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It's five for another episode Franchise Business Radio Show Broadcasting Live from the pro business channel studios in Atlanta sponsored by franchise intellect knowledge and insight is very very good But talk to us a little bit about. Obviously the product is very health conscious product Could you talk to us a little bit about that absolutely yes so The product was developed by our found oh a platform for bringing together franchise professionals to connect educating collaborate to serve the franchise community and consumer and I also want to just give a shout out to our sponsor franchise city. WWW dot franchise dot city we appreciate your sponsor more info at franchise dot city and now here's your host Pam Curry how this is Pamela curry the host of Franchise Business Radio Rushbo is a complete meal replacement so the base of our bowl blended fruit and vegetables and they pack up to forty grams of protein and five hip and definitely a better way to buy a franchise with that being said let's go ahead we're GONNA have another great episode Franchise Business Radio because of the guests not only that we have in the studio servings of fruit and vegetables and we top it with organic granola and honey boo I personally have had it and so I know it rush balls and really understanding of the importance reaching consumers with effective marketing campaigns and right now your focus with rush balls is rush ball like everybody knows who you are and what you do what what is a rush ball that's a great question hurted close to a campus in Colorado here and he wanted to blend best ingredients together to Dr Andrew Put olive back in two thousand four and he wanted to make healthy meal or alternatives for College Students we actually there you worked on marketing for Silk Mill Charisma Organic obviously a very detailed understanding of marketing and the health food industry which is very important it well right now we're tapping into a lot of consumer insights and we're growing our brand very very rapidly on so we are trying to understand more of it calling guests that we have as well so I'd like for everyone to be able to go happiness welcome sale or listeners Charles Welcome back to the studio for having me that's Charles As a call in guest we have Marco Marco welcome good morning thank you for having me very excited to have you margot is actual marketing you actually are said to knowing North America is yet to know North America franchising those are two different dates yes definitely so we started in two thousand four up on the hill in Boulder on by Andrew at all backdrop you actually have been with rush bowl since just April two thousand nineteen and excellent and currently you're the director of brand also we have some of our bulls with with different exotic foods like Pattaya on we've and put Avocado Kale the director of brand and digital marketing for rush balls mark I'd like to just kind of go ahead and kick it off with you and I'm just from an interview standpoint give our listeners a little bit of a us with CG three fundraising good to have him back in the studio south I we're going to find out what has changed between the first time and it was studio in the progress in Boulder Colorado that's correct and touch I being win was the original founding and win did you start a healthy meal replacement for a college student so we have over forty menu items and it's a variety of different fruits and vegetables and he is was the global head of derivative trading in New York City he moved out to Colorado with his family in two thousand four has happened with CG fundraise seemed to date Baath and also welcome to Franchise Business Radio Show thank you for only here excited to have you on the show and avenue is with rush balls his local franchise e here in Atlanta and we're going to learn a little bit more about rush balls in the T. st rush balls that they offer and you moved here to Atlanta was three years ago three years ago and obviously you've kicked off your vision of having a healthy food concept which Dr McKenna clinching berries that make sense however he and his wife had a vision of of having their own healthy food concept mixture and Margo set top it off with Granola and drizzle of honey it tastes absolutely fantastic I will validate that and really worked his first store from two thousand four to two thousand sixteen we started our first corporate store and Theory Fleet Free Gluten Free Vegan Vegetarian plant based on and we are currently doing a lot of consumer research and everything that we hearing from people who are both in our stores and a part of this health food industry are saying that they want more products with E. Sheeting fats urged in development congratulations that's tremendous growth in a short window of time and really is What he I tell sliver uncover rush bowls and find out about them what was the process of moving from traditional to franchise ownership so time he created this product we know that our consumers are typically millennials and they lean into trends like the consumer is and how we can evolve our product to fit into this space a little bit better and just for our listeners yeah we're we're saying about some industry trends what what do you think you would attribute some of this growth to I really think that Andrew was before his sanchis in two thousand sixteen and now we are in Thirteen states with twenty three stores open and while door spinach you'd never guess that so many healthy ingredients are packed into a bull because they all taste so delicious and you were founded right off the bat the product seemed really interesting and one of a kind so that's when we started exploring more and to my on engineering he is a master impeached e from Auburn University at one point actually started his own firm I in Birmingham with bearings Charles Spirit on some level kind of just talk us through that process you know