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The Bachelorette Week 2 (ft. 'Dicks in the Office')


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We have a brand new Snapchat show talked about it last podcast. It has official actually launched. It actually came out. It's called the group chat so search that on Snapchat will be talking, all of your favorite pop culture topics. Like we do on this show. We'll be with a rotating barstool co-worker whoever it is, we're going to change into outdated day, makes them more fun. Conversational not just not just me and RIA again. No, it's not just us again. There will be. And every day, everyday will be somebody different will be reusing the same people, a ton of fun. Check it out. Go to Snapchat type in the group chat, and you will find us there every night, five thirty PM. So subscribe hit those notification buttons. Yeah. And, and watch the whole and watch the whole show. And by the way, frantic you somebody very special in our world. Yeah. Ak Zach Ephron. Yeah. And he also wants you to watch the show. Yeah, he does he really does. Because obviously, if you haven't seen part of my take, they were ads ACA. Zaka FRANZ house. Zach on his is a big fan and the him. It's, it's a Santa and it's just like we're living in fake life. And he's big fan whatnot did part of my take a loved it big cat was then interacting with Anna Kendrick again because Anna fouled on followed him. And then they face time her which I saw Larry's, and then, of course, let I hang. Came through best boyfriend of the award with a video from Ephron play the video. Let's, let's play the video. Yeah, congratulations on your Snapchat show. Sincerely about my heart congrats and much love. You heard us I moved here the kiss. Coach. That's the that's the best part about it. I thought the best part about it was him saying my name, which, by the way, I wanna clarify I did ask for chicks in the office, 'cause I, I wanted to be included. This is not my doing him saying my name, I thought was the best part. But now, I think it's the audible, kiss noise now it's definitely the case, the kisser, I mean, like Zack from blue kiss at me. I couldn't contain my excitement. I was sobbing when Hank sent this video to me sobbing, I saw being Fran cried. She sent me pick I wasn't even and I cried she cried. And I mean, how could we not cry? I couldn't sleep last night. I was like hyper ventilating I was, I was going to my contactless. I was like who can I send this to? Yeah. That's something that you probably that you send that to every, hey, I send it to a bunch of people. I sent all my friends, my parents, it's one of those things where like I don't care if I'm bragging, I have to show the world this video, which I actually thought. That Hank was going to be like, no don't put that out there. But then they Gary. But then dying knew he filmed it. So pulled through really poet with the with the girlfriend card was girlfriend's best friend. Maybe not so much. But that's okay. Let this I ever gets the opportunity to talk to Nick Jonas, and doesn't then I'll be listen. If this all let's hang gets the opportunity to talk to Nick Jonas. I'll tell him to say hi to you, and not me is that area shape that would be so fair. This goes to Fran. Well. An even ruler. Yes. Even very even. That's why should be Queen. No, I listen. This video. Zac, Efron to me is cured everything. I don't know what I had wrong. But it I just feel fantastic. No, yet it's just it's, it's so cool. It's just so cool. And obviously, I feel like you had a younger self dream come true because I will say that a gentleman on Twitter did find a couple tweets from you. From the year two thousand twelve which I was fourteen. Yes. I the way that consist of Zach Ephron with a bunch of heart emojis, that was one tweet and the second was that Ephron hashtag, kiss me. So the hashtag really came to life. Yes, he didn't blow you. And I think that's. Yeah, that's true. Zac, Efron blew me a goddamn. He kissed me having to from two thousand twelve that's the thing that's what I'm trying to I, I want to bring it back to when I found out that they were interviewing Zach Ephron because I had to keep it inside for so long. I was we were in Miami. So this was back in the end of March. April, whatever it is. I we were in Miami last night, a mammy were sitting on the beach. It's the end of the night. We're gonna take a plane the next morning and we're just talking, and he's like starts bring Zac, Ephron and start saying that they're going to interviews, Acuff Ron and I. I started rolling around in the in the sand and screaming and crying and I couldn't stop talking about Zack from for the next hour. And he was like, I don't know what I just did. But I can't believe like it's like we're about to leave Miami and the lasting that we've talked about for the last hour Zach on like this is what you did. So they it's been just don't understand the effects. I'm so happy for them now. Yes. This so great. His acts big fan. So I feel like whatever they did together is going to be amazing. Everybody's gonna love it. But yeah, of course when we first heard I was just like that's not just just go back to my childhood, and I feel like any guy could say it about whatever girl, they saw in the movies growing up. They're obsessed with Britney Spears, whoever it is like that was ACA fron like our high school, musicals changed. My life are fan, dedicated spans years. Decades, my not over ten years. So it sounds dramatic high school musical change my life. It was all I ever listened to and watch when I was younger where like my sister was concerned, she thought I was going to be the biggest loser on the planet. She was like all you do is listen to high school musical all day long. It's all you care about high school musical concert. I went to although it wasn't like Ephron. They replace him with your Sealy to sing. Yeah, it was some bullshit. That was huge bullshit that was as seventeen again. Same mom, and I watch no less than a billion times. I feel like every daughter and mom has watched seventy together 'cause I watched seventeen again with my mom anytime he was on TV. Always put it on. Great movie. Oh man. I just on Zack ever on, although I'm still trying to figure out what's going on with him and lily gallons. It's a good question. We did ask we did ask that along. So something news playing very quietly in my ears, but you can't hear it. I'm sorry. Oh. So good. I was being I was crying. This actually really sucks, though, is this is in second from, yeah. It's, it's a mixture of the mix of him in Jerusalem. Wasn't until the second and third movie Zack got to sing himself so unfair to him. Yeah, I agree. It was the first one. Yeah. I agree a bed big cats and ask about that, right? Like that's something we would have asked like, hey Zack what happened with you? Andrew Sealy, the mixture of voices. Yeah. How hard did you have to fight? Dila Disney sing your songs yourself. Either way, though, it's fantastic. And then either Anna Kendrick in the mix. Yeah. That's just came out of nowhere. It was just it happened. So late on Twitter because they're on the west coast. So it made it made us all say up later than I wanted like everything happened. So late got Anna Kendrick popping in there. Zaka from pop in there. Everybody's tweeting to each other. I know that's why I that's why I couldn't sleep last night because I'm like, what is going to happen? Next is Adam. What's his face gonna join in? Yeah. Repels. Joining it's just really. I have to take a deep breath. And I and I'm another degree of separation from it. So I don't really know how you can handle it because I just. I just can't imagine having my boyfriend. Hey, outside fronts house. I can't imagine it just can't. I can't not being there. I was going through the craziest of stages of being like my boyfriend is ads ACA, FRANZ house, and I'm texting him and he's receiving these while standing FRANZ house, like like, I'm like these text messages, that I'm sending are being received in the home of Zaka from that's insane. Insane. The whole thing is so crazy. I'm very excited for the interview. I don't know. But I'm very so very excited for it. Fran maybe they'll get into Kendrick next. Hopefully, I think she has to at this point, I think, at this point in time, she has to Zaka for almost like you gotta go on. I hope Zach FRANZ telling all of his friends go on the audio fresher, imagine. They, they only do. When they're in New York, though, like, really like to LA. Sell anything as a problem for bring them to New York. So they have to come here. Yeah. Like, you know, maybe don't go back house. Maybe you can come to the office that would be their next step like, they'll just become buds next times acts in New York City office. I'll be like, yeah, of course. Come on down. Yeah, that's the girl you made a video for that's, that's her co host and go on their podcast right now. And then he sits down, and we do an interview with him that dream. Yeah. So our next goal is Ephron. I think. Befriend. Let's get into today's topics. We have a game of thrones recap the finale has come and it is gone. And it's gone. And it's really God. Bachelorette recap. Of course, we have Leonardo DiCaprio. Brad Pitt Margot Robbie at the Cannes film festival? We got an update on jed from the bachelorette which you wanna tune in for and James Charles attended Kylie Jenner skin launch party, and we have the return of Dick's in the office with Caleb, Roan very excited area. Exciting very funny. Make sure you tune into that selects. Get started starting off with Leonardo DiCaprio and breadth. Leonardo DiCaprio Brad Pitt Marguerite. We are at the Cannes film festival when the way off every fucking time nailed that one though I just I just feel like it should be more. Like just can write it doesn't make sense. Can I think it's also acceptable to say con- unsure? It's just I, I thought it was cans like no. Yeah. I don't know. I guess it's can anyway there at the cancel, and they look fantastic. They look so good. They are. They're, they're movie once upon a time in Hollywood. Quin tarintino movie, Margaret Robbie's than it is, well is premiering as played elsewhere. Right. I think it's premiering air. Yeah. Yes. So that's, that's huge. Got a brand new trailer for the movie. It looks amazing. I'm super excited to actually see this movie. I saw somebody tweet that this is the first time they've been really excited for a movie. That's not a like act made from comic books. I was like, I feel you on that this looks fantastic. Leo looks great. Brad looks great. Brad plays Leo stunt double in the movie. It's you know, old school Hollywood round the Manson murders. Martin plays. Sharon Tate, which, by the way, like, obviously, she was super hot in the wolf Wall Street like as hot as you can get her Sharon, t she looks so gorgeous. I feel like that era would be a very good fit for her. Yeah. Well, she's in the movie. I know exactly. I can't imagine hanging out with, like Brad Pitt Leonardo DiCaprio Margarita, be all in one room. That's just so much beauty in one room. They're also cool. Like they're just so cool. I can't even imagine them having normal conversations like every day normal conversation. Right. I just I Mike. What did they talk about me was talking about the environment? Margaritas married, by the right, which is is just insane. Yeah. What kind of votes? Yeah. Rich people start talking about their sinks, probably cool sinks, in their houses, f I bet probably cool things on their yachts, probably. Does Leo zone own yacht. I probably should I don't know if he does. But he knows enough people that just put them on there yet. That's really all. Like you just need to know people who will let you use their yacht. But I would I would guess Leo would have won, but who knows. Yeah. I would pay him as one to have yacht Mugrabi. No. Like I said, she's married to annoy me. She is. She's married to a director, which kind of flies under the writer, I feel like because she just got married, very, it was very private very quiet. And that was it. She was just married. So now no good for her. I feel like the ones the ones that are kept more quiet are normally the ones that last longer. So I hope that happens for her. I hope it happens for her. But when you're working with Brad, Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. Yeah. You know it it got to be tough. It's gotta be friend. It is gotta be tough because and just knowing Brad pitch track record of. Oh stars. And also, what about Leo's girlfriend? Leo's girlfriend. I feel like is so I this is outside perspective, but she just seem so confident that I'm already lasted so much longer than most Leo's girlfriend. She's got to be happy about that. Yeah. I actually agree. I think that people doubted them remember when we were told by an inside source possibly that. Leah was gonna propose by the end of two thousand eighteen that never happened. And then we told everybody that he was. But yeah, he didn't that just never happened. I don't think we'll ever get married. Ever ever. I actually don't think Leo will ever get married. I think, but I I you're maybe at out your eager to and. Yeah. Leo's. I little different though. I think I would just want. I personally would like Leo to have kids, it would be sinned, did not create. I if you're Leonardo DiCaprio, and you don't procreate you, you're right. Your center. Like that's just so unfair that you're not gonna have you're not sharing your genes Leonardo knocking to pass pass yourself down, teasha fair. He's actually he's thinking about not having kids, he needs to think about the future, and what's right for this world. And that's having somebody was Leonardo dicaprio's jeans running around keep keep it going. But lie it would be so unfair. It would just have that end of Leo hasn't he siblings? I don't know. I feel like he's kind of mystery. I always feel like every celebrity as an only child, that's such a bad assumption. Is that something, but their siblings aren't famous people, and then I see that they have siblings macwell, what would it be like to be their sibling? I don't know. Let's see if confirmed, he's an only child, we is an only child, okay. Yes. Now that makes sense Leo would be an only child, does Brad. Pitt have any siblings. I think he does. All right. We're about to find out. Yes, he does. See now like that's. Crazy. They all have their own and, and yeah. What do you think they do with their lives