AEE 1563: Fast English Listening Skills: How to Understand the Why


This is an all ears english. Podcast episode one thousand five hundred. Sixty three how to understand. Not just what. But why in fasting. English conversations welcome to the all ears. English podcast downloaded more than two hundred million times. Are you feeling stock with your english. We'll show you how to become fearless and fluent by focusing on connection not perfection with your american hosts lindsay mcmahon the english adventurer and michelle kaplan the new york radio girl coming to you from colorado and new york city u. s a. n. To get real time transcripts right on your phone and create your personalized vocabulary. Lists try our iowa's app start your seven day free trial at all ears english dot com forward slash bonuses. When someone sharing their opinion they will often tell a story. Why did they do this. And how can this help you understand opinions and fast group. Conversations learn our strategy today. Hello lindsey how are you. hey michelle. i'm feeling good. I'm feeling good. What's going on in your world. Everything is good over here. Yeah i mean not too much to report really on how are you. Oh not too much. I'm ready for spring. I'm ready for you. Know being outside more in the sunshine but yet things are good. Things are good no complaints. Good good good lindsay. When you are sharing your opinion do you think it's an effective strategy to also share a story. Oh totally yeah. I like to do that because it kind of backs. Up my opinion a little bit you know and it also adds color to the conversation. I mean yeah. Yeah yeah absolutely and kind of make things more personal right so if you just kinda say your opinion i mean. That's that's great and that can happen. Sometimes but you know i think to really kind of make it more more intense and more clear. I think a really effective thing to do is to share a story to kind of show. Why you think the way you do. Why feel the way you do totally agree. Yeah i mean today. We're talking about this. You know not just when it comes to to people right. It's more than two people conversations with three four five people that's when it becomes even more important to share that story so people know who you are and where that opinion comes from right michelle absolutely absolutely. This is definitely useful for yeah. It's great for two people but when you are having like one of those really in depth conversations with a group of people about a particular subject if you kinda just say yeah. I think this right like yeah. You're not going to stand out. You're not gonna further yourself in that conversation so this is especially useful for when you were talking with multiple people guys. Yes and guys. We know that. That is a big challenge. I mean that's why we created our program for fast english listening. But i do want to let our listeners. Know michelle about a live web class. That is coming. It's going to be so cool. Yes happening all right so there is a web class and it is called three things to do that. You don't write love that title. I want i love that idol. So it's how to stop sounding like a student. yeah. I mean that. That's i mean. I think you guys are gonna love it because this is you know. We don't want us like students right. You wanna sound like the real deal all right the native speaker so this is what this is going to help you do right. Lindsay one hundred percents. So jessica. And i are going to be hosting this. Live web class for you guys on may eighth and may tenth. Okay so go and sign up right. Now go to all english dot com forward slash native. That's an a. t. v. e. and get your name on the list. The list will fill up if you don't get on their show up on time and come and learn with us so exciting awesome. Oh my gosh. I'm excited to learn more about that. Oh my gosh. that's so yes so let's get into it so again. If you share your opinion along with a story. I mean this gives you evidence right. It gives evidence and it. Also i feel really helps you relate to others right maybe someone has a similar story or maybe someone has a completely different story to share. This is not only about having everyone having the same opinion right lindsay. Yeah because then when you give your example people can not just listen to what your opinion is but listen to your example and see if they had the same experience right and they can learn they can learn something about you. They can see things through your eyes right. Maybe they disagree but then they can say oh. Okay i get why like. I don't agree. But i understand why this person feels that way completely. I love it so too so it kind of in a sense it makes you relevant to other people right to stay relevant in a conversation. We have to back up our opinion with evidence with a story. Exactly exactly this is. I mean we might be used to playing things like. Oh yeah. I agree. Or i disagree i so too or no. I don't think so right but like this is so much more interesting to add that story to add that little piece of yourself or maybe it's a story about somebody else right but it's just adding that special something that makes this more unique than just. If you're reading someone else's story in a paper or if you just hear someone just quickly say yeah. I think so right. Yeah and the other piece that i like about encouraging our listeners guys to do this is that little rush of adrenaline. That you get when you even when you're talking with people that you're close with sometime. Maybe maybe we'll make their acquaintances. There's a little rush of adrenaline that you get before you share something like Share this should. I stay in and then you go and you do it and it's almost like you feel like you're taking up more space in the world after you've done that in a good way in a confident way. Yeah i love that. Yeah i definitely get that rush of adrenaline. Yeah right before a share something. Like i know exactly what you're talking about. Yes yes most people do. I mean you know so. This can build confidence. It can be a confidence builder. So we're going to talk today. Michelle about how to kind of do this. Is this what we're getting into. Yeah yeah i mean and guys this is not only. I mean you know here. We're going to be listening to an example but this is about listening right and you know gathering things from what people are saying but it's also really a lot about speaking today. I mean i think you know. Sometimes our students might hold back in conversations. I may be answered. Yes or no to something right. I mean lindsay. What