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Intended for mature audiences, views, opinions expressed are those of the panelists and do not reflect in any way. Those are the podcast partners, sponsors or affiliates enjoy. This is Michael. Buffer and you're listening to the voice of the people. Look, let's get ready. For Boxing Voice Hey Daddy adult. Funded? Production CD Win. A Vital. Everybody and watch me. The Oscar. Special. Packing the big deal. If. You're fighting on the APP. Store. Okay! With. The end of the day. Do. What what up welcome back, Ladies and gentlemen to another district of the box invoice Radio Hashtag. PODCAST wherever has tags us? We are back and we will be discussing live with jared Anderson, his thoughts on big, Baby Miller and obviously testing positive, and now the public axiom, or calling for him to change his name, and obviously we gotta get the details on him, sparring Tyson fury as the. Industry insiders are all glorifying Jared Anderson as the key reason. was able to be deontay the bronze bomber wilder that horrific February twenty eighth, but listen man. This is what we're going to be doing. We're GONNA. Be Talking to America's new heavyweight hailing from toe leader. Ohio shuttle Marcus Ohio runs boxing. You guys keep breeding them now. This kid is. And should be set up to win because of the team around him. His trainer K. Comoro same trainer as like I've told you guys. Michaela Mayor Answer Chicago Stevenson, a mental and reward just all the right things and you're gonNA. Get all those details. His amateur background, his favorite songs, and if you WANNA, ask a personal question, you already know where to do that at patient dot com forward slash the box and voice drop a question for jared, the real big baby Anderson and tune in because we will be getting his thoughts on big baby, and the continuous drug tests that he keeps fairly and don't forget if you're watching, live on Youtube. Hit that thumbs up on Ellsworth the visibility show plus. Watching so where's the love? Let me go on out to Moco Hotel in from around the globe. We're going out to Mr Mongolia Corpus. Christi Texas what. Oh. What a what what up yeah, man! This was one topic that I'm really kinda super bombed that to talk about yesterday I had put in the pre pro- actually I think this is the one who had put in the pre pro and then I saw say Yo. We gotta talk about this because it's crazy like if you see the twitter and the I'd G, you know people are getting at him about it and yet. It's just you know. It's not so much that I wanted to give my take. I wanted to hear what other people had think because I think I'm like party lines here, but yeah, it was was what up Velez. I'm. Visiting. With champion. Alexander Heath no Alexander. Never. Lebed. Yea We right back at it again, shovel up because right up the middle. and WHO'S THE BATTLE OF THE BABIES? This is the battle. This is the battle in the sandbox. Being I took toy now that's my toy and say. Jared Ellison makes it good claim you know Fu for him to say. Oh, I'm the real baked baby Miller tattooed name on his body I mean I'll see. My may going back erase it. It's a in Oh i, it just I think if you know Jerome Manages to stay. You know in in the game you know. He gets past all this stuff right now. just this storyline would make a heck of a leader to fight. But yeah. Yeah. I definitely think so but at this point is like wouldn't even I wouldn't want it to get to that. Rome anymore like. I mean. I don't think he should change. I. Don't think he has to change it, but that's see that's what I'm saying. Is I think everybody's going to gravitate toward that fight? And if I were him, I would wanna just like separate myself as much as possible but He seems pretty defensive about the whole thing like he seems like he wants no part of anything that has to do with changing it which I agree like I understand I think. He says he's gotTa tattooed on him like Yo. That's it. That's A. that's a tough one girl like you know what I'm saying like. That's my nickname and then one day my nickname happens to be like somebody or something. You don't me or whatever? Nickname like you know in baseball, I heard you mentioned. You played baseball and other stuff like a nickname. You know maybe in lifting weights. You know there's always some they just. Along with you? I, that's me. You know I'm known for that like that's my thing. You know what I mean and this stuff you know comes along with the entertainment. part of boxing is and you know these names they you know you the to give them to you in the in the ring. You know in sparring sessions. You know I. It's just so stories how nicknames come about. But you know he does definitely want to distinguish himself from giral being giral in so much hot water these days, so he really wants to. You know. Let the people know 'cause Jared Anderson. I'M NOT GONNA act like I known jared Henderson for a while. Let's get it straight here I just got the no, Jared Anderson. We know when we find out about him being a sparring partner, and then you know I saw the last two fights. I think we saw. And I'm impressed I mean I've take a look at the you know. The social media's and you get to see a little bit about what he does and. He looks like he can be the future. He's strong. He's fast. And I'm just waiting for for for for you. Know for the competition obviously to. Get, get bigger and better for him so that. He can. Have the naysayers. You don't think otherwise. Now, jared Anderson is four no right. And July ninth He'll be going on to to be five in no. and. Yemen top-ranked, bringing them right back. I! Think what what what card was. Was it the Stevenson car. was that. He was on the show, of course even cart. So. Yeah, we're just Listen He guy, you know. ESPN gave him a fighter that. Like most interested on seeing again or something like that, but like they broke down there June cards, and they had given like awards out and Yeah, they had given him that award in I. Agree like what he did. It was. Good enough that you want to see him again. You know, and that's all you can never really asked what they gave them all I hear. Notaro they gave him to espn did like these little wards for the June fights. Best. Buy gave it to Joshua Franco. They said like who took the step back and I can't remember who they gave it sue, but they gave it to somebody, and then it was like who's who do you WanNa? See again. It's jared Anderson is who they gave it to and I feel like that's exactly what the performance was. It was like Yo I got to see this kid again. You know and That's all you can ask for you. Know what I'm saying like. You want to go out there and you WanNa, leave a lasting impression, but he did it in a way that it was like. I mean I knew who jared Anderson was he'd been on this show I'd seen other fights, but it was like something about this performance. That was like Oh. Yeah, there's a jared Anderson out there. He's pretty damn good like he's got. The lucky can speak you know. He just checks all the boxes. And he's heavyweight, so it's like his marketability looks just incredible He just seems really smart and Very very fun to watch. Maybe. Be is going to be interesting to ask him about his amateur. Too much about his amateur background neither. maybe necessarily probably a little bit more about that. If not, we'll find out. And when he comes on say again. The amateur! We don't I don't know too much about his amateur background to. Maybe you knew a little bit. If not, we know, we'll find man. He's a man he's. He's like a full-time fire, Tom. National Champ national golden gloves chant. So he, he's the goods. Man I mean you know the amateur background. Is Important. Is it important in the heavyweight division? Yes and no, but I'd rather my fight a habit. You know what I'm saying. I'd rather my fighter have international experience. You know. This kid's traveled to Germany I think if you pull up. His box wreck the amateur. He's traveled to Germany. All over the world, so he's faced different styles then he's. He's traveled of course and look at the person who he sparring with I. Mean think about the work he was getting there. You had David Adelaide. You had Tyson fury. Guido Vision Annella like. He's with top ring to. Maybe he's getting rounds with sunny, but we'll find out you know. Once we get him on. I, think that the the one I added in him than me. Let me try again. So many. Hey, skype, because you you. Jared Anderson. Definitely definitely looked like the goods I mean you know there's only four fights in the probes, but It looks like he's adopted the pro style. I mean he really goes in that a crack, guys. I. Mean You know four fights? To judge yet, but like you know he's just started. He just got started. Amateur backgrounds are important. They are important because depending on you know the type of style space experience, man, it's it's. It's that anxiety that we talked about. You know that a typical fighter were have he obviously doesn't have to. Because he's been on that world level, he's been under those lights. It's it's it's. It's experienced that you gain. You know. Being out there. stylistically I mean as far as size. How do you see him Mareo? matching up with like the is like you know Tyson fury obviously is the biggest one of the mall, but you know guys like You know Pula be guys like Brazil. You know tall guys. Yet you know they're not the top three or top five, but still you know bigger guys From what you see so far in these last four fights, what can you? What can you get from the you know what I get the most is that he fights a big guys fight and he's only twenty years old. You know you don't really see that that often from guys. Usually when you see a big guy who's young, they're very clunky. They're very off-balance. They're very just. They just haven't grown into their body. It takes them a while to really figure out how to fight that big I. Fight but he seems to really understand that and and you know, and he's not like huge like you said I mean we're in the era of the Jain Norman has guys like fury while they're in Aj and stuff, but but he's twins getting bigger. He six floor. That's it's you know it's a good. It's a good height. It's definitely. Yeah. It's definitely a good height. He's he's going to compete but it's not like something that you know stands out like he he's he's a big guy, but what I'm saying is he's GonNa get bigger like that's to me. What's so interesting about him? Is that we're seeing from him right now? He's only developing. So that's what to me is so excited about him like I look at him, and it's not like so much like always already got this. He's already got that he could. Jabbie set up the right hand. He can do this and that he wants the body well. He pays attention to the body. Exactly and so he does a lot of things checks a lot of boxes, but it's like all of that on top of the fact that he seems to understand how to fight the big guy fight, and he's only twenty years old. Yeah, and you say he's twenty years old twenty years old. No he was that young rose born in Nineteen, ninety nine. That makes me feel awful about myself me. One second right here, guys. Just want to. See that it's GonNa help anything because I do not. I cannot add jared for for the heavyweights. I mean he's he's. He's got. I mean no it. Depending on what kind of rounds he he puts in on his body, man he, he's young for the heavyweight division. Very young sorta like Danny de the by older. The him probably is right. I think he is Dan. I'm pretty sure he is. Yellow, you know just a heads up. actually had some trouble logging in You had text me and I didn't see it at first, and when I saw it I looked and there was no thing and then it said skype having issues, so I haven't really