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Hour 3: 2/21/20


There's crispy and then there's crispy try our new and improved Tyson crispy chicken strips crispy just got crispy cried passion than patron tree of college. Football leaves here. This is Paul Finebaum. Show our three podcast back and liftoff for however number three we have left and Greg starts us off. Hey Greg Greg is there. Greg is not there thank you greg. Thank you for your call and Your Service. Matt is up next in San Antonio Hellum at stated Jim Tuscaloosa you something. And he's a future. Oh He's the best car on the show. Jim You're a hack. You're has been unicredit old man. Who thinks he's the future. You Ain't the fishing no more baby the past. Get over yourself. Jim You never gonNA be the future no more. This ain't a political show is never gonNA be political show to shut the hell up quick plane and go back home to your home in. Just shut up. No call no more Jim. You know. Matt I have to tell you. you've taken a lot of shrapnel as a fan of Texas A&M but your your takes on. Jim Are are spot on. I don't know what's happened to you my friend but You have become the best caller on the show. I think you call for that Amazon restaurants and a creature. You'd be my friend Paul will will. I am glad to hear that mad and You gotta you gotTA shout out. Today I think from Augie too. Didn't you appreciate argued saying that to me again? My love for you arguing don't ever go into. Ufc Fighting Mad. You might be dangerous. Never gimmes and realize. He's nothing but the pack. You always baby but you ain't the pack your future you the past Jim to shut up. Stop whining you never gonNa be the future of this show in more. Us cars that if you sure as show he couldn't imagine aided there Matt is interesting because this show is a lot of things and and you know me. I'm a big believer in callers I'll stay away from Jim for this. Why did you say well? Why don't you start wiping liaison because this other wave that we look into this would want you because that's what you get nothing biennial lamb talking with y'all you're absolutely no more no more Jim You're talking to a young guy here. Can't you try to be a little more healthy? I'm not an old guy you more. I didn't say you were talking semi automatic. Tell you this guy is a little ways. He's got you can man. Matt. How old are you are your mental weasel? Tau Your your credit old. May You couldn't even. There's no question. What was their first. Call Ever Play Gin Matt. I tell you what Matt Matt if you if you'll meet me Matt I'll show you. I'm not an old man. How do you own? You're damn well you can't let us show you real. I can't lose this show. Go down to this level. It's too good. Show you send photos out all. That's why man thank you. Thank you very much. Man What Let me let me know. I'm only playing into the to the masters here but I need to go into the other room for a second Danny and and the in injury You guys they're barely. Can WE START WITH MATT? Calling Jim a decrepit old. That was the first shot. They're just got a call from Bob Arum And he wants to know Jim Matter Available Dark Martha N. G. M. swinging about you swing. I know for a fact that the gym you because Yemen Deontay wilder both from Tuscaloosa. They use together. I mean I if you let Jim thome pressure. He taught Deonte everything he knows. How would you I know I'm being like I'm sixteen again or fifteen or maybe ten. But how would you guys score that one? I I got a master's in San Antonio in the knockout decrepit logging everybody would cover for the decrepit line. He put Jim on his backheel. Jim was kind of doing the old. Then Jim came shoe like that. You GotTa Punch your way classmates only so many times you can. I mean after the fifteenth punk. It seems to lose. Its its verbal but right right. Let's see if some novelty to wear gyms coming from that'd be more Sapient Jab Jab in math swing and haymakers. I mean not only gets mad at Jim and Dentistry Tony. Those are the only two people that could get mad. Jimbo Fisher just called. So why doesn't Matt Ever Talk About Meeting More Kalamata really upset? I mean this is supposed to be a big year for the for the aggies and and I mean Jimbo just said just tell tell tell mad could beaten up on Jim and start talking about me again. I think Jimbo can use them as a strength coach actually honorary twelfth man. This season he'll be. He will be on kickoff teams. I'm an is up next good afternoon. Guys I was going to tell you. Just gotTA listen to what was taking place and you know all day long. The last time we saw somebody beat somebody that unmercifully Larry. Holmes was actually holding Marvis Frazier and that was a good end demanding. Joe's throw in the towel and Joe wouldn't do it and he wouldn't do it and every time he wouldn't do it. Larry hit him again. Mcginn and you know what that's an undisputed knockout by Matt from San Antonio then disputed unequated. It may have been the fastest in the swiftest thing. That's ever happened on this program by any car. Is that fair