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And soon some new ones might be some names entering our orbit. Stay tuned who knows speaking of names entering the orbit. You'll hear her second. I program. It is Monday, lunchtime, Tiffany, haddish here sitting stance. I've never seen a lot of people been on that couch. You are sitting back cradling the microphone. Yeah, I'm it's like a boyfriend between these. Just resting very, come forward. That's good evening. Haircut got New York with the new week short it. My hair is actually long. This is a short we could. Like it, you like it? Yeah, it's very, it looks. It looks professional for lack of a better word like you could. You could host the good Morning America for an hour or something like a nice that could do, or I could be a flight attendant find it here here and he coffee tea lane San pain on geez. What would you like with the same person who does PR for us? He's my friend though. He doesn't like being caught a peer flack. He's your friend who's been. He's an alumni to the high school. I know you guys have, oh history, any straight. Definitely. That's Steve Papa wraps, New York. He, he always is like, you got a guy publicist. I'm like, and he's like, and he's gay right now. My no, he's straight. He got a wife and kids. He's unheard. It's so funny, Tiffany. He's been nervous about this podcast. Why? I don't know. He's afraid of getting together. He didn't. He, he knows. I'm good. It would idea is fairness get roped into say, and stuff should say we'd like each other that start hanging out outside his his proposal for mayo, what's that word? His parameter can speak. I don't know. I don't know what we're trying to transfer. His parameter per MU purview view. Yeah. I don't know what purview means preview. Go backwards. Okay. 'cause you have a lot of stuff coming out. Yeah. You've three move is over the course of like what? Six. Seven weeks? Yeah. And you're on a TV show yet, but like five years ago you would have you taken any one of these gigs you'd been fired up and now they're all coming at you like a t-shirt shirt candidate, a basketball game shoe year job offers, and I'm just catching. So a lot of them co fall to the grand somebody else picks it. So when so what you limit? When's too much do you have in your head? How like what's your work limit? My work limit. You, how much can you do? Because I could do whatever I put my mind to. I'm not doing a lot maybe more than average person you doing. 'cause I have a work ethic. Yeah now, and you know, keeps me out of trouble. So is working, keeps me out of trouble woods trouble what have trouble. I don't. I don't. I don't know anything. No Tripoli's with trouble. So if you're not working bad things could happen. Yeah, bad. Thanks, happy. I might get married again, start like cooking and cleaning stuff that's trouble. Stroud. Were you married? You're married before? Yeah. When was that back in the two? Thousands in zero in zero. Yeah, to con them that. To that. Does those two thousand eight to two thousand twelve thirteen? The Niners single now I'm single ready to make, but not mainly because I am really ready for it. 'cause I'm busy making money building empire, Boone empire. What's up with the heavy blanket. You sleepless. Okay. So I I came up on his way to blanket because okay, so was hanging out with my friends arrive Carmichael. Yeah. And he said, one of his friends, this girl gave him away to blanket and this supposed to like get rid of anxiety and like, you know, help you fall asleep faster, like snuggling, right. So he let me try it out. I said, oh, I gotta give me one of these in mmediately. You know, I felt like when it's twenty five pound blanking. You can get them anywhere from ten to twenty five pounds and we put it on yourself. It feels like somebody's holding you in hugging you is so so beautiful. Could've gotten like a forty pounds stuffed animal to then that. But that's what you can't travel with a forty pounds stuffed animal, Tiffany hitter. She was everyone travelling like winning assistants, Karen, the stuff they gotta be walking around like I just left the being fair. Through the airport. Sorry, not doing good it. But what I will do is have a super heavy suitcase with a twenty five pound blanket. Amy see now got that blanket in. What I like to do is like after a long day's work in my mind is racing, I'll like either cover my whole body with the blanket or if I'm lonely right from feeling like, oh, I wish I had me a man right now. The I throw half the blanket over my legs. Then I tuck it behind me like somebody crawling up dues, cutting up to the booty. Puts them behind me. Then I put a little Cologne on a tip part in. I put that over my southern like a arm coming from my guess Bill, you really do this. I really do this. How can you find a man? I could find one one that's up to your qualifications. There must be. Well, I have a good choices out. Did you read the men's journal? I have a list of qualifications than read them. You should read. Well, there's a lot like first off you got to be fun to travel with. Okay. You gotta be loyal. Okay. Healty law. Yup. Yeah. That's really hard for a lot of me also. Got have mulling left-foot got like the dance. You gotta have nice hands nights Tiv. You gotta be physically fit. You ain't gotta be like super fit, but you need to be physically fit like you got to be able to pick me up. In these things. Hello. See, ready anyway. Gotta know gotta be willing to garden a little bit willing. You know, no kids can't have no keys. Got good deal. Not not if I want to be number one yet. I wanna be priority number one. Right? But not so much priority where you like fake. Oh, crazy about it. Spotify playlist and stuff. You don't want that. I wouldn't mind a play list, but not. Whereas when a week. Oh, you