Bravo Team Episode 2: Joe Love


Welcome to bravo team mark second g._i. I joe show looking at all the secondary material i am your host aaron mawson codename brother head on this show. You'll be by myself or have other guest host joining me looking all the material out there we covering things like toys comic european missions comic the movies judge already kids needs or anything else that has not g._i. Joe oral matt hero comic or these cartoon. Come join us on our mission cobra from taking over the world joe joe <music>. Hey welcome to our second episode of bravo team my newest show where we look at things. It's outside of the regular g._i. Joe oh continuity will get g._i. Joe nobody is the real american hero series and also the cartoon you look at it on a monthly basis <hes> this show were gonna look get. What am i picking book. It'll it'll be random toys. Maybe the idea w series maybe the movies who knows <hes> this month. We're not gonna look at any of that's. That's <hes> this month. I was trying to say what to do. I was speaking of brad. Brad had a great suggestion so what we're doing about this on and off as i introduced people people but we're gonna take this month to take a look at our jobs on the show here and find out a little bit about their their comic book jiji love how they fell in love g._i. Joe maybe some of the best moments that saying that they've wiped out over the last thirty forty years i guess thirty years that's not too great with the right now the sort of the head and here's what they're doing the math in their head harry the one. I messed up breath carry the one. Let's see we got even got. Kevin writes little and we have some other guys sitting there drawing. It's your jared algebraic. The jargon were guys. Thanks for joining for this episode now. It's going to get some thoughts lots from a brad origin in love and i guess there's a difference for me between say discovering g._i. Joe and falling in love with of it. I discovered it when i think a lot of us of the certain age and demographic did which is in the spring of ninety two when the first commercials air for the original now seven or eight of them <hes> <hes> we were still <hes> away a year away from another star wars movies so the pickings of the toil were tree free sparse as i recall and <hes> jokes kind of filled that need <hes> i think <hes> kind of like the black hole and battle star galactica yeah <hes> and <hes> and what was the other one buck rogers did in the seventies between the star wars empire g._i. Joe in i guess in might at the time and like it was mind okay. Notre things going to pop up before another star wars movie comes in and when i saw them in the department store oil i managed arguments my mom to get the s._e._o. Them greater. I grunt i got snake eyes and i played with them and i had fun with them but i don't think i really dug doug on that much <hes> are they didn't really make a huge huge impression on either to something new to play with a i think because we just moved to a new city and we're waiting to get settled which meant we were living the hotel at the time in all my toys were on the moving van being trucked across the country so i didn't really have any choice to play with my brother pride sit out if it will shut them up for a few minutes and i'll give them a few toys to to occupy with and so i those few but that was it from the first that first wave that i got the i must have just gone to other things news but it wasn't until a year later is nine hundred eighty s when i really fell in love with the g._i. Joe the twilight least and i think the entire entire joe lion o's an unpaid debt to george lucas for that and for its legacy because we all knew going in that return to the jet i was going to be the last star dr was really they were gonna make the star wars movie ha ha. How little do we know at that time but this was going to be at after returning the judge moore star wars which meant no more more new star wars toys which frankly wasn't the worst news because i don't think i'm thinking that the return of the toys kind of over <hes> underwhelmed especially after empire strikes back for more of a focus on you walks in java's palace then on represent which was kind of the core conflict of that saga and i think we're joe really took. The reins was centered on joe versus cobra which filled that need it was new. It's just got underway. Star was ending g._i. Joe was just attacking started. Where star wars was resolved. It's the story geagea was but but <hes> as far as the actual moment when the music swelled and it became love at first sight would have been the first <hes> joe miniseries and september of eighty three when that eric because i remember that being a big vent at the school yard that day i only heard about it from a classmate the day the first one was supposed to air so when i got home there was this big mystery about with my friends talking to visit for not but then four four o'clock they were there it was and those of us who had v._c._r.'s ready me tape miniseries and watch it over and over and over again and that's what we did commercials it all and after that i really had a vested interest in the toy because the cartoon sort of filled in that gap. I think that had been missing prior to that. I was reading the comics but all of a sudden. I knew you what the character is sounded like and look like in motion. I knew how vehicle sounded now. The laser rifle sandton what g._i. Joe was about had read the comic and all you really they knew was joking. Cobra bad a kind of head to be that moment for native is kinda. Give you a context and give it seems that packed with toys for me. It has to be that one because christmas that year for nurses returned. Did i in nineteen eighty three year <hes> i didn't get a single star wars toy under the tree. It was all joseph it was all think it was the mobile vamp and the <hes> headquarters so i really cleaned up that christmas and for me that was