is that well. I mean at this. That's a lot of phone refuge in the history of this show around a lot of phone or and there are some good ones. But you've been a part of some of the more the more glorious ones I it it certainly was and I'll tell you the kids come out. He's not sweating. His lips aren't puffed out. He spent his own mouth. But you're you're a fool I man. No no no. We're calling it like we see it and you know Matt said something that you picked up on. He is the future of this program not me not not anybody else. This guy is in Matt's age group and they're about people that are younger than myself. I'd be sixty three June twenty ninth and I'm not future. I'm just white male and the president was part of the past and I'm part of the president. I mean he. The toughest thing to figure out is the future of this show. Well and and it's obvious is GonNa be one because you know and I know your show like you said just does not hinge ratings. Your show has got the has got what it takes to be here without ever glancing at a rating. 'cause they're solid is rock. Anyway there is a difference in I came from that world of ratings and by the way I mean we did okay but a when you work for a company like this. They care I if if there weren't people watching or listening we probably wouldn't be on the air. I think that goes without saying but we can concentrate on good quality intellectual radio now and television versus the way we used to be when we had caller screaming at each other calling each other names Threatening to beat the other one up calling the other guy punk see. We don't do that anymore because we don't have to. I'm in no because we've all past that. At least the age group that carried that was that was the age group that was with your show then has now learned to just take out a pistol to shoot each other without all the time. Those young people Are Now they in their fifties and sixties and those older people from that period like Jim or to you know I found it real interesting? Jim said if you'll meet me he would do something but first off. Jim is not going to meet anybody. You learned I'm in apparently the only thing Because everyone always thinks you know you. Sixty eight seventy you think about people in their seventies. I talked to someone yesterday And he was seventy seven and one of my colleagues that man you know he was great he was sharp as a tack for seventy seven and I started thinking seventy seven young right now if you're running for president of the United States it is if you're billionaire true true but that that helps but but you know there's not billionaires on this program you know quite a few but we don't and I know I. I don't really Billionaires I used to know I'm in mostly are in jail right now and you were going to say that pitcher made you by theirself and I'm telling you I don't care what you do ladies and gentlemen never have a picture made with just you and Paul get three or four friends and you'll be safe then you're right one pitcher you one pitcher can can can spend spill the beans. You remember that period when it seemed like everyone That was associated with the show ended up going on trial. That's right and especially Roy Boyd. Yeah what was that? Steffi sailing was dear. What was that stuff What was was the deer ray. Something yeah and he was. He was a big believer in that stuff. And and you know what long it wasn't long and he's thinking do I can't remember it. It was something like that but I mean you know he was just laughing. Stock and this guy totally. He sounded like Jim. He believed all that nonsense. And but but there again going back to the future of this program. The future is tomorrow Jim. Jim's not even yesterday is Jim. Even last year I mean we. We must run to a break. We appreciate all of you for hanging with us for the first couple of hours. More guests do come more of your phone calls. We are back after this. You listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. We're back glad you're with us. Alexander in North Carolina is up next going on. Hey how are you? I'm doing good? How about yourself? We're doing fantastic. Thank you hey. First-time caller avid listeners. Just had a question about Cam Newton Panthers Fan from what are what are your thoughts on his last year in the contract with no guaranteed money Whether or not the panthers should Explorer the drafter keep call Allen and trade away camera. Do you think he's still has that. Mvp season. I don't think he has it in him. And you know watching it pretty closely as as you are with a new billionaire owner I've heard nothing from him. That would indicate he wants to keep cam around. Have you know I hadn't heard on online and Just around the local Kind of I've heard that they're they're going to shop them away and Kind of explore the options the giants. I am not an NFL draft. Nick but it seems to me that if he is healthy and I'm assuming by now he is. He's He's played sparingly in the last two years and he didn't even play this year after the first two games He's better than about