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#153 Are High-Tech Cars Distracting Older Drivers?


Are High Tech cars distracting older drivers in more coming up on today's episode of Blazin Tech News editor here. You're just in time for the latest episode in the world's only three green one show on tech gadgets endgame news. That's right. This is laced intact news. My name is tale American. If you knew here hit subscribe button so that you don't miss out on the next episode and while if you're watching this via the youtube channel be sure and and hit the like button but only if you get to a point in the show that you actually like well if there's nothing that you like I suppose you could press the thumbs down button but I would actually prefer her a comment that way could find out maybe you were expecting a certain article to show up or you want me to cover a certain news section that wasn't covered or or game release or something. If that's the case. Let me know down in comments section. It's always open and if you're listening via the podcast there is only less than a week remaining to nominate this show four award. Yes that's right. You can nominate eight this podcast foreign award simply go to podcast ords dot com it only take you a couple minutes to register. Nominate registration is free. We are located in the technology section of the nomination form so go ahead and make your choices known today. The nomination sleet will be wrapping up at the end of July voting opens the middle of next month so on the docket for today's show interesting new of piece called our high-tech cars too distracting for older drivers while also be taking a look at the twenty nineteen iphone photography awards also. We'll be taking a look at Sony introducing a wearable air conditioner. I thought there were portable air conditioners before but apparently this is the one that people are starting to geek out about also be taking look at the L._G.. Signed Beam in eye-popping Four K. laser projector. You're going to be blown away by a quite literally. Also we'll be taking a look at a mile. Most people experienced quote quote severe harassment when Gaming Online says the study by business insider. I know what you're going to say to when we get to that segment of the show so we'll just wait till you we get to that section of the show and I'd love to hear your thoughts. You'll probably hear my thoughts and you'll find out we probably agree on a whole bunch about that wants to be taking look at well Wolfenstein young blood and what the Co op looks like seeing as how Wolfenstein young blood came out this week or isn't a process of China. Remember it. I believe came out anyways. We'll be taking a look at that and finally we'll be taking a look at discord introducing a better way organiz servers but before we can get to all of that. Did you know that a study serving five two thousand children on the video game social habits came to a conclusion net people playing well those playing video games on a regular basis are more satisfied with their lives are less prone to being hyperactive have less emotional national issues than those who don't play video games at all. It's almost like considerate like a creative and a social outlet. You see consider this back in the day. Drinking was considered a social norm now while so probably carries over but to a different degree because we're like a couple generations removed from that fact but people are social animals still holds true and hang out and interact with each other turns out when you're playing a video game. You're not just sitting in a whole all by yourself if you're especially online or doing any multiplayer game you're talking to people aw heck in fortnight. You're doing that unbelievable. It's incredible and keep this in mind whenever the next time I guess your parents go around in today. Wouldn't you go out in interact with people in socialized more. You'll be like Ma listening to the show the other day. Apparently there was a study five thousand children play video game turns out those who did how are more satisfied with their lives less prone to being hyperactive and have less emotional issues. The notes don't play video games at all so how about I'll do video game settle limit on it right and outside of that I don't I don't see any problem with that so with that out of the way let's see what's up in today. In Tech History All right today is July Twenty Fifth Twenty nineteen on this day in two thousand eight the F._C._C. Approves the merger of the two Satellite Radio Companies Serious Sirius X._M.. Thereby Creating Sirius X._M.. Satellite Radio whoopy-doo and that's probably one of the least radio stations I've ever listened to although I take it back the first time that I got my new new car in Alon Tra and hot off hot off the dealership only had thirty three miles to its name. I'm the first and only owner of itself. Are they went. Hey you get like a free three months subscription corruption with the <hes> to Sirius X._M.. Satellite Radio with the purchase at a car. Do you want to redeem. It sounds like now take a listen to it. What the Heck I did and I was like? I'm not impressed. I mean they're only a couple apple channels that I liked and then I decided. Is this really worth paying for a couple of channels. I Bet I could probably get those channels online. If I really really wanted to and other than that the really was no definitive reasons for me. He wanted to continue using it so just discontinued it long story short also stay in Nineteen Ninety Microsoft reported revenues of more than one billion billion dollars for its fiscal year nineteen ninety but it's spectacular growth didn't stop there founded in nineteen seventy five by Bill Gates in Paul. Allen Microsoft has continued its dominance of the computer industry since then so gives you didn't know you like hey didn't detect company hit billion dollars. Yeah