Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)


All right here we go my. Name's Todd Mrs Gabby. We'll come back to another up soda. Pop culturing hiring where we talk about pop culture right while we talk about movies we talk about TV shows and today we were talking about one of your your favorite movies of all time because Thanksgiving all own. Why am I planning to Sweetie? Because it's the mess around. It is the best round but in what part of the movies song play when they're driving down the hall the highway and Neal Sleeping is he is and Dell is not always new. Gm Out too little Charles. Dell's trying to get his coat off. Well this is before. He's trying to get us. Coast a little warm in that car. Didn't it well. He threw cigarette out the window. It's a great song and I don't really know a whole lot of Ray Charles. They hold hold them in. High regard is one of the probably a better singer songwriter. Piano people of all time. But it's not like I bought a bunch of Ray Charles CDs that you've always loved that Song just because has the movie right right but anyways so this is a movie that's very near and dear to my heart. I celebrate this movie with two friends of mine that we kind of text each each other. The weeks previous to Thanksgiving because it's a Thanksgiving movie. You text each other before Thanksgiving. I think like what we do is like two weeks before I send send each other youtube clips or Trivia about the movie to get ready to get ready because we always watch it in our own houses But we always kind of each other in mind so shout out to Chris Hansen and Charlie download. Those are the two guys that I think like this movie. The most I mean I think my friend Chris said not only is it like the best comedy of all time and this may be overstating but he's like it's truly the best movie ever okay. Well and I. I don't know if I'd go that far. I like empire strikes back like a bunch of other kind of powerhouse movies but this is in the I watch it every year. I watched this this movie more often than I watched probably any other movie. I think possibly leak because it's become a like a tradition in our our house will. Actually we watch while we're in Seattle with your brother and we always watch it on Thanksgiving so now our girls watch it every year. So yeah I mean it's it's definitely definitely made its way into our lives. It's not just a Do can you name any other Thanksgiving moving while the girls watch home alone every year till Oh is that do they go. That's a that's more of a Christmas movie Christmas but I mean definitely like Halloween on Halloween. You Watch I watched the shining or something like that around Halloween. You know I was telling the girls the other day. The tradition that I had growing up was at spring break on spring break. We would always go see my aunt and Florida and that's when they would play. The wizard of Oz was around Easter. So I had a tradition of watching the wizard of Oz at Easter are and only because we were at the mercy of the television. Because we didn't have it on. DVD and Vhs so you had to watch it whenever they replayed it. So I always had a tradition with that And you know Elf. Yeah we have about Christmas movies. I love all critical on thirty Fourth Street. Yeah there's a billion Christmas movies Thanksgiving civic leaders like home for the holidays I think that's jody foster movie or maybe it's not maybe beyond client the wrong thing. It was I remember. It's a Thanksgiving movie because Jodi foster was the director Robert Downey junior was in it and he was like hydro whole entire time. WHO's on substance? Yeah and she knew it they were really good friends and it was. It's just that whole story tough. Shoot ah well you know. I think Robert Downey junior and again. He's so been he's been in recovery for a really long time and has done amazing job. You remember all that stuff with Robert Downey Junior. Oh Yeah and then. He found the love of his life and he did and it was her birth. How random that I know this but it was her birthday because I just saw him post something to her on twitter so anyway so to have getting back to PTA? And that's what I call it for abbreviation perspective. Active okay I just think it's a movie that fits. The comedy is second to none but it also has has a lot of endearing moments in this relationship between these two strangers. They come together in an effort to get home for Thanksgiving They're Thanksgiving dinner. And and I guess I'm just going to jump around as I always do on this show and I kind of wish I could rewatch it. So spoiler alert Doug Griffiths wife Marie. He is dead the whole movie. You know that speaks spoiler in case someone hasn't seen it honey. Yes that's why spoiler alert. Okay did you give enough time though I give a second right and it came out in one thousand nine hundred seven so if you haven't seen a fight now so sure that you deserve to get more than a second. I wish I could go back in time and see at what point. I figured out that Jack Del Griffith play John Candy. His wife was not there because I think I was pretty oblivious but they do drop a bunch of hints. They do but not in like a sixth seventh six cents way where you go back and go. Wow they were so obvious like He. He drops a few hands. But you can also look at those things. And they're very normal. Yeah like a few hits. It's is. He carries that picture of her. We'll here's the pitcher but you could carry a pitcher if you're dead or alive. He doesn't have a suitcase. He has a tr- footlocker Walker. Yes he has like a toy that's he doesn't have a home that's what he says at the end. The movies like I don't have a home so that's I haven't been home in years. He says that's one obvious hint. But on that footlocker he has like. There's a bunch of Lake Stabs if you just travels around with this so okay so let's get deep for a second. So Dow Gel doesn't have anywhere that he calls home. I don't think he does a great question. Like I can't say with having apartment or something somewhere I think think I think and this is why the movie great. I think that he