refreshingly something with skype man because. It, skype said it. We're having issues right now. Like I got a whole prompt and I was literally just about text y'all like Yo. Something's going on my Internet reset and it popped back up and it's at join call, but every time I hit it said your your Your service to low your connections to low all is like I have way like all my bars. Are there like? They try put me in the shadow realm. But Yeah, so you might be having trouble from that. That might be what's going on with. Jared Anderson. Skype don't want let people. Day. Joe Why don't we start with him on now? That I'm thinking about it if he was the title of the show. For this exact reason connection. I like to not. Be Live at eleven thirty with the guests at eleven thirty, and then we're figuring out all these. Technicalities that we're obviously going through because. I was able to search him, and now I'm not even able to find him. You know so I don't know. skype. Might might be a new. What is it update might be? Cool. Man They sure put a Fisher this year. Put a scratch on a record. With those updates. We're also going to have Sarafina twelve which is fricking. Really buy we buy the everything's by the game master. We're ready six minutes behind. For whatever reason I sent them directly coleus coach can get it Tom This is working though is just not letting me connect with Umbro. Ads Feeling about this. No clue what is up. Man. But he is in action Thursday. Don't believe he has any opponent as of as of right now. Hector. Perez mentioned there for him. Yeah no way. Is Sir Bro. Peres's the one that I. Beth knocked out, isn't it? No? No, that was Rodriguez. I one right hector. Oh No. Did. Heck, the Perez. We did a lot fight chat on them. Guys, you guys probably not remembering who? Did he fight stories. This is the last fight he had that was. His heavyweight. Yeah I'm here we? Go Yeah. He was on the Joshua greer card. He fought who do me say want or want? Tourists is really wow, yeah, he fought one daughters, and he beat the man by unanimous decision. And now they given them to jared. Yes I'm interested to see you know which direction they go. If they go heck to progress that we've seen that that that that'll be pretty good, because it's like a buildup, you know, even though we know, hector is in. The declaration amateur that. Anderson is I think it's I. Don't even see nothing. Restarted Jack Coleman I'm trying to I'm not understanding why we can't add him. Birds like fuster. This is cray. Yeah. This is crap, man. Over this. Might worked right there. The restart might have worked. Anderson. Yes, so Yet Jared Anderson Young I I checked out. The was twenty. Two is like. Let's see if they if they fasttrack jared and in the same manner you know. With the. Dubois. You also had a good amateur. Let's be real. Do Bosnia fire strike. He's. He's bought the fight Joel Joyce. Who's thirty something and seven and no or something like that like? Yeah no fourteen fourteen fights in two years. Or excuse me not in two years, but a with you know in two years apart from jared I've just wonder. Where would he? Fights with jared have had already by then. Just, comparison you know UK USA. Kinda thing. Yeah I just don't think you know remember. We were calling for Dubai. Get a fight. They just finally did it. You know with. Joyce, but Choices a little older right? Dubai's a little younger Joyce is a little. you know he's got browns because he did the not the world boxing, he does something else super series a boxing. You know. Joe, Joyce. He is I think he's like thirty three thirty four something like that right, and and even though he's a lot of amateur fights and a lot of like semi pro fights. If here we go there, we go. Let's hope this works Chan. Secret we get. Let's see I. Think we hear somethin'? Is this chant? Jared Anderson. How are you by the? Thank you for taking the time to come on the program. We're live right now on youtube. In multiple different platforms had a little bit of difficult to get you. Yuan finally figured it out happy to have you. So How are you feeling? Good. Real good fight week, man, you looking hungry. I'm hungry for that Ko. ECORSE of course. So I was doing some research, man and I'm wondering. Was this like just tongue in cheek that you answer this question, or was this a publicist? The additive for yours you ringwald music, really fabulous What is the name of the Song One Little Mall? Today, acid, right or or That, was that was my. When saw y'all? So would you like your old? So that's like two thousand. That's my era. That's like two thousand three. Definitely I came out to the fabulous What's the other one I WANNA. Say withers. In those time when she come and then. I can't think of the last song. I before I pay also before I. Pass it on my co-host. I JUST WANNA. Tell them in the world that. Show something about the character. Maybe you can explain but. You mentos. Or. Should I say favorite fighters? Sugar Ray Somebody else from that generation, but then you said ward insecure like Chicago Stevenson You could just explain you know having someone that is basically in your own age bracket. You're you're stablemate. As being one of your favorite fighters. Being one of my payer fighters just because for one. He's great to I. Watch him every day. See the adversity. Go through. The different fighters different stoller fighters. He pick apart. So stuff like that and then on A. Big Brother side. He's just A. Real. Good do real cool. Do you always look out for the always? Keep me in the right state of mind. Make sure I'm on track in the non-fox, so he is more of a big brother thing, and and I've always been a person who likes fighters more for what they do outside the box in how they are outside of boxing versus what they do inside the ring. Yeah, you could be good. It's hard to rent, but however you when you get outside down of person. He always been that with me. what's going on jared Morgan here. Hey, listen. I want to ask you because ever since the bubble events started i. feel like you know a lot has been made of certain cards and certain events, but your fight has I think propelled you in a way that a lot of other guys have it been. I feel like you got put on a platform and. People were buzzing. You know I. It's definitely done a lot Can you feel like? Do you feel like this event? And this last time out? Something different came out of it. You feel like you got more buzz or more, hyper or just talk. Yeah I definitely think being on that platform that I got a lot more followers, lot more viewers and stuff like that. so it was a great opportunity. So I, definitely feel like it was a lot more buzz and everybody's been talking about me. So! Definitely what I was looking for is. A kind of a jump up from where I was at because I was used to fighting without you know real crowds anyways, but it was like the beginning go fight where people were just coming in thinking about getting the jet or still buying beer or stuff like that. Jared how you doing. Alex here with you. Know I'm looking at top rank right now. You know they got your whole pedigree. All your national championships, amateur man, it's it looks pretty pretty good, and we were talking on on on the show before you came on with us. HOW IMPORTANT THAT IS BEING! Fairly new to the pro game for an all and Pie Not too many people yet. And there's a lot of people that would want to know you and. Pretty sure at the end the. Last will have you SCHIAVO. Your social media and things like that, but I'm excited mad because from what I see you. You're a good body puncher. You like to press forward and. How how was the transition over to the pros and? What was like one of your like highlight moments that you remember from your amateurs? That was a good time for you. Still transition in for shore steals trying to get through. The mindset stopped being three round with fighter Slow it down a minute program gloves. No headgear so I'm still charges. No for sure still getting through my head trying to. Learn better. So. The transition is is definitely not finish it, but my favorite amateur moment probably. Bulgaria twenty seventeen I wanted to bring dennehy but I was a team captain. That can't and I had the show a lot of leadership i. Was it was a fighter. Half for Russia is a good puncher he was. Stopped. I think he stopped to people before he met me. It was a good fight, but I took a lot punches. By bid down. and I got the. We went to war for sure still one of my favorite fights. It was a dumb fight because I took so many bunch, but it was one of my favorite fights because it showed that I I really can bite bow. but like I said, I showed a lot of leadership that camp. Everybody on the team looked up to me. I was the captain, so it was. It was great for me Greg. Shaw myself what I could really do. Stuff like that well, look and another thing that we talked about before you got on this. How young you were Surprised to hear that you're twenty years old and you're talking about Bulgaria, and now you're traveling the world. How how old were you at that time? You're twenty now. And how how much pressure was that on you being a young man and being team captain, and and going across seas to compete? I was seventeen tonker. The two thousand seventeen, I travelled out of the country is fifty in twenty fifteen when I went to Russia. but in two thousand seventeen. It was a lot of pressure for sure but I always under pressure so I wasn't really to worry. me and the team. We were all real cool anyway, so it it kind of flow real good. The only difference was just. Adjusting to the atmosphere where we at we're on, we're Kinda in the middle of nowhere, or at least that's how we felt we didn't we were. so. The pressure didn't really mean anything to me. It was definitely some pressure. I felt like I had win either set an example for the team. I couldn't really lose. A shining under pressure anyways. I I'll go ahead. Yeah, I just wanted to say I want to ask about the Tyson Fury Sporran and and kind of would a. I want a lot of specifics from this answer, so I'm going to be program. Right like I want to know what you got from. Did your social media following grow? Wants the world found out you were helping them and did that even gropes with different point ones Bob. Arum started giving you. The credit I I like to say glorifying you as the man or the main reason that Tyson did what he did in into the wild. If I so I, WanNa know what you got out of the in the ring from being around him social media wise popularity everything. Okay. So, you can take it one at a time. out of the ring. Did I get I got some knowledge me? Enticing definitely had with tit for tat. We did our thing. I, learned some stuff about fighting bigger alerts with finding a shorter fighter. Stuff like that when I got to do in order to get in and get out and stuff like that, so I I learned some stuff in the rain. great opportunity. Outside the ring cool do. In you know. We talked about. What life was for him? Growing up with life was growing up the differences stuff like that being from the US and the UK. in Joyal betine nothing, but lives family were a great crew. Far the following I didn't really. I liked down to Earth. So I'm not one for social media. If I meet somebody WHO's. very popular. You Know I. Don't pressed issue about a picture or something like that. They acted today. Picture with me. That's fine as cool I posted or something like that, but I wasn't really looking for any credit or. I wasn't really looking for any. Praise for it really so that wasn't that wasn't marquee. So that's why nobody really knew or her about me. Until after Bob says something like. Hey, this is the reason. This was the main sparring partner. But I didn't know I didn't really post post