to the doctor. I'm going with you inside Sydney while I'm getting Pap smear. I don't want that smart might cause, you know, you know how some guys like that's my coachee, but I gotta go to the doctor will see what they're doing. They're abduct right. Not got a boy back to. No, I'm sitting in there. You know, I got to say, I don't know anybody that insists on going into the girlfriend or way. I for me, that's obviously not from south central possessiveness. Obviously, don't know. It's cure me. Will you know on that from south central. Looking at me right now. Yeah, could do. You didn't see me at highs in van Nuys. Come on to me at least ousted oaks. Like maybe Glendale Glendale. Bullshit. What was I. She, she chino. So one was last series boyfriend from lake Elsinore. I don't know where that is. Cities. You know you from willmar. Will the bar. Right next to Hogwarts. When was the last boy from the last boy for came super famous last year, we've famous on you had the boyfriend, I guess. So. I mean not to me, but to other people, they consider me famous. 'cause I would say, post grow trip, girls trip, pulse girls trip. Your visibility, increased visibility, increased drastically, and I had a boyfriend, but I had to let him go because coming to the obesity Wayne with, you know, he wasn't coming to cope each e y in with me, but he's trying to like, I felt like he's trying to stay. He was crossing. He was crossing lines. Yeah, that wasn't comfortable with. I saw the first time I'd seen you drag show the first time. I you've jumped at me like, oh my God, something's happened with hers. Cana- Canada? Yeah, as like, wow, this wasn't like that was a giant robot. You jumped out in that one. And then I was not surprised by the girls trip thing. I was leading female in the pussy. You were. Ken with me, then girls trip. Kuehne? Yeah, girls yet that released. You have just a million people come in and get offers left and right. All that stuff. There's be thank you. Did you grow strip is going to be big. I know it was going to be good. I didn't think it would be that big. I didn't think it would do what it did. I just knew it would be good because it was fun to do. I watched it. My daughter's thirteen. But when it come out like two years ago, not came out the last year year and you're like three months ago. So she was like eleven or twelve. We let her watch it. Why do I want my kids have a sense of humor. I I envelope. Did you have a conversation with her about great food and all this? I didn't know that was happening to be afterwards. Did you have a conversation about it like I just watch these things in don't have we mom verse Asian. So we have the pause button when you could see heading a certain direction for the hands in front of the face. And yeah, work. Listen. She's gonna see it anyway. It's. Did you have a conversation with her about it though? We had a conversation, you have to talk with them. At bar mitzvahs grapefruit, and boys. Now she won't that that will not happen. That's going to be a damn shame. You know, I used to do bar mitzvahs, cast these little girls, all kinds of stuff. And then at this I'm Russ next is one girl about a backer he and I probably shouldn't have did that. But she had her mouth. She's too young to be having a thank thing in her mouth. What. Sure. Why are we doing mitzvahs? You worry at that mitzvah. What were you? What do you mean you were at the bar mitzvahs? I used to my title is energy producer. I would like. See, I would tell jokes, I would choreograph like dance routines for the grand jury. And my job was basically to keep the party movie, keep the party flow in our energy yet my daughter was in the bar mitzvah seen last year, so I went to a bunch of them. Keep the energy got to keep the energy spent a lot of money. It's like a wedding or nothing really expensive big. I went to one that was like four hundred people. Wow. That was just a show off. That's the family someone off that's show on off. See business deals going on in our kind of stuff. Just wait till you have kids maybe over forward person barmitzvah. Nope. Nope. This was not going to happen. They will have a mitzvah, but they will be no funded. About a cat forty. We might turn them into people. The hardest ever seen. My daughter laugh was the the zip line saying that's still the record, but it was get. I think that move is gonna have legs with the. You know, it's funny as as the years go, cert- moves belong to like, you know, little generates like some of the appetite movies are light that are like the hangover's verse specifically two thousand eight and feels girls trip and a couple others from last year, like the two thousand seventeen like, oh yeah, that was the year when that happened. Yeah, it was give classic classic seems like already. It's a classic. 'cause I'm already dense seventeen thousand. It's yeah. How many? So how many cents safe fan. I think sakes. The best one. I don't know. We'll see when it comes. Senate. I'm excited about all of that is you've been trained really well by loose k. I thought when I hired him, he would teach me like press etiquette. Like I would go through some like this, how you do press, you know, PR like a class like this proper etiquette, this how you talked to interview it is Titus decided Hindu. None of that. I'm really starting to feel like I'm getting gypped. Because I never got put through the, you know the course for, let's say, crazy things like, oh, man, we gotta fix that. And I'm like, well, let me say this to fix that. Maybe he's just hands off and he wants to let you be you. Okay, that's fine. That's fine when let me be me, but sometimes maybe met for met. Got in trouble yet though. Have you have you said anything that you had to walk back? I don't remember. I mean, I always think my truth. Yeah, we got the cover