kind of it for the next fevers any way ahead transformers later which were cool but they didn't really goal to candle to joe because while both were fantastical properties joe felt a little more part of our world because of the file cards just seeing what state or city joe was from really gave you a grounding that the other toy lines didn't really have they're all kind of setting a fictional world. Fictional universe are the g._o._p. Jillian galaxy universe whatever you wanna call it was sort of grounded in our own reality to just. Maybe just a little left of center for that <hes> so yeah that was i think it was that miniseries that moment kind of dropped the pennies for me. It made me a san very nice over to kevin kevin what are you. I fall in love with g._i. I ju <hes> santa barbara california seven eleven comic spindle racks g._i. Joe number one sitting on that rack there and that was before or i discovered our local cop bookshop to picked it up there and the i don't have that original issue anymore had but <hes> copies again with you know back copies and back issues and stuff like that 'cause you know did not. I didn't know the role night. Take care comics back then and i remember my first. I remember <hes> <hes> when the toys. I see we're starting to come out. I remember my first. <hes> one was <hes> grunt. The reason why i got grunt was because he looked like your your typical soldier should look like and i thought that was kinda cool <hes> but eventually i started collecting that whole series and remember getting upset with the thumb started breaking when i start putting guns in their fingers in their hands and stuff like that remember that and then when they introduced swivel arm battle grip. I thought that was the most is genius thing ever. I still think it is followed along with the t._v. Series absolutely loved it. I remember that for you know you you talking talking about how the first miniseries was big event and i remember that it was a big event. It was a big deal and <hes> pyramid darkness though that one's that's my favorite mini series <hes> but i played with my g._i. Joe's in private because i was getting out of grad school and going into junior high was not cool to do that. Otherwise get my butt kicked so i collected in private and <hes> float in private and did that for many many years enjoyed the cartoon series and stayed with it even in reruns after school school after school. I'd come home. It was g._i. Joe was transformers robotech thunder cats. You know you name it. I was watching it and oh spectra gadget to. I remember that and <hes> but as the nineties were approaching and we were getting a neon bright colored joe's i started to lose interest. I did collect the comics though all the way through to the very end at number one fifty four <hes> and then that kind of wet g._i. Joe go for a while as i got into music and other interests and stuff and and but i still had all my comics i put them in a sleeves and long boxes and stuff and <hes> kept him my my dad's garage and just kind of forgot about him for a while until <hes> you know a kind of always kind of would jump back in and kind of see a watch the g._i. Joe i knew when when the newer series were coming out i kind of looked at them a little bit but it didn't really i didn't get the same feeling establ- jer <hes> when they were kind of starting to redo it but it really wasn't until <hes> there later to thousands you know including the newer movies and stuff and then of course some re more recently <hes> with learning about the g._i. Joe finest group the costume group which i kind of found out by mistake when in <hes> a bunch of a bunch of friends of mine one year at dragon con herron georgia. We're deciding well. What do you guys want to do next year like well. Let's do. Let's do like lower level b tiered you know g._i. Joes you know and so i said well. I've always liked shipwrecks. Altuve shipwreck minor buddy did chuckles either buddy did <hes> sargent slaughter and <hes> posted a picture on the facebook page of <hes> dragon con in one of the guards guys gotta come to our sh- photo shoot on sunday dragon con in and that kind of changed my life and and found out bunch of others that liked it as well and then <hes> too dino is this is like you know what you started getting into. Podcasting can start listening to podcast. I'm like what if there's a g._i. Joe podcast let me check it up. Oh my god and i was such a nerd. I think i sent a picture to your facebook group or something like that. I love your shipwreck out of your major blood my favorite when you've done the cobra commander the retro corps commanders you've all them that one's a fan favorite a lot of people really like that one so but it's it's more the community that i enjoy more than anything else and <hes> i love going back and revisiting sitting these <hes> these comics as well and in the toys. I just can't collect the toys like i used to but on i just want to mention though i had a really big scare my dad's ads garage caught fire a few years ago and he called me on the phone saying you know all your stuff is <hes> was in there some of it survive some of it has not and i have not had a chance to go through it sold the i what i went out to visit him last. I was very happy to say that my g._i. Joe comic survived. There's a little bit of <hes> soot damage on the top but luckily i had i had to do is re bag all the comics my figures however there are some that that <hes> <hes> <hes> got sit damaged and could not be repaired. Some of them were okay but most of them were not. Unfortunately i'm very happy that the comics so yeah. That's i wanna say on a side note is i did enjoy transformers but i cannot stand the g._i. Joe transformers crossover crossover. I don't think those world should come together. I think they need to be put aside. Separately not a fan of that crossover whatsoever the first ones we'll talk about some other point the was later on and they've been talking