you decided a franchise how did she aced it we packed the best all natural ingredients no added anything it's all natural and we blended into thick fluffy innovating new products that people are excited about and really bring health food forward to people who might not necessarily know you ask now across thirteen states I'm happy to hear that you also have a presence here in Atlanta and we do have your local Franchisee Boffin in the studio Israel has other different kinds of food items short but Reitman you're looking I stumbled upon rush bowls and l. welcome again Boffin Boffin actually was just sharing with me right before the show started that his background is actually mechanical not since feeds and peanut butter and they also WanNa see more bulls packed with Greens like Kale and spinach What is going on with rush bowls experience a tremendous amount of growth we've got presents now not only in the west coast but the east coast what's next and you know you were sharing sharing with me part of the reason why you picked rush balls was the love for the product yes absolutely I think rush ball has the best product and as so that's a big leap I mean for those that have been in I guess what I would consider traditional corporate America obviously not so that's that's where our innovation is taking place right now that's excellent well and I know that obviously you started in Boulder Colorado but now you you're spanning the one might think of always this another smoothie concept I don't WanNa take this question how is rush bowls different Tuck the first franchise store opened in Nashville just a week before we were discussing this so like hey why not let's go drive to Nashville and check the product I said me and my wife are looking into better he'll have healthy eating options and to get into something like this we were exploring other brands smuts congratulations as assist still emerging and your vision are you going to stay with one location are you thinking about multiple multiple units providing healthy option to customers out there I think they should go for it there's a lot good in store for them well Russia's really different because like boffin mentioned earlier we don't add any sugar you the base of our them as a new Franchisee I would say it is absolutely fun getting into this kind of Franchisee and so that you can eat healthy and it can piece great so we just want to be a leader in the space and I kind of eat healthy sometimes Hammond than Peachtree dunwoody the addresses eleven Hammond Drive Suite Twenty Five and sandy springs H- how long have you been open now have been open since six months now six we'll definitely be going into multiple locations we just getting hang on this one since it's a new winter for both of us were trying to make sure everything is also thank in my opinion food is is what makes you you become what you eat so eating healthy is definitely location right now cure in Atlanta one location in Sandy Springs Yup bright there on what is the address just it's right at the intersection of can pop into rush bowls anywhere from the morning I'm really into the evening and find a meal alternative we really want to okay arts and steamers that we're not a snack or treat and it and that's just because we pack so many healthy ingredients into what we create his franchise business radio then they will automatically receive a ten percent discount I have no doubt that they will continue to come back and just to just make sure everybody they're excellent thank you so much I'm Gonna I'm GonNa take you up on that offer ram absolutely Marco I know I if we lost your you still with us so people would have something to look forward to in colder months as well so we're real excited to have those products and plus featuring a year or two so excited to keep expanding our rush bowls family and we want to just know more about the consumer in the space and just keep sure if listeners are listening to this station right now I would offer ten percent off to whoever comes to the store mentions portent I mean I can't stress enough on how important it is since we open that has been my lunch every single day so yes munthe running fine and then as soon as that we reach their will jump onto one excellent I'm Marco I mean tell us what's what's next it makes sense obscene Bob him where he's nodding his head Ron Radio lately truth that's good to know and tries business radio all right all right I like that so let me get this straight if anyone comes to rush balls before end of year yes absolutely I guess I'm just curious on a franchisee level anyone that is considering franchise ownership what kind of advice might you give to expand and if you haven't come in to try rush bowl I would highly recommend it my favorite is the peanut butter and Jelly Bowl you can't go without one sir I'm still with you just in wrapping up anything anything else you would like to share with our listeners know thank you so much for having us on we're really excited and like Marley said our product and our ingredients are so fresh natural that you can go wrong and if you tire pumpkin spice ball which we just launched as a limited time offer at throughout the fall season yeah pumpkin banana Graham crackers cinnamon nutmeg oh my gosh topped with the organic granola honey AP's okay I guess I'm uh-huh and we went there we had it and that was that was done to do it that makes and a your location you have one he knows where you're located you are the rush balls sandy springs on Hammond drive drive us if anyone knows where public says is just across the street you are growing so rapidly as is not only because of your product but also your business model itself you're obviously in a surging industry as elaborate or as operationally challenging to open the rush bowl it's it's simple food and vegetable bowls and it truly is a meal replacement so somebody is out looking for a meal If someone let's we've got to get them introduced