cleanup. Some things. Oh, yeah. I did crack a joke. It wasn't a good joke in people got upset now had to say guys, it was a bad joke, get over it. I'm a comedian. We wanna do. We wanna do. There's a couple of people that are in that zone where they can get away with a little more. And I think you're in that song. I'm in the getaway Moore's a little bit. I was like, I was caught the Howard Stern's out for some reason he can get away with more than anybody because he's forty years. Listening to our shows. I'm like, wow, that sounds like a homey to situation right now, but that was back in the nineties. Yeah, he's, he's always had the, I think, Charles Barkley's like that. Weirdly he can. He can push envelope on on shows and people don't get mad because it's him because this Charles Barkley. I think people know when it comes from like a place of like you're being just mean are being evil vicious or is coming from a place of goodness and you just trying to join. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I agree with that. I think Chapelle is interesting variation of this because he just doesn't give shit. Yeah, he's every once and now he got some backlash when the to Netflix things came out briefly in his. I don't care. This is how I feel I'm this is I'm doing comedy and either watcher don't watch it. And now he's good. Just seems like he can say whatever, not whatever, wherever, yeah, he, I was just with him last night. He's singing his ass up with. I was I was singing like a club? Yeah, it's winter like this place. There has like live band and they had a microphone near in. You know, whenever there's a microphone, a comedian wants to get on that and then his, he sings, Lauren hill songs, those his go to line hill in. I go to Tina Turner, smart. It's so essayists primary in he saying a Lauryn Hill song, you do what's love, got to do that. No, I didn't do that one now does love got to knows at who who there's people who are finding comedians. And then there are people who are just flat out funny in the room, just hilarious who are who's like in your top four or gimme. Gimme a couple outta just hilarious. They always said that Chris Farley was just like a Larry's people say that about you. Like when you're going, you're like a year like a hurricane comedy. When I get going. But I'm still sleep right now, but like who makes me laugh like in the room. The Dave Chapelle he always makes why ask because they said it was just funny. He's funny all the time. Like it just regular conversation. You're going to laugh. Who has l.. There's this comedian aimed, Tony, Tony Roberts he is hilarious. He's a comedian comedian, like comedian comedian comedian, if you get to like, hang out with him in like you're gonna laugh. Even if you're having like a serious in serious conversation, you're gonna laugh. Who else is like that? Kevin is funny all the time. He's always funny. Will for today. How interesting for say, if. Yes. When we did Kiana, he like they were braiding his beard, try to coach him through it. Why making this air Brady isn't a lot of pay, and I was like trying to make them laughing stuff and whatever I talked on the phone or whenever I see him, we laugh a lot with foretaste Larry's. Funny, you did this and now did you get nominated for that or did you win what happened? I got nominated and then took to come trophy. You one right for best supporting something guest guest star. Yeah. Nice. Congratulations. What was that whole week? Lake. That was. Did you feel you could have been on that show for five years? No. Now HALE now now, now how come? No, that's a lot of work. I was cut out. I was cut out for that type of work. You work at. Cut out for that type of white wine. You have to be a special person like everyone works over there. They are special wonderful people like you have to be a certain kind of a beast to handle that. I'm not. I'm not cut out to handle it on a weekly basis. So the rising pressure we tweak you would want nothing, but yet you made like seven moves this year. Yeah, that's different. Why? Because they, they hand you the script before even take the job and you can read it see like, okay, is this something I wanna? Do you know in you make the decision? So it's within these lines that you kind of know where the lines are and then you just everything. I do has a lot of heart in a like in a lot of Tiffany on it, whatever character I'm playing, whatever it's, it's me, you know. So I'm not cut out to do that though. I'm just not cut out to do a one week was fun. Yeah, one week was it was fine. Why? Fine? What happened? It was fine. What was the matter that they, you wouldn't go back. I mean, it was fine. I mean, if they really wanted me to come back, you've look on your face that people can't hear. 'cause see his. It's a podcast here. You have a look like, you wouldn't go down here. They know how so within you like about it within these, it was different. Let's take a break to talk about Gillette. You know, I've been trying to stay clean shaven. I've been lazy about it at a beard for a while was feeling anymore shave. Now I got like the Don Johnson stubble again. You know, it's hard. It's not fun to shave sometimes in less and less used Gillette. There's nothing like smoothing my stub away with the lead fusion pro shield, Gillette is based in Boston that just one of the many reasons I love them. They're craftsmanship is unbeatable I've been using it for the last thirty plus years of my life back going back to high school when I was shaving the four hairs in my let pretending I needed to shave the Gillette fusion pro shield. 