half the quarterback in the NFL. Yeah I know. And that's the thing I mean with with the NFL. Coming with the new new wave of running quarterbacks and everything. I mean that's the only thing I'm holding onto. I mean if he can have the MVP season and again as the Panthers Fan. I'll never forget that I mean I do. I will tell you that I met Roseman a guest on here a couple of times. I do like him As a coach. I don't think he's going to get off to a good start. Though I think this team is woefully undermanned. Hey thanks very much for the call. Great to have you on more phone calls at eight five five to four two seven. Two eight five and Andy is in Kansas City. Hello Andy Hey how you doing? We're doing great. Thank you for the call. I'd like to talk about the Apparent well obvious really the big the best teams in college football always end up in the in the final four. And I look back at some of the Ratings last five years the recruiting ratings for rival and slowing behold the the ones that are always in the Tana forehead the best recruiting classes so easily easily and it. I don't really like to watch football games anymore. If they're you know they're like Alabama versus Arkansas or something like that and I'm saying how do we correct this and I just thought about well. Why don't we just Go into ratings and come up with a a an idea that balance out the recruiting and the way. I think you might be able to do. It is reach team to only have an average of say three point five. A I think it's an interesting concept but but I I have to tell you We don't live in a Unfortunately we don't. We don't live in a socialistic college football environment If anything it reeks of the extreme capitalism that permeates Wall Street so I don't Great idea it would be it would be fun. Fantasy draft is unlikely to ever happen in real life. Thank you for the call. Greg is up next. Hey Greg They Paul. Thank you for taking my call. You Know Matt. Call a couple of times and said that tests could say was going to go undefeated this year and that may or may not happen. But I think it's safe to say that Matt is undefeated this year so far would that be a fair statement matters. Addison sessional year as a caller that needed to learn the ropes. It's been a meteoric rise for them in In the judge suppose that with Jim who has had a meteoric fall the last few years and you know you asked him for a picture back in November and I asked him for picture November and he turned us down He wanted to meet Matt. Well you offered to have him. Meet me at Your show Husky and I showed up and he did not so my question is what the Garner to to get a photo. I'll tell you I'm going to give Jim one more chance Not to be on the show but I am going to be in Tuscaloosa in about six weeks for for something and I. I don't he doesn't have to be shown on this program because in fairness to him he is fairly well known and I don't know if it would be it. Would it would be in his best interest to have his picture disseminated but but I would like to meet him though. Well he has spurned. I think Every request that you've had you've been in Tuscaloosa countless times over. Yeah true I'll be there again. The only had just not. I'm usually not there This early in the year. But I I will be there soon and one last thing so when Augie talked about you know no electricity or winning rotter in Alabama. I remember you know when that beautiful city that he lives in was taken to its knees by Hurricane Katrina and when I I went to Somalia one year and it looked just like that and so Be careful about denigrating other states because that city is only one catastrophe away from the Stone Age. And you're right. It's a shame to to lose that. Something I thanks Greg. I'M NOT GONNA blame augie on. I mean first of all the the whole country Pitched in the whole world to help New Orleans after Katrina. Glenn is up next in Florida. Hello Glen Hi Paul. I love you show. Thank you and please don't ever leave. Thank you so much I Wow kinda disappointed. But injury Yesterday you were talking about saving being a quote. We're not your quote tired. Old Man said that yes my and then Jim called in and I was like what the hell sorry but where did he go? All of a sudden you've got a lunar text. I mean. He obviously skipped his anger management class. And now today's in the same thing and I thank God for calling like Augie. Who bring a sense of calm back to this show? I have one thing to say to all those people when question for you and then one thing to say although staple Firstly you WANNA say those people is not your show it's the Finebaum show and And one thing. I think all of us here take tremendous pride in is that a lot of people are invested in this program and I think that's what separates us from callus other shows. I'm in fact I'm speaking next week at a At a conference On Sports Radio and and I don't know if I'll get a chance to go deep into this because with a bunch of Ego maniacal sports talk show host. I doubt I'll get a chance to talk but I that's really that separates us