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Here are the highlights from the latest episode of free talk live visit freetalklive dot com for the full episode so a cleric in the iranian regime told his followers that the covid nineteen vaccination turns people into homosexuals which is punishable by death and iran. I a- tola. i think. That's the top cleric in iran. If i recall correctly a boss to brazilian the outrageous claims tuesday on the social media platform telegram. According to the jerusalem post he said don't go near those who have had the covid vaccination they have become homosexuals to breezy in who lives in the religious capital of kwame and whose followers referred to him as ayatollah has a history of promoting bigotry and false information about western medicine last year to tell. The -tarian burned harrison's manual of medicine in a videotape ceremony claiming that islamic medicine had made such books relevant according to a radio free europe radio liberty broadcasts service like other clerics in the region also to brazilian relates. This is clearly translated. He relates all of these shortcomings to sexuality said a dissident. The clerics in iran are suffering from a lack of knowledge and humanity. Actually his goal is spreading nonsense to try to scare people out of getting vaccinated while the leader of the regime and other officials got the pfizer vaccination and they don't provide it to the people with the excuse that they don't trust the west so the regime leaders got the vaccine. But they're also saying it makes you gay. It's not that different from donald trump and some of the extravagant claims that he's made but americans won't see that what does he would extravagant claims. Just curious off the of my head right okay. But he has certainly made extravagant claims that scare people to death though where he hasn't said no absolutely not. I mean that's not an extravagant claim. That's a grotesque abomination of state. Extravagant claim would be something like. Oh yeah we didn't land on the moon or whatever you know just something. Nonsensical that trump believes mean. He was reach winning some cunanan people at some point so he certainly made some ridiculous allegation. And i gotta say. I miss trump's tweets. I don't think thing okay. He was entertaining. Yeah and joe biden so far has not been entertainingly. I don't care about what they're doing in dc. But i am curious. Like what would trump be saying right now if he still had access to social media about apparently they're like putting him on trial now in the senate so that whole part of the impeachment procedure has begun so unlike. We don't get to hear what he has to say. His lawyer came out and said that he's not getting due process. So we know be saying that. I think that there was a story a long time ago. I mean i. I recall several years ago. Hearing that tesla at least some dealers were accepting it really. So even if the mother company wasn't accepting at the time. I think there was some of the dealers that were well. Hopefully we'll see more and you know chevrolet and all of these other companies beginning to accept crypto-currency. Hey maybe even mcdonalds one day will accept bitcoin. You know i mean you pay pal just came on board late last year. Tesla coming on board tesla's one of the top five corporations in the united states as far as their market cap is so that's bigger than walmart. Tesla's says they're gonna take crypto. That is actually. I mean it's it's not big in the same way in that wal got more locations and more people work for it and that sort of thing but as far as a major company accepting bitcoin. That's probably the largest announcement we've seen so far excellent. I hope it only continues because it's only going to drive the value of bitcoin up because it's becoming more and more useful it is even though it's not that useful in general because we're to buy a fifty thousand dollar car a fifty dollar transaction fee. Isn't that big deal. Yeah no doubt about that. But it's it's still disappointing to see how just expensive these transaction fees are. They were twenty dollars yesterday on bitcoin for next for the what they call the next block which for listeners. That don't know that's to get your bitcoin transaction processed and confirmed within the next ten minutes or so. That's what it costs. Twenty is not steve. Were they going up in pro popularity. Does that mean that. The fees might go lower get higher. They're going to likely get higher. I was mentioning earlier in bundy. Is the son of cliven bundy. Or one of the sons of cliven bundy. That was in the news. Most of the decade ago for having a standoff with the federal government over the bureau of land management then a few years later ammon bundy and some of his crew went and took over the mal. Heure federal wildlife refuge of these events were years at oregon. yes we're years. Apart of believers twenty sixteen when they did them all your wildlife refuge takeover that actually resulted in one man being shot to death by the police in that particular situation and it was fairly dramatic and pretty interesting outrageous. What went on then so. We don't follow the bundy family very closely. But from what. I've heard