once or twice about the camp but I didn't know I already had like two thousand followers. It jumped up Kinda after it. Oh, for sure. I definitely got some more praise after Bob had posted about it. in order boxing sites. Chimed in and said that I was the main foreign partner. but I love the experience I learned some stuff inside the rain largest outside during definitely of him. Being odor been through more life experiences the He's a great to talk to especially. If you're going through some stuff, he's real good motivator. And, look. I don't want to take you down is role, but we obviously got to go to. Like so so it's a two part question like. Did you expect him to do it the way he did? Out there, I guess it's three part. Did you expect to him to do it the way he did? Did he have the power that it looks like he has it. What do you think about Glove Gate 'cause? I know you glove gate. Saigal I can't ask them when aggression. No I'm answering. My did I think he was gonNA. Do it for sure demand talked about art camp. It was it was on his mind. You know when somebody put it today, mind and they so strongly about nine times out of ten. They're going to do it. especially when you so strong willed like him. So I definitely thought he was going to do it. Air By acting wants the money because they are be in Vegas with the knowledge that I gay though Oh. Power, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You was that confident you telling people to bet on fury. Why I didn't. I. Didn't bet on what round knockout or anything I definitely bet on him stopping him so I said bet that. While gene, was he? was. He has heavy and like as strong as he like the wilder fight. He looked like he was so much stronger when you were spun. Did he feel that heavy on you? The man put two hundred seventy some pounds on me every time we sparred. Oh, he was bad. Yes, was so you can see when it wearing like everything he did enough fight. He tried on me. Don't get me wrong. I had this be impressively to try stopping at the you know the most, but he definitely tried or did everything he. He didn't ring so I seen it coming. especially him being lighter. Meet Dante lighter to me so that I. I've seen it coming The power. I. Don't really like to talk about it. 'cause I don't WanNa. Discrediting Body I've been punched harder. I can say that and I I'm not gonNA say he doesn't have any power I can say I've been punch hearted so I, don't I don't know I. Don't want to discredit anybody you know or talk down. Say he doesn't have any power. I just feel like I've been hit harder by somebody else now. Maybe they career still the same. He's world champion, but I have been hit harder It was the third one. Glove Gate Glove though. Man Punch like that. Even we are so I don't I. Don't I don't also? He was hitting. He was hitting then he punter. The I'd say like the color mauve pillow fish, so it's like, is he? Does. He really pop. You got some pop. Sure. I think more or less his weight behind the, but he got popped for sure one other thing when you was sparring. Were you able to have cave? You lead train, or at least someone from your team, or did you have to go out alone? Ya I have my my My head coach here Riley. Good okay okay so. Coaches is who their eat assistant coach Okay Dora Riley is. Riley. Father Coach Oh Nana some like that. We started me we grew up on. You try started training me since I was eight. Oh! Wow, so shot out to him and. Derek Right My Darrell Darrell. Is, real d'oro. But you go buy a R I eat. So, I'm hogging you up on passer to these guys, but you've been traveling internationally. How long have you been a heavyweight because you seventeen? But like how when you walked in the gym weight, were you? Have the I was like. Eight years old I probably like one twenty. I was a heavy said. Kim and I remember being thirteen. I was like one sixty, one seventy. Own saw y'all bigger at like fourteen fifteen is when I started to slim out hit my gross. Burt said I was GONNA. I was always heavier, but that was when I started out a little bit more look more like our should have been that weight. probably say I started fighting heavyweight amateur, which is to a one. I started fight net. Sixteen. You had about twenty sixteen because i. you could go to youth. That's a lot of expires then. But I would guess it would have been before that anyways, though, because I fought one seventy six, plus which is heavyweight in junior so in like fifteen. Let me ask you a personal question. Right like coming up in the gym. You walking. Put your bag down. Get Ready. Whatever you warming up. Then you see that heavyweight. Does it like? Do you feel butterflies? Like damn I gotTa spot at do whose dad do or do you look at a heavyweight? That walks into your your gym and you like okay. That's Today's food like I'm going to be honest I'm not asking you to sound good or bad. You know I'm not a fighter, but I saw embroidery afraid. I'm forty seven, but every time I see like I just we saw the other day spa some amateur. And, he looked like Adam club knocking. He was a national. Champion I'm like. 'cause he's like my I'm like Bra. So scared like. Notices out of getting nist, so I'm just wondering if if that's something that's only in the beginning eventually gets out or do you always have butterflies? Nerve nerve never gonNA. Stop Be Any human. I don't care what nobody say. You can fear. No one because I fear no man, no man besides guy I got a I. Don't see anyone I long as you put your draws on, put your pants on. Ice No reason for me to fear you. I! Don't care who you are. You'll height. You'll power no none of that I'm always find a way. thinker but nerves are never nerves is a part of life. You never going to get away from butterflies? Some five is not. I have so it all depends on the time situation and would I guess. Smart Tyson I have butterflies is say that, but I again I never know man. That's why you get into ring with a certain amount of confidence now butterflies something you can shake out after bill ring. That's usually I am so I had a butterflies I've been getting. You know of. Bearing on audit goes away. Man I'm home. Talking Hola. No No, so we asked these kind of who say he did a two camps I've been stalking you on social media trying to get this interview for for months, but some cutting on. Him was on. He was in camp with fury twice, and he said that he hasn't met a fighter yet. Hookah outworked fury, is he that hard of a worker, like when it comes running miles, everything or from what you've seen or do you feel like I was working? Well! Punch output in the spar. I. Keep in Jim. He meant like. He's like when he gets in shape in shape. or at that time when I first started. I started the Camp I was encamped myself, so we didn't do too much training together and then after I, can't. Because I fought in the middle of his camp, I had to fight January eighteen. Then when I came back I was Kinda like I was off so. I didn't we didn't really do too much training together? It was like their training partners training together. He did his own thing like its own strength conditioning stuff that they offered it, too, but we didn't really. We didn't really jump the opportunity. I can't speak on that. Thank you? jared let me ask you A. We'll move on real quick to something that I wanted to talk about. The nickname big baby. Right now. Here's the thing I loved what you were doing. You know you're like I'm the real big baby. We even had a show on that like before he pop before everything we were like Oh. This is a great buildup like whether you're hardcore. Whatever like everybody can understand the fight for nate? You know what I'm saying so like I loved it now. It's taken a much different turn. You feel me, What I talk about it. What do you think about the fact that he popped and You know. Do you think that now this is like? A thing where it's kind of settled like he's like. Would you ever even consider facing him at this point? I face anybody as long as we passed the test. So I I don't I. Don't have a problem with it. I'm might look at your different after audit happen. You know it's been multiple times, so now might look different like Dang. Maybe your body wouldn't be what it is if you didn't. Failed a test shot I. Don't know, but I mean again I don't feel any man I don't care what you do I don't care if that was the case. I I'm out. Thank you I'm not gonNA. Let you hit me. You got the extra pop or whatever the case I'm not. GonNa let you lay your weight on me, so you can tire me out or anything like that my my work output is crazy on everybody. Tell me that especially me being a young but this is the pros, so you got that work output I'm I work anyways so I'm? You know I. I don't have a problem with it, but. LISSI if he ever stays in a sport I get to that point then. Definitely, we can get in there. On something back in the IT. As far as the I G Post I just wanted to ask because I took it a certain way like I had seen. People say Yo. You GotTa Change Your. Name I disagree I. Don't think you should have to do anything at all. That has zero to do with you, but we're people. Actually getting it mixed up in like thinking you were part of his camper something because I didn't see that, but the way that I interpreted some of the comments in some of the messages. It seemed like people were like coming at you thinking that you had something to do with it. I like I said I'm not no big. Idea my head me, everybody around me back home I rather be rich defames, so defamed in the Instagram, and all that don't even wrong I like it. I'm going to post I'm going sometimes I enjoyed some for better part dome, though so I don't look into the comments I. Don't really let that bother me I don't listen to what other people say I know who I am capable of so I didn't really see those. I've seen some on twitter. You know they at you so if I go scroll through it or who likes weather or something like that I see one or two all. You need to change your name. disassociate this associated yourself with everything off but again I don't let that bother me I'm I'm me I know what I'm capable love saw, and that really has like you said nothing to do with me. I'm not a part of this camp. I can't disassociate myself with somebody. I met one time exactly so so I don't I don't really have anything to do with it, but yet as far as those comments going stuff that. I just let it be You're GonNa say what you want anyways and high behind the computer screen so. Definitely yeah, so I wanted to jump. Because I feel like? I'm that friend right so obviously. My Co host is my best friend. He knows I'm that friend where I'll be like? Oh. you called yourself the real big baby. You'RE GONNA. Fight Him, so that's my thing. Did you have? Did, you have a friend. That's like you're gonNA. Keep that name, you know. It's a big baby three hundred pounds. And, were you like talk? Talk I'M GONNA. Take that name. How'd that go because I'm sure you know there was a big baby. I definitely did. I didn't know into I kinda turned. Pro. I didn't I didn't know him really But I definitely had a friend who said that I'm like new. He put his hands on just like I do this though. I didn't ever really think like. Oh wait, maybe I shouldn't have a name or anything like that. I I'm me. You know what I'm saying. I know what I'm capable of off like. If you put me to anybody else, I'm always like I'm the best in the world and whatever I do with our loser where I don't. Just my confidence level, so I didn't really. I didn't really think of it like that I'm like is my name. Is that was my Part of the PR without rank put real big baby. A big baby always been my name. I gotTA touted right here and appear on my boxing glove. This is before turned pro before any. It is five new Gerard Butler