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You're listening to kill mccaffrey's colossal terrific podcast broadcasting. Why don't you say mammy <music> <music>. Hi this is gilbert gottfried n._s. Mr gilbert godfrey to mason colossal podcast with my co host frank santo padre and our guests is this week our one jeff abraham as one of america's foremost comedy historians begins and a go to pop culture expert for t._v. Producers documentary filmmakers and authors as a senior account executive at jonas public relations. He's rep some of the top names in comedy including including andrew dice clay steve harvey george lopez bill maher and for the last eleven years of official life george carlin he's old so the owner and curator of the largest comedy album archive in hollywood that's for sure and has served as a consultant on documentaries and tv specials including may hey come live per p._b._s. Comedy central's one hundred greatest standups of all time cinemax. Let me in. I have let me in. I hear laughter salute the friars club and end end method in the madness of jerry lewis. He is old so on the board of those sacha note. Oh let the to the madness but good enough to lewis. I'm not you know comedy center as he's on the board of the night dragging i general diamond fly gay as sure even ball and as the author of an upcoming authorized biography of the ritz rick brothers and he was once lima down by paul anka bird kerns as now ward winning producer director writer journalist and author that controversial book tabloid baby about his whirlwind development tabloid television he's written and produced the non on fiction series conspiracy theory with jesse ventura all up presidents movies with martin sheen and and the secret history of rock and roll with gene simmons he's old so produced comedy pretty high there and documentaries death of betel and bin laden's escape the comedy. I did fuck it. I want to go home. The direct produce that nonfiction films that chris montanez story basketball man dan for fuck it all trust me out of here. No i don see if i would have died on your before. I could have gotten a book. He's off my timing. The night is young. He worked with everyone from burt. Reynolds share to robert robert duvall. He was once curse stout buddy hackett brand new. Oh book is called. Show one go on the most shocking bizarre and historic debts tsk opera bombers on stage. Well gun did not podcast jefferey bre ham and birth gurneys <music> found dead in their west hollywood apart. That's the one that they like they. They wanted you to add the found. Welcome boys here first of all. Thank you gilbert for giving us a quote from the book. We appreciate that gave them a quote for the book yes s. I don't remember what it was but i'm sure it was good. I'm gonna renault that nobody knows what it's like to die onstage like gilbert now now this this book <hes> definitely teaches you one thing that if you're desperately in in a moment in need of medical hell being on stage is the worst place because everyone's going to start laughing and applauding when you're gasping brad. That's true that happens a lot especially the poor woman who dropped after singing. Please don't talk about me when i'm gone. That's a good one. That's a good one. What is the what was that the cabinet thing when we're when rodale was when when dick cabinet but <hes> realized that upheld at cavite realize rodale was in trouble he purposely did not say. Is there a doctor in the house. Now 'cause it yeah. There was at pregnant pause. He was thinking if i say this. The entire audience will think it's a joke so he actually had this for a second. What should i say it. It's it was tragic beyond words yeah yeah. The book is fascinating for so many gibbon were discussing it and we were just talking about before you guys sat down the we were. We were talking about both the guy that was buried in cement joe what was joe the amazing. Joe and gilbert is fascinated by the one armed lion-tamer. Yeah you figure if you're a one arm lion tamer asian pretty much time to quit and don't get drunk before you walk the lion. Yes i yeah in the book. They say that the guy was scared. He already had an arm bitten yeah and and there was one lion that he couldn't really fully tame it was really a an angry lyon and and he decided the best thing to do to come as nurse would be to get your on trying to tame wild animals. You guys want to feel that one and and give our listeners a little quick overview well. The epitome is to show must go on. These performers have all said i would rather die onstage than in bed call. We'll lender said i'd rather die in the wire you know so here's the guy who saw a guy i who loses a one army says i'm not going to quit. I'm a lion tamer. That's what i do. You know what he did. Uh-huh go ahead and it was quite a show but i think there were seven lion's cage with them and each one of them took a bite and then once they got some of the lions off the other ones went back can add some more all in front of an audience of children and families which is great and i heard away. I think it was like one lion. Who was the one to break the ice right and then the other side is thinking hey where the lions we should be doing nice and they started eating yeah. There was one line that was very polite. Took a bite went back to where he was sitting and then when they thought it was all over he went back and that was the story that stayed with me and haunted wanted me through the night but you guys broke this thing down. You decided you wanted to do <hes> well. How did you first tackle the book. I mean you decided to do it circuses and then you some some stay stage performers and even people who died on radio right. Let me back up. The idea came fifteen years ago this august. I went to asean elvis impersonator. My friends were the opening act and the gentleman who coined the phrase but you heard him. Hundreds of times elvis recordings aldebaran said ladies and gentlemen elvis has left the building yeah he was in the lobby talking with friends and fans and they said said what are you going to write a book. You've done it all. You had an amazing career and he goes. You know what i have time. I'll get to it whatever that was saturday night monday morning. I'm watching the news. They reported he had just who was killed in a car accident sunday morning. I said i was just with him. You know less than forty eight hours ago and you realize you know life is fleeting and you think about how many people have died on stage. Elvis died the day before a torah hank. Williams died between show and we knew about dick shawn and this man next to me said and i came up with this title the show won't go on and he said well put your money where your mouth is right the book and we were gonna do all these great stories of people who drop dead you know during a rehearsal solan cary grant drop dead but burt says you know what i think if we just limited to guys who are people died on stage. We may have enough. We didn't realize how many people died literally onstage about. It talked about a year. I have to tell you before before i forget. I was once on stage about. I don't know two three years ago. I think i was on stage stage and in the middle of a bit a guide did scream out. Is there a doctor in the house and i thought and i started laughing because i thought this is like a football team doctor in the house and some woman died while you were performed yes yes you're in the middle of norman. Nobody's laughing. She heard was joyce. It was a consummate professional. Wow there's a surprising number of people who've died on stage. We we started out again. As jeff said we started by getting people like harry chapin who died on the way to a show litter skinner who died on the way back from a show it turns out that there were so many it was just unwieldy so we narrowed it down to people who died literally yeah yeah so we never done who died in front front of a camera people who died on a stage in a circus tent and then there are still too many so we had to get rid of movie stars and t._v. Stars and people who died in rehearsals and narrowed it down finally to just people who died in front of an audience whether it's an audience in a theater in an arena or on social media now if people have not people that commit suicide recite on social media but performers like the guy who had who took all of our social media followers on a wing suit flight off a mountain and he was one of the first to do it and he flew about twenty feet before he dropped and at the end was just him and hitting her to scream hit him and then you started hearing the sound of cows fell in a field field and all these cows come over to see what does it feel so i was talking about how you guys decided to categorize the material so it was just that was that was what you narrowed it down to anybody that died in front of an audience on radio conducting an orchestra in