of them. They sound at least occasionally like fairly principled. Libertarians they support Black lives matter and other cool teens. Code expect principled people to support good to know. I'm glad to hear that Now i don't follow them closely either but i. I am aware that they've been active in this sort of anti masking pro freedom facial freedom. Whatever you wanna call it movement and now the los angeles times is reporting out of idaho which may be where. He's based these days two dozen demonstrators pressed against the emergency room doors screaming to be let in show us a law. They chanted let grandma out one shouted. They had descended on legacy salmon. Creek medical center in vancouver washington the evening of the twenty ninth to protest the quarantine of gail meyer. Seventy four year old patient. They drag the groups like this through the mud as much as they possibly can because they don't wanna actually talk to them and ask them questions they don't want to actually give this guy the opportunity to express himself because the l. a. times like most media outlets is one hundred percent favor of the state sure and whatever the state decree religious actors whatever the state religion decrees which is you know wear a mask respect authorities and that's not what the bundy's are known for or any of these militia groups the existence of these militia groups has always been stated to be to defend ourselves from aggression by the government. I don't think anyone has ever suggested there for anything else. And i don't know if people's rights is particularly a militia group. Exactly i sounds like it's a protest organization. That's way it sounds. I don't know if you've pulled up their website idea but you have to join over in order to access just about anything. I'm going to pull it up on my phone and take a look at. They do have a telegram. So there's that we have the potential for multiple malheur in multiple states in that any moment they could bring hardened far right. Activists often heavily armed into any one event this according to devin burghart the executive director for the institute for research and education on human rights. So they really don't like the idea that these people are armed number one. That really seems to scare these folks. I imagine it would scare the time you spend. It doesn't give me any pause whatsoever. I feel safer when people around me are heavily armed indeed especially if they know what they're doing i did look into the people rights organization and sadly it doesn't seem that they use an app. It looks like they just use a web interface. Oh so it's all done on as reporting where to gather and what's happening. It's cool that there are at now five people in southwestern new hampshire who have signed up really and they're very privacy friendly you have to have signal in order to receive your code to create your account neat and they have a telegram which is always good and i. It's got a messaging system than i have looked into the is supposedly encrypted as well just two other user so i have to say so far. I'm impressed and it sounds like if they want an app they should contact nobody and find a way of implementing cell phone one into this. I know that nobody are co host. Had had the intention of reaching out to that group. So i don't know what status he has reached out to them. I think he wants the app to be like in a usable state. 'cause we inherited for listeners. That don't know cell phone. One is after it was created. Probably like twenty fifteen by actually a listener. Freetalklive virgil the duva and he did an amazing job at making this great little simple easy to use emergency alerts app where you can have your friends. Get the app and then You can all sort of create what they call cells. These aren't terrorist cells there. Peace peace sells going on here. He said he never supported. President trump and he didn't vote in the last two presidential elections in two thousand sixteen. He was in prison awaiting trial in this past november. He didn't see a point. So i mean obviously. He's not your typical. If he's a conservative he ain't. Your typical is definitely closer to libertarian. Based on everything i've seen. He has conservative in contending the twenty or the kobe nineteen death. Toll is massively exaggerated. he said. That trump should've worked harder to keep churches and businesses open nonetheless. He encouraged his followers to go to washington for the now infamous january sixth rally to distribute leaflets and display people's rights banners to recruit more members. He did say that. He condemned the siege on the capital. Was that because it was pointless and it didn't achieve anything or is was some some angry republicans role playing as protesters. Apparently he was also arrested. According to a photograph here in this article in the idaho state house in boise on august twenty six th of last year was arrested and wheeled out in an office chair or what appears to be a wheelchair here so maybe doing a little civil disobedience. It looked like not sure what that was about. Bundy is carrying out a family tradition. He is the fourth of fourteen children in a mormon family. Grew up on a nevada ranch. Seventy four year old father cliven