Microsoft did in one thousand nine hundred so food for thought with that out of the way let's head on over to today's feature story. Did you see if you're listening to the PODCAST. You have absolutely no idea what just happened. I mentioned this on twitter earlier today head on over to YouTube dot com for slash tech news gadget to watch video portion portion of this show on twitter. I actually teased the fact that I had some upgraded scenes in layouts going on. It's not GonNa Affect the audio quality of the show at all but <hes> I'm interested what your thoughts are on this new new look. I'm in a completely different location. I'll be not that much you can actually see more of the articles so would you guys think of the new changes be sure to let me know down into comments good bad or otherwise always love hearing your feedback and a really appreciate it helps me figure out what you guys like and don't like in can just according leap to their while question is our high-tech cars too distracting for older drivers uh well it was a comedy of errors said a seventy one year old participant in the study which included programming cars infotainment system. I guess eight new AAA. There's somebody calling me on the phone. I can't I answer it. Wait until now to call me on the phone a new AAA car safety study suggests that tech-laden smart cars are too distracting which can undermine efforts to keep roadway safe especially when does getting behind the wheel our age fifty five and hand over cars today boasts all kinds of bells and whistles unavailable to previous generations everything from seat warmers to windshield wipers at automatically turn on when it rains interesting to sketchpads at enabled drivers to doodle as they drive however according to the findings the study conducted by researchers at University of Utah and carried out for the triple a foundation for traffic safety older drivers find many new smart car features to be more demanding in confusing than do younger drivers. The technology were putting in cars cars. Today are unsafe for all of us especially for older adults said Jake Nelson AAA Director of traffic safety advocacy and research our advice to consumers is that just because technology is built into your car doesn't mean that it saved to do those things in the study drivers were divided into two groups. A Younger Group Age Twenty one to thirty six in an older group aged fifty five to seventy five each driver was asked to drive twenty eighteen car equipped with a number of smart features including navigation screens. End Voice Activation controls among tasks drivers were asked to complete sending text message programming music programming navigation system in placing a call although I I kind of wonder why was the part of the study determined while driving like was this all you had to do it while driving so not the smartest thing especially if you haven't you know properly sat down in a car to figure out how the this all operates which you should do when you pick it up off the dealer drive it off the lad or testing it around or when you finally bring it home and crack hoping to manual yes opened a manual figure out how your car works in what the features do ah overall the study found older drivers experienced higher levels of cognitive individual demand compared to younger drivers. These differences were even more pronounced for older drivers when completing any in-vehicle information system task or ibis but the study found that older older and younger drivers both found some tech features challenging in time consuming given the demands associated with these tasks drivers of all ages should use those infotainment technologies only for legitimate emergencies or urgent driving related purposes. This is the rest of the point here they've astray or a professor of cognition and neuroscience at University of Utah and one of the study's authors said to study confirms that many drivers technology late in vehicles have too much going on. I agree agree with that to to appoint we found older drivers who for the most part are the consumers who have the resources to purchase these newer vehicles in our having more difficulty using these features then twenty and thirty year olds well Duh obviously smart. SMART cards are making us more distracted or more of the time strayer said the car is now becoming as complicated as a complex plane in many cases. You've got two hundred buttons and all kinds of screens and voice commands. This is when I I take I take take the first part of the sentence. He wanted to say but he probably couldn't say for for the quote. Sake was smart. Cards are making more stupid at times anyways. Smart cars are making us yet more distracted attracted Paul Brown seventy one year old retired attorney who resides in Salt Lake City is one of the drivers who took part in the study. It was a comedy of errors. He said of the displays an lights that he was asked to respond to as he drove. I don't need something that is going to do everything from me and distract me while I'm driving Brown said quite frankly when I was driving a found myself feeling as I was driving dangerously because of all those distractions years a great idea drive on it will self driving smart cards. You're basically GONNA do nothing. I mean you're going to be attentive enough and keep your eye on the road in the intervene if necessary but a lot of divergence right off your shoulders so maybe if you're part of the older age group maybe you should just get like one of those Tesla smart driving cars or or one of those up you don't even have to worry about driving and then you actually do have time to figure out what the Heck infotainment system does. Brown said that he found a largest place green situated to the right of the steering wheel into cars. He drove for the study. especially distracting narco goes on to explain some things but I think we get the point. The