a circus tent in the case of he was on the high wire and not athletes fleets week we couldn't fit in sure boxers or people people that go into a <hes> stuntman into an arena knowing that the death might be a possibility ludi except for the circus performance because they consider themselves to be performers. Not athletes didn't end mean and she didn't die on stage but i think she died immediately. After i think didn't carmen miranda i think she was doing like the jimmy jimmy ranch. She had a heart attack while performing on the jimmy durante show and then went home to beverly hills where she hosted a party. I believe and and then her husband found her. I think the next morning in the hallway oh yeah he's working on a sequel cool things. We're finding our misconceptions. People have like people think irene ryan died on stage or frank sutton sergeant carter yes so certain carter was in his dressing room and he dropped dead before he went out on state as i found it on your website doing further reading we had very strict rules like man we had very strict rules and criteria like lee morgan. We said another five feet he would've been he he would've made the book and this is a this is a jazz jazz trumpeter who was walking toward the stage. His common law wife shot him in the back. His band was on the stage. He didn't quite make it so he didn't make the book now. Common maranda had a heart attack on the show. Yes while dancing yeah yeah. I think cesar romero was somehow involved. I don't know i don't know how we love that. You guys are attracted. The dark side of show business like us your view. Obviously obviously you listen to this show and you're also perfect for it. Why is why is orchestra conductor. The hot the the highest. Why does that come with the highest risk. The orchestra conductor is probably the most risky occupation and showbiz that struck me and the reason to give it away. They're all usually between the ages of fifty and eighty <hes>. They travel a lot. They travel between cities so conduct for various orchestras. They don't eat well the a lot of airplane food. It's very high stress getting these orchestras together in time for the show and then once they get up on the podium the adrenaline adrenaline starts going and then ah the conduct the the music starts getting a little bit faster and they're conducting harder and then they plots. It's funny. 'cause i remember many years ago. Oh someone's saying that aucas turk conductors are among the most in shape people chris the giving themselves a workout put every every day they you know it's like waving their arms. It's like a roba size but i guess it's not working working. It might be too much exercise for some of these people yeah what what about what's and we're jump around here to gobert. I are fascinated by the magician's which will get to but what what about a gilbert favorite what about joey ross joey ross and how hooker he was putting on a show in his apartment complex in in burbank <hes> when he's in the middle of showy stopped he sat donna side of the stage realized he was having a heart attack and died and the person who put on the show only paid as wife half the money because he only did half a show he he was posted. He was supposed to be paid one hundred dollars and he said here's fifty he didn't complete several people are jasmine warne marsh as well well that was the whole point of the book is too. I was always said a bird what's the button because otherwise and he had a heart attack and he had a heart attack and i think the epitome of that is to find is the story that tells it best is the first entry is jane. Little this woman who was about four ford eleven of she had the she was about the size of june for ray. She had the guinness book of records for the longest tenure in an orchestra. Come largest instruments. She plays trip was bigger than her. She comes back after ill health and drops dead unfortunately during the i'm korva show and as i said if you wrote this in a movie they would say no way take it out. Nobody's gonna believe it. She dropped dead while she's playing. There's no business like show business surfaced and they was a horrible not like there was only one horrible thing that that that woman the girl actually she was said dancer and she was set on fire. Yes that goes back to the eighteen hundreds. That's that's an early one. We're we're her flimsy nightgown or flimsy gown caught one of the stage lights and as she kept dancing and running around in circles at the the flames just got higher and then it turned out that other dancers learn there was a flame retardant they could put on their costumes so that wouldn't happen again but none of them would do it because the costumes look better without it and wasn't that's like the manager you know ran up on stage and said everything's thanks fine art. Let's let's ask often thing with the girl dancer that gave me a chill is when the mother her mother was in the audience to make matters worse and that the mother went up and said had something to our while she was dying and then the daughter answered remember this yeah it so many incidents unfortunately where people have literally guide in front of their children or their spouses. It's and the one thing we wanted to do was to celebrate. These performers lives and really not to make fun of their a tragic endings you know but it is i mean some of them are are almost cartoonish the way they died you know when when tommy cooper it drops dead on stage the audience is laughing and and then quickly go wait. That's not an his act. The british comedian tommy super yeah. I mean people go. That's a new bit. You know when dick shawn died. His son was the stage manager in new the act and dick dropped to his feet and he he goes he doesn't do that in the show. Normally you know i mean it's literally addiction is probably one of the most famous insights of someone just so you sean yeah i heard with the girl who died on fire that the mother ran up to her afterwards afterwards crying hysterically and she said had i been in <hes> the balcony seat i could have thrown a cloak on you and put the fire out and the girl her dying words were a yes you could have and and i thought for that how a lot fuck that the mother live with that as the daughter autre soleil words because usually the mother was in the wings waiting and the mother could have just thrown her cloak on her and saved her. There's a couple yeah there is a there is a a couple of stories. There are a couple of stories like that. I mean sean son is one of them which is one of the sad or things in the book and i knew all for years. The dick shawn died on stage but i didn't no the details yeah as jimmy the looting to they didn't know he tried out for major league baseball. I didn't know he's a ballplayer. That was his original dreaming. Nick shaw player baseball player. Yeah i mean dick shawn one man show the second greatest entertainer in the world started out he started every show by lying down on the stage underneath newspapers totally still not moving at all and when the audience came in and filed into the theater they didn't realize realize he was on the stage and then the lights would go down and he'd come up from the from the underneath the newspapers when it came time for intermission he talented take a nap and he'd fall down and laid out on the stage through the entire intermission and they got up for the second part of the show so here he is. He's he's at the university of san diego played in the auditorium and and he's riffing. He's doing one of one of his more surreal bits and he says let's pretend that there's been a nuclear war and everyone in the country country is killed except the people in this theater and i will be your leader and then fell and everybody buddy kind of waited. The stagehands knew that he falls down on the stage. Once in a while the sun was in the back of the theater again really usually fall like that doesn't hit his head that way so he he calls down through the through the headphone to the stage managers. Go and check them see if he's all right. It's the stage manager walks out. He is i. I don't know all is. I can't tell if he's breathing or not. He walks back and so then then suddenly ah dick shawn son realized what was going on ran out to try to save his father and it was too late but he was the worst part was people in the theater. Some of them asked for their money back. This is we haven't seen the whole show off <hes> while he was on the stage and in this case they said is there a doctor in the house and there were about forty doctors in the house because it was right next to the hospital. I guess san diego has a <hes> university has a teaching hospital so a lot of doctors and they're trying to save him but then the lobby comes his cousin who is a cardiologist who they didn't need to do an autopsy just realize right there and then he had died. Wow that's a sad one well. The sad one