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And speaking of checking out stuff, shack house shack, house shook, oh, present about Calloway Ryder Cup is this week. We had house on the BS podcast this week, but he is going to give his his takes. On the Radyr Cup, gambling, advice subscribe now, shack house, all right. Back to Tiffany. Give I ask you a question, do you have wife? I do. Affair actually inappropriate question. Sure. Okay, this is this is this is a survey I'm taking because I'm trying to work on a new job. Okay. So. Bushing are blessing. Bless you even more if you came home. Right. Got on the family computer right, or maybe it's just, let's just say you and your wife computer because you got keys. It's just you and your wife computer, and you go to the search and you notice that she is searching gay, male porn, Manno ma'am, point. And you notice that she is watching a lot of man on man, poor, do you talk to her about it? Do you just let it be? You mean like keep it like buried like a secret? Like don't say nothing about it act like you didn't even see it in in the search, but do you ask her about it? Like why are you watching all this game mail? So my wife and I have been together for twenty years. I would definitely be like what the hell is going on with your Google search. If you would ask her, I would ask. And then what does she say? I'm just trying to learn how to, you know, make sure make you feel good. I'm just trying to just trying to learn how to suck you better. I don't know about response to that. I'm just trying to learn how to take it into button cry. You got me okay with that. You are. So he is so rare right of swimming about things. Like a cartoon, the mom. You I saw that. Yeah, I would definitely ask nephew. It's my auntie. I don't want to. I'm sorry. So what's the bit? How do you turn that into a joke and working on? I'm trying to figure it out. That's what I'm trying to figure out. But I think I think it's really funny. We always getting caught watching like they're always getting caught watching girls girls, or you know, a guy in a girl. But when we do, you respond to find out what is watching guys on guys that said those pits really work well and stand up when you make the couples that are on the date uncomfortable, you do it like some some comics have done it where Eddie Murphy was like the first one. I remember really like do that and put people on edge who are next to each other. Right. My favorite thing is to get a couple of kids in and ask them the grabber titties. My favorite thing to do. They do it. Sometimes they do sometimes goes like now ill and I'm like, she don't love you like he thought she did. I love it sporting events when they have the kiss Cam, and then they said on to people who are on a date, but don't wanna kiss. Right, great tension. Like didn't the crowd starts raspberry in them. And then finally, the guy over for like the stupid kiss. Right. So you're not going back to us. It was great. Swear on the on the Gabriel court search onto. Okay. Now, the question. Never mind. Tell me about the Kevin Hart movie. So nice school is a great movie. It's about second chances where this character teddy that's played by Kevin. He loses his job by some disastrous accident, and he needs to get another job because he's living this facade. Putting up this facade that he's like balling out of control, you know, and been kinda like lying to his girlfriend. So he needs to step up his game and get a job. But he can't because he doesn't have a high school diploma. So yes to get his GED and that's where I come in. That's where you come. That's where I come in because I'm the night schoolteacher and you know, just I, I don't play games and like Teddy's hustler hustler. And so he tries to hustle me like get some tacos and like does all these things to try to get me to just pass them through. But I don't play that. I don't play that in real life. Either. You gotta do the work. So I make them do the work, and then he, it's GD try to convince ESPN app Kevin host. The SP is like six years ago, and I was showing the clip to these people that rainiest pan who are not Kevin's audience, and I was like, trust us, he's gonna come out all the athletes, love him. The energy will be there and they were just watching going like, oh, I don't know that he's not conventional, but he's funny, right? But you put him in a situation like a big building with a bunch of famous people like that's who you up, but you're like that to you. Got you. Did the MTV thing last year? Yeah. Come out of energy. It'd be funny. Yeah, this year this year already in the future this year, you make every girl's trip three years ago. Wait year it is, and I don't know how old I am. I don't know what's going on. I'm not watching game meal porn. Could you the SP's? Do you know enough about sports? I don't know enough about as more, but I know how much money a lot of these athletes and make you cheat cheat out, figure it out these athletes as you. Well. Pause. That's still an athlete. Or no, it could be. Athlete could be former former athlete, former athlete, definitely. Tree play any sports. Fame like he's he built like Rowntree. Yeah, that was a long time ago too. Yeah, we met at a barbecue place. Maybe you need like a, you need like a the celebrity boyfriend seat of the power couple have the Tauron us weekly for like two months. Then you break up and then put the tear in it between the picture and then they put the, yeah, elect two months. And then it ends and there's a tear nothing a whole cycle. I kinda got a thing for barbers barbers now again somewhere. Why barbers? Because they busy. They got clients. I don't know. I'm just made that borough. Now you gonna listen to you wondering, David chance, so you the guy had a crush on was a barber. That's just that you grew up in LA. We're up in LA. Says, traumas me out. Gotta think I had to pull it digging my thing, but I said, no, thank you. Yes, probably the right move. I said, no, no fence to Lamar. But yeah, I fight him a comedy