point is car manufacturers. Maybe you're putting a little bit too much tech into it and and for the most part young and old but especially on the oldest side the learning curve is a little bit more challenging. If you're going to do something make it simple. Make It easy a great lydia see if you can do it in two or three taps period at most if you can't do that. It's not worth programming in putting into the car. They can't call this person at they wanted to. Don't even do it if they can't text the person. Don't even do it if they can't figure out the navigation system don't even put it in or seriously figure out the U._I.. System in making a lot more simpler I mean that's one of the main reasons why the IPHONE was such. A hit is because it was simple. It was intuitive. People knew what to do right so that's my thoughts on it. At least as always I would love to hear your thoughts on his comments down below on Youtube video. If you're watching you're listening aiming to this on twitter twitter. If you're listening to this via the PODCAST head on over to twitter we are at Tech News Gadsden. Leave us your thoughts there as well good bad or otherwise are older drivers distracted or maybe just maybe I should just take the time to pull over to decide road or before they leave figure out how these things worked for the most part even though my car is quote smart and there are some smart features in it. I don't really take advantage much about any of them. I'm still old fashioned it that way dealt with at added way. Let's head on over to the next article. We got lined up all right. The Twenty Nineteen iphone photography awards has been announced enter is a grand prize winning image that was shot on an iphone ten now. We're looking at the image right now. Speaking of which you guys like the the fact that you're able to see more pretty cool <hes> now you don't get this little box with the news at you sit near and squint Britain and trying to figure out what a world text is he reading on the screen good better otherwise. Let me know your thoughts. If you like in this new seen layout I know I am it's lot simpler. The Twenty Nineteen iphone photography awards words have been announced today the winning photographs cover a range of categories <unk> shot on everything from an Iphone S._e.. To iphone tennis follow along for look at stunning images that won awards this year photographers for more than one hundred forty countries entered images ages shot on iphone in this year's contest so the I._p.. Awards proud to announce the winners of the twelfth annual awards winners were selected from thousands of entry submitted by iphone photographers all around the World Grand Prize along with first second and third place awards were given for photographer of the year as well as awards for photos in eighteen different categories ranging from abstract to lifestyle nature to portrait in more in case. You're wondering no we're not making this up. These awards have been going on for twelve years now and seriously yes. If you have an iphone you can enter <hes> if you're photographer and you know what you're doing. You can win in a more it anything is possible. Anything's the thing is possible is not even making this up the Grand Prize winner and photographer of the year award goes to Gabriella Sigma Yano of Italy for her entry big sister for a second and third place photographers of the year awards go to Diogo Lodge of Portugal for his his image see stripes Yulia brave of Russia for her entry of sorry no movie today and paying how of China for his image come across and I up here's big sister which won the grand prize is here. I know you're sitting. There going looks like this was shot and a really nice high quality camera. I wonder which one it was. It was an iphone this holding in my hand an iphone I phone so with that. <hes> level description of the image going on there was shot in Zanzibar Africa shot on an iphone ten. Here is first place see stripes the shot on an iphone s e yeah an Iphone S._e.. That's pretty impressive. It was taken in Santa Rita Beach Portugal second place with a surreal L.. I. Phone Seven Plus Shot in the rain interesting. It was a hot summer day in Rome Italy. Even the asphalt was melting. We decided to escape from the city center to see the ancient trees of the board. He's Gardens Gardens in watching Italian movie but when we arrived started raining and I took this photo rounding out photographer of the year awards was paying how in third place with a stunning image taken at burning man. Hey Go that one yep. It's was in the desert in Nevada at the burning man festival so Donna Bridge and saw two people lost in a sandstorm but after a while something very special came along a huge silver ball cool so check out all the other award winning phone with and honorable mentions in categories abstract animals architecture children floral landscape lifestyle and more on the EPA awards website and is another really I need photograph that was called untitled which one third place in Children's category. Yes shot iphone. Have I emphasized that enough. Man is good stuff so if you guys like photos and photography and getting good cameras hey you could use simply an iphone enter the awards and win. It's been going on for twelve years. Here's at this point so congratulations to all the winners out there by the way if you want the links to everything that we've covered today all articles show notes can be found at Tech News gadget dot net Danda. The articles are linked in a show notes for today and you can. Quick Away in Washington. Look in scroll and Swipe and whatever else you your heart desires. Let's head on over to the next article so we got some gadget news for you. I guess Sony me it's coming out with a wearable air. Conditioner and people are like scrambling. They want it right now but <hes> it's not due to come out until March twenty twenty but there is a