rush balls right because add any any special promotions that you have as as a new location large real estate footprint which is keeping your overhead down so typically are ever stores are about a thousand square feet hungry right now and Margot Yahtzee but we're actually we we have visuals here in the studio so we're we're drooling in the studio three strong economics but food related concept's typically can be very complex and comparatively so I and You know what I think you're hitting on something that's in your intrigue me as it aligns with I would say there's tangible and intangibles in the franchise world right China everything could have a hamburger shop right or you could have the healthy alternative option up but it aligns with you absolutely I three fundraising I know that that was one of your goals right you wanted to create a lean and efficient company that offered a unique product for yeah with your wife's hair and two daughters and I know you've got a lot of hobbies such as golf traveling competitive swimming but we're really here to talk about is CG would put rush balls in more of a simple operation For Food Concept yes it it is it's not company and started this little battery company that sold Internet and Retail Batteries just your household batteries Aa Tripolis and then and other than anything else you would like to add so we're going to be launching three new products absolutely soon they even going to be new hot bowls I'd like to go ahead and introduce our next gas too we have in the studio and this is not your first time in the studio Charles Welcome back and we sort of stumbled ourselves into the fundraising world we developed this assortment pack of batteries that we could brand for fundraisers and any other food franchise you need to come in and see coming at US yeah common experience it and get your ten percent discount bye bye on our first fundraiser with the high school band that my daughters went to the just so happened that the band booster president for the fundraising market which you've achieved. Well Yeah I if I retired six years ago and after a couple years decided I wanted to start my own the franchise community for franchise selection more INFO at franchise intellect dot com also made possible in part by franchise city a better way to buy a franchise and be you can you and the feel and the look off fire stores is totally different it's not Just saying you listen to the franchise business radio show excellent well thank you Bob and Margot very much appreciate one we'll have you on the shell and we were just a battery fundraising company and and we have really evolved since then over the last two years two we've brought in other product lines we sometimes look at I look at a business on different levels and as I mentioned earlier the tantrums and intangibles and I think one of the reasons why I so appreciably it's definitely simple excellent and the footprint itself I would say another attractive quality is is you're not getting into can we ran a fundraiser with this because they were really looking for products that were different in a different way to do the fundraising and then when we were when I was last on the show economic metrics Ghana metrics at is so hard to say or I in Corporate Law you actually served for over twenty five years as the General Count Salon had various business executive roles for companies like race track Barco W. A. I. Global currently live in Atlanta was also my wife's tennis partner so showed her a prototype of our our one of our first sort mott packs in and she came up with the idea still keep our batteries in in our batteries are still very important and all of our product lines are related around sort of the same look feel as our batteries are oh it's a limited ingredients but yet when we blend them in when we create the bull it tastes absolutely you for having me back we have Charles Gross with CG Three Fund raising and I'm just want to give our listeners reminder of your background his background is an the end goal I do want to I do want to just share one other thing with our listeners you know as a franchise consultant we have power banks Wireless Ear Buds Bluetooth speakers in and we will keep our were keeping our product lines relatively we're not going to be catalogue company we are keeping them relatively lean in that regard but they all have to be something giving the organization additional revenue streams for fundraising purposes absolutely in that's the stuff that people can see what we did was we were able to that day literally within about twenty minutes put up a promotion for all the fundraisers that were currently running in the to obviously we live in the world of technology today but I just think from if I were the organizer of a fundraiser and treat the product distribution as well as the marketing as well as everything you would normally expect an e commerce platform we provide for the we've evolved past the battery fundraising piece into this regular fundraising company and then starting Well actually two years ago reach the GRANDMA GRANDPA and Idaho can participate in their their their kids fundraiser in Cobb county Georgia right but also it allows us you built out this technological platform where we've taken fundraising from the normal give the kids the order cards fundraising so give you a very a very recent good example so Hurricane Doreen came through in was going to impact Florida so the delivery of the product the collecting of money I all of those little things that go ooh this isn't as easy organizations schools are the banner the choirs nonprofits and we in that allows them to take their local fundraisers and not only give him a national wh- people can't see in in in the Geek inside of me it's makes me almost more excited is what we've done on the back end of the company so we started franchising in that was a decision we made to build out our national presence and it's gone very well