work. They always been calling me big baby heavy said key, and I always act like a baby like I just they portray baby as out the Chinchar towns and stuff like that when I used to get mad. You know stuff like that and I was huge young so. The name been stuck. Yeah, word so regardless of boxing boxing. Got Got Willing. This never happened. Say I break my leg or break something or tear something knocking never box again. It's still gonNA be my name. Only there's never going nowhere so I wouldn't turn my name word. That's what's up. Hey, so. Or I'm sorry I. Do meet you have one. No, you know I was just to ask. Quick one I'm interested in like you know. What are your thoughts on? Would you want to spite in? Let's say in a step up competition. You got any names or anyone that you might have your your hindsight on in other might be in your crosshairs. They may be you. WanNa talk on. You know what I mean I mean we talked to. We talked to right now or are we talking like I? Mean it's as ready as ready as can be can. Only on the only you know what you can do. I can't I can't think of his name, but I watch the fight, and there was just like wow. I won't help. Oh. Beth. Yes No question about the fight. Hector though right? Yeah, and Hacksaw. We just watched him he be. Juan, Torres that was he ain't on your level. He ain't on your level, but he was. He alone awkward though you know if it's gotta be careful with them, awkward. People I've been say. Look like food. You should definitely stop love. I love that you're looking at BEV everybody. Do you see that as a fun fight for you because I see you having a blast in that fight because. I've. This is gonNA. Be Fun in a show you know highlights I definitely. Get the fans show broad. Did you laugh at his lean bat? Yeah I bet had listened hours twenty years younger looking at that I'm like my God. He he, he is how that if they give you? Our hope that if they give you that fight, they give him eight weeks. He got a run. He can't fight the way he was fighting versus you. Because his, he is like instinet, he will die with body shots. That's another thing I love about you. Go to the body. You focus so much wider body especially in the heavyweight division that you're not a sixty pound or forty seven. What makes you go to the body so much? I trained with him. I watch it all day every day every day, Keyshawn Davis Choi idly. I watch him every day. I watch body punches day so It's only right and then. Already. Knowing that I'm watching him and stuff like that is just the reflex reflex. The do it now. It's Nice, so listen if you still have some time. We've got a few questions from the public that we would like to ask you if you're not I mean. If you're busy, would definitely love to get you back. School you can. Cool, CO WE'RE GONNA go. The first one is big casual. He says was good champ. The future looks bright for you excited to see how your career plays out. What's your dream fight in the heavyweight division and under which sanctioned body do you believe you will get your title shot at a title? Dream by dream by dream fight. The big my dream my dream fight. I mean we're being completely honest. It's not with a person. Martyring fright is where I can retire mom. Now that that's that's my dream. Fight is not. It doesn't specifically to be a person. As long as I went and I could retire my mind I only had to win. Really I mean that's always the goal. You never like I, said my confidence. I never feel like I'm GonNa? Lose anyway, but. Retire, my mom, that's that's. That's dream for me so regardless that the the belt in order you know retire, my mom is that dream? Fight right there. That's I do that. I! Want you know just? What what went on? I want at that point sanctioning body. Sanctioned by WBO. But if I had to guess if I if I wanted to say, somebody I just always kind of picture myself fighting. The juggernaut lie when I when I joined the. Own on the why? I. Kinda, WANNA fight him. I kinda always had little man complex being around. Little people was the biggest, but I always around little. And I looked at home late a big by WANNA fight him. You know so I don't know maybe. When they happened maybe not. I just want to elaborate once. You were acts where you wanted to be five years from now in, you said you know that you just want to make sure your mom never worked, but you said a world champion with my brothers brothers Troy is in. Core or physical brothers that we don't know. All of them, they they they. Sikora Torian. Autumn Day became brothers. Almost as much I mean I haven't been around him. You know we. There's certain things that when you go through as a child, you know you develop more but dimmer brothers I don't care what nobody say. My do anything from but I mean. Both you know my brother's like blood and grew out of the city. They come anyways so as long as we all win, but. I didn't specifically mean either one perfect perfect. King Out of a North New Jersey to says what a big baby! CONGRATS ON THE RECENT WIN! I'll be following your career from here on out. Is a state, no for breeding plenty of entertainers, athletes musician. What is jared Anderson doing if he's not a professional fighter? That is a bad question to ask. was I was. I was high ahead. boxing really really really saved me. I I was getting kicked out of schools and cousin people loud doing a lot of I was supposed to be doing a lot of stuff. I can't say on this interview. so I I can only imagine. If I had to guess though if I, let's say I did you know. Start to mature and put give my head on straight without boxing I would probably say. Football player. They they wanted me back If I stuck with, I've been high prime. I was box, so I will have to say football or professional boat and I'm good at bowling, you know. You. Spin on it. Yeah, actually I seen on your is that you broke a basketball court when you? Dont. Was it was it was insane? I wish somebody would recorded. They were acquitted after they started. Right after broke you, but it was like I can't afford to hand. I do it between my. When up! To in height. I Don Card. I didn't hanger anything, but they think they put it onto tighter some and that's why they glide. Shouted like that, but did they make you pay for? Only Bill, how does it? seculow new Raymond. Of backboard like that's. That's something I've seen when I was like ten years old shack, knowing on a poster. Never seen that like that's crazy. I still got still got the backboard. Ask. That's why social medias important I I would have never known. That could bring it up. Let me go out to the UK. We Got Ryan. He's basically accident about the big baby suspension in your thoughts, but you've already touched on that, so we wanna give him a shot our. We're GONNA. Stay in the UK. We Got George Foster says what's the motive when you choose the ring name, the real big baby and has Jarrell. Miller ever said anything to you about it, so you did already answer why you have. It has when you did meet big baby. Did you guys talk about the name? At all that was when he just signed with my manager came to watch fighting. Vegas we adopted, said two words. You know He wish me luck. You know stuff like that. seemed like a cool do, but no other than that. We didn't. We didn't really speak. That was literally probably like. Fifteen twenty minutes before I went into my you from Toledo, so I'm assuming when they introduce you. You still kind of like a little bit mean muggy like what up? Baby to. You know. Of course, got. Stand your ground, you know. But I'm not no. I don't pretend to be talking on norm tough. I don't really have to, you know. I don't really demean mug maybe natural, but you know at at some point you gotta like ally. I'm looking at you, but I am. Trying to make it seem like I'm staring down. I'm. GonNa. Look at you. Don't like like you know it can be that. Always had that even though I'm tough, so I don't have to portray that I'm I'm always GONNA! Look at you like Oh we can beat at, but it ain't I look at it like that I. down. alka. Check this. Take this. SCALISE says was good. Jared ever thought of tweaking your name. I was thinking availed Aveiro Beg Guerande the Mexican audience will love it which translate to the real big baby. But it's just in Spanish, so yeah Ben. That's his. That's his thought. Like that hopefully I can get a fight in somewhere. I can get a fight in Mexico or different country or something like that or go to Mexico City or something like that so that we can change my name to that for that fight. Keep all on Chemo name the way it is. For short and we're going to give trae a shot. He's accent. Since you with the main sponsor for the while fury to my question is do free. Have Pillow Fish. You've answered. Teddy by the would says Shutout to Toledo went to school. Right by, but being from Ohio. What made you pick boxing over football? I started with boxer and that was a discipline. Actually tried football. That's what's so crazy. Around the same time we started boxing. They was telling me to to run. Hills and Bearcroft do some other stuff. In City those listening football coaches, they yell and cuss at you and other stuff and I grew up with just my mom wind with just my mom, but. Eight years old. My brother actually raised me. He was still in Illinois's so It was Kinda just me and my mom, too many male role models other my brothers, and my mom's only one can talk to me and say anything to anybody else got got that dealing with so I was cussing him back out and telling continue what I was going to do what I wasn't going to do, so we had a lot of classes football practice, and so they was like well. We're not going to do is with. Take me off the team. Why football never worked for me. being it was the mid city. High. School might have been different 'cause I school. Coaches can't talk to you like they fire, but they were mid city. You know what I'm saying they Did they own thing so? Didn't work, but boxing was the first thing I did anyway. Though that was the de day, my mom was looking for some some help with getting me check out of schooling. Get kicked out of classes and when her friend was like well, Ma Ma best friend. He's boxing coach. She'd do this and it's a good discipline and we hooked up in. We got. All right we got the next one is from George Dallas Fort Worth. He says what's up. Big Baby as the firm would be a great name to add to your resume. Do you think you are ready? Yes. I got some chores to do, but again. Pressure always makes me shine so. I feel like you do it right. We do it tomorrow. We can do it the next fight. I definitely think I will win. pressure bus pipes in trust me I'm a diamond, so I went bust me I'll be ready for. All Right? The next one is hey big baby earthquake from Brooklyn. WHO's your favorite fighter to watch as a Fan, past or present? Thanks for coming on the show. One hundred. He said Hey big baby earthquake from Brooklyn here. WHO's your favorite fighter to watch as a fan? Past or present? Thanks for coming on the show one hundred emoji. To course I'm sorry. I I talked about him a lot, but it is just. He amazes me the speed the Him hymnal his range. The way he picking shots He's an amazing fighter to me. On a side note, Keyshawn Davis is just about the same just from a Orthodox position. Just amazes me I. Swear watching them. I wouldn't miss as sparring sessions to fanny thing if I'm laying down, sleep, It'd be off one hours from Birmingham Birmingham Loxton Spark because I learned so much every time I watch him spar. Own! They just amazed me as athletes. Beautiful? We got that one white boy in Texas. You kind of answered this, so we can move on, but if you feel like there's anything you need. You had Jarrell versus jared battle with a big babies. Would you find giral for the nickname