is still grieving. His wife hit the loss of his wife and he doesn't want to have home hall without her without her. So it's been eight years so in eight years he's lived in hotel rooms and just been when he's a very social guy so it seems like he has friends everywhere. Yeah and when neo page enters his life he's like sweet a new friend right and how it starts art but I am reminded me a little bit of up in the air. George Clooney's movie even though he does have an apartment but there's nobody in it rate exact. He's a salesman and he's like travelled more than anybody's Mr Miles so that was one hint when he says I've been home in years. That's another another hint. When they get stuck in Wichita he says You called home. I called the brain would in right and if he is as if he is in love with his wife. As you would think the first call you make home. Yeah instead. He calls the hotel right so really subtle and nuanced. Well I guess why doesn't he want why doesn't he feel the pressure to get home to his wife. The way that Neil feels the pressure to get home to his wife right and I think Dell is trying to to pretend that he really wants to go somewhere but he's just enjoying this whereas Neil is You know they show clips of his kids. Well that's the other thing like in the whole movie. Maybe they go. They show clips of his kids at the House. But that's because neal is the protagonist to the movie right so it's like you don't you don't you think about the fact that WHO's ever point of view you're supposed to be following and we know that from the beginning because the opening scene is Neil. Hey funny business meeting reading where he's running late with fair spillers dad. Yes but he knows that he's the one you're supposed to be following so after There at the beginning of the first hotel after Doug Griffeth takes all of the towels and he's drinking beer and he smoke in and he's like making all all those horrific noises with his mouth declare sinuses or he'll snore. Finally Neil Flip Lid. He does and this. This is just a quick clip for them to discriminate. You choose things that are that are funny. Or were mildly amusing or interesting. You're a miracle your stories have none of that. They're not even amusing accidentally. Honey del Griffith. He's got some amusing anecdotes. FAURIA AUREA orders. A Gun Zeke and blow your brains out. You'll thank me for it. I tolerate any any insurance. Seminar are for days I could sit there and listen to them. Go on and on the big smile on my face. Let's say how can you stand it. I'd say because I've been with Dell Griffeth breath I can take anything so he goes on. That's just the beginning of his soapbox just tearing Delta Shreds seen so mean gene. But don't you think everybody identifies with Neal. Well scousers bells out there in the world. Okay so first of all we need to back up in a lot of ways because we need to back up this is why yes. I completely identify with Neil and I probably would have lost my mind before that moment. I would have never been and so mean to a person. I don't I hope not. Maybe we sometimes we lose our minds but but I also want to say that I. I don't know how to say this like the first like thirty minutes of this movie. Maybe I our this movie I find it hard to watch because it's uncomfortable liberally uncomfortable but I. It's so interesting because I watch it with you and I watch it with other people and you tell me about how much people love it but all these horrible things are happening like. I'm not getting enjoy watching what you think it's funny. Well I mean now I do because now I know exactly but let me just say that the for and against people who I love this movie. You're like oh it's so bad I'm not saying I dislike it. I'm saying it's not like an easy calm. Watch for me. It's kind of like an uncomfortable. I know it's worth it. You know you and I have talked on pop culturing a lot about movies that earned their ending like a Shawshank redemption and Dhingra. PTA has one of those you were you go through it with them and you. The ending feels earned. So I get that and it's part of our our family but I don't enjoy the first. I forty five minutes to this movie. I'm like really. This isn't the first forty five kissed by air. Why are you holding? My hand between two pillows are pillows. Oh boy okay so John Us. That's one of the more brilliant moments in cinema history. Okay so sets thrills like such an exaggeration. Maybe it's because I'm so used to that scene because that's the scene that every that scene and then the car the car rentals because we say a part of our vernacular like things people say. Is those czar pillows like those we. This is something you and I have grown up with and you know like that's such John Hughes Music Music. Yes it's like that makes that sound. He totally used to that in sixteen candles like where things are. Just huge. They like. It's it's bigger than the the sound effects to yeah to. Yeah that's exactly right. I think that that's just hilarious. Comedy I know and you you know it is. I'm not saying it's not funny. It's just you just said it's one of the ball. Swear to Dell have his hands sweetie between his his but between his right to billows probably just somewhere hiked up pretty close to his crotch right. So am I wrong. No no no no. It's just I've never really asked just anybody that question. I think we're supposed to two pillows or the two sides of your but right. He did have his butt crack or his legs. I think that's my question is it. Oh his legs or is it in his book because because how do you put your hand in someone bud crack right. There's there's not enough. There's not enough flesh rush but it's got to be like the thighs of his legs. You know what I think you're right I think you're right and I think this is what we do the podcast we could figure out these important things here was dolls Dell's hand and we'll never know it's just written but todd and I always enjoy the scene where they I walk into that hotel room because because they realized there's one bed and they have to like talk about like football and then because