we'll guys she already hit go out door to door and they sell on they collect the checks and then four to six weeks later that the you know the product comes and then you have to distribute all the product. You have to go through the uh-huh flashlights flashlights really really giving obviously the consumer more to choose from and even more importantly all of the little things that make it a hassle you you have removed those those things such as the sorting of the product aw hassles of that and we've really sort of made it almost an e commerce platform so we've we've built out these order portals that we brand for the individual a year's going to tens if not hundreds of PTA shows a band master shows athletic director shows and really listening to what they need but what we did was we ran a ten percent promotion where if you typed in the word Dory on our e commerce site on the Order Portal for pace high school soccer assortment pack that was customized branded to the organization I and now we've expanded into phone chargers ear buds for instance you've got ten percents off your order and then we also matched those funds for for Dorian relief gosh that's well that's a game changer so we have these very huge exclusive territories and the reason being just as I said two years ago on your show was we wanna give an that that takes your normal by the two to three week fundraiser and makes it runs con constantly continue in so there's constant revenue for the organization want and what they need and also just as importantly we listen to our franchisees and and that's some of our best ideas have come off runway for our franchisee not just to be the face of the company in that area but to grow their business to have enough opportunity out there take advantage of and really meet and it's made all the difference and I will also tell you the picking the franchise model for our district big changes from when you're in the studio two years ago I we started off with a product line of the folks on alkaline batteries the ability to have the with the Times so we had a huge opportunity that we didn't see when we were this little battery fundraising company to to to to really who our customers are the the schools athletic departments churches that run fundraisers nonprofits that run fundraisers we listen to their customers what they Russian was key in US doing that I don't think we could've made some of the changes and I don't think we could have evolved as quickly as we have he's but you have to understand the way our franchise model works is completely different so our average Franchisee will have half of a state so right across across the US but then you can also have a boutique franchise system that's looking to have fewer franchisees greater Large terraced how many franchisees do you have in the system today currently we have fourteen franchisees distributors for food concept you think well that's not a lot of franchises and we'll we'll yeah and that's what's been interesting about our evolution is is that I would love to sit here with you today and say yeah that was the plan we had that in is it is if we could we can make it you you basically have created a totally management fees fundraising operation they can hire employees if they WANNA hire employees they can hire reps if they want to hire reps and they can really build it out as a business not just a sales opportunity shortened because their budgets are shrinking the needs for funds or more and and it's it's fundraising companies for whatever reason are not evolving four accompanying and that's that's really the model we followed in and so so when we have fourteen of that's that's huge for us because because that's the market We absolutely allow them to do that. There's not a a huge sort of structure that they have to follow our job as franchise you know that encompasses Gosh I should know these numbers about it but that encompasses eight states right now right because we have franchisees with they'd have purchased the on razors they weren't running because we keep those order portal's up throughout the year so they will keep as long as the fundraising organization wants to share from our franchisees beate product mixes or be it how we approach the market so we've spent the last two do so if they want to focus on a certain segment of the market we'll provide all the resources for them to do that if they want to open up a new segment of other franchisee franchise systems out there as we really allow the Franchisee to define their own path in their territory we let them build their business out the way that they want due to have it look like and feel I can run and that has been really good decision on our company's part to do that absolutely and actually you're bringing up a really good point you know like I said some of our best ideas have come from our franchisees we allow our individual franchisees in their territory to run their business we we have a system Tories for more of like you said to really be able to create their own business not just be a salesperson two completely different models which is what makes it it all boils down to fundraising has become a huge burden for organizations and just at the time by the way where it's most they get out there there's different ways that a franchise system can be built out you know you can have a rush balls which is is looking to have many many many locations let's plan and we first started the company but it just evolved we you we have basically three constituents that we listen to we listen to sales people they'd go out and try to get fundraisers for the company show what are Franchisees do there's a whole other important component they go out and they actually are like every franchise does we have the okay do this this this and this and we'll help you with this this this and this but we where we different differ from most without the help of our franchisees and they're very critical in our system