like, that's my question about very famous people siblings? It's like you are the sibling to this. I con right now. What how do you live your life ending? Okay. Normal, do they go to therapy to like okay with their sibling being so. Right. Amos and they're not famous. It's probably tough if it's just two of you. Right. And you have wants to famous sibling, the other one of a bunch of normal siblings. And then I feel gets okay. You just kind of then you can just make fun of your famous, sibling. Yeah. But when you're like a Hemsworth and you're the not famous Hemsworth. It's tough to brothers are super faint. It's like being Frankie Jonas. Right. Jonas, nobody knows Frankie. Nobody knows Frankie Jonas. And then, you know, people post like all the jobs brothers married, people are, what about Frankie the Jonas brothers is a band name. But you forget about it under the radar early. Yeah. There is another. I bet that he gets babied and loved by the parents, because they're like this one, you know, he's, he's definitely got a lot more attention. Yeah. Yeah. I hope so. Maybe, maybe I don't know. But I have to say if my if like I was not only child, but it was just me and somebody else like my sister, and she was super famous and I just wasn't at all. I probably hater. Well, no, I wouldn't hate her, but I would be very jealous. Yeah. Maybe I don't know. I feel like it's so different when it's somebody in your own family. You're right. You're right. Like like super famous like I can't even Jennifer Aniston level. And then the sister is just not known at all Cam. But, but if your sibling is Jennifer Aniston level famous, she's doing everything you everything for you. Like you're right to lift of. You're, you're right. You're right. As long as I could live off of the life that she has than I would be fine with it. But if I was like struggling, and I didn't have money and my sister was just rich and famous. And I didn't have any then I'd be solved. I mean I was just made my sister. Gimme some money. You'll. Yeah. No. That's what I'm saying if I get the money fun. Yeah. But otherwise, I'd be salty about it. Definitely. Well, anyway, this started talking about these pictures of Brad Pitt Leonardo DiCaprio, because they look so great on this carpet. They are Ken, everybody, obviously, dresses up. And so we got one night of them in great suits. Very look very classy. Some other pictures Brad's. In like a long sleeved, polo, and boot working boots. I'm like, all right. Not as best. But I'll let it slide when you have Brad looking like that. And then Leo is in like a perfect. Blue tailored sue with his sunglasses and his white shirt, you're like, okay. Yeah. Brad, especially when you see the pictures of both of them in, in their suits, the whatever the first pictures, we saw, and Brad, you're like, oh shit. Brad may be looking better than Leo nowadays. Yeah, I don't know. But then you see the picture of them with Leone the blue sue Brad Pitt wearing whatever he's wearing. And I'm like, ooh, Leo, expand tastic Brad stepping up a little bit. But dad Brad is very hot. Brad is very hot. It's, it's just so unfair. It is unfair the world age the way they do. And Brad, Pitt and Leo have stayed so hot and they're old, right? Like, do you think it's the money? Maybe I don't know. But it's also just sometimes men age that way. And they get better looking as they get older rise getting looking fifty five years, Brad Pitt is smoking hot as fifty five years old? He's gone hotter to me, personally, I'm not a young. Brad Pitt kind of gal like, obviously Brad Pitt was hot back in the day. I think Leo younger, Leo was away hotter. I mean just look at Leo's Brad Pitt has eleven years on Leo. What Leonardo Cabras only forty four. Okay. See, Brad, new fifty five you factor in the two ages. Yeah. Brad Pitt look in like that at fifty five rats keep it tight. Brad is keeping it on lock. Well, yes. Do these things single divorced, dad at this point. He's got a ton of kids running around. Yeah. He's a movie star, whatever. So he's probably gonna keep it. Keep it in shape. Yeah. I love to see what kind of girls Brad Pitt stating who knows it could be anybody. I think him, I'm pretty sure he's not the greatest human being a shocking discovery but yeah, there was just so many rumors when he and Angelina, divorced. And or whatever they did split and it's, it's there's all the custody issues, and he's not there. She's not there. It's all very, it's all very calm. Every time you talk about this stuff. You year. Like you got some inside info. No. I have zero inside info, zero except that for, for months, all we heard when they split up was that it was a horrible. Split in that either. Brad was there for the kids and Angelina has kids who knows it could be. Yeah. Exactly. We will never know or maybe we will. But I don't know right now. Currently we, we don't know but I it could be Angelina. The two of them obviously had some big issues towards the end. We have been team with we were doing the show back in the day. Would you have been team Jenner? Ange. It's tough because, like, I love Jennifer Aniston. I would probably say morally obvious. Franson. Because in the time, like, Jen, Jen was the one who got screwed there. Yeah. However, I do love Mr. MRs Smith. That's, that's where veal's like and you who in your heart, you watch that movie, and it's a possible, maybe it's their good, great acting skills. But it's very hard to watch that movie. Not think two of them are meant for each other. Right. So maybe the chemistry was so long, they couldn't they I it was. That's literally what happens. Yeah. It was so strong. They couldn't deny it. Sorry, Jen Morley morally, I said morally, we should be on Jennifer Aniston side. But of course, when the facts are laid in front of you, like they were in that movie can't deny it. Did you see think it was last week? There was an article about when gen met Angeline on the set of friends. Oh, Brad was on friends, and then she met Angelina in the lot, there was a whole. There was an article about it last week. I gotta find it, it was just like throwback story, just like throwback story of this, which, listen, I wish we had the show at that time I wasn't even alive. I don't think I don't think you were like five, not even one what, what age do the. Probably like the late nineties. Yeah. Yeah. I probably wasn't married. I mean marriage definitely were married. Definitely weren't you were definitely an infant. Oh, it was October October. Delight two thousand nine July twenty nine two thousand to October second thousand five. Yes. So I was very young not, not not able to comprehend all that. No, definitely not. Stay. Though. Shit. This. We all want to do the right thing to keep our bodies healthy in the long run. 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That's ten percent off during your first three months at ritual dot com slash chicks. This week's episode of the bachelorette left us with two feelings, and their names are loop e and Cam I almost fell asleep within the whole middle of it. So. I look, I, I understand that even writing my blog recap. Log I really didn't include anything from the Tyler Tyler g one day. I just I was just like that was an date. I actually didn't even know there was a one on one on one day. I got even see the one on one date, I actually completely completely zoned out. Yeah, you know what that's fine. But let's just start from the beginning. We started right off the bat group date, drag queens, had Elissa and Alaska, and miss j to do a Mr. ripe pageant, beauty pageant, Speedo portion talent portion. Right away. We're seeing these guys without any clothes on. So that's Hannah just get right down to business. She's like, let's, let's get a date where I see all these guys basically naked and evaluate out doing the opposite of what Colton did like Clinton was being very conservative. And no, we can't touch each other, and like have sex or anything and Hannah. Just like okay everybody take off your clothes. I need to see the best candidate. Now. Yes. And so obviously Luke p was on this date. And he made me wanna vomit the entire time he made me so nauseous, so nauseous within the five I five minutes, which is why stop paying attention because I- he physically makes me nausea, and it started like I don't start with this, this line. I truly gagged him I l vision he was asked what he thought his biggest asset was. And he dead asaid, my character like so series who's like, well my. Actor fucking kidding shot, your care, Sean say anything else. He's a rose man. That's the problem. He has something he's a psychopath. I know he's psychopath. Mark my words, psychopath, and shadow once again, hopefully we'll be able to get Kelly keys on for on the pod for some bachelorette stuff the season, but she's been doing some digging because she went to the same college as Lupi and she's been asking for some dirt. And just gotta say, maybe he did find Jesus, and he turned new leaf whatever you want to say, but the guys outed like a big time jerk off in college. He sounded like a huge jerk off in college Tokyo, while I think he was is a huge jerk off, like he didn't find God or Jesus, that's a bunch of bullshit. Sorry, sorry, that I'm calling him out on it. Hope that doesn't offend anybody, but Luke p I'm so sick of him already. Yeah. But let's continue. Okay. So we see the. Speedo 's everybody's looking great. They're strutton. There's enough. John, Paul Jones did like this hair flip and, and Speedo whip and I was like I kinda thought it was sexy. Yes. So people are, oh, my God. I just saw this picture of already Lang and oh attack own, Mike, fucking dot scroll away. I'm sorry. His nose is no longer. There. Away. I have to SCO away. Holy shit. I'm scarred. John. Paul John, Paul Jones, I am getting flak for hitting on John, Paul Jones, so much a Yelm. I've had most people. D M E. I've had I did alive last night. It was just a rare. The name thing, just pisses me off. Because I'm like, right. Why must we call you John Paul Jones at all times? I don't have the mouthful for that. Like, I don't feel like saying that all the time I say, I'm enjoying him on the show. Yes. So I think he's probably going to be funny. And I think that making him my enemy, so early on was an early early enemy are probably, which is in a bad mood. When I did it. I liked to retract enemy status for John Paul Jones for right now. That is so selfish view. It is. I'm a great person, and I liked to retract my enemy status, although it's pending okay could it could happen again? I'm going to retract it from him. I'm gonna keep it on loopy though, for now, fair, then jed came out on his Speedo and his cowboy boots. I wasn't. Expecting that from jed for some reason. I just didn't know. That's what he was working with under there at holy shit. I think he I think he took everybody's breath away. Elissa her face said it all just looking like just mouth joh- on the floor, pretty much, then Luke p came out. He did all the poses. It was so gross and ridiculous. I don't even wanna talk about he kissed hand. It was disgusting. He's disgusting. It was disgusting. And smile was so big like I was like I hate you, because, you know, you're right and, and that's annoying. He also does kind of look like Bryce Harper. Can't I mean he's hot like. Attractive? He's ridiculously Jack so nauseous about him knows it. You're hot. What are you doing? Being such a freak. Like, why are you being such a weirdo such wear to really hate it? Then we had a town portion everybody was doing cute little things. Whatever it was like all fun and games until Luke. That's fucking guy comes out and decides to give God damn monologue. That's not a talent and says that he is starting to fall in love with hand. I almost punched my T V when he said, I'm falling in love with you know, you are not you are actually the biggest liar on this show right now. And the fact that Hannah believes the bullshit, girl, I know you've gotta be proud emailing out bullshit. I don't know how people can't smell out bullshit. But this is bullshit, Renault over the aroma Roma stinks of little shit. And yet, she's just like, oh, this is so nice to put myself and Hannah shoes for a second. I kinda get it because like I said, blinded by the body, he saying all the right things, and I feel like probably going to the bachelorette, you build up a fantasy of you're going to meet. The right guy. It's going to happen right away. It's going to be amazing and you're going to know. And I feel like that's probably what she is thinking is happening with Luke p right now like right? She's like this is a dream scenario. This guy loves me, a ready. Oh my God. I'm the bachelorette, this is amazing. But it just not a real scenario. It's totally like I gotta give some credits in Nick, vile with this ruthless tweet. He said in fairness to Luke p I never doubted he would think his talent will be telling women what he thought they wanted to hear. Pretty good. Bye good pretty good. It usually give him any kind of props. I think he's just brick wall boringness, but I like the tweet and then jed came up with the whole, Mr.. Right. Song. It was actually pretty catchy. And somehow he did not win the pageant, Luke stupid. Love confession won him. The Pat will probably body to one him the pageant. He got the crown the go into the evening part of the date. Mike. I love Mike. I'm all I can't even tell you Mike is yes, you do magic Mike he put on the Speedo. We talked a little who called out yet called out Luke on the evening. Portion was like, hey, man. He was like you're lying. Why tell me why you're in love with Hannah. Give me some reason he's like Lear openly like we're not in love with her. Like, what are what's going on with you? Exactly. Trying to be like, what's your problem? We're all kind of the same page and your fucking it up. And he was right. Mike was like your, it's so unfair to the rest of us because you're just now like throwing love out to her and all the rest of us aren't in that place. Like it's, it's the second week and the second week of the show, but it's probably like the fourth debt fourth day. They, they have not known each other for that long, Luke, Luke said, someone who's here for the wrong reasons, couldn't do what I did. That's exactly what somebody was wrong. Your calculated. You know, the right moves you're just so calculated. Like that's exactly. I know China famous, I know for a fact I don't like I don't know for a fact. Meaning I read the spoilers, I'm