and Raquel Leviss


Hey all you cool cats and kittens. It's Lila can't with around with. We have a super dope guest today. She is poised. She is elegant and she is a gangster when it comes to taking the wrath of La can't her name is Raquel motherfucking. How I got to tell you the reason I'm excited by having Raquel on is the fact you to have all this stuff going on about whatever to go at it or whatever whatever and she is the sweetest human and you have the biggest heart in the world. So I don't understand any of this shit but I am excited to have her because I don't recall that well I know obviously just saying hi at different things yeah totally. I'm excited to get to know her because she's always so nice to me so genuine so and I'm sure you too. We'll talk and we'll hear that part of it but yeah I. I'm just glad you tour are talking in friends. And whatever was we'll we'll get into but I gotta tell you Raquel you know there's a lot of people on your show a lot of different personalities and Raquel from day one no matter what has been going on behind so so sweet so let me ask you a question This Lala Randall. Soon to be Mrs Lawa seem to be. We're in we're in quarantine here on week. Three hundred. Yeah it's getting it's getting. Oh Am I right to say that when we first got into quarantine? I had just gotten home so you already a weekend. Yes I got home day one. I think I wanted to full depression. Like what is going on. What just happened and you already had been in like a week. We to as like bouncing off the walls going nuts renting. Rv's you know going our house in Palm Springs Blah Blah Blah. You were happy as a clam. I saw you drawing every day. You have four hundred coloring books here in front of us right here you've got lizard. You're drawing you've got. I don't know you've got states and countries you were having the time of your life. Yes not only. Were you coloring them? We built our. We extend our pickle ball court right and now we've been blamed pickle ball that's been awesome totally so professional colors professional pickle ball player swimmer. Step mom everything and you have been the best attitude and I've been in it like the even pms while in Corinth okay. That was a rough as that. But we made it through all that and you kept a great attitude totally yesterday yesterday. Yeah I feel like you hit the wall. Yeah I'm hitting a wall today today. Only color give myself so many facials before I wanNA shoot everybody okay. I'm looking at you at least you're admitting it because you have had the most positive attitude maybe to you everyday. I've been has antisocial so for me it's like Oh don't leave your houses I'm like are you weeks of no jim three weeks of not seeing any friends any of your friends. Yeah is takes a toll. Yeah I mean all of my friends are homebodies so like if we don't see each other for a minute like at least we text and whatnot. The Gym is killing me. Jim Is Jim sets the tone for my whole day and I wanna Tell People. People don't know this so normally our schedule is we wake talked about this. We did we have so. You're me repeat it. I would prefer to talk about something different if we've already spoken about trauma repeater though okay. Okay but going backwards just saying when you go to the gym. It is your first win to the day after your calls. Yes and I've told people a hundred times. If I don't have a trainer I am not working out. My ass is getting flat. I've lost weight. You have lots wait. Is that a bad thing. I mean you're skinny already people they're like. Oh that's great me. I want thick thick asks. And I don't WanNa frigging thigh gap you know. I'm trying to be thicky thick pitch over here. Which is why. Yeah so I squatted lot. It's why eat a lot but I think it's because Jenna works my ass out so hard. It's my body is like meeting fuel all the time. I just want to preface whatever however you say your look right now I you look stunning thank you. I think you look beautiful every day. And that is the truth and you know. I say that they link you but what I do want to say is. We've hit this wall bonus. Yeah and we're looking outside. It's pouring rain right now and we're just like you know when does it and and we don't like him in the walking dead kind of yes like this is our. This is our base camp and the kids are the walkers because there's stuck at home all day everybody stuck. Are we hear them coming up the stairs? La La La La. I'm lake. Don't get people who don't a lot of people who listen. I have kids and but people don't have kids. Let me just tell you? I love being people that have kids know exactly what we're got from tyrod but I'm trying to tell the people that don't so people who don't have children who are young. You know words Avenue kids yet or whatever you know you love your kids and you love every minute with people no I love Riley in London obsessively Soda. You used by. But here's the thing when they don't go to school and you have to try to be creative in your home. You can only color so much. You can only play Jenga so much you can only play hide and seek swim pickle. You can run them into the ground Zoltan. Yes before your run into the ground by frigging three