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You'll be a part of the program can text in eight o six and seven four five fifty eight hundred not if you wanna be a part of the per if you want to interject into the program, we appreciate everybody who listens and makes his show. What it is today? Steve pair is executive director of Amrullah matters in they have launched what they call a new grassroots efforts to support the Texas Tech vet school big press. Release coming out this morning. We'll have Steve Kerr on with us here in about seven minutes from now, and then our friend Wes Rappaport Rappaport reports of next star is going to be on with us in. Talk about all the ongoing 's down the Austin way, which you need to know is we provide the very informed audience with more information as Rome, but let's start here Texas monthly. Greg Abbott orders, Texas, university boards, university boards to investigate admissions policies after bribery scandal. That's the scandal. Undergoing right now what I think we have some scandal music. Oh, no. That's the wrong had reaching to have some better. Some under my thumb that that's a reference to John Sharp. If you're just listening to the show for one of the first time, John Sharp chancellor at tech stadium, but had some more ominous. Oh, there's the scandal music right there. Yeah. Got it investigated missions policies after the bribery scandal. Texas monthly a week after federal prosecutors charge dozens of people in a massive college admissions bribery, steam governor, Greg Abbott Cinna letter to all Texas regions on public university boards on Monday, directing them to investigate their own admission policies. Quote, the legislature has signed important responsibilities to the governing boards of Texas institutions of higher education, including setting campus, admissions standards, Abbott wrote in the letter every board must therefore closely examine and investigate. It's as mission policies and procedures to ensure that no university employee engages in fraudulent schemes quid pro quo arrangements or improprieties of any sort are universities. First and foremost exist to serve qualifying students who graduate Texas high schools. Those students their parents and taxpayers must have confidence that the system is not rigged. The US department of Justice charged total of forty four people last week with crimes ranging from racketeering to mail fraud, money laundering, and obstruction of Justice part of an alleged conspiracy that quote Basilicata cheating on college entrance exams and the admission of students to elite universities is purported athletic recruits. According to the department of Justice, those charged include Hollywood actors wealthy business owners prominent lawyers in several Texans, the university of Texas of Austin and awesome, excuse me. University of Texas at Austin was one of several elite universities across the country implicated in the scandal. Let's go back in. Let's try this. Again, let's read. Let's read this through a different thing, shall we? Let's read Abbott's comments one more time. And get this from a different vein. So that we can see the irony involved because I'm sure several of you are already there. The legislature has assigned important responsibility. So governing boards of Texas, Texas institutions of higher education, including sending campus admission standards, Abbott wrote in a letter to regents every board must therefore closely examine and investigate its admission policies and procedures to ensure that no university employee engages in fraudulent schemes quid pro quo arrangements or impropriety of any sort. With all due respect. Governor. How about we start with a system that doesn't begin with mega donors to your election campaigns being named as regents how about we start with what looks is though it's fraudulent schemes quid pro quo arrangements or impropriety. How about we start there? We've already walked through this in Lubbock and in seen it firsthand the appearance thereof. I'm not going to cast the gavel down on anybody. But how about the whole thing's rotten from the top to the bottom governor about we begin there. And how about you don't ridicule and ostracize publicly good faith citizens who come forward in say. Yeah, it's pay to play on Texas. Border region. So if it's if it's pay the play with the region's, why wouldn't it be paid to play on down the line? And then it's just the way I see it from the high plains of west, Texas. But there is a much larger problem. I would I would love to see the letters that were almost sent back to the governor. That say is much as what I've said here. And the whole thing stinks in the hole. Appointment process in Texas needs to change and not just regions. But with board members of every kind you got to be wealthy. You gotta be rich or he got to be retired in order to do anything in the state. And you know, I'll say that as much for the Lubbock city council. But I don't even want to delve into that this has to be a government that works for all people. And right now, simply is not and governor abbots letter though on some levels commendable is also on many levels