354: Are you neglecting key moments in the customer journey?


Recognized customer experience expert genie Walters. Invite you to join her on her mission to create fewer ruined days for customers. I was recently at a theater when a woman in line for the ladies room. I mean, let's face it. There's always align mentioned something that struck me. She said don't you hate it? When you come to a nice theater like this and the bathroom stall doors, still don't lock right? Think about that. I think I that every single woman listening to this right now is relating to that. We understand exactly what she means. And what she means is that there's this little moment in the journey, and it might not matter, but to us it really does because any woman has experienced this where the stall doors don't quite lineup. So you can't quite lock it or they're missing lots completely or maybe the door chooses to swing open with a gentle breeze. It's really frustrating, and many many I dare I say all women have experienced this. And you know, what I would bet that this happens in men's rooms to, but I tend not to frequent those. So I'll just have to trust your experience there. So what is a bathroom stall have to do with customer experience while it's one of those little things that is easy to overlook but impossible to ignore. It's an agglomerated moment in the true customer journey. And we remember it as customers we remember it to the point of mentioning to strange. In line during a really great performance in a beautiful theater. These are those micro-moments in the journey. I love talking about they are usually overlooked typically, neglected and these parts of the experience can either leave an impression that builds up trust with a customer or starts breaking it down. And guess what? Micro-moments are quite literally everywhere there at the front door of your space there on your receipts and invoices, they are in your packaging and yes in your bathrooms. So have you looked for or at your micro-moments lately, they are probably being neglected as we speak. So here are a few places to start thinking about first of all ask yourself. If you have a physical space for customers. Ask yourself this question and start looking with a critical eye. What does maintenance take care of because think about it? If your environment is off, so is your customer experience. Take a careful I at those moments that you feel like are just part of the experience that you don't need to care about. Things like how to somebody find garbage can think about how the bathrooms look, of course, parking is another one what does that mean for a customer? How does what are those micro-moments involved with actually just getting through the front door? What can we do to improve those another thing to think about how do you start incomplete? A transaction are there moments here that could be improved do your payment methods and knowledgeable feel like suddenly the robots have taken over instead of a sincere human to human communication about them. It doesn't have to be big. But let's say you're ordinary message is something like your payment is received. Now. That's very transactional. That's something that yes, we expect as customers, but we kind of not along, and it's neglected. It's an agglomerated moment. Think about turning that into something that basically says to the customer. Well, how you paid on time. Awesome. Thank you so much we so appreciate your loyalty. That's totally different. Right. And we will remember that as a customer. It's just a. Perfect way to turn a neglected moment. Into a moment to build that trust and delight empower your people to find improve these micro-moments your front line and your service teams have great ideas about this. And I would bet money that some of them are doing this on their own find ways to share that wealth. Find ways to share what is working, and where are these micro moments, and what can we do to not neglect them? I've even seen where we can hold contests to identify an innovate around these moments in the journey, and guess what there's plenty of inventory. You will never run out. We love micro-moments so much at my organization. We started a Pinterest board a few years ago and back in two thousand twelve I did a Ted talk about these. Because I really believe the world is your Oester here. There are so much. You can do to really improve these moments. So if you have some of your own I love seeing these I love seeing examples of the good the bad and the ugly. And so if you have some of or from your own or. Station, or if you've experienced these as a customer feel free to send them to me. I love seeing them. You can find me on linked in Twitter or just reach out to me at experience, investigators dot com. Thank you for sharing more than a micro moment with me today. We so appreciate our listeners are subscribers. The folks that take the time to rate 'em review us. So if you haven't subscribed or reviewed lately, we would love to get your feedback. We would love to have you as a subscriber. So please reach out. And you know, let us know think thank you so much for listening to crack the customer code. We are a proud member of the cease wheat radio family, make sure to learn more about Adam at customers that stick dot com. And discover my latest customer experience, blogs, webinars and more micro-moments tough at sea X content dot com until next time. Take care of yourself and take care of your customers.

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