about doing a shared adra universe with visionaries g._i._g._o. And masking asking transformers and i agree with both you guys don't keep them separate. I say crossover big i._d. Care for the rest and i just i thought they were each word bedrooms every universe because each on different damaged aspect if you will and i don't i don't yeah take the thing i did. Mention was if there wasn't a fan of a lot of those nineties g._i. Joes because of all the bright colors and stuff like that it has been entertaining paining with fellow finest g._i._g._o. Costume members that they've been going back in like pulling from those joe's and making costumes out of them. It's it's been a lot of fun to kind of. Look at these jobs going who's that and then they would tell me and that part of it has been very entertaining to at least go back because you know everyone. Everyone does the snake eyes and the shipwrecks and stuff like that but when you can go find like a really obscure g._i. Joe and do it well. It's very entertaining asia and jared. How how did you find g._i. Joe love. I prefer mask joining us to do but <hes> <hes> okay all right. I'll answer the question <hes> you've had my brother jason on a a couple of episodes and it pretty much comes from him jason's five years older than me so in eighty two out of been six. Jason would have been eleven jitterbug with robert on here. Yeah you pretty much jason. We probably should because my origin story is tied his he got an joe and when you got a brother who's five years older than you. You kinda idolize everything they do. You think everything they think is cool as cool and so i just naturally say this judge was cool and and and jason really got into speaking for him i think because we are the son of a soldier our dads a soldier so it just kind of made sense and it's as a parent errant. Now you know and i buy toys for my kids. Deep down inside you on a buy stuff. You think is cool so i'm certain there was a factor in there my dad going. Oh yeah that's pretty cool. The soldiers by all means you know up until then we have the little plastic army men had little plastic army men and so that's really where it came in. I remember the the i was in first grade. I think when that many series came out in all the school chatter. I think brad mentioned the school chatter of many series aroused yeah to get on your bike and haul ass home because you've got this thing on. I had a thirteen inch black and white t._v. In my room rabbit ears and i we tune in see that that <hes> but when it comes to you break it down into its component parts of the toys and the cartoon and comics. I am much more of a toys guy i so the cartoon okay. That's cool like you. Kinda gave it a voice <hes> more so give you a little more depth to what you were playing with and then the comics jason was much warner comics. I was six hours reading as much jason's reading the comics so they were cool to me. Read them but not a huge part of. I'm all about the toys and then much schleicher believed kevin was saying that sorta ebbs and flows into your life at certain times i'm really into the toys and talking about thirteen then i started kind of falling out of the toys and i don't pay much attention to anything in high school amount of comics and toys and stuff then you get the college and i don't know about you guys you get that college age and then you start kinda wanting to get your childhood it back again so i think that was cool. This is cool and i worked at a store that sold comics specifically back issues. We weren't in a new comics store called the heart dixie. Military surplus guns knives comic bookstore. I'll say that again art of dixie kudzanai military surplus in common star <music> guess which section i worked in and i'm so i'm getting this rekindled love for comics which i got a lot from my friend delvin the dark web williams <hes> he he got me back into comic so now it's converging again like ah comics and there's those joe comics member have noses kid but in really read them so now i have surged on comet few years later now. I'm in the military and i make a good buddy of mine. Who's all into yard sailing and you know i'm yard sale artists not the are still dark and so we start yard sailing what i what do why start finding at yard sales the toys again and so now i'm just i'm all in on recollecting. These toys go back home a._l. Mild toys mom and dad and my i find the ones i had and continues to this day. I i am much more toy. Centric men comic or cartoon centric although i really have learned to love and enjoy the comics comics and the cartoon is something that never is still. I you know how i watch it and make my silly notes. I was never into it as a kid probably because we lived in germany and i don't think that was one of the select cartoons we were getting at the time. It was only had one channel so again. It's three pieces toys comics and cartoons. I'm a toys guy. I i then probably comics cartoons but then now we've moved in past my military career now in my career now just like kevin said podcasting and now i'm podcasts with with pat and pats like hey. There's a g._i. Joe okay. I'll check that out and all now here we are so that's the short version i can give you but it just kinda hits. It keeps hitting at certain times over and over throughout my life so i never never truly goes. I just want to mention too. I think one of the things ah i realized that my g._i. Joe phantom or fondness for it really never left was one and i went to my i g i joe convention and i think that was in <hes> when and i was living in virginia for from nine hundred ninety nine to two thousand five. I just came across it because i was working for a game company out there and net the joke on kind of traveled from city to city was there and i went to that just out of a fluke and i was really kind of excited to see a bunch of those old toys and stuff and they had a bunch of twelve inch stuff to which i had no interest in and