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Ozzy Osbourne: The Prince of Darkness, Randy Rhodes Plane Crash and the Saving Grace of a Strong Woman


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Graceland is a production of iheartradio double elvis media. Stories about Ozzy Osbourne are insane. Did, the heads of small winged creatures, urinated on historical landmarks, catapulted raw meat at audiences woke up in the middle of a freeway after one of his all too frequent blackouts. He had drugs delivered by the truckload. His tour bus was cut in half by a low-flying plane and it took the life of someone. He loves like a brother. And during his stint says. For Black Sabbath and as a solo artist from his highest is to his darkest. Ozzy Osbourne made great music. That music you heard at the top of the show. That wasn't great music. That was a preset loop from my mellow. John called Mellow San Francisco Treat 'em K. One. I've played you that loop because I can't afford the rights to cold, hearted by Paula Abdul. And why would play that specific slice of hit and run cheese? Could I afford it? Because that was the number one song in America on September third, nine, hundred, eighty nine, and that was the day that Ozzy Osbourne woke up in a prison cell charged with a heinous crime that he couldn't even remember committee. On this episode head animals, soil lamps, truckloads of drugs in the prince of darkness himself Ozzy Osbourne. I'm Jay Brennan. This disgrace land. Ozzy Osborne was in trouble again. He was always in trouble. Trouble had way of finding him. When trouble would disappear. Ozzy would go looking for trouble this time. He found it and he was indeed. The thing was he couldn't even remember how we got into it. In the first place, he had no idea how long he'd been passed out when he finally came to or how the wound up on his back laying in the median strip of a busy stretch of a Memphis highway. His head rank felt like it was a vice. He's time car screen by the vice tightening. The headlights burned into his eyes. He's smashed his eyelids shut and pressed his hands against his years, maybe if he squeezed every part of his head, just flat in the whole thing, and the noise would stop the payment stop. The. Pain didn't go anywhere if anything intensified. And then he felt another pain down below. Ozzy. Osbourne was thirty five years old rock and roll quote, unquote Prince of darkness unchallenged on His throne. been living the party hard lifestyle more than a decade now I as the lead singer of black Sabbath argue with the first and greatest heavy metal band of all time, and now out on his own as a successful solo artist. The, blackouts these renew a sign of too much partying. They started around the time that randy died, but as he took it all in stride, it was like a marathon runner getting leg cramps. You can't be a professional partier for this long and not expect to blackout here and there along the way. As he lifted his head off the ground. He felt heaviness of the night before blow. Cognac Benny Hana's. He been out with the boys and Motley crue the up and coming L. A. Ben. He had tapped to open his nineteen eighty-four North American tour. and the night featured the usual vices, bottomless bottles of booze drugs, girls more girls. They were knocking back shots at a Japanese steakhouse when Ozzy lost all grip on reality lost consciousness. Now who's here? Stuck inside of Memphis with the. Blues again in the middle of the Goddamn, highway to boot. Man Yeah. Take a leak. But I. He had to get himself the hell out of the way. Ozzy bobbed and weaved across three lanes of oncoming traffic to get to the side of the highway may as well have been thirty lanes felt like that arcade game with the frog, his knees buckle disease, giant hunk of metal, roared by he closed his eyes, trusted his life in the hands of fate, and made a run for. He made it thankfully surprisingly and on the side of the highway. He felt reinvigorated in mostly awake. You needed a drink to take the edge off a I he had A. Like a racehorse. In Nineteen eighty-four, four, Ozzy Osbourne was his own racers. He'd been groomed for this lifestyle with black. Sabbath bandmates Tony Iomega Geezer, Butler and Bill Ward Ozzy. Osbourne invented heavy metal. Savvas Nineteen, seventy salvaged with Ozzy contained some of the heaviest musical time. The band deployed rhythm, groove and space via backbreaking guitarist and skull, crushingly simple power that is to this day unmatched in its originality and authenticity. Born of their native Birmingham England's low-hanging industrial heaviness, black Sabbath route, the playbook scores of heavy metal bands since have followed incorporating everything from the horror film, inspiration of their self titled Debut to Ozzy's incongruous, Beatles esque, vocal melodies blanket most every one of their albums to the Proto Mosh parts of Ozzy's last savage record. Never say