show. He didn't show up. Back, right. That's okay. We is in Vegas. See in central. Yeah. Then what happens then what happens when you're like nineteen? You're trying to comedy nineteen. I was working at the airlines. Oh, you really? Were you doing this the job before you really did work for networks for Alaska Airlines and customer surveys? As I worked at the ticket counters and stuff, and I did bar mitzvahs. And then when you get into comedy, I got into comedy at like sixteen, but I had stopped doing comedy when I was eighteen because I got emancipated in a maybe a place to live in comedy was only giving like ten dollars show twenty five bucks. It's not enough to pay rent. What do you mean? Got a minute spitted as a foster care. Yeah, yes. So sixteen seventeen sixty seventy doing stand it. Eighteen. I got emancipate it. So. Notice stand up for while who you're adults for standup who'd you monitor sub after modeled myself after Tiffany, haddish dining. Now come on, you must have different people that I really liked. Heo is take pieces of different people and they form whatever your is. I mean at first when I first started like super Jim Carey, so it's like very physical, very physical with my comedy, I guess, variance Bill Cosby, very into Richard Pryor Lucille ball, Lenny. Bruce rates risk balloting. Yeah, like oath, comics, Charlie, Chaplin, like, and then like Bernie MAC, Cedrick the entertainer in. Dave Chapelle was coming. I started noticing that guy vent Rodman and yeah, would suggest kind of play big, big place, small place meeting place which your dream dreamlike venue. I like, you know, fifteen hundred to two thousand seater. That's like you play like arenas t, right? I did an arena once it didn't work out, so good. Why I wasn't ready. You did. I was fifteen thousand people. Yeah, think it was more than that Jesus. It was with the Bruce Bruce. I opened up for Bruce Bruce. I wasn't ready. That was a long time ago. That was like ten twelve years ago. Knife, you do arenas. Yeah, easy arenas. Dinas Amina let's do a football stadium. I dunno, Thakur fields does any comedian than a football stadium? Yeah, Kevin, that's. Oh, that's right. He did his sell out and indeed three of them. So that three football, stadiums, I don't know. How you could watch comedy from like the top row in the upper deck and football stadium, but I've ac- can't because he sold out, he sold it out. That's crazy. What did he say about an after. I can't even imagine. Ask because I was jealous a little bit. You are too. Yeah. Now you could open the new Elway stadium in an opens. Yeah, when that, yes, when that happens, it's going to be the first comedian ever to perform at the new stadium in Inglewood. Let's talk about daily fantasy. I'm sure you have major grads about your sees long fantasy team, like Tom Brady, who had seven points for me this week. Seven point, eight, five points come on Tom Brady forty. Once guess, step it up. Fantasy is very important. I'm excited to be playing a fan Bill this year at Fanta get the excitement of researching building your team every week. You get the excitement of joining their survivor PO and then losing because Minnesota last Josh Allen, which I experienced on Sunday fan does never been more fun or more easy. The place to play for not a fantasy. Expert fan does something forever in more ways to win there before like their gridiron pickup contests. Every week free pick winners, though spreads ten case, put him on the top pickers my favorite way to play daily fantasy. As you know, a single entry. I like knowing who I'm going against, I'm going, it's one person was one lineup, not one person has one hundred this week. Spike contests only five dollars with a hundred k. prize pool first place. Ten k. join this week's by contest play against me at Faneuil dot com. Slash b. s. new users get a twenty dollar bonus when they make their first deposit on fan. Do comply with me right now Faneuil dot com. Slash Bs. Are you know, sports fan. Am I l a sports fan? Yeah. I mean, I'll go to Laker game in a minute. Where jersey level or not really? No, I don't have any jerseys. It's on the Lakers outwear it will. They'd give you one they would want. They've put you courtside wear. I wear like dress, put a belt around the gimme Sula Timberline, he'll boots, you know, with Laker colors. In walk around with with my back arts and my booty shaking a little bit. Yeah, I'll give him a five boop to cyber side boobs. Good on TV when you're courtside. Have you met LeBron now is on the Lakers now? I don't know if you're where I'm aware. I'm aware he's on the Lakers also saying that he's a school owner. That he's also producer. Yes, I'm aware that space. Jan two, you're probably gonna get roped into that. I want to do voice work for voice workup, like one of the cartoon characters or something like that. I wanna do his. I think he got the Madame CJ Walker story. I wanna do that. I won't be something in that. What's that? I don't know. You don't know about Madame CJ walk. I don't know what, what's the story to throw his hat team? You? Let's do metal c. j. t.. Let me spit metal CJ is the first African American woman to be a multi millionaire in the United States of America. She created all kind of Air Products. So like why you over you're talking about like your hair, you know, I got some little Jalen here that on my edges for Madame CJ Walker, the press and combs she sold that. Do you know the person comments. Yes, you just lied is hurting resin comas with the present because you you every time you look at me suspiciously being it makes, but the way say, yes, I can tell you, lying, pressing, come, you press in you comb it. What press comas. President, you. The press co. Oppress is a metal comb that you put on fire to heat it up to seventeen pitcher in the run it through