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Support for NPR and the following message come from Dulles International Airport with the highest on time takeoff percentage of any airport on the east coast. I a d means I'm already departing more at fly Dulles dot com slash fast. Live from NPR news in Washington on trial. Snyder police are not speculating on a motive for yesterday's mass shooting at a public utility center in Virginia Beach impure, Serra, mccamman, reports a gunman killed at least twelve people and injured several others before dying in a shootout. With police officers governor Ralph Northerns that this is a horrific day for the Commonwealth of Virginia, and expressed his deepest condolences and prayers for the families of those who left home and will not return. SE put along with him were a local congresswoman, Elaine, Luria, and the city's mayor and police chief, the police chief says now a dozen victims in this mass shooting. In addition to the shooter who was killed by police during an exchange of fire that he described as a long gun battle between the shooter and officers. Chief Jim Cervera said, quote, I have a number of officers who are processing through what could best be described as a war zone. Severe describes the suspect as disgruntled. He says the thirties, know who he is. But are not ready to name him publicly, and even then will only do so once surveyor says a focus now should be on the dignity and respect for the victims and their families. President Trump weighing in on the political crisis in Britain ahead of his state, visit their next week, the BBC's Jessica Parker reports at Trump has told a British newspaper his preferences in the race to lead the conservative party, a characteristic, defiance of diplomatic convention. President Trump has waited right into the debate about who should succeed to resume as prime minister in an interview with the sun. He says that the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson would be excellent that he is a good guy and a talented person. He will say says he likes another contender Jeremy hunt, but he's less warm about Michael gov, suggesting that the environment secretary was wrong to apparently, describe the president's approach to Iran. Ah sabre-rattling to Missouri now where the state's sole remaining clinic that provides. Abortion will remain open, for now the Saint Louis Planned Parenthood clinics license had been set to expire midnight, but a Saint Louis publicradio Sarah phantom reports, a Circuit, Judge has granted a temporary restraining order. That keeps it in place state didn't for new, the clinics annual license after several physicians who worked there declined to be interviewed as part of a state inspection, planned Parenthood's, lawyers say the physician feared prosecution and estate with restrictive abortion laws. The clinic's medical director David Eisenberg says in granting this motion the court sent the state a message that abortion is legal and access is necessary, your department of health and senior services is supposed to promote and protect the hell of Missouri's forcing them to leave the state for routine care is the exact opposite of that mission. The judge will consider planned Parenthood's request for a preliminary injunction next week for NPR news. I'm Sarah phantom in Saint Louis, and you're listening to NPR news. Lawmakers in the West Virginia Senate are set to consider a long sweeping and controversial education, Bill today. They missed it of West Virginia, public broadcasting reports teachers and other school employees are planning to be at the state capital in Charleston to rally against the proposal, the Republican led West Virginia, Senate is hoping to quickly pass a one hundred and forty four page Bill that would overhaul the state's public education system, a draft version of the measure ties teacher and service personnel, pay raises to charter schools, the withholding of pay during a strike in a change in how layoffs would be considered West Virginia educators, went on a two day strike earlier this year, they successfully rallied against Bill with many of the same provisions with classes now out for the summer union leaders say they will be back again to try to stop what they call tax on public education, US education secretary Betsy DeVos tweeted Friday morning, her support of Republican lawmakers and their push for school choice proposals like charter schools. For NPR news. I'm Dave missed each in Charleston West Virginia acting Defense Secretary, Patrick Shanahan, speaking out on China Shanahan has told an annual security conference in Singapore this weekend at the US will no longer tiptoe around Chinese behavior. In Asia, the speech was Shanahan's, first major once taking over at the Pentagon, January pope Francis in Romania today, tens of thousands on hand as he visited one of the country's most famous shrines on the second day of his trip. It's been raining in Romania, the bad weather forced supposed to change his travel plans, instead of taking a helicopter to the shrine and Transylvania the pope had to take a three hour car trips to the mountains to get there. I'm Dr Snyder NPR news.

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