just saying that I could literally point out what's going to happen. He will turn into a psycho on the show and struck one. To below up. He's way to meet head to not like totally explode. He is he. Oh my God. He makes me sick. All right. Let's okay. So jed got the group day, rose. Thank God for second. I thought it was going to go to Luke, it didn't. She gave it to jed. I was nervous there too. Yeah. Don't tell don't tell me then she had her one on one date with Tyler g they went mud, which I didn't even realize happened. John. I got I got so bored. At one point I totally blocked out the state. It was it was like it was very cute. That's it was a nice day. Looked like they had a great time nothing. There is no big reveal or anything crazy that happened. It was just a pretty standard good. I eight Tyler g gotta rose. That's it moving on. Second group date was a roller derby. It was an absolute travesty that Connor asked didn't get a date this highlights. Just the fact that we, he was on my TV for like three minutes last night was so rude. It was rude. I also have a new favorite you, do you do and will will get him because after the roller derby was basically just everybody falling on their ass. A million times and Hannah looks great in those shorts. And everybody was talking about everybody was talking about Hannah looks ceelo, where my live like can we talk about Hannah in the shorts and the slit, red cocktail dress, let sound the side, very sexy super sexy. So after all the men fug and broke all their bones rollerblading or whatever they were doing. They went to drum Royal for their evening of the date knows going to be mad at just did that on the Mike. They're going nuts. An antique store that's where they had their evening was just as random ask antiques, or I have a side for that. The budget for the bachelor verse. The bachelorette is actually it's insane. Like it's there on extravagant dates on the bachelor of Europe shit. Yeah, they're like fucking doing on those boats in Italy, and the bachelorette, like let's take a trip to the anti store. Let's new the store then week six let's go to Virginia. And this is why I like the bachelor better than the bachelorette, but continue. Yeah. Okay. Because they go on trips to the antics store. Right. And the put doing it because that's not Hannah's followed. Start dishing out the cat. Or the lady, let's start doing it. Get on it in the bachelorette the budget to go travel. The is to. Yes, the bachelor at the budget. They deserve aren't back yet. Okay. So Cam did not get a date Cam, this was like the manufacturer drama for the evening Cam decided that he was gonna go crash, the group date when in reality, the producers either told him to go do it or Cam was, like, hey, can I do this? And the producers were like, yeah, sure. This'll be great goes go stir the pot because just from talking to pass people on the show, Cam can can't just get into like an SUV and drive himself to the group that, you know, somebody's got to give the okay on that which is obviously why it's manufactured. Exactly. So they do that. Cam shows up, he, interrupts, he gives her flowers, they were weak flowers could the producers could release got him better flowers, it makes him look, bad, exactly you serve if he's gonna break up the group date and show up at least bring like crazy. Flour. Hours, right? So everybody's pissed all the guys are pissed cams outside talking to talking to the camera explaining. Why did it you know, he wants his airtime is there for Hanna? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All the cliches each guy took the each guy took their turn coming outside the album. I it was Tyler see that it was Garrett, then it was Kevin. And it was just like a castle. The all just came in. They were like, hey, man. I like liquid. And Ed, instead of maybe trying to go talk to Hannah, they all just took time to go yell at Cam. Classic classic. Obviously, the drama ends up focusing on the other people in the house, rather than the bachelorette. Cam. I just I don't really know what say about Cam. I feel like I've been shitting on Cam from the beginning mainly the wrapping and and whatnot. A little underlying Stocker vibe. Yeah. And people were them people were comparing him to Evan bass on online. And I think that's kind of unfair to Evan but God had a big redemption story did because heaven was on that about in the beginning, he got shit when he was, yeah. That, that's the thing. You forget, Evan was super weird. And then he ended up with Carly because a bachelor in paradise and was forget, Evan remains even Carly wanted nothing to do with Evans first and then she was like, oh, he's Sweden. They fell in love. And so. So maybe there is hope for Cam in the future, but as of right now, anything but Cam one hundred percent anybody, but Cam ABC, I can't hear him say, ABC always became one more time. It's so where did he get that harmonica? Did he pack producers gave it back his own harmonica? There's no westerly path using packed his own. Are my? I bet he packed his own harmonica. Okay. Tyler, I also want to give a honorary mentioned to Tyler Tyler Tyler sees cardigan. Nobody can rock cardis white like that, man can and be taken seriously. Tyler see he's can get Highland. Pardon? He looked so. Chefs Casse chef's kiss for Tyler Seattle's. Damn he looks good. He is my favorite so far. He's also one of the only other names. I know on the show, but he whenever whenever I see him. I'm paying attention. So that's probably why. I know his name, he's up there for me. I don't think he's gonna make it far. Actually, I don't think he's like husband material at this moment in time. Like I don't think he's ready out, like he, I don't want him to settle down south asleep. Yes. No, no, no. I want him to get out there. Bachelor empowered I hook up with headed Jiang. Be on shows. Yeah. That's why I didn't put con I love Connor us. And that's why I didn't put Connor anywhere near like my top form because I selfishly wanna see congress. I'm more reality television ratios. I want Tyler seat hooking up with Hannah g well on the beach about pilots, you hot people. And I think they make perfect sense. I actually have some. Yeah, it does make sense, but I actually have some faith for, for Hannah and Hannah be and Tyler see, I just feel like. When I see her look at him. I see it in her eyes. She's looking at him. And she's like I love your putting I think he's going to make it far. But I don't think he's gonna win, which is where we want and we want him in that sweet spot. So he sticks around for more shows, right? I almost put him in my maybe for the next bachelor category next bachelor. Ooh. Sign me up. I'll walk. I would I would actually friends lined up to to be on that season. Right. Right. I mean, I, I don't even wanna keep talking about getting excited thinking he's going to be the next bachelor while. Meanwhile while we're on the show to it's week to get back. Okay. So, at the cocktail party Hannah dust, got the group date rose, whose Dustin exactly he's the one with the nose ring. Yeah. Okay. Hannah showed up at the cocktail parties. She looked stunning crimes. I don't really know why the emotions got to her so much. She that's where my breath Hannah it's going to be okay like the men. You're sending home week to. It's this is supposed to be easy. Supposed to be the easy part. Why are you crying? It's week two. You don't know anybody. Yeah. I don't know anybody. Right. She cried a little, I'm going to let it slide. The best Mike just be like got some clear. We get. Could we get this lady a Kleenex? Yeah. I mean had throw those really cry jokes in there. And then I forget, if this comes before, after, but I think it becomes before when Hannah's doing her confessional lukewarm sin. No. That's all the way at the end. Oh, all the way at the end, we got a little ways to go. Okay. Well, we've got five minutes left to this show. Larry, I'll go fast. We see arrests for about two seconds. Just got to say that you had to give a little nod. And Hannah basically told him like the connections already there. She knew that, that's kinda why he didn't get away a date. That's what I was hoping for. She was like you're already hot. I got it. I don't need to talk to you actually Kevin brought hand outside basically, just to scream, and then Cam interrupted. And Cam was like I have something planned for you pulls Hanaway, and then invites Kevin go with them. It was the weirdest move I've ever seen. So the three of them are just sitting on the driveway, and I was so distracted. I totally even missed the weird chicken nugget thing and the stupid joke. Will you accept my Honey mustard? It whatever the hell he said because I could not wrap my mind around the fact that Kevin was just sitting there watching this, I'll habit. Kevin get up the UN. Self-awareness. Yeah. Very time on these shows really make me uncomfortable. Yeah. They really make me uncomfortable. And I don't know if it's because the producers are telling them to do something, or if they genuinely in their mind or like I should sit right here. Yeah. It's, it's I don't know. It was very weird. It was like they chose go on a tour one. It was very bizarre. Tyler see got some time with her. They're connecting love that love it. I just like Malek little girl when he when he talks. Then she goes into the massage setup situation that Luke Chadwick p is unsurpassed. Her dress and her back, and he's taking off his shirt. I thought that he talked to Jesus. I thought that Lupi talked to Jesus. Yes, that's slowdown on the sex loopy, and Lupi said, no fuck you Jesus. I'm gonna take on his dress off because I can't leaving at Lightnings these second week and they're, they're getting massages, and they're taking their clothes off, literally, the sexual tension we didn't see anybody take their clothes off on Colton season. Once I know this, what we're seeing this is like lust air, this Tyler see fine. But yet be if Tyler say Conor dot up Connor in the coming attractions, there is like a scene, where Connor s that handle ugly. They were making out in a bed, and I was like. We meet. I just wanna watch out for that. But looks like taking off his shirt like, hey, but in that, like backout righty, right? Like Lupi you don't turn me on. But Connor s and Tyler see I love to watch you guys make out handle. It was just so uncomfortable. Because it's like they both become to different people when they're with each other. And it turns into a different person, they're all over each other. They're leg nymph owes when they need up there like they hands off each other. And jed shows up super awkward. I just wanted to talk to Hannah and he sees. He sees Luke shirtless and Hannah drops like ten bucks fucking like go handle. Yeah, I kinda like she's like, I don't usually say fuck so much, but fuck it's like the scene immune girls when they open up the closet everybody freaks out. I mean Hannah like you're the bachelorette you're to be doing whatever you want. So I am annoyed. Being doing this the second week. But also Hannah if you want to do that your second week and somebody walks in who gives a fuck about that person walking in, they know that you're going to be shopping around. Yeah, they're going to see some shit. They don't wanna see exactly she. It's super awkward, but she salvages the conversation with jed. It's obviously, there's other men there. They kind of have that conversation jets. Okay. Hannah's. Okay. And then the rose ceremony Cam, obviously, gets the last rose because everybody is thinking that he might go home. So he gets less rose and Hannah's sent home Darren Connor j and Matthew. Honestly. I thought Matthew went home last week I put in my blog that he went home. I didn't realize he was still on the show until I saw the rose ceremony. I thought he was gone. The good thing is I have no idea who any of those people are so SIA. I'm glad I didn't get to know you. Yep. They're out. That's nice life that they say they have a toast at the end. Of the evening and Cam cheers is to Hannah. Yalo. That was terrible. That was terrible. He stinks stinks. And then we have to talk about this Lupi interrupts Hannes confessional. They start making out and, and this is when I really lost control of my insides, and really just wanted to all over the floor. I went on Instagram live immediately, after because I was so heated that Lupi interrupted her confessionals like it's okay, baby. It's going to be okay. And then they start making out. Yeah. Troll yourself control yourself. I'm on the way out here your hand and making out with everybody. But let her make out with everybody. Yeah. Because on tired of seeing them to make out I wanna see her with other people, and he announced like, hey denied everybody like beeline sketch. Yeah. You're just I don't like it one I don't like it one bit. And we're gonna see what happens next week. Fran something is going to happen with Luke Pete in the season. And I know it, it's only a matter of time before Luke self-destructs. I've really hope Kelly keys has been kinda dig up some dirt on some of these guys. She's been getting some inside scoops of people Deming are, and I think that we just wanna put it on people's radar that jed, who from the beginning, we were super nervous about just because, you know, singer-songwriter from Nashville. You never to be cautious is m- possibly went into the show with the idea that it was just kind of boost his career. I think she heard from one person. That he left a girlfriend back home, who is very much under the impression that he would be coming back to her. And then there was another one who claims that his agency and modeling agency or whatever the heck it is bottling thought that this would be a good boost for his career. So they encourage him to guy. It's crazy that when you look at it, and you're like, oh, Scott got kicked off the show because he was talking to somebody whatever Hannah kicks off. We got jed who on nervous. He's gonna make it far L E totally and we know this info now, what have had picked him. And then everything's just destroyed because everything's coming out about jed and people don't act shocked when you hear that somebody's agency, wants them on the show. I'm not as. Exactly. What is just it's, it's obvious? At this point, we've said it time and time, again, the bachelor and bachelorette is all about getting on the show for Instagram followers. Now, people go on the show to get famous on Instagram. Yes. And so if you do