laughable because it starts at the top. And it goes from there Steve pair is gonna be calling in momentarily in. We're going to talk about the vet school that the governor says that he is forced St Pierre is on the line. Now when the jump out to him executive editor of Amrullah matter Steve Kerr, how are you? I'm great. How are you? Busy day up in the panhandle. It has been really busy. But it's been a good one. And it looks like it's gonna rain. All this end rain is put will anybody die in a rain event. That's the question. I hope not I hope not is it just going to be rain. Or is it going to be fifty mile an hour winds that come with it? I, you know, I'm meteorologist. But I think it's just rain right now. It's fun. You can be a meteorologist on the radio. I'm on the columnists. I'm a political consultant, I'm a mall sorts of things on the radio, Steve. So you guys this morning with Amrullah matters. First of all tell us what Amrullah matters is. And then tell us what you've rolled out for support of the Texas proposed Texas Tech veterinarian school. Yeah. Emerald matter. It's a local group based in emerald low, of course, formed a couple years ago just to try to be on a look out for things that benefit Amarillo and this rounding. And the vet school certainly bits bits that. In fact, I think he'd been bits not only Amril in the surrounding area. But but west Texas in the state of we're really excited to be working on it. So you roll out the presser this morning in. We're right here. We're getting up to boiling point in the legislative session Tillis what the initiative is Steve. Yeah. Today, we launched a significant grassroots effort that will give people a way to stand up and say, hey, I support this project, and I see the need, and I want it to happen all through a new website unmet that demand dot com. There's online petition that we're asking people to go to go go to and sign again just to try to centralize that support and give everybody who supports the project sees that need an opportunity to voice that support. House response been so far. It's still early response has been good. You know, we've we've been doing media interviews all day. And and there are other the, you know, the full page just taking grasp, but I think it's going to be successful. And I think we'll see support through throughout the state, quite honestly, I think it's gonna be exciting. Yeah. Have you seen tickets into the background because you've been you've been out there? You seeing what's going on to the vet school? Give people. Let's let's come down to none. The five people are just getting in their cars wanna know what's going on with the vet school. What is the reality right now in what are you guys getting involved to help sway in this conversation about the need for a vet school another vet school in Texas? Yeah, I'll try to give you the thirty second version. You know, Amarillo, oh, we got plenty of time going and take a couple minutes. The city of enroll in private donors. We we've managed to secure about ninety million dollars to help build the actual facility. And so what tech has done is is there currently asking the legislature for just over seventeen million dollars to kinda fun the programs for the next couple of years. So you know, that's budget request in the legislative session, our delegation, Senator Seliger and Perry and our house delegation had just done an outstanding job down in Austin for us on our behalf and continue to work through that legislative process to get that money in the budget that that will really be another step forward to push in this project across the finish line fully funded in the house, but some thirteen million or so short in the Senate is that right? Yes there. So we saw full funding in the in the house based budget Bill that was released a shortly after the session. Started in the Senate side had the initial four million dollars that was allocated during the last session in there. So, you know, obviously, the challenges now to get that that Senate side up and and get funding in both of those bills and and the final budget, and then we take our next step. Steve is understand it and cry me of you think I'm wrong monitor standing is that the Texas. This will go to the Texas higher education coordinating board. Ultimately, there's there's a national group. But there's also the Texas higher education coordinating board. What the coordinating board is wanting to see is essentially what's been referred to them as program as a rounding error that thirteen million dollars the fully funded on the house and Senate side as the budget comes out of the legislature that they're going to win a see that in order to take action is that. Other. Is you agree with that way of thinking is new on some missing? You know, I can't speak to the coordinating board. You know, we haven't had just thought of discussions about that that right now, you know, at the end of the day, you hope everybody whether it'd be the coordinating board or or allow all our our lawmakers down in Austin, just see the knee. I mean, if you look at the facts, you know, our Texas students are having to lead the state who wanna go