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Drink DRINK DRINK. He doesn't want to do. I don't do I don't do don't you don't do don't I do. Do Welcome to detour to Neverland your guide to Living Your Best Disney life through your hobby or business. Here's your host Brendan and Catherine. Welcome back to detour to today's episode number. One hundred and seventy four Catherine. We lied we did lie so we knew we were going to be doing another storytelling episode and it was Brendan's pick again. And he initially picked the Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland because we were trying to cover all of our grounds it sounded like a good idea at the time And it's something that will probably come back and revisit but as of right now I've never even seen the movies and it felts just off to. Do you know in a more in depth episode about something that I don't have a lot of experience with. Yeah so it just made sense. It's been years since I've seen them as well. So we're going to cover it. I want to understand the source material so homework. Yeah we have somewhere homework. We've got them all on DVD. So lucky for you. We can sit down and have an Indiana Jones Marathon. Oh man are they Disney plus. I don't know we've never looked for them. I haven't seen him on there. That's interesting now. We'll have to see but anyway before we get into Roger. Abbas cartoon spin which I'm equally excited about as Indiana Jones. Do we need to take a few minutes and talk about one of our favorite shows of all time that just ended last night. I am very upset about it because we discovered our mind new favorite show Shits Creek just about a month ago and we had the opportunity to Binge Watch it. So it's all we've been seeing for like a month and then we finished it up just yesterday in time to watch the final episode ever the only did six seasons and now I feel very lost. So it is a show that has gained so much notoriety. As of late I feel like so many of our friends started watching it around the same time as us so we won't spend too much time. Obviously it's not in our wheelhouse but I do want to encourage anybody who is not watched it it is some of the best storytelling in a. Sitcom that I've ever seen. It has all the emotions that will make you hysterically laugh. It'll make you cry. They'll pull at your heartstrings. You'll root for the characters. Even though at first they seem super annoying and it was just the perfect show so I would say as storytellers which I would I think? We're all storytellers in our own way. But especially if you are creating some sort of content than you're you're obviously a storyteller in that fashion to me. Shits Creek was a just absolute perfect example of how and they talked about this. In the finale you can share a lesson or share change a way of thinking without doing it as a lesson Which is really like a paradigm shift for me. Yeah you can share. Something without being pushy is kind of the way that they set it up and it was just. It was just so beautifully done. Yeah they talked about that. They made you think a different way. Just by showing you how life could be And I even think there's elements of that that we can implement into detour in there's elements that if you write a blog that you can do that. There's ways of sharing information that are not lessons. I for lack of a better word. Yeah well I think. Part of that in e said comes back to just being authentic and that's something that throughout the show these characters were over the top and they were so off the wall and their own little way but they were always authentic themselves and it was kind of the idea that they were putting good out into the world and then you know good things came back to them over time and I think that something that really stands out so it is not a family friendly show in case you're wondering I would say the overall themes are not adult. Language is yeah. I mean there are some things I probably wouldn't watch it with kids but it was a good show. Yeah Okay you got out of your system or do you want to do a full episode now. I'm good now okay. So Roger Rabbit's car toon spin. Let's start with a scene breakdown because the history is a lot a lot a lot. So I'll keep this short and sweet but you start the ride by boarding your own personal cartoon taxi. His name is Lenny. He is a cousin sibling. Friend OF BENNY IS HIS COUSIN cousin. It's not all the other things he's his cousin. You could be a cousin and friend from the movie. Benny Benny's cousin Lenny. You get the green light from the taxi company. And you're off and the first thing that happens is your taxi. Goes through a puddle of this acid drip which is called dip and that's ultimately what causes your car to spend in. That is an important part of the ride. It goes with the name but your car actually spins as you go through the ride and I was not expecting now the first time I wrote it. I've only ridden the ride once but It's a fun little perk. I guess so. You see the weasels. Who are the bad guys in? It's kind of introduced to you. They're out to kill or they're out to get Roger Rabbit and throughout the entire ride. You're traveling through this toon town. But it's not the happy. Go Lucky toontown. That you would envision It's kind of like the back dark alley ways of toontown at night so it is kind of dark in a way which is interesting because again. That's not typically what you think when you visit toontown Some of the places that you go are Bellina. 