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Study shows humans are racist, against robots!


Yeah Hello Hello and welcome to T- TASSE and I'm Elliot and this is Tesla argue. I like to start off the show. If I can talk about complaining about why if you live in the Columbus area and you like Panda Express uh-huh never go to the Panda Express on broad street east broad street has it people I mean it doesn't matter. I have a platform platform. I'm using my all eightyish people of you that listen within a month span the Panda Express S. on east broad is a dumpster fire. They had twenty people working in that Panda Express and zero food is so true don't understand this guy comes up. A whole thirty guy comes up with all hoping noodles and a van full of noodles Yeah Uh. I wanted fried rice bro. Oh my God terrible anyway. That's not what we do on this show. That's not true. I complain a lot. I go off the rails pretty quickly not really literally shit on cops for like eight minutes last time anyway we hear Tesla argue. We find interesting news stories crazy news stories. We are news stories. Triggering news stories insure them. Would you like to go first. What fantastic. Shin did you write your own video game Fan Fiction Yeah Golden Sun. I loved that game yeah transaction about any smutty fan fiction know now know now. Do you know smut smut fan fiction. No no no no. I read a lot of Harry Potter Fan Fiction. I didn't write any Harry Potter Fan Fiction contradiction but I'm also lake. You're a bigger bigger Harry Potter Fan than I am. I like the books once maybe twice in some instances but why where are you getting Dan. I don't even know how I came across this article but I was like Oh. I have to fifty shades of green. How fan fiction went from a dirty little secret to money-making machine do that ladies made a bullet. Gifford her yeah I mean twilight is awful and then when you instill who loves that Shit though I read it I read them. You wouldn't entity tiffany shades of gray once for box and you refuse to watch the other two with me. Don't actually you haven't you've refused fused other boring okay they are. They're bogere boring. Okay they are they're so Mari sure postal worker. Cook Steak on truck dashboard to showcase inhumane working conditions during extreme heat fully cooked less than four hours. That's not good bad. They need yeah net crazy. That's office. Ah No air conditioning in some of those you know when you see a mail truck if the old school boxcar trucks what was the last year. Do you think they made. Hey those nineteen. Ninety-seven what if you see the old school square mail truck the newest version of that is from nineteen ninety seven. That's how old is our neck raising twenty years old shit crazy. That's insane when you see one. That's how old it is. At least that's the last year they made those holy. Shit Yeah. That's too bad. It's depressing a government job. I know right anyway anyway. I just don't even have pictures of like timing. It did not take as long as he thought steak stakes ruin now why it's slow cooked a well-done steak slow cooked grass while well done yeah well then welcome parents like Eh for the early pink I send it back. I only think savage hard core. I want them to bring in cow into the the restaurant and let me by all I know you do now. You're a little you always should order blew up. They let you anymore. I'll really I don't don't grandmother loved blue-state staff scramble the nicest way I miss her. I do this all funny is you're laughing on still life when we were in semi birth. DOPP my brother one this year I send it every time without doubt except for this time I and the time before Owen Porter my brother I get one. I love her I really do I absolutely love her but don't bullshit a bullshitter Edna. I know one of my cousins is going to show her this. I love your grandmother. Grandma Grandmother Grandmother go out to death absolutely my favorite grandmother left. Stop Me. This is Rita Story. I'm just GONNA keep girl changes. MOMS work email to poop your pants. Mom doesn't notice for two weeks. How do you not notice how much like forwarded the address to the poopie pants address. Yeah I 'cause people clients started being he liked. Hey I guess they would get like emails from pooper pants yeah so kind of a library a bad yeah yeah. It was a little kid little kid. I seven now all NAFTA spell. Poop your pants nice now. It's taken by Poop your pants podcast ideas that have different evening. DAMMIT MIAMI marlins baseball team Miami marlins apologized for blaming aiming rival raise for death of Steve Irwin. The thing I love now is that twitter twitter like you know like Wendy's twitter beast mode man. I love when these twitter but all of them are like that but now they're all like yeah. They're all fucking like you know. The raise killed Steve Irwin. You know proved improve. Morale rated kill seaver. Iran did Kelsey Ron Recipes seamer. recipes raise baseball team. They are shit all right yeah. They're not doing good here. I believe doctors removed toothbrush for man's intestines and that he swallowed twenty years ago. Damn how you forget you solitude. How did you forget you did that. How do you forget like I'll just give back to that running late for work like after three days Gosh it. How does that make you feel constipated her house not Super Academy. We could just laid right. They had to of even like in writing in a car or something