do you think you agree with that definitely. We don't want you guys to hold back. I mean especially for our listeners. Michelle there at that. Upper intermediate low advanced level. They want to become fully fluent and native like in the way they speak. But by holding back you will not get their guys right. No no no exactly so we need to start really listening for why people feel the way they do so that we can also understand how to express ourselves right. Give ourselves ideas of how to do that so we are going to listen to a sample today to go over this. This is a clip from a fast group conversation. This is from our conversations and coffee program. Yup guys this is with multiple speakers and this deals with connecting personal stories to opinions something that lindsay says. We're gonna listen to lindsays opinion today on something on. This is going to be good and guys in this program. You're going to hear more about this program if you come to the live web class so join the live web class. Come on board with us there and you learn about this program but we talk about really interesting topics like you know it is program. You'd get the full episode. You get the full content but this is just a piece and the question of this conversation was should you ask. Someone's parents to get before you get engaged. It was the question that we were talking about talking about. Yeah if you yes and you wanna get engaged right should you. you know. Really incorporate the comparison to having them you know give give their blessing as they say or right right exactly. I think we all of had different opinions on it. But now we're going to play just a tiny piece of the full clips. You guys can see what we can implement the strategy today so guys when you're listening right so when you're in a conversation where opinions are being expressed you know you wanna listen closely for not only what the opinion is but why people feel the way they do. This is taking it to a next level of listening right. So when you're listening to this clip listen for this okay to simple things. This person feels x. Right so how does this person feel. It's lindsay lindsay. Feels what okay. And then the second question is why right. So don't get yourself like nervous about other things. Were just listening to those two things. We're about to play the clip here about lindsay's opinion. I think it's a nice job. I think it's important right. Because i do have a friend whose sister her husband did not ask her sister's dad and that created a sense of animosity right from the beginning get married and they're not a traditional family at all but it was a sign of disrespect to the father and that set them on not a great path. I mean they're okay but there's definitely a constant like Lack of respect between them. So i would definitely aramis just do just do it because you know it's set you up with your in laws and a good in a good way and that's the important thing in my mind okay. Michelle so love. How what we're doing here is we're simplifying the listening right right right right right because and it's really good when you listen when you're practicing with these kinds of things you know. It can be tempting to want to do everything i once. Just listen to everything. Go right and you kind of can get overwhelming so we are giving you these strategies where you can break it down and say okay. This is when. I'm listening for this. This is what. I'm listening for that. And you know the goal is then you start to kind of overlap things together so this is what we're listening for today that we're working on okay. So where do we start or listeners. Just heard me say my opinion on this on whether you should consult the parents before you ask for someone's hand in marriage and then i expounded on that right. I expanded my opinion. So where do we start. If we're trying to understand this conversation okay. Well so let's kind of understand you know the order that you did things in an it doesn't have to be in this order but you did. I mean your quick opinion right so you said you know. I think it's nice. It's important right and then you gave the explanation so you went fully into it giving a detailed story right and then you kinda ended up. I mean you tied it up like a nice little present and explain all right. Explain okay so this is why i feel the way they do that i do and i mean this is a very common way to express your opinion guys so this is good for speaking as well. So again. I you said. I think it's nice. You so of course. Like using words. Like i think right in phnom and right right right right right right exactly and then what did you do. You share the story right lindsay. Yeah i gave the exact example right so first of all. I said i think it's nice. I think it's important right. I'm doing and we can do another episode on that right piece. I in my story is because i do have a friend who sister blah blah blah. I told the exact story in what happened. Right Exactly you went into the story and we can talk about this. Another time. Friends sister's husband that that can gosh great episode topic. Actually yeah yeah so that can get a little bit confusing but yet friends sisters husband so guys listen to that and also i mean. Does it matter to the listener. Your friend sister's husband does it matter that they completely hang onto who that person is not really is just someone that i know anything that happened. It doesn't matter to you guys and that's a good point michelle when we are just improving our listening skills with fast group conversations. We do have to throw out what doesn't matter throw out what is relevant to your understanding and that's one of the things right it was relevant to you to express it because you're telling the story so it's easy you like if you said to me like oh my friend sister. Her husband like in my in my head. I'm like i'm just kind of like okay. I don't like i mean this is not meant to be offensive. But i'm just kind of like okay person x. like it doesn't matter like it could be like the the mailman driving past my apartment doesn't matter that makes total sense. I love it. That's great that's a great concept for today to just throw out what doesn't matter what away. Oh what do. I don't get stressed out. You don't wanna miss our free live. Web class spots are limited. And you get to interact with lindy jessica live. Discover slang and idioms. That textbooks will never teach you but natives use them all the time. Sign up now and mark your calendar. We'll see you on may eighth or may tenth go to all ears english