they're so they're so what is it emasculated by the fact that they may have to to like share a bed and then after that moment when they literally have to shake it off to the bears game last week Games first team shirt. Oh yeah so they have to like talk about Manley things to you know something I love enlists say this for over offer John Hughes movies everything is in Chicago and I freaking love it. I think growing up with that I never realized how great that is like that all these movies that we love Breakfast Club sixteen candles Ferris Bueller planes trains and automobiles. I think. Even she's having a baby we're based in Chicago Kogyo. I don't think John Hughes did a non Chicago type movie. What about vacation? Yup they lived in Chicago. Yeah they started in Chicago and he wrote them but I don't think he directed. Oh by Harold Ramos believe could be wrong are is the same is similar to the car in planes trains automobiles trucks ter- sure was. Yeah so Dell's car at the end similar to that rental car that they did. Yeah so yeah so I ah so fast forward to the ending. Don't want to talk about the ending because it's interesting to me Well before you go there because there's like ten things first of all that Kevin Bacon in this movie which I love Kevin Bacon because and again he was a John Hughes guy because he was then. She's having a baby which is one of my favorite movies. It's an underrated film. Did horrible at the box office but see I would love to do. She's having a baby for pop culturing because because it's really deep in the weeds. The other podcasts at Todd Naidoo Parenting Radio and talk about a deep awareness about what's most important and with your family so I love that movie but Kevin Bacon pops up and it was just fun to see him I I watch it every year but like he's so young and attractive and he's he doesn't even say a a word and I love how Kevin Bacon does that he shows up in movies like you know a few good men or like he just he just. He's just in a small role but animal house was before footloose. Yeah animals. Like nineteen seventy eight right and I'm talking about like after he was read McCormack. You're saying after he was somebody import. Yeah those shows up as these kind of weird random role. I think you said he was in this movie. Jennifer Aniston called pitch perfect and he was like Oh side character like he just says like sure. I'll take the role I I just love him for. That resent any he cured lost all their money. I know Bernie madoff already made off. I know but in doing that. They probably accumulated millions and millions of dollars. Oh God I can't even imagine what do you have. So let's talk about. Oh Oh just that scene with Kevin Bacon. The thing I was going to say was so what's happening in that moment. This is the first ten minutes of the movie. But you know it's kind of a funny opening scene and and you know Steve Martin really wants to get to the airport because he wants to get home and he goes. He's in New York and he goes outside to hail a cab and I was like man the days before uber and left like you were at the mercy and it was like what five o'clock in New York in Manhattan. Actually this is part of my part of another section of this podcast. But when he when Steve Martin it looks at his watch while he's sitting there 'cause they show his plane ticket flight leaves at six arrive in Chicago at six forty five. Because you gain our going from east to central right so at four forty five he has to make a six PM flay correct. And I actually did Google maps last night. How long does it take eighteen miles from downtown Manhattan to JFK? Or what about rush hour so when I did it last night which was after rush hour thirty four minutes. I'm guessing it's an hour. So there's he the the likelihood of him making that even if you were walk out and get a cab immediately like he really was. But here's the thing this was before nine eleven because show up for flights five minutes before this the League go through. Yeah do you remember just showing up in like people who brought you to the airport would walk you to the way to the gate. Yeah driver's license no no it. It was just and then when you'd get off the plane I remember again going back to like travelling as a kid getting off the plane and my aunt would be right there. They'd be waiting at the gate for you so it's different time But still and he did make it didn't he. He made it at like five fifty eight and for it to be delayed. Okay so are you going to talk about his wife. I didn't plan on it. But let's okay because this is the part that drives me crazy. Okay what's her name. The I mean we can know the actress too but I don't know I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember well. He doesn't refer to her by name a lot. He just calls her his wife and because she has a role because we see her face. We don't okay anyway. I laugh at the scene. Do you don't have the scene. You got it okay so play it so I don't have to explain it before I play it that music that John want play throughout. But it's really effective so anyways Oh Hi how are you. I'm in Wichita. We couldn't land in Chicago. I don't understand what to do with the snowstorm and Chicago. What's going on? Now what's going on okay. So let's talk about that. How do not understand how Wichita relating to give her breakout just woke up from the dead? Sleep okay yeah but if there's a snowstorm in Chicago if you travel all the time okay so if you were to call me and say. I'm in Wichita because of the snowstorm in Chicago. That wouldn't not compute for me. Hey be what's going on Neil as if like there's some are you cheating on me or something it's like this accusatory tone that she uses it is as if there's like Saab conspiring now the thing we don't know like it may be and we kept. I kept saying to todd. I I wonder what direction she was given by Hughes like. What did he tell her to feel in those moments like as an actress? Because is there something in the script. We didn't know like you said a lot of scenes were cut from that movie. So was it that he lied to her and said he'd