SyFy channel Happy Season 2 Episode 2 review - a little spoilerish


Man. Hey, so you still don't have an imaginary friend. Nope. Not yet. Do you all and after watching happy want him to blow me if Assode too? That was funny. The scene was really it was really good, man. I'm this is a. This one was a little messed up, man. Guys named smoothie the do with the messed up by. Yeah. Working with sunshine. Tele? See my safe word has man. So episode to continues on with him trying to get money for his daughter to go to private chemical. She has an issues in public school forty forty grand a year. Yep. He's driving cab is. Him by which was which is great of being in the first episode a cab whose cabs anymore just taking Uber or lift. Of course, it's like a bright green Prius. So yeah. So yeah, he's just trying to get money, and we continue on from blast episode where he's he's I just disembowelling these guys for organs and kidney go for on the market, but one hundred grid. I'm swimming gold mine, so yeah, he's he's just taking. Body bar body parts. And then of course, the the daughter he puts in the fridge daughters. All like, oh, let's go get some food was supposed to have the mom dropped her off. Yet said she's these some time with you and mealy opened the fridge and just saw kidneys. Here's what have you? Yeah. So that was pretty good. And then, you know, so see I think what's happening is that she's growing up and happy imaginary friend is no longer her imaginary friend. I don't think she sees him anymore. She doesn't seem anymore because the thing is like she because she went through a pretty traumatic experience kinda see grow quick and growing up really quick he'd kind of lose imaginary friend, and so that was that was the whole thing. So he's out of touch with her because he was trying to give him suggestions of what to do with. Yeah. And of course, like in xactly since she's the kitty more, and she is. Pretty much the build a bear. But it was. Kinda lame horses. Let's go to the ponies OT off track betting. So yeah. That was a non gamblers. Yeah. Or regular people pair of mutual bedding this apparently, she's a wonder kin. She was picking by name for fancy. Yeah. She was good dilly with real money. Ruined. A look let's bet one hundred imaginary. And then it's like, and then happy, of course, this is a swear jar breaks jar. And then, you know, these girls trees in Krebs it from a tree and give it to them. Give it to them. That was pretty good. Yeah. It was a very interesting episode again he's trying to he's trying to be better. And this ridiculous daughter off. Exactly. And he's like, look you didn't hold up any of your promises. So might as well go into. Yeah. But you know, it's one of those things and then. Taking her own a job. Yeah. Not just add like he kinda push her too far just need more F ING money. You know, I'll find the money. Does. He need the pig. So his his addictions coming back, you know, the hall one with this spray. Mouthwash, the mouthwash spit them out. So yeah, I mean, I think he's kind of losing touch again from the first one, and then the the city ju from the first one he still needs kids kidney, and he gives them the addresses go pick up kidney, simple, simple pickup. Bring the kidney over here. There you go. Apparently, he didn't tell them about the kidney was still in somebody still tax. It's still attached to somebody. Just anybody. His brother, so spoilers. Yeah. Yeah. You you were teen. Explain happy without spoiler. You're literally watching our reaction or review on this one. So that's your fault. We're blaming this. All people put it in title, come on. So yeah, it's pretty much, and well he kinda doesn't he kind of. His do pretty much just threaten his daughter. That's probably something. Huge. Don't want to do with this, man. And setting off the first time I mean to try to get his daughter back. So it's yeah. This is it's one of those things where it's like. Okay. He went and gets the liver or whatever kidney right bring in a cooler brings back right on cooler, and then gives it to the city do well. So you think so you think so at the end it was like almost like a mini explosive like little mini bomb that of explodes guy's face. He was getting revenge for being setup in and gruesomely. Yeah. Yeah. And it's one of those things like. I love that. They put a lot of because I mean, if you take all the comedic stuff out of it. This is not a pretty gory. Violence, violent gory because in the first scene. It was him this battling somebody driving. I mean without without happy being in there, this it'd be pretty pretty almost like worse than like Walking Dead kind of stuff. So if you heat though that wanted to sitting juice so bad or in the face, you couldn't recommend couldn't break Nuys at that. And also he kept on trying to kill guy with the gun. To death with it. And then it were shot the other guy. So it was the problem is at the end somebody hurdle. This his daughter whose daughter was in the car, he left her in the car outside. I mean gun blaster loud. Okay. Dreaming and happy. We heard everything. So. Yeah. So he had a kind of come to fruition. Telling his daughter what he did didn't really tell her what it did. But he she would have been fine with him to be honest. But the thing is she also said is just tell me what you did. They what they backstabbed you took care of it. Yeah. But he wouldn't admit it to sure which is good because he doesn't want to her in that kind of thing. But it's probably that. She's she's also growing up maybe a little too because especially with all the all the stuff that's happened Christmas. She was objected. Yeah. Dan people. I love when they sit down and one Jewish kids. All like when my dad owns like, four laundromats and all that. And then she's like my dad killed Santa Claus. And