if i just ask for help if i would have been more interested than interesting. Meanwhile people will ask me all the time how the heck does a kid who grows up with nothing is a millionaire nine months out of law school a multimillionaire by thirty lose over a hundred million dollars won battles option one batson one reality in life and i can tell you i've experienced this case experience this. I'm sure you have as well but if you're listening to this as well fire nation you know this people love giving advice. They love forgiving input. They love a giving their opinions. What is your best advice for the handle this input advice from others david. I take advice like a handful of sand so i do. I am appreciative. If anyone gives me their advice i know that they care about about being some way and so i have to be appreciative of the fact that they care about me enough to to help me with what they think i should do but what i have learned is most advice right in even if it comes from people who love and care about us doesn't mean it's good advice just because someone loves you and cares for example my mom tom. When i got a law school i got a great job offer being an oil and gas litigator out of law school but i also got a job offer to sell legal research on the new founded the internet the online and i went to my trusted adviser to aspirin by not even giving me but i asked for it and my mom literally told me that i had to be a real lawyer because because the internet was gonna be a fad and that time when i realized that nobody loves me more than my mom. Nobody cares about me more than my mom but a handful of sand. I was gonna let that grain of advice fall through my hand. Tell my mother thank you and you know. I am never more grateful to think that the internet was not a fad and that's what was the impetus in catalyst for me. Making my first million dollars is being in the right industry with an extraordinary opportunity and so i tell people all the time this let the advice go through thanked people for their advice but make sure that you're making your decisions based off at advice from people who <unk> who sit in the position or have the experience or knowledge that you want so for example. I have a plan when the market dumps again it does it goes up. It goes down. I'm gonna spend all my time getting in front of warren buffett and telling him hey warren. I have thirty million dollars saved. What should i buy rightly. Why should i why should i take all the time. That guy sits in the situation. I want to be ninety years ninety years of analyzing stuff for sixteen hours a day. Why not just go up to him and say dude. This is how much money i have. What should i buy. That's all i'm gonna do what should i invest in and he's gonna and literally if i have to pay one hundred grand get in front of them for five minutes and donated to charity. It'll be the best one hundred grand i've ever spent because he's going to tell me exactly what to do with my money and i will be way more accessible than i tried to figure it out myself. There's so much wisdom here fire nation link for instance. I can tell you that it was pretty recently. I'm going to name names for reasons that are about to be obvious but you know i was sitting down having a conversation with somebody and they were telling me how disciplined they were and how they feel like i could be more or discipline as a human being and i'm sitting there looking at this person and they're a good eighty to a hundred pounds overweight and so i'm thinking to myself this person is talking about how this when they are but they obviously can't just enough to be right or to exercise every single day or at least multiple times per week like why would i ever listen to any advices. He says individuals giving for those reasons just like david said with mentors fire nation. Don't take advice from people that aren't experts the top of the field in the areas that you're getting advice from when i want to start a podcast guess what richard branson although he's an amazing entrepreneur would have been horrible person to give me advice because i wasn't starting in airline company or a record company so i hired a mentor who had a successful business podcast in that mentor taught me you how to create a successful business podcasts. That is the key when you're arguing advice from people. That's how you wanna be filtering through and again always be looking at individual. Did you give me the environment saying okay. They probably care about me. You know they're giving me input to give me advice but let's dig a little deeper here. Let's think about this. I is this the right person person to be giving me this advice and oftentimes the answer is no now david one thing that's just reality. We all make mistakes. Were human beings is going to happen so break it down for us how we can recover from these inevitable mistakes in give back to our center. I think people have the wrong word when they say mistakes because i have another word that i look at that starts with an m. i. Which is miracle right so my my perspective of mistakes things things how i define a mistake is important because i think everyone should define it this way. A mistake is things that happen that i didn't think would happen right right or didn't go the way that i wanted to happen. That's a mistake. I perceive this and this was an what occurred. Oh my gosh that's mistake. No it's not it's a miracle and when it becomes a miracle is from the lessons that we learn from that which happened that we didn't anticipate or expect and so for me. I'm i'm i encourage people. I actually give an award in my company called the dummy tax awards and the dummy tax award is we go around and everybody talks about the mistake in their the perception that miracle that happened in their life and why it happened and how it affected the business we then i give a bonus those people who made the biggest in most invaluable i should say mistake or miracle and when i shift people's perspective into a different m-word into a miracle where they look at all the activity that they've had in the things that happened that they don't anticipate or expect otherwise people defined as mistakes. I just make a quantum shift in their life and say look. Why don't you i find that as a miracle. This just occurred and i had no expectation of it occurring. Why do i have to put a negative connotation onto it. Instead of for example my bankruptcy was was the greatest miracle of my life. It made every relationship in my life stronger it saved my life got me to stop