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Dear h._i._v. It's me science. I didn't give up while there's no cure. There are treatment options and sticking daily treatment helps people get to and stay undetectable which means so little h._i._v. It can't be measured by a lab test and the c._d._c. states that staying undetectable means. There's effectively no risk of transmitting h._i._v. Through sex echo echo science people living with hiv should talk to a healthcare professional learned about a treatment option at x. Oh x science dot com sponsored by gilead sciences. Hello and welcome back to the outcast. We've got a great show for you today but before we get to that a special announcement bittersweet bittersweet li i announced that i'm moving on from out magazine as the deputy editor join netflix brand and editorial team. We're all be running. Some queer things over there. You can follow my journey out friends. Squish go on twitter and instagram but more importantly. I'd love to introduce you to our glorious. New host of the outcast rose donahue tom you rose. Hello life angela. How's it going crazy. I'm very sad that you're leaving obviously but <hes> this really saved me at the labor of making a coup at some point right. I was to me from podcast out. There was to me it. It's gonna be there was gonna be a mutiny now. It's just instead become a very seamless transition of course grass rose. What's like one thing our listeners owners should know or what are some things that our listeners should know about <hes> well. My name's rose dom. You and i'm a staff writer at out. I largely like to look at pop culture from a queer perspective. I have not yet been cancelled so here's to y'all looking at you. You may be potentially cancel this. If anything is the challenge that i'm lobbying at our listeners wonderful and without further ado let's get to the episode today. I'll be in conversation with raquel willis executive editor and will here's some clips with her interview with the legendary trans activist. I miss major from the stonewall era truly to legends in conversation. I mean we also are legends. The two of us so so we're to legends ends and conversation about two legends and conversation about two legends and conversation perfect. Thank you for providing the layers. I'm so excited altruism. Let's get to the interview in the studio. We have miss raquel willis in activist a bonafide southern southern bell and executive editor of out magazine welcome to the studio cal. Thank you for having me fran. Exciting of course repel four are february issue which was the first magazine and outs history to be written photograph by style by and featuring exclusively women and non binary thumbs uh-huh are covergirl was the one and only miss major a stonewall era activist who kind of paved the way for the modern cra movement and on that note. Let's go to the interview. This was on the set of our cover shoot for the february issue so you might hear a little bit of background noise but let's hear miss major her in her own words five my chance to community my black girls of color first and then everybody else so that we get treated fairly and get the respected. We're due for who we are. I love the way miss major puts things for talla. Can you tell us that a little bit about major and what her body of work was like yes so miss. Miss major is really are living legend. When we think of black trans women we often talk about sylvia rivera's work we often talk about marsha p johnson's work and unfortunately they're not with us but with miss major we do a great miss service or or a disservice. I should say when we don't acknowledge how powerful powerful she has been in the movement as well so she was present during the stonewall riots. She was actually arrested. They are and suffered some injuries stories so it was a really tumultuous time for her but she continued through. Let's listen to your interview on that one. We hooked over by the bus station on on on aid avenues. When i met sylvia i happen to be with friends and go to the village and asking. I met her in talking with her. Got me aware of. I'm trying to fight back and to get back at help. You know what i mean and so they started doing standing there with my girls uptown. Who who when we went out hooking i would try to keep them together and a lot of her work continued to be about how to get access for trans women of of color particularly ones who have been incarcerated when it comes to housing or it comes to healthcare or it comes to employment and so through the sixties and seventies and all the way up and so present day. She really has worked around the country but her legacy agassi lives in the work that she did in founding t._g._i. J._p. so the transgender gender variant intersex justice project based in san francisco enciso and so they are she has really moved a lot of important work and build up a new generation of trans engineer non-conforming leaders to to fight for those who are incarcerated so they do amazing organizing work as far as prison nights so making sure that people who are on the inside know that they have a family know that they have a community of people who are living and fighting for them and to the effect of what ms major said but