's China shop where you can see her trying to hold everything together. A bull in a China shop. It was pretty funny pretty funny. Yeah I would bellina. Bellina is how I would've pronounced it so it's bull in China shop. Oh Bellina search is on like a Ballerina at our. No Okay Bull. Anna China shop whatever After leaving China shop you go through a powerhouse in his flashing lights it saying danger danger danger and you can see Roger Rabbit in a fight with psycho during their altercation. He gets electrocuted. There's a big blast He starts to hallucinate. And of course you know there's a little birds and all the things that you would picture like in a cartoon character as they get knocked out all that good stuff and then in the finale of the ride you end up in the gag warehouse where it looks like you're trapped. It looks like the weasels are going to get you in Roger Rabbit Until of course he saves the day with a portable hole. And you're free to go so ultimately the ride doesn't actually follow the movie which is not typical for most dark rides Again it kind of sends you on your own adventure but it has those same From the movie. Yeah and there's reasons that we can talk about for of course why it can't follow the same story as the movie. One thing that you and I actually never experienced was the cue for this ride so it. I watched a video of it. It's top notch. I mean there's all kinds of references to the movies references to other cartoons in there. Of course they have license plates. That spell out things like Captain Hook and toon town and fantasy land all kinds of things like that but there's also a scene where you're walking past baby. Herman's office and he's reading a newspaper that says it has a reference to horse. Collar is wallpaper on his wall. Is the Silhouette of Jessica Rabbit? There's another place where you pass Jessica rabbits dressing room. There's just all kinds of interactive parts of q when you think about this ride built in the early nineties. It's almost a little ahead of its time in that aspect. Oh Yeah I am sad that we missed that then. I guess we had fast passed so it's probably worth telling the story of how we got to ride this ride. We wanted to go to all day. Obviously when we were in Disneyland doing the things that we did not have in Disney world where of utmost importance to us and so a fast paced randomly popped up for it. We were standing at small world. This is perfect. We'll go there. We went up there. It has zero minute Q. I think it's one of the only times in my entire life that it actually showed the Q. As zero minutes and not five minutes it was completely empty. It was it was late at night. Toontown was about to close. So that's why we got to do so for that reason. We didn't walk through any of the actual q now that now. I feel like we missed out when we go back will definitely have to but typically the fast pass and the normal line merge very early on so that vast does get to experience the Q. Okay interesting so that's pretty much the ride Are you ready to dive in to the complex history of Roger Rabbit and excited? There is so much here that there's no possible way that we can cover it in one sitting. Well that's okay. There's things that we're going to miss. There's things I'm sure you probably know about that. We will not be able to cover. But I'm going to try to hit the high points and try to paint a picture of how this ride came to be which honestly is kind of a misfit. How degree for where it is. It doesn't make too much sense. So of course who framed Roger Rabbit the stores material for this ride released? Their Disney's touched on pictures on June. Twenty second nineteen eighty eight. The Concept for the movie is based off the nineteen eighty-one novel who censored Roger Rabbit. Which I've never read. But now I really want to As soon as that book was published Disney almost immediately purchased the movie rights to because they knew they saw so much potential in what it could be. So there's lots of behind the scenes work that go on. There's multiple scripts that get written for it. Yada Yada Yada. Eventually Disney gets the production off the ground and Steven Spielberg becomes the executive producer of it or his company becomes the executive producer of it through his creative freedoms he is able to strike. These deals to lend other animation characters. That's where you get the warner brothers. The Betty boobs. There's other ones men's Benny while bugs. Bunny Is Warner. Brothers has sorry there's other words smaller groups that they're able to get warner brothers. Is the big one that you notice throughout and there are all kinds of contingencies. Put in place. For example can quote unquote competing characters like Donald and Daffy duck had to be shown in the same way and have the same amount of airtime equal. Yes so they're both. They're they're both master pianist. In this Mickey and bugs bunny he would would both consider the forefront of their respective companies. Both they're in the same scene with each other for the so. The lending is pretty much attributed to Steven Spielberg that he was able to convince these other companies to allow them to put them into the movie but he wasn't completely successful. I didn't realize this. But there were way more characters that he wanted to include but he never got the chance to so people like Popeye. Tom and Jerry Little Lulu which. I'm not familiar with Casper. The friendly ghost and Terry tunes were all hitch the idea of joining this movie but they could not strike a deal but I feel like by not having them like. We didn't miss anything. You know what I mean like. I don't think it was detrimental to the movie. I don't think it was detrimental. I think Tom and Jerry would