and up falling for the person, I get it like you might end up being on the show because it's good for your career. And then. Stuck can tell you that can one hundred percent totally happen. I mean just look at Kassian in. And, and so it totally it makes sense. The only thing that makes me nervous is that when you like have possibly somebody that you were dating before you go on the show and you think, oh, it'll it'll probably not work out. And I'll come home and whatever I don't want to break up with her. Yeah. Yeah. And then you end up coming home. You never know he could be coming home. He comes on anything be going home next week and everything's fine and may whatever last farther in the show, and then the girl watches and she's like what the hell is this? And then you never the girl could end up saying something it can all get very complicated. I agree. I think that. See, here's why I go back and forth because when we saw Scott on the show, and we found out that he may have been talking to somebody. It wasn't necessarily that that pissed me off. It was the way that he came defended himself. He just didn't have the right answers. And then he threw back on Hannah, and it was just like if you handled that in a different situation you handled it differently. I probably would have taken aside a little bit because I would have been like, okay. I mean he was talking to somebody if it was just talking to somebody not, like an official girlfriend like he was, like, all right. Well, whatever I'm off, and then we get jed, who it seems like he probably is a little more serious with this girl. That's why tough into us because you're going back and forth. Your how will it make handle this word right now publicly or if the girl were to come out publicly or something, and after the way she handled Scott? How do you just kind of like, oh, let let somebody else have a pass right if she ends up with jed, and then this comes out, and she stays with jed, then everyone's gotta go back to Scott. Like, well, why, why aren't you breaking up with jed because of what happened? Because you lied to. That would be something for sure would be something. But once again, these are all rubers. Yes. So I'm not gonna take away, but where they're smell fire. They're coming from people coming into the DMZ and saying, you know, they know him or this happens. It's true. It norway. It's multiple people. Yes. Saying the same thing. Yes. And that's like people have done that too, about people on the show to and now and it's turned out true coming. Yeah. Ends up being true. So we'll just like I said, we're just throwing it out there could be true could not be true, but we'll just have to wait and see how far jed goes on the show. Because if, if he's on for a long time. That the chances of something coming out. I feel like are probably pretty high. Yeah. Honestly, would make the show a little exciting. So we shall see friend wanted to come out though 'cause I kind of want him to stop a little bit. Yeah. Definitely. Now, I'm just like Scott his spot blown-up. Let's blow up this spot. His. Where back here with Dixon, the office Caleb and Roan finally back on the show. Yeah, we, we had a little bump in the road guys. Have we recorded in the new office? Right. Our first couple three three weeks. Four three or four months now. Two weeks. It's good. If it was good to be out of exile, though. I felt we were in Siberia for a while after you guys just cast us asunder. But it's nice to feel welcome back on the show. Right. So there was a little turmoil ride. Yeah. We had a packed show, our first week in the office, we had a pack show and usually we do Dixon, the office when Caleb Roan are here because sometimes they're not here. This is the first time that we passed with you here. Exactly being. Here is our show was jam packed now. I realize we were doing the listeners a disservice than we were doing ourselves a disservice by not having you guys on the show because we love having you here. It just was jam-packed. Yeah. The three hour podcast, three hour Tisha, we want you guys to get the time you deserve, not thrown to Russia. Yeah. Three hour podcast. We'll get lost in the shuffle. Okay. Let me kill attitude right now. All right, for sure. Heavy on food and Caleb. I think he'll was actually very he was, but. What about the week after that? And then the week after that Roan was not here and Kayla was Kayla was, like, are we still doing Dixon the office? This brings me back to a time where Caleb wasn't here. And Roan was and we said, you know what room we're not going to do in the office Caleb isn't here. So even salted both of us. It's an. There's two of you just works for the podcast. So we're, we're like a half where each half is don't wanna have you wanna hold that yet compromise of us together? We're not whole on sin. No. You guys are on your own. You're you are. But it's both individually amazing people. But we all just bounce off each other better. But we wanted both of you together, especially after we came off a hot song blunt ATI, but he's right memory that we have we came off a hot song. And I was like, we gotta come back when we're all together. Well, I got news for you guys. We've got other offers there's podcast that want us to participate on what they're doing, and they want us in a recurring and even per perhaps a permanent role with there's a cash that I can't tell you who it is. I know who it is on, I'll I can't tell you. Well, I'm gonna air it out. No, don't do it. Okay. Keep it under route. All right. Well they want there's a. Products wanted it Noah's out here. I know just came in and remove your water water off might. What are you gonna do with this? The levels. Just apps. That allowed to Poland spring in the frame. I was told to look out for free branding, basically. All right, all the time. That I forget that I said the name out loud, now that bowling alley shirt that I'm wearing is a violation to. It's got the phone number right on the front blur this, please. So, so seriously Ronan, I really did get a I think whenever you guys kind of CASAs to the side, it really made a lot of ripples throughout the entire office. Because a lot of people were, like, what are the chicks doing? Are they thinking and so there's a lot of other podcasts who approach us, and there's some that were more serious than others? And we ended up getting I'm not I don't wanna say multiple offers because that'd be alive. But we did get an offer concrete when though, a very concrete one exclusive offer like can you do boas? Totally not allowed. He wanted to have been in office on his show. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. That you can't do that is not allowed because he said that we're the Dixon office. James, something like that. And he was making the jumpsuit really. Well, this is our show, and we came up with Dixon, the office. So we're gonna keep that. And now we got to come up with the contract, and that's trying to work. Yeah. We said that we know we don't want to do it. We want to be loyal to them. We want way that we're just getting kicked to the curb, it almost like how, how do we know who to even be loyal to like is beaten dog supposed to be loyal to their master? I have a question Rhone. Where's your problem with all of this, because I know Caleb was just mad that we didn't have him on alone. Why are you mad because Kayla's meant? Yeah. Just in the same boat package deal. No. But I'm just some support supporting my guy. So Caleb, what are you trying to get out of this contract from us? Or are you are you choosing the other podcasts? No, I don't want us other podcasts all I really don't. I really don't. I really like where we're at here. And I think that yeah. We like we're, we're out to the cheese. I can't come in on a Wednesday. We got to you have to realize when I come into the office on a Wednesday. The main reason I'm coming in is to do this show. I just everything else I could do from elsewhere. Okay. Pretty much. If you look at my daily schedule, there's really not a lot ties me to this office, but you're still here. But I come to do this show. We just need some security in our role in this show. And that's what I think a contract would provide that you guys are offering something to show that we're valued. All right. That we're valued like shark tank a little bit. We got a workshop deal throw back at you guys. See what you think. I don't know why also. Siren sounds no. We're on a merge inside that we're in is this podcast room is we Samper. It's everything other podcast recording. We hear them sirens outside. We hear that kind of an all inclusive place in this room is a little bit over the top, for sure. No. Yeah. I do think we should talk about maybe some terms conditions. Ask a question. What is your? Goal like what, what would be your ideal to get something? What's your ideal the chicks in the something tan? I want something tangible. I don't I don't even just want like an idea like we're going to be respectful or something like that. Or like we're going to like consider you are friends. I want like like a plate of something or like a gift or like something wrapped that I could open or something in a basket or. Yeah. Yeah. I was going to cut up apples and peanut butter for you guys every time you came on the show. I love apples and peanut butter avocado what you guys think about Apple's Peterborough, what we have in the office. A cut it up. It'll be nice little snack. But how ever the problem is we can't do it because no is allergic to pita and Pino. That would have been a great deal that would have been the perfect solution Caleb. What if what if something like a compromise where you just give us Noah no certainly no lowness no day. When are you looking for food? So they backed off from that. That's honestly. No. What how big problems wasn't doing are? No, what's her facial answer on that. I was the apple thing. Maybe think of something else that was made fun of in the office for. Would you ever have carrots in mustard? Oh, hell no. What the fuck I thought it was a normal, and everyone was like you're insane. I'm not gonna yell at no over this because I see carrots with bossom vinegar, and I kind of like carry dressing this. I heard prints are one of those things that kinda just don't taste like anything you dip them in something to their vessel for the condiment, Raymond. Raymond vessel where the condiment. No, I think that that's weird. I don't and I've never had it before. And I'd really think those two things actually, maybe if I brought it in what about if that's I would take that as a sign of disrespect that as like a out of fruitcake at Christmas, or something like that, like something, you do not like cares you guys to contract Brown. Interesting, interesting. Okay. Interesting, if you guys, we're going to say to us, listen, this is what we specifically want out of your show. What would it be? What's the one thing tangible thing? Not money can Caleb. And I talk with one another about it. Yes. Please hitler's. You thinking that you said you might want. Is it like I know you like wings, a lot is like a big meal hungry. Or are you just really want the I'm just hungry right now? 'cause sometimes you can get big is would more than you can shoot should, we keep you asking for something more like concrete or something that you like to do just taking Noah, I do like that. But what they're not gonna give us no. What if just like an hour an hour of Noah? Our Noah where we can go into lunch with him and eat. Because it sounds like you. All right. All right. After a long deliberation. We've come up with an idea Caleb. So are so we just want to know that are the you guys value, our time, and the only way that you can prove someone that you value, their time is to give time. Okay. Okay. And, and you have to give something that you love. And we know that you, you love Noah, but we want you to give on the days that we're on the show, you got to give him to us for one hour, and we get the lunch with Noah. For an hour for an hour every day Liv. Listen. I love I will one hundred. Love your yellow for an hour. I worry about because I don't think he eats lunch most. Yes. I actually had a therapy session with no yesterday where I sat him down. I said, how's work affecting you? And do you feel like you have an hour to step off? Coli and then frame. Because what it was like, it's your fault back to one really know how serious they were taking their faculty. Try to help out and I said, you have time to just walk away for an hour lunch and he said, no, I actually don't. And honestly, I got a little worried about that. So I'd love for you guys to go to now. Yeah, you'll have to go get she's wind Wednesday and cheese, wincing carrots and mustard. No, please don't do that. But also, you have a lot to do. So. Are we going to be able to get like a decent lunch slaughter? We're going to have to get penciled in. No, it's got to make the decision like seven AM lunch do I don't know what time? Are you thinking? I would've sweet spot lunch. I like one to to want to do one. You could do a one year. Where do you wanna go? Lau it. Oh, you want to go somewhere have it here. Oh, we're going somewhere. You're taking a somewhere. Yeah. Okay. My pain. Oh, yeah. That's fine. If no one has to pay. Attribute ones. Yeah. So basically we're just paying for their lunch fast. They were paying. Yeah. We should have a jar that Noah puts money every time he does air fingers. No, see it's the weeks at their here calebs not going to be here next week. That's true. So here for two weeks after that runs that could mean for two weeks, my God. So what are we talking like July? I think they wanna say this Judy. I'm no. We have to have our lawyers like in the contracts. Are we just going to write up the contract like this and just? We'll figure it out. We're just discussing what do you think about? Well, when I'm gone have Rhone appear in my place, so he plays both parts. Yeah. Or just you know he doesn't sell for very short very short amount of time just trust him minutes. I bring a report Caleb sends me some text messages while he's gone or an Email. And I report Taylor's been doing prepare a statement. Okay. He'll prepare statement. I'll read the statements putt while you're doing on your trip. So maybe you have some I want, at least five statements five cents. Five sentences. Statements his statement is going to be like a presidential statement like the state of that, because I'm thinking, like on a note, five