then he's like were Jewish. So it was pretty it was pretty good. This episode was pretty good. I you said man the guy. So one of the one of the little side things is guy the guy there's a guy who had skinned alive. Yeah. Oh my God. You know, what you reminded me of one of those guys from attack tack on titan. Yeah. He looked like that. I it looked like that. And it's like is like kill me falling Nick Aeros smoothie because it has remember that's the main. That's the main great again. Yeah. Mega. So that's the main story on because this this season is Easter. So they're trying to make Easter grant again. Trying to make easy great again. And so so, of course. What's the smoothies movie? The guys like have you ever? Have you ever says try not to look at something? And then just stare at it and his is going all their own place. Jinchi? I it's pretty gnarly and duties. Yeah, he's he's back. He's I don't have a have a revenge bone in my body. Sure about that. But yeah. So yeah, this is crazy. It's happy every episode. I'm gonna say this is crazy. It's all crazy episodes. But like another a lot of killing. Knowns blown-up knows alone of this time, but Jewish guy. So I'm glad that he didn't. I think. Now, let me ask you, do you think he would actually kill that guy for the liver? If he didn't threaten the family. Yeah. I'll he he needed the money. And he does love his daughter even. That's not even though he's haunted with all his addictions. Yeah. Maybe not that one. Eventually, I think you see that thing is the brother because the brother was a match. So now they can use that breath yet for bingo hall, dead going harvest that Oregon, but yeah. We we see we see his ex wife and losing it. She she she's like she showed me witness. A lot of weird stuff in the first one, right? Yeah. That's crazy insect orgy. I was so if you haven't seen it there's no better way to describe it. It was like a latex. We're furry late buggy. Yeah. It's like a big it's one of those piles, but. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's weird. And she got caught up in it. And I think she's trying to. Drown her member? Lock a lot of it. Yeah. So keeps popping back up. The new boyfriend. Just gets thrown around. He's like, okay. I understand understand. I was like what? Yeah. Shot. No. His family got written. And you have some strange guy coming out of her property. Chris Maloney plays that rolls. Well, yeah, he plays. It really. Well, the dirtbag ex cop crazy killer. He's my idol. He's you know, I didn't. What other things I'm surprised that was never a comic book. It was oh Graham wars and look it up grant Morrison that it was a short series book. Okay. Yeah. It was okay. And they look that up now. So yeah, man, it was a crazy episode. I think well I mean, and it's going to push it up the next one, but the storylines still going is that they're trying to make eastern great again. And so apparently sunshine is trying because they said he said love is the cells, but death or violent cells enter that sells more so. Yeah. He believes he may Christmas better. Yeah. Last season. And now he's working on each Edinburgh on each running down the line. And then so we also sell that sunshine put a hit on. The guy. The thing is I think that he so the mob boss says give me Mucci Scaramucci humidity will give me give me out of here. Right. I think it was a planned. I think I think he was planned to do that. So he can be killed. Because remember he still has thing in that demon. That's where I wait for the demand to do something because the didn't do anything I think what happened was that scar? He's he's a mob, boss. He knows do time. Right. And I think the demon told the lawyer to make a deal, and then went back to Mucci didn't know what was going on. Now, he's getting get murder. So I think he wanted to get murder. I think there's something going on. Well, he reanimated nephew after death. So maybe they're going to jail. Yeah. The body will have to be going out and buried and maybe just gonna call. Yeah. Maybe I think so I think that I think that's that's how it's gonna kill old lady with. He didn't because he has more than one brother, right or? No. That the only kid I think it was the only one only tatters. Still living a better his kids. Yeah. Maybe you're never know. It's it's a weird one. That's they have like a couple of main main stories. The continue on from. From last season in the funny thing is that. Criminal or what's Maloney's character? Knicks accents, I don't he had nothing to do with the story line of the main storyline than the first one. He just got his daughter pretty much sunshine and the mob boss thing were separate stories that intertwine with his knee. They crossed over a little bit here. And that's it looks like this happening the same same thing with this season. So I think they're they're sticking with main stories, and that the end they're all going to come together as a as a as a crash if you ever seen that movie crash. So I'm pretty sure Nick's going to go back to his old habits. Oh, I'm pretty sure. Yeah. But I think daughter is fine with that. And the thing is I think she wants her dad it just what's her dad? So I think this is a really cool episode. But what do you guys think? What do you do you think? This was a cool episode or not coming down below. It helps us out and wire down there get that light button. Just a little smash Rusen hit that subscribe helps us out a lot at the Bill. I concert known if I put him new episodes, and we'll see you at episode three next week for heavy. Hopefully, Tim percent more happiness. Exactly. My name is Patrick with talked to me. I am Troy also talk narrated me. We'll see you next week letters. Gain that you get is a car. Jonah class you play. In an all each e.

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