got me into the work was losing a couple the very dear france when i was younger in new york back in nineteen sixty seven sixty eight they were murdered by someone who knew them and the police didn't in care they weren't interested in what the community saw thought had happened and it never got solved and i decided then that the girls and i had to stick together because rather we have you know and work in the streets together. We've formed bonds and connect to one another and needed to look out of each other other because tricks are assholes and we had to protect ourselves from them and so i'll got the girls to write down license plate numbers and pay attention to what car car we saw our friends get in in case he didn't come back and they do important work around re entry for transgender non conforming people coming out of the prison industrial complex so her work is so expansive and she hasn't stopped. I mean now. She is close to eighty years old and so so she is starting a new project called the house of g._d. Which is a retreat and recreational center that she really wants to become a space for four trans women of color in particular but her trans family in general where we can relax and we can also move more of that important work that needs to happen for our community so now she's based in little rock arkansas which is where the house of jesus is being founded and she is continuing that work and such an inspiration since all of us right and i love what miss major had to say about that right now. I'm fighting to get the house of gee-gee started in little rock arkansas to create and as for my community to come to and learn from and learn how to negotiate through this bullshit society those of us give us a respite get get our nerves together. Socialize share with one another create a sense of family so that we know that we're all interconnected despite all the drama over while oh i don't like her because she's had work done on that curb. She's got a pussy now and on her. She's too tall and she's too dark and all that bullshit. Let go of all their because s family family. We're going to have those squabbles but to realize that at the core when you fuck with one of us you fucking with all of us. I know that she has actually been a particular inspiration braces to you and your organizing work as well and you've met major a few times before this interview right yes so i remember the first time i met her was in two thousand fourteen. I was still so new to this national network of l._g._b._t._q. Plus activism and advocacy and she was service so sweet. When you're around her i mean she's magnetic and she will give you the truth. We'll read you. Have you need to be read and she has never ever had an issue reading the way the power moved in our community and so she is such a truth teller and soothsayer and she inspires me every day so when when i first met her we took a quick picture i just want it to be like how normally another iconic black trans woman is on the cover with major far february issue issue at out i just wanted to be like her at major feed and dislike soaking up her brilliant and with them and i knew that for anybody who has never met major or heard occurred of her work she has a very particular way of talking and a very particular means is like truth telling under somebody's foot all the time someone needs. He's come up and moved at mother. Fucker off your neck. What were your first impressions of like her personality. Just like the way she talks the way she moves into space. See she is just the complex figure i think when it comes to her people when they come to queer and trans people particularly of color but also the youth with she is just so encouraging and really believes in the power that we also create you know on her shoulders right on the shoulders of the worked her peer to move forward that was apparent. I mean she is so loving and warm and i've also seen her. Hold people accountable so this is another time i saw her. She gave a speech at creating chains which is hosted by the national l._g._b._t._q. Task force each year. She gave a speech because she was getting an award in washington d._c. And twenty eighteen and she brought all of the black trans woman who were they are on stage with her just kind of like like standing up there beside her kind of this this like wall right this wall of resistance and she was like this award is great and all but my sisters i and my daughters are still dying and still fighting for their lives every day and i was so taken by decades into her work continues to hold hold the powerbrokers our community accountable. Let's listen to the tape on that one. You can kill the person but you can't kill an idea you know what i mean and so the idea of doing something for specifically my group of people who i was the part of <hes> got got it to my heart and my head and get got me going you know especially those within the community even like an organization like the task force which preliminarily preliminarily did not necessarily include chance people when it first launched its advocacy. I also know that when it comes to other organizations and how major and other activists like her came into the movement it was not just with movement it was criticism