from every other show in the country and I think this is everyone show and it's not because of me or Danny or tomorrow you're Cuba or the people behind it. It's because of the association Today with with with the leagues that were affiliated with and I think in the past with the schools that we've been affiliated with yeah It's it's that's what some of their Because you you have a platform and platform for everybody and I love that you have that I knew. Allow these people I've course I have in my opinion about some people being a little too long but The bottom line is The format is wonderful. And I wouldn't never hope you never change it The question I have for you is Tucker listening to Brian all go. Another voice of reason It was talking about the transfer of its and I'm curious because I'm hoping you know this that you're a small. Say you're a small college you you heavily recruit somebody you get name in. You put out that scholarship money for them and they decide to transfer. What happened to the scholarships Glenn that has to be worked out? I mean there are so many aspects of this and we had a call from a former coach who who said this is going to be the biggest paradigm shift ever in college football and I agree. Hey we have to run but thank you so much for the call. Great Call Did the stories that are going to to Headline the next couple of months college football or the The NFL and the transfer and they're both critically important to the future of the sport. We will take a break more to come after this. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum. Show podcast welcome back. Great to talk to our friend CASSIDY HILL DOWN IN GAINESVILLE. Big Weekend to say the least. A lot of things happening engaged. Gainesville cassie thanks for joining us here. After a couple of weeks. It's always good to talk to you so tell us The lay of the land. The mood of Gainesville Florida right. Now gainesville basil sort of content. Right now You know there's coming off of a good football season. They're expecting even more this next season spring practice. Start in just a couple of weeks. Basketball has won five of the last six In the month of February doing sort of more of what people thought they would at the beginning of the season and so right now it almost seems like the mood in Gainesville is kind of everyone is where they expect it to be. This is what Gainesville should be You know a lot of expectations for football a lot of expectations for basketball to finish strong here. everybody's kind of in a good mood right now. You Know You. You always want to be a little wary as the other shoe could drop but right now. Everybody's in a good mood baseball undefeated and kicking off tonight versus Miami Number One Everybody's doing what they're supposed to do. As far as far to gator sports. They're concerned let's go by. I'm really interesting. I haven't talked to too many people that were in in attendance last Saturday night. It had to amazing seen as a billy. Donovan came back home. Oh Gosh that was one of the better night. Think I've had in the old dome When I first came to Florida Billy Donovan was still here. Is the coach. And you know coming from Alabama reporters covering the current tied basketball. Wasn't that big of a deal and so getting to Florida and getting to cover billy Donovan and that two thousand fourteen run especially with special That have come back and have so many of the guys to be joking Noah and Al Horford and cut young Michael Frazier doors any Smith. All lining the cord and Then when Billy Donovan was finally recognised just Kinda getting to sit there on the side and see the tears come up in. His is a little bit not wanting to get too emotional but it was a special night for him and his family and it made it a special night for not only gator fans but for even us in the media as well who has followed this program who've been invested in this program and you know they've been able to become friends with these coaches There's a special night for a man who really really deserved it in terms of this team We know what they have tomorrow with Kentucky but they beat some let's be honest and pretty mediocre teams to get back and give you give us your assessment of where they are right now and what needs to happen in these next three weeks. I think they have five regular season games left before they go to Nashville for this e tournament I think they can afford the Kentucky Office just because of where they're sitting right now with the past few wins You know it would be helpful to have one and they really need to be Lsu at home just to kind of get a few more quad. One wins That Auburn win still helps Thinks some of the? Let's see the wins against Xavier earlier in the season just the fact that they were ranked at the time does help But they got to close out strong. I think they can afford the Kentucky losses but they can't lose those other three they're going to have to beat. Lsu Georgia and Tennessee Probably need to win at least one of the first rounds in the Sec Tournament. Just