Chambord? Rightfully Yours and again. You kind of answered that, but I want to give him a shout-out stumbling blocks in Colorado. Colorado, says peace champ as fighters turned pro. A lot of pundits are very critical. Saying amateur trainers can get you to the next level and pushing the fighter to change trainers early on pundits criticized Beaumont wondering if he could lead offer to a championship, my question. Do you believe that your amateur coach can level up like Mac did? Crawford I'd say yes. He can piece got. I I know he can because. He's a spawned and he's still spoon at a game. You never. Thought. They knew it all even even gone as far telling me if he. Ever if I feel like I'm stuck in one spot and I'm not improving constantly. He just teaching me the same old things over and over to go to somebody else or to bring somebody else in as far as hoping out and get get a different view so I always I definitely think he'll take me to that world title because he's still a student a game. He's never felt not too big editor that he knows he didn't have multiple national champions. A lot of people from the city who just got off just didn't have it To keep on the same track, no, then support or something like that. They got into the street or something like that lead a high on the potential world champions and national champions. even people who won or been Olympic alternate or something like that so I definitely didn't you can do it? He student of the game and that SORTA matters. Brandon Maurice. In Cincinnati says you remind me of a young Riddick Bowe. Has Anyone of told you that? many people told me that great comparison Mark. Coach actually loves Riddick Bowe. Actually trying to Kinda try to model me after him, but he he picks from a lot of different fighters That's why my job the way it is. It will. We all started with a job before we really learn anything you want to protect my dad. So riddick Bowe was definitely a good puncher. Good Jabber dukes punches in bunches. All right greatness in Hallum says pieces salute young God piece to the family in good health. No question blessed to you. Know blessed to your upcoming fight, bringing credibility to the big baby name. When you take your next W I, already have boxing balls in the Chamber to highlight your victory peace young guys so just showing some love from Harlem. We have Boston Jared obviously in Boston. Who says wouldn't tangible. Do you develop in the AMAS that can carry over to the pros and immediately help you? speed. Work output when you need to not being in program, you have to slow it down, but let's say. Meets the IT'll be in twenty years ago like my punch output when it comes to situations where you've got somebody hurt or got entire plant's output is going to help you. Put them away, so dowse one. IFFY work. All, Few more only three more to be exact. In Oklahoma says, what round do you have pool of knocking out AJ I. Have Him doing it in three reminded when Nexen Oklahoma lunch on me. Remember that to Oklahoma remember that. With round, Wasi knocking AJ. SEE THEM NOT GONNA AJ. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying he can't do it but I. don't I don't. Pool. POULENC's a real awkward fighter so. Aj is good feet work as long as his toes, staring at PS and QS our own see him leaning in, or you know really getting hit with two biggest shots, 'cause pullers go to the body to try and stop him or slow them down because if he thought a while punches I get tired. I don't know I. can't I see him knocking them out? If you do. Better money on. Ohio runs box in my. Shout Jared. Ohio runs box and couple of flame emojis in the fist. Just showing love and the last one is from Jordan Baker in Florida, who says what's the lowest worst memory you had in your life that made? You say you got to do something to get out. I. I don't own a female boxer if he mean. Life with which one thing I mean. He said life. He's a boxer. life I mean like I had to get out. Oh. Lowest Point? On I don't get me wrong I. Don't have them. Lomas Nah. I can't think of lowest moment where I got to where I feel like I need to get out. Get out like get out. You know what I'm saying like. By NOT NOT LIKE GET OUT! I think he meant like. Get Out of your situation like get into I. Don't know little strange Jordan. If you listened to maybe edited, but that is the last one. If it's hard to answer all, do we understand you could definitely give out your social media? We appreciate you coming on a know. We had you for a long time. We would love to get you back. I mean it won't be this long. Obviously, we have so much so many months trying to get through, so we had a lot to get off. We do appreciate your time. Before you go John Just GonNa read some of these super chests foyer there they were actually. you know dedicated towards you. Got Higher runs boxes says to fire emojis the future muscle up Emoji and you got LV sluggish, says let that kid be great and keep his nickname since he is the future and only twenty Jerome Miller is the one who need to change his name to big juicy. So there. You go just one of the last for Michael Buffalo. The says you look Daniel do bra. Anybody ever tell you that I don't think he looked like nothing like do blah yeah. I don't think I i. do either, but I've been compared to it. Okay, but we need to ask you though since you brought up joys. Do you think he beats Dubois? No. If he if he resembles anything me. He'd be Joe Doing. Yeah I love it. Jeremy Thank you once again. If you WANNA talk about the social media, any one of them, we do appreciate you can do it now for anyone who isn't following can follow you when we can't get you back on. K., I said thank you for helping us get this done. Okay thank you twitter team. Big Baby to is at the end. instagram jared Anderson four, one nine, A. R. E. D. Anderson has a land for one nine snapchat. Killer Dash Boxer for one nine at me and follow me on everything. I will add back. Thanks guys, thank you brother and Obviously. I. Get that when Thursday man, we'll be watching it. Live closely, thank you. Thank you. All Right Ladies Gentlemen the real big baby lobby on the show. Finally we got that done I'm happy man. That was a great interview, and obviously we got to learn a lot about him, and it's GonNa. Make fights more interesting to know this personal information, and you know top rank, even though it's bubble fights. They're doing a good job in the build-up right because they gave us a fight where Hector I got to see Hector I did confuse the progress. Think and he's the one that was in the room with our best buddy wasn't, but that's even better because hector got the win last I'm out on top rank bubble, and now he gets face Anderson. Anderson, just do his thing. Let me. See here. Let's go ahead and. Add Sarah Yeah. Let's let's add her. Do Dum Dum. See. What is this here? How do I see a hairy go? They really need to let me copy and paste these things. Nope no copy pace. All righty, then let me see if I can ask her. You got the. Number. Why she don't want to do it in a mall. No No, no, I'm pretty sure whatever you guys spoke on. Was it up, but yes she. She is on. Waiting on us, we appreciate Miss Sarafina. You know these things. Sometimes. We can really take too much control. How skype acts with US chatted a few seconds ahead and added to the call get started. Hello Sarafina. How are you? Thank you for coming on the program? Obviously, thank you for waiting. Almost thirty minutes now. We apologize. I found that it needs to do. It's okay great great well. We wanted to get you on the show. Obviously, we had jared Anderson. Woods going by the real big baby, but he says that that's top rank PR machine. His name is big baby and obviously. We wanted to get his starts because he was forced to give his opinion on the subject people telling him he needs to change his name and disassociate himself from the other big baby, and you happen to be the promoter of big baby once upon a time. Once upon a time you went. Super hard for him. You're no longer with them. You guys have severed sizing along with Gregg Cohen but. Obviously. Everybody wants your thoughts on Jarrell. Big Baby, Miller testing positive again. Yeah, I mean it's. It's disheartening minutes. It's it's really A. Disappointing 'cause. I, I got love for drew. You know and I hate to see him in a situation like this. You know But. It's it's. It's really hard to say. How could he let this happen a second time? You know it's like. Is it real? Is it not I don't like I'm just confused because it's like I. Don't want to believe it, but then it's like okay well. It is what it is you know. But how? How could he throw that away after like life gives him a second shot right like he's ease with. One of the best, if not the best promotional companies on the planet. they took him in J.. Parents took a shot on him. You know when you got all these people just rooting for you. After the fact right in it's like in you. Blow it again I. Don't know it's it's is difficult to just accept it, you know. Thick. At pray for him that there's some type of mishap. Right I pray that that's the case. Do I think it's the case? Probably not. But. It's for his sake. I hope that. This happened whatever but. You know it is what it is so obviously. We have a bunch of questions from the people, but before we get into any of that I want to ask. Are. You don't know submitting resumes talking to anybody to try and get back into the business. I watched. Countless interviews with you, so I know that you would have loved to go back into the club shows Dudakovic. We really don't know when those will come back. So, are you just going to sit on? The sideline would link up with another promoter. I'm still actively involved. I mean I work with Andrea Rosiere. In also like Brad Goodman, Kinda hooks me up like hearing. They're making a couple of fights in China. Help out any way I can like. People really came out for me in so I got Lotta love from the boxing community win win. This should happen because everybody kind of knew leg when Greg went to prison it like. What happens to Sarah you know what I mean, and then you know when he bounced. Check on me than it was like now. Really What happens to Sarah? You know so You Know I. Mean I'm sure it's something will come along like I've been talking to different people in. Obviously different fighters that that went assistance in you know something always falls in my lap, because this in this type of world this type of job. You can't go to college for this. There's no school that's going to teach you the boxing business. You know that's why guys like Jay. Z fifty cent come in, and they think that all man I. Could you know I'm? Kill it in boxing now you're not you know what I mean if you don't know. The INS and outs doesn't matter how much money. You know so the knowledge that I've gained over the last fifteen years. It can't be bought. It can't be taught. You have to like really learn on the job so I'm sure that something will will come. Come up in volume lab me right now. Nobody's really doing shit any way other than top rank. You know what I mean like everybody's Kinda. Just on the sidelines right now it's not just me. Softball I've been following you obviously for probably your whole career. You know I've I've always bumped into you in the DC area I've seen all the guys from the DMV that you were with it. But I've seen you transition into a little bit more. Than just boxing. What I was really digging was the jackets when you was wearing. Jackets Denim one. Two to one in Moseley had like I. do like the other ones where I think they're like I don't know maybe polyester because they're a little bit more shiny, but I feel like those are more for women. I guess I. Guess Somebody's you know. Boxes and rapids could get it