bumpier. It was crazy. No show Gra literally not plastic doesn't biodegrade in the body either by the way that's crazy. How did he small toothbrush. That's what I just. That's the first line of thought I just said. I thought you said that how you forget how you how'd you fucking small toothbrush. Yeah had no gag reflex. You know that it's good to give them. Bj All my young shut up what state you hate the most yes. There's only one right answer. No try again Michigan. Yes fuck you failed on a Shitty Ohio Ohio Fan Alabama Alabama literacy no Alabama everything about all my gun. Michigan uses blow torch to kill weeds sets trailer Park Park on fire fucking of course she had Michigan Literally bioenergy changeable with Alabama. It's not it's Michigan. The hell hole of the United States Auburn Alabama state needs to burn to Michigan doesn't matter if you are delete this podcast adult want you listen. If you are you you can go fuck yourself like you Michigan. Oh my God I mean games you guys one against the highest recently fucking the head coach fucking creeper that guy politic he's from New England. We also bill belichick forget. Steve Hardwick team hardwick. You think he'd Chris hardly gone off the rails. fucking nine minutes seem now ray. St That was not as much as you thought I was talking about football man this year hard knocks is following the Oakland raiders ashes. Is it football documentary. in the fucking raiders are a dumpster fire man the I the only one episode out but they just US look fucking terrible. I mean they always are but like they pay Jon Gruden last year Pota- money yeah and then this year they they ah Antonio Brown he. He's the guy who played for the steelers but didn't play last year because he's like. I want more money yeah yeah. He's already bitching about stuff. It's so it's so entertaining to watch yeah. I was like man. How are they going to top the browns because the bras were actually injured really interesting. They had a a really interesting year that last year Baker and all that kind of stuff you don't know but like when they won more than they've won before yeah not saying much they not win at all before but like you're just like. Oh that was it was interesting to watch but man the raiders there there the trash of the NFL like they're just laying off the browns. No the I feel the browns have some class but the raiders are just like they don't hate Emmett Smith Division outdoor about them. They're just like garbage garbage organization so it's fun to watch because they are a dumpster fire nap. Jon Progressive Chess has no it do legit serial killer. Probably Oh if you watch he just it's weird dead on the the hill will help search like cost to try to be like auto. Give a fuck what you as you wish we're focusing on. This and you're like you can tell he's not used to doing talking like that yeah so you're like this is not intimidating. This is the exact opposite affect that you were hoping for to have like I feel like we're going to go back into the locker room and laugh at you not with you yeah but directly at your face and you're the coach. It's it's amusing pants yet. Yeah you're just like you're not intimidating and your haircut. You Look fucking ridiculous. It's like a bowl cut kind of deal. He just fucking this. Maybe the highest paid coach or one off. He's just looks like garbage anyway. It's fun. It's been football Elliott. Every woman found with Meth in Vagina says it isn't hers okay now. Here's my two stories. Louisiana woman denies ownership of methamphetamine discovered inside a plastic baggie lodge in her vagina that that story number one yeah. Do you know what story number two is. No EHO woman had six thousand two hundred and thirty three dollars in stolen cash hidden hidden in her body cavity. Police say here's the quote from that story. It's the same woman by the way according to the West Monroe Police Department officials Rolin had a large role of cash which was secured by a rubber band is sealed inside your vagina at the center of the Wad was the bag of meth the arresting officer told TSE she that currency included six to one hundred dollar bills with the remaining thirty three made up of tens fives in singles also the most money ever in a vagina like ever recovered from that tabby ever. Oh my God so you got half the story. I got the book yeah. That's even that wasn't a good part. The good part is how much fucking money she had wrapped around the met crazy. That's insane yeah. I saw that you say that meth had been loose in her vagina. She would have died. I'd probably instantly. I mean crazy. Are you another story because I read my one. Fiore's people are now decorating. Christmas tree is for Halloween. Oh Mary Treatments. I don't like that at all. How do you feel about that. I don't have enough toned decorations adult. Don't I mean we don't have if we wouldn't have like we had. We had a house big house or whatever learn thing. Yeah needy child seven years old has five hundred twenty six teeth removed from his mouth. I read that story we it was basically a gross slash tumor in his mouse. That was full of teeth yeah. He was like complaining about like his mouth hurting his parents like no. You're fine yeah. No you had a growth of five hundred twenty six teeth. some of our tiny yeah like arguably teeth but right now the counter. Steve Crazy creeps me out of parkhead yeah. He's trying to become Spiderman and you you just do the wrong now. Oh