of the movement itself and how it worked and to your point the power that existed with an app on that note. Let's cut cut to the interview not knowing that much better honestly if we were we wouldn't have to be going through all this shit dude was going to and we wouldn't still being murdered and beaten up and taken advantage of and ignored and tread upon by everybody. How has major influence your work personally you. You are an activist. You've been working on the ground for almost a decade. What has major meant to your work when you follow in her footsteps. It's so wild to hear almost most of the decade. I feel like the work in a lot of ways that i have done. It has just kind of happened organically because i've had a powerful and important gordon support system and community around me. I am so inspired by miss major because she never lets us forget that she isn't alone that she is. It's just one person in a movement and yes her work has powerful and amazing an-and exists in the rich tapestry of all these other ways in woods clear and trans the people have been resisting for decades the best thing we can do as activist in any movement no matter what you think you're doing is taking cure yourself when the bull shit happens because data sustain you adam been doing this for fifty years. 'cause i had nothing better to do or because. I have some super fucking woman. I'm just another person china. Make a bit of a my community so i really take that to heart. I always think about the people that i was organizing with the university of georgia when i was a college student and then when i feel like i became a lot more radicalized around racial injustice and around the injustices the happens from the state and from our government and the prison industrial complex so all of my organizing family and atlanta the black and brown trans ends women who really are doing a lot of powerful work that continues to be overloads so i think with myth major being inspired by her and understanding that i'm just one person in the movement and also that i have a responsibility to lift up my trans and g._n._c. sisters brothers. There's unsettling every chance that i get you got to deal with the people on the ground. You have to get dirty yet to get in there and meet people where they are ads and you can't assume things about people because of their lifestyle or their living situation because all of us deserve a chance and we all to start out with the same clean slate and society puts all this shit on us and the purchase on us whether you're tall or short or heavier fatter pass buller pretty cute and doing the work you have to get past saw that and when you love somebody that has been you wanna take them home and fuck them. It means that you care about who they are. You care about their lifestyle that they get a chance to live a comfortable life a safe life and the life that they choose not the lighter you the deal you're going to choose for them and to that effect having major on the cover of out magazine which was something i i think the staff was thinking about excited by since the first time our new team came into office has big impact on what the movement meant should look like and continues to work for and strive for what did that mean to you. It meant so much i mean my heart was so full just being on sad because because it was my second week on the job at out but obviously we had been having these conversations the out team and and even before coming in about this issue and how important it was for us to put our freedom fighters front and center and then i mean it was elevated even more right because we had the brilliant lens of janet senate mark gusts editing for the issue and so it all kind of came together and then when we were on sad in brooklyn and it was miss major are but it was also barbara smith this iconic black lesbian feminist scholar and activist and lisa garza of black lives matter right and charlene carruthers and tore me and it just felt like all of the stars were aligning and this is exactly the kind of insurance insurance. I wanted to make it this magazine riot. I wanted it to be clear that our team was going to be invested and committed to putting the narrative narrative friends center that have for so long been overlooked a race or specifically pushed aside and so it was powerful. I mean i it just felt amazing playing and i at that moment. I remember saying to fill picardy of our e._s._e. This will probably be my favorite suit that we ever do out and it's so funny that it's our first one so i think that still reigns true that magic that was created on sat being able to put our freedom fighters and glam uh-huh and capture them in all of what makes them regal an powerful is so important and what should have been happening all along right it should have been happening and the twenty seven year history of the publication exactly. I wanna be remember trying to make it better. 