off, but I love the denim. Jacket and feel you stop doing what happened to that and I. Don't know. When is it coming back? How much does it cost? How much time does it take? A lot of video I know that the painting takes a lot of time and I don't want people or myself for that matter to thing well, it's only a denim jacket. I could get it for under one hundred. There's a Lotta man I was to go into the painting. which you really do fantastic is. Long winded, but I'm like. Is it disrespectful to ask the this like. How are you doing it because? The drawings look amazing. So do you get the joys and you just gotTa pay, or this is free hand like some of that stuff that you're doing. I was just blown away like Kobe stuff. I mean even the Balanga picture. It looks exactly like him. Some like wait a minute. I got a couple of. Picture honestly. Think, I think the ones my favorite so. You know again. I'm being long winded, but it just doesn't make any sense to paint that well and still be embarrassed, and it seems like that well. You should be high consumer able to sell one of those things and be good because they are split image of the people. The is in Kobe Tribu I mean just a lot. You really good. You need to you know. Get out there because they're really really fantastic. Thank you man. I really appreciate that cove like forced. We you know it forced a lot of people to be creative. Right like in how we make our living because it just kinda took everything from us right like you know a lot of friends that are bartenders in. You know they're just like what do I. Do you know some of them? You know they work under the table. A lot of them are GIG, workers Unemployment and stuff like that, so it kind of forces to be creative in the way that we make our money in, so you know. When when when stuff happened with bragging PCP? That was a blow is so then I just started bartending, then announced in February and then boom march, everything shut down. I was like Holy Shit, like this. Not Be the worst year. My goddamn life like this is crazy, so you know I knew I was already artistic in you know I was making the jackets. you know I have always painted but Let me see if I can go hard with this shit and you social media to to my advantage and just. So no is that. Is that Aga- belong girl that you also and I didn't even know that I've seen that picture. WHO's this girl holding a picture of? A city. Gorgeous legs shut up no shoes. Gorgeous girl, but you know like it's so as soon as I started painting like the boxing community just came out like was like go. I need that I need that I need even with even with the jackets. Man Like Sh- Shane Shane in his girl Trista like go! We need those CBA scooter Stephen. Full. Stephan Fulton a need that you know what I mean. They just come out and show so much support so I. I just been using it like boxing community to my advantage in like an in this released. Show me that even though like I went through my thing with Durrell. The first time and I got all that hate mail ship. The Boxing World Kinda loves me. Math I gotTa Lotta. Love from the boxing world, so you know I'm blessed definitely, but the jackets are still around. Man is just you know like I have adhd so let's. Get like passionate about one thing I'm like jumping to the next job visited jump into the next, but it's still there it. They'll come back I. just gotTa get back. I focus on in pleasant summertime, so you know people aren't really like looking for the jackets right now, but come fall I'll get back into him, but yeah man the jackets. They were all original vintage. T shirts from those fights. So, yeah, I will get like I will go on Ebay in search like a chorale steel in see you know you know if I could find one of the vintage. T shirts like 'cause you know like golden boy or MGM Day. Keep those like there's. Hella. Stop like just like. Keep it and they don't want the stuff. They don't sell the owner what to do with it, so they're floating around year. You just gotTa find him so like I found like Zab. Judah mayweather like I find some crazy stuff, but sometimes they go for like two three hundred dollars. To the leg. I did like Mike. Tyson, Holyfield I think that shirt cost me like three fifty. For a t shirt like for. US Teacher, you know what I mean so. That was Kinda like the the greatness of those right, because they were all like super authentic one of a kind, you'll never see it again and yes, so those were really cool, but I get back into it, you know. When you get commissioned by like somebody in boxing or really anybody, and this is a mighty won't give by the way thank you, Sarah for joining us when you eat commissioned by somebody because the thing that was really getting meals like you got a really unique style with some of the ones that I've seen lately right like it's this. I don't know it's almost like a spotlight on the painting without there being a spotlight, you me like that makes sense. I'm wondering. Do they commission when they commissioned you like? Do they say hey I? Want this 'cause. I can't imagine like if I commissioned did I could never imagine sane. This is how I wanted and that being in my mind, you know what I mean or do they do they just give you free reign? So so I mean I've had commissions were like this is how I wanted one of exactly like this and you know when people say that is like okay, you know like 'cause. It's not fun for me. Then you know other people's like. Let me just run with it like I guess I don't know if you see the one behind me, but. Kid. Boxing Fan reiten. He's from the DMV area. Hit me up and was like yoke, doing my son in the bat. Look I think they were Disneyland. Is something in the background was kind of like the people around and stuff like that and I was like. Let me freak the background like let me put like some African print type. Be like. There is in leg. liven it up and you know. What you wanted to you know. He gave me free rein to do what I WANNA do so, that's that's when I have the most fun. One. That's the one Look good. Yeah Yeah. Show me a Lotta love man like I've got a lot of work from from just him like he's at his friends hit me up and. I've done stuff as people so definitely editor, a Lotta love. I'm into jacket the jacket that you did. We're Hagler hearns. That's one of my favorites as well man. I like the denim a lot, you really. Digital with that but so. Taken aback the box in no immediate rush to get into the business, I mean you see. I don't know. I, guess main events would be a good fit, right or women's company over there you. You seem to have a great relationship with Joe, Leeman zone and Kathy overall. Yeah, absolutely, I mean you know. I. Don't know what's going on I. Think they're kind of like a standstill to right now you know because. HBO was their thing and HBO's. No longer really not doing boxing anymore. I don't know how long that'll last. If forever I don't know but you know they're at a standstill, too, so it's not just me. It's everybody you know what I mean so but. Like I, said like. Eddie hit me up the other day. You Know Eddie Eddie Slim. The DMZ was lag great interview. You know we just chop it up like it's just all about relationships. You know what I mean, so something will happen. I don't know where I don't know win, but something will definitely happen. I'm I'm not worried. I'm not really concerned. Because like I said Brad throws me a bone here and there from top rank and. Do Things. Where can will Andrei so? It's like I'm I. Didn't I've never left the game? I'm and still I'm still involved so. Well I xe more specifically in his funny. You brought up because I've seen on social media like I said when I interview, I stocked, and I've seen people. tweet and to you like. Hey, you should hook up Eddie. You know he would love to pick you up and I've seen you reply like yeah I wouldn't mind if he wants to give me a job. I'm paraphrasing, but then. I mean listen like. You know I'm I'm for being with whoever's GonNa you know, support me and put me in a position to wear accurate. Grow and learn and know in this game. You never stop learning. You know you never stop learning I mean there's shouldn't. To this day like that I. Don't know and I like I'm like Oh. Wow, really like you know this. You never start. There's so much growth in this in this game. You know you could do anything from training to managing to promoting to. Site coordinating to whatever you know, you can do. Pr Marketing like there's so many different avenues in this game so I mean listen if if he would offer me a job today like I wouldn't turn down. For Short guys if you don't have anything, let me get to the people. We got a bunch Hold off. If you have anything you want to actor. Not Go for it because I see some or I'm sorry, go ahead, but my question was in the Patriot. Only I don't want to steal their questions. So we're going to go out to the UK. I got lethal, says hi Miss, Fina and Sarafina just. The first name was fina last name prison as name. person. You know 'cause. It's funny. I'm lacking so Fianna. Anyway They say my whole name any or like going at bay rays. Call Me Fina. It's funny, because for Latinos like I'm Dominican, so for US fina means like fine fine. That's. All right, so we got Caledonia UK says Hi Messina. Thanks for coming on the show. Can I ask why you are so sure about the AJ Joey? Rumors Yeah I've seen interviews. Where you said that Joey told you he knocked out aj or something like that you. Can I guess take that? I heard even what's his mouth? So I mean I don't know why why a? They will lie about that. Matter of fact okay so. I'd heard it from his team from Joey team, and then when I asked Joey, he is like. He wasn't denied it, but he like he wasn't confirming. You know what I mean so. It was just like okay. You know what I mean like. Okay, that's what it is, but I had heard it before the fight so I kind of like. I kind of felt like jarrow would beat him. You know just just for that. Aren't we got Brandon Cincinnati serves. What's the one you would love to see in the near future if you had the power to make it happen? I would definitely want to see US spending Crawford. You just made his heart melt. That is the biggest bud tender we got. So He's excited that you win them. Ruin if I four New Orleans, says, what's your thoughts on Gerald? Miller allegedly pop and again now you don't have to answer that. We just talked about it plus a lot of these are six days Oh. We were trying to get you last week so Wall! Stephen Chicago says Thank you for coming on the show I have heard it is the promoter that will suffer the most financially from the lack of gate revenue during this current. Excuse me during these current times. Is this true in your opinion? Yes and no, I think. The fighter hurts the most. You know what I mean like. You're not fighting. especially the younger guys, the up and coming. Kids right like that are built on club shows. You. Know they're not. They're getting paid peanuts. Anyway. You know so. They're they're really hurting? You know I, mean yeah, of course like the big revenue for the promoters obviously is going to hurt them, but you know. And the persons are so different now. It's crazy like the the numbers I'm getting off, guys. Fights are like wall. You know what I mean, really you know like for ESPN shows so it's just it's A. we're living in a different world. Now man like the game has changed I I hope. I hope he gets back to normal soon, but I. don't see it happening like this year at all. So I guess the argument there that people make. Is that taking a pay cut, but more people are watching them because we're most of us on lockdown or staying home, do the Cova. Do you believe that theory? Now. I think boxing's hurt and right now. I think by hurting right now and you know The