die. Simply, put black Sabbath rule they still. In nineteen, eighty-four Ozzy Osbourne was thoroughly enjoying the fruits of his kingdom's Labor. On this particular morning, though it would take more than a morning cup of Joe to power, rock and roll, that was the heaviest the heavy. I, it was pint of bitter lager stout. Then speed pills the stuff to get you going this stuff to keep you going and that was just breakfast. Whatever Ozzy took the day before wouldn't cut it the next day every day. The stakes were higher. By the late seventies, his daily regimented escalated to a mix of beer. We'd Cognac speed cough syrup barbituates acid in cocaine. He called it waffle dust because it would keep you up till breakfast. He did so much coke that he tours. Gladys in half half severed, it hung down the back of his throat in nearly choked him to death. Loaded on every conceivable substance. Ozzy felt the needs to defend whatever title reputation he garnered up to that point against the hard partying upstarts Motley crue who was fired, take heavy metal Bacchanalia to a level yet unseen. But Ozzy was so Gonzo that when it came to his own antics, he wasn't even sure what was true and what was a myth anymore? D really snort a line of ants off of a popsicle, stick or the side of the road. He couldn't remember, but it sure sounded like something he would do. He did remember when he bit the head off. That dove that really happened. CBS Records Headquarters Nineteen eighty-one Century City suits exects peer cronies squares, all of them and Ozzy Osbourne making like his hero John, Lennon and starting over starting a solo career that is. Black Sabbath were moving on without without Munchkin Ronnie. James, dio and Ozzy had something to prove. He brought. These does to the meeting. We were supposed to release as a gesture of peace. That was the gag that the flyer on the room in a real combat moment. Instead ever the entertainer ever the troublemaker. Ozzie pulled a real prince of darkness power. He sat on the arm of one of the PR executives, chairs slowly, and surprisingly pulled a dove from his pocket. Some of the suits caught the move with the faulk. Ozzy! Had that Lien is. Is that schoolboy trucker smirk? He scanned the room. He can feel the tension all eyes on him. He loved. It is just like being on stage. The faulk was about to do. His smirk widened into a shitty grant. He then slowly brought the dove from his pocket to small openness mouth embiid down snapping the little bird's head clean off. Around Gore induced moans from the conference room, full of executives and industry brass. Ozzy opened his mouth slowly. Somehow maintenance that troublemakers smirk. The doves head fell out. An odds lap the executive sitting to his left. The CBS executives in the room couldn't believe what they seen. The feathers, the busted beat the blood. All of it go teeing around Ozzy Osbourne's mouth and that shit eating. Grin. They promptly threw him out of the room. Instantly the story was legend word spread throughout every boy's bathroom in every high school in America in between poss- Marlboro Reds Ozzy Osbourne fucking crazy Dan right about my copy of Blizzard of Oz. And then there was the story about the bat. Ause he did remember that one that really happened. That was at the veteran's Auditorium Des Moines. January twentieth nineteen eighty two. Eight thousand Rabbit Ozzy Osborne fans diary of a madman toward Randy Rhoads Rudy Stars Oh, Tommy Aldridge, standing in place behind Ozzy between songs. The show was hot. The crowd hyped. The Bat was hurled towards sage by a fan. Ozzy grabbed quick assumed it was a fake. The crowd went bad shit. No Pun intended, was he gonNA, do it really was Ozzie really going to do it just like the rumored biting of the dove. Ozzy wrapped his teeth around the bats tiny head embiid down. The crowd went crazy. Ozzy felt that familiar sensation of winged animal blood, running down his chin just went with. faulk thought. Done it again. As? He also remembered pissing on the side of the Alamo, also nineteen eighty-two. Ozzy I got good and drunk in his hotel room his manager in soon to be wife Sharon. Levy had left with all of his clothes. She knew that the odds of Ozzy finding trouble greatly reduced when he was drunk at a room and had no clothes to wear. She left one of green evening dresses behind, and Ozzy was nothing if not adaptable. So Ozzie puts address on grabs bottle of KVASS A in the streets of San Antonio. He was scrambling past the Alamo like a noncommittal drag queen when he felt his bladder and play, it was sudden urging and the Alamo was just right there, just begging to be pissed off. Now standing on the side of the Highway Memphis. He looked at a parked car. It like the sacred. Alamo was just begging to be pissed on as well. As, he ended his pants. He thought of the thought of the cops with Texan draws to put him in costs. Cramp jail cell that he spent a few hours