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03/05 Senator Warren Drops Out


welcome to the election ride home for Thursday march fifth. Two Thousand Twenty. I'm your host Jackson Bird with summary of election news today. Senator Elizabeth. Warren has dropped out of the race. Biden is surging in Florida. The Sanders campaign is changing tactics and a brief. Look ahead to the next primaries. Here's what you missed today. From the campaign trail senator. Elizabeth Warren has officially dropped out of the presidential race in statements to both our staff and later to reporters. She affirmed that she will not be endorsing anyone today. She wants to focus on making sure. Her team is taking care of first and then weigh her options and think strategically about timing in other words. She's making a plan for that quoting the New York Times announcement this morning though. Her support had eroded by Super Tuesday in her final weeks as a candidate. She effectively drove the interest billionaire former New York Mayor Bloomberg out of the race with debate performances that flashed her evidence skills and political potential. She entered the race railing against the corrosive. Power of big money and one long term consequence of her campaign. Is that miss? Warren demonstrated that someone other than Senator Bernie Sanders and his intensely loyal. Small dollar donors could fund a credible presidential campaign without holding Fundraisers Still Miss Warren's political demise was a death by a thousand cuts not a dramatic implosion but a steady decline last October. According to most national polls Warren was the national pacesetter in the Democratic field by December. She had fallen to the edge of the top tier wounded by presidential debate in November where? Her opponents relentlessly attacked her. She invested heavily in the early states with the ground game. That was the envy of rivals but it did not pay off in the first four early voting states. Miss Warren slipped from third place in Iowa to fourth in New Hampshire and Nevada to fifth in South Carolina by Super Tuesday. Her campaign was effectively over with the final blow of a third place finish in the primary of her home state. Massachusetts the news clarifies that a democratic field that began with a record number of female candidates has now become a contest of men aged seventy seven and up. Miss Warns Exit also clears the. Party's left lane for Mr Sanders. Who had a more muted showing on Super Tuesday than polls had predicted? The Sanders campaign will now aim to attract enough of Miss Warren's ideologically progressive supporters to put him over the top in a closely contested primary and quotes. Some folks aren't so sure Sanders can count on those votes though Charlotte Adler time. National Correspondent tweeted Wednesday before the news of Senator Warren Ending her campaign quotes. If Warren drops out. I'm not so sure. Bernie can necessarily count on those voters. Many ARE EDUCATED LIBERALS WHO LIKE WARREN. Because they're attracted to her practicality alienated from Bernie's sometimes aggressive base and want trump gone more than they want. Revolution put another way despite their ideological similarities. If you're still voting for Warren at this point it means you have deep reservations about Bernie and the way many high profile. Warren supporters have been treated by the Bernie. Base doesn't help anecdotally. I'm hearing from Warren voters saying they. Now plan to vote for Biden and that the mistreatment from the Bernie base is a big part of that calculation. She continued down thread to be clear. A lot of Warren voters will definitely move to Bernie. She drops out. They still share a lot of similarly progressive policies. They're friendly with each other and Biden has many of his own weaknesses but Bernie likely won't get all of voters and quotes Kimberly Atkins Washington reporter for. Wr said today on Twitter. After News of Warren dropping out broke quote a reminder that Elizabeth Warren already had an opportunity to endorse Bernie Sanders for president in Two Thousand Sixteen. She endorsed Hillary Clinton end quote. According to a morning console poll conducted earlier this week about forty three percent of Warren Supporters List Sanders as their second choice while about thirty six percent listed Biden. Warren herself in response to reporters earlier today said that her supporters should take a deep breath and take some time before deciding on their second choice returning to the New York Times quotes Miss Warren's allies and supporters said the question of electability who would be the surest bet to defeat the president disproportionately hurt all the women who ran for president. This cycle voters. They argue were swayed by a media. Narrative that a woman would have a more difficult time defeating. Mr Trump informed by Mrs Clinton's unexpected loss in two thousand sixteen author and columnist Jessica Valenti writing in a medium. Piece after Super Tuesday's results had this to say. Don't tell me this isn't about sexism. I've been around too long for that. Even just supporting. Warren has come with an unbearable amount of misogynist condescension. I'm tired of being told that I'm a single issue voter because I care about a candidate's gender even if it's not the only thing I care about I'm over being made to feel as if representation for half the population isn't a necessary radical political position. She continues whoever the nominee is. Their campaign is going to have to come to terms with the intense misogyny so many female voters have dealt with and understand