o'clock but you know so so so we face that and I just think look. I think we're halfway through this quarantine. I think we're starting to head towards the other side. I've read a lot of articles that say the curve is starting to happen. The numbers are lower than they thought. Look we don't know yet but I am optimistic. Avoid the news I duNno shit. I know but I'm optimistic seeing a lot of headlines lately that seem like they're going in the right direction so knock on wood hopefully now is my mother has put two baskets in the entryway one full of masks one full of gloves and another full of Lysol and that means obviously were stepping our game up. You can't come in the house without those and you can't leave the house without those clearly. This shit is popping off it. It's not but at the same time right now. We're in a real serious locked down this week. And they're saying that hopefully we'll hit our peak but having said that it does make me think about like when this quarantines over when we go back to work we go back to our lives or whatever. Version the appreciation. I'M GONNA have for traffic. I telling you when I get in traffic to go to the office. I'm going to be like thank God. I could go to the office so I just think people are going to be. I hope more tolerant and appreciative of the small things in life that we used to take for granted right like I used to sit there and be like I have to go to like you know a meeting today. Do you know how much money I would give to go to a meeting instead of the. Here's the zoom link and by the way not only are you asking me to log into something. I'm technologically challenged. But you're asking me to get ready to sit at home in front of a computer. It's tough it's tough and I'll tell you and for you I gotTa give you a lot of credit to stay. You've stayed sober. You have done your homework with your sponsor and I'm sure for a lot of people who fight addiction. Having to be quarantined not be able to drive to their typical weekly meeting that some people have been going twenty years in for twenty years some of these people or thirty years of been sober going to the same weekly meeting the same routine. I give a lot of people a lot of credit right now for for fighting to stay sober and staying the course because you know it's it's already tough enough. I'm sure to stay sober but the stay sober in your house. I'm really happy that you brought that up because I feel like everyone. Is You know so consumed with getting sick and getting this virus. And what do we do to prevent getting it that we have to think about the fact that my people my fellow alcoholics and addicts? Don't get to go to meetings. That are keeping them sober. They're having to do the work on their own calling their sponsor but they don't have they don't have an most people don't know this just getting in the car to go to a meeting is keeping people sober and they don't have that anymore by the way. Have to log onto a computer and I get it. It's like okay. Well they still have the meeting but it's different. It is different so I give so many people that have been going to those meetings for ten twenty years that they're still fucking fighting for their sobriety. Those are the people that inspire me and I want a second that it just when I've gone to your the meetings with you to support you watching the speakers and the inspiration and kind of the community that comes around you watching the love that you get a being sober in the celebratory and when I went to your one year watch I speak like that I get it. I get it and not have that right up for you not to be able to get the car and say I'm having a Shitty two days I you know I'm stressed is sh like everybody else in the world going to go to my meeting and talk it out. You can't do that. You're there are people that have been going to the WHO've been sober for like forty plus years and they go to a meeting you look in the corner and they're like falling asleep and it's like but they went to the waiting in the car and they went to their meeting exactly the point you to the meeting and it doesn't matter and maybe that week they were falling asleep at the next week. They needed the meeting. Saying is that people take out. It's like Oh but you can still tune in. It's like but you don't understand the power of getting into your car and driving to that meeting. That's what I'm saying and I I give you so much respect. I tell you this all the time your biggest accomplishment and when I have gone to meetings with you to support you yeah watching you just you know. Every time you came out of a meeting that I was with you at you were like you like floating cherish exactly for you not to have that and have to do it on the phone and zoom look. I've been doing meetings or meet ups with my friends. You know that kind of stuff on the zoom. Yeah it's not the same. It's the same. It's it's good. It's something it's better than nothing but it's not the same. I that one meeting we went to at that amazing speaker We're place down by the four. Oh five whatever speaker and we're both blown away I do. You can't get that same thing less. You're sitting twenty feet from the person so allow to you. Everybody out there whose whose staying sober I give all of you. Such amazing respect because you know. I know I need to drink even moral during these time so I take more baths said a foreign damn taking a six so I if the drought problem I'm single handedly responsible for it okay. Well I'm fine with that. I want to say I am excited about our next guest. I am excited that you and her are on such a good path and I think that I'm excited to get to know a lot about her so I think we should. 