is also it's been what thirty five years and when we talked to adam sean his son he's still cries about. It's not it's not a joke and you say you know well you get any. Do you get any kind of relief for comfort in the fact that he died doing what he loved. It's like well a little bit but i would rather have him around for another twenty years well. That's not a question that was asked above your carcass. Yeah day graded the greatest hand. Sir albert's answer is different albert. Says isn't it amazing. He finished the act. He didn't die going to the theater. He didn't die in the middle. He waited until he finished. He sat down and if you've heard the recording you you've never heard laughter like that. Desi arnez is screaming. The people are pounding tables. No pun intended gobert. He killed and literally seconds later. Yeah bob weinstein said someone and said isn't it great. Your father died doing what he loved and bob. Weinstein said to the guy goes. What is your mother do and and <hes> he said chiesa housewife and he said let's go over to her house right now. Take out a gun and blower fucking brains out and we can say she died doing what you want. Also was washing the dishes. Talk a little bit about that night in about park your carcass arcus <hes>. It was at the hilton right at the beverly hilton. Yeah it was a friday l. A. friars event arose for lucy desi testimonial dinner. If career dinner okay forgive me so there were men and women they're it <hes> big names burn and <hes> burns berlin edwin and jessil. Your favorite was the m._c. Tony martin <hes> danny thomas since sammy davis junior waiting to go on but they <hes> unfortunately got bumped unfortunate circumstances and harry parking carcass einstein had this bit where he would just take what was logical and then twisted around like you said the friars is a very exclusive club. You must be <hes> pledge by two people in good standing one of them by chick hallmarks. You know he would love to do those little switches and he'd been doing it for the last year or so. At various roasts at testimonial dinners with great success. He had become a favourite he had been in. Ill health for years before he had did a t._v. Movie the earlier that year and we thought we would see more of them but the old ticker would gave out and that thing is is your doctor in the house and the great story is so milton berle gets up to calm the audience and he goes to tony martin tony sing a song and tony sings. There's no tomorrow. How do you write that. Ah years later leonard maltin told me <hes> milton berle and art linkletter were doing a radio show and they were in the hall all they both looked at each other and they go. I'll never forget that night. He goes neither will lie and i mean that's schmuck tony martin. What about al kelly which happened at the new york friars the master of the double talk that was that was to say it was a hilarious one but yeah that was one where <hes> old al did his his double talk routine and then he went back on his way back to the table he went out and they carried him out to the round the world bar there were doctors in the house of course and they pronounced him dead on the bar. 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The first album got the new york times and he was on letterman but you don't strike lightning twice so it was getting hard to get press ironically at the same time we will working with wayne noon when he was on dancing with the stars ars and all these singers hate each other. They're all jealous you know. Why is tom jones doing this. Why is tony bennett on the m._t._v. awards so my boss loss was on an airplane with paul's either wife or girlfriend. I'm trying to remember the relationship and somehow she let it slip. We're working with paul with wayne newton so wayne so paul calls the office. I answer the phone he goes. What's this. I hear you represent way. Newton and i'm doing my jackie. Gleason humna <unk> the longest pours gilbert and your life. I what do i say and he goes. I'll take that as a yes he goes. I remember this to this day. The fucker can't saying now america will say that he can't dance okay. Why don't they out on you jeff because i was the guy who answered the phone goes. I'm paul anka. How dare you represent that guy who who can't sing way newton. Just you know he's the guy how dare you represent somebody else. I know comics competitive but it's great to know that singers competitive the same same way that each other and you know the you know he was. I think we're about the same size five foot four you know in you know very arena pollyannaish. He's the first guy ever over the black american express card you know he would walk into chasing him but he was very proud of the fact that in ocean's thirteen al pacino is doing his speech from the famous recording of him boss yelling at the bay but he was proud of that. It's like a fucking hammer exactly and he said you know what i was absolutely right. Those band members were terrible is my ass on the line. You know he was proud of what he stands by it bad ass. He is not contrite about the guys. Get shirts. Stop fucking wait. Is what about you buddy story. You told me over the phone. As long as we're doing stories from the tros well i worked with with peter brennan and at at a current affair he's the man who invented a current affair and then later peter went onto invent judge judy so we had great success with the with the courtroom show around one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. We had the idea. Let's do a comedy courtroom show so we thought big beat markham was dead. No joan the pygmy come so through through my attorney from the friars club. Paul sherman was was my attorney he he represented buddy hackett and arranged for us to meet buddy hackett so peter and i and my wife allison eh meeting a buddy hackett is one of the afternoon in the middle of the week we arrived at his house is beautiful. <hes> one story house in the flats of beverly hills <hes> y- deep giant house but buddy's wife had turned every room in the house and including the sunken tennis court which we'd all seen pictures of buddy hackett and johnny carson and alan king playing tennis she turned the entire place into a cat sanctuary cats lived in every room there were octaves hangers and buddy had one room in the house sort of a wing a large rec room that was his so we went into the rec room and contain contain a pool table a bar a display case for his golf clubs a display case for his guns and he had guns and every <hes> shudder on every window was closed so it was pitch black. It could've been midnight but it was one o'clock in the afternoon. The middle of summer <hes> buddy took out <unk> <hes> the drinks and he made us lime ricky's and we started drinking and spent about three hours did mention the show once stick for us us. Let us his poetry he <hes> he read us the letter that he wrote to bill cosby. When his son died he wept while he read the letter to us he gave us the full buddy hackett back and then at one point he just stopped and said i won't work with any assholes. I want my son sandy involved and he tells the amount of money he wanted per episode and then we kept drinking and he said why don't we just beat fuck. This show is just meet here. Once a week and drink said thanks buddy. We left about three weeks. I went by maybe a little bit more four weeks waiting to get some traction arrange meetings for the show and finally we have some meeting set up for the buddy hackett comedy courtroom show show so i call buddy and hello buddy burt current and if you remember me we were. We were at your house for the to do this comedy courtroom show. It's like now. Leave me alone no buddy this is we had the meaning you know you want it. This amount of money and we're going to pitch it now. Now fuck you. I don't want to do it alone owned by buddy this is this is the real thing we're going to actually. We're going to do a show. Go fuck yourself any. I actually gilbert you could if you could play buddy hackett. Oh here now ha turned out that buddy had signed onto that the j. more show yeah yeah. It's the guys by the way back to the book for one thing. I've known bob greenberg about fifty years and i had no idea that he was al kelly's he's got grand grand nephew yeah o'kelly's honorary grand viewers known bob forever. You know bob greenberg bob green. How is that possible if anyone was would be in he lost thirty three pounds on the diet. Just recently i saw on facebook example bob would always tell the story. He didn't even know what fires event it was that we had to tell one for joey lewis. Larry thought it was for something for somebody else. Okay okay now onto the magicians which is where gilbert wanted to go. Tell us about washington irving bishop in washington. Irving bishop was a mental list he was able he was able to like drive a a horse a horse carriage through the streets while he was blindfolded