before he was inevitably turned loose all for pissing on a big chunk of limestone to the Texans ause he had messed with a symbol of their heritage representative of their bravery. Don't mess with Texas and walk away. As Ozzie pissed on that CAR MEMPHIS. He remembered the. He snapped to and the blue. Lights came on and equip whoop siren. Son of a bitch. The car he was relieving himself on was an unmarked police car. Of all the roads and Memphis of all the cars sitting on the side of the road, he had to pick this one. Like Ozzie this car had trouble written all over it. Ozzy new trouble from an early age. Sometimes, it was the only thing that kept him going. In Aston A bombed-out ward of Birmingham England. He grew up poor one of six kids. He was born John, Osborne named after his father, but his father was never called John they all called him Jack, and his son followed suit with his own nickname, the kids at school short his last name and simply dubbed Him Ozzy. Asked and was a factory town, the sort of black hole that would consume its inhabitants. who weren't lucky enough to escape. People worked and then they died often. They die because they work so much. The Osborne household like many in Aston had no indoor bathroom, and when they did visit the outdoor facilities. They use newspaper instead of toilet paper because it was cheaper. They have money for pants and boots, but not for underwear and shoes. Ozzy hated school. He was dyslexic, had difficulty paying attention? In one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty four. When he was fifteen, he left school and entered the workforce. For two years he worked as a plumber then in an industrial plant that made car parts then as a car horn tuner then in slaughterhouse where he dealt the sloppy innards of sheep. Stomachs After scooping God's at the factory, he popped Dexter gene and stay out dancing the soul, music and clubs like every other teen in the UK. He discovered the Beatles and became obsessed. Music became an escape path away to possibly break out of the sepia tone, humdrum beatdown of life and Birmingham. He decided he would make deal. Find A ticket to ride to get the hell out of there. He slipped his hair back with soap and gave himself is first tattoo with Indian ink and a needle. Owes easy y across the knuckles of his left hand in his mind, he was the bad ass beetle. Every time he looked down at his fist. He reminded that he wasn't long for Birmingham. And if he didn't WANNA be testing car horns for the rest of his life, he needed to find out what lay beyond the gloomy shadow of his Aston neighborhood. The I trouble would find him. Seventeen years old too much time on his hands late at night, he made his way through the window of shop up the street from his folks house. He didn't even bring a flashlight couldn't see a thing in the dark sensation is thrilling. He stumbled around arms outstretched guide him. He felt a rack full of clothes and took as much as he could make a pretty penny on the resale market. As soon as he made it home, he wanted that high again wanted to experience it all over a high of fumbling around strange place and snatching something that wasn't his. Next night brought a flashlight and back inside the story shown the light on a twenty four inch telly, a thing of beauty, the kind of opulent picture box that a family like his can only dream of. But the thing was like a twenty four inch box of bricks. As he tried to climb over a wall behind the store. He lost his grip and fell to the ground, and the TV came down straight on his chest with a thud and pinned him there once he pushed the set off his belly. He decided it wasn't worth it. He leaves the TV behind. But. It wasn't. The only thing left. His fingerprints were all over that TV and Oliver that store. A as a result, he spent a few months Winston Green, a notoriously violent anarchy Birmingham prison. While as heroes, the Beatles released revolver. Ozzy served prison food to child molesters. Was Too much too much trouble. He needed a new idea. They needed fast. When Ozzy took an ad out in the local paper, informed the band that would be called. The POLKA took lose ban, and then called Earth before settling on black. Sabbath, it saves them from a life of crime. It was the first time music seek to slay wouldn't be the last Sabbath was not only democratic there pragmatic. All four members were equals. There was no frontman. Terrorist Tony Roma's summoned the heaviest of risk. Drummer Bill Ward. Brought the wisdom of the Experience Position Pummeling Beats bassist Geezer Butler. A vegetarian who's into contemporary politics Alastair Crowley naturally wrote. The lyrics ozzy was melody man. was a true wizards brute. For Awhile Sabah's Fan base one hundred percent Lok. Sound like they were singing. Pretty pop ditties with well quaff, do's and commander stairs. They were Birmingham Boys, and they looked at Sullen, withdrawn. Unwashed