that. It's an issue. We care deeply about and their supporters are going to have to let us be sad depressed even that once again. We're going to watch a race to leadership between old white men. These candidates who despite their many admirable qualities. Don't have the same proactive plans for issues. That impact women like reproductive rates and maternal mortality. And don't understand the way misogyny is embedded in nearly every aspect of American life end quote Denver. Progress did a study that backs. Up Some of these sexist claims with hard data not just about Warren but all of the former women presidential candidates. It's a lot to go into on a quick podcast so I'll just recommend checking it out yourself at the link in the show notes. Warren isn't endorsing anyone. Just yet. Even before she dropped out. Last night Rachel Maddow had asked Senator Sanders if he would pick Warren as a running mate. He said quote. It's too early to talk about that. But certainly I have a lot of respect for Senator Warren and would love to sit down and talk to her about what kind of role she can play in our administration in quote speaking to her staff earlier today. Senator Warren said quotes. Do things to take care of yourselves. Gather up your energy because I know you're coming back. I you and I know that you aren't ready to leave this fight. You know I used to hate goodbyes. Whenever I taught my last class or when we move to a new city those final goodbyes used to wrench my heart. But then I realized that there is no goodbye for much of what we do when I left one place I took everything I learned before. In all the good ideas that were tucked into my brain all the good friends that were tucked in my heart and I brought it all forward with me and it became part of what I did next. This campaign is no different. I may not be in the race for President in two thousand twenty but this fight our fight is not over and our place in this fight has not ended. She concluded our work continues. The fight goes on and big dreams. Never die a new poll from Saint. Pete polls commissioned by Florida politics shows Vice President Biden with a forty nine point lead over Senator Bernie Sanders in Florida ahead of the march seventeenth primary there. The poll was conducted yesterday. Wednesday the fourth. So it's possible not all respondents had heard the news of Mike Bloomberg dropping out yet because he actually pulled ahead of Senator Sanders. Just barely So Biden pulled at sixty one percent with likely Democratic voters in Florida Bloomberg was at thirteen point five Percent Sanders at twelve and Warren at five. The poll has a margin of error of two point three. That's a twenty seven percent bump for Biden since Saint Peter's last poll was conducted on February twenty fifth and considering Bloomberg has since dropped out and endorsed Biden. That's probably even better news for Biden with likely voters in Florida quoting the hill to be sure polls are not predictive but rather capture a particular moment in the campaign still if Biden emerges from the state's primary later this month with such a massive share of the vote and no other candidate manages to notch at least fifteen percent. The former vice president would walk away with all of Florida's two hundred nineteen pledged delegates and quotes Biden also has a wide lead with various voting blocks in Florida about sixty nine percent of black voters in this poll. Say they support him and about sixty percent of Hispanic voters in the two thousand Sixteen Democratic Primary Black and Hispanic voters made up about twenty five and twenty percent of the vote respectively quoting the hill. Again Sanders has performed well. Among Latino voters in other parts of the country like California and Texas but the poll from Florida shows his support among those voters declining. The Saint Pete Poll Survey released last week showed him with more than nineteen percent support among Hispanic voters in the sunshine state. The poll released on Thursday. However shows that support dropping to single digits at eight point. Five percents that drought may reflect the backlash to comments sanders made last month praising the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's investments in healthcare and literacy. Those remarks are seen as particularly taboo in Florida where hundreds of thousands of Cuban refugees fled following the revolution that put Castro in power. In another worrisome sign for Sanders. The poll shows him with only about thirteen point. Five percent support among voters between the ages of eighteen and twenty nine in Florida in many other parts of the country. Vermont senator leads among those voters end quote so how are things looking in the sanders camp? Quoting politico the Super Tuesday's shellacking was so thorough that Bernie Sanders is strategy changed overnight. It had to the decades-long refusal to air negative TV ADS. Is Out spots highlighting. Former President Barack Obama's praise of him are in end quote Sanders Campaign Co Chair representative. Ro Khanna explains the campaigns new strategy to broaden his base especially trying to appeal to Biden's strong block of older voters and mainstream Democrats Khanna said quote. We need to make the case that single payer healthcare will provide long-term care dental and vision for seniors that our policies are pro innovation and economic growth. And that we are very proud of the accomplishments of the Democratic Party starting from FDR and our building inclusive coalition to complete the new deal end quote continuing from Politico Sanders