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Listeners will get ten percent off their first month with Discount Code. Gtl that's better help dot com slash GTO. Why not get help better help dot com slash? Gtl and we are back with the guest. That I have been really excited about. We've had some rocky times. But she she was like really open to be on our podcast. We have the beautiful Raquel Levin. Probably a Rick Al I am. I got out of say you are awesome and just so cool to just come on here and I know that you in Lala had some Bandra pomp drama. But you know what that's behind us and I just want people to get to know you because you know. I don't know you that well but I know James obviously for a long time now and. I just think that I can't tell you how excited I am for you to be here and for me and everybody to kind of get to know a lot more about you so. I just want to thank you amazing. Thank you now. I'm excited to be here talking to you guys too so you said earlier like you get you. Get nervous doing podcasts. And you know last year during the reunion you have told us that you struggle or have struggled with anxiety and things like that. What is it like for you coming on? You know you you met James and then you just became a personality on reality TV nine. I'd call myself a person who I know. You're definitely a person I will. I will say rick out this season watching. You has been pretty epic. You've gone toes. I've already told you this when we've had our phone conversations like you handle yourself with grace and poise. I wish I could do that. Unfortunately I'm cut from a very dingy cloth but you know we let that just let it go but what is it. What is it like for you to like watch yourself on TV when you you know you were model model like when you film what is your mindset? It really weird watching myself on TV. I don't particularly enjoy it. That makes two of us. Were Cal. Trust me two of us. Oh my gosh is that were really like what am I doing right now with my face And I guess it makes me more aware of you know your Gestures or anything. But I'm filming in. General is definitely an anxiety induced time. Because I do get anxious and nervous just about talking and general growing up I n class. I like always the quiet one always a while. Teachers had wow like. I'm obviously not surprising thing but I would never speak up. I would never speak up in class. I was always so scared you because I never thought that I had the right answer and it wasn't until I went to college. That things started clicking for me. Would you do me a favor? Can you take back? Ju just so I understand. You grew up in northern California. Is that correct? No I actually grew up in thousand oaks which no way. And just just give me a snippet of like you started modelling pageant. How did it kind of all begin for you because you say you were this quiet kid but I mean obviously you had a lot of ambitions so tell me tell me how that all came together and then how it leads you to kind of enter puppet? I was very ambitious because I was so nervous about talking but I wanNA push myself out of my comfort zone. So that's what drew me into pageantry I was always scared to like talk in front of other people so going in and being judged an in person interview and being onstage in swimsuit and evening gown that really pushed me outside of my comfort zone and when I was able to you know. Help myself grow in those ways. Their limit. Let me ask question are I've seen these. Tv shows right. Which I'm sure you have where they show pageants are the reserve mom like a pageant. Mom Stage is it like that or I mean. Have you seen other moms like that when you were coming up in it because I find it fascinating and it's got to be a very surreal experience like just being on stage at a young age and having the talk and do all these different things is there? Is there drama in that world that you saw you were? She shielded from that now now. I didn't start competing on patents until later like when I was a teenager like sixteen so I never experienced the toddlers. Ntr person but I can tell you from my experience. It's nothing like that. Okay Okay so you started pageants in your teenage years. Obviously you're modeling as well and you're going through this and you're going through your education you're going through your education and then what Happ- where where does that take you. Go to you decide. You want to go to college. Get a degree which I understand. I don't want as well but at that point do continue the MA. Just kind of take me through that last part into Los Angeles and how you mentioned. 