bullet point five bullet points of things you which statement. Yeah. What you're doing in art. And then 'cause then when I come back run, we'll be in Ethiopia into your we're gonna wanna hear how his trip is I'll definitely want to be points. Will you be able to send the bullet points? I don't know. I don't know. I'm going to out. All right. A letter as soon as I get there. And hopefully, it'll get here in time maybe some type of pidgin. Oh, send the executive. And then, that's when will lock in the contract when we get both of those things from you guys perfect. I think that, that sounds good. I think that's fair. I'm happy. Let's say I I. All right. All right. All right. Well, that's exciting. We did. We should take some kind of picture of shaking hands over documents or something like this to make this. Two. We got to print something out like. So we so we can all sign. We need the official, we need to get a fancy pain, like a big fountain pen feather, perhaps. Will include Noah that would make a cool. But besides the contract, you guys brought a topic. A very important one to the table today. Very important. Yeah, yeah. One of the Kardashian jenner's is getting their belly button moved around, and I would like you guys to guess who. Okay. I if I had to guess, and which direction and which direction, okay, I'm gonna picture each card. I'm going with KENDALL. I'm gonna say KENDALL, too. I think maybe she's going to lower her bellybutton higher north. Well, you gotta make your own call. Caleb, my call is KENDALL. She's going lower. I think Kendall's going north north east. So the correct answer is khloe Kayla was right. Khloe is getting a brand new belly button after her tummy tuck. So she is getting just a whole brand new like what's rashly kid direction and was she doing Olen? I think she's probably given enough for charity or something like that. That's nice. I think that she's going to put it right on top of her old belly button. So it's not really north or south, but maybe eastern or like eastern we east. That's what I said, say. He did. Chloe chloe. Wow. Yeah. I guess I guess it's east. Yeah. To be confused with Kim. That one, one of those ones you can't even laugh at you just have to say. But where did you find this information so we can make it clear to our listeners where the sources coming from? This is from media takeout. So reputable source that's that's on the right now. I believe that you take, we'll have a stories that are one hundred percent true like two weeks before, right? News. We'll pick it up. You know, I actually remember, I didn't know media takeout until Rhone started working here, and I sat near he would be a media takeout. What's that realize what it is? Now, we're getting khloe Kardashian bellybutton stories so you would not see on people. The the aesthetic of it. Do you think it's deeper? Does she want to deeper, dive or looking it looks like an expanded a little bit Oshii ride in her belly radiuses, after she's had a child? So I think post giving birth and she was exercising, too. She loves to exercise, let's, let's not to twisted she does thirty minutes of cardio, and then thirty minutes of circuit training, and of course, ample dedication to. A lot more than that problem. So you're thinking that, that could have shrunken her her button. I think banded, her paintings span expanded band. You're butting that the Kardashians look at every inch of their body. And if something is slightly off, they need to fix it. I think that we should raise a glass to the doctors who are finally taking some time to fix the belly buttons in this world cause some folks, some of us have have weird belly. But do you have an easier Audis? I've got an any but I'll tell you what I've had surgery performed on my belly button before have you. Yeah. I've, I've gone part actually I've gone under the bellybutton knife as well. Give her some tips. Wow. How brave of you to be saying this on this podcast had a mole removed on my belly. And so they small small into my belly button. They like made it tinier because they had to take the mole out and then shorten the skin. So I can empathize with her. It's traumatic so you are well-versed in bellybutton procedures. Yes, I have a brand new belly button hole. New belly button? Listen, I was I was ready to make fun of khloe for getting a brand new belly Biden. But now that I know one of our own sitting right here has done. The same thing has also gone. I'm kind of into it with. With almost that it's impossible because it's almost like a have you ever had a payroll sneakers, that got almost wet and the tide them too tight. And then they dried and you can't undo following those. I know exactly what you're talking about. You can't pick it apart. So they are stuck together with a couple of. Had a couple of years your your belly button. How got wrapped up and would just be stuck like that. And they're really no Ponant apart. Belly buttons are wild. But I think we need to respect them as as young babies the umbilical cord first mouth, it's early mouth. Yeah. I what Ellie buttons are very, very underrated. That's not to go. That's. Talk talk about belly buttons a lot. But it's one of the first things you notice when you look at somebody somebody's body, right? Like if you have a weird bellybutton your, your eyesight is going right to that we were by lex Y, that's who I think of when I think. What kyle? A real man was sad. Character. He was an alien the only thing I knew about that show is that he didn't have a belly bun. What are you looking for when you wanna see the hot bellybutton don't tell you about me? Looking for any but like an any with a flat base in the middle? So I don't want it to be like a black hole where you don't see the end of it. I'm looking for, like round, but like just a little sliver, deep flatness that not a steep. Any? Oh, god. No. If you have you seen deep any like you're saying it looks like a black hole. It looks like you'd stick your entire finger in there. One of those, and, and it's actually is kind of fun because every, I'll do it too. And that's not up yet to grow. What is what is lint? What is lint in your belly button belly button, lint anybody I ever had in my belly button dust? You get on your body, but how does how do you get dust inside your shirt shirts close your the inside of your clothes? Maybe. They show it. Bellybutton lint is a myth. I promise you, it's not. You've had it before. Belly button lint out of your belly? Brand new shirt, you'll get lint in your belly but allowed probably builds up. I don't have a steep. Any do not have a bellybutton no idea. It's an any but it doesn't go that deep where Lynch sticking in there. Yeah. Maybe it's the type of fabric using, maybe I'm using more blends that really get veterinary lint producing I actually had a little bit of a traumatic bellybutton experience. Spray to this isn't doesn't sound too. Traumatic was tremendous if you saw what it looked like an after a couple of weeks, you're spread let your spray ten disappears. But if you don't explicitly eight it looks really gross, and I just completely forgot about my belly like I said, underrated, letters foyer mean like a scrub like you take like. Or something? No exploiting, hitting power. I use soap when I'm in the shower, I don't expose eight every time I'm in the shower. I think we're learning a lot of things about showering, and stuff Caleb. And I were the ones who thought that soap was just so. Yeah. Now you're learning thing. So when I when I went to fully eight I wasn't even thinking about my belly button. And the fact that the spray tan went inside my belly button. And then a couple of weeks post spray tan. I took a look. And I was just like what, what is going on? It was all like. Like flaky 'cause the spray tan was building up. It was gross. It was gross. I share tip. Clean it out. I don't know if anybody else's had xperience but don't ignore your belly button? When you get a spray tan. Very, very brave. I like to fix like to commend friend and Roan for being very honest about our troops. Like hiding about your belly buttons. Like I mean like Caleb, you've been super quiet, quiet. We've really confused Caleb just about belly. You said, well, jeez. What's going on with your bellybutton? My buds fine. But to be honest with you guys at my when I think about Bill blinds, I just think about think about something that's almost like a long snapper and football you guys familiar with football, right? It's like you just wanna blow by gets the job done, but it doesn't make a lot of noise. Hearing about your belly button, something's wrong. Yeah. By maybe it's when, when that's the first thing, people are noticing. It's the problem. Khloe Kardashian is now made her belly button, a problem. Nobody would have been thinking about our bellybutton. But now we are. Yeah. It's wild who even noticed it. I mean have been publicizing very hard to even notice. I'm supposed to be looking at before and after pictures, but it really doesn't look to have I have some, I have some friends who are males who have lost a lot of weight, which she was coming off a pregnancy. And she also used to be kind of chip, but she's not anymore. But lost a lot of weight, and then it kind of starts looking like a frowny face belly but no saying against drooping. Maybe she just wants to the weights gone. It's like a little boat talks for the for the for your button. UB. It'd be that thing, a smile turn that frown upside down. I'm really I'm. Join more stuff. I'm really glad we got. We had this very important. Bellybutton. There actually is one thing I wanna close with, because I don't know of Roan is aware Caleb, made an appearance on Friday. Chicks in the office radio last week. This has been a long, STAN radio thing radio. Yes. It's with the focus how it I mean I do without you. Yeah, that's true. Not true. You're just saying that. That's fucked up. No, no, no long standing Friday. Sixty office radio with me. Let's be one hundred percent clear about something the reason we're on this podcast to begin with. It's correct me if I'm wrong though, the reason we're on this podcast to begin with is because you're using segments for whenever I was on. Right. All started with the hip remember. Yes. Yes. Okay. A win. We're on radio. And we would do. Amblin Corey gambles I go on. Person, just recently, there's been this body. It's not recently we've been doing this for a while. Now, just recently has been so many terms says a chick getting so famous now they got a podcast Sirius XM radio show, a Snapchat show. I heard there's a movie and development of bio pic. Yeah. Gradulate. Been blown up. There's all these terms and conditions. The sign Indy as we hang out them. So it's like I dunno. It just seems like things are changing it. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but it does seem like it's about. Okay. Well back to Friday anyway. All. Not. I didn't want to didn't want to the pot. All I wanted to say was that I wanted to fill Ronin, because I believe we have come up with a name for fan base, because Caleb decided that it was pretty lame that we didn't have name for for families to our listeners the fan base. And we were always like it's been so long now how do we just name them? And we got it was talking to submission, somebody tweeted it. Yeah, somebody tweeted credit or do we know do we have it to give him credit one second? Okay. Spend. And this guy said that they should be called the peeps peeps. now. What are your thoughts? I love that you love it. Kevin mulford. Thank you, Kevin. Thank you. He said the peeps or an on it, and Caleb, dubbed himself, Mr. mister oh mister p but we'd have the peeps, you're the top peop-. So can I be like the vic- price peop-, or like send your peop- like the leader said below the border to the people? Expansion team, the international international. Pete south of the border, send your peop-. Isn't that cool though? And they're going to you need to learn space in Spain. That's what you can tell people since you said, you all your Mr. peop-. So yo soy miss your and I'm send your P me. I'm almost. All right. Well on that note. Nice. Thanks guys. Thank you. Thanks. All our peeps. We got a Jim Charles update last week. We talked about this Taty Westbrook and James, Charles were feuding over their friendship, James betrayed Taty, and then Totti just took James down in, like a forty three minute long video on YouTube and James responded with an eight minute long video, and now has made another video. So he the policy. Video wasn't the end. He has come back with a new much longer video. Do you think it's because people were like your video wasn't as long as Totti's and he was like fuck this. I'm gonna make a forty minute long video. I think he just was obviously so attacked during this entire time. I feel like he clearly he had no other choice he had to come back. He had all the receipt. So why not show them? Everything just escalated so much. Maybe he didn't expect the backlash to be as bad as it was. I think maybe he thought the original apology video showing remorse or whatever would would work and now it'd be it, it clearly wasn't. So we felt the need to come back with his own super long video cleared the air, he talked about Coachella and the vitamins, the, the waiter in Seattle Jeffrey star. Basically, he is sticking to the Coachella security issue hit an artist past weekend one weekend to. He only had VIP and James. And he got mobbed in VIP. He did not. He did not have the security. He needed. Which. I just I wanna Scott personally data a little bit. I can't imagine it. There's so many celebrities that go to Coachella. People don't. Lose their shit as you know, like, it's yeah. Liberty. Liberty and then you just kind of keep moving on with your day, unless they're not little kids. There's not there's teen year olds at Coachella. Others James Charles so, so he reached out to Keita who had he knew had guy in her whole Coachella weekend. Done by sugar bear hair security artists past the whole into Lada. So, so he gets he reaches out to her says, says he he needs help. She hooks him up. He gets the sugar hair sugar bear hair situation. He said he didn't even like there was no money at the beginning. They agreed to a to a deal. He said, sure, I'll do it can be the security needed at ace app. So he did that Lenny show, the receipts of reaching out to Taty and texting her and trying to explain what happened while Taty had posted the Instagram stories of her being super