to get a decent enough seating heading into ncw tournament because like you said they don't have to. Too many quality wins. I think he could still count. The Auburn win is a quality win. but they have some bad losses as well. And how much does that hurt them? You know that still remains to be seen. This guy has been so crazy season But they do need I think at least three of the next five and if they if one of those hobbies to be Kentucky even better for Mike White in this team But they need at least three of those next five heading into Nashville just to kind of lock up their spy And you know not drop down to where they're having to play you play in game to get into the tournament And a lot of that has to do with just best stretch in January where they lost three in a row where they lost to. Lsu They lost to Baylor they lost a Mississippi state that stretch hurt them a lot and winning five of the last helped But if you start dropping these next five is well. You're right back out of it. Kessler switch gears to football. It seemed like a good recruiting year. There's a lot of excitement Couple of Friends of mine one and particularly the you know Buddy Martin just is drilling it in my head that I need to pick. We all need to pick Florida. And he's given me some some double secret reasons which you probably know. But I'm not sure I'm allowed to share media days but What is the optimism down there for Dan? Mullen in this program high as it is expected to be and Dan. Mullen does a really good job with building that competent. You know he's GonNa kick off his springs speaking tour here in a couple of weeks and he's GonNa kill you. You know he has a he has his stump speech down to the second. You know he knows where to Paulsville after you know sort of Paul Paul's and He does a good job of getting the fan base excited and coming in and wanting to come to gain for wanting to come to games because he truly believes I think he has a decent point. That's part and parcel of the team's success That being said You know I told this. Actually two days ago. He said if we were at media days right now and it was time to vote. Who Will you vote for? But I'm voting for Georgia and Hill Door Ajar eastern Georgia buddy. Because until and you know I know last year on your show Paul said I thought why would beat Georgia. They didn't and so until they do. I haven't I've seen it happen yet. and so. I'm going to have to go with George I think they. I think it's GonNa be interesting this next year without Jake frahm and when you do have cal Trask returning. I think paper Florida actually has the better pieces to make the run in the east this next season but like I said until somebody steps up to Georgia and takes it from them. I can't discount with the dogs. Have done and what Kirby smart is done and what they will probably continue to do That being said Yeah there's a lot of conferences a lot of confidence around call traffic. Well he's a in my opinion He's the best attorney quarterback in the SEC. He's you know got one of the better resumes. He's got some of the most experienced And I think a lot of the skeptic's creditors around him is just he hasn't had a full year Which I understand but at the same time if we're talking about what Jamie Newman's GonNa do at Georgia and he's coming in as a transfer. Aren't we addressing what cal? Trask did in ten of his games last season with Florida And so the the confident is how far the fans understand it. Not being as hot outside of Gainesville But I think that they have enough. They're they're gonNA be starting practice. I think let's see March Sixteenth The biggest issue is going to be replacing. All these receivers they lost. You know four senior receivers Ayla Michael P Ryan opera him in there with how much. He did things they lost. It was just over fifty around fifty four percent of their receiving production from what season The WHO's going to step up in their place that they have you guys like trae grounded. Area's Tony who are returning But they haven't had to handle that load in the past and they're going to be asked to do a lot more this year. And so let's let's get into. They have a play in or what. I would consider playing games this year this year. They're not starting golfing Miami. They're starting off like eastern Washington or something like that So they have a little bit of a tune-up and they're going to need it would just how much they are replacing on the office side In my final question is buddy has given you any reason why he is so confident. Other than the fact that he's Buddy Martin he is He is very confident. And I understand it just because of cal. Trask returning because the Dan Mullen You know I think that they're looking at getting some analysts in there. They were hoping to get Charlie strong. Obviously do not happen. He's going to Alabama but there's still a couple more detail hoping to get in there. Dan Mullen is quite ready to name them yet. and that may be probably will but he's alluding to but if they do. That can be a huge help They were able