it was kind of funny to see the division between the twelve inch collectors the three and three quarter inch collectors yeah yeah and then i remember going to my second one in atlanta <hes> when i moved here in two thousand seven and that was a lot of fun i got to meet roddy eddie piper which was great and <hes> and then i was fortunate enough to go to the last one <hes> the official in last year <hes> in chattanooga which was a a lot of fun. Yes i agree cons. Do bring it back because you see those all toys laying around yeah in toy <unk> toyland toy lanta recently here in atlanta which is dubbed. Jolanta is a great place to go for a lot of g._i. Joe stuff. It's a lot of fun definitely definitely the only other thing i'll add it. Somebody mentioned crossovers into transformers not liking it. I'm kind of with you on that. My favorite crossover that i've ever seen is i really dig the g._i. Joe uh-huh streetfighter crossover those commentaries on him because he also did the figures <laughter> so they in the same styles because i have streetfighter figures with my joke joe collection because they just fit yeah so i dig that crossover. I don't know how he got feel about g._i. Joe streetfighter so never never did see that yeah. I'm really seeing them yeah. I'm not a huge play. The video game once in a while but wasn't used fantasy fighters so yeah doesn't do anything for me. I was big game game came good too so i guess we'll house just one no two on that conventions <hes> joe fast in augusta georgia every year. It'll be july june twenty. I twenty second against georgia is kind of trying to become the new joe con. They have larry hama there <hes> as well as a bunch of the voice guys and stuff like that <hes> including including <hes> several the wrestler guys are starting to slaughter is going to be there but <hes> they're getting bigger and bigger and so if you're interested in checking out a cool little joe con khaneh check that out joe fast as not far from where i live so i might have to get in on that. They go very nice. I will be there one of these years. One of these years somewhere well then you can go to like dragging khan and it's so massive kevin i are there every year. We've never seen each other. I know huge just avoiding you. Wait a minute. I just realized i'm in a fixed location jerry. I'm gonna go this other way to go to one of these. One of these years wife's wife's. Tom wanted to go down to san diego but it's crazy as it is. Try dragon conway your something takes money but but yeah i'm slightly order you guys i. I was born in sixty nine so i've always lied. Never collected comics is younger growing up <hes> this friend of mine grandmothers in washington my brother are there live lila. She had a bunch of like old archie ritchie ridge in casper commentator. Those comics has her house by never actually bide any <hes> star wars came out as brad mentioned. I had all the star wars. Figures from the first. Two movies about time is getting thirteen. I was morgan video the games i the tari twenty six hundred in television round that time a two a three my mom yanni was getting new video games. I watched the g._i. Joe cartoon when he came out. I wasn't really where the figures or the comics at the time. I remember seeing the occasional advertisement for the comic on tv but at the time i really loved the cartoon <hes> i watched it says the beginning i did have a as a lot of <hes> combat friends or geek friends. I have a lot of friends begin with no talk. Lockton school was in the joe so i didn't have that playground. Chatterjee is taco bell south that john on my own joy transformers mask thunder under cats that whole lineup that talked about earlier but yeah g._i. Joe out of those one of my favorites. I don't know if i fell in love with party. Did then why say i they had all star wars figures from the first two movies <hes> than an eighty four we had a house fire me lost everything star wars figures if i would have had any joseph would have lost at that point was devastated and then so it wasn't in i was watching the cartoon still and then as i talked about in the past in and four so eighty the summer of eighty five eighty six my grandparents. We've got relatives. I'm in california. We got relatives in nebraska. So i went out with my grandparents. Nebraska visit my grandfather's brother and we were there. We went to another town in nebraska. Where uh-huh. I guess what my cousins were living and a couple of years younger than me. His name's brad. He had a bunch of comics yet. It was like thirty two new thirty-three somewhere on their threats which the one with the ducks on the cover evading the airforce base may reading that one there and he got a bunch of toys and that's where i fell in love the toys because we played we go down to his basement. Among the dead bodies down the basement he had attempted action figures typical so we play down there and that's when i started these are really cool so that's when i started getting into the started by an accident here and as i've talked about before it it was like a year or two later we with my mom. She was much some friends and after eating. I went next door right next to the restaurant under the thrifty he's so thrifty was looking around laying on them to finish up and i was like in the comics. You haven't really body connex. I'd always been a superhero fan. I'd i'd watch all the cartoons a t._v. Show batman sixty six series in reruns and all this stuff but i never got any of the comic i pick up occasional comic at yard sales at sea abud dan while they're looking and they're on this new sand was g._i. Joe fifty eight the corps commander reborn cohen of the battle larmer. Stay in front of the bed with us a violent dead again. I love g._i._g._o. Cartoon on my bed and this was shown that he's reasons part machiners. I wasn't sure what was going on with the battle armor at the time. I got a thickness up. It's an eye cobra. Commander not cared. Pick this one up