into that Bill to get their education coming back with with major debt loads, the knees across rural, Texas and beyond for large animal vets. I mean, if you look at the facts, the it is clear that there's a need for this at the end of the day. It's my hope that that that our elected leaders end the coordinating board see that. And we'll we'll help us bring this to to reality. Make it a reality. Steve's the name of the website again is one it's unmet demand dot com. Unmet demand dot com. Yes, sir. Yep. Absolutely. So it's up and running it makes signing the petition breeze. We hope people will do that share it on your Facebook Twitter, all those fun channels again. It's it's about it's about really bringing the support home for this and highlighting the need. And just how many people out there support the project? What else you got all the information about the project there on the website as well all the information on the project? There's a there's a link back to the official Texas techniques that school website. That's just loaded with great information as well. Again, it really just highlights the need, you know, it all comes back to Texas taking care of Texans. It's something that we've all done when our state season need we worked together to confront it. And make it a reality and address it, and I think that's what you're seeing here. And at the end of the day, I'm I'm very hopeful that that will have a vet school with right here at emerald. Steve TIMMY, something speaking of Amarillo for just a moment in the sod poodles ruckus, the new the new mascot rolled out last week. My twin boys turn ten on may the first. How do I get ruckus at my house? Can you line something I you know, I work on trying to get records at my house? Actually, it's funny. I'm trying to get tickets to the season season opener. They sold out. And I I don't have my tickets yet. Steve what what were you busy with? I I don't you know. I don't know. I guess probably the website got away from you the website. Yeah. When on Saturday morning to get them. And I was I was too late. They went they went past unmet demand. Gotta head of St. pair. Yes, sir. Unmet demand dot com. Well, I hope it was worth it money. You're going to be like week to week on Craigslist and EBay for your baseball tickets. Maybe I can sneak in maybe nobody'll notice think Rookus will notice. Tell us. So the idea is this thing is a legislature unfolds for people who don't pay a lot of attention to legislature, usually the house budget goes up about April one and then the Senate budget will follow then there's a conference committee. There's still a lot of time here on the clock. Even though we're halfway through the legislature. This is when the action McGinn, so some fold you're just hoping to get a bunch of people together Steve Kerr and emerald matters to mobilize them as budgets begin to come to fruition. Yeah. As budgets become too for free tuition, and again the legislative process just plays out. You know, it'll be over the end of may. But I think you're right. I think the next few weeks are critical. I think the house will take up the full budget pretty soon followed by by the the Senate version middle be hashed out. I in committee, and you know, I think I think, you know, a good show of support, you know, all built around just how needed to school is is a good thing. We just you know, every day we get calls from people saying, well, how can I help? What can I do? And this is a great first step. And once you you signed we'll keep you engaged, and and and up to date on the latest and let you know what else? What else you can do to help? Okay. So Dave on the text line asking. What's the hold up in the Senate was the house all the way there in the Senate is not what's the dynamic? You know, I'm not completely sure on that. But I tell you that Perry and and seller they're they're doing really good working through all that that you know, down in Austin. And I feel confident about about where we are. Okay. Well, unmet that demand dot com. Steve Pierre emerald matters preciado making time to come on. But now anytime think you're having us on and thanks for for for bringing a little attention to this again. I I think it's one of those things it's important to the state. It's not an emerald or a Lubbock thing is something that's needed by the state and the industry. So we appreciate all support that we've had whether it be from the community chambers. Various Agan industries. It's it's it's been very humbling. I've never seen west Texas work together on something like like we're coming together on this. And it's pretty awesome to watch. Well, we appreciate the time. See peer, and you can come on update us here in the next month. Or so sounds great. Jay, thanks for having us on. All right. Have a good day St. pair up and AMR Illo gonna get off with Steve and get back in a little quickie break-in to make. Over the money and come back in one talk to you about why Abilene Christian could knock off Kentucky. If you got Abilene Christian knocking off Kentucky in the first round. I do I do talk to you about that here in just a minute from the Fort Worth star telegram, stick