be home by a certain time. Does he have a history of not following through. Do they have some kind of marital problems. We're unaware aware of. But she's so accusatory of something to me. That seems so normal. Has This weird vibe throughout the movie with you okay. So that's wife okay. What else ago? Let's see wife. Oh this is really not a big deal but it made me laugh from can suggest perspective is what we're always talking about is when they're in the airport and Del says to kneel you called home I called the meal is trying to call a hotels and I do remember everybody Gen xers. How at the hotel there airport? I am sorry honey yes. At the airport there would be a bunch of phones and around the phone would be a picture of a hotel or like holiday and all you had to do is pick up that phone rigging and it would call the Holiday Inn and so everything like you had to stand in line and wait for these funds and it's funny because you know what you said. After I said that last night you go are those. Aren't those still Bill Bayer. I still feel like they might be there but maybe not maybe i. Maybe you're at the old school but I still think they have some of those. We have cell phone on so I know in the fact you google nearest hotel could do it. Yeah I don't know I don't know and that's the thing is does your mind think they're there because you grew up with them. Yes so so I guess the rest of the stuff can come later. 'cause we gotta talk about the guy in his mice Oh yes you can't play it. His the upon rewatching it last night we picked up on a few things and while they're sitting at one of the train stations or bus stations. They're sitting at a bus station. Dan and Steve Martin in the middle so it goes down and then meal and then this random guy sitting right next to him. He's got a box on his lap with a hole that you you can see. There is to mice playing on his lap and you can see that they have climbed out of the box. There's climate around and again you would never see that on first viewing maybe not on twelfth viewing doing but why what is that supposed to give us an indicator of their kind of no-man's everything is going wrong and of course there's a guy sitting next to them with mice just walking around Tamie lap. All right so I WANNA play. This part wants to sing A to. Who's got I saw? I got one guy. One free coins in a found each one seeking there's thinking happiness grown by three hopefully flintstones made up in stone. So what's great about that. Is you think like Neil is the one who's got all of his stuff on the pulse of society and the Neal is kind of the buffoon in that moment and Dell comes and saves the day right and it just doesn't happen very often in this movie. I like it when he's like you know this this. Yeah this and you kind of hear one person class and he's like Oh okay thrown by three hopeful lovers. He's just used to all the time I got to bring that back uh-huh so yet so basically Dell is in his element on that bus. Yeah because he's with his people he's with people. Yeah and they're all sorry the but they know the songs wrongs they know the flintstones because Neil okay it's a great character development moment because like you said we say he's the buffoon or we could say he's he's so removed like even maybe from his wife even maybe from what's most important to him that it's a little deeper than just who's going to be the full. Oh it's like Dell is much more connected to people even if they they drive him or he drives them crazy. He's trying he's an empathetic Ma'am Tim and Neil is so like now. Speaking of there's one part of the movie that you said last night okay. So there's a point when they're getting on the train and Neil's Dell's like I'm GonNa go sleep by myself You del. I'll see you later. Thanks shells bomb to lose buzz. Listen his body and you said Watch watch this part. He totally talks to the girl next to him. Right and you end. Tell me what that means to you or me. I think Neil has been talking talking to Dell throughout the movie and he just wants peace and quiet and the minute he has some quiet on the train. And there's you know fifteen year old girl next to him he realizes that he can kinda go back into normal conversation and so he does that and he says you going home for Thanksgiving or something like that is just very kind of their exchanging pleasantries. But you thought that like Neal's a guy who just doesn't want to talk to anybody at all. When in fact as soon as he gets removed from Dell free free even even within five minutes all of a sudden Neil feels like oh I can I can be normal and have a conversation again whereas before that he he was tied up tight and he's like yeah? I kind of looked at that. Scene is like you know how you're in a really good mode and you just have your. You're kind of overflowing with a little more love than usual. and He. You know that girl reading her family ties magazine She doesn't it doesn't really want to talk to him but he just has a little bit of love and he's also with somebody who it's not give an inch take a mile like Dallas rate. He couldn't engage with Dell because he knew he would run with it so I found it to be like a moment of where you've seen the L. is really happy right but it doesn't last very long Thanksgiving and plus you just happy. Because she's about to be home just GonNa make and she's reading an US magazine and it says is why we love family ties. Why do we love family? Ties family task. Alex Keaton I know. Do you know I heard a interview. I and I think it was on deck shepherd and I can't remember who it was but they were talking about the fact that one of the girls I don't know if he was interviewing the girl or if it was like a daughter water of hers but she had had a daughter named mallory or something or maybe her name was mallory and they're like my parents named me after characters on on TV. And they wanted me to be really smart like these characters on TV. And I was like Mallory on family ties was not choose the DITZ. That's what I mean. So that was a parent fail. If they're choosing someone on TV they should have