and at that point there that's when i fell in love. The comic picked up that one and then right around the same time there was a i think also i remember that right after that but vince row i forget what it was before. After there was a another store <hes> k. mart they had those three packs of comics. There was one and had it showed issue. Fifty one with the machine on the backside was issue fifty five unmasking 's and then between them was fifty three. I i saw the masking corps commander gastro and snake eyes all their mask off again as a fan of the cartoon on my heart. They're gonna find people what they look like. I've yeah this pack <music>. He was read. Those issues knows back. We'll look at what they look like but i remember seeing knows and that was becoming comic. Snob like those are like fourth prints four three prints ever aw into comics per se so yeah. I realize that and to pick these up. These look interesting but yeah yeah so. That's that's what i i feel love g._i._g._o. At that point by so then i was like a pickup the toll as i was watching the cartoons the reruns i was reading the comics and i remember the the cartoon after jiji of the movie <hes> there was the chiefs three or five episode the dragon fire episode which i guess the first of the dick or whatever redick and a recorded that and watched it agency more. I didn't see the rest of the series the mud my local fox stopped carrying it cleaner later saw you the rest of the the the d cartoons round eighty nine ninety. I moved got my mom's house. I'd have room for all the toys so i started. Unfortunately tesla talked about over on the face <hes> g._i. Joe canada facebook group. I'm on <hes> that's when i started getting rid of most of my toys just because i needed money move out and i'd have room forum which to this day story. I missed those years but b i so i kind of law wasn't outage. You just read the comic then they comic. They have new interpretation g._i. Joe extreme check this out raft. Ah oh oh oh okay never mind but yes. I didn't really get back in the. I was waiting for something good. Come out and then is i read the ws the <hes> devils do all these other series came out and they were interesting and some point. I discovered podcasts. <hes> memo wife was watching in <hes> cohen buckman and they talk about podcasts on the air and why we're listening every night. I figured podcasts from what i seen. Were meal talk. Radio rush is limbaugh blowhards. I wanna hear about so never got into it. So that's why i opened my apple podcast blow. Check this out and i started looking for podcasts and and i found a g._i. Joe one that was coming out somewhat regularly and then slow down to a trickle in it stopped altogether. They got to issue four thirty. You're forty two. I'm like why i love g._i. Joe and i started my own kevin smith. <hes> they're showing the a group cartoon movie they did and they're showing up at san francisco so a coworker took the we went and watched that and during that kevin smith had said you know what you guys a mission for the next year your homework for the next year young it's time he is heavily broadcasting or not broadcast promoting people just starting your own podcast relatively free. No one can stop you at at this point gone to it so the next year i started doing head speaks and my task force x podcasts and that was about the same time i discovered that g._i. Joe no one got a couple in the back to back episodes of that g._i._g._o. Podcast for now but let's say ran out and it'd been like a year. She said episode now. May i guess be pod faded. They're done i g._i. Joe and that's when i started talking with <hes> ryan in kyle banning thing about joe and that's when i started doing this show here that you guys you wrote in. I got a funny story. Real cricket to say was when when you started doing your <hes> podcast. I remember you were probably on episode like three or four. I think it was and kyle and i were starting the phantom podcast network. This was back in like two thousand early two thousand sixteen. We were talking about it in two thousand fifteen eh eh remember. We had you on for our epoch g._i. Joe special and we didn't really like understand like how long is too who long we podcast like go like three and a half hours. We got some feedback about that. Asi i feel for the podcast and he's as long as it needs to be. Some schori gets ahead belonged for whatever reason but that's neat but but that was fun time i enjoyed talking to you guys on that episode again. Thanks for having me on there but man. That's a that's. That's where i at this point. I don't have i've got the my wife got me the twenty fifth anniversary cobra commander which i'm looking at the which is still in the package very cool nice. That's an actual figure. I have at this point for some star wars myself that that that that kobe won that you have there. They kind of re reissued those. I remember i got <hes> owes it. <hes> got a blood one got a snake guys want in a shipwreck one and i made shut up larry hamad sign those because those are really good reissues very nice. That's that's what i've ever said. I didn't see the rest of the store. I'm i've got the suspension like this one but and then i recently picked up some of the <hes> little blind bag g._i._g._o.'s very nice very nice. I've been wanting to get the <hes> <hes>. What do you call it the major blood. I don't feel like buying a bunch of the other ones yeah you get you. Gotta pick one thing one thing i did with <hes> when the twenty fifth anniversary line came in there unfortunately all in our storage locker smile so i have a chance to bring him out but i kind of went on ebay spree of buying the carded figures that never original release right <hes>. It's a lot of them were re. We've answered the old ones but these new books these would have been cobra bazooka soldier cobra <hes> paratrooper the baroness erin s. She appeared in the pre black leather. Look of the comics the cartoon the