he was able to find people in the audience who had a coin pocket a modern day kweskin uh-huh but to get into the act he did a lot of cocaine a lot of drugs a lot of alcohol go into these conniption fits on stage and then dropped to the stage and go into this very death like coma and everybody that he worked with an already worked for knew that if he it fell out in the state and his peer to be dead he wasn't really dead he was in this was in this translates state so we actually kept a little note in his pocket his front pocket and said you know if you find me. I'm not dead gilbert. May i recommend such a not so here's actually performing in a is performing in new york and it happened he fell and they took him over to to the doctor's office and his mother who who worked with him and his wife showed up to say well where is he and they said oh sorry they took him to the funeral home and they had removed his brain. It wasn't dead and i think they sued and rightly so south so they they were a little over zealous. They performed an autopsy on the guy and he wasn't dead. What about this is another one gilbert and i love and we forgot the name the chinese the the chinese bullock catcher. Oh wasn't really chinese. This is the most famous chung ling soo aw we're big fan. No relation to jack soo shouldn't he's. He's his real name was william robinson of course and there was another chinese magician with a similar name and he decided i will i will do one name similar to his and people will think i'm him and i will adopt a persona and i will work and became very successful. He was one of the most successful performers performers in all of woodville like allegory to exactly and he would speak in gibberish chinese and he had a phony interpreter who would ask him questions like this. The person that he was ripping off the name ching ling foo awesome now did did he make himself up to look he's yeah shaved head and the pony tail and the oriental robe and so even doing this the bullet catch for ten for about ten years had been done by by an a number of magicians for for about one hundred years prior. Excuse me gilbert. His assistant's name was sue scene she she was from yonkers site either. Sorry jeff gordon l. blanket. You're seeing so so he had been doing it for about ten years in already been come. It wasn't like the grand finale was something he did on occasion so he had done it and he had this whole thing where he's going to catch the bullets on a silver tray and unfortunately he got he had two men low. He was so secretive. No one in his show knew how the trick was done. Oh jeez oh protective so they put you know gunpowder down one of the barrels which was a trick barrel and would not shoot and they phony projectile would come out of the second one but but unfortunately doing it so many times that the gunpowder you got into the other barrel and next thing you know a a a bullet came out he was shot dead and that's when they found out he was not chung ling soo but william robinson. He spoke the first his first. I words of english he goes. I think i've been shot. That was the thing when he was shot. He went. I think i've been shot and the audience went. He's speaking english. Nobody does that really a chinaman. Get your money back <laughter> added. I love these. I love these magicians. Who was the one who was the the the the guy who's wife substituted. The bullets real bullets for wax bullets. Was that professor. Mario argentina might've been arnold buck. We have a we have black wizard of the west in south dakota whose whose wife was angry at him. I think she was the one that swapped out. The wax bullets real bullets. The wax bullets. It's amazing burt when i were just chatting the first recorded entry we have the bullet catch was eighteen twenty of someone when dyeing during a bullet catch and the last is two thousand seven. Oh my god holly for almost two hundred years. No you would think at some point somebody would wise up and go how this is not for us. You know i mean and people have been killed by having audience members load load the bullets yeah one time someone from on the audience actually pulled out a gun and shot the performer. Is that was professor. Mario was gonna audience members said hey catch this professor and shot him and killed them and the guy went on trial was acquitted because he really thought the professor marvel would catch the bullet jeez couldn't they. They just lock them up for being our good friend. Yours gilbert penn jillette really put put this whole thing in perspective jeff on its how morally irresponsible it is to do a trick that puts you endanger. He's really explained it quite well in the walk. We're so thankful that gave such a great interview. He talked about people like david blaine is going to risk my life for you know and and he also talked about you know you should have a warning in front of the theater and he said that's ridiculous that people now it's just a trick. He goes when you go order disneyland. If you were going on a roller coaster and getting killed it wouldn't happen. You know what's the loss of feed nothing nothing more dangerous than sitting in your living room absolutely that was houdini philosophy and the philosophy that penn and teller lived thinks he's going to die doing not a stunt on stage. I remember penn and teller did a bit with taylor is in a water tank oh yeah and and he starts schleicher gasping like pounding on the glass like he's like drowning and then you know works out at the end and penn said to the ordinance he goes. You know what stands out. Not one of you in the audience got got up to help him but but that is a perfect example of a magic trick that is completely completely safe and i should say that i should say that's a completely example of something that you think is safe can turn in the second you know of course the bullet. Catch is a trick trek when done correctly but demand of danger that is inherent to that trick well. The saddest one is is actually ralph breath wrath biolo- he was the most famous bullet catcher in germany he caught bullets about more than three thousand times and he actually did it with steel gloves and steal dentures that had in his mouth so he would catch the bullet in the steel gloves and it would go into his mouth unfortunately gave them really bad headaches and one day one through tyrolian mountains and got dizzy and fell off a cliff. I see gilbert. I feel you think you've got a heart career going up. There and it's difficult you. You wouldn't think it would cause bad bad things like headache catching bullets in your mouth. Will you feel better now. When you're doing the chuckle hut on sunday you think about what these guys handed. Tell us about the diving bells and the connection to <hes> the three stooges something we love to talk about on this show 'cause gilbert was fascinated by this to okay that was a that was a vaudeville act. The six diving bells were some you know pretty girls would sit who would stand on diving boards around the side of a of a of a high of pool and when the curtains would open each one would dive into the water <hes> unfortunately the the the diving boards they had were were very touchy. If took a wrong step you'd go flying and as the curtains were about to open one of the diving bells went up in the air came down on her head and was killed and again. The stage manager ran out and said everybody's. It's all fine. She's fine now. There's the show goes on. It turned now that the six diving bells were not all girls. A two of them were men a one of them was ted healy and the other was moe howard about how about they were teenagers the diving yeah because it was turned up in one of mos memoirs right yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah what about the actual death of ted healy which is which is shrouded yeah mystery. You guys got a theory you know they say it was <hes> what the relative of cubby broccoli chubby broccoli was directly involved right all right. That's right yeah beat ness seat in the death supposedly but it's added that is pretty much the given theory that it was <hes> result of that you know he got in a fight. He was drunk and i believe he was an alley. Afterwards <hes> i think would cubby broccoli rockley every river current <hes> and then what about the death of alfalfa. He wasn't alfalfa's last words. Where am i drugs. He was shot in a drug deal was shot over a dog. Yeah i taught someone. He powered dog or someone bar his dog again. Then i think he pulled out on knife and someone shot or something like that <hes> eh onstage don't ask stays story <hes> <hes> a re a recurring motif by the way just in in <hes> not only talking about shootings but you you you mentioned before you mentioned hack. It's gun collection and this is something jeff jeff and i were talking about on the phone. What is this obsession with comedians in guns. You guys went to the jerry lewis auction recently in