catch you see the new Sony. Riyan racket is a body cooling wearable that promises to chill you out in the heat folks suffering in a current heat wave sweeping the world can agree in sucks to be caught in between air conditioning havens <hes> but if you're like me in your job entitled to go outside for six hours a day you just say well. I guess I'm GonNa suck it up buttercup band. I'm going to enjoy the weather outside. You won't die matter of fact I prefer the heat to the cold <hes> <hes> simply because I know I haven't air conditioned vehicle. I can go to and I'm used usually able to tolerate the heat more than a freezing and you say we'll give it in Wisconsin right doesn't get really cold up their winter. Her Yeah Yeah does is not fun but I'll survive it if I need to but Dallas still stay when he comes along is a good thing so sadly the device is for sale yet it must be crowd crowd funded I and if it makes its goal currently standing at forty four percent funded it should ship by March of twenty twenty but the promise of mobile cooling is love it to tantalizing to ignore here CENA's were in the middle of summer after hundreds of simulations Sony estimates that Doron pocket should be able to cool a user's body temperature by thirteen degrees Celsius or roughly twenty three degrees Fahrenheit according to his moto. The device can help on cold days to if you remember what those are <hes> I know it's hot right now. Warming up a body by eight degrees Celsius or around fourteen degrees Fahrenheit now. How does this work? It's a portable A._C.. In a proprietary shirt the RIAN rocket itself is in eighty five five grand pod the size of a garage <unk> that slips into a pocket of a specially made shirt right on the top of your spine actually re bank here on back. You can control it via I._O._S.. Or android phone and an auto mode is coming the battery last twenty four hours with a two hour full retard starting price for a Rianne rocket on its crowdfunding pages currently fourteen hundred fourteen thousand eighty yen which is around owned hundred twenty nine dollars U._s. one hundred four pounds and hundred eighty six Australian though you can't pledge more to get extra shirts and packets no it might not work with a regular or do it yourself altered shirt. The device seems to sit in any specifically cut slip with tiny cutout for event. It's unclear if device is as effective if place elsewhere now you could pay less for the Rianne rocket light a version with lower functionality. This model starts at around twelve thousand seven eight hundred sixty yen which converts to one hundred seventeen U. S. nine hundred forty four pounds in one hundred sixty eight Australian although it only has manual controls but the yeah riyan racket it's coming so if this is something that you want to a by all means crowd funded crowdfunding has done very well for Wada gadgets over the years in the Brian allow them to mainstream but if you WANNA be one of the first this gadget you might WanNa keep an eye out on and obviously as I said before links to this article is in a show notes and they do have a link to the crowd funded project which is at first hyphen flight that Sony Dot Com forward slash P._J.. Ford Board Slash Riyan pocket link will be in the show notes all right the mortgage news <hes>. Do you guys like a laser projector. I'm not talking about any laser projector. I'm talking about or K. It's called the algae signed beam. It's an eye popping four kate laser projector at an eye watering price now remember. I covered this earlier in in the year <hes> when L._G.. Launched its second signed Beam Laser Four K. at C. E. S. twenty nineteen. We are left to speculate how much the innovative short throw projector would cost and right that was relate well. When's the launch date and Wednesday pricing can meanwhile we have the answer for you guys the new L._G.? Signed Bean will set you back a whopping six thousand dollars around double the price of its predecessor but looks looks worth what you get for six Grand Ralph for starters new sign beam fourcade uses short throw technology which means it can project large scale images over incredibly small distances for instance. You need to place the projector just two inches away away from the wall to achieve a ninety inch diagonal image looking for an odd Murtha viewing experience life you place a projector emir seven inches away get this. You can project an enormous one hundred twenty inch image a fantastic feature for smaller homes at can't accommodate a huge amount of space between a projector and your wall and man the images which are huge by the way promise to be super impactful too with a twenty five hundred A. N. S. I. Lumens an Ultra H._d.. Four K. Resolution and a wide color gamut to ensure a high degree of realism in vibrancy when reproducing your films new to this generation of designed being projector is voice activation technology using algae's artificial intelligence technology thin Q.. You'll be able to use simple voice commands to control the projector with that as well it comes packed with a Web a-list built in giving you the ability ready to watch content from Netflix a new to without the need phrase smart t._v. or streaming device like its predecessor delayed assigned beam laser four K. sports a compact fabric cover design. It should fit in nicely to pretty much any style of decor now. Despite all these google features of course no getting away from all that considerable price take after all most of the best projectors <hes> that at least tech radar has reviewed here come in at more than two thousand dollar and and some as well as six hundred fifty bucks but whether you feel features are worth the money largely depend on how highly value your home cinema experience if you have a wall or projector screen big enough to handle all of it which probably at this point would be like wall. Does the plane wall that you can do