red ninja. I always wanted to be a retina jeff. From silent eluded the red ninja inches and i have a bunch of those just sitting in the blister packs. <hes> not sure we're going to do with it whether i take them out and posed somewhere or if i put them up my office so i'm sitting working and living in a toy store in you know seeing all these amazing toys that they've never <hes> released originally when you kind of wish they had you know i think i think it's kind of there's something about the joe toilet for a lot. It was kind of becomes that eternal thing that's always with you. That's a little bit of pop cultural ephemera that you just kinda hang onto. Everybody's got their little hobbies collecting and things like that but i think it was just something that has the joe line and everything right down to the box art was also compelling. It wasn't just a picture of here's a box and here's a picture of a toy and it's like no. It's you know there's there's dramatic artwork and explosions and everything racing battler adler whatever yeah you know it's snake is crushed and pointing and stuff like this sorts of stuff like that yeah so so kevin holding up. Some of his twenty fifth action series snake eyes major blood. You're just really good looking like i don. I noticed that the snake is one the g._i. Joe has a kind of silver gloss finish on it and the <hes> <hes> the <hes> blood one does not but they're beautiful looking reissues his yes. They're very high sets. I force myself commander package it. I want him but part of me. I got in. It's very nice at work on my computer. I've got a little statue of spiderman. I've gotta batman thing and i've got the snake eyes and cobra trooper huber the little sean you mentioned you know the even the original figures back back then and even now we're really really well put together not so much the first line original one the before they <hes> went into the swivel arm line but once they went to swivel arm. I think that really unlocked the potential of the line. I think that's where people started to <hes> <hes> they attention because this is a podcast. Nobody can see behold. I got my my vintage airborne for those who were on skype talking. We got the scott. Video clips were shown into our figures showing them off yeah. I've half a mind that figure out carrie this whole laptop odor show. I got a huge like a all the figures but i don't keep buying box. I take them out. I've got i think every figure from that twenty fifth anniversary line but they're all they're all on the goals bandies and i guy who takes them out. I wanna take take my now. Living in like conviction exclusives that i haven't taken out so are defined. I'd like to take all my now too. I think point it's just that i have a three and a half year old son once he gets into them. It's all over so why you need a big case with a lock on it. Eh we'll see what it is my older son move that we i've got a three bedroom house. My oldest son had moved out adamy moved out and later on realized is it lies low harder. He thought he was back in didn't have room so we built a little in the garage for him and then he moved out again got got a girl firm for and they moved in together so once he moved out this became manly and so i'm still working on it together but i've got a shelter shelter. We lost audio but that's a cool looking shelf meaning myself. Am i in somebody books up there mijo stuff and then my wife down at a yard sale. Yes yes go on. That's what the shelf there and so she brought it home and painted it up and stuck on my stuff on there. Be i'm working or is a framed copy of hamilton versus borough where we'll be on the wall somewhere frame. I've got my birdcage here in the line lean and in fact yeah. I got signed copy. Hamilton versus the masking stein by larry hama who all again thank you very much have yeah everybody where's the and there's the first comics wchs signed again to aaron yo joe larry hama. I love that again. Thank you very much. I've got him sitting here. Gets framed on up but yeah i've got them. All all three sitting here on the computer gets a frame that way hamas and a jared albrecht. That's what i like to see. Those are the only only comics you need to have signed framed and hung on the wall. There and i've got my <hes> joys of joe book around here signed by jim bearden have another otherness julia joe bookshelf. I got from a cooler from the canada. Facebook group got it signed by jim beard larry hama a bunch of other people that worked on the show detonators the book stuff. He has been very good book. I on that one yeah. That's a good one. I've definitely recommend. I met jim at dragon con. Last year we chatted for a while and hung out and i never picked picked up the book house or something i supposed to do. I'll catch him another con. I'm certain and then sit behind the bookshelf. Shelve mcgraff trade paperbacks on it's got three g._i. Joe craig paperbacks. I've got the special i special missions and i've recently picked up from in stock trades the jags you'll feel manual which really book you guys haven't seen it yet. It's got <unk> drawings and stuff from the t._v. Show and then i also picked up that issue twenty one the silence interlude special they had. I finally broke down balk at also. That's a good one. I love that one. It's really nice book. Finally program pick those up here not too long ago but yes. That's a man gave so working on it so yea go see about you know what your favorite parts of g._i. Joe i didn't kind of curb that already to let me ask you a question air. Yes sir being being the older one out of all of us did you ever did you ever get twelve inch joe zor no guy no strictly guy yeah you again eighty s again. Maybe because i'm a bit childish we i prefer for the three quarter the liner joe. I didn't see much of the twelve bench about by if i had the money in some i might have picked them up. I more into three and a quarter inch okay so do you guys any other thoughts ra- ah