'cause I'm I'm intrigued. I'm very intrigued and I competed for Miss Hollywood. One of the judges wanted to sign me because she had a modeling agency. So that was my little gateway into the modeling world as little nature recall. It's really fun. And then I decided to go to Cinema State University and get my degree in kinesiology and I would love to work with kids special needs in the near future with that. Did you know that law Do that's amazing that is I had no idea that is so. That's why it has a very sweetheart but that's why a podcast. Because I would've never known this and now we're Carolina like have a whole different. I always liked. You always been respectful to each other but knowing that you wanna work with kids especially. I mean that tells a lot about somebody I mean. That is a real. Yeah Okay so do you study that and then and I was modeling for a Boutique called Ula while I was in school so I was doing photo shoots with them once a week and not kept my modeling career going for the time being and then. I guess two years ago when I moved down to. La and James. And I have our own place here. Can we tell me all on because this is the exciting part? You whether you like it or not. You have a ton of fans I know Lalas and James I have two or three my mother and my dad and my sister but let me. So how do you even meet James? Because I don't know that story at all. How does that start? No Randall's never challenge. It's like a perfect. I love it. Tell me tell me tell me. It didn't recall it didn't involve range rovers right just getting just getting. That's my story. Unfortunately ranged river's okay. Tell me tell me how you guys met. That's really cool okay. So My Sister. Kate invited me out to nears eve with her super last minute. I had no plans but I have my sorority sister with me. So he went out and we went to pump. We had dinner at their vacations at pump and James was DJ. -Ing and I was sat at table number seven which is right by the deejay booth. That's great I love the You. Remember the table number okay. So Story J. Booth and I thought he was so cute and I had gotten out of a relationship recently at that time and James was like the only guy that I thought was really attracted so I go over there and I song requested beyond. Say He's like well. I don't normally take song requests but for you I will. I love this story on such a romantic. This is awesome. Yes but first time I heard his British accent. Oh my God into time and I was like. Oh my God like for a moment. I thought he was faking his accident. Because it was so strong right it caught sit like a point but it was like such a big British event but now looking back on it looking back on it. I've noticed that Janes amp up his British accent according according to WHO? He's talking toward that needs. When he was out there recall meeting. He likes you end to it. I know oh Jesus God swagger sweat already know James has got swagger but knowing this so what he saw you he went from like Oh in America to however cal will definitely an American. He's like True Blue British so funny that he like amped it up for cal. That's I think that's a door. So after he puts plays a song. What happens next okay? So the countdown scrape and then countdown New Year's Eve countdown and so. He's like announcing it on the Mike and I'm like dancing by him and then he pulls me over and we get that midnight all this. The greatest stories like Cinderella was pretty now. So then he Kim bided my sorority sister Mandy and I to this place used Zhang afterwards like hell. Yeah Hell Yeah. Let's go mandy like being my wing woman. Let's go mandy is is definitely going to be your maid of honor and she has more sure she will definitely be a bridesmaid. Okay let me wait. Let me ask. Let me ask another two questions so first of all after just getting to know you more here you and I have a bond on how we met our significant others because I as you know Matt Lalla for the first time when she was manning the hostess stand at what I had a Christmas demining the hostess Man Well Sir. Yes so I'm there. I'm at Lala at the same. I know that those those places that Lisa Vander pump owns are just like the cold a lot of love saying I love story. I had no. I had no idea I love this story about jobs. I had no idea the once you once you you. You didn't follow him but once he invited you to the after party you went there and what happened did you let him hit it the first night. Rick Eleven. You're a lady oh my. I can't believe you're asking me because no one's asked me straight up that way. No one past me and the answer is yeah. It was one night yes to my girl. Cow Say something say something you know. Lalla. What's the same? She was the same and I will say look at us now and look at UNM. Now there we go see. I always tell people I'm like you know what I don't think that that that like holding off the cookie really applies at all tonight and I love okay. So then you go your Sonoma's this point right like you just came in for. Were you at home for Christmas at this point. At this point it was my third year in college. Okay so I would at cinema state in northern California so ended up being not James wanted to continue dating me and he was down to do long distance So the first