average person isn't in tune into ESPN. Watch boxing I'm sorry like is just not happening. They don't know about these kids. They don't really care. You know so. It's like I. Don't know man in the shows haven't been that great. If in my opinion like it's Kinda like I mean obviously top. Does it amazing job with their matchmaking everything but I just haven't been like Super Like man. This is a fight. I really WANNA see. You know a haven't been super excited about it so. I. Don't know man we're. We're hurting right now for real. You know it's it's hard is definitely hard in this specialty is hard to make fights because guys aren't training. They can't go to the gym. You know like there's like drunk I. Mean like you know like certain gyms are like. Underground and they can get in, but you know for the most part. A guy can't have a real camp right now. You know so. It's really hard to make the fights. Totally agree Let me. Get to the next one is from. In the UK says come on man. Don't make it a bow. Oh. My God that's not. He's talking about someone else. I guess someone else was going to. Ask? You a quick or someone else must have accident deleted the question, but they must have led with. Your beautiful is something. You know how men are, so he was saying come on man. Don't make it about how she looks for say, keep it boxing so moving on Sony. Woods in Cincinnati, says greetings, salutations, salutation blesses I know. Time is money so Al. get right to the point. I admit I'm not throwing stones at Giral I'm hurling the Madam. And although I haven't seen official statement from him, it's probably not cool to pass judgment but fighters dying in the ring right now. That's Real I've long stated. The PD usage inbox in his car is like carrying a knife to a to a fistfight. The potential harm and death is there after an unfortunate deaths in the sport in the past one in two years. Do you feel stricker penalties such as lifetime? Banishment should be slapped on fighters with two plus offenses. I do I do think it's come to that? You know what I mean. It's come to that because. It's like the you know. These these guys have families. They have a they have kids in. This is a sport where it's is very unforgiving like they have. They have these families, but don't have anything to give to them when they die. You know what I mean like who's going to WHO's going to give a boxer life insurance? so this is one sport that if anything is to happen to them there, there's if they weren't smart in their career and saved money in daily things is very very difficult for the families. United mean so I i. do feel like Lake. It's important that that we all come together as one and make an overall rule when it comes to this I know we have all these different sanctioning bodies and everything. That's why it makes it so hard to kind of enforce rule across the board. But this is one thing that I think every every sanctioning body. Every state you know country needs to come together in in really like enforce this. You know because then guys will be more or less likely. To do it because I think new a now because they feel like Oh. Man, if I get caught six months, no big deal. Agreed Fact I. DON'T I. Don't fight I fight every six months anyways with the different exactly. So right so right the next one is from natural whiz in Canada. He says hi Misfield. I was wondering if you had an Itch to have one more fight, and if so against who? Know. Now of all I'm too I, feel like I'm too old secondly like it just. It I just don't have the passion for it anymore. Why workout and stuff, but you look good on the past. Thank you. I'll leave that to my girls, Ronca and Melissa Anandas, and all the girls crazy nuts man. I wanted them Melissa fight. Man Versus Michaela Lebaron, never happened it will I did to it covert canceled. Man is supposed to be on on the seventeenth of March in They had back to back. It was the Saint Patrick's day show massive square garden. In yeah they cancelled shows the fourteenth in the seventy. I think Edgar Edgar. Belonged was fighting on the fourteen. Melissa that fight was on the seventy hole swayed bargains was fighting on there I. IT was out excited for those shows. As exciting for those shows. Few more will let you go. We got victim Biden well lost. The says a woman that is involved with boxing. I have to acts. Can you see yourself being able to date a man who doesn't know how to fight? Now? Andrew. Dakota. Andrew Dakota in New Jersey, says I know you don't work for GDP anymore, but do you have any management deals with any other fighters? no I don't have any any managerial contracts right now. Legally because I don't have my license. I was actually waiting on that to open up again. they everything was closed, so that was actually something house planning on doing with because I did have a manager license before in out I'm just going to renew it. So you know that we could do everything the right way. Ryan in the UK says after seeing recent Miller Carmel and do an interview. What do you believe his so-called Legal Team are investigating? IDEA. fucking clue. I really don't know I mean. I don't know like I really. Do want to believe him. I really do I really do, but it's like. A I got see proof man. I got gotTA. Something's got to give you. The finitely, we. Of Big Casual says there's a Lotta money. Being made in heavyweight division right now with that being said, excuse me with that being the case. Would you be willing to present him again if he asked you to? Represent Him skews me. Durell yes, no! I like. I don't believe in going backwards, but you don't think someone else going to do it. I mean people didn't think he was going to get a deal after Eddie let him go and I said he would i. don't think tap rain's GonNa drop in. You S. control like Pr. Fix them in the in the publicity. Like how drop I'll be announced in, does it? Out of that picture entirely like you know I don't i. don't believe in moving backwards like one side. Disassociate myself with the situation in except the blessings that come to me because of it. I'm not going back to it because I'm I'm definitely blessed in like once. I cut those ties. When would you see life life? I mean life was okay with them, but life got even better without him. So can you just explain your reasoning as to why you believe top rank won't cut him. He's an investment. You know they gave him a signing bonus. J. Prince gave him money. You know what I mean like like. You don't just throw it away like Christine. Try to get your money back so if he doesn't get a lifetime ban. Which I! Doubt that he will you know I I don't see why they wouldn't keep in alright. Few more stumbling blocks in Colorado says piece Queen, what what was your first fight or fighter as a manager and your first as a promoter? and which do you prefer or enjoy the most? On I fighter ever worked with was guiding Mashad Holloway. and. Ready Right yet from Cincinnati came up with the Ricardo Williams and all those guys in. We had a cool low run in. He ended up being lake, probably the most legendary sparring partner in the game like he, he would like you man. He was a world champion in that in with the gloves on with headgear and everything like he was everybody sparring partner like he's far with Shane he sparred with. With the you had to be. Manny Pacquiao primary sparring partner. he was cloudy, right. Yup Yup then he also well. He was with with a nanny for years for years before the, but he was the main smart right when cloudy when he talked before that, maybe he was with like I forgot what it was like maybe like two thousand in Guy. Seven eight nine Lake roundnose those years. He he was Margarito sparring partner before this for shade. Moseley and Margarito ended up. Breaking relates orbital bone during sparring, and like we were trying to prove that he was using the cement during can't because. I'm like you don't go into a fight of that magnitude without practicing with the stuff and you gloves i. you know what I mean. You're not gonNA like okay. This is my first time ever wearing it. In. I'm like the fact that shots Audubon was smashed in had like winning headgear on like the mobile. Adding some even happen, you know so yeah, Rashad. Russia was my first in. You know I'm I? Never actually had it. Promoters is is always worked for the promoter so like I worked for Roy Jones, junior but like for real. Promotional Company was. I worked with the RENA boxing. When Gamboa's Lauren all those guys came over. So that was like my first experience, working with an actual promoter and win was that. I think. By early two thousand twelve right? And something like that. No earlier than it was earlier than eleven. Nine. I was going to say eight but I think it was like Oh nine. Hundred Eighty nine around then, yeah. We got to three more looks Li-. Boston Jared says given the underwhelming pay per view results for fury verses, while the to what are the chances of future cross promotional events can place such as Crawford versus Benson t a female versus take. I mean you're always going to have cross promotional. Sites right like I mean. You can't keep your fighters fighting your own fighters like that's. That's kind of Lake. Not, fair the public, maybe one of these vices. They're going to have the happy. All right we got. George Foster says Katie televises amend Serano who wins in house? She wants to run on New York City girl. Never! Go against my Gurov Museum a man is a beast Amanda. Amanda fights like a dude and you know what Amanda she trains like she's Floyd Mayweather. That girl puts in so much work is almost dedication like she's even have a cell phone. her. Whole world is boxing. She Eats Sleeps Breeds Shinzo so like her dedication or no cell phone. How you I can't live without the. I don't know I. Know West. Jesus she's a beast man, she's she's definitely abusive. She's dedicated to a craft, but you know it. It shows you know shows in her fights. Well, that is one. There's one that I. Think might have been missed probably the last one Sarah just let me get to that one in a very recent IFM interview, you said Miller, he would have. Won Utah Mark Alito. Year he got one look. Snuck it by. Trying to get to. But like I said men will be men, so we have the one white boy who says you nuts, who old eddie is a lucky man if he slid in them, DM's beautiful. Before I. Let you go. That's the last question so obviously about your social media. But why do you think men think? Let me. Shoot my shot in a message. Like. How does that even work? Will a girl actually all my God random person in my comments? You know what you just called me beautiful today. Let me DM you back and totally hook up like I never understood that. Easier for them to like be braver Uram saying so like they're not actually saying it so like they get braver I. Guess the field their. Filter there you go. See It in common sections all the time. It's like Oh, you're so hot and it's like. is a woman really going to be like you know what today I'm picking somebody up to come. End Zone you know. That's not my thing, but exactly, but anyway can you give your social media and we want to thank you for coming on the show. We appreciate you being here and we would love to get you back on soon, but thank you again for your time and once again. Apologies for kind of keeping you waiting. Man you can catch me on Instagram Sarah with an h fina. If I any underscore the artist. Is. This. Is that where people should go to get any of the paint, teams or jackets about specific. Wesley yet hit me up there. I'm always on there. I'm always checking my messages so yeah. So by jacket if you're GONNA try and get in them deums all right so and. Cash. Flow cash there you go. Thank you once again there. You have a ladies and Gentlemen Sarafina. We'll