i want to ask you guys something. In some the the costume dude here <hes> one of the costumes a couple of them that i'm looking at is i. I'm thinking of doing a billy like like the one where he has the obviously is missing and you know he has his prosthetic leg is got like the catania and stuff like that but i also like <hes> firefly signage and firefly what g._i. Joe character or cobra character. Do you think i should do the ones you mentioned. I would go for billy yeah. Idolize adelaide unique yeah bill firefly's my favorite villain so i'm all for that but billy is super unique like if you've never seen anybody caused play that i've never seen it just true alec firefly but yeah no billy would be more you need the you'll see that he's a great character to i mean. This is the name of that singer. Was it satin or something like that. Yes ako suggestion what's the <hes> kind of all right to cope franz-josef at snake eyes and show we were like when they went undercover cover within those those wild costumes just those costumes darkness mini series guys. That's what's so good. They broke. They got dylan. Break dancing to great suggests billy all right. I abilities firefly but billy just so unique and there's a lot of variation. I think you can do with that luck. You can have just street guys you vary from day to day if you did the same thing every day but you give yourself a little by the clan tattoo <unk> clan tattoo on your arm as well nice. I doubt you still need to go you guys to do the core commander of the sled visor and the topic comes off shows explosives a little opening. Thanks for your for your coffee the slid by the drinking that that'd be fun so oh brad any final thoughts on the soda bravo team <hes> i think that the the the only thing i wanted to add to it <hes> which i think is what makes may g._i. Go as a toy line inexperienced special is that <hes> i guess how egalitarian it was in a way that there was a range of toys and there was a range of accessories <hes> but not everybody's parents could afford to buy them the flag or the headquarters are really the expensive place vehicles but they could probably afford to get the ram mortis cycle or the jump jet pack and they could still afford a few figures and that that was what were the fun fun of it came out of state i think when the when i really started getting into the toys and it was as a bunch of my friends were into the toys as well and we're all from different print income <hes> background so simple as quite well awesome of us didn't have as much in the way of toys but they all wheel had something. It was something we kind of all. We're meeting at someone at certain certain persons house in numbers you bring it in that he's got that and you'd be kind of bring it all sort of together the and and play at nice star wars kind of pioneered that little but i think really kind of took the reins and kind of gave you a whole variety of toys that you could it does that you could get you could play with didn't meteors dropping at that time the then princely sum of twenty dollars something like the sky striker. Whatever if the only had ten dollars you can still get things so. I think that's one of the things that made it. Kinda stand out from a lot of the other ones right transformers. Were for rich kids yeah. They never had any chance comics or twice. I think i had like three of them and they were all about second hand because my parents saw those price tags like nope yo do. Do you have any final thoughts on this episode. I'd just say i appreciate you having me on. It's fun to always go back and talk about g._i. Joe and <hes> it's it's interesting the different age range of g._i. Joe fans. I've met through the g._i._g._o. Finest <hes> costume group you know <hes> <hes> some born years after i was born that have found the love for g._i. Joe i mean people are rediscovering it every day. Now and i'm just really hoping that <hes> we get a good g._i. Joe movie out of this <hes> snake eyes movie. I'm kind of hoping it does what bumblebee has done for the transformer. Franchise is it it shows you the nostalgia that people i fell in love with and so i i hope they do justice to <hes> the snakes movie i seen bumble any wash still john hoping snake eyes comes out really good hoping hoping hoping i enjoyed the latte what was retaliation taliation enjoy that was definitely at the last moment and by the end of the embraced a little more the comeback routes i think and and went for the i know i heard when the first we can't talk about some other time but i heard when the first one came out there. Try be more realistic and they wanted to be so goofy. That's why didn't cobra commander in the helmet or the the mass but they went for the bubble. Look whatever the hell it was. Everybody calm down now everybody anyway jared. Let's move on to something pleasant any other thoughts on joan general the first time you've ever referred to be. There's something pleasant man. That's great <hes> oh compare echo echo kevin. I appreciate you putting together. Abbas on i love hearing other guys origin stories chat with you guys i look forward to come across you guys at cons and whatnot and <hes> i just like this this group of fellows at shares his passionate unless i keep reading new people along in in if i was smart i would draw people's every new people on but i enjoyed talking to. You guys like appointed government. No no no no we started with a ryan in kyle banning and they both had to drop out for family matters the day it is even harder. I ah magic insane. This is soon bracing the t._v. Show their own personal life. That's why i got pat jared and kevin brad in bringing. He'll occasionally other people in. I don't get too big with this because as you can only talk for so long for people to stop talking to people i mean twenty one with seven people on was the biggest on done so far so it was a it was a precedent. Does it's hard for me to let you guys let you guys go because