abusing myself with alcohol and drugs and bad had people around me and bad ideas. It refocused me and take stock and who i was the biggest miracle. My like everyone around me was like dude. That's the biggest mistake i've ever heard. You lost over one hundred million dollars. No it's a miracle because i make more money i help more people in have more fun than ever had in my entire life and and i've used mentors the get there in even more efficient effective in statistically successful way fire nation perception is everything and speaking of perception. This is reality. I like to use the word time. Travelers were always travelling in time fire nation. We're be moaning the past or we're wishing being you know for the past. I love to say like my best four years of my life or in college. I wish i was back in college now or just like scared of the future or we're just like really excited for the future so we're just thinking about that that that so few of us are living in the present. We don't time travelers where he's in the past or in the future. There were never just here today in the presence. How can we solve that. How can we focus on the present david i do. I pay attention to time right. Having time is essential i separate time to to construct the manmade constructive twenty four hours and so if i'm looking and studying my time studying my calendar under which is what the host of platform of time is. I'm looking at it with a lens of productivity inaccessibility. How much value can i provide how accessible am m._i._t. Others as well as how am i access thing what i want and then the second time frame that i look at infinity and i look at the construct of infinity entity timing infinite as i am not capable of a human being a grasping how infinite time is let me explain that in a real brief way. I don't think people understand or core even comprehend that if there's billions of years that our lifetime is a blink and that beyond that had ten years of the blink and beyond that one years a blink beyond that this month is a blink one week is a blink let alone one day one hour one minute but yet we get so caught up in the man made concept of time that we're creating our decisions and assumptions based upon a timeframe that the man made construct not in the infinite time time that's why we see mistakes instead of miracles because if we could unravel not just this lifetime but multiple lifetimes we could see me a fact that <unk> different decisions in actions in some people may development as karma has occurred even though we don't have a direct effect and so like a puzzle if we we stay present in appreciate the piece of puzzle. That's in front of us today the president. We don't need to know how fits into this beautiful picture. How many times do we look at something. That's happening in the present and say oh my god. This is horrible. Oh my gosh this is great but when the puzzle piece finally fits into the big picture are we have an exact understanding of why in what that piece of puzzle in the purpose in profitability or passion of that puzzle all fits in perfectly and you're you're just wasting time and energy if you don't understand the two platforms constructs of time and one more thing about the man made construct people like to make money and i'm a huge capitalist compassionate capitalist but i always tell them. There is no such thing as work. You told me perception is everything. I agree. Why can't we just look at things. Activities activities right activity we get paid for an activity. We don't get paid for and if we look at that activity most people nor the greatest activity that you do every day especially see where we mature the unconscious and subconscious mind which is sleep. I spend as much time thinking and getting more proficient effective accessible in my sleep then i do when i wake take time because i know consistently i sleep every day at least six hours fire nation that mindset shift. I really wanna double down on. It's not work doc fire nation. There are activities you get paid for and their activities that you don't get paid for. That's a much better way of looking at what you're doing day to day then you saying hey i gotta go to work like you. Don't have to go to work like you can go do activities. They're she. They're getting paid for that. You either enjoy or you don't enjoy or you're not getting paid for think about that mindset shift and fire nation. We got some serious. Mindset shifts coming up for you. As soon as we get back from taking our sponsors as a small business making great hires is critical to your success and when it comes to hiring background checks are a must have unlike big companies with big h._r. 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The next layer is anxiety zone and what happens is if we don't stay focused or regulator be aware of when we're in the learning zone the learning zone is the expansive zone when we stay in the learning zone we get acceleration acceleration in an exponential growth and so what we wanna do is nowhere that zone is when we go outside of the learning zone either into the comfort zone where nothing expands bands right. If we sit at home how her mom's cowed sick all day and broke we're never going to expand accelerate but sometimes more often most people they worked due to hard and what happens is they go outside of the learning zone and they create eagle based emotions that constrict the size of our learning zone and that's took crates. Even some people nervous breakdowns. Why is it that some people can't even get out of bed. In the morning that used to be highly functioning people that's because because they push themselves so far out into the anxiety zone that his constricted down what their focus limitations would be to barely being able bulte get out of bed even what i encourage people to do is number one be aware of the learning zone in to to try to expand accelerate an exponentially grows quickly as as possible by identifying where the ego is what happens is the anxiety zone is full with the eagle based emotions which are separate from inspiration so so one of the key components of staying the learning zone is to be in spirit or connected to that which inspires you if you go to the anxiety zone you're in a fear of loss separation. The need to be right that need to be offended that need to be resentful that need to be superior needs to be inferior the need to be separate. There's the need for guilt all of these. He's different eagle based emotions are what causes our actual flow to constrict so that our activities