'cause it's not about me. It's about you all. It's about enjoying your youth and getting a chance to age gracefully and have a sense of peace. You know so that that's not worrisome. You know that you don't have to go home and lock. It done made it home today. You know what i mean to get home safely. Be out in venture out tapie thing yeah. I just wanna be bitch to try to make it right to me so oh thank you for stopping by the outcast like hell. If you have not already you can go and read the full feature which has multiple stories on out dot dot com for the mothers and the daughters of the movement in our february issue. Thanks for coming. Thanks for having me. I'm excited still it. We'll be right back with your favorite segment the weekend gay were all be talking about the little women trailer timothy shallow may of course in a new policy from i._m._d._b. Be that is maybe not so much a policy. Hey frank writing a letter yep. We're scientists. Marie and it's time we put h._i._v. Officially on noticed there's no cure but science has created powerful medicines that can help fight the h._i._v. Virus is true. Today's treatments can help reduce the amount of virus in the blood to undetectable ah level so low. It can't be measured in a lab test right according to the c._d._c. When people stick nick to treatment and stay undetectable it means. There's effectively no risk of passing on h._i._v. Through sex and that's why i'm writing. This is bigger than a letter frank. You're you're right. Let's put this up on. Billboards and bus stops for everyone to see. I like it here. Type this up dear h._i._v. We didn't give up but you should should hat sign it exo exo science like hugs and kisses from science nice p._s. People living with h._i._v. should talk to a health care professional. Learn about a treatment option at exo exo science dot com sponsored by gilead sciences. Welcome back to the week enga- or wig for short where we digest digest the week's news joining me in the studio a half the ineffable rose dom you thank you for coming into the studio. What's cracking. I am super excited about what's on this week i up. We have some news about the bachelor ish news news issue and i don't watch the bachelor. I like. I'll leave to you to describe this story yeah. I'm sure all of our listeners are really shook that in a weakened gay segment. We're talking about the bachelor's bachelor's. Maybe the straightest it s reality tv show on television really could not be more heterosexual but the bachelor did recently introduce the franchises first ever ever queer contestant on bachelor in paradise demi burnett who described himself on twitter as a queer clean. Oh five oh wow yes. We bow down. Yes we do we we have we're thinking about standing. We're entertaining the idea of stankovic yeah so chris harrison who who is the longtime host of the bachelor was in an interview with the hollywood reporter was talking about <hes> demi being on the show was saying saying that the new modern evolved version of the bachelor <hes> decided to lean into this exploration ration- of her identity whereas a couple of years ago they might have just sent her home right <hes> but then he was asked if he thought that the show might in the future introduce a queer or mature contestant because being queer and being older like just a socially unacceptable right and he was not optimistic about it. He said that <hes> the bachelor doesn't create and drive social. The issues were a microcosm of what's happening in the world so i guess being queer is too much of a social issue for straight people to care about while and i just loved that it's just conflated with the experience of being a person of a certain age. That's allowed to be like one. We're never going to have an oldie or homo on this never they. Can you imagine a trans person. I mean well. What was that the the world's first kind of trans rallies recently died with a trance version of the bachelor. The happened bend in spain but that was a show that was largely problematic and everyone hated right because they trick to the contestant right at the end they the ones that the match was has made the the bachelorette revealed that she was right because transpeople all we care about is tricking people into thinking right exactly exactly yes. I'm so glad you got that right but anyways we're we're all devastated by the news that the bachelor will not get a dozen. We're all holding on yeah. I was hoping that you were going to be the the next bachelorette. Oh my god allah the most that could not be more of a disaster but but just chris harrison not think that queer people can like be on t._v. T._v. show hooking up and like creating drama. I mean has been watching this season of. Are you the one oh my god. I have not however been editing all the recaps so so i feel like i've been watching you watching by proxy by proxy and i let me tell you i love mass. I love i love i love messy queer sluts and and honestly the bachelor show too yeah truly so you know take take a page out of the army the ones book bachelor yes suck on that so next up <hes> we have a pretty confusing story not gonna lie. We read about how i._m._d._b. Made recent policy also changes to <hes> quote unquote kind of cease. The dead naming of trans actors creators show runners screenwriters. That's what have you we thought transpeople would be credited by their names their actual name not the names they were given birth. <hes> upon further inspection of this this policy change in quotes. We found that it wasn't really that progressive at all. The new policy allows