see you next time there. You have a great interview. Thank everybody that participated on our Patriot Post and definitely put your question in everybody that was respectful and. They made it a little jokey to we. We appreciate the candor and the Banter. Let's go out to the phone calls any final thoughts on the entire. Both interviews before I do get the people. Yeah, you know I feel like man Jerry. The more I learn about jared, the more that I like a think. This kid is really special. I think he's developed acting that he's a mature i. don't know man. I just look at him, and I think about everything Seth Mitchell wasn't. But. In like a good way or I mean I guess obviously that sounds way worse for Seth Mitchell, but I guess everything the hype for the last. Ten years that we've seen from certain heavyweights like I, believe in jared. was like I'm wishing on a dime I'm hoping I'm looking at Brian Jenkins knowing like okay. He's talented, but he's GonNa. Get also far I, see colleagues, jared Anderson I'm like Yoko. Does this kid even have a ceiling yet? Amazon and if he did he's too. You know he's. He's bigger than all oven. uh-huh, so he's the only one that sees it, but. Very very talented and as far as Sarah Yeah. I believe that it is a huge problem right now with boxing. Everybody's hurting, but specifically fighters and you know man. I hope everything changes soon really for the whole country, but specifically for the sport that I love. Yeah most definitely any final words on me. Yes, got one. Jared. You know he's the future. Maybe he hasn't been tested, but from what I got from the interview. He likes to get into fights. You know he wants to Joyce. He wants tonight. I'm getting a in the Jerry likes to fight if that's entertainment, so I'm going to be looking out for Jerry for sure and Saramanch. Time I actually you know. Get to talk to her like this and this interview and I'm not going to surprise by the knowledge, but she's very knowledgeable. She speaks like she's. Been in the game in the trenches in the INS and outs. I mean some adopted the godfather of boxing. She's a mother. got. What did I say Godfather? Godmother I'm sorry. Looking at a whole bunch of things on the computer godmother by I don't like game. 'cause you make are to be too old. I. Think. I'm pretty sure she's passed that godmother because she's. She's done a lot for a young fighters, coming up from picking them up to the gym, dropping off and I guess that's where it might have came from, but you know we didn't get the asker that and and. You know great Gal looks like she's good for the sport and she keeps you real so. Yes so the number to call in one four to five five six nine to forty one press one one time. If you want to voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people outline, we're going to go out to the sponsors then we'll get to all our callers. Remember to write US five stars, on Itunes. These calls are brought to you. By El, Camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle, charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation. visit us at El Camino. ELECTRICAL SERVICES DOT COM All all right. Let me go out to. Colorado. What up? Yeah that was A. Great Interview Man I met. Met Him a couple times. And a big baby Monica fit him. He got you see him in person. He's like a big do with a baby face, so fit him you know, and that's why I. Asked him now because I remember one time, early in book reared I was trying to get him to dump Baalbek, and and but I had a point he said. Is it better to have a coach that never fault pro or to have a coach that never talk pros so with I would rather have had. Had a coast deck and train anybody and that at least fall on a pro level that has that experience as professional any day that some of these guys has never fought Dan they life, and they supposed to be the best box and coaches that walked her. Just like a football basketball. D. Most of these coaches never played sport, so I'm not saying they're not good, but they can tell you from the outside from a culture perspective, but can they give you insight when you in their? Face I is telling you. Hey, just go harder job. Look like so I appreciate him being honest. Saying look I'M GONNA stick with my guy like like Bush said how can be a championship coach if I just leave him ago, join some big name codes so stick with Dakota's man. They got their give to. King Bomb Brooklyn. I like what it said about junkie you want to take. This. Competition you got me. He's he's county according to aggravate. Because He. He he's everyone man you don't. You. Now I kinda. Threw big. Like the room extra 'cause he talked about going to the body that's. Six full to fifty. Did you drive you? Disaccord your people whose let's see what he did what he is you. Guys see what's going. On. You be doing. See what it is! But You. Young Man, he went up rang. I'm trying to get a brain, but. I'm just happy to see what I see man fool. said. Out to greatness all them. What up? All right trey in the bay. Her Chemo Florida traded. Chain Get interviews. Man Just listened as Boomerang and stumble. Right came in Florida what about you? Just listen and. I. Back Kings. Kings. Oh TV was good people. This. Is this is on chill I mean this ain't the battle. You came in smooth with this one last time. You can't kick. Today's he. Format. Let's imagine don't forget. The shovels ness shovels. Call after that rat. He even been on a calzone. Oh! I'm sure he won't be. They can't back out now. Neither one was can afford to back out. It's going to be worse when we get that coach and I appreciate. That's not sidetracking, but you you. That's why ECP's advisement, because if it was up to me I, just jumping out the window, man but I got great advisement man. Well, thank you, brother, I appreciate the con- words. Stole Great Interviews May listen I spent my whole morning I was working and working now. jared like said. I'm definitely GONNA. Be following him. I kinda gotTA. Say It out loud Ohio definitely run boxing because we look at a lot of cars on top rank dates got a lot of catcher more so yes, what's up looking forward to tonight? Show and I'm out Joel. All right all right. Yes, we got untitled at seven PM. We're going to stone on boomerang. What? You said he finding up. Nine Thursday. Okay that's on that card right? To Return Djamil Right. Cleared off call. Yeah! Man Back Really. I know Jamal was on that card I. Really See nine official about that I needed. Window! I'm pretty sure it's the same old started had got delays. True I just deleted that overly I've been trying to ask. That that. Card I'm looking back. Hey look. It getting paid Jay Preston. Look you beat up on A. Do you stand the bubble? Put you back in there at least. The young guys active man. I want to I'm just glad we getting begin the CDs. You guys remember how we used to have to look on stream that might infect your computer to watch a young guy or Bro We didn't even get to see development we this is all new like we used to nasty. Fight US today. That was like fifteen and no. Yeah so we can see four and five dollars. You can watch it record his whole career, and that's why I look, and I'm glad that a man can respect the man beside him. Sometimes we try to look for inspiration way above I. here's look next to you. Man The people around you time with show you the path you also I'm glad you recognize the around greatness. You can see his paths going. Shout out to him and I'M GONNA. Be Watching, let's do. The truth is shot out the James Prints I. mean everybody. The jared mentioned was Sikora Stevenson he's a silver. Olympia and he signed a James Prince. The next guy was keyshawn Davis. And and and and you know he's GonNa Sign James. Prince remember he teased it. We had him on the show, but it looks like he's GonNa. Stick out for the Olympics, Troy Eisley. He signed to James Prince. He was GonNa go to Olympics I wonder where he's going to start. Is he going to be light heavyweight? Because that's I believe the division. He was in I thought he was a middleweight really. Is it. was me I could be wrong. I mean he should begin debut soon. Man I want. I'm waiting for his debut Jeremiah Millan. JEREMIAD again everybody ready. Joe Joys Guido v Danilo and and it's like come on I wanna see where he got he from. Tulsa shoutout to you know Oklahoma and Izzy you know. I WanNa see what he got. Your Quick Djamil herring fights on the fourteenth of July. which is not this Tuesday but next Tuesday and yeah, he still fighting kindle, and on the undercard. You're right it as Michaela mayor, Helen. Joseph rescheduled. On the tackle on undercard. And Forest. jared definitely. Jared definitely cars look like they getting better. Yeah Yeah Yeah, scholley slowly, plus we get into. Remember the dues Lila. We know our Beth everybody got our name on a tongue. And, we know Hector, so it makes it a little bit more interesting, but yeah, that's the last caller man. As GTO INSTAGRAM and twitter. Not the same. What are you talking my rob? Loss. What do you mean not the same? But the purdue. Rabbit a beaver hearns Yup. T- you know nasty Te'o instagram and twitter catches on an actual MC subscribe to Youtube Channel. We back live on untitled Patriot. Only join us. At more on twitter at Morgan on Instagram, yoke catches tonight, he saying. It's tackling forests card. So I guess that's July night if I'm not mistaken. Good old tack them all right. Well aren't even though to my fellow catcher. In Tomato disposals and this Court and easy on I. G TIC TAC TBB on twitter Patriot familiar seven PM okay. Word is bon come join us for the Pizza Pie fifteen dollars. You can You know hang out with us for a month entitled this. Piece right now. So you gotTa me hungry, you're listen, we got. Yeezy with have been on with the artist's stuff MAG. You Seem Yo I. Swear to God I was afraid to actually like. Is that tracing like? It's too good like how. How? Talented at painting. And you're not painting like this is something that just in her forties. Like what the hell you know, I would have been me y'all been making money to wait on paintings look. She needed art show right now. I mean look I don't know too much about artistry. From, what Kashmir and stuff like that and what I've heard like a recent I guess you you come up with your own techniques as Long, as you have a creative mind, open mind I think when you're painting, you start like I. Dump things looking like people that belong. Honestly you're right. It's like I think I think if anything. She probably take it as a flat. You know what I mean because it is that good? It looks as she traced it, but It's technique. Bro, it's technique man. The more you do stuff, you know you should ask how many hours she's put in an. Interview brothers, she says sometimes he spends thirty. I was on a piece so when some O- imagine when it comes accents on my yoke I that to hunt. See like what the hell would. Do you put in forty hours in May two hundred, so I get it, but that's why I never bought in yet because I wanted that jacket, but I think that jacket is. Affordable I think it was like fifty, you know. Is it expensive for Denham year? But it's a one off one of con- custom piece. Number not pay and you gotta think to yourself. Have you ever pay? To fifty or more for a leather jacket I have my. My Pele Pele years my abor eggs. Yeah out to the Boogie down I have sixty five sixty. I was I was never. I never. I never had the bubble north face air by when whenever I got the nor face. You know I had the three quarter. To record no bubble, not bubble the war, the one for the water and the snow the real deal. Let's go hiking with my north, but yeah. I gotta I gotTA. Go catch the next one. YEAR WE ARE PEACE Team.

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