chosen. What was teeny others dame? Does it really matter Jennifer for Jeff. What do you mean does it really matter? She didn't add anything to that show other than other except for when she was a little kid which is brand new and young on that show cute but then as soon as she became older you are you saying she wasn't cute. She's a cute little girl right but then she hits puberty and she's just like this teenager and he's not she's she's not as endearing. I feel bad for kids who have to grow up on. TV like that. Like remember when Luke on modern family just didn't go through a great phase where there are. Can you imagine having to grow up in front of people like that how hard that would be sure. Okay so anyway but Luke I don't know the actor's name is but he's like mathematician Titian Genius Guy Yeah it's always Winnie from Doogie Howser Abe by the way now Winnie from the wonder years. Oh sorry woody from the wonder years thank you. She's also some a math genius. MIT person she is. She wrote a book about how why people should I think even girls should love math more than they do. Yeah she's very interesting. Yeah I mean and those are perfect. Perfect example says it's like in some people the ideal thing is I mean there really is no ideal but because who knows if it's good or bad but is to be a child actor are and like go away for awhile and skip some years just so you can have that right to go from boyhood to manhood or girl woman. It's a very awkward thing Eh and as we have seen a million times it can really screw you up I mean look at what Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan like. We just really messed most kids. Kids get screwed up by being famous. I know we got like Ron Howard and well and I was just about to say the wonder years What's his red savage edge? He and he's now like a director at least album really established and well thought of and he's just a wonderful dude. So here is my favorite favorite moment but just seeing that movie and it's kind of obviously not gonNa play the whole thing but let's just start here. Joker wants to race ridiculous right. Come on. Let's go let's go put your window. He wants them. It's probably the way you said for going the wrong way. All he's drunk already know where we're going. Yeah would Ainhoa thank thank you. Thanks a lot more on. That is the best sweetie. How would he know where we're going with? Neo Pages. How it makes perfect sense? I thought the same thing I'm like. Yeah Drum and there's a scene where they point the camera towards the road and the car is speeding by. And you're you're supposed to be looking at it from Neal's perspective and that is kind of the moment where he's like. Oh we're going in the wrong side of the wrong side of the road. But I don't understand why that tells neil that he's going the wrong way because first first of all think about if you have to highways a four lane highway or like you've got a median in between like initially just waking up. So he's like like there's some people over there were parallel to them. But you're supposed to be going the other way of the people parallel to you right so I think he's just like picking up on that. I I didn't quite understand that. Well maybe he's just waking up. I think he's just starting to come. It's a little like in dumb and dumber when he goes the wrong way when he says he goes was to He's like that John Denver was full of Shit is right. He drives East instead of he ends up in Kansas Nebraska. John Denver's full foolish shit and I just love hearing them. Laugh together bonding well when the car starts on fire you're in the car on fire. I gotTa play this confessed credit. I mean you could aw gave this Galvin on the counters. FINISH OUR I. Aw I can't run. A car. Was Shower Curtain Rings. Oh boy that was is about to get in trouble. Neal's credit card. So can I talk about that scene. Sure and actually there's a few moments where this happens where they laugh. Because here's the thing why I said. The first forty five minutes of the movie is hard is the meal and we're supposed to go through this with him thus the reason route difficult but he's very controlling and he thinks things shouldn't shouldn't go a certain way maybe he feels a bit entitled And then this is what happens in life like you and I were just talking about a friend. That's been having a really hard time. And you were saying he's gotten to the point where he's laughing and this is what happens to all of us when we realize we don't have control and we kind of go from like bare. knuckling it where we're pest and mad and we're lashing out just like he. Does you know to the rental car lady. The other Ferris Bueller lady and we we think it should be a certain way. We're angry and then it gets to the point where you realize life is absurd. It's absolutely absurd and sometimes it takes us a while to even with the most like difficult things like I have I've written about this number of times. About how even when I was was working at the hospital with children who were like really struggling and had emotional behavioral issues. And we my the staff that I worked with sometimes get hit and beat up and it was just a really hard job and you know how we managed. We would laugh and not the kids. I don't mean we'd laugh at the kids we would would laugh at ourselves and we had humor and we had jokes to keep ourselves from going into the dark places and this is is what we do as parents. I mean you and I do like we. We laugh or cry. You're GonNa Laugh or cry and crying. It's not choosing. Its laughter comes. Allow it because it's all absurd. You don't control things you know like you don't want I would say like we all I think most people identify with Neil because he's a little bit more quote unquote typical But then all of a sudden John Hughes who writes it. You know all of a sudden neil like in the flintstones stones bus the same thing goes for. This seem relaxed if I got my shoes. I don't care breeder foot or leave. The shoes on it must be swelled to be so perfect and odor free. You know there's plenty of things about you that bother