day that we had when he came up to visit me we went line tasting. Because that's what we do. Incidentally TAP CLASS HERE. We go barrel tasting. Then we get a party bus. We got a party bus and we went out there to all the different Winery this is romantic. I really had I swear to you. Live no idea that the I mean. This is a great fairytale it is. It really is and then so. How long have you guys been together when you made your first appearance on? Vander pump rules must have been maybe five months because we met the first January and then we started filming that summer. Oh my gosh dot was quick recall and I want to. I'm really GonNa like pick your brain. We're GONNA take a short break and we will be back in a hot second with a Beautiful Rick. Eleven you guys know. I'm obsessed with jewelry. I love me some diamonds. I love me some gold. I love it all and I just recently found or eight or eight is fine. Jewelry made in New York City founded by women for women pieces range from classic to statement two completely original. Orient makes the jewelry. We've always wanted but we could never find aurait pieces. Come with a lifetime warranty because obviously they know it will. Last or rate is ethically made in New York City empowering women with the best jewelry options without sacrificing style plus for every piece sold a child in need receives a book to further their education. So I'm completely obsessed with them for many different reasons. Not just because they have amazing jewelry and right now I want to give you guys fifteen percent off of your first aurait purchase. All you have to do is go to orate. A YOU ARE NOT NEW YORK DOT com slash. Lala that's orate New York dot com slash lot law and we are back with Raquel. How You Doing Bill Maher? He's still hanging in there with us. I am all right so I am excited that we just heard an incredible fairytale which I had no clue. Raquel and I are bonded. 'cause we both met our significant others at. Sir Now. She met him at you. Bill Elizaveta restaurant. It was about a block away. Okay so at least get that yet. Okay now the question I have for Raquel. Is Everybody shacked up? Everybody's GonNa down the aisles. Like the cool thing of twenty twenty. Oh my God. We're asking her about marriage now. We're asking if she wanted to ask you about the hitting the eye on the romantic one. No is by. The way is guys haven't discussed it but I'm is there any intention soon? Do you guys see that happening in the future. Has there been talks or or is it. Just you're going to wait to the right moment. Yeah I I definitely see that in the future for us We are. We're not in a rush. I keep telling him I'm not in a row because I still feel like I'm really young and I don't know I told her you were twenty five. I'm twenty five also. You're not winning of time. James hold this James. He's young too old. He's only twenty seven twenty. Oh you guys. Are you guys got if no right? We'll say this now. There have been moments that James and I are in. The studio and DOTS is definitely his bill bill. You know CAL is one so that'll definitely listen to me. I'm answering the question for your call. I'm like Oh they'll for sure there. Should I like rebels attitude like like? It's just a what's going to happen. I know it's going to happen and it's going to happen when we're both work you on the other hand. What your pressure pressure I didn't know that Russia you you said this shit's going down by the end of this year or you're going out. It was pretty much like that. But you don't remember that you gotTa Amnesia. Yeah well that was probably one of my in my drunk door. Okay so cal. Yeah Baby. Let's talk about. We have had two seasons together that have been rocky little rock. Yes absolutely and for you know you and I have had conversations off camera off podcasts. Where you know we've in my opinion have come a very long way and this season we had our coffee date which I know that we both felt was for me. It was a highlight. But I I loved filming that scene with that was one of my highlights because we got to speak on such like civilized and like Nice Level. Where like we were hearing other and And I just got to talk to you about my experience with James his steps to sobriety and I feel like we were able to really like relate in a way absolutely. I felt like we related in that moment to and I have to ask because I am obviously a hothead you have been on the receiving end. How in the world do you maintain being so calm and poised during attack? Like what the hell did your mom teach you to be like no no. I don't know born that way implying that I recall raquel. I give it to you mad credit mad props because I am on the receiving end. Sometimes of my fiance's frustration. I use the word frustrations but and I. I'm pretty level headed babe. Don't you think I mean I pretty? Yeah pretty normal but but I think I think you're not marrying Walla so the fact that you can be calm is mad props to you now. I really think it's amazing. Do you like when you go into filming. I know I asked you this. But like 'cause you don't know what to expect in your soul like normal and level headed right. What is your process of being like? Okay I