become limited instead of creating acceleration in exponential growth which are two of the key components to getting everything you want in the universe and that's why we have to be aware of learning zone in stay in it and try to not let the ego get into our way and i love that probably said about the ego. Where's the ego fire nation. You have to identify it's. It's now david question for you. Is it possible to chase our goals without actually being emotionally attached to the outcomes yeah. If you you create the emotional attachment something else so what i have done is created a formula. A theory about happiness right are feeling listen to this emotional attachment and that's i attached to the enjoyment of the happiness created enjoyment of the consistent every day persistent without quit pursuit which is inspiration of my potential the truth determinative upon whatever it is is that i prioritize in my life so i'm consistently persistently pursuing my potentials father as a husband as a businessperson as a philanthropist as a podcast zero an interviewee whatever it is when i'm in the present in i'd put now that doesn't mean this is where the conflict zik exists doesn't mean. I don't have have outcomes that i want but i always have minimum outcomes too many people you know they wanna make a million dollars. They wanna make ten million dollars one hundred million dollars. My first question is is wide limit yourself. You cannot dream big enough to dream as big as universal god or whatever you believe in you got to put a minimum in front of that so i have have all types of goals outcomes that i want. I never attached my happiness or my emotions to the outcome. I attach my happiness and emotions into the pursuit of it it to create more inspiration not to create a resistance a shortage of void when i'm not able to achieve things as quickly as i expected to be achieved once again tying into time that time is infinite so now i've not only relieve resistance by creating the manmade construct of time but also of amounts so if i it's so much more healthy say i wanna double the amount of money i wanna make as quickly as i can instead of saying. I gotta make a million dollars by march. Look if you wanna put outcomes. You're limiting yourself. I mean people tell me dave. How much do you wanna make just want to double the amount of money. I make as quickly as i can. You know if i told you a billion dollars. I'm limiting myself help and they kinda giggle at me. I'm like are you kidding me. Basil's makes a billion dollars this year. He's fired right. He's fired. That's his limitation not mine. Well thing thing. I've definitely identified is that people are really good at starting things that early momentum that early motivation the gex inspired by a podcast or a video or this this or that but then after one day or one week or one month they somehow they get stuck in. They just stop. They never start back up. So why do people get stuck and how have you seen people break through that process one of the most important questions you can ask most people have the perception that their stock when they're not getting the results that they're looking for or they don't look at the right things to determine those results we spoke earlier about being the learning zone and having acceleration in exponential natural growth in your life and what i look at it and it's so frustrating for me no matter what you're doing i focusing on maximizing that acceleration maximizing the exponential growth. Let me tell you how people get stuck you might get into an event adventure and you're four years into it and at that time you look at your results and you only only have twenty five percent of the result that you want and therefore you create resistance short order goes verticals obstacles those around you you start attracting those naysayers. There's you know everybody is great at telling you what you can't do in in why enough because they can do it <hes> those who can they look at acceleration in exponential answer grow so what i focus in on even though it's been four years and i may only be twenty five percent of the way where i wanna be am i growing my accelerating why because if abiam accelerating and growing that that which took me twenty five percent for years now in two more years i'll be at fifty percent and those those people that stick through it and have that persist consistent look they may be at six years and now the presser really germs up because they're starting to listen to everyone around them and they want to maybe want to get married or have kids buy a house or whatever and they're sticking to their story but most people ninety nine percent at least quit after that fifty percent mark because they feel like they're stuck. Meanwhile they're accelerating exponentially growing. They've increased the amount of time an exponential growth by two times. It only took them two years to get twenty twenty five percent done. Here's the saddest thing most people quit there because their stock and if they just stick to it what they don't realize if they're focused in on acceleration in exponential exponential growth that they're only one year away from being one hundred percent of where they want to be so if you put time on that if i'm twenty five years old at twenty nine i'm i'm twenty five percent of the way they're at thirty one fifty percent away. They're at thirty two on one hundred percent of the way they're at thirty two and a half. I'm two hundred percent of the way they're at thirty two you and three quarters on four hundred it goes on and on and on that's how billionaires are made. That's how the lucky ones are made meanwhile at four years and six years everybody's telling when you quit how come you're not. They're making fun of you. Know all the things in my life people the oh it's like they just laughed at me. When i graduated law school and decided i was going to sell l. League research online and nine months later everybody was asking me for a job and tell me i'm the luckiest guy in the world. When i ran lee steinberg it's exact same thing the most notable sports agency in the world world. Everybody thought it was crazy to switch my career. My thirties after going bankrupt and meanwhile everybody now bags for job from me is because i only leap focus on my own personal growth of staying in the learning zone and looking at the acceleration in exponential growth knowing that there's only one way to get their bigger and faster and that's the focus on how you get there not whether you're there or not so i believe