Need Vitamin D. Black Sabbath self titled Debut was released on Friday. The Thirteenth Nineteen, seventy, the superstitious release date only added to the band's mystical alert. The whole Princeton darkness rolled that Ozzy would have it in eventually, embrace was more of a marketing ploy than anything else. The band weren't exactly thrilled about the inverted cross and the inside artwork of their debut. But it meant that the band attracted a particular type fans of the cult of paganism of fantasy novels and horror films. Dennis Whitney Bela Lugosi the dark Darshan. Sabbath was approached by Satan and black. Magic Dabbler Anton levay heads, so the band started wearing crucifix around their necks toward often he curses emplaced on them. Ozzy's dad made for the band protect them. Ozzy didn't mince words with the would be hector's. He told them straight up the only evil spirits he cared about the ones that were at least eighty proof and gave him a hell of a buzz. When Savvas second paranoid was an unexpected hit suddenly. It wasn't just Pentagram wearing blockheads who came around. On their first tour of America, Sabbath was swimming in a sea of groupies at least a rooftop pool of groupies. At a Holiday Inn in California Ozzy ascended to the hotel's roof to find a veritable orgy in full swing. So while making music destined for rocks, Hallo Cannon Black Sabbath is also busy themselves with drafting a blueprint for the cliches, sex drugs and rock and roll lifestyle. And by Nineteen seventy-two, the band was fully out of control. They decided to record their fourth album in Los Angeles and rented two thousand to three Stradella drive in the exclusive neighborhood of Bel Air. The Opulent Mansion was owned by John Dupont heir to the Dupont Fortune in twenty years later, the convicted murderer of an Olympic wrestler. Six bedrooms seven bathrooms, one swimming pool a movie theater. The place was extravagance in Kearney and Savvas. Look forward to defiling it. They were there for two months while the recorded. What would become volume for a record? They wanted to name Snow Blind, which was also one of the songs they recorded one of the greatest songs they ever recorded. Snow blind is a succinct encapsulation of that particular moment in the band's lifespan spent high to the Gills on cocaine. The record cost about sixty thousand dollars to make, but the cocaine cost them closer to seventy five thousand dollars. You couldn't walk into the next room without tripping over another cardboard box full of the little sealed vials, cocaine was delivered whenever they needed it, which was pretty much always occasionally they'd find their way to the record plant in La to make music for a band that recorded the entirety of their first three albums, and what was less than a total of three weeks, having two months to work on one record was both an eternity and a luxury. It was hard to keep track of all the people who came by Stradella drive. There was one guy who hung around all the time he didn't fit in. He had grieved posture press suits. Dark Sunglasses didn't say much was always there when the coke truck pulled up. It was too obvious. He thought he's a NARC. What if he's a NARC? What was anymore undercover? Look at him. He clearly not one of them. As he continued to who relies only he'd do it. With one eye cocked to the side, never letting the sunglasses and suit fuck out of his sight. His Paranoia was validated on the day. He heard sirens LAPD. There were coming up the road fast. Long as the Polish NARC with a great posture, he made them he must have made the whole match. Ozzy new issued a trusted as gut, so Ozzie went into full panic mode he grabbed the tiny vials in the baggies and dash into one of the seven bathrooms, the vials and baggies returns upside down hotter and grasp the porcelain. He slapped at the toilet handle at all swirled away. He grabbed another handful drugs and those fog. They started down and then there was a wet clunk. The toilets guts in the murky cope. We'd water burble backup Pasi clogged the damn thing. Ozzy slapped the handle some more, but the water in the bowl comprising. He heard the sirens. Get Louder any minute now. The cops be banging that front door. There, six more bathrobes. Ozzy lumbered out into the living room and found six unsuspecting road. He's paralyzed with fear yelled at each of them. Grab a handful of stash split up and works team bathroom. Fight a working toilet. Flush it all of it. They all snap to attention too much as they could in their arms and pled opposite. There was still too much stash leftover ozzy. Her tires pull up outside heard the slam of at least four car doors in quick succession Shit. They're going to be cooked as soon as L.. A.'s finest walked into the door. The cocaine had to go. There's a cops caught them with this blow. They'd never tour again. Made a split decision band member crew member Groupie, friend of a friend of a friend didn't matter who you were. If you were in the room, you're now part of phase to. Cocaine had to disappear up their noses now. They dropped the knees sealed vials popped open piles a waffle floor. No snored stock sniffle Presto in the blow was burning holes in all their sinus cavities when they realized the cops were only there simply to respond to an emergency calls which that have been tripped. 