upset. And then it seemed like there was no communication Taty stopped talking to him. He tried to reach out multiple times. Calling her texting texting your husband calling her husband, none of it worked. He issued a public apology on his Instagram story wasn't good enough until Taty posted, her whole by sister video than obviously things took off. The issue with the waiter, Taty told the whole story about how James was inappropriate with, with a waiter at her birthday. He was the guy the waiter was straight. She was he was praying on him. The that guy Sam actually made his own video, because why, why not capitalize it throw out your own YouTube channel in the mix. Said that they did meet their he went back to James hotel. They made out it was it was consensual. They had talked for some time after but he was very confused. He didn't this kid Sam said he was by then he was straight, then he was by, then he was fully gay. It was just like very confusing James got himself in a sticky situation. Sam also throw in there that James Charles is the worst worst histories ever kissed felt like that was a little unnecessary that kid throwing yet he obviously you know, he want a little clout by doing that. He was gonna throw this in there think it's funny. I'm sure people were dying laughing. I'm sure James put it in his own video, which I was kinda surprised the clip of him being like he was a horrible kisser. I was shocked at that too, but. I mean, I like I feel like if somebody calls you horrible Qasir going to have to you're gonna have to respond to respond. He's not gonna just do this video, and then people would be like, but what happened when he called you horrible kisser, right? Exactly. And he said, James said look, I'm a nineteen year old virgin, I, I don't have a lot of experience virgin. Yeah. He said. The video. Yeah, he said any of the video, and I, he also made a point that I feel like is pretty important. Like he is he is he's turning twenty almost his birthday. I know way too much about James. It's real like next week, it's I know way too much. But because he because he realized that he was gay at such a young age, and then burst into this automatic fame. He feels like he lost a lot of those kind of formative years of figuring himself out and having relationships and managing love and whatever. Now, he's just famous doesn't really know what he's doing any handles things the wrong way, which is good that he acknowledged. She's like, I'm learning. I don't really know what the fuck I'm doing see I see that point of it. The I, I feel like that's probably very hard realized you know what I mean. Like. New. He was gay at a very young age. And like you said, was just famous at a very young age as well. Whereas we, you know, when you you're in middle school in your high school, and you're dating people, what knowledge lost that, experimental your exp-, whatever it is. He didn't have that. So now he just thrown into this world. And he's like, yeah I'm famous. So I could see how that can go to somebody's head. It's good that he's acknowledging it. Yeah. And then so, you know, so he totally refuted, what Taty it said about that story. He defended his mom who's like look that was very uncalled for I love my mom, she's a great mom. Because Taty like really questions James mom's parenting. Do you think do you think she did? Because I thought that she was like I love his parents. Yeah. I don't hear her question. But in the story about them all being out to dinner and James, like talking about suck in decker. Whatever he was talking about, and it was in front of his parents. And she was just like, I can't believe his parents were, like okay with. I just know. I don't think she said that I think she said, I can't believe he saying this in front of his parents. Yeah. I don't think that she really judged his parents that much, although I could see how someone could be like how did his parents not be like. You're talking about sucking cock at the dinner table. Like if I said that my dinner type Todd would kick me out of, like I feel like Taty brought up his parents for a reason to kind of make it seem like a disk. There's something something wrong there. Yeah. I, I don't I don't know. I think I personally think that Taty brought it up because it's weird to be sitting at your dinner table on talking about sucking deck with your parents. Right. So I think the fact that you brought that up, I don't think that, that's that crazy that she brought that up because I also be like it wasn't this a little weird that we sitting table. He says the front of his parents. Although if I was on the other side of it, I could see how can get misconstrued into. Oh, she's dissing my, the way my parents raised me, which I don't think she was doing at all. I think she was just like how is this person house, James, okay? With saying front of his parents, not out of his parents feel. You know, like, would you feel comfortable saying that in from your parents know so it's just like not how does James feel comfortable saying that in front of his parent? Yes. What she was implying. I think. And then, and then he so then James addressed Jeffrey star getting involved, because Geoffrey star. Jeffrey star re tweeted James's little brother. Who had a tweet that nothing to do with the issue at hand? He was at home, and it was something about his life, and he Jeffrey tweeted it brought up his brother. Told the kid kids shut the fuck up. Had the tweets you know, saying that his that James, like James preyed on Jeffrey's boyfriend's, brother. They had those receipts James James all the text from Jeffrey just going in on the Jeffrey was just going in on him. Geoffrey. Geoffrey got involved. He's sitting on James, he's doing it publicly doing if he attacks and James had tried to set up a meeting with him like James wanted to sit down and talk to him and hash it all out. Jeffrey didn't really get backed him on it and James was in Australia. And now after the after this week James in his video said that they taught reached out through an in through a middleman, same as Jeffrey, where they want to set up a time for everybody sit down and James is kinda like not James said, oh, usually didn't wanna do it. He's like, they, they put everything out publicly. So he's putting everything out publicly. He wants it to be over after this. Jeffrey posted. Of course, a whole YouTube video saying never doing this again was the name of it. I haven't watched the whole thing it's like it's like twelve minutes long. I think that Jeffrey inserts himself into drama just to gain more, of course it's just game out. Just gets his name out there. And everyone's like Jeffrey star. Why do I know that name? And then you think back to all times he's just been in drama. And he's doing it again. He's inserting himself into Taty James's drama which. No, like I really don't care about the outsiders involved in the situation. I care about James care about Taty and realistically. Do I really care about either of them that much? No, but I'm involved in this specific YouTube Java, and then Jeffrey star gets involved, and I'm like, this is too much for me to handle, now I'm already trying to learn how gene, I know I learn about Taty now I got Jeffrey star in the mix, which he's not involved. He, he made himself involve literally, every heatedly hers to be involved and not has to be involved at all. All you're actively seeking to be a part of drama. Then there's a problem there because I feel like most of the time you're like I don't want to be involved in drama. And then when you get involved, you're like fuck. Yeah, Jeffrey stars like put me in, please anyone not even put me in. He was texting James a screen shots that James had was like, hey, I'm getting I'm getting these people to go on camera to talk about the shit that you've done to them. And I know Grayson Dolan is gonna shit like grace Dolan's ready to talk about, like your relationship, and what you've done with him and. Just kept taking it to like the degree James was saying, the Dolan twins are some of his best friends, they reach out to him to see if he was okay during all this, and then and then Jeffrey base Jeffries told him that he should be in jail for a long time. Like what they're down. There's other people that need to be in jail for a long time be not locked up. James Charles is he needs to be locked up now like we could hate on James Charles. He's annoying. He's done. Whatever does he need to be locked up. No James Charles to out to be in jail for a long period of time. That's Jeffrey star. Just taking it to the next level, and just blowing it up when it doesn't have to happen. Now, I'm sure more drama will happen. But you could tell Jeffrey star he's trying to manipulate the YouTube world. He's trying to post strings. That's what they do in this crazy beauty, beauty community. See, I guess friend wild in there. It's really crazy because and I just don't understand how I don't understand how Jeffrey star like gets out of it every time on skates like it's like somebody, he, he tweeted the video. It's pinned on his profile. Somebody responded back saying actions speak louder than words. You know exactly what you're doing. Jeffrey. You've been doing this for fifteen plus years, and you're very calculated you inserted yourself into drama yet again with the same excuse. I won't do it again, yet you still do it every time saddening than another girl replied, he saving face, and I predicted it, I'm not falling for the shit anymore. He mentioned all the good. He's done. He'll say he's been in dark places. He does this over and over. And then the other person said exactly, but it stands will oversee that. And just see maturity growth. It is so repetitive and disappointing, though I do respect him for not making a fudge video that likely would have done more damage than good. So it's like you have that exchange? And then you have people direct lender. Neath five minutes in. Wow. Mad respect for Jeffrey. What's the internet? Is crazy place. Chef shoved himself into this drama between Taty and James that had literally to do with it nothing to do with it. He was just like, hey, I'm bored. I'm gonna pop in and now he created drama for himself that nobody asked for. So I you know what? Like I don't care about Jeffrey star. And honestly, you just gonna keep inserting himself. Right. And this video, it's it feels like he's done like he doesn't even want to explain himself or whatever, he's just like I'm over it. I'm done. I'm not doing this again. We'll maybe because we saw there were like unless you he's claiming he's not gonna show any receipts. 'cause he's over that. Well, maybe you don't have the receipts because normally Jefferson would post the rec-. Exactly. He would. Have you ever wished you could understand your cycle phases in real time, even with popular period tracker apps? There is a still a large margin of error. We all have that problem. Sometimes you think, you know, in your periods coming than it comes up unexpectedly. You're not ready. You don't have your tampons. You gotta run to the store whole big thing, Eva will help you with that. Eva is a Swiss startup company, dedicated to advancing women's health and to breaking taboos around discussing the metro cycle. It's a wearable CE certified medical device in the form of a comfortable bracelet that uses cutting edge technology to detect different phases of the menstrual cycle in real time. If feature cycle tracking for Tila, tracking pregnancy tracking, and even though the braces, comfortable and stylish the device only needs to be worn while sleeping go to sleep wearing it. Wake up with more insight into your health and natural cycles. Twenty percent of. Of the price of Eva goes directly to the companies medical research, and development in women's health, ladies. It's finally time to understand your body. Visit Eva women dot com to learn more. And for listeners of our program, you can receive twenty dollars off your order by going to Eva woman dot com slash chicks, and using our code chicks. That's Eva, women dot com slash chicks, code chicks, for wherever you are in life, this week was the game of thrones finale and aleft a lot of people disappointed, including myself. I actually have to say that I did. Dave just tweeted. Out something that I very much agree with. He was just like for all the people that hated it all the same people not. Well, that's not true. Because you, you didn't hate the whole season. Yeah. No, but he, he had said that. Let me read it. Well, no, I read what he read. He said, the same people that are complaining about the whole season complain about the finale as if they were shocked that, right? The finale was bad. I for one had hope like I was defending the season. Yeah. I didn't think it was as bad as everybody was saying. And then last night, I was like, give me the dampen petition like I was literally so against everybody hating, it on the on the other day like me and Hank gone to an actual fight about it like he was like I was just mad at how negative he was being and I'm like shut up. I don't wanna hear you talking about it anymore. And now on that side I really really did not like it. There's so many missing pieces to the puzzle and I wanted to defend it and I wanted to, like it, and I went into it with an open mind. But they left so many things just unanswered like how there's so we can start from the beginning, but it was just so many things I was like how did that. Happen. Yeah. That's, that's what got me. Upset also was just the explanations and the transitions just weren't there. They were just hopping around, we had no idea how they're getting from a to b they just skipped a lot of middle stuff. But I wasn't necessarily upset about where everybody ended up like with, with where, where all the Starks ended up, what that I was like that was fine. I didn't really expect game of thrones to kind of wrap up the show and like a nice little both. I just kind of expected some sort of cliffhanger situation that we would just have to live with. But they just kind of really wrapped it up for everybody. That was still alive, pretty well, except we lost except we didn't have explanations for a lot of the middle stuff. We didn't have explanations for really anything that happened. Like Jon snow is the rightful heir to the throne. But that just doesn't matter. Who cares? Who what I don't get? We'll start from the beginning because I don't want to confuse everybody. Let's start from the top. It