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I'm brad edwards here. The stories making news this hour eight people shot at a mall outside milwaukee. The gunman still on the loose shooting happened at the mayfair mall. While we'll tosa. The wounded all expected to survive. Seventeen year. old. Kyle rittenhouse has posted a two million dollar bond. He's accused of killing two people during wisconsin protests and unrest illinois hospitals starting to fill up with covid nineteen patients right now. More than six thousand people with the disease are in the hospital. That's the most ever there is. Potentially good news positivity rate has fallen to eleven point five percent. it's at its lowest point since november ninth. Doctors say it is too soon to tell if the reason declines are a trend to weather now. Cloudy tonight low in the thirties. Cloudy and cooler tomorrow. High in the low forty s chance of rain. Sunday join us on. Cbs to or cbs chicago dot com for news updates around the clock. I'm brad edwards.

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