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And why do the tours makeup and costume artist Rachel Youngblood joining? She had a heart condition. It was just as likely to not get on an airplane as Randy was. All of these questions and more race through Ozzy's head and March nineteen, eighty two. The horrific aftermath of the crash played over and over like a loop in his brain. But. He was standing in a field in the middle of Leesburg Florida tour bus, nearly cut in half the wreckage of a small plane, smoldering and choking the sky with thick smoke. Part of a wing found its way to a house nearby, which was on fire, flame, smoke, chaos and Rachel Randy. Dead. Randy. rhoads is one of two people that saved his life when he really needed saving. The. I was Sharon. Sharon believed the nausea time when he didn't believe in himself. His first marriage was falling apart. His music career was on hold. Share believed in. Have enough to take him on as a client. Her Father Don Arden's management firm. She helped him reconstruct his identity after he'd been sacked by Sabbath. Sharon had the future locked gaze. She had a crystal ball. She would take ozzy make a bigger than he ever was and black. Sabbath! Her gaze went so far into to the future. She saw her life with Ozzy. And take share and as his bride. Was Sharon's guidance Solo Ozzy would dominate. Sharon introduced ozzy to Randy. Ozzy Thought Randy was so pretty that he had to ask pointblank if he was a dude, Randy was used to at twenty two. He rocked impressively plumed, long blond hair played a Gibson Flying v, painted and POLKA DOTS. When he was still a teenager, he co-founded quiet riot in Los Angeles. He was the prettiest guitarist lying around the Strip and he was immensely talented. All it took was randy to warm up with rudimentary scales on his guitar. Ozzy wept randy was hired. Finally Ozzy was weeping about something besides himself. It spent the majority of a two month period feeling sorry for himself in a room at the park. Hotel in West Hollywood. The prince of darkness went. Dark. The booze and the coke were delivered around the clock. He came to expect knocks on the door. The Sun from the outside world would brutally invade the room, and there stood a dealer bringing him the next round of coke or a Groupie, looking for a robin. The sack with a heavy metal has been. The one day knock came on the door that sounded different than the rest. Ozzy can tell if it was a Hessian with a bag of drugs are horny co Ed. Was Neither Sharon quick sharp to the point. She told Ozzy to get his shit together. Sharon managing in Randy. Playing blistering these by side, Ozzy Osbourne was unstoppable. His First Solo Record Nineteen Eighties Blizzard Avaz was certified gold platinum the year after that. One of its singles, crazy train peaked at number nine on the mainstream rock charts in the US. Diary of a madman followed the next year was another resounding success flying high again? The lead off single went to number two on the US charts. was just like Sharon had envisioned. Ozzy was on top. His reputation as a crazy performance was the tops to. Is Insane. Stage show included a mock execution a catapult that flung at the audience, the aforementioned occasional animal who is unknowingly beheaded. The newly formed pita threw a fit about that last bit. So Ozzy assured them. The bad at least was already dead when he caught him. That beef was squashed decades later and now. Ozzy is one of pitas animal loving spokesman if you can believe that. And the blizzard of Oz ban toward melted faces and rendered black Sabbath nearly irrelevant. Ozzy was the future. Was On that tour in March of nineteen eighty two that Randy confided in Ozzy in the back of the bus. Rainy told Ozzy is tired of touring. He was ready to wrap it up. Start a new chapter. Maybe go to college. Radio wanted off ozzy's crazy train sooner than later. Ozzy told Randy. They talk about it another time. Poor himself, another gin and tonic, and then passed out. As, you woke the next morning to the sound of metal on metal. Sound of quick demonic screech, the sound of life going off the rails, and then feel the world rumbling around him from below something low and mean to counter. What was top MS ears. A high pitched deaths quill tonight is on ten. There were flames. He can feel them. It was smoke was filling. His nostrils is I thought that house been dropped square on his tour bus. His head was heavy. His eyes were bloodshot the Jin from the night before still coated his tongue, he