your hair, and it makes your hair straight. Oh, my daughter does I I didn't know his caught a pressing comb. She we call zoey burns her hair to g has she probably has a flatter. She's a flatter. Yeah. How's that different than pressing? Go because of present com looks like an actual comb, but it's made out of metal. I think she has that to my daughter has like super thick hair that she straightens out all the time. You think she got a present call? I think she has all this stuff. I stay out of it. I don't wanna know what she got. Nah, I don't know about that because you know, you put the present come in of no. That you put it in there. Me let this sounds like a more advanced version of the finer. Oh, is the original version at the flan? Okay. So this lady invented that and some other things became a millionaire another. Make him. Tiffany haddish Brian. Early wanted to see the next one. I just want to be part of it. I wanna be there some kind of way. I bet they would have you. You should get in on that space. Jim, though. There is thrown around giant checks for that. Just really could check for like a week, talk to do couple of about this. Yeah, they just announced it went today last week last week. You know, I don't know concept the time, but I think it was last week. What's the oath? What's that movie oath is a movie about this family who is living in time where we have a new president who is trying to make everyone sign this like pledge of allegiance. This oath. And. I saw the trailer for this yet look, good. The movies I went to. Yeah, and everybody's not necessarily filling that pledge of allegiance. Yeah. And my husband was played by bear hold is definitely not filling. It ends like we're not signing it. We're not going to do this and it gets to the point where they start taking people out of their homes. They don't sign it and put it in like some kind of camper, whatever they disappear. So. This idea, some people come to our house right in trying to take my husband, but we not playing. We don't play that. So like a cousin of the purge, but like a little more sophisticated. Something like that. The whole movie takes place in one place. And we year we don't play that was like to be married to like it was my company. Husbands. Have you had? I've had. Four and then chasing Morgan. The TV show chose Morgan is not be Tracy. Morgan is my baby daddy, but I'm married to a white man on that. I'm married to you. Really? Yes. A made to Ryan gall on that show. Was you got that job before girls trip turned off right before it came up? Yeah. Now, how long have you tied to TV show? I don't know. I didn't read the contract. Did you get a pressing comb in the contract now? I didn't get press, but I did get a check in Charlotte to say how much. Okay. 'cause I notice from the did the posters for season two your let were prominently involved in the season two poster boys to. We did a second season, didn't you there? But they already got those posters out to billboards. They put those billboards Inouye like give for season one. Oh anybody. Yeah, that's what it was. Oh, the EMI voting. I didn't see you're probably about this. That's funny. But. But. See. So then what happens? Very prominent in the original permissions you, you're more you more prominent. As long as you say it was like, this is Tracey show now it's like Tracy and Tracy show Tracy show. You're on it, though. Yeah, but it's it's started. Stray c. show. He's the producer. All right. Now, I know you're cues to move on. Took a half hour, you will learn. What's it been like to to date since she became super famous? I haven't really. I have been getting asked out our people frayed to ask you because you're so famous. Don't think you're available. I don't think older gentlemen asked me out his lawyer. He made sure he let me know that several times and even sent me his full resume and yeah, to have time time who has asked me out, are there any things that you rule out is? Is somebody have to be a certain height now. Every. Doesn't matter the shortage better. How age doesn't matter. You'll be eighty. Ninety five twenty five gotta be over twenty five twenty five fair over twenty five foreign foreigner. Yeah, definitely. He. He kala tally how old would you go? Would you go over sixty eighty? Yeah, so everyone's on the table. This is great. Yeah, twenty five up. So if you felt that one of those dating services, you would just check all every question point five. Yes. You know. Gotta have a job jobs, good or career of some sort. Some sweating income. Actor good credit score. Another actor competitive. I made sure. I have a Jonah right? The he would have a penis list competition. I don't know petition. I think actors compete against each other because I, I would be going for girl parts. He going boy parts, but if you were more successful than he was, maybe he would have an issue it well, then he's insecure. You're like, I got a, I got a lead role in this movie and he's like, I just got rejected for law and order. The seventh part that's to make us MAC and cheese. I'll be like make the Makati's. You look at porn computer. I would probably get him a job. If he's actually. Movie, they do that. Hey, let's talk about other great podcasts on the ringer podcast network. You know what? What just do the sports ones? God, we have some good sports wants against all odds, cousin sow gambling every week. If you like, gambling, track, cousin, sow against all odds, dual threat with Ryan russillo football. Every Tuesday night college pro opinions hot takes. He comes in hot that russillo check that out. Check out. One Shining Path cast is back, Titus Tait Tait in some remote location taping this week. God knows where he is. Ringer FC soccer shack house golf my podcasts, the JJ Rettig podcast. He's not even on social media anymore, but