Behind the Scenes: Episode 4 (Preview)


I was also thinking at a time where for your question was but marcus was giving his answer and you barely talked at all and we thought is your internet connection booze actually so you had eaten a big burrito leafy. They warn you guys ahead of time i think i did you did words you. Were going to be sleepy but how much credence is going to give all going to be sleepy. It's like yeah fine. Whatever but you're still doing a podcast. No i cooking i need to i need to like like the fed myself a little bit here. That was a day where like like i was supposedly working like four thirty and i hadn't actually get out until like six forty five or parade on my way home and then like eight it and about six minutes when i got home and then immediately try to record a podcast and it it was a bit burrito. Did you actually fall asleep at all. No i hadn't actually fall asleep but i was definitely like there. Were definitely stretches where normally i try to keep pretty good. You know okay straight up and down posture and yeah not particularly because my chair is squeaky. I try not to lean back as i were recording but like they're definitely times during that recording where i had just like slumped forward and my head like propped up on my my hand not i was like one step behind just like having my head down on the desk. It was pretty bad.

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