vegas. We had to sit through seventy-five live lots of guns. We'll five different lots of his. We both got the catalog and said oh my jerry. Lewis is a state auction catalogue. I figured there's going to be costumes nutty professor outfit and all these great items the first forty pages was seventy five lots of guns so we go to the auction and we had to sit through seventy five lots and lots number forty two a beretta lock forty to a call eve five five yeah. It was just like what is he paranoid. Did you think somebody was after him. He had a stalker and he would always say if the you know that that guy comes here you know that fucker you know. He was very proud of it. You know i get having to guns or three guts but i mean we're talking an arsenal and arsenal yeah yeah and then he he had one gun was engraved. I think it said jeweler super joe. I will give give credit was very proud of his heritage. He had many things he had desks ornaments at said super jew. The jew stops here. He was very proud of that. What's the what's what's it's the sid caesar story with the gun jeff so sid caesar dies unfortunately and they're they're cleaning out his closet and they find more cigars. Ars suits a couple of handguns. You know hunting rifle and then his daughter find something says. I don't know what this is i have i better call the beverly hills police. It was like a thompson submarines submachine guns. I mean the these comedians with these guys. You never know when you might need one of those. I forgot who said it put it in perspective burt rattles estate auction. He had two guns in his collection. Jerry lewis had seventy five. So what does that tell you you you worked with burt reynolds burt but you you despite the fact that that several of the people around him were always worry that he was going to take us take swing at which was i guess not not an unfounded fear. You liked him got along with. 'em burt reynolds was was was terrific. He was a <hes> the movie was called cloud nine <hes> and <hes> wrote it with my partner time bret hudson from the hudson we had mark of course yeah <hes> breadth and already and al had won the oscar oscar for the godfather and he was sort of in his autumn years of that time and <hes> bread had known al for about twenty years and we got together al het had a showtime <hes> special that he was offered to do and his company and our company got together and it was called my first time it was a series for showtime where we interviewed eighty four women about the first time they had sex and then reenacted it with porn actors al-radi and his partner kind of it worked under pseudonyms for showtime and then <hes> brett and i would go out to lunch every day at this chinese restaurant on pico with al l. and we would talk and one day al said. I just went to visit my my son <hes> at n._y._u. And he had this poster on the wall of this really sexy woman woman at the beach gabrielle reece and i said to my son. I didn't realize that you were into beach volleyball and he said i'm into gabrielle reece. Look at her <hes> so then we he kept talking and said why don't we do a movie about beach volleyball strippers and we said yeah so the idea to a movie where burt reynolds played the coach coach of a team of <hes> strippers playing beach ball beach volleyball and we actually al actually got funding for it and we hired a director who had just come off a really hot movie funky monkey. I'll long harry basil harry basil wow and so you know britain. I thought that we had you know the next s._o._b. S._o. Be we had this movie up upset in malibu where burt reynolds was playing a con man who comes up with this idea to to start ready to start a beach volleyball team. We really had a movie about beat volleyball strippers but we had we had quite a cast. We had <hes> gary abusive <hes> dale yooglie actually it was burt reynolds dale yooglie paul rodriguez angie everhart gabrielle reece and gary very abusive came on to do a one day cameo but gary knew some of the people there and he liked the craft service food so much that he showed up every day for the rest of the shoot the next two weeks wait no access hollywood showed up to interview the cast gary ran over <music> as if he was the star of the movie and did all the interviews split up for the kind of movie. I would have shown up all night yeah. It was good but burt. Reynolds was was terrific <hes> every morning again. Harry harry did a great great job. He did a great job with with what we gave him. <hes> there are a lot of dick swinging around <hes> around the outskirts of that movie harry managed to negotiate everything got everything done on on time but he was a bit afraid of burt because al had told him the story that bird punched out a director of one of his last movies so harry didn't wanna get punched so every morning bret hudson and i would meet with with bert in the makeup trailer go over the script and go over some lines etc and the way burt reynolds had makeup put on was he would sit and he had a pair of jeans that he would roll up above his ankles. He had a t. shirt that the neck was cut out in the sleeves sleeves cut out and then make lady had an airbrush and sprayed every exposed part of his body with orange paint they can't make this up and and then he put on his rose colored glasses went out but he was as you know he's never never never threatened you know he was he was great he he he worked well with all the the young kids i mean i had come from tabloid television the tabloid world sure and i i said to him i said you know you always show up for the national inquirer and we've always heard stories about you. Do you like the national enquirer deal cooperate with them or do you hate them and he said i fucking hate them. He said you know these people called my parents in the middle of the night to tell them i was dying of aids and he said one christmas <hes> the national enquirer down in florida had some giant christmas tree atlanta florida and burt reynolds and friend of his got a helicopter and dumped half a ton of horse shit on top of the tree. Did you know that gilbert now aw story <hes> but you know you know. I remember working on some movie where there was gonna be seen. It was an comedy where burt reynolds is in a hospital bed for the bit and i heard the word on the set was one of the tabloid said did they were offering a certain amount of money to anyone who could snap a picture of burt reynolds in a hospital. Oh bed so that they could run the headline burt reynolds dying of aids unbelievable yeah unbelievable what what what what afternoon he invited into his trailer at lunchtime and so we get to the trailer and opened the door and it's it's dark and we're like oh shit you gotta hit on us or something. He was heard about burt reynolds in the tabloids. You know best friends with charles nelson reilly. Dom deluise never never show. Let's what's going on here but he was sitting there and he says come look at this and there's a documentary on the screen. It was an errol morris. Documentary things called vernon florence lawrence. It's a good movie right and there's this. There's this old turkey hunter being interviewed. He's talking in this really deep south backwoods florida accent and bert sitting there trying to get the accent down. He was saying it only jonathan winters could do this is what i really don't always trying to be a better actor which was great. <hes> we gotta talk a little bit about jerry and we'll get on a save jerry for less because you've all got your jerry stories but let's and gilbert has his but i do wanna know <hes> one one other thing from the book and you guys know we jump around <hes> we gotta talk about rodale dying on cavite 'cause we've heard dick's perspective because he was a hell thick spor- yeah. That's the m- organic food food that was the best part of the story will die. Dick always said the gods gave me that you could not ask for better guests to he died on your show by the way was interesting in your book that he and marshall brickman got together and put the tape one night 'cause shape the tapes and evolved right. He won't let anybody see the tape. Yes you got it. I see it <hes>. I think can publically say it. <hes> your friend and ours robert bater a aw who were in love with mr cavite he said to me. If you sell this book i will let you watch the rodale episode and as soon as we had a contract in my hand. My first phone call was debater fantastic and we got to watch it. We <hes> probably you can literally almost count on one hand. The number of people have seen this episode and its dick will tell you about twenty people year. Come up to him and take the expression on your face and no one has seen it unless you were in the thought. The episode never aired right right between liberty thinks that it did dick telling it as recently earlier this year on seth meyers too detailed account at pete hamill did because he was the guest on the show in the