have been cool. Just based on that time. Line of of that period of time. Casper would have been cool. I mean they all would have been cool. But I mean warner brothers and Disney. I mean there are the two big ones. They're the big on so getting all of those characters on the same screen was just mind blowing that they could actually pull this off. It'll never ever ever ever happen again. Yeah unless some there some way that Disney choirs warner brothers. But even then I bet they wouldn't do it. I feel like there would just be. It'd be a lot of Egos probably even with like the whole screen time like you mentioned a minute ago. I mean I'm sure that would be even a bigger deal is how everything can be equal. And I'm sure it would be a big issue so the movie of course takes place it with live action with animation so they technology that went into building. That actually made this the most expensive movie ever made for. It's time which is crazy to think about an animated movie having that big of a budget. Now we think of them that they can crank those things out quite easily but despite the massive budget it was still a humongous success. One of the best movies of the late eighties. Probably the best movie of that year Without a doubt and it was kind of a worldwide phenomenon for a little bit so the way that it was set up. Was that Disney on all the merchandise rights for the movie and because of that they had huge plans to continue to cash in on this tidal in on this intellectual property so there's not too much documentation on these next parts. I'm sure there is somewhere but there's no plan written out. That says something like this but the the idea behind getting Roger. Rabbit to the forefront Disney was sparing no expense. They wanted him to be huge there rumors. They wanted Roger. Rabbit and Mickey Mouse standing side-by-side each other both being just massive icons for the company. I mean that is pretty hard to believe especially I mean I feel like Roger. Rabbit is fairly lovable. But if you put him next to Mickey Mouse is. He's not nearly the same kind of caliber and it's just because we are a little farther distance from Roger Rabbit. That's funny to imagine to me. So the plans as they unfolded where Roger Rabbit was maybe not going to be side by side with Mickey but he was absolutely going to be the face of then. Mgm Studios. He was going to get his own little miniature land in the park that had three different attractions. One of which was going to be cartoon spin so originally his home was going to be in Florida. You there was going to be meet-and-greet with Roger Rabbit. I'm sure he'd be the grand master of the parades. In that area. He would probably be in the logo as well. But there's a couple of things that fell apart that made this never come to. Fruition Egos and greed which not surprising so the rights to Roger jointly owned by Disney and Amblin Entertainment Amblin. Entertainment is Steven. Spielberg's production company. I don't know if they still exist today but the conflict between Michael Eisner in Steven Spielberg would not go away. They would not agree on. How or if Roger Rabbit should be used in the parks. I'm sure it just comes down to that Steven Spielberg wanted his cut of everything. He just didn't have the advantage of having his own. Massive theme park to put Roger. In himself So that played a hand in Roger. Getting cut back and the other was a financial struggles of Euro Disney in the early nineties. This reminds me of just a couple years ago when Shanghai was being built. You know any kind of delay or any kind of budget cut. You'd see the Hashtag. Thank Shanghai going around. If social media was that prevalent and the early nineties it probably would have been thanks Euro Disney or thanks Karen probably because Euro. Disney was struggling so much to get off the ground in that time. Period budget cuts especially expansion budgets were drastically reduced so when the dust all settled. Roger Rabbit was not going to get his own land in MGM Studios Anymore. He was instead going to get one attraction. It landed in Anaheim in it landed in Mickey's toontown which opened up in one thousand nine hundred four one year after Mickey's toontown opened in nineteen ninety. Three later they opened Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin. It's pretty much exactly the same in Tokyo Disneyland in Nineteen ninety-six so it's pretty much the history. The the Nice summed up version with a nice little bow. That is interesting though because I I knew that the movie was popular But I never would have imagined that they had such big plans for it. Especially when you think about it being kind of combined with those warner brothers cartoons it does seem like a competition of interests. So that's the reason why the ride cannot tell. The story from the movie is obviously. They don't want bugs bunny. They don't WanNA highlight those people. Yeah which you can tell the story without them but it's it's missing something. I agree so it's an adaptation of the same story. It's still that the dip is out to get you at the weasels but they don't show any of the other characters that's pretty much it that makes sense. Yeah all right. So let's take a quick break here message from our partners and then we'll be back to do our storytelling lessons from this. Our personal history in our Netherlands score. Today's episode is brought to you by Karma in Qismat our friend Kelly is an outstanding artist and designer and she brings a lot of magic to your day and right now I think something that everybody needs more of is that connection and that personal