right with us here on the other side of Texas. Asami made you sail. The looking searching for something that Steve appear about again this guy. Manny. On the program. Didn't get to share in tech. Sorry. Sharon Kaci too late on next. We get Steve Kerr on we can talk some more that school, but one of the switch gears right quick and go into. Abilene christian. In drawing Kentucky. The Mack Ingle who once called cliff Kingsbury coach, bro. And of discussed him before on the program says college basketball is full of wire traps wiretaps, excuse me frauds in indictments. So it's only appropriate that a Christian school from west Texas is here to say the incidentally tournament in after money Abilene Christian slaves. John Kella Perry and his merry band of im- BA Bohm's. Well, from Kentucky America will know in acknowledge the fighting Christians are the best team not just in west, Texas. But all of Texas may be America. You get the feeling that maybe Mack Ingle. Tries to write in such a way that it's kind of a multi of cocktail stall of writing the day's gonna blew the whole thing up and watch it burn. So what if Texas Tech this defeated acu about thirty four points that was last year? Take heed you have nuxie noxious followers from Kentucky Mack Ingle as a lot of followers from Kentucky. Apparently acu is coming to get you cal- in Ashley Judd to. Man. I didn't thought about actually judge in a long time. Know, I'm just gonna keep it. There Kentucky is a twenty one point five favorite to defeat. Abilene Christian university on Thursday night in the second round of the NCWA tournament. But ignore those idiots who set the betting lines u k is done. Coach Cal has never seen a squad like acu with the possible exception of NCWA investigators now he's just all in Mack. Ingle Evelyn Christian is the best story. The NC double A tournament has been eligible for this tournament for only two years. Features in enrollment of about thirty six hundred a coach who buys his suits off the rack on game days in the basketball team that kicked off two starters earlier this year because they violated some rules that would apply to a see you only. I guess they were tuned. Redman out behind the bus barn. That's Mon commentary. I don't know. What would happen today? See you acu is the reason why we love this Turney. And why the first Thursday Friday of insead ablaze are the best two days in sports on the calendar. Thursday Friday of this week or one of the last places when David out of the S W A C is on a neutral floor with Goliath from the ACC. Isn't. I don't know what conference Abilene Christians in. But isn't there in the SEC, right? Kentucky. Most of the chievements in championships won in two thousand nineteen will fade. You can't probably can't remember who won the title in two thousand eighteen but you'll never forget the true NB incidentally, upset and I'm not talking about our Ohio State over Washington. I'm talking about acu over Kentucky or a sixteen seed, Maryland, Baltimore County, blowing out talk seed per Mercer overdue p- brand-conscious Bradley over Kansas Norfolk state over Missouri. Coffin state defeating Iowa State. Look, I'm all for it. You know, I think it can happen. And I'm gonna fill out my bracket is so because he'll in looking incidentally brackets. It's kinda like listening to Lubbock radio. Gotta talk about national politics. I mean who really cares in the in focused more regionally, more locally. But I'll take me some Wildcats and big shout out. Jared Moser from lockney played it acu suffered several hands at the defeat are several defeats at the hands of the lockney Longhorn, jer Moser and all due respect to acu. I wish him the best especially since they're on the opposite side of the tournament. From the Texas Tech, red raiders and tickets are punched got them in the mail today will be there at the Bank Oklahoma center in Tulsa with dad, and we're gonna have a great Tom beat right there in the bleachers will be able to see us. I think down in the bleachers combine say Hello. And give us a good. When love the other side of Texas while year amongst us, and maybe we'll be taken up into more important places as tournament rolls around and people understand who's there on the floor. Yours. Yours truly I say that facetiously disapprove, folks. Listen show love meeting people who say love the show. And working on west Rappaport getting into the program going to talk about the latest in Austin and go to a quick break. Get west Rappaport on acu, I'm taking them in the Terni be right back. Couple minutes right here on the. Plane. Baddies? Castell? Brought you home you. Small businesses big in west Texas, fueled by special breed of entrepreneurs they so seeds of hog work in rely on each other to grow. They're all connected by common thread that creates the character of our community and they keep us moving forward. And no one brings small business together like first Bank and trust at Perth banking trust you get more than a Bank. You'd get a network of cost this entire community. Take a step with debate. That knows how to make small business a bigger deal. Daniel the digital millennial guru here. That's a mouthful, you know, my friends are getting married. 