AIDS. Still very much see a path to victory. They believe he has a shot at winning five of the six states that vote next week including Michigan in Washington which have the day's largest delegate halls on March seventeenth they see states such as Illinois in Arizona the latter of which is home to many Latino voters among whom he has performed well in the first eighteen states as strong spots end quote sanders campaign. Also points to the advantage of clarity. In a one on one race being able to focus on highlighting the differences between Sanders and Biden. Will it all be enough though? The Washington Post referencing some outward campaign strategy shifts in recent days said quotes. The flurry of activity amounted to the clearest acknowledgment yet that the coalition sanders has built which is composed largely of young people liberals working class voters and Latino voters has failed to expand since sanders is up start two thousand sixteen bid all as the rest of the party has coalesced behind Biden exit polls showed that the struggles sanders experienced among black voters for years ago against Clinton were largely unchanged black voters boosted Biden across southern states on Super Tuesday with exit polling showing that he won the votes of roughly seven in ten black voters in Virginia and Alabama and did nearly as well in North Tennessee and Texas getting roughly sixty percent of the black votes sanders is pushed to broaden the electorate with scores of new voters rallying behind him hasn't been realized and he has struggled to persuade voters that a leftist political revolution is the best way to beat president trump now. Sanders is confronting a radically different political landscape from eleven days ago when he was flying high after decisive. Win in Nevada seemed to put him in the driver's seat in the Democratic race divisions in the moderate wing of the party that enabled him to succeed with a limited. If loyal base have been resolved and quote still political rights. Sanders and his team are used to being counted out and have long been more comfortable as the underdog than the front runner in the all staff call Wednesday for years Shaquir Sanders is campaign. Manager told aides that the corporate media and political establishments. Were Never GonNa make it easy for him. They have power for reason and they're pretty good at maintaining it. He said but every time the campaign has faced adversity he argued it has risen to the challenge and quotes now that the dust has settled on Super Tuesday. Let's check back in on. How things are shaping up. The current delegate tally according to NPR is five hundred ninety six for Joe Biden and five hundred thirty one for Bernie Sanders none of the candidates who have dropped out had more than seventy delegates. A piece of the total. There's a little over one hundred. Fifty delegates currently allocated to candidates no longer in the race quoting nate Cohn in the New York Times. Overall Mister Biden holds only forty five percent of pledged delegates after Super Tuesday according to preliminary upshot estimates while Mr Sanders is expected to finish with around thirty nine percents these tallies could change depending on the eventual result in California which might not become official for weeks but if they hold Mr Biden's delegate lead would be far from irreversible in fact Mr Sanders would need to defeat Mr Biden by only three points in the remaining two thirds of the country to overtake him. A three point deficit is not a daunting handicap. Certainly not when Mr Biden was pulling twenty points lower just a few days ago but the Super Tuesday results do not augur well for Mr Sanders is odds of pulling it off. He remained so competitive on Super Tuesday in part because of the large number of early and absentee voters who cast ballots before it became apparent that Mr Biden was the viable moderate candidate and quote another piece from the New York. Times points out the generational divide between the two candidates with Biden doing extremely well with older voters and Sanders doing extremely well with younger. Voters quotes in Alabama. The state where Mr Sanders performed worst on Tuesday. He still won young. Voters those under thirty by a sizable margin carrying about forty five percent of them. Compared with thirty two percent for Mister Biden exit polls showed and in Vermont. Mr Biden nearly matched Mr Sanders among those age. Sixty five or older while nearly seven in ten voters under forty win with Mr Sanders in California Mr Sanders carried those under thirty with seventy two percent. Compared with a paltry five percent for Mister Biden the exit polls there showed going forward to the primary seems likeliest to be eventually determined by whoever can capture those between forty and sixty five in quotes. Nate Cohn concludes quote. Mr Sanders now needs around fifty seven percent of the remaining delegates to claim a majority to pull it off. He would need to post decisive victories in states he would have almost certainly lost if they had voted on Super Tuesday. He would probably need the reins to fundamentally change in the coming weeks as it has before end quote and indeed it has while it feels like we might be entering stable new ground. This election has had plenty of sharp turns in the past so never say never and that is the election round up for the day as always you can find election ride home on twitter at election. Podcast or on facebook and election. Ride home thank you all for listening and have a great rest of your day.

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