became a hero to extreme libertarians. In the west wing. Extreme libertarian that just sounds cool when they say it like that. Bundy was arrested during a traffic. Stop outside of the refuge and eventually tried on weapons and conspiracy charges a militant who fled. The stop was shot and killed the name. Forget what it was offhand. But they're just referring to him as a militant it by the man who fled. The stop was not a danger to anyone. He did not shoot at anyone but the cops murdered him right there for running away. That's correct in a startling verdict. In october of two thousand sixteen bundy and other defendants were acquitted by jurors who found the federal prosecutors had failed to make their case. Wow yeah it was an amazing Verdict a series of verdicts more than one documentary about this because it sounds like something. I'd wanna want a good question. I don't know the families. Aura of invincibility only grew when a judge declared a mistrial criminal conspiracy case against bundy his brother ryan who we interviewed and their father. For the two thousand fourteen nevada ranch standoff saying government lawyers had suppressed evidence the cattle outside of bunkerville nevada continue to graze on public land despite more than one million in unpaid fees bundy kept a low profile back in idaho where he managed rental properties and restored vintage vehicles with his children but the pandemic and resistance to the government telling people what to do set the stage for his return to activism. I love you can't keep a good activist down. You know once you've once you've stood up for freedom you don't ever want to cower again. Yeah once you've told the state no you want to keep telling it. No that's right. These government bureaucrats think that they should just be able to keep their jobs separate from their home lives. They think that we should respect the idea that they should have privacy and their family lives in their personal homes and so on that they're off duty after five o'clock in the afternoon i will allow that if they're laws will stop going into effect when they're at home right when they're like. Oh no. i'm not the governor. Now i'm just chilling with my family. Now okay then you're laws. Don't apply right now. Yeah as soon as they stop arresting people in their homes as soon as they stop ruining people's lives by arresting peaceful people for not harming others than i will respect them. Leave him alone in their home. Stand near people's homes just when they get a piece of paper from themselves saying that it's okay correct. Yeah man in a robe writes a piece of paper and then men with guns come in and ruin people's lives shoot. Dogs shoot innocent peaceful people into cribs. They shoot cats. I just look that up since you're here or are they basically cats to what possible threat is a cat to a human being well. They've shot caged dogs before. So i mean what possible threat could that have been. I'm not any more. The more this discussion goes on so people's rights continued to expand establishing hundreds of chapters that bundy organized with the aim of being able to dispatch ten protesters to a seen in ten minutes. One hundred in one hundred minutes two thousand one thousand minutes. Hey daily digest listeners. This is rally blake. I enjoy free. Talk live but i know you do too but finding time to listen to an entire episode isn't always easy so i produced the daily digest. I appreciate those of you who have supported me on patriotic and sent bitcoin to me to thank me for producing these digests for those who wish to support me on patriotic visit patriot dot com slash c. Art blake eight sex if he wished to send bitcoin visit patriot. Dot com slash. Cr blake eight six for those details. That's patriot dot com slash. Cr blake eight six. Thank you i Heard earlier today. That That particularly i mean the most insane people in my opinion. And i've been called about this for over your on. How insane the less has been becoming. They're really angry that beat tampa bay buccaneers Beat the kansas city chiefs over the weekend and not because not because they like the not because they are the better team not because they Support the oxyde in any in any measurable amount more than than the kansas city chiefs. But only because tom. who is the quarterback. I guess who who i guess. Some point got traded to the buccaneers Because he's white and and the quarterback for the chiefs is black and they're mad that the white quarterback beat the black quarterback. They're really offended about. Where are you seeing this. I haven't seen this well well. There's there's a twitter storm. That's been kicking up Among some of the blue checkmark book politics morons out there Including commentators like lisa hendricks and michael smith michael. Highly the end of the nfl. Any of these people are. I wouldn't say that this reflects on all leftists just seems like you saw some crazy people talking on twitter. Presumably there's black and white people on both teams. You read off some names from people that i've never heard of who sounds like they're saying some pretty stupid things. If you want to find morons on twitter just search for double masking plenty there. I think it's more interesting. Nobody's