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Then this vague, welcome Mak in other side of Texas. What do you need real estate was what do you got what you need j Leeson hook you up self promotion shameless so promotion here industrial commercial residential, whatever you need he trust. What you hear on the program? Trust me to apply the same ethic and resolve in your place in what you need a six five four three one three one seven. He is west Rappaport of Nexstar Rappaport reports exclusively I'm sad exclusively. Don't correct me. Wes right here on the program Krisha coming on which been to with. Doing. Well. How are you? Doing really well. Getting ready for some some love girls basketball tonight. Grace Linda taken the floor, and we're gonna see how many rebounds she comes down with. Why we love that? We love Elsie you and seeing all the all the non Texas Tech team getting some time in the fought light. Every once in a while is that your thing. Well, I'm all about reading the love, you know. Yeah. Because the talk of the town right now is. Texas Tech probably has has good chances. Anybody going to the final four? Yeah. Anytime our friends on the cap rock get a chance to show their stuff. And and highlight the good work of the good people out there we like that. But you take Ebeling Christian in your bracket to knock off Kentucky. You know? That's that's gonna be a tough one j I think the think the Wildcats are looking squad and Christian gonna have their hand school Evelyn. Chris welcome. It's too. Are you talking about Kentucky? Or are you talking about the acu? Yeah. You know? I think Kentucky is the is obviously. Gonna be the team to beat there. But I'll never say never. Okay. So Tilson Abilene Christian's been known as the prize every once in a while right yum in the take him. Would you been working on? Today were actually working on a story about. Controlling the prison temperatures. And and what the temperatures are inside our Texas prison. Basically, there's a renewed effort from from former inmates and families who of loved ones who are incarcerated who are basically saying that that the state needs to do a more thorough job of of number one tracking temperatures inside prison and number two controlling the temperatures in prison. There's a couple of bills both on the house and Senate side that would that would require the Texas Department of criminal Justice to keep the temperatures inside the prison facilities between sixty five and eighty five degrees and the idea behind that the the Bill is between sixty five and eighty five. Yeah. The Bill would repent it's. Orit compromise. I would dime prison. I would absolutely it eighty five. I'm miserable. I would way like I would way how much she way with. I weigh gonna I'm I'll give you a one of thirty twenty thirty forty five ballpark in their one forty five. So I would wait one hundred and forty six pounds in prison if it were above eighty eighty five degrees every day. You know, and and part of that unpleasant experience that said, I think a lot of folks would would you know, are thinking about when it comes to the temperature thing is that they brought a sort of call it like a hot box like a mock del to the capital right outside the capitol grounds and invited the public and lawmakers legislative staff to come and they heat it up. Feel illness kinda wood box, and it's like a prison cell, and they heated up, and they want you to experience what they say. The conditions are like inside a Texas prison, particularly in in the summer. And so I went in there and try, and and you know, I can I can I can understand the arguments of the long term exposure to the heat you start to sweat a little bit kind of uncomfortable. It's it's not a pleasant experience. And and I you know, there's there's this other conversation that kind of comes into play here. Jay, which is people are queue, you know, that the people who are behind bars are there for a reason. And the sympathy factor is maybe not as strong as it. Could would should be there. And so, you know, there's there's this argument that will this person's behind bars don't they did something to put themselves there. So we should you know, this is kind of part of the punishment is being in this uncomfortable situation. And so we heard from from state Senator Jose Menendez who among other people have said, look, these people are paying their debt society. But that doesn't mean we treat them like trash, and if they're still are health and safety concerns when it comes to. The people who are are in prison. And there's a further conversation about you think it's uncomfortable for a prisoner or an inmate or an offender. Imagine being a corrections. Officer who's got all the gear, you know of best on long-sleeved. Sometimes they wearing a uniform that that in the right conditions can be also an unpleasant experience. And so because of do you have curriculum officers on the pro son of this Bill? Yes. And the we heard from from the president of the correctional employees union here in Texas who says, you know. Basically what good goose is good for the gander in. And