ninety two hundred twenty inch screens on but the if you still watch blu rays exclusively in hate the always listening feel voice assistance you might WanNa look for something a little less expensive to blow your films up too big screen gene sizes by yeah areas in all its gory. I mean if you wanNA drool over something. This is something drooling over. I know there's not a lot of four K.. Content out there is starting to get up there more and more <hes> but if you WANNA if you WANNA test it out in probably have a gadget dental at least last you into one four caves more mainstream than it is now and you have a lot more content to choose from. It'll probably be an investment worth getting in holding onto and not switching over to the newest latest thing I mean for crying out loud. You just blew six grand on T._v.. Think of it that way and you're not fighting over you know other people at Walmart and smashing T._v.'s and half because he didn't get yours so keep that in mind you won't have to worry about the projector for crying out loud. You just have to make sure you have a nice Chris Wall to project it on all right over to some gaining news most people who play video games online experience severe harassment but here's the funny thing remember. What the did you know study? Apparently they find more satisfactory life stuff. They find I don't go back to the beginning of this episode is doing find out you like just send it. Video Games are good now. You're saying it's bad yes because everything's bad. If you eat too much honey you will throw up in case. You didn't know that not now you know if if you don't believe me go ahead and try it out for yourself and let me know I guarantee you between that and chugging a gallon of Milky. You're getting a guarantee yourself to throw up but don't do it. Don't do it on it's not worth it. Studies have been proven it will happen but I guess a new study from the Anti Defamation League says at sixty five percent of people have experienced severe harassment when playing video games online <hes> severe harassment according to the A._d.. L. includes physical threats stocking and sustained harassment rathmell to study also says that seventy four percent of people have experienced at least some form of harassment when playing games online so I guess the study says a surveyed little over a thousand people between eighteen into forty-five year old years old it conducted these surveys between April nineteen and may I of this year in the study revealed that while fifty three percent of people who reported experiencing harassment said that they were targeted for the race religion <hes> ability gender. <hes> orientation ethnicity thirty percent of women surveyed said they were harassed on the basis of their gender. Just goes on a whole bunch of people were were harassed twenty nine percent of people surveyed said they doc. I know don't play stupid advertisements or docks. I guess while playing games in case you don't know what that is docking. When someone broadcast personal identifying information about someone like the real name address phone number and more in just keep an eye on you know keeping that kind of information private not easily accessible and let's see goes on also say emily out of religious people were harassed as well <hes> <hes> <hes> but to be fair eighty percent of people surveyed said they've also experienced positive social interaction when they've played video games online with fifty one percent sane in the survey that they've made friends so keep the study in mind Ncube what the grain of salt? It's not all bad news for Gamers. It's if anything it's part of the culture is just you know to some extent it doesn't need to be not everybody on the Internet needs to be anonymous trolls trolls. Some people are having a bad day so they decided. We're going to talk stupid that day. Does that mean at you need to know probably not I mean there are ways to defuse situations in in do it pretty quickly. You just need practice and it becomes is predictable after awhile like Oh look somebody's having a bad day now he's throwing a fit needs calling me out while I'm just GonNa say on Dom 'cause I'm the Demoin and he's like you. You don't make yeah do we don't actually call. I'm Don because then you say Jim three o'clock Emilio Beck <hes>. It just seems to be typical. <hes> people are going to be stupid. Most of the time ignoring them does is the best part not not encouraging continue behavior or reacting in kind because a lot of times people just want that reaction and unlike many streamers that you've probably heard over the years talking to you about this in in youtube videos that you probably watched don't feed the troll common knowledge. Don't feed the troll <hes> just ignore them if anything I guarantee you if you turn off the game after that match or if it becomes too much you can just stop playing close out from the match. Go for a walk. Go do something else clear your head comeback. You'll be feeling a lot better if you need to stay into the match till the end of the game drank it it over over as quickly as possible. There are ignoring black options so that you don't even have to listen to the person don't even engage with them or talk back to them in no find out that you're talking to a brick wall pretty quickly and then that you just move on with life and you say on s Nice in you know you go take break from the game you come back refreshed and it's not new not new but <hes> I guess they go on to explain more community standards that were changed for xbox users. I covered that in May's maze episodes of for the show sometime I guess similarly Sony hasn't online <unk> guide to blocking players on the playstation four for being inappropriate or abusive steam also offers options as wild by the if you've ever wondered about what to do about online harassment debt may occur outside leaves gaming platforms. There are a