dot com forward slash native to grab your spot. Now see there and then you know then you you know you stated what happened in the story and you gave your overall a conclusion which was trouble with the inlaws which is not good. Good yeah and then you rounded it out right. So what did you do in the end. The third year. I gave my full opinion. This is the wrapping it up in a nice little bow that native speakers do and should do especially if they're kinda debating and arguing their perspective right so i said so i would definitely you know. Ask for permission because bla-bla-bla right and that's the important thing on my mind. Oh that's interesting. Why did i add that piece. The that's important thing in my mind because you kind of brought it back to yourself. You know i mean. I think it's personal. Then you kind of bring it to the story and then you bring it back to yourself and you say in my mind i mean i like that expression we'd say oh in my mind right a lot of time. I will say things like that. Yes and you hear people. I think in in the uk or australia saying to my mind it's interesting. We can talk another day about that but lonzo episode ideas today michelle. Yes definitely definitely so guys. Yeah that was kinda the order now. You could switch it around if you want to. But this really like i mean to me. This makes real a really clear sense like where we're going with this so when you're listening or you speaking that's something that you might wanna try out. So you know lindsey used words like so because i think in my mind you know so you wanna keep those kinds of words in your head when you're expressing your opinion as well. Yeah i love that. That is so important to understand like listen for more information on why they think what they think right exactly. Oh that is totally the key. I mean and let's get back to the strategy but we asked you at the beginning. We asked you to think of two things right And this was to you. Know what you need to understand. Overall right the main point so this person lindsay feels axe. Right so lindy feels. It's good to ask permission. And then the second thing goes why so lindsay. What was the why because my friend had a negative experience that had long term repercussions not just in that moment but really for a lifetime. I guess if you think about it so big mistake and that's that clearly impacts my opinion on that definitely definitely so that really shaped us so that was i mean if you would just said. Oh yeah no i. I mean i don't know maybe maybe some of us did and that conversation. I don't know it doesn't mean that you have to have a personal story every time right like right you might not have a personal story. But you know it's more than necessarily a story. It's just adding more to it. Rather than just saying yeah. I think this. I think that right always think about what can you add. Why of course and of course you don't want to be the person that person that goes on and on and on with their stories there is that person in every refrained group right. Yeah i thought. I thought yours was a perfect length like you went into. It was short and sweet and they can explain a lot of you feel the way you feel so i mean guys. This is also good for speaking practice so for speaking practice. Consider telling a story where you share your opinion and use background story to shape that opinion right and you can take that format that lindsay used. Yeah and i think we'll go another day another week next week or something. We'll go into another episode and breakdown that formula for you a bit more. Maybe michelle go more dab get more examples because it's it. Is you know two different things that we're working on here but this is great. I mean this is all about native conversation hanging in on that conversation right right right exactly exactly and like we said guys. This is especially useful for listening practice and speaking practice when we're talking about multiple people in a conversation right because you have to and that it's kind of a little bit of a different dynamic whereas if you have multiple people in the conversation you really do want to fully go into what you think to to stand out so that you're not just kind of sitting on the sidelines of that conversation exactly and go with that adrenaline rush that we talked about beginning usually that adrenaline rush is nature's way of telling us that. Yes we're doing something. We're a little scared of but it's good. It's a good thing that's how we grow as people and speakers of a new language. So guys we want to encourage you to come to this live web class because these are the things that we're gonna be talking about the three things that natives do that you don't if you're wondering what they are. You gotta come to the web clause. It's not recorded so don't miss it. It's may eighth and tenth and michelle. Where's the link that they can go to register. Go to all ears. English dot com slash native awesome. And what should we leave our listeners. With today i mean what should we remember when it comes to group conversations. If you guys it's not not usually enough just to say you disagree or agree with something you have to kind of think of filling the space right like when you're giving your opinion you wanna fill a space where it's not just like what you think but why right so. It's important to practice listening for why people feel the way they do. But it's also important to understand how to structure your response. Which is something we went over today and share more information so definitely. Don't give us a try and your next conversation and to get more practice with this with this listening. Get over to our conversations and coffee program Yeah exactly and and you guys can. We are going to talk about that on the web class. So just sign up for the web class right. Michelle signed up for the web clause and we will talk about that for sure awesome. Yeah i mean guys become someone that has an opinion and has a story to back it up. That shows that you have an interesting life and that people can connect with you. That is the key right there. Awesome michelle are those fine lindsey. I hope you have a good day. Good style we'll talk to you soon. Bye thanks for listening to all ears english. Would you like to know your english level. Take our two minute quiz. go to all ears. English dot com forward slash fluency score. And if you believe in connection not perfection then hit subscribe now to make sure you don't miss anything see you next time.

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