you know what? He has a podcast for the ringer podcast network. The masked man show wrestling with David shoemaker and a variety of characters. The ringer NBA show back in full swing. We even I think, have name for Kevin O'Connor. Chris Vernon. On Tuesdays and then the MLB show, which when are you gonna listen to it more than during the baseball playoffs. And then of course, ringer NFL Mazen Clark on Sundays GM street on Mondays, Dan ac- football on Tuesdays and Clark on Thursdays, and then our giant football Friday, extravaganza with GM street, and then a little Dana see football desert where at the end of it, check all that stuff out on the ringer podcast network that to Mitchell our pop culture stuff and all the other great things. We have the ringer podcast network. So what's up for the next year for you? The next year is full just more gotta do when our special when our special comedy show time special flicks comedy dance, Netflix, yes. And so we gotta get that going some doing doing a bunch of tour dates. You've writers for that or you read the writing myself, and then I'll have some writers like going in, like, you know, a range it with near will make this, what do you think would make this flow better. And then what and then shoot it and then was more movies like three more movie. You tried to dramas something serious stated already. Bady would. Oh, is it? It's, it's, it's called the kitchen is coming out next year. The kitchen was that about about is gangster movie about hails kitschy taking place in the seventies and the all you backwards and went back to the seventies, and it's a weird, three women married to three Irish mobsters and they go to jail, and then we take over their business. What kind of hair did you have gone in this movie? What kind of seventies haircut do you have? It's just a nice little pressing, curl, pressing CRO, hook, oppressing curl. Here. She can listen to us talk about different hair. What else do we have? The pressing curl got the press and curl yet the Bob. You got the the beehive you got the rollers set you got, but I only had press girl. Well, I guess it was a roller set. 'cause my hair was in broad, lose deem. Yet. How much pressure are you doing for this Kevin movie a lot. They night chess yet. Lewis overwork, you. Early. If not Louis Louis, actually protecting me a lot adult that the studio is trying to overwork me, which I'm fine with because we're making money. This. A girls got asleep and a girl does need to date. I'm gonna start. I'm gonna try. Try try to make schedule like one day two months. We'll see like on a weekend or like a Winston on day off. I don't think they need to promote this movie Lasmo that much. I know they're gonna make you do it and they don't think that way, but I think people will see this. I think they're people that everybody promoted how they promoted girls trip, like really big. They went all out for that, you know, and then look, it was the first black female comedy to make that kind of money who who have you stayed in touch with from that moving everybody, everybody is their stress, but all the girls trip to we talk about it all the time. Hopefully that happens. That should happen if a better. I mean, I would love for it to happen. They didn't option like you've where they, you're forced to do the sequel as they snap their fingers, you have control? No, that's good. Make them made them pony up for that one, they should grow trip to should happen. Yes, I think you should everyday on your podcast, talk about it. I'll remember staff to find you a boyfriend, so you're not sleeping twenty five pound blanket every night. Okay, warm by the EMI next to me to be warm body with some arms. And in a way to blink, he might like the way to blanket if he can handle me under that way to blanket, keep the way to blanket with the guy. Yeah, the he gotta be on top. He, he's, he's weighted down where you put in the EMMY Cinna ban next them really in your bed is in the bay that you're kidding now the bay? Yeah. Do we hit everything? Louis Louis wants tugboat. Nobody's Fool in. Nobody's Fool is a movie coming out, November the twelve, but the second was coming out the second of ember Tyler. Perry, Tyler, Perry movie. We shot that movie that movie's really funny is about two sisters and once I out of jail and the other sisters, getting cafes in the one that's out of jails, like she not letting I'm not letting nobody hurt my sister and year. I really like it a lot as a side made me laugh. So hard. Who's the other sister tika Sumner? Yeah, some. Some. Miss Maima fissile bad about that tickets. Tika Sumpter effort. Something something? Yes, she's the best. We have a lot. We had a lot of fun. We laughed a lot, and my favorite part of the home movie is like, it looks so good and we shot it in ten days and only work seven out of ten. It looks like over a long period. It's on. How many days was it? Ten days gimme a before we go. Give me advice for my thirteen year old daughter. If ice for your thirteen year old daughter try, keep it clean and then you wanna. I would advise her. Okay. Good advice for thirteen year. Old girl is to note to take a bath once a week. That's great advice. We shower everyday, but she needs to take a bath bath once week, especially what Peabody in like the stress of everything in like learning your body and it's like change in transforming. It's like this stressful time of her entire existence is the teenage years is like the hardest because everything is changing. You have no control over anything like you don't have any control over your body transforming like she's metamorphasized. So I would say to rely can alien. Yeah, like a straight up alien. She's like. Boobs. So I would sell it to take a bath once a week I'd settle for once about. We can't be more relaxed. That's good. I'm