for quote unquote the removal of birth names if the birth name is not broadly publicly known and the person at no longer voluntarily uses that birth name but then they will have to remove that birth name aim by basically filing a report with an m._d. Customer support staff member and then i am db will decide whether or not they you get to keep keep your own name which is wild and then the statement goes on to say this is in order to continue providing hundreds of millions of customers worldwide with comprehensive information information about film and t._v. Credits thereby preserving the factual historical record by accurately reflecting what is listed on screen right because what we were really concerned about when it comes to the the website whose greatest achievement is telling us which episode of the vampire slayer wentworth miller guest starred in historical factual accuracy and let me tell you it was season to go fish episode where zander becomes a fish monster when he's on the swim team so take that i._m._d._b. M._g._b. to look it up oh my god it's really wild like the language and the whole statement was immediately defense of it. It was just kind of like yeah like this isn't like a real policy changed so like let me tell you <hes> like we we still will be the gatekeepers of this day right and also the kicker is not only do they get to force people to go through this process where they have to defend their own desire to not be dead. May while people's goals correct names will be listed on their personal pages. The pages for the movies and television shows that they were in will still show the name that they were credited credited as at the time to preserve accuracy right which is crazy hair so how does that. How is this helpful like. Of course we can be in charge of our own personal like it's just wild like the all we need is for historical record to be to adhere to like the names of these actual all people that actual lived experiences are this isn't something that i._m._d._b. Just decided to do this is the result of a campaign by the national national l._g._b._t. Task force the transgender legal defense fund glad and a bunch of other organizations have been demanding that i._m._d._b. Does this and so now this is really more than anything just a concession to that yeah and they're not even fully conceding and i mean the thing that the thing that it comes down to is they. They're talking talking about how they need to preserve this. <hes> you know historical accuracy but really who cares if a person changes their name. That's that's their name. Why do you need to list the name that they used to go by exactly like i already know that val kilmer row fines michelle pfeiffer sandra bullock and jeff goldblum. We're all in the prince of egypt movie like i know that already i don't need m._d. I._m._d._b. Is essentially irrelevant now that we know that we also know that hank azzaria azzaria play bartok the bat in anesthesia the the the non disney cartoon so why would we ever need to know anything else did you. We know that young anesthesia was played by kristen dunce but young anesthesia singing voice was played by gretchen wieners from mean girls okay so why didn't gretchen wieners saying in well. I guess she did sing in mean girls when they sang jingle bell rock but she should have had like a whole solo moment she definitely should have. They should have cultivated that her so like work on that. I am db like so. This is so i mean this is just more of institutions you know creating all of these hoops for for trans people to jump through just then at the end of all the jumping through the hoops we're still going to be dead named and triggered and misrepresented and because the thing is like especially for people who have large public platforms if they're old names are available on a place like i._m._d._b. Db that means that you know trolls can use it as a way to harass them and it. Could you know hurt them professionally or personally so this announcement that ah i'm debbie is making is really. It's not it's not news. No it's not and it's disappointing to the point that you made in the piece itself like it's already such a triggering bureaucratic socratic process like they're making it more difficult <hes> just for a chance persons every day having getting your name changed legally is so annoying takes so long and one of the things that you have to do when you get your name changed as you have to <hes> publish it <hes> in like a newspaper or something to to say this person is now becoming this personal but <hes> there there are circumstances where you can if you can make a case that that publishing that name would be harmful to you than you can bypass it and so that's why something like this just feels so this like whole system the i._m._d._b. Created feels really like antiquated out of touch and and it just isn't isn't what we were asking for right. It's almost just as harmful as when it started and also we shouldn't have had to ask for it. Why why does i._m._d._b. Have to be this like paragons of of accuracy. Why can't you just change your fucking name exactly on slightly less frustrating news <hes> rose. We have a trailer for the little women oh my god. My nipples just hurt my god. I'm