starts with Tyrian walking through the ashes are falling on him. There's talking everybody in king's landing dead on the ground. And I don't really know what happens in between. But I do know that the last episode ended with aria like riding off on a horse, yet this horse had no meeting whatsoever. Yeah. This horse meant nothing. It was not in this episode. It didn't appear in the beginning. I thought the episode would start off with aria somehow no starts off with Tyrian walking through the ashes, and then it somehow. Just boom Danny's the Queen. Yep. Done, which was very powerful scene. Yeah. Very powerful. She emerges the dragon behind her very love it is so that was very cool. And they got a little scary with her like she was a scary Queen. And I honestly was ready for it. I was like, oh shit. She's kind of scaring me into, like falling for her. Gosh. She's my clean now. But then you go back and you think well, she's literally killed more people than the worst people on the show ever. Joffrey ramsey. Seriously Danny has killed way more than that, at this point. And you see Tyrian walkup and Tyrian has had enough. He went any saw Jamie source dead lying under the bricks. Which what did you think about that scene? They do think did it was it heartwarming to you. Did you cry or you like this little bullshit? No, I didn't cry I thought it was a powerful see. And just because he is. Last, I think it was more of like teary-eyed is just the last of the Webster's areas, watching C seeing his siblings, just absolutely crushed the Bill, like I there was a lot around that like him walking, and looking and walking and look kind of lasted a little bit too long in my opinion, but him actually digging through the rock and seeing them Otit that I liked. I like that scene. I want more of that, like, looking at things that I don't really wanna see Jamie, sir Syed dead on the ground. Makes you feel bad for them in a way, which is weird because you hating them and then you kind of feel bad for them. And then you see Tyrian go up to Danny, and he's just like these, like fuck you, basically, you know, you slaughtered the entire city because she was saying you freed your brother like he did this and tearing goes, well you just killed. Everybody takes the hand pin off the it on the ground and. That's about it for their relationship has Danny made him prisoner. Tyrian gets locked away. John goes to visit him. And from there. John has to make a decision. Yeah. He makes he makes a decision, he goes, they have a, you know, goes to see too narrow. They have their moment as deniers is about to sit on the throne. He shows up first second once once to was on making her speech about liberating everybody I was like, oh, God. She's just about to kill. Everybody is what she's saying. And in that moment, right? Somebody's got to kill killer. She's got to go. She's totally lost her marbles. And then when she's talking to John, you saw glimpse of the old version of her, but it was just she's just too far God. She's, she's too far gone. Number one thing I really want to see her actually sit on the throne. We never got to see anybody sick. On the throne. The last person we got to see sir sitting there now we just. Nobody sits there. Yes. She doesn't even get to sit there sit for a second. She's been dying for the throne, and she just stares at it. She doesn't even sit down. Yeah. Touches it John comes in and she gives us like long speech, which was the corneas thing, I wanna say, it's the corn is part of the episode, but I actually don't think it was. And it was so corny, but there's so many more corny parts. Yeah. She looks at him and says, you know this has been our dream, she wants to rule together. They want to be together. And she goes this has been our dreams since you were a little boy with the bastards name, and I was a little girl who couldn't count to twenty. What that's it? You couldn't think of anything else to say there you your target area. And all you could say was, I was a little girl couldn't count to twenty. It was just so cheesy, and they embrace in this big make out kiss. Yeah. And John stabs her. Yeah. Her line really didn't bother me that much. I was just Rinjani my skin. It just all connected to her spiel about thinking that the thing that the iron throne was so much more massive was and new pit. Yeah. I just wasn't expecting. Like that's what I was expecting. I was expecting them to cut cheese it up to make it to make it seem like, oh my God. Maybe John's actually going to go with her, and they're just gonna like kiss. And 'cause I put second. I was like holy shit. He's not gonna kill our. He's just going to just gonna agree with her. She's like trying to sap it up. And he's qualify for it. He did it. He killed her. Her dragon nuzzling her on the ground. So sad that part was that was sad, seeing her dead laying, there was just a weird feeling it felt like okay the show's over now and in that moment, I think the episode got progressively worse. That's when episode really went downhill is after John stabbed her and the dragon burns, the iron throne because he's like my Queen can't have it. Nobody's having it and he's breaking the wheel, somehow the dragon is breaking the wheel here burns it down. Nobody gets the iron throne like whatever. And then the show falls apart because they do a time lapse, and they, they just jump to grey worm, bringing up Tyrian as a prisoner in handcuffs to the council. There sounds brand aria Sam Gandhari Bryn. But. Of other people, I don't know their names, and they're all sitting around casually talking about John snow, killing Danny. How did they find out that he killed Danny? How did the news spread like we don't get any of that? We just get. Yeah. Calm about it. I wanna see how the Starks reacted to John killing Danny, if this was the old seasons we would have gotten if they did ten episodes, sure, we would have gotten all that inbetween John kills Danny. They all find out, John kills, Dan. No, we just jump ahead and then they're trying to decide what to do with John. Everyone's what do we do with John gray worms? Like he's a prisoner. We gotta kill him. Whatever the this, this was very annoying to me in this in this scene because I just felt like. His now dead. I know grey worm has all of the unsullied, and they listen to him. But what, what power does he have like, I don't know why they couldn't just tell gray warm to fuck, right? Like why couldn't they say gray? We're fuck off. Also grey worm is like Tyrian. He can't speak. He's prisoner. Then interior decides who's the king? Yeah. How did gray where? I'm just got absolutely bullied. Yeah. But how did it jump from tearing can't talk, he's a prisoner? I'm gonna kill him to now Tyrians deciding the fate of everybody because they can't decide what to do John. And when I don't get is number one, they make brand the king, and they go around saying, I whatever gets to sonza. She's like. First of all, he cannot kids like his deck doesn't work. He can't have kids. I'm gonna take the north like you have six kingdoms taking the north because the north was separate, whatever good for Sanja. Like I'm just happy. I this is where I have trouble disconnecting. Sophie Turner and Sohn's like the character because I love Sophie Turner. Somebody's like, oh, great for her. We can call our Queen now but in the show, I was I kind of like happy when it was happening. But I look at it as like that's her brother. The Kerr brother is the king if John John became the king, she would have stood by it. She said, yeah, of course yet, but it's just so different she's also older than him like she knows how to run the north. And yet early brand was just. Bram becoming king did not bother me as much just because that was the right the goal of a show break the wheel, whatever they're going to brand, the king who doesn't really give a shit about being kings. So he because then he's like, this is why I'm here. Forth, but like that lies bore with him. The character him the character, sticks him, the character is so frustrating because he is. You just I just don't know what he's thinking. Whereas head space is where he's going the whole season. We had no idea what the fuck you was doing. And we had no explanation for what he was doing at all during the battle of winter fell. Where was he? We don't know was the horse actually him. Nope. Doesn't like none of it really mattered explained it all. He was not explained at all like the idea of him and his character b- being the king. I'm like, whatever they, that's what they wanted to do after all that. And search dying Danny dying, and everybody like now they've feels like they got to their end goal which was as they say to, you know, break the wheel, and that's what they did. So that's fine. But it was just like no brand explanations at all nothing. But no brand. X planations. And also, we're forgetting, John is the rightful heir brand knows this brand decides that John is just going to go back to the night's watch like. Jamie, Lancaster killed the mad king and was freed, right. 'cause 'cause he was marrying, rob. Brethren Jon snow is is brother is his brand his brother like what the whole family. Everybody is related to John. But yet John's got to go to the Nightwatch. He can't free him. He can't say, no, John comeback, John, they okay? Bye. And it was just by that's what I don't get. It was just yet. John snow? It did a rightful heir to sending them off, and it was just so confusing because it didn't seem like anybody was really that opposed to be dying like they realized how what was happening. She just fucking torched king's landing, and John kills her and the only people, it seemed like released from the council meeting. The only people that were like no. We're still loyal to our Queen and were John's not allowed to come back was Yar in. Grey worm Elliott, who gives? Why do they get any say you're, you're making brand the king? Yeah. So shouldn't brand say John comeback. That's what I'm stuck on. And I just all around. I was disappointed with Arias final episode because she was the most bad ass character on the show. Right. She did kill the nyc. Hang. That's fantastic. She got her big moment of the final season. And she had plenty other big moments throughout the show. Yeah. But the last episode she barely said a word in that whole meeting and the one word, she did say was out when she said, I'm gonna cut your throat which I wanted her to do. She didn't say anything when they were talking about brand being the king, she didn't say, I she didn't say anything. She it was like aria and science kind of had their bags packed already. We're out like all right. This is we're done and gantry. Yeah, no no wrap up on Kendra he was just there to bang aria. I guess because we got nothing from him. He didn't speak at all. He didn't have any final words in the last episode that was it. Almost like everybody just got tired of fighting for the throne. Nobody wanted anymore. There's like fucking. We don't want it, it was just, and then this part, sons making jokes, and there was like. There was space in between the line. She said and the next person's line almost built for for laughter. If felt so uncomfortable. I was watching with a group of people, and they're all cackling, and I genuinely just had a disgusted look on my face. I'm just like why are you guys laughing? This is the moment we've all been waiting for the iron throne who's going to sit on it, and we're cracking jokes. I would've cut somebody's head off in that moment. But that's the whole point like it's over like the fight. Hang like Roan is is, is Dr but bang, don't end with just we're just chilling. I the scene was harder to watch just because of the time that they just skipped. Yeah, you went from so serious. John kills scenarios. Right to that. Which is why it was like it was hard how to feel because I didn't hate the scene. But follow coming right after that. And having no explanation of how John got locked up how everybody is. And then they just their meeting for this council to be like, all right now, you know what we're breaking the wheel, we're gonna, we're gonna vote sort of we're gonna vote for who can now. That's just how we're going to do it. Sam brings up democracy everybody laughs and his face. But he just like John just kill Danny. And that's it. Now we're laughing again. He just killed her and we're we're laugh. It's it was a weird. It was a very jump in time, very weird. Yeah. And it was tough was with John, you know, we know who John really is. But. It seemed like the only reason we found out or they the only reason that they revealed that was as a move to make Danny fully lose it like John being ATar Garin, definitely put dinars over the edge. And I know people are arguing John is so beloved anyway. People would have wanted him on the throne regardless of who he was. Yeah, that's probably true. But she would know that she still has the claim like she's still she's still has the birth rate. She's all right claim, no matter how beloved Jonah's. But now in her head she knows that she doesn't really have the claim and that pushes her off the edge. And she loses it and feel like that catapulted her into into full crazy. Right. So John, but it wasn't used for like anything. No wasn't use for anything else which was stupid. He just was banging Zandt, and they never talked about that casual like we're banging related. There wasn't even a conversation. And afterwards of Danny dying and just having and literally anybody be like wool. What about Janis technically the rightful heir like just nobody even just for some to ask the question, and if it got shot down? The fact that it wasn't even brought up the whole time. They were just like what do we do with John? What do you what do you mean? What do you do with John? You bring back you make him the king, although that's not possible, because he just killed Danny. It's like a little, you know for him to be the king now is a little much. He just killed the Queen, but bring him back he could be with you guys. And then they show John snow. Any looked like he aged twenty? I how did that happen so fast for a while I was so confused about how much time had passed, and then they will that it was like two weeks or whatever it was, I was just like, wow, I didn't know if it was years was it looked like it was felt like they were locked up for very long. Right. And I mean, that's what it was to me. Is that this finale just seem rush like make the finale, two hours