that one of my biggest drinks over the years basically since two thousand twelve has been consistency i mean from podcast podcast is social media just plain putting in the work but how would you say fire nation can create consistent habits through time management enjoyments yeah so one lower the bar and use your calendar so i'm a student of my calendar i raise awareness by paying attention to what i do in person on the phone own via email and all media radio print t._v. social media etc but i'm a religious about paying attention to that activity that i have have in being consistent. I also lower the bar <hes> meaning to many people try to do everything at once me. I put minimums on things. If i want to get something done like meditation tation you wanna meditate two minutes a day minimum right meditate every day. You get an exponential result two minutes days worth more than two hours on a saturday same with golf same with work and people like you and i that are consistent and persistent about what we do and inspired about what we do. We get exponential results results because one time two times three times four times five times six is far greater than twenty times zero zero zero times thirty zero times there her that effort is wasted because human body is a contiguous being. It's conscious feed the unconscious. Be some conscious speeds the unconscious our cellular structure by consistent behavior as a memory which goes it's ten thousand data inputs day ten thousand new things that we get the our senses that goes to the forty thousand of the same thoughts we have every day that create neural pathways in our mind that actually create our believes those actually impact the unconscious competency competency that we have both genetic which is our personality traits characteristics of sessions addictions in which we can activate and deactivate as well as the energetic genyk side of what we're doing of how we keep attracting all the right people and ideas more rapidly than anyone else and you are a perfect example of somebody that has is that consistent behavior you think saying do all the right things you believe all the right things and then you've affected your unconscious competency that look we can take all the money in the world and it's going to redistribute us. Put it in the desert. It's going to redistribute herself to the same people because of this philosophy of those people who are consisting talking about what they do. They study their calendars. They are persistent in their nature with it and that creates an exponential result resulting in more productivity tippety value into accessibility accessing what they want and being accessible to others. I think that's the value of the interview. Fire nation is lower the bar. You're lower the bar. We're talking two minutes of meditation rate one paragraph of content because guess what's momentum's loves action momentum loves action if you write that one paragraph you're going to write that one paragraph because it's a low bar you're going to do that but guess what after one paragraph if you might be like <hes> kind of being aspired right now by a couple of thoughts and that one paragraph turns into two turns into ten turns into two pages doesn't have to every time but it might from time to time because momentum loves action two minutes of meditation might turn out to be five and might not but my but doing it every single day just knowing that you're going to start art because it's not this overwhelming two hours of meditation. That's the lowering of the bar. They're talking about so david. You could share a lot of takeaways from this episode but what's one one thing you really wanna. Make sure fire nation gets from our chat today. The best thing to get is be kind to your future self and provide value you so so many people they get the giving side of things but when i say provide value i mean take care of yourself. The legs be the line. Make sure that you're asking for help. Live your life and radical humility. That's how you're kind to your future self. You can't give what you don't have. I don't think people have trouble giving and being of service. I i think people have trouble asking for help. I think the more people that would ask for help from others not only would make other people more valuable in raise their value and also also provide them a ton of value by asking for help but moreover they would be able to give more because they actually have more and it would accelerate what they're doing so became to your future self do good deeds but asked for help and asks big fire nation. Be kind to your future yourself and david. How can we find out more about you know david meltzer <hes> on instagram even meltzer on youtube you can google david meltzer and find all the different things by website ages de meltzer my personal last name dot com. I am of service reach out whatever i can do to be of service. Please let me know and i'm just so grateful to have this opportunity opportunity fire nation. You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with and you've been hanging out with d._m. And j. l. d. today. Keep up the heat and head over to fire dot com type. David in our search bar in the page will pop up with everything that we've been talking about today. These are the best show notes in the biz. Timestamps links explore and of course head over to all those areas of david talked about d. meltzer dot com david. I wanna say thank you for sharing all these value bombs with fire nation today for that brother we salute you and we will catch you on the flip side. You're awesome man. Thank you so much. Hey fire nation. Today's <hes> value bomb content was brought to you by david inns. I know fire nation. You understand how podcasts can ignite your business but the planning the creating leading the collaborating with the gas and all the producing and distributing take for me. Podcasting can be intense. That's why i am fired up for you to check out. Auks bus bus ox has an end to end podcast chretien platform for entrepreneurs just lake you visit ox bus dot com slash jail d. and you can try it today a day for free that a u. X. be u._s. Ox bus dot com slash gaoli boom. I'll catch you there or i'll catch you on the flip side ready to build your first sales funnel without having to hire an entire team to help with click funnels you you can visit e fire dot com slash. Click to start your free fourteen day trial today. That's you'll fire. Dot com slash click when it comes to hiring background. 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