so happy i'm so excited. <hes> this movie uvi is stacked with legends so we have <hes> sorta ronin as joe marsh. We have <hes> emma watson as the elder sister. We have meryl streep. We have laura dern and timothy shallow. May how do you present timothy timothy. Timothy shallow may just i just the way it sound if you say it three times than the nearest wink lose as a chest hair right exactly exactly and let me let me tell you tweak realness with served in this trailer. Oh my god i mean this. Honestly this trailer was essentially like like like <hes> a shortcut of a bellamy porn that you would see on x. two right right before all of the sex happen yeah it was it was the part leading up to the store. It's the plot of a bellamy porn. Exactly this is what source of ronin signed yes sir show. Ronin is the new in front of my salad girls. This is amazing because emma stone was originally signed on to be on the movie and then replaced by emma watson. Emma stone actually is a right in front of solid girl the s._n._l. Sketch with time mitchell. That's true you fun. Fact emma stone also dropped out of little women so that she could do the favourite press tour during which she was interviewed by one rose. Gosh where you looked like like little sisters who was crazy to conic redheads literally any actually by being a redhead you. I mean i would support that. You looked great but the blondes fall. The era of the blonde is as good as well <hes> but yeah <hes>. I am here for this movie. It is going to shake her christmases so i mean i know that i will be there christmas day i will be i will be like douched and ready. I'm so ready for another all all white. All all a hetero adaptation of little women also don't know why we needed another adaptation of little women because the nineties indies one starring winona ryder is perfect. It's so good so good but if anyone was going to do it i guess you know. Greta gerwig can put her whole little like whatever flair on the trailer was like so greta gerwig right it really was and it just looked like a deleted scene from lady bird and you know there was is a little bit of press that you reported on earlier this year. We're greta gerwig said that her reading of joe could have been kind of queer. I dunno if that means that the crans would show up in the molik. She thinks the joe's lesbian yeah. She's i thought you were joe ends up with a man at the end right but she was saying she's like a tomboy. Maybe co hosted a little weird <hes> yeah yeah. I didn't read the book so you've never read little women now. Have you ever oh. There's also a broadway musical. <hes> starring sutton and foster was like it was like <hes> when i was in high school so you know like early two thousands i remember listening to the soundtrack on repeat and my my volvo station wagon way to rehearsal. Wow that's amazing. It's not a very it was not very good musical but but <hes> there joe does have a really great <hes> i closing number oh well this is going to be a full circle moment when you are alone and douched on christmas and also so when i show up to that press junk honey to interview timothy and his publicist stops me up the door with the print out of all my tweet him because because they did the very basic due diligence searching rose at rose donahue timothy charlotte man and a lot of really bad stuff comes very pornographic material followed quickly by a restraining order. You know what if if the closest i ever get timothy is a restraining order with both of our names on it. I'm fine with that. That's good as marriage. I mean that's as good as career marriage binding legal contract well <hes> well rose. Let me tell you this. Podcast is about to get a whole lot more inappropriate with you at the helm of a lot more cancelable. Yes absolutely okay so keep your fingers on the pulse of this podcast figure out what you can be mad about. Keep your fingers in the ass. In this episode of the outcast is a production of out magazine iheartradio. You can find the coming being straight for this week's episode on out dot com written by raquel willis. I'm your host french rata. The outcasts produced by michelle lands nikki tour and myself. The episode was edited by josh fisher with editorial oversight from philip cardi and myself editorial assistance from like the diner music written by ms white and produced by theo shire special thanks to rose dom immune jeffrey masters and julian weller. The outcast is executive produced by mahesh ticket or you can find out on social media at magazine me at friends squish go. Thanks thanks for listening to the outcast tune in every thursday and we will see you next week they and deer h._i._v. It's me eh science. I didn't give up while there's no cure. There are treatment options and sticking to daily treatment helps. People get to and stay undetectable which means so little h._i._v. h._i._v. It can't be measured by a lab test and the c._d._c. states that staying undetectable means. There's effectively no risk of transmitting h._i._v. Through sex echo echo science. It's people living with h._i._v. Should talk to a healthcare professional. Learn about a treatment option at x o x science dot com sponsored by gilead sciences.

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