know I got into it with lar- whatever like going into a scene like how do you maintain that? I mean I'm telling you for advice here. I'm going to shut up right after this. I knew where she was going to his face because she was basically a hit on the head. She wants you to help her raquel. Give her advice. How does she remained? Calm please I wish I had an easy answer for you but all I can say every time I go in to seen filming I try to just like be really happy going into it and like I don't know try to enjoy the moment because it's in those moments where I grow personally in the sense that I get super anxious when we do film if we're in to the that stops aren't the easiest and I'm very non-confrontational so right it's it's basically it's your DNA the way the way the weight the way that you function day to day. You don't like that. Is your sister like calm till I like to normal now? No she's not. She's the adversary opposite. Oh my Gosh I love it have you. Have you ever battled with her? No more our age gap is too much here six years apart so we never like battled it out like that. Okay but your child and your sisters more of the one that's like just a killer not a killer but you know what? I mean to a fighting. Yeah okay I totally get it. Wow I I mean I have told you this many times and before we sign off until you again you have been. You've made an extremely you know hard life changing moment coming onto this show. I know it's not easy and from the bottom of my heart. I am sorry that you've been on the receiving end of my wrath. It will not happen again and I wanNA tell you not only were you cool calm and collected. You are so fucking fun to watch this season. Raquel you need to know that all that this is so I mean this I wanNA. We weren't if we weren't in Quarantine. I would hug it out with both of you right now. This is really sweet. That's I and I and I love that. You share your story because it really is a beautiful story and. I think sometimes we don't just like you know Lal on I like people don't get to see all of us and I think just like people get all of you and James and hearing. Kinda how you came together and the love that you have and you're you got pushed into this world like I did and it's not an easy world being and I give you a lot of a lot of respect for that so thank you so much. We're so happy that you that you gave us some of your quarantine time and I hope that you go and enjoy the rest of your day. My Love to you guys were so fun to have and we appreciate it. Yes by okay. Wow I have to say like there have been many moments and I'm not going to get choked up about this. I'm sure it's because I'm like stuck in this house bouncing off the wall but you know filming a reality. Tv show is a lot of work. It's a lot of pressure you're asked to be surrounded by people that you don't always click with or see and you know most times people wanNA slam you for the way that you've treated somebody and absolutely. I did not treated correctly but people also have to understand that we don't get one minute to sit back and reflect on what's happened or think about what's been said. We are thrown into positions. Where you know you either are a fighter like me or you're very cool and calm like Raquel and I respect that but I think you know the making up of my cast members when we can see eye to eye and show love because we're in this together. That is the most beautiful moment while I'm sitting here looking at you with tears in your eyes and makes me happy because I know you know and not to get into too much but I know that you have been very affected by just this thing with Raquel that happened on the show and you know anybody that like who I think should get the wrath of. Whatever I'M DOING. She is not the one I know pip really bad about that. Well I love you and I know that in your heart you're the sweetest two men in the world and I know that Raquel definitely not the sweetest human in the world you you. You're the sweetest human to me. Well Okay but what? I want to really grateful that. She came on the PODCASTS. That was amazing. Like her talking about how she might. James Amazing and by the way what I'm trying to say is this is that you are the sweetest in inside. That's who you are and I think that you're put in a situation that you know you're on a show where where you guys are together every day for months and months and months and months and months and and people explode and I think the fact let me say this the fact that today you can sit here and admit you know your your faults right. That's how big of that that that takes a lot of courage just like it took her a lot of courage to be able to come on the PODCAST and say. Hey we are okay. We are friends now. We bury the hatchet. And I wanNA tell you that you the same out of credit. 