wearing masks in tampa all the sudden. I have a friend from and she lived in italy of twenty twenty but she just moved to florida and she put posted a video of herself at at like a club or a bar in tampa like the night of the super bowl in. She was panning around the room. It was just a bunch of young people all really close reach other dancing and talking and drinking and none of them like there was like one mask and the entire video i i. I was stunned when i saw the ending of the super bowl. Because it watch it at work and the number of people not wearing masks in their boots and they mingled and they you know celebrated with people after the game. It was encouraging to see so few people wearing masks. I remember remarking at that moment. I bet this is already going viral on twitter from people complaining about the fact that they're not wearing masks. That's what i expect people to be upset about. Not the fact that tom brady is white and the other guy was black. That is of no consequence whatsoever. Except to people who obsessive race and people who obsess over people who obsess over race. Yeah i'm just rolling through here looking at people talking about Double masking and how proud they are about it. Definitely virtue signaling. Our money explains this rather well as you found. Yeah then was the one who suggested searching for double masking in the first place and he points out on his twitter which is at vr mani. He says that double masking is a thing. Helps you understand that you are dealing with a religious phenomenon. When masks become mandated as they are in a lot of the united states right now and elsewhere in the world wearing a mask is no longer a signal of church of woke membership therefore the second mask must be added to signal willing participation. And indeed when you see the people with the double masks what you'll see in a lot of cases is that they will purposely wear contrasting masks so they'll have like a white mask and then over overtop or over top of a black mask or vice versa or something like that that way. You know that they're wearing masks. does it. Make it clear right because if they were wearing to the exact same type of mask. You'd have to look carefully. You'd have to really look at them to see if they were wearing masks but many might not know how much they care right. So it's important for them to signal that and Yeah so this person on twitter. Says i can't believe some of y'all aren't triple masking. Yes and this is the these are people being totally serious. I've always been double masking sometimes. Even triple masking. i prefer no masking about. They weren't about they've just been doing more mask and they're like always been triple asking last month at the hospital protests in vancouver washington kelly stuart the people's rights coordinator for the area narrated a livestream video bundy's youtube account that ultimately attracted more than seventy thousand views. The video shows a protester trying to pry open the locked. Double doors and a deputy sprang chemical irritant in his face. The protesters cheered when the hospital released. Meyer whose tearful daughter wheeled her out and helped her into a van freedom. A man yelled stewart. A longtime bundy compatriot berated law enforcement for siding with the hospital instead of protesters. She said that right wing activists who joined back the blue rallies last summer waved american flags with blue lines had been duped quote. We're starting to learn your actually the standing army. Our founders warned us against there just dangerous targets. She said we're having a blue line flag burning party tonight better late than never for sure. I love the say. Credit credit. To richard reid the author here. That's a great way to end. That story That stand that's the ending that they're going to burn the blue line flags that's awesome idea. Either but i don't want to encourage the blue line. Flag people buying them in order to burn them similarly. They already had them. There was a fella named watch was canadian. Dug in deep in history and All this huxley and those fellas and the brainwashing. The the media. The sports is intended to be a distraction talking about nineteen eighty-four. That would be brave. You know similar allen. Watch for canadian. And he used to have a website and then he went over to england and read the history books. The books not on the computer read the books Alan watts kim. Delic guy i mean. Isn't alan watts like a psychedelic Sort of in the background there mike. It's the same. It's the same name but a different person. Different guy okay. Well there's no doubt that the sports is definitely the part of the bread and circuses right to keep people distracted and keep the big. I don't know about that being the sole purpose on that means it's good to have some things that distract you from your daily life now and then. I talked to jeremy from library over this weekend. They had the porcupine day festivities in new hampshire on saturday. Actually bonnie and i both went to. I took the night off from the show to go to this. This was the five year celebration at the free state. Project held to sort of call a closed their five-year move window because that started in february