This is market minute by yahoo finance. I mean as for the markets are mixed today as the ten year treasury yield is ticking slightly higher. The nasdaq is under pressure. The snp is also slightly under pressure. The dow is seeing some gains as energy. Stocks financials and industrials are in the green. Wti was sexist. Instrument and brent crude are both higher today part of this has to do with expectations that opec plus will be increasing output rather according to reuters rolling over production cuts from march into april opec. Plus will meet on thursday. The vaccine rollout is also creating some optimism and refiner rates which decrease sharply recently. Its biggest drop in the gulf because of the cold temperatures may have also to do with the bullish prices that we're seeing today. Meanwhile lift shares are hired up about nine percent after some wall street analysts came out with bullish notes. Predicting a demand for the ride sharing service will rebound strongly in the second. Half of the year and apollo has agreed to buy michael's companies for twenty two dollars. A share shares of the craft chain company are trading just above twenty two dollars right now for more market minute. News at to yahoo finance dot com.

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