'cause you don't give yourself any credit ever and I'm looking at you and I know you still probably won't give yourself credit but law. It takes a lot to apologize. Say something that I the part that I need to work on is when I went off on Racale the two two times this season what she was saying. I felt that I was the things that I cared about. Were attack even last year. I felt that she was attacking my dad and I needed to take a step back like she's not meaningless in an ill way she's not you but you also dead. I took it and I was like. I'm ready to fight and I should know by now the difference when someone's trying to be evil in mean and when someone is saying something where I'm taking it the wrong way. WanNa say again your. It's huge view to be able to apologize. Say You were in the wrong at the same time. And I'm not I mean I am your partner but I'm also GONNA be honest. You're in a really really difficult place the last year. Losing Your Dad you were. I mean you were in the spiral so yeah I mean I'm not justifying anything. I'm just saying you weren't in your right head because you lost your debt so so now now today I look at you and I see a different woman San sitting here saying you know what sorry. I didn't mean to come at you that way. You didn't deserve that and look at you two now. Now you guys are friends and you guys talk. And she trusted to come on our podcast. Which is huge of her. And and it's huge of you to be able to want her to come on so. I just think if we weren't in quarantine right now we'd all be at dinner. Yeah and I want to say one more thing before we sign off most people that know me know I. I know that I have negative comments in my hands. I know that I have negative comments in the comments section. Which is why I avoid reading them because it affects me however when I watched the show back and I saw my behavior that is what is sitting with me not anything else I mean the other day we did Andy Cohen. Show Watch Robin's life and he was like a lot of people I asked him. I was like. Are you asking me this questions? It I get a lot of hate from that. And he was like Oh. We had so many comments about it so I had no idea until he said that I was already feeling badly about what was going on so I'm just really grateful. We had her on. She's a frigging hot ice but I always see own. It was fun because she she even told she gave it up on the first night. A girl after my own damn heart. I'm sure she's going to be like Oh. No I don't want to be in girl after Laos art okay. I'm just gonNA leave this alone. I want to say you already look lighter and happier like the fact that yeah. I think you know. Look this week I don't know anymore I'm just gonNA leave it at that week. Whatever of quarantine. Because this is I feel like we live in quarantine out but I think doing this. Podcast connects us to people that are kind of in the same boat and I think you know I wanna say relationships are hard and then when you put people in quarantine. They're harder so anybody out there that's going through a tough moment in their relationship stay positive and stay strong and just keep working through it because the stronger you are in quarantine the better your relationship will be out of quarantine absolutely we are sending you all all of our love and prayers in before we sign off and I tell you guys to go sleigh the day. Let's listen to some voicemails. You ready ran. This is like my favorite part of. I know it's so fun. Great I feel like I know these people. Yup Hi Laura I'm Randall. This is Andrea from Atlantic city. New Jersey love you la La and everything you stand for on banner pumps but I love Randall. Saran you better stop saying you don't have any fans because you do now. My question is for Randall. I WanNa know more about your background on poker. I've watched the ears of you playing. It's amazing if you've ever come to Atlantic city to play toward that let your fans now. Thanks I love this question. My God Lord Questions Allah's GonNa Fall Asleep here is they're banging my head first of all thank you. Atlantic City I love and the Borgata has the best tournaments ever so when I do come I definitely will oppose. I don't know I am so obsessive poker. It's my passion you know. What can I say? I put a lot of time in studying the game. I loved tournaments. I love the competitiveness. I love how I'm always trying to get better and you can never beat the game. You're always working and improving the game as it evolves and it's one of my favorite things in the world. It's a happy place for me and I've really. The Community of poker is just so special. I love meeting people from all over the world that play you can go to any country any city any state find a poker room and and play and and you know you know it's just it's just a really really unique game so thank you and. I'm glad I have a fan. I think you're one of my first fans outside of my family. So thank you and just dying that someone ask deal about. You know I could do all or you know what Andrew you know what I'm GonNa do for you in law's not GonNa let me but I'm GonNa win this battle. I am going to do a poker podcast with you. La La maybe in a few weeks where we bring on film youth and a couple of the best prose on the world. Okay so we'll have olive ten listeners. That week confide Andrea unreal all right anyway thanks Andrea and I appreciate it and all the poker players out all the players out there keep listening. Keep playing all right next question. Hey Lila and randgold. Is this man from New Jersey? Me and my kids asked lutely