me but I'm decent enough not to bring them all right what do I do. It bothers her name. One point a few things you play with your balls a lot. Do not play with my Larry. Bird doesn't do much ball handling in one night. You or are you trying to start a fight. I'm simply stating a fact. That's all you fidget with your nuts a lot you know what would make me happy that a couple of balls and an extra set of fingers. So here's my question. Okay Neil Neil just can't can't wait for the opportunity where Dell's like you do a lot the things because Neil doesn't think he does now. There's nothing about him as the you're we don't we don't see him doing anything. Because he's the protagonist so when Dell's like there's plenty the things you do and Neil's like sweet. I can't wait because meal. Thinks that he's infallible. that he doesn't stink rate and then all of a sudden Dell's like there's lots the things and I just wonder like He. Totally like zoomed him on that likey totally burned because Neil probably knows that is such like sometimes that kind of thing like I. I always talk about how baseball players are doing that on TV. I always bring it up. I'm like dude like we're the camera is right. You will always say to me. They have a cup on. They can't help it. They don't care that they're on TV. They need to do that. I get that. But it really is like when you're watching somebody and they're constantly playing with their cop or rearranging ranging themselves it is a little distracting. It's a little like dude. You're on TV so I think that is that can be a form of like anxiety and discomfort and like control. Don't you because baseball players do it so much like a lot of times. They're doing it at bats so you may say to me they don't care but you are APP up. You're batting so you know that cameras on you like it'd be comfortable if you're GONNA swing a round bat hit around. They're constantly trying to get comfortable. I think it's an anxious or could be they'd be. Yes but it could be some physical blitz rearranging probability. How much of that Cup moving thing or how do you think it's half? The guys are adjusting because they need to adjust because something doesn't feel right and the other half. It's probably a guitar it is like a tick and it's like one of their superstition things like I need it. Maybe it could be. Those are probably three different things like superstition movement tick and then just just you need to adjust because I pitchers and everyone who knows baseball knows this but pitchers and batters have things that they do so repetitiously and it maybe unconscious. It may be by choice because they think they'll do better if they do. These like superstition things you know but anyway so So so there's a lot more clips that I wanNA play won't because I want to talk a few things that questions I had. We talked about the six eight six six say. PM Flight so these are just as much as I love this movie. There's a few questions I have the dancing make sense everybody sleeping on the plane and the flight. Oh I guess. We don't know what time to fly. took off correct now I think he got on the eight PM. I don't know but we got off at the eight PM. What's the likelihood of everybody sleeping EP? Well when it's dark out most people they showed the cabin lights off. Okay I'll concede that one We definitely have to play the most famous scene in the movie which is when he says the F. Word Eighteen Times in sixty seconds to play that. Don't you think we have to Yeah I think we do so for any moms or dads that are listening sitting with their kids around you need to. This was the only reason this movie got an R rating. That's exactly right because of this scene So Oh listen to listen to neil page. This is why neal y St Martin decided to take the movie because he liked to see this scene and then the car scene that we just talked about plus she's good Mrs Poole from Hogan's family also. I would call her the secretary from Ferris Secretary from Ferris Bueller and she ad libbed this Turkey. Yeah yeah well I'll see you tomorrow the gavel Welcome to marathon. May I help you help and you can start by whiting that fucking dumb ass smile off your rosy cheeks then. You can give me a fucking automobile automobile a fucking. That's fucking Toyota Hugging Mustang fucking Buick. Four fucking wheels on a seat. I really don't care for the way you're speaking to me and I really don't care for the way your company left me in the middle of fucking nowhere with fucking keys to a fucking car. That isn't fucking there and I really didn't kill talking. Walk down a fucking highway and across a fucking run way to get back to you. Smile at my fucking face. I want want fucking car right fucking eighteen times. Okay so okay. How old do you think Steve Martin is in real life you feel when he did parenthood? That was our first pop culturing. Everybody nineteen eighty nine nineteen eighty seven inches two years before paranoia an parenthood. He's supposed to be thirty five but he's not always got a little kid so I'm guessing missing. He is early forties. Even though he's got gray hair Steve Martin's always been hard. It's hard to know his age because he's been great for so long. Okay so that's that's just the first thing I was thinking of is like how. How old do you think he is? My question is why couldn't he just wait for the next shuttle. Well maybe I think he see. I think that's seen and again it's not as I. That's like for example when he's walking. I think he's going to be five right. so He's like V.. One fee to. I don't like that seems like it makes me so uncomfortable. I don't laugh in that moment. I do discomfort laugh. But it's not laugh at dumb and dumber Lewis Physical Humor because you see Steve Martin just freak out agony. So that's what I was going to say is I don't think he's in a mindset of. I'm going to wait for the shuttle. I think he's done he's done is done and he throws that you know you have to take a ticket rental car and he. He's not like in my. He wants to walk back because he wants to suffer. And you know it's like when we're so pets it's like