that's sort of the way of saying, you know, the the air conditioning will goes a long way it goes all the way around it's not just the inmates. But it's also for the officers of the staff, and for some of these other people, so they're they're kind of broader conversation. It's going to cost with well. And that's the big question. Mark here. Jay is is there at least. On the record it, you know, as the bills have been filed. There is no financial analysis in put out by the legislative budget board on this yet. And and Representative James white who chairs the house corrections committee says that he's not even sure that TDC Jay has been asked what it's going to cost to provide the adequate conditions this acquire -ment here. And so, you know, he says we should be asking this question. We should be asking that the the heads at TD J. What is this going to cost? What are the resources that you need in order for this to happen before he before he's you know, gung ho with with mil legislation? Like there's going through the couple of things one. Appreciate James white listening to the show regularly. That's the one hope to hear from him on this Texan is there have they provided any sort of quantitative quantified data that are qualitative data that better temperatures insure better behavior. Well, that's certainly part of the conversation that there is you know, anytime anytime you and I both get a little hot onto the collar. You know, tempers flare and conditions. You know, it's just it's. Part of it is if I'm in a position with where I'm about to drop to your body weight in syllabi, six three. Yeah. There's gonna be some there's gonna be some heat under the collar, I promise. But no, you're not gonna be. You're not gonna be too happy about that. I imagine. And and your bureau ready behind bars for a reason. And so you know, it it kind of perfect storm there. And so they're they're certainly part of the conversation. Here is is trying to to keep tempers from flaring, just as much as we're trying to keep temperatures. Yeah. Yeah. I'm sitting here and it sixty nine degrees in studio. And I'm getting agitated, but let me say this to that. Here's the secret with Jill jobs, is that nobody wants to do jobs in can't imagine retrofitting prisons in jails to just simply in the institute between the floors and all tests have to be done in your round in Leeds. It just seems like a long I appreciate. It seems to be a noble cause. But I don't know how realistic it is that we're going to go in and retrofit correction centers to be, you know, seventy five degrees. Well, and and that's what that's what Representative light said as well. He said look. Let's say we put this thing in place. And we're requiring everybody to check a box. However, many times a day the temperature is a certain temperature. And he said, you know, I guarantee you I'll get a phone call that it's higher than eighty five degrees. In in one of these facilities at some point during Texas summer. You know, you said it's been hot since eighteen fifty or something, you know, he said fixes prisons have been hot for forever. You know 'cause it's hot in the summer. So do you understand what I'm saying to that to run ducked into run new h avec, absolutely? I don't even know how manageable that is. But anyway, so what's going on in the school thing? Let's let's cross over for give you a couple of minutes here. What's going on in the school Bill on the house? I'd in is this gonna be the big Armageddon between the house and the Senate in this session. Well, the house their version of school finance reform Bill through committee. So once it it pending assignment from calendars committee, it'll head to the floor, and and do the one, you know, several minor changes from the original version, but the, but the main change is that the it's been stripped of the merit based pay component. And that's because since the pros. Well, it's because he teach your groups don't want it to be don't want pay to be tied to like student performance into the star test kind of is it because they're in like this new world order were you don't know where kids are coming from and your working off the same baseline. That's that's ondra. Standing is not. Kid comes from the same home. It's not as monolithic as it once was. Well, yeah. I mean there there are. You know, the like, for example, the Texas American federation of teachers says, you know, that the that it appreciate. The house leadership responding to these concern, and that this merit based pay idea and the rejection of this idea shows that. That this this relationship that that been sort of a societas with? Okay. So the students do well. And so that way that is based on this standard that were setting that means that the teacher gets a bonus or the teacher gets. And so the teachers are saying, you know, it shouldn't matter what what is each student performance. Kind of gets involved here. And and, you know, for the simple reason that I think you're onto something they're j that that, you know, every student has a different background every student has a different learning experience. I mean, I learned so differently from other students