paper. It's one of those things that everyone feels. They have seen that episode. I didn't know that hamill was a guest on that. Show until till i read your book. You guys are among the select few. It's like the select group of people who've seen the day. The clown cried footage and exclusive club. It's not a bad movie either but you know it's a little subtleties that people have gotten wrong. Did he actually say this phrase. What did he say this. You know there's little things we were watching and. I don't know if birdie from court at the first time he says a line like oh. Let me save this since into when i until i come back act next time and or cabinet says we'll have you back. Yeah i mean it's does little subtleties which were which were very are airy. I mean i is part of the legend is that when pete hamill is being interviewed and rodeo is next to him and then suddenly rodale started making a snoring sound which was apparently like the death rattle and the legend has been that that dick have it lean over and said excuse me mr rodale. Are we boring yeah. Yeah i was gonna ask about that and that never happened interesting when when he made the noises some people in the audience giggled a bit but dick have it and pete hamill knew you right away and the alarm on their faces was like they're like holy shit and immediately they went into action. There were there were there was there was no time for any sort of <hes> you know bond mott's or whatever that story was told on the very first episode of this podcast yeah absolutely yeah and the other thing is that said during the course of the interview rodale was very concerned about having like free electric-shock therapy be for before anybody was doing it to get the energy back into his body and we came across a piece from marshall ephron who was the other guests on the show that at night and he believes that the the lights in the microphones were out of rodale body. That may have been the hardest aw yeah alright jeff. You're the big jerry defender on facebook and you and i i've picked bones with you before and there's no no no breaking brexit on frank gehry defender than you are gilbert you know of course gilbert loves to use the line. He was always nice to me he was he was turns out nice to both of you. I've seen both i've been very lucky. As you saw i promoted the documentary the method to the madness. The filmmaker told me hey when jerry goes. I have all the outtakes so i've seen the great side. You know what i was doing. My rich brothers book jerry. We wanted to interview jerry. He called me up left. A message suggest machine and fast forward is dead in his house doing an interview with him and i've been in this company many times a sweetheart. I we have burt and i both have friends who've worked on the telephone for twenty years so that's the great side but so they're doing event in las vegas. Call the founders founders of las vegas. Oh this is george schlatter. Show you there yeah. This is great trying to trying to get a ticket to the event sent. Its caesar's palace or flamingo. I'm trying to get. They said it sold out. They said well all right. We got a couple of cops. I went with bater <hes> <hes> and then i sit to a woman who's sitting next to us. How'd you get in said. They were giving away free tickets in the lobby really so because george carlin harland was on the panel along norm crosby phyllis diller shaky and jerry. I got to go backstage. Jerry walks in and the room lights up. He's the big you know. We have to give credit. I mean who else had a career of seventy five years and he walks in lady and everybody's laughing and screaming screaming and having a great time so then the panel takes place and they're talking about vegas and performers and jerry says this quote which has been in handed down from george jessop george burns to milton berle. There's no place for young comedians to be bad gilbert. How many times have you heard that yeah yeah. Unshaky green goes jerry. What the hell you talking about but friedmann has one hundred improves my friend sammy short vent to the comedy store. What are you talking about. Jerry jerry goes. I'm sorry i thought i was right and next thing you know jerry excuses himself to go to the bathroom and never comes back. He was that elephants yeah. I was in the audience and that was a scary moment. 'cause y'all obviously ashley shaky hates him much with a long. Probably everybody else on the earth. Thicky hates so i saw a they never sold this but when they were trying to sell this they did an edit of the taping and they had to cut around us so jerry never looks like he walked off the set. I mean i mean the other side was at the for the <hes> method to the madness the we had not the documentary had not been uh-huh available for the critics they only had a few minutes of it and was just after he got fired by the telethon so he he really wasn't in a good mood. I remember him being introduced by chris aubrac and he's give this long intro and jerry in that kind of burlesque delivery goes hurry up chris. I have to shave again. He gets a laugh. He's out there and someone says jerry. What do you think about reality television american title and he goes in my day. We didn't say t._v. We call television and everybody on these shows like mcdonald's rejects these kids today. No no one knows who al jolson is. What what is he talking about so you see this side of him but again having having been in his home backstage at shows. I've had great experiences with him but you know if you tell me a story. I'm not going to deny it. It and bird spent you know a great time with him and yet bert. You're gonna fair earth a telethon to one of the telethons richard besser the bells dell's has a jerry lewis tattoo aha he sure does i have two one is the familiar telethon logo the other hirschfeld's caricature he's got to jerry lewis tattoos allow and now i heard more than a few people and and i mean maybe that's why nutty professor such gory film. I heard more than a few people. I asked who described jerry lewis assist jekyll and hyde well. It was shawn levy helped him with the p._r. For his book the king of comedy he was the first one to make that conclusion inclusion in the everyone always thought he was doing dean martin in that movie and then he said no jerry lewis you know yeah you know if if you look at jerry jerry lewis jerry langford you know they had the same initials for a reason sure sure sure but bert you you. You had a also mostly positive experiences of jerry. Sorry i did back back in nineteen eighty seven. I was working a n._b._c. News and a friend of mine was the assistant director on saturday night live and she had a gig in the summer as the assistant director for the telethon in las vegas so i said please give me give me a gig as a production assistant just low level gig so i can be there with jerry. I wanna stay up all night and stay up the whole time jerry for the telephone so she got me the gig i show up at caesar's palace we go into the trailer where the production offices are and they said this bird. He's going to be a production assistant. Who could get over here right away. Jerry just found a big mistake in the rundown. You've gotta fix it great you know what are we going to give me the rundown which is the whole schedule of the show that g- gets handed out to everyone and they sat me down at a typewriter the old days and gave me a bottle of whiteout because jerry himself looked at the rundown and realized is there was a big mistake at the top of every page so it was my job to take the white out and white out the words muscular dystrophy because what it instead of the top was nine thousand nine hundred eighty seven muscular dystrophy telethon. I had to wipe out the words. Muscular dystrophy type in jerry lewis so so said the one thousand nine hundred eighty. Seven jerry lewis telethon happy to do that. We're happy to do it a crank. The main thing i wanted to know how real jerry was at the end of every telephone you know he sings. You'll never walk alone. He blunders he puts the microphone down on the a stool and staggers off. I wanted to see if whence he stepped off that stage you went. That'll hold the bastards for a while if he was the real real deal so i planted myself. I'd been up all night. Jerry and sammy davis sammy davis had it was before he had a hip replacement surgery. He was onto canes. He had aalto on one side holding them up and his mother on the other side three o'clock in the morning. There's a drunken crowd in the bleachers. Sammy goes out throws. The canes anes down and does birth of the blues and that's where i realized sammy. Davis junior was like the greatest performer. I've ever seen jerry way back to jerry. I'm standing there. He sings. You'll never walk alone. He's crying. He puts the microphone down walk off stage and falls into his wife's ice arms and just weeps and i was like oh jerry yeah aw about that so to make a little bit