couple articles in guides on how to handle online harassment in what to do if and when it happened and if you feel like you need to do anything if most of the time I'm don't feed the troll it just walk away now worth it <hes> and <hes> you'd be a lot better for moving on so you know Wolfenstein youngblood well that game that came out well. Here's what the co-op version looks like and it starts off. You really shouldn't be playing Wolfenstein youngblood by yourself the new first-person shooter out on P. C. Today on consoles tomorrow is designed from top up to power armored toll to be a cooperative experience. It's a different kind of Wolfenstein game full of the same dense meaty Nazi killing action you might recognize from the previous Wolfenstein entries new order new classes is but built for to keep that in mind and you'll probably like a lot and they do have in game footage to demonstrate how that works in a footage atop this post you'll see Kotok video producer Tim Rogers and Joshua Rivera author of the article article plane through young buds opening mission which introduces you to the Games premise you near co-partner Jessica in Sofia blasts koets the twin teenage daughters of previous Wolfenstein Protagonist B._J.. Terribly blackwoods in his wife life Anya after B._J.. Goes Missing in Nazi occupied nineteen eighties Paris just insult decide to steal some power armor Angolan find him while killing Nazis ads they can starting on zip lines called <hes> the Knock Act Valter my guests so <hes> yeah they have <hes> more footage coming but some thoughts they have their about six hours in <hes>. I think twice about playing young blood solo solo everything about its design is geared towards coop play in while you can get by with an A._i.. Controlled sister you won't be able to strategize much. It'll take longer to clear out enemies to sadly there is no couch coop or land support. You've got to team up over the Internet and he won't need an Internet connection. If you're playing solo three you cannot pause the game even single player levels are however occasionally broken up with doors that need to be opened by both sisters together in rooms immediately after them are generally safe places aces for taking a quick break and another point six hours into the Games campaign. I can tell you that you shouldn't expect much story. In young buds early hours fans of the new order new classes might find a disappointing also the game looks pretty short and sweet your towards replay in revisiting maths in missions with new twist goals when lots of collectibles small but dents and finally I guess <hes> shooting them up those those people back then remains joy annual. Do it a bunch in this video game so that while there's young blood <hes> for while Wolfenstein and take it as you may. I know there might have been a couple of you interested if you're not eh. Just let me now but V._R.. Interested and you want to keep up today. I mean no in comments either way and finally discord is introducing a better way to organize servers yup starting reading today. There is an easier way to organize service on chat platform discord using folders now. If you're a member of many discord service you'll know this data organizing them as a bit of a pain. If you haven't already previously you could just move server icons in your sidebar to reorder them but but if you had more than ten or so it became hard to find the one you want now you can drag and drop servers into folders and rename or color code them however you want for example you could create a folder for gaming servers or one for servers that you might you can dismiss this notifications by folders so that you don't need to go through servers marking channels as read one by one better server organizations wanted to tap youth requested features a discord spokesperson said the folders you create. We'll be sinked across your devices to in will work on browser desktop an mobile and for those of you wondering the servers folder feature is out in available now they actually have a youtube video that goes along with it but we won't be playing with the link will be in today's show notes exciting right right. I'm excited. I use discord. I'm still trying to figure out how to use it a little bit more confused by it in I keep eating logged out of discord on my phone so it's really frustrating because I'm like what was my password again because when I do it on a desktop just POPs right open I'm fine but when I'm on my phone a mountain about I'm trying to keep an eye on things drive you nuts what's going on. Hopefully I figure it out sooner or my phone does alive throw my phone out. The window and looking right at my phone is I'm saying too so you better listen and stupid phone. Yeah take that it don't worry is listening. It knows better right now. No time will tell all right with that out of the way that wraps up this episode of Lace Intech News. Thanks thanks for tuning in guys by the way what did you think of the new <hes> seen lay out that had for you good bad otherwise. Did you like it. Let Me Know Don in comments section new episodes every weekday except <unk>. Take time to let you now tomorrow might not have an episode or it will be extremely short one. I have a a meeting coming up tomorrow evening that right over the time that record this entire show for you guys so there might might not be an episode tomorrow but if there is it'll be a very short one may be like two or three articles in either case follow Tech News Gadget on twitter to find out a pulse whether will be having a show or not. They're lacing tech news can be found on every major platform including apple spotify Google Youtube stitcher overcast and more now. If you enjoyed today's episode <unk> let's no by clicking net like buttoned down below and by leaving a comment and if you're listening to be the PODCAST will.

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