connection and something that I love to do is send care. Packages are little happy male. Magic man. Whatever you WANNA call it to your friends. Kelly creates beautiful stationary and beautiful cards. That you consent to your loved ones right now. When you can't be together you can still be together and share that love. We would highly recommend checking out. Kelly's work at Karma in KISMET DESIGNS DOT COM. That's the letter in and you can start on Oetzi as well. We're going to put the link in our show notes for you and if you use the code detour ten you get ten percents off your order just like to point out that you sent a care package to an unborn child this week. It really makes me happy. I did that when my sister was in college. I do the things if you've ever looked on pinterest before. I like to make like themed boxes. Had made a yellow box for her like sending East and sunshine everything in the box with yellow. Today it was of course Easter themed for my friend The first of my friends having a baby. So and when is the baby Like the end of July already has an Easter basket. Yes of course I did the same thing for our niece sounds rational. I think everyone right now needs some happy mail. That is true. Yes all right so the next portion is we've been calling them storytelling lessons after we just give our speech at the beginning about not lessons storytelling takeaways. I guess might be better. Take Yeah I think takeaway is a good word for this one. It was a little difficult for me because I've only road the ride Wentz. Of course I watched the movie once but I think a big theme just within the movie. It's very chaotic. There's a lot of misunderstandings and I think that's true in all aspects of life But at the end you know the the good guy always seems to win so that's a takeaway that even though it super chaotic sometimes Even a little confusing or wacky or whatever else is going on You just gotTa keep trucking along and in the good guy wins. The weasels lost. Yes I struggled with this one as well to have takeaways. I think this story of Roger Rabbit in Disney rings. More true to me the ride perhaps like the relationship between the two. Yeah just because I mean I know this sounds so silly but it honestly breaks my heart to know what Roger. What Roger Rabbit could have been Roger Rabbit? That's the Brooklyn Just what could have been because it is a story that means so much to me both as a child? I watched it a ton and now an adult. It does have a lot of subtle adult humor as well. All Disney lease they do. But that one in particular really stands out to me. It's just very heartbreaking that greed in Egos and corporate relationships almost rob that of the next generation each dramatic but I I can understand where you're coming from because if I were to show you know just like a picture of Roger Rabbit to my class. Let's say they probably wouldn't know who he is. And it's it's mind boggling to think that Roger Rabbit could have been you know a secondary face of Disney. I mean that opens up a huge. I don't know just something that could have been which is interesting so the ride is it's I. I enjoy the ride. Obviously I love the movie. But as this pertains just the ride itself is almost this is bleeding into our next are Netherlands but it kind of it makes me feel sad for what could have been. There was so much potential there. Can you imagine you get it now in Mickey's toontown a little bit? But can you imagine with the way that imagining errors can build sets and lands now how that transition would have been from the real life to tune Tom and seeing everything cartoon style I I think you get to a certain extent in Mickey's toontown but having a Hollywood land with all of the Roger Rabbit Theme Stuff? I think really would have been so excellent. It would have been very cool. I did you know like did they have any plans for like where that would be. 'cause it's almost hard to picture since it is so like old. Hollywood kind of themed. It's almost hard to imagine where they would put like a cartoon area that makes sense. It was going to be back there near backlot tour and so I think some of it blood into whereby clock tower was and then I would have to assume kind of that streets of America area as well which is even that area. I love that part of was weird area. It was one was its purpose. The hold Osborne Festival of lights. I I don't know it was it. Was it always seems to be like an immersive. It just seemed unfinished. Yeah I agree with that so I think that was the general area where it would've been well since you already started. What's the rest of your personal history? Well I mean as the ride itself I honestly had to watch a video of this to really remember it because we knew nothing about this ride when we got on it now is Neil is different. I did not know that the cars spin so that was wild. I couldn't really take anything in because I was spinning so fast. Yeah I just think we just native in the whole time yeah. I've I've focused more on spinning than I did. The actual dark ride elements of it so but for me who framed Roger. Rabbit is is what I often forget about but when I watch it. It sparks a fire that I love that story. You were the one who convinced me to watch it so basically as a kid the only memory I have of anything Roger Rabbit related which just seeing. Vhs Tape like in our family collection never watched it for whatever reason just never really stood out to me. Maybe I just liked classified it in my head as an adult movie than you know something that mom and dad would watch. I don't know but I watched it. Finally because