that no that makes sense and you've had actually for emerging concept you had some significant growth no we have instant feedback so by giving our franchisees the ability to look at the back end orders and to see what product lines are selling from other fundraising companies so your average fundraising company. You have your order cards you go out there and you don't know how that fundraiser is running from until out that's huge when you tie that piece of it in to really what our franchisees do okay because our franchisees aren't just the franchise world so interesting bride you have your home base you have your retail concept your store location based and and that's what's fun about the franchise world is great because will the results are done at the very at the very end so you may have at the beginning you may have an idea about how it was going to turn out but you really don't awards are Franchisor is is really to provide the resources for them to allow them to be successful so if they want something we we we get it if they need it who's buying how many of the sales are out of state versus local how many of the sales happen after a certain communication goes how can you really drive sales and they'll develop a custom fundraising plan and in that is that takes a normal sales based free search site to be able to pull that he wanted to be able to see the orders as they came in he wanted to be able to to run because he's very analytical person won't be able to run they're so well well articulated first of all and there's so there are so many different parties that get involved I think from a fundraising standpoint and and on sort of the numbers to see what who was buying what what needed to make changes in in midstream and the fundraiser so we just turn that on about him the entire state and that's that part of the vision I will take credit for that that was in the beginning when we decided to do the franchising model what I wanted to and China's in really makes it into a business because they become the local experts and when you do that and you won you get better results but more obviously it means it's in meets her volunteers needs to yeah in in one of the other things in the back in that we've been able to do is contribute to whatever 'cause it is like give me a product of quality give me a reasonable price give me something practical that I'll be able to use and they will will talk about what's worked in the past what hasn't worked in the past what will incentivize the kids what hasn't what kind of communication schedules can you have we how can you for price candles or cookie dough that they don't want or they don't need so to give them a product that can represent feel good about that they know is going to raise money for the cause importantly you get repeat business and in the end then you build a book of business up is a Franchisee and that's really how you become successful you know it is interesting popcorn all those unhealthy things that we want that are overpriced their their interest is did they want to help they want I guess the best way to put it our franchise our fundraising experts or or really the consultants so they'll go into the school this is not just source these products were in manufacturer some of these products ourselves etta at a quality that's higher than what you'll get for instance Yeah I mean I think what you've got your donors which are your friends family and neighbors and militia they're tired of buying cookies make sure they outlast Duracell energizer Rayovac take our power banks for instance our power banks we don't just get a normal power bank that you can plug your headphones thing we find out a way to make sure that it happens for him yeah the expansion of the product line as low as a plug Sam Paul right taking the donor portal to new heights us being able to do that for them and us being able to use not just technology but our expertise that our franchisees have in in in the territory had this isn't their job none of them have the time none of them most of them don't have the expertise to really drive sales in admittedly so historically there's been a lot of dissatisfaction and you and it's because of all of the administrative hassles and the ability of not having that insight and is absolutely huge because it you know it's one thing to say you don't ever have to touch the product so like imagine having cookie dough the cookie dough comes in froze will last I can't say forever Dr near forever so we take that very very seriously but to go back to your point in also the cell little johnny is going down the street and parents are having to help him do the fundraising and they're embarrassed by asking people to buy we'll go back to the battery days are batteries have a ten year shelf life guaranteeing they actually outperforming we visually minutely test each of our manufacturing runs probably one of the most important people that we unburden is your and we call him a fundraiser coordinator so your p. t. a. mom or your your band booster president version of fundraising power or CG three fundraising or CG three battery fundraising but you can also go to our facebook page at fundraising power were athletic director or your coach all of these people are volunteers just as you were saying and and none of them to be able to come basically uber is D- fundraising tryin come pick you up but that makes all the difference in the world so obviously we're taking care of her donors or family friends neighbors Other part we have in place for the volunteers right trying to find our niche in the market yeah so for anyone out there that's looking to half a fundraiser where would they go and so the day that the cookie you have to schedule the shipment for the cookie dough that cookie dough has to go out to each individual kid that day and then the kid has to go oh and to get in touch with their local Franchisee

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