how you doing buddy woman finds garden snake under her covers ever Hampton Inn hotel led to that no you the only reason she found it was because she got into bed touch laying in bed lizard against her leg. All that is a nightmare fuel that is literally the thing is Nice Huby Huby staying in the Hampton Inn or she'll be saying the Hampton Inn for free the rest of her. I was GONNA say that's fuck and and why why would you not GonNa Holiday Fan Breakfast Hampton holidays in probably now. We all know that you're racist which raised you hate the most. She had to pick one the human race that plays right into my story. You don't hate robots. I don't hate robots. Robot racism. Yes says studies showing humans biases towards robots robots and racism a study conducted by the Human Interface Technology Laboratory in New Zealand suggests people perceive physically human like robots to have a race and therefore play racial stereotypes to white and black robots. These colors have been found to trigger social cues that determine how humans react to behave toward other other other people as well apparently robots. I if it's a black robot you're more racist towards white robot study shows so they're making white so that you're less racist towards them. My brain is exploding well. I I don't see I obviously don't see color. Jesus robots have human-like features. What robot in your day to day life has been featured as a day to day life just in general. I I don't get that's why when I have a flashlight. It's clear. Oh my God Elliot. It's like can't see what Keller my Haiti. I know hey a U I do. Why do you hate black robots. I don't hate black robots my God it's GonNa Funny. That's weird. I know it's really weird. It is kind of weird but there was correlation of who they would spend money on studying that that's not clearly the business important to us. We need to know it's not cancer robot enquiring mind who so silly that's the whole reason we have daylight. Savings time is so that guy could watch birds. Yeah Fuck you had this. It's like like the guy was like I'm going to watch. My warblers shot up a so. They go robot racism. I am ready for a robot overlords. You buy yeah I the Matrix. I'm cool with that. Let the Matrix happen cursing the matrix. The Fuck is wrong with you that that would be gump film soliloquy movie for You. J. Matrix would be what if only they would record more missing. Bring it back back in two weeks to do on Wednesday morning are you. You'll harder as the jerk off and drive to work in my guy that Sean Hine hard sites. I certainly in the mornings. There's lot try shut up. This waffle house. Inspired wedding cake is what dreams are made of. It sounds like it waffle. Whole thing is a waffle or waffle house waffle house themed. Awful House say miniature waffle house but Kate yes ma'am one who was is a miniature while the house of Waffles fucking love all of it right the first time who Lonzo ball falls are really good. Yeah they are butter. I don't know if I would like a whipped topping buttery flavor topping the diabetes and a Plastic Cup. We get we get these big things of like butter for it's not butter. It's it's. Oh it's called whipped topping that Shit Margarine Marjorie so it's so bad for you. Oh Yeah I have no heart mapping about that. What is fucking wet bad. I have to Variet- out of the thing and we put it in a ball and we melt it and we just slathered on the cosby father fathered on this like we get the cinema Brad for the kids and so we put the butter on the web stopping excuse me so it's fucking pry that shit out and got it all over my hands to all over the counter to fucking mess so terrible yep yeah. What do you like to use guns for other than shooting unarmed black people. My God Elliott known fact known fact about you. I know in fact about me yeah. Everyone knows now. You're racist. I'm not ray says that's what racists would so anyway. What do you like to use your gun for other than shooting people who aided walking into someone else's apartment shooting them. I thought it was white part of it out or shooting a woman when I tried to shoot a dog running free. How birthday cake man uses gun to cut birthday cake by shooting it? I mean that's they should do gender real good as I was like. Give the cake a gun to defend itself. Virginia reveals pretty good to kick needs to defend itself breeze please. That's not funny. That's it's backed up. That is fucked up. No way you look at where you look at it but now that was like. Did you see I'm sure you didn't but they had the picture of that one of the gunman the one that got caught in the last weekend but he's like these like super calm Tom in lake. He's just standing there in handcuffs. It's no big deal like that. Guy Versus like I- cigarettes loose cigarettes like like what the fuck what kind of world we live in that thing. I was GONNA say that that was the same with church shooting. Yeah I know I all the guns and melt them. Make them once you got. I'm fine with that. The chances of me getting shy begun super well. I'm white. I had my I chance against. You know I've done wrong. That's the worst part is like that's not a wrong. That's talking anyway. Man shoots gun to cut birthday cake and revealed gender thinking. I've been sitting on this since literally twenty minutes after we recorded last week so okay so I've been sitting on this week for a week and I'm so excited about it that we might have to go. Watch your parents