Brennan convinced me. I'm very hesitant to watch new movies or knew anything really. I'm very skeptical but it was a cute movie. The ride like you said already. I didn't really have any. Expectations are just like that. It spun around so that was fun. There's a dark ride in the teacups makes together exactly though I guess that contributes to our Neverland scores which. I'm already low your want to remind our listeners. What composes Netherlands? For sure it's composed of the ability to take you out of reality. It's the story itself. That's being told the rewrite ability effects and technology and the emotional attachment the only two criteria that really drawing points for me or the rewrite ability. I agree and the emotional attachment for me. We can't we. Don't get many points from there. No I think I was generous to with my score. Now looking at your score. I'm like second guessing it. You can change it. You haven't put it on area. Yeah so mice score. I gave it a four and a half okay which I almost hate to do. I want to love it. But compared to the movie and compared to the story it could have been told in compared to what could have been for Roger Rabbit this just it. Misses for me yeah. It's enjoyable. I'm never going to skip it purposely. But it's not. It's not the best that Disney attractions. After offer. I Agree. I think I would probably give it a four now. Let Him thinking about it. I'm definitely interested in going back in looking at the q now that we know it does have a lot of interesting parts to it and it might even help tie in the ride a little bit more. You know we just kind of walked on it blindly salad. Be Interested in seeing if that changes anything but yeah I mean I think he said it all. I'm going to give it four. This is hard because I want to be so optimistic about everything. 'cause there's genuinely not a ride in any. Disney park that we've been to that. I don't enjoy Besides oh it's adds a bug. It's tough to be a bug genuinely hate that attraction but any moving vehicle attraction. I genuinely enjoy I think pretty much. Everyone this one is just. It's kind of I guess. I'm viewing the score as it's not up to its potential. I think that's fair and I mean I do think giving it a lower score just helps keep put everything in perspective because if we just gave everything like a seven or an eight then very critical so these are the lowest scores that we've given out so far agree. One of the last things we have to do. Is You have to choose the attraction for next week. Oh man okay. I've been thinking about this and if we have moved over now to some Disneyland Rides. I think I'M GONNA go with Disney's California adventure can guess with tried and thinking credit coaster. Ou know. That's a good one. I thought about that one I did. I think I'm going to have to go with the the racers. What are they called? Gator springs racers. Radiators things racers. Yes it was. It was on the tip of my tongue it really was. I just lost it so I'm excited for that one. I think cars came out in like a fun time when we were growing up And the ride was perfect in every way I was completely obsessed with it when we wrote it spoiler alert. It's that's why I'm taking it okay. I've I've only picked rides. I love well. That's not the point. You GotTa ride that we can critique in a loving way anything else do you have any parting thoughts on Shit Creek? Oh man just if you haven't watched it you need to watch it because it's a game changer. Our Name Your top will okay for anybody else for anybody who watches modern family that ends tonight on release night and Wednesday Lewis. That's GONNA tear my heart out. We have actually never sat down. Watch those from season one concurrently. I think we picked it up in like season. I want to say maybe three seasons ago. But we've seen every single episode in order he. I'm sure we have because we love this is often. We are on Friday nights. We love to watch the modern family. Fridays that's what we do on Friday nights after we eat Mexican restaurant food. That's what we did do but we don't watch modern family but day. Modern family is a top one The crown I love the crown marvelous. Miss Mazel is a really good one. You know the common theme between all of these are what I recommended new. You'RE GONNA say that I can't with. You is the main to Orient of their. It's it. I like Mandalay Laurean. I don't think I it's an. I love a good comedy kind of TV shows. That's where my heart is because I just WanNa laugh and forget about everything else. Amanda Laurien is a little more action filled. I mean there's nothing quarter comedic as the crown. Okay we'll that doesn't count that those would be my recommendations if you're looking for a good TV show right now. That's good. I still have yet to watch the new season of ozark. I still have yet to watch the new season a better call saul either of those with map. Heidi we're always together. Yeah so if you guys are binging anything during this time let us know. We're always looking for new shows to possibly take on. Especially if it's a comedy shout out to Sarah Jeff or recommending Shits Creek. Yes thank you adults in Disney data. That's it will be back on Monday with a brand new episode for you guys. Hope you are having a really great week. Hope you're staying safe and yeah hope you have a wonderful weekend. I thank you for listening to detour to Neverland. Subscribe to the show and leave a review to help more people find US follow us on Instagram at detour to Neverland Underscore podcast to see are pictures from the parks the euro.

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