sure she's like, kinda like going through them emotions instead from one minute. She leads you next minute. She can't stand you like we, we've done pretty well so far. But yeah, it's definitely bad. Surprising Cup of the mood swings play sports outside. Think when people are teams, it's a little better because she's getting frustration in energy touch guitar. She's really tired. And if she plays sports us even more reason to take a bath, at least once a week to relax muscles data, the whole family agrees on, yeah, would does. She doesn't like to take baths. It doesn't shower showers. Okay, good. Yeah, but she's a grow thirteen. Probably don't feel like it was the whole thing. I'm so busy ams, busy. Just I watched whether send on them for practice. I have homework time to Bubba. Now she should. In which she should take shower every day. Yeah, that's exactly what am I. If I wash last. Yeah, and thank you on the weekends. Take a bath and put them back in the water. They keep your p. h. right. This is great. Yeah, peritonitis alike. Well, now to make her listen, this inertia, do it? Yeah, Tiffany told you. Yeah. Tiffany. Haddish said, put half the pound Baker solder. I don't get that part bakers helps with your balance, and it makes your skin really soft. And if you have injuries and helps to heal faster, like it's just in the kills parasites bacteria, not proven or is this like your old wives still proven, proven, proven. All right, good luck. A Peruvian was nice. It was nice to hang out and talk with the hang where our on finding somebody better than a twenty five pound blanket for you. Appreciate Bordenave Luis quite neighboring here for hearing single guys that I think have put. Make sure they got good job. Gotta have the credit. That's the main thing. Credit with good credit to you. Good credit. I don't know. What is it? Do you know what the good credit? So I don't know. I, you know, you score. It's impeccable, pay my bills on time. So you gotta ask me. I don't know. You don't let your score is, why would I pay on that problem? That's the problem right there. You don't know grownup report Cardi's your credit scores, grownup report card, sales test people where you add in like what you're doing, what you graduated from it, but credits impeccable, you graduate way when you like eighty. And you have a place to retire in many in Kafue. Yeah, that's when you graduate. I, I honestly don't know credit score. I think we've, we've done. You should only do credit score sponsor. I should've looked it up. Then look, we'll tell you have to know yours, see, young people. No, I knew when I twenty years ago, you should know it. What do you think I'm gonna find out? I'm so disappointing. I'm gonna. I'm gonna find it out. It's like that's like saying, you don't know your social security number. Why? No, my social, your birthday, but not yet. But if I know it's good, why do I have to know what it is you think you now is good? What if somebody stealing your identity and messing it up? That's how do you know sunup Seneca, Puffer? When you're next movies, I'm just saying you never credit score was fine needs to be checking your score. Here's do. I'm going to check my score. I'm gonna. Tell Lewis what it was and then he's gonna tell you. It needs to be basically any do it needs to be over seven hundred over seven hundred fifty. You said fifty before Where'd you drop? It? Eight fifty is an excellent score. You said you had the highest score. You said you had a excellent. You'll take seven hundred lot. I asked you if it was a fifth for you. Hundred is a great is excellent. That's good. Seven hundred to eight fifty. How girl because that means you could buy a house. You could take care. If if if stuff off you can get so credit. So you made a great guy, but he's like at six sixty four, not nice out, not thank you, not. Thank you. Get your shit together comeback when you're together and you can fix that. You can go get target card a Sears car by pay it off over the course of six months, bam. Credit scores back up. Now come out at you. But you're doing well, you don't you. You can take wrist risk, free may response. The. That's what you credit show me. You know if you had a regular job. Especially government was you? They do. They check your credit. Yes, see responsible. Why are you coming up in my organization. I need to know you know how to take care of business. Are you gonna start? Do you have a production company now? Yes. Are you going to start producing stuff and doing the whole thing that producing things you're up the stuff? How about this. ACA. If if you come from our company, I'm going to run your credit. Just so you know, now this is like a job interview. I might make it hired by. I might be great. I might bring you into the she ready production could sell. I'm going check your credit. Are you responsible. Tiffany, haddish. Good luck with a good luck with Nate school. My kids will be there this weekend, gray, gray, looking forward to. I like four to six to hang out with everything. Thank you for the team. All right. Thanks to ZipRecruiter. Don't forget to check them out at cooter dot com. Slash Bs. Thanks to Gillette their craftsmanship unbeatable the Gillette fusion pro shielded, perfect example moves to every shape every hair, everything on your face. It gets it to the band. Go online subscribe. Have your favorite blades like the fusion pro shield delivered directly to your door, subscribe digital and on demand today, get five dollars. I order special offer Simmons five like the number five at checkout, joy free shipping. Every fourth order. Free was screwed subscription just visit online until it on demand dot com to get started. And thanks to fan duel. Remember fantail has never been more fun or more easy. 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