we're so piston. Someone's like let me give you a ride and it's like no I'm you gotta walk later. You're so mad that you WANNA suffer more So I don't know So let's fast forward to the okay so this it's like can it's an hour and twenty seven or maybe hour thirty three minute short. He had like six hours of footage and I would. Apparently the footage is sitting in some paramount storage. WJR and probably isn't even salvageable anymore. Because it's been sitting there answer your question I would love to see because I so love these characters I would love to see the six hour version of no. I mean you kept asking me why John Candy had a black eye. That's the other thing so John Candy has right. I hi has got a shiner and they never explain it and as many times I've seen this movie I've never thought about it until like last year when I saw it for the fifty fifty fifth time well and I told you something. I read said that on their last track which is from that truck and they are sitting in the back to the to the L. L. in Chicago that he's while they're sitting in the back of the truck. Del says something to the effect of he definitely didn't want us to sit up there or something there it's it. Supposedly it alludes to the fact that the truck driver hit him right. But that's a big leap. I know it may be. That's exactly what happened but so and so the movie goes from funny any uncomfortable sad. Yeah and hopeful an enduring. Did you read that. John Hughes didn't know he was GonNa so do that whole remembering seen. This wishes filming him. This is what I have here. He was just Steve Martin Order so so. Yeah so the scene where they're doing flashbacks and you hear in Neil's mind del saying I've been home in years. And he started to put the pieces together about his family. Yes and then he starts to think about Dow because he's kind of laughing a little bit so this is what when I saw an IMDB order to get the new ending he wanted now. They didn't say. Hey what was Hughes an editor. Paul Hirsch went back to look for footage they previously didn't think would be used Hughes had kept the cameras rolling in between takes on the Chicago train without his leads knowledge while Martin was thinking about his next lines Hughes Martin had a beautiful expression on his face and that unguarded the moment like that. That information drives me nuts. Because I want to know what the old edney was I know well. I think it's pretty cool. That that whole like thinking about Dell he was just practicing as lions and they just were able to liquidate sweet about and that's to me. That's what artists is. It's not always cut and dry linear black and white here here. We got the best. Take you Kinda take what you've got and you end up with something really beautiful and that is probably for someone like me who so uncomfortable with the first forty forty five minutes of the movie. That's a very cathartic moment. So this is the big reveal at the end. Said you were going on. What are you doing here? I don't have as been dead for eight years. Cut to where they're walking with Dell's footlocker down the middle of the street hunk to trump. Yeah it's funny. Like how else would they have ended this movie. If Steve Martin would went back and not had this reveal it would have been a much weaker movie. Maybe like how. That's the only way you could've ended. I know I will. It wouldn't have been anything would have had any funny scenes. Yeah it would have been like it would have been promoting of Neil Neil would have had ark yes because he has to start out as kind of a controlling dude who ends up being super open hearted yes and that would have made no sense so I thought it was beautiful for. I have a bunch of Trivia. Go over real quickly but I just think that Oh I know what I WANNA do. I wanted to play this clip that I found. It's an interviewer. You're asking Steve Martin About John Candy. Sit here and Kinda mourn the death of John But tell me something you remember about what you're month together doing planes trains and automobiles was the first day of shooting brought all this exercise equipment in s jogging things stationary bikes six and weights. And everything. And then never touch. Is this a coincidence. Or what and so he. He was brilliant actor especially in planes trains and automobiles. I think it was his best work. You know the first cut of the movie was four and a half hours long hours got cut out. I Like I like my wife likes me. I saw them do scenes. That are aren't in the movie that are just breathtaking and if some of those scenes seem almost too real Martin told me it may have been a case of more than just good acting on candies parts while he was a very sweet guy. Very sweet and complicated okay. And so he was always friendly always outgoing and funny and nice and polite but I can tell all you have kind of a little broken heart inside them. I read the same thing that did you. I read an article about somebody who ended up talking with him. I'd bar at a bar one night a few years after paints trains and automobiles was released. The Roger Ebert he says I came upon John Candy sitting all by himself in a hole in a hotel Barney. Already your first of all. Why would John Candy sitting by himself? You just think that there'd be but see I think that's that is especially at our age you know. That's a misconception that famous most people are lonely. Like if you're young you may be like. Oh everyone's going to be around him. You know when I see Bill Murray. He's always by himself and he shows up into ran and I'm not saying bill. Murray sad ad saying that you know the loneliest. People are sometimes the famous. The famous people sitting all by himself in a Hotel Barn New York smoking drinking and we talked for a while we were going to be on the TV show. The next day he was depressed people loved him but he didn't seem to know that or it wasn't enough he was a sweet guy and nobody had a word to say against him but he was down on himself. All I WANNA WANNA do is make people laugh but sometimes he tried to Harney hate himself for doing that and some of the movies. I