longer. Tell me uncall- two years later. I'm working at a current affair and basically you could kind of do whatever stories you wanted to current affairs. Let's let let me right. Jerry lewis letter so wrote. Jerry lewis a letter and i told him what happened in one thousand nine hundred seventy two years earlier and i said you know also i've been a fan fan my whole life and on weekends i lived in the in the west village at the time on weekends i go to record stores and i find copies of jerry lewis just sings that was the nineteen fifty six standards album one of the best albums ever made and everyone should have a copy of it anyway so i wrote a lot i i've got a cops got this album. I've got about twelve copies and i'd like to give one to you but what i'd like to do is follow you around during the during the preparations for and and through the telephone but two weeks later i get a call at the office low birth. This is jerry kidding and he goes. I don't even have a copy of jerry. Lewis just sings. I'd love to have one <hes>. You're welcome to come to the telethon. You'll have my complete cooperation. The complete cooperation operation of my crew. The only thing i ask is that not just be a two minute segment said fox jerry. You're gonna get the whole show. If you're gonna let be behind. The telephone is is terrific as a matter of fact jerry. This is a great forum for you because you can address your critics by critics. I fuck them. I fucked my critics them mock them next week. So we ended up spending a week with jerry lewis behind the season. He gave us the full jerry yet tantrums but he couldn't get his eskimo pies. He did it with frank sinatra. He did tap dancing with the old tap dancers. He wrote around in a golf cart and came up behind people and honk the horn. Did the whole gave gave us. The whole jerry was it was terrific tastic but the other reason we defend jerry is i think we just find it funny. I mean who else had a career that again spanned seventy seventy plus years success in every medium from vaudeville up until you know cable television writer performer director actor actor singer i think i also i was born in that sweet spot of jerry's career in the in the i was around in the sixties when i would go to double features he's at the norwalk theater of hook line and sinker and the family jewels and the ladies man <hes> at at that time when you know your heroes were soupy sales allan sherman and and jerry lewis and had jerry lewis muscular dystrophy carnivals in my driveway i grew up with jerry lewis cinema in east meadow. I i remember the jerry lewis cinemas sure they were a chain of those lower now they were theaters became people start them into porno cinemas pretty not much. Do any of you have any insight stuff of why they fired him. After all those years you know there was i think thank the year before he was fired. He had a director named artie artie forest and he said no jerry. You know you know he would introduce the cameraman. The you know the cue card guy they made a mistake. It was a family and the camera was following around and said you know already our director. Oh my god you know if your seven eleven or the mcdonald's corp for the sunlen corporation. You're not gonna like that. You know he was getting a little ornery. You know and i think sponsors were start scheme ish if you remember after nine eleven <hes> i think george clooney and a bunch of stars put on telethon on h._b._o. And was on all the networks ran for two hours. It'd probably raise sixty million dollars money. Money is the whole telephone what i think it sort of became a thing of the past. It just didn't do it in a classy way. Also in the telephone was burt said you know as frank sinatra sammy sammy davis junior the later years. It was <hes> jack jones. It was moore maureen mcgovern you know so so the telephone was losing its luster and so that was part of it and burke says it was way was handled. Jerry was the executive producer. You don't just tell them we're changing. It's just six hours without telling him so that was the terrible part. You know he did raise as jerry would say two billion. That's with a b not an m for jerry's kids speaking volatile comics either one of you guys have any experience of of pat cooper who turned ninety today or jack carter jeff jeff. I'm looking at you. Speaking birthdays a shout out gary lewis is seventy four. Today is also a little off ought to have him on the podcast. That'll just depressing. I don't know i had a good experience with pat cooper. I met him when he was doing. Playboy play when the playboy channel how to show called comedy after hours. It was done like a roundtable like broadway. Danny rose listen i am. I told them i had like burt said. I had one of your albums. You know before ebay. If you went into a used record store and founded alba it was a big deal. Now you just sit in your pyjamas by said pat. I have a couple of albums and i found in for him and he was nice had lunch with the friars he was great. We love him but the the city story. I heard about jack carter. Was you know jack carter had the local had the local show on n._b._c. Just before your show of shows rose and the network gave all the ammo and all the promotion to sid caesar they said you know you really can't have this guest on with saving it for sid so oh he kind of held a grudge and jack hard grudges the thing ever wanted to say that's their office great stories about jack order so there at some party and jackets just needling said you know citizens like ninety and falling apart at this not in good health. Let's put it that way and he goes. You know if it wasn't for you and max sleep. Keep me off the air. I could have been this and mel brooks is area goes jack. You're a big star. Sid was a bigger star. Sixty years is let it go. I love it yeah. If why why in your opinion and everybody everybody disliked danny kaye i think george carlin <hes> can sum it up best you know he as a kid wanted to be the next george danny kaye performer who could literally do everything and he went to see him at the paramount theater in new york. It's kinda rainy day. Comes uh-huh backs goes out to backstage store. He's there with his autograph book and didn't even look at the kid and he goes. Here's a guy giving all his. It's time and energy to yousaf and wouldn't give me the time of day fuck danny kaye so george vowed that if he became famous he would never never fans in exactly the opposite funny. It's like <hes> franken. I had we've lost count of the amount of of guests who worked with danny kaye and all of the bernie copello jamie farr for two. Oh yeah i think he was bernie or jamie would say he would or somebody said. If you got to laugh he would grab your arms. Don't don't don't step on my. I think i heard here on your show. You know he's also like mike jerry one of those performers who do everything you know. He flew a plane. He perform surgery here. They crank right and mel token tells the story you know he prepares a gorgeous chinese meal at a walk in this kitchen before anybody you know somebody show showed up five minutes late. He throws the entire food. You know down the garbage disposal you know these guys were just perfectionists and they they wouldn't know settle for second best and i think if they took it out on everybody and another one. We've had on the show who everybody hated joey bishop well frank. We were saying about the great story. I think gary marshall told me this bill rescue told us to it's the same in every episode of every sitcom you you always have to play the evil twin usually in yes he's season three where they run. Nevada ideas and i think they're in a prison and one of the inmates looks like joey. Barnes and joey looks at the script and he goes hey. Why does he have more funny than i do. Ah either have you guys encountered jessil and your travels before my time. Just missing died in eighty one so i i made the book yeah yeah. It is a shame that some of us frank who may not like jessil but as someone who collects collects comedy recordings as heard him are many friars roasts including the friars events including the parking carcass he's brilliant and he really did have a way of words. He really was a master. You know and there's a great clip of him. On the mike douglas show he did an an old timers vaudeville show with rudy rudy vallee molly pecan ingestion jessil does hello mama and he's he's still had it until the favor him gilbert he. It's such a fan yeah. All mama mama you andrew sean join you the one that change the checks. Check your number. Hang mama injure. Did you get that power. You're right the the power mama that byron spoke ten languages off on how's how's your eyes. Are you seeing spots. Volume is i'll put your glasses on the spot tomorrow clearly wow i thought i had a lot of free time and before we get out of here. We'll plug the book the generously again bert. Tell us the tell us the sammy and frank story. If