love watching La La on ener pump rules and I love listening to your podcasts. You guys are hilarious. And you are my favorite couple on banner pump rules and I just had a question. I was wondering if you ever considered doing your show. I think that it'd be an absolute number one hit and you guys would be hilarious to watch for an entire hour. All right love you guys I. Would you ever do a spin off babe first of all first of all? I don't know how old her kids are. That are watching banner bump I bet you. They're teenagers Leeann. You're you're a gangster. I love that you and your kids watch answer this question because it was going to say before you answer. This question is the following. I said I would never do your palm and you did right and I'll say I'm going to say I would never want to do a spin off but at the end of the day you know I you realize if we did a spin off we would have to show it all like we would have to show our fights. We'd have to it would be we go on toes. We love hard play hard fight love heart and I found out I love hard. Look you're looking at me right now. See that's what I would do spin off in two seconds. Mention it all mention it. Anyway I would. I would prefer not to spin off but if my fiance force B Two. I probably would fold at some point. Well I we have to get an offer I've Aleutian. Where you at broke introduced my shit all right. We have one more voice my love. This one. It's Syrian I'm from Tulsa Oklahoma or should I say toll set Oklahoma with nothing but a whole is a visit. I vote Yes for James Kennedy coming back. We love him. We have so much fun listening to her and she is so awesome and I didn't get to see him when he was here so I'm sad Other than that. How much my question for you and Randall is. How much of a decision this? Randall have actually planning the wedding. Would you say it's like ninety ten or fifty fifty or do you make any calls and if you do what calls if you have to make about the wedding thinks rand. How much are you involved in the wedding planning? This is funny because she asked fifty fifty or ninety ten. I think you're more ninety and I'm more ten okay. That is okay. I'll tell you. Can I tell you the truth? My opinion yeah. I think when we started the wedding process. I think maybe I was ninety. Ten my favorite in the beginning you were ninety time. Where the ninety. I think I was driving the train like you were fine getting married with six people. Yeah but now and be honest law and see the smirk on your face telling me I believe today my power has completely gone and I believe handed it over to now. Neither of US have power in our moms split. It fifty fifty. Whatever you say these days. I'm kind of like I just want you to be happy. So we run yes. Randall is a movie producer. So this wedding. He sees it like it's a movie like it's a production for me. I've been very vocal about this. I have never dreamed about getting married. I wasn't that kid as a young girl. No I was thinking about like all I wanNA do is new to Hollywood like. That's what I saw while most girls are like wearing veils and shit. That wasn't me so for me. I was like luscious. Have small wedding will invite our close friends and family and call it a day. Randall and his producer mind was like no. I need a fifty piece orchestra and a piano player and a liar. Fifty person quiet. It'd be honest law man. Yeah Yeah Way before your fans think that this is you're still mine. No no no I feel now. I just want to when it came to cancelling the April eighteenth wedding and we were like okay. Well we can still do it that day. But we'll do it. Very small COULDA had a small wedding. I was like Oh but now I have this extravagant wedding in mind. I want the fifty person choir that is true and by the way fans of law. I will tell you she really had a moment where you could have decided. Let's just do the courthouse small. Whatever yeah and you said no I my mind is. They're now like I want to celebrate and the best way and I will tell you our wedding now having gone through this quarantine like the rest of the world. I even told my mother. The celebration we're going to have is gonNA mean so much more than anything we've ever celebrated because it's almost like a celebration of freedom freedom again addition to the romance and the love that we have. I think we're GONNA be so excited to enjoy every moment of that week. Absolutely today was fun. Podcast we got to answer your questions we have recap lev is on the podcast. I'm feeling good. I feel like I can send our listeners into their homes again today. Guys keep moving around it. You know what I do law. I go from the kitchen to the bedroom to the family room and I just pretend I'm going to different cities you know I do. I'm like the kitchen is Paris. And then I go up to London in my bedroom and then go to the playroom and I think like that's like Disneyland. So I just I just keep it in my mind. It's like moving around. Oh it's like we're all getting our creativity back. I love it all right. You guys have the bus day ever stay safe. Stay healthy we love you and we will see you and talk to you next week.

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