in my when I was going to school, and I learned similar, you know, everybody has a different experience while they're going through, you know, education, and I'm still learning. I mean, we're all still learning and west are still in school. So, you know, it's still this just because I get an Arab or a C just because I of my performance on the star test shouldn't necessarily be tied to to my teacher getting a you know being able to provide for for his or her family. And so I think that's kind of the root of this argument. I don't know how teachers to side what kids are going to be in their classrooms one day. That'd be a really interesting story that you should do one day. So that I don't have to do it. But I know. No, this that if it were merit based pay in elementary junior high and high school. I would have been selected like in the fourteenth round maybe thirtieth round in. No can't have my my paycheck tied up to that leasing kid because I wasn't a good learner at that level. But I guess we're just both making the same point there. Wes. Well, and and then you you you've got this. On the Senate side, this five thousand dollars across the board raise that it in one way solves that problem. But in other ways, create. Other one one time five thousand just it's baloney. And you don't even have to comment on it. Let me just refer. It's absolute horsecrap in. It's just gonna go this one time in it's a God who learned his lesson in the last election that being Lieutenant governor, and please make it go away. Let's just give them some money. Like, I said you don't have to come in on that. What are you working on for this week next week? We are. Right. I'm I'm getting over a cough is actually what I think you think too much during south southwest with. You know, I I managed to to do just just enough of the south by south west action to to check off all the boxes and and say away from the traffic. But now, we're, yeah, we're all of us in Austin are recovering from south by and all the crowds. And we I've got a story in the work. Not sure which actually when it's going to come out, but be on the lookout for it little conversation with them. Land Commissioner George p Bush. We we talked briefly about this this top Texan tournament. So we had a little bit of fun. There's this tournament that the that the general land office organizes every year, it's a four years running now, and basically is is the college playoff racket styles tournament, but you replace your favorite team with the important Texas historical figures, so you've got your Steven Austin. And you're saying Huston, and you've got your your Barbara, Jordan. And you're you're an Richard. Then you've also got like George strait up against Willie Nelson like Janice Joplin and Selena. So it it it's a fun mix of of your of encouraging Texans to learn about important figures in state history. But also, the there's some bragging rights. Involved. And I think you don't fun fact for us. We saw off your Wes. Barbara Jordan in Bob bullet couldn't stand one another. But guess who are buried next to one another about that? Yeah. There you go. There you go. That good. I'm talking to George people. And we talk about some other stuff some hurricane Harvey update the Alamo, and and how families doing after a kind of a rough year for the Bush family with the loss of Georgia are Briscoe. We're we're we're doing a little check in with with land Commissioner, and so you can look that coming up soon. Okay. Don't keep my Spence up. Did I make the filled sixty four in my one of the great Texans. You're a great Texan and all of our hearts, but you're not on the brackets didn't make to sixty maybe play in game. Maybe playing game me and Dan Patrick. All right. Appreciate who. Wis? Always as always good to talk with you. Likewise, stuck at the entire buddy tomorrow on the program gonna have Ross Ramsey, and then our friend might bizarre bizarre solutions coming up in. Appreciate you taking time to listen to the program, you always catches on the podcasts anywhere. You can find a podcast, even if you had to Google podcast, you go to whatever comes up in whether that be anchor apple I tunes or whatever the case might be Android. Google play. You can find every dish in of this program there on the podcast. Lot's people listen pre sheet, Hugh, listening whenever fashion informed gonna get home guy to get home. Grace, Linda, it's taken the floor tonight. We're going to see if she can get at least, seven rebounds. That's our goal for tonight in then to go back up if she. Hits. The she gets the. If she gets the rebound on her team side of the the floor if she gets her own rebound. She just needs to go back up. And that's what we need her to do tonight. So we're going to get home get home go to the ball game. And until next time, but he's avid good monologue for you tomorrow to place that you thought I might not ever go in that little accolades to Senator Charles Perry. Keep you tune in for that tomorrow on the program until next time ray-ban bunnies. Ray-ban? We'll see right here. Next time right here on these other suds of. Sam. Two.

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