you can tell if you can if you can kind of condense it just to condense it again we made we made friends with sammy davis. We were in a current affair. <hes> we set maury povich over to the albert hall to interview him for his autobiography. I think it was called y. Me and all maury had to do was open the book and just read a chapter because the entire book was about sucking and fucking and devil worship maury maury this reading the chapter and just go sammy sammy sammy sammy would clap lapis hands and give that great laugh <hes> love sammy davis when he died <hes>. I got an invitation to his funeral and to the house afterwards so <hes>. I promised my boss said look. Let's get a hidden camera. Get me a small camera and i'll get a picture of frank sinatra over the box looking at the little buddy and so great i go to i go to to l. a. I often turns out the the the funeral is in public and it's being televised but forest forest lawn and the hidden camera they give me is the size of a boombox and so i'm sitting there. I'm in like the eighth row. Little richard is on one side of me. Casey kasem is on the other and i'm trying to lift the camera shot of the sinatra's to pay like is it six rows ahead of me and i'm trying to lift the camera to get a shot of sinatra. The back of his head and his lawyer catches me and comes over and and yelling at me at the funeral and little richard's go and you got caught highs last night so service ends and jesse jackson. I think it was at the pulpit and he says you know everyone will proceed to the back of the of the chapel when it's over and they sinatra gets up and he and his wife go out the front stubai jump up and grab the boombox hidden camera and i run up the aisle i burst through the doors and there's frank sinatra just getting into this limousine with barbara and i lift up the big boombox hidden camera and i go mr sinatra and i'm tackled by four forest lawn security guards. I'm on the ground. I'm on the dirt and they're all holding me down and sinatra looks at me and we make eye contact and he looked at me like i was a <unk> a piece of dirt little speck of shit that didn't even notice and he gets into the limousine. They shut the door. The limo goes up the hill around the corner disappears then all the forest lawn guys. Let me go wipe the dirt off their hands. They let me go so wound up at sammy davis junior house afterwards and i it was either liza minnelli. Was there a lot of celebrities there. I met it was either chita rivera marino. I don't remember which one it was. I got confused. Uh-huh agreed the moyer kept following me around sammy's house and i'm like i'm trying to get louis away from me so finally locked myself in the bathroom and i go wait. A minute glass is and i opened up the medicine chest and i started going through the medicine show look. We didn't find one and knows knows what he wants in life. I have to wait till one show up when i started the interview. You're both very sick man. I met her villages. You did at hard copy. I made the mistake of trying to be a comedian it was i guess we were doing an interview with came out in the newsroom and one of the producers had him and he was standing up on on one of the desks and he's got his leather jacket on his motorcycle boots and is jeans and he standard because he had he couldn't breathe the poor guy. That's very very sickly and i walk over in the producer says burt meet. Mr village has survey. Oh very nice to meet. You and i shake his hand. You know how you do. How are you and she says. Would you like an autographed eight by ten. Am i said nobody will take a four by five and he looks at me and just his version of crickets his breathing off. She'll mad about it. I felt bad about about it. You feel worse about that or searching for glass eyes and sammy's medicine glass is our fight sammy. What is it going to need them anymore. Memento i will find one on ebay. You'll see well. I know i'm going to die at my desk filling out cards for ronnie shelve interview. I don't know all right is that count as dying in show business digress dying in front of an audience. I met while you're shattered. You guys meet william shatner. I met him backstage at the bay harsh. Oh and he was obsessed. He could not stop talking about dick shawn dying on stage yeah. We try to get this shatner. He's you know the busiest man in show business but you know. I have an autograph from him. That says frank just wait. It'll happen so he's he's a man. After your <hes> your guys hearts with performers who died on stage. You should pay pendulum talks about he wants to go out that your pen figures just statistically mystically probably will go out that way since the amount of time that he spends on stage but it's interesting on our website this we have a dozen performers have died on stage since his we know since this year wild including two comedians today as a matter of fact chinese mascot at an amusement park was dancing and having a heat wave he dropped dead while dancing he didn't he didn't make the book because it was only a rehearsal and he wasn't on stage. You guys have standards the book wonderful gilbert's gilbert's gonna plug the book and you guys any other plugs burt. Your website is a lot of fun. I found that great article about richard deacon and joe flynn right. I was reading four in the morning. That's going to be our next book in search of perfecto. Tell us great scandals. Come back and we'll do a whole perfecto. Tell us episode so much. I didn't get to so i'm gilbert. Godfrey been gilbert gottfried amazing colossal muscle podcast with my co hosts sprang santo padre and today we've been talking to jet abraham and bird kerns earns hoots. New book is called the show won't go on the most shocking czar and historic orrick dance opera palmer's john stage a great read. You guys are <hes> your fellow travelers. We love you. Thanks thanks for this terrific. The book is fun and i've got about fifteen cards here. I didn't get to so you'll come back and we'll talk about red buttons and shaky and mickey redmond grandpa al and grandpa allen fred gwynne and everything else said melton and melton uh-huh. We'll do another one guys. This was a blast. Thanks very much all right. I'll give you is my gene bela's story next time oh gee and you do it in thirty seconds against the only man to ever refuse me an autograph which i love because now i have a story if he had signed the autograph. I wouldn't be talking about it. Tom leopold a poll ran into gene bayless at the friars your that story he said how you doing jeanie said i got a glass tube in my prick path gentleman again by by swiss. We love you next on your the costumes the scenery the makeup. I got the the audience that lifts you got the headaches. The hot aches the fact. The ceremony spock knocks you out of the owning. Your heart beats like a closing <music> when the customer stole cau- hello this design all you get bored being on the show favorite bull died the appropriate people depot. They smile what they are long herbie not they change lara yeah uber godfrey's amazing colossal podcast is produced by dr gottfried and thanks onto padre with audio production by frankfurt arosa web and social social media is handled by mike mcfadden greg repair and john bradley seals special audio contributions by john beach special thanks to john fodio john murray three and paul raeburn increase your performance this and get that extra confidence in bed not that you need it with the blood the first chewable with the very same f._d._a. Approved active ingredients as c. Alice and viagra never heard of is i think you did blue shoe is prescribed online at works faster than a pill and it can be taken any time. It's needed fix. It blew june dot gov and get your first shipping free. When you use promo code gilbert just pay by dollar gyping. That's b. l. u. We shu dot com promo code gilbert dry it are- i'm nick nick turner and we are the hosts of get rich nick for this podcast. Yes we are out there in the world trying every get rich quick scheme to tell you guys which ones actually work and which ones aren't worth attack like donating plasma online poker task grab it riding e books betting on the ponies going on ebay background extra making money from metal detectors lemonade stands selling in their backyard right trivia nights selling from the backyard. We're walking dogs on rover. We're playing video games for cash. We're starting to patriots way too early banning how much you walk doc. We're hijacking a truck going southbound at tijuana and no one's going anywhere until we get what we want. If you are intrigued by any of that thank you you can tell which ones are not worth your time because we're still doing the podcast. If we were rich. We'd be on a yacht somewhere somewhere on a rainbow. Get rich. Nick is out now listening stitcher apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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