thought of DEL. There's so much truth in the role that transforms the whole movie. Yeah Yeah and then that movie with ally sheedy only the lonely remember that Oh similar like lonely guy and you know. Let's talk said parenting radio for a second. Because that's there are other podcast. What makes people you can be in a room full of people and feel alone? Loneliness is not about people. It's about feeling connected to who you lar and feeling connected to other people you could be with one person and feel completely not alone in the world to be by yourself you could be by yourself in nature and realize that not feel even an ounce of loneliness because you feel connected if he did not feel connected to who he was or if he didn't feel like he had any connective. I've tissue anybody else. Like he didn't feel like he didn't have love or if he did have a broken harder if he didn't have children or if even if he had all those things if he didn't feel connected to those people football that's GonNa make create lonely. No doubt a few other random trivia had neil indulges state at the airport. They probably would made it back to Chicago just in time. Share a scene plate shortly after actor shows Neal's wife watching the news. And I think it's Tom Skilling voice and she's asleep but he's saying that the next plane just left yeah or like it's clearing Ports opening up after the credits are done. Neal's bosses still at his desk analyzing the ad so wait until the very very very very ed after the credits that guy is in. She's having a baby yes he is and his thanksgiving. Dinner is sitting on his desk which is pretty funny And this is an Easter egg after del steals neal's cab at the beginning of the movie. Neil looks down and sees. The CAB has gone in the puddle on the ground. There are two shower curtain rings. All the movie ends with a freeze frame with of John Candy with tight-lip green tight lipped grin uncle buck. Exactly the same way a freeze frame of John Candy. With the same expression John Candy died of a heart attack March fourth. One thousand nine hundred four at the age of holiday thing was he was forty three forty three years old which is is just insane. I know 'cause I remember when he died thinking to myself well he was Kinda young and now that I'm forty eight. I was like he's ridiculous. Along kidding us the young man he was like he had just begun and last but not least this is said the owner of the brain would end featured in in this film. It's now called. The Sun. Motel was arrested in two thousand nineteen charges of promoting prostitution on the premises. The Motel had also recently been decided to drug overdose dose related deaths. Ray What in not so good very well And then one other thing of this is just kind of an interesting thing they get pulled over by the guy from Lenny from laverne Shirley and Michael Keane Akin who is also. Yeah Lenny Lenny. And he's is also show. which is one of our favorite movies? He is a Wisconsin State trooper. Okay which makes no sets because they're driving from St Louis to Chicago. Oh yeah they would go through. What a colossal editing? Screw well again. Maybe that can tell you that part of the four hours was that they ended up in the wrong state eight. Maybe they overshot Chicago. That would have been funny. Gone the wrong way so I guess that's it so one thing so todd when Tanai for started dating saying he was in the olden days where obviously we had fallen. But we didn't have texting Steph. Todd would send me letters and he sat and they weren't all like love letters they were just like. Here's what I'm doing. You would always tell me about this bike trip you and Chris Chris Peak. He'd be like I've got my bike. Ready you were on the spectrum crispy decided to go to law school and the jury is GonNa help them in life at all and you would always sign it todd and then you'd say. ps Go with the flow like like a twig on the shoulder of a mighty stream drop the MIC. Which is from this movie? I didn't know that at the time because I think it was ninety. What year was that ninety three so I didn't know that but then I watched the movie I was like? Oh you're just writing go with the flow like a twig on the shoulder of a mighty stream from not a very simple So I don't know what's closing music should I do. I kinda WanNa do something nice but I don't know what it should be. Why don't you play Every time you go away all right this is the very end of the movie and the movie ends beautifully. I love the fact that the ending scene actually got goosebumps last night when I was watching it of John Candy and maybe I'm thinking about him because he was going to be dead in seven years but he has this great wholeness. It's for me it's like haunting because it's he goes from regret that Neil gets to enjoy his life if with his wife. Jean from jealousy envy and Joe's you'll be the wrong word but envy. He's envious. He doesn't regret it because it's not him right but he's just he wishes he had Marie right. So you could see the even still. The loss of Marie is still weighing on him. It's melancholy it's bittersweet and then he has kind of this gentle smile. I'm not going to translate over this podcast but if you watch it this weekend for Thanksgiving just take just take a good look at Dell so let me end on this because you said that that is the definition of bittersweet is that sometimes like at holidays were missing people to and there is we all have grief and people we miss and you can miss them and simultaneously. Be Grateful for the moment that you have. And that's what his face conveys. Thank you Steve. Martin John Candy and John Hughes such a wonderful all thing. PTA Baby Thanks for listening everyone. Remember to subscribe to the podcast. You never miss an episode and feel free to leave us a five star review on itunes. It helps people find us. Also subscribe to our parenting radio. PODCAST rediscussed self-awareness in mindfulness sharing the latest latest research and pop culture on our ninth year. But they're still always something new to discuss. 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