gone. Zombie tidal wave official trailer drops. Oh Shit. Is it a SCIFI SCIFI channel Yeah. That's kind of interesting there on this boat. Oh zombies in the waters. The other big thing happened like this earthquake happens underwater right should instead of causing well it does cost us but causes zombies does not come up from the whole big cracker whenever opens and like these Zombie just come out and so all these these two guys out this boat in the water new like Oh Jesus. What are we going to do is Avi. Well you can do about all this. That's hilarious. Yes yeah and then they're like. They're trying to do that thing that they always try to do. In tidal wave movies where the boat goes up the wave zombies Zombie you. When does it premiered you know no. I think it's it's like soon temporary. I think I see us. I was like all terrible. I'm all but there's this huge wave of zombies coming to the ocean coming on the ocean. That's great. That's not a wave. Do I do anything that makes. It looks like I'm gay. Oh my God what he on that again I do I do you know minner avoiding reusable shopping bag so they don't look gay. Does that make men look. Apparently it makes them look. I didn't necessarily think that reusable shopping bags of shopping bags indicator ginger does a shopping bag have. Do you think what what gender does a shopping bag head. What do you mean my genders shopping jittered. Take a shopping bag identifies as it's a bag while you were not woke. Am I supposed to be yes. Wow like it's happening does a reasonable bag of a different gender that a non-reusable don't even believe that back ginger silently ravenous facts. Don't have souls. WHOA I can say that because I don't have a saul you a bag. I'm ginger ginger bags. No gingers are soloist the monsters tiny little leprechauns. All right shall be killed at once so yeah all right. You got another one. That was my last one. How many did you have. I have like three more. I have two more nine. That's okay why minor I should have confidence than sorry. Are we need to replace the Florida man segment with what things that women's. Shove Vagina. How how we do another one now doctors now have to warn women not to stick. What do you think it is. BIRDS WASP OSPREY NESTS in their lady parts who is doing that women. What kind of man why didn't you read it I did but they're just like. It's like who's doing it. Women not me what why didn't read the whole story because I had so many good stories is this week. Oh my God. There should just be a segment on our so. What did women putting their Regina this yeah no. Shit Buchan Wasp nests are do you know who Rick Wiles is now. I didn't know either you probably do though he's one of those televangelists. Oh Yeah Pack Yeah Right. Is He. The why I don't know I don't I didn't watch the video so that's how we sound why why God make homosexuals. Here's his what his new kick is. Rick wiles thinks that meatless food can alter Human Indiana in order to cause human beings to no longer be technically classified as humans which would make it impossible for them to be saved by. Christ didn't share a similar story of this. If you eat a meatless burger yeah you can go in and go to heaven it alters your DNA. I must be fucking fifty percent hop pocket at this point in my life like Daikin. I not get into heaven ate. A lot of fucking could hot pockets rick. Yes that is what is keeping you out of Heaven Elliott also he. I think is one of those like meteors coming guys who is like really big on the like meters. Here's coming meteors. Come and confess your sins. Oh yeah where's that fucking media rick. Yeah wasn't that much chicken shit to kill myself rick. I need this community this meter to show up. was he the one that was like made twenty six six yeah it didn't happen. He was like I meant like October yeah. I think that's all like okay right but we also the guy who was like hey. I need a private plane for you to fund me this private plane because I cannot pray to God in coach various like he's like. I need my own plane so that I can focus on oh Jesus thing for me. Girls on the fifth day God created the Remington Bull Action by the dinosaurs answers homosexuals so they go who will do it for us this week hope you enjoyed our podcasts if he did. He'd give us a five star rating on itunes fantastic if you give us a four star rating. Can you just apply to we all know like some of us are carrying our weight and some of us only had nine stories this week my guy that's fine counting. Isn't your thing you said earlier I did all or if you tell a friend about the podcasts more or listeners I need more than like eighty-three average listeners to rant about my hatred of the Oakland Raiders or Bill Belichick or Michigan win or tell my wife sobbing races. I'm not racist man. You're really trying to sell it. Aren't you all right. My Fly got the Florida. What a story this week when it comes to us from Scott the stories from night or no it's not from nineteen. It's from eighteen ninety. Oh is actually be one of those like we should do. A whole episode sewed on it kind of thing yeah. Florida man terrorizes town forcing federal government to step in it was a pretty buckwald story was it. Maybe we'll do that one. Yeah that'd be like one of our bonus episodes all right. I'll do it for assist week. Thanks for listening for me. You could save by by well really fucking just twenty two.

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