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The with kevin mason like many people. I grew up with the newspaper. My dad was a newspaper reader. And we'd read the local city paper and then the chicago tribune and the saint louis post dispatch and then when we moved. Virginia we'd see the washington post every now and again so. My dad was a big newspaper guy. Then of course during my radio career spent a lot of time with usa today. So you're familiar with all the sections of the newspaper nowadays. Of course i get most of my news online and kind of google news news reader. I've customized it to work for me. And i've got my normal sections. I've got my. Us news my business. News technology news and health and science and sports entertainment. But there's a new little section of the google news. That's come up this year. That's kind of interesting. It's not in the main section off to the side effect. You can't get rid of this little side of the news and it's called the fact check section and literally it goes through fact checking all that's been going on in the world politics what people are saying because now fat check is just as important the news as anything else. The fact check section won't be going away anytime soon and that's hard to say three times fast.

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