smoked gasoline smelled something burning, smell death destruction. Ozzy was dazed. hungover panicked. It was like he was in a waking dream. Some sort of post traumatic sabbath stress slash apocalyptic vision. Come to life. He stumbled around the wreckage found. Sharon found the other guys in the band, but no randy, no Rachel never gone. What in the Hell Ozzy wondered had just happened. Only later. Did he find out? The Torres bus driver Andrew Aycock full. The Casey Jones the night before he was driving high on cocaine, so doped up to endure, he would stay up all night to keep the Torah. Rolling on to the next city, but the AC and the bus was on the Fritz Andrew stopped at a bus depot to see if he could get the cooler working while half the tour slept off their highs. The bus depot. Leesburg also had an airstrip Mrs surprised to those who are wake Andrew revealed. He was a pilot. There is a beechcraft bonanza a single engine. Six seater plane parked the depot. They're making time. Andrew looked at the beechcraft, and then back to randy and Rachel Cruze, stretching their legs side. How did he asked? WanNa get up high the friendly skies. They'd go up and come back down in a flash, and then they could get on with the tour. Beechcraft Bonanza airplane has an infamous nickname. The doctor killer. Is referred to as such due to a high number of high profile crashes, involving wealthy hobby flyers who underestimated the power of the small plane, and after losing control of the aircraft wound up dead. Andrews impromptu flight would only add to the planes reputation. They climbed into the doctor killer Andrew at the wheel. And they were airborne quickly didn't send to high. Before too long, the plane loop back around adjusted. Its course began to descend straight for the idling bus. As soon as they got close close enough to see through the windows at the sleeping tour crew inside. They knew they're in trouble. The doctor killer was coming in Hot Andrew pulled up on the yoke. The whole plane shook. It's struggled to rise. The plane's wing dug into the top of the tour bus. Bending the bus and half. The collision happened within the blink of an eye. The destruction was swift. Death from above. To Danja try to clip the bus as a joke. Just another prank hold by a tour full of pranksters, or was he just careless tired from driving tired from being high and Nicholas underestimating the doctor killer. Andrew Aycock died in the crash along with Randy Rhoads and Rachel Young Blood and took any answers down with him. To this day, no one knows what happened something. It was the result of a careless or wasted bus driver turned airplane pilot out on a Lark the deadliest hookups. Ozzy was devastated. He had brought troubled. Randy put him in the bus with Andrew High on cocaine for Randy in the crosshairs was almost too much to bear. Is he wasn't sure he can move on, but he had to try probably easiest. Just forget it all. Get it off his mind. foos would help so pills and blow. He wouldn't remember much of anything including why years later he'd wake up alone in a cold jail cell. The first thing Ozzy Osbourne saw the morning September third, nineteen, eighty nine was a puddle of his own drool on the floor. They're right next to where his chin rested against the concrete. His eyes blinked open. His lids were thrown back by the rapid movement beneath them so rapid so forceful that his lids couldn't keep things under control anymore. They opened under extreme protests. Ozzy was thrust violently from a dream to this. This was a dream if it was a dream, who nightmare? is most definitely awake live. Lifted his head looked around. He was in a small cramp jail cell. No floor was dirty, sticky soiled. It smells like piss and vomit smelled like raw romney catapult. He used onstage after a show before they always did down. He heard a scream from a deep gravelly voice bounce down, the hallway, heard the sound of something hard rapping against metal bars, clang of doors, rain shut clamoring open. What in the hell am I doing here? As he thought to him, so it hurt his brain, ask himself a simple question like the devil himself smacked him upside the head, and let them rot alone on a dank to keep his stained floor. What had he done Moxham was block off in a bar. Fight liberated the head of another winged Mammal de murder someone he genuinely had no clue. His head pounded, his ears, rang, he called for help, and the sound of his voice echoed down the dark hallway. The blackouts were still happening. It was one thing when Ozzy was the only one affected by his comatose detours when it was just his life on the line when he woke up in the median Strip in Memphis when he passed out cold on the tour bus. It took me a while to get to this point. Shortly after Randy's death, ozzy breakdown once the IV drip of Senate is stabilized them. He went right back to the hard stuff. He and his first wife were finally divorced he