long, then you could fit some other shit in there. But it the whole thing was just rushed to me, and you mentioned you like the way wrapped up for everybody because. After they make brand the king than it just like, right. Brand was all about the Starks, which is wrapping up the shows about star exactly which is funny because I remember at the beginning of the season being like all right. Rooting for my for my guys Starks. Let's go. And just because thrones his thrones. I feel like I was expecting some something bad to happen to them. Obviously, the stocks have gone through a lot as fam- right through the entire show. But the last season to not lose any of them kind of took me by surprise. And I guess so we turn a really did give it away from from with her tattoo at the beginning. Remember when she got the pack, survives tattoo, and everyone was like, oh my gosh. She's like it's not a spoiler chill kinda was was a spoiler boiler I had a feeling towards the end of the season. They were all going to make it Danny was going to die. We both said that she's going to be killed. I kinda didn't think Tyrian was gonna make it through this final episode but he made it through in the end. He's just a hand again. He's just always the hand. And then they have a final sit down board meeting. I guess, whatever it is. Yeah, I that padras their Padres tonight. Oh, we around she's got her little burn book thing. She's got going on. And she's writing about, Jamie. She decides she died. He died, protecting her Queen his win. So you know what? She she didn't get petty with it. She wrote it down to close. I was cracking myself up while she was writing coming up lines and my head of what she was putting down is, there's just like she's dreadfully writing like he's a fuck boy. Right. It's just so funny because obviously, there's been so many game of thrones beams, but they just teed it up for probably the all time game throwing me like now. That now they'll just have her writing next to something else. It's like yeah. They, they really set it up. And then we add, we had Sam, bringing out the book, the song of ice and fired. So why do we have to do that? I want to I want to pretend. Different world. I don't wanna feel like we're living in the same world as people Iraq just to escape it. And now you're just being so cheesy on me. I can't even watch and I hate about Charon, right. And it got to the point where I started getting bored, because it's going to end is this episode gonna fuck an end at this point, because first of all, I just have a bad taste in my mouth. So. Yeah, hope part. I I and they opened the book and Tyrians like, look, you know, am I n and SAM's, like now you're not in it. I'm like, what, what do you mean? He's telling me this, this whole book is the story of what just happened in the show and Tyrian arguably, one of the most important characters. They make a joke that he's not in the book yet. He's just like that. It's just I guess a nod to him not being imported. It's just it's just weird weird considering the most screen time out of anybody last night. Great worm way too much screen time, by the way, like we'll have to see a little more aria sounds on my screen, the last episode, they were sounds. It was barely in the final season. And it it's, it's. And I also wanted to mention there, you know, council meeting when they decided that brand was going to be king. They left a why did you see that? They left a water bottle underneath Stam's chair. Did they? Again. The time I was like, whatever it's a mistake, but between that and the scene with Jamie, where he doesn't have is gold hand and this real well, the gold hand was fake. No, I know. But they, they didn't put it in, like he had to real hands when remember when he went to hug, and that was to real hands. No, he didn't. I was a fake thing on on the internet. I got duped again. You got duped. I thought that was real. No. You got somebody made that already made that up, what people just want to make things up about show before to hang too. And I was just like stop spreading fake news. Yeah about the about ghost the ending with John and ghosts. They said they've reused the scene like do you really think that fucking dumb to reuse? That's that's crazy that they just reuse the same exact scene. But then the other thing I wanted to mention was. Robin just did not think did not know that was him until I went onto Twitter. Yes. Yeah. That was kind of like an afterwards. Whoa. He looks at for. Yeah. That makes sense because at first you like who are these people? Yeah. Yeah. I mean it all wrapped up in it sounds as the Queen John goes back to us with the Wild Wings reunites. Got to actually pet goes. Yeah. He goes that lie that the CGI wouldn't let him do that. And the other episode aria says that she's not going back to the north, she's going west. She's going to discover whatever wherever she's going. She asked over the world. I shot my sister. She found somebody tweeted clip. I don't even know what season it's from, but it was definitely one of the early season she's really young. And, and are you saying? Esso's is the east west is the west. What's, you know what's, what's beyond that? And then she's like, nobody knows as she said like vary early onset, like wow. Okay. 'cause it I now wants to be an explore. Yeah, that come from. But I they plan to, I guess it was sort of planted if you can count. And I saw something else. The name of something I forgot exactly what it was was the name of an explorer. There was another connection of some sort. I didn't hate her ending. I feel like it makes sense. She said she was an aria, not somebody who likes she didn't. She hasn't been with anybody really the entire series until the end. Yeah. Reunited with them. She's always wandering and exploring. So I feel like it made a lot of sense for I wish that she had a lot more in the final episode. She did something else, because we saw it end with her last week, she rides out on the horse naturally it for her for the whole show, which she got killed the night, king, which was fucking awesome. So good for her. I was I was happy with the way it ended for her sounds, as obviously the Queen, I love that we can call her Queen now all the time, I'm still like, if John was the king, she would have bent than she would have bent the neat. The north would have been the need to John, the fact that it was brand. She was like, no kind of funny. She was like. Fuck this whatever. She's gonna take the north and then Johnny goes back to where he started. I don't love that about John, although it's kind of bittersweet like one of those full circle moment, full circle though, it's nice. It's like okay reminds me of the beginning. But also, John did not go through everything he did just to go back there. He's the rightful heir. He's a great person although it killed the Queen it needs to be done. And now he's just off again, at least he's with his friend. Yeah. Right now, he'll be like the king of the Wild Wings or whatever you to whatever you wanna call it, it was definitely. It's funny seeing all of the actors reactions to their care to like the ending of the show because it seems like everybody was so loyal to their character that it was like the people who are like, you know, kind disappointing I was shocked or whatever their characters like they must they just didn't like the way their characters, and the ones that had good endings. We're like, oh fuck yet. Like, that's the thing like you. Turner was like sure you didn't hear Sobe turn an aria talk badly about the season at all. They, they were hyped up. I told you so she has this new Oreta Hirsch, you could smell it off her. She was going to win something you could tell that they had a very different approach to it. Whereas Jon snow said it was disappointing. Amelia Clark was like disgusted with it, basically. And. Brand was study was being. Punked, which is not a good sign in general. Like when you think you got to get like a fake script. Right. I mean it's great for him. He's the he's he, he tweeted like just the count emojis, like stun on everybody. He says, he's the guy kind of respect it at first, I was like motherfucking. Brian is the king Lee. Really? I. Saw that about it. King. It's now doing what is he done the whole time? I hear is he he's just been sitting in his wheelchair. And also this was the point I wanted to make about the throne. They burn the thrown down, the only person that works for his brand, because he literally wouldn't have been able, sitting it yet, which is I feel like the only reason they did it. Because why did they why did the dragon Burma thrown just the throne? He didn't burn, John. He was like, not gonna burn you. I'm gonna burn the throat. That very, very funny tweet from, John, that everybody was taking seriously. Yes. Yeah. When he was really dragon like broke the wheel realize how corrupt it was burned down the throat. Yes. I would. He's totally. Yeah. I mean, it was just I liked it in the sense that I can't believe it happened like that, like, yeah, I like it because it's so it's just so fucked up at this point, like, oh, really the dragon burned it down. I didn't like how we didn't see Johnstone, the dragon interact have like targe- area moment. John can ride the dragon what happened there and we just see the dragon carry Danny's body off and wear their off. We don't see her again. No funeral. And Bram was just like I'll maybe I'll go see where they're at just will then then he was gone. And then he was gone. We don't even get to see him go find him. They set up so many sequels that could happen like aria can have her own sequel of discovering America and brand can have his seat. Qual of finding out where the fuck and dragon went. But who knows because it just cliffhangers and it's over. Yeah, it is over, although the special is next week. I'm excited about. I'm pretty excited about the special I'm not gonna lie just because like they said they did put so much money time effort like these people really slaved over this final season that it'll be interesting to see maybe it'll give maybe it'll give people more respect for the last season. Now you've got kit Harrington being like heavy didn't like the show like you can go fuck yourself like he's, he's literally like fuck like fuck you basically. Right. I think as a whole, I think if you look back, and you were to watch it from beginning to end and you were just been watching it. I don't think you would hate this finale as watching it live. I feel that I think in time. Around and be like, well it is what it is. Right. It would the way and the, the lot of the problems that people have for the whole season, the writing, and the story lines. We they obviously weren't going to be able to fix it for the finale. So is like that's just that's just the way the season is ended. It is what it is right. We're gonna have to move on from it. We're just. Yeah. Sad. Exactly. It's just that time in our lives come to an end game with. Yeah, well, honestly for me it's like I only started watching months ago. So I think all the to carry on with my life for the people. That waited two years to watch this, I feel badly for them because they're the ones that are signing the petitions which listen, I think, if you were waiting this long, and that's what happened, I think I would be way more pissed. Yeah. I already was mad about the finale. I think I'd be way more pissed off. I was waiting waiting waiting right? It's the whole the whole build up. Just let a lot of people down. It really did. And I don't even know what could have happened steam happy. And that's the it's a show with show many characters, and it's so complex that I feel like in the end. I don't really know if anybody would have been happy with the way it ended like, because some people like, you know, the non happy endings, like people just getting murder left and right. And then some people like a happy ending. So say they had John and Danny king and Queen people would have been would have been like that's disgusting Jonah, Danny or king and Queen now you have Danny killed by John and people are like, how could you have John kill Danny? It's like, well makes sense. And I think one of the things is that I think Amelia Clark's thought that people were going to hate Danny once she turned evil. Yeah, I think people still love Danny, and they were pissed that Danny was was killed. Right. Or they were. And a lot of people were pissed that they took her story and. In that direction. A whole different. I won't go back into that because it was where it was meant to go. Right. So it's just there, there is no way they were gonna please everybody. Because like you said, if they went with, like a happy ending every what everybody would have been like fuck. This thrones is supposed to edit and a happy ending. If we got, like a sort of happy ending, which is kind of what we got it for some of the characters people are going to hate that, if everybody died, people would hate that if the night, king beat, everybody people to that people would hate anything one more thing, I want to say back to the time jump aria saying, will sounds is not going to bend the knees. She's not gonna. And then there was no conversation after that Tonga and John. That was. I'm I'm just still honest by. North. I still can't believe that that time jump happened. They couldn't pull any strings to get John that will forever bother me that we didn't see the in between. Yeah. Out of all the times in this season that they just skipped ahead. That will be the most annoying. One for sure. Yeah. All right. That wraps up today's episode. Thank you so much for listening. We hope you have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy the sun, if the summer guy here place. Yeah, it's the start of the summer get your drinking on do what you gotta do. And make sure you go to the Lincoln are description for that new merchant gonna want this summer. We've been together too. Muko worn out recording. All the theme song. Washy as. Read the paper in bed. The personal call. Was this letter? If you like. If. If you. And the. State. I know that sounds kinda me. Me and mile. The same. So why the paper? Took out a person. Nobody's. Thought it wasn't half bad. Get the. I'm. On this red pay. Will. So. And she walked in the place. Newest smile an instant. Knew the face. It was later. And she said, it's you. Laugh for. And I said, I never. That you liked the.

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