i enjoy talking with all utilized iced even read his comments about thirteen but yeah that's the one dying on with. Oh very cool toy. You know what brad i. I'll say we're gonna say to get loud breath. I don't like duke so there. We all have our things we over. I like duke but i do realize they're usually duke and flint continue to fan so so maybe that's the subject of the next episode of this joe joe which which is the joe or cobra you do not like which do you like best which kobe most favored david at least favorite and why we've got our next up bro team lined up so until next time i say you can join us here <hes> so i should have huge huge jobs as a month. The main episode comes out the second week of the month or we talk about the g._i. Joe comic book and cartoon as their american hero comic songbook and then this one should come out the fourth week of the month if i do everything writes <hes> where we talk about whatever i feel like talking about. Thank you guys for joining joining me. Thanks for listening. I appreciate you is out there a deadly citizen feedback less what you think you'll me g._i._g._o. At hit speaks dot com brad. If people hear more about you and get a hold of you working they find out about why you think are suckley you're you can you can visit my official website which is w._w._w. Dot czar tan sucks dot com. My name is abraham dot com. You can find find me and you can send a message at yell at me. The wise arteta's is cool and why i'm not and i will promise to respond in a timely <hes> open fashion. I met bridge to point to your website and cannon. If people want to hear more about you and more from you can find these <hes> you can find me on twitter and instagram at spartan underscore phoenix and you can also head on over to to the phantom podcast network where we have a bunch of great podcast over there and the master feed is that f. p. net dot pod being dot com very good and finally the drawer guy. If people want to get some of your art work i love or more about you and your your podcasts and whatever you're doing in in real life you can check me out at yard. Sale artists twitter facebook and instagram. You can hit my website. Which is the yard. Sale artists dot doc big cartel dot com. If you're interested in purchasing some of my wares and of course you can find me over the long box crusade podcast network where we're doing all kinds of shows or on her majesty's secret podcast if you're into james bond and they said you find me he right here on the head cast network. I've got four shows right now. Curly may be working on fifth one. I've got my head speaks which i talked about comics t._v. Movies what i find interesting i time currently i'm finishing up my armageddon in two thousand and one crossover <hes> then you've got g._i. Joe roman head cast which you listen to you right now than we have task force x right talk about the suicide squad and the checkmate make comics from the late eighties early nineties and then the fourth week of the month. I've got my starman manhunter. Show will payton starman in the mark shaw manner by the time this comes out the manhunter episode done talking about madhur reach the twenty four th at issue that one natural through that from seekonk all star man talked about some of the demand enter books. I'm not quite sure where i'm going to and also the fourth week besides the starman manner show. I'm releasing deep bravo team the star second episode <hes> again where we talk about anything that lies outside of the american real market hero continuity or the cartoon <hes> from the eighties. It could be anything we talk about. Whatever i come up beds. I could be something like either. The comics movies other tv shows or or just like this time just random thoughts about john general <hes> and again like i say definitely rate us over on apple podcast stitcher where we get your your podcast rating rating <hes> if you're outside the united states sent me a message. Let me know because after do those filtered separately because apple podcasts does nothing doing but it definitely is feedback. I mean how we're doing appreciation for people in fact i've quit funny story. <hes> i've talked about before the the <hes> darren over on the gio canada collectors page. He said he wanted that their g._i. Joe shirts and has warned that yesterday and i went to the store last night. I still had it on <hes> and this kid in line. He looked like he's probably in his early twenty s. He's like a collective. What's that cycle about canada page and i told me alvin when the guys in the g._i. Joe podcast i owe him. My dad had a bunch g._i. Joes he will let me tell you what he's got him on the pack as you want to be touched. I didn't mess him up. Check it out. It's very very interesting. The people you meet out there that you know you don't realize our joe fans so i i love hearing from joke fans. If you're listening this right and let us know your origin story. I'll read on the air. I love hearing how people found g._i. Joe as we said i'm doing doing a podcast on so i must love g._i. Joe so let's what you guys think. I guess i'll do it this time until next month. This this is bravo team dismissed. Thank you for listening to bravo team supplementary g._i. Joe a real american head cash-out be sure check out our main show e second tuesday of the month g._i. Joe a real american head cast why talk about the g._i. Joe orrell american hero mcconnell book series right by larry hama and the g._i. Joe cartoon from the eighties be sure to like us on facebook. Check out our facebook page just search for g._i. Joe earl american head cast under both facebook and over on twitter world so wrong google plus and be sure to rate us and to leave review on apple podcasts stitcher or get your podcast from and be sure to write. They didn't let us now we're doing. We love hearing from fans. You can write to us at bravo team at head speaks dot com. 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