married, but even their courtship was rocky. Ozzy would go full. Ozzy drink too much snow too much sleep around too much and share with roar engagement ring into the wind, and they went through over a dozen rings before they got hedged. Sharon had Ozzie check into the Betty Ford. Clinic Suzy checked out. He was back on the hunt for trouble. He learned to be sneaky. He hid vodka bottles in the oven. He installed the lights in his garden, not because he caught the bug to plant carrots and beans at all hours, the lights were there, so he could find the bottles of booze. He had buried in the vegetable beds when he went searching for the late at night. Then he tested positive for HIV. It didn't actually have HIV but immune system was so busted from all the alcohol and drugs that he thought he had the virus. The doctors had to run the tests a few times to make any sense of it. The lab had never seen results like these near-fatal amounts of alcohol and cocaine and his bloodstream, and never mind is body thinking it had HIV. His body had no right to be functioning at that moment. Ozzy's body was blacking out on him. Just like his mind. Through it all. He remained a vital cog in the American heavy metal machine next blistering albums by Metallica Judas, priest, and slayer, his nineteen eighty-six record, the ultimate sin was his highest selling to date. It's single shot in the dark was an instant metal classic, his next album, nineteen, eighty, eight's no rest for the wicked peaked at number thirteen on the billboard two hundred. Eighties were big for Ozzy, but damned if he could remember any of it. Just like he couldn't remember why woken up in a puddle of his own spit in a jail cell on this foggy morning in September nineteen, eighty nine. He couldn't remember the night before walking down the stairs and nothing but tighty whiteys sitting next to share on the couch, he could remember telling her. You had no choice but to kill her to enter life right then in there. In the moment it was clear as day Sharon was die. Ozzy was going to kill her that he knew what he had to do. Put his hands around her throat squeeze. Was the cocaine talking the Hennessy. Maybe it was the Jin or the pills could be the pills. What was it? The uppers downers? There was no reason no real reason anyway to lash out Sharon. Wasn't Ozzy. Talking Trouble as usual trouble losing control. It took over his body told Ozzy when to stand and how to stand, so then he stood up straddled Sharon. Sharon screened and then Ozzie got his hand around with throat, and suddenly she couldn't scream anymore. She struggled to bring her arms at the Ozzy's face, her nails, when right for his is the weight of Ozzy's half-naked body. Press down on his. He watched her fight for breath fights. Hossam onto the floor and then just like that. He blacked out. Fully out. The next thing he knew he was pleading with a prison guard to tell him why he was behind bars. The guard looked at him in disgust and ran down simple. You're an asshole. You attempted to kill. Your wife attempted murder by strangulation. As, he tried to kill Sharon. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. After thirty six hours alone with his own thoughts as he was sent to court. The judge let him go on L., but he had to agree to three ground rules. He couldn't talk to Sharon. He couldn't go home and he had to go back to Rehab immediately. He channeled Randy. Rhoads while in rehabbing cut vice his back to smokes and Coca Cola. After a few months Sharon paid him a visit to let them know that she was dropping the charges. She knew that was an Osceola and attacked her. It was something someone truly different something truly dark something that had taken over. It was trouble was an Ozzy Osbourne. Just like she had seen the promise and Ozzy oems. The decade prior holed up in a hotel room with the shades drawn. She saw it again here in Rehab. She would stick it out with them. But you'd have to make more music with Sharon at the helm managing his career. Ause you have to keep making great music? Sharon was implying Sharon Osborne was all business. Music and the influence of a strong woman, his wife, his manager, the combination had saved his life before, and it would save his life again. Ozzy Osbourne climbed back on top. No more tears, mom coming home. AUSE fast. Sharing Osborne in the music, guiding him Osnos. Would never again let trouble beat them all the way a stray. Lead him to total this grace. I'm Jay Brennan. This. This episode of disgrace and its musical score and game song written by me, Jake. Brennan Co writing and writing assistance by Seth Lundy Taylor betsy disgrace. Land is mixed and engineered by Sean Halen who also assists with musical score? Additional Music score elements by riots breaker, additional music services by BRYCE CANCER ARE AD. Music was composed by Kennedy Story and copy editing by PAT. 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