of two thousand sixteen. So it is now. That doesn't mean the free state project is is over to continue recruiting people to to migrate here. As as i think that they should do. I used to think that they should shut down. But they convinced They pretty persuasive that they've been doing really well in the last couple of years. Anyway jeremy Kaufman who's the founder of library. Which is a decentralized blockchain based video hosting service which is an awesome thing by the way l. d. r. y. dot com. He was there. And i did speak with him. They are in the testing process of doing streaming library. And so we're sort of on the shortlist of shows that they they may be coming to win. Get kicked off right. I would hope that they wouldn't kick us off because they came to us a long time ago about librarian. Free talk live on librarian free keen on library so it seems like a no brainer that we should also be streaming to To their new website. Which is called odyssey o. D. y. s. e. It's tough out there for a lot of radio station owners. Although it's probably even tougher for the big mega corporations because they already had huge debt loads that their companies were struggling to pay off prior to it they already companies like iheartmedia which used to be known as clear channel and cumulus media these two of the largest companies in america both of them have gone through bankruptcy proceedings in the last several years last few years as the government gives them money to stay alive. That's a good question honestly. I haven't heard about that happening. It wouldn't surprise me if they have for whatever reason. I haven't seen the news on that. The mentions that at some point it says they filed for bankruptcy protection or something. I don't know exactly what that means but it probably has a help. Talk media that for the last year. One of the only things that we've really had to talk about has been the pandemic otherwise news has been extraordinarily slow throughout the last year. I hate it and people are probably sick of talking about it. Sick of hearing about it. i know it. Daily commutes have been disrupted by. Stay at home orders and then you work from home. Culture wiping out part of radios lucrative quote drivetime audiences unclear whether those listeners will return after the pandemic subsides and traffic jams return. Yes that is true. I saw the numbers about That npr was publishing that their radio listenership dropped by twenty five percent. Facebook they. They are really in a decline these days man. I've looked at the calculator during thing but since the first ban in october not the ipad but the abandoned october shortly after the news about my campaign went viral. I have been unbanned exactly thirteen days. Are you being right now. Yes what's the latest one for This time i don't know man. I mentioned something about bitcoin. Okay and i put hashtag bitcoin and then to be safe. You would think eli. Musk can do it then. Suddenly i got banned for a within seconds got banned for a posted i had made on december the fourth more than a month before So i don't know about. I don't recall okay but that's suspicious. The last time. I was banned. It was because of something related to bitcoin and immediately afterward. I got hit with another thirty day ban. So it's it's hard to even be upset. Hey you can just do other things with your time. I never used facebook much anyway. Because every time i post i ended up getting bad no matter what it is that i posted stupid. I don't know why i keep doing it. Except it's such a miniscule thing to me that hey if it works might as well say something there and then have just like being abused i. i don't know not buy into so the financial pressures on humulus. Iheart make them unlikely to invest in the one thing that might save political talk radio local personalities. I tend to agree. I think the best thing they could do to save talk radio would be to actually stop censoring people to actually created a platform that is known for being friendly to free speech and letting people speak their actual opinions. We do that here we do. But we're one of the only ones who do have and we're not run by cumulus and iheartradio recently. Hold on i wanna give credit where credit's due. We are heard on cumulus in iheartmedia stations. So i mean they're not the majority of the stations that were heard on but we are heard on several of them. Sure so that's good. We're not owned by them. In the sense that and because cumulus was in the news recently for telling its talk show hosts that they were not allowed to say. Stop the steel on the air right. And so that was like the first time in my history of working in radio where i've ever heard a corporation coming down and telling its talk show host that they cannot cover a certain subject. That's pretty scary stuff. So it's been noted that sports talk. Radio has fared relatively well with hometown personalities. Yacking about local teams but hiring. Local hosts is an expensive proposition. You just heard highlights from the latest episode of free talk live you can download full episodes. Subscribe to our podcast. Listen live and war. All for free at freetalklive dot com.

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