to bring in Tim. Brewster who has made an immediate impact on. You think you combine Tim Brewster with pit. You know. That's that's a secret weapon that Dan Mullen will have not so secret after last year tied in But it's a useful weapon for Dan. Mullen this coming year And I think having David Turner along the line with what he added this past recruiting cycle as well. Those are some guys that can make an immediate impact So you know like you said with buddy. He's always going to be happy. Valley is going to be competent. Can't take that away from Do think there are just enough pieces in each unit that the teams should be picked. Probably at least I think is going to be split vote when we SEC media days in Atlanta this season between Georgia. Georgia and Florida. Always great to have you on. Cassidy. Please come back soon. thank you very very much. Thankful how? Good Conversation Cassidy Hill from gator Bait We still have plenty of time for you to get in and you can do so now at eight five five two four to seven to eight five to listening to Paul Finebaum show. Podcast pats up next Georgia's. We are closing in on Friday night and the weekend. Hey Pat Hey Paul. Thanks for taking the phone call. Thank you Now we've only been listening to your show for eight or nine years with your show is the best it's ever been thank you are well. You're welcome euro very gracious host the callers from spectrum the spectrum As you mentioned they truly are. They're invested in the show and they're passionate of the interviews that you have their terrific Aren't particularly like the segues where you're catching up to see the and the radio When you're listening on the radio in the car you miss that but people sometimes a and I don't do a good job about it because I'm not one of these four matic. Tv radio googles but When when the Radio Audience Goes Away We come back halfway through that and we talk we jabber around Qb ACTORS PRETTY buttoned down in terms of his segments but So so you don't always hear that part. I'm glad you brought that up that that's true. But but your show evolves this kind of next year. It's going to be better as a it's going to be better than ever been and I sincerely mean that. the visionary or two earlier in the show was mayor. William Hartsfield Rare. Sit Right Lanta he convinced Delta the move from West Monroe Louisiana to Atlanta South Fulton county to an airport that had not been constructed completed yet. I didn't realize that and as as they say. The rest was history. Yeah I mean coke was there but but but coke is important as it always is and we'll be without the airport Atlanta wouldn't be Atlanta. Wouldn't it it would not no sir. And I had the privilege of living in Birmingham in early seventies for a little more than a year. I Love Birmingham. They're the only thing that's wrong with Birmingham was they didn't get the airport no Yeah and you know I lived there thirty years and my wife there and shouldn't say this too loudly but miss it today but it Well I mean. We had how rains on yesterday. Who covered that that air off the New York Times and the he originally if the Atlanta Constitution and I mean the mistakes Birmingham made the blunders. I wouldn't say it. Haunts them Present Day but it it it. It did damage for fifty years. Well and that's unfortunate but and Coca Cola had a great deal to do with with Delta. I wondered about that However I I spent one night in Bruton Alabama on the way to the nineteen sixty nine sugar bowl of Georgia was playing. Arkansas in In Ben to Lane Stadium and The ban left Athens and we spent the night in Bruton and next to the city limit. Sign it said snuff capital of the world and I guess they still are that the only not I've ever spent trying to remember Bruton Alabama I think I think Kevin someone was more in there. That's the he and Walter Lewis the famous Alabama quarterback other than that. I don't know very much about it other than we usually get calls from there. But five or six of Greyhound. Buses pulled in bullet redcoats and we spent the night there and I think most of the town showed up the thanks for stopping and filling up their hotels. But but the real reason I'm calling is I think Georgia but ball scheduling is changing in its philosophy. And I'm sure you're aware that I believe it was San Jose State that we paid them. One point eight right off to go away in twenty one and we're opening against Clemson and all it and Charlotte is is home field advantage for clips and just like Atlanta's is found no doubt and I'm not speaking for Greg mcgarity but if you look at his actions and if you have listened to him over the years Georges very has been very content with eight. Sec Football Games. Playing an instrument live is going to sex who happens to be in power five conference and then what? I would call three cupcakes or three powder puffs lister mcgarity. Paul apologized for for cutting off but we are at the end of this hour. My deepest apologies. It was a great call. Thank you so much.

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