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Welcome to the undisputed podcast. I'm your host Johnny Taft. This podcast is the full show from today's episode of undisputed from start to finish. They've got a busy slate so skip Shannon. Let's get to it welcomed undisputed. We are live from Los Angeles. I'm Jenny Taft here was skip bayless Shannon Sharpe Good morning we go. Let's see if you can defend your man floyd law noise. They keep it oh did he. He's talking to you. I think he might be fine with me. Bring knocking on today's show Ezekiel Elliott really the most important in cowboy hand is I n Williams already in the N._B._A.. Superstar but let's start with a potential super fight. We may be getting closer to a mayweather pacquiao rematch. Manny's trainer Freddie Roach was here on the show yesterday and said if they fight again and both guys are healthy quote Paki out takes him out Floyd won by unanimous decision when the two fought for years ago employed is not letting anyone forget it posted on instagram. Yesterday I find it really ironic ironic. Every time Patios name is brought up in the media. My name is always attached to it. This man's entire legacy and career has been built up its association with my name for years. All you heard was that floyd is afraid of Manny Pacquiao <music> out but what's funny is when we finally fought. I won so easily that everyone had to eat their words. All of these so-called boxing experts critics and Jealous American fan base either went mute and ran for cover or made every excuse in the world as to why I should give me a rematch ultimately I will always have the last laugh and then many responded on twitter saying this Lloyd Mayweather you come to my fight and then use my name in a post but I'm the one that is trying to stay. Stay relevant relevant again may to don't worry guys would responded again with this. I make more money than you. I beat you then I signed you. I was only at your fight supervising you my employees as any real boss would do beat you mentally physically and financially remember you fight because you have to. I fight when I want to then this morning another guys from manny excuse me Floyd your name has not been on any of my p._B._C. contracts but if you would like to be on the next one I will have one drawn up and sent to you counterfeit money who oh no. It may have been busy Shannon. What did all of that L.? You many want all that smoke may with chip. I still believe this is going to happen. If you remember last September eighteen may where the posted on instagram he's coming back it to fight Manny Pacquiao this year not going to happen this year another nine figure payday. That's what you see it and he said it and nothing happened so for me and this is how you build a fight fighting. I I don't need you. The only way you stay relevant is by mentioning my name need every time you mentioned my name you become more relevant. Okay remember that I started with Conor McGregor. Whatever what Yada Yada Yada and then he build momentum minimum the momentum and the next thing you know big giant payday skip I just believe is going to be too much money for Florida walkaway from I believe is going to have you're going to have to guarantee him? At bare minimum two hundred and fifty million dollars that's the bare minimum that he'd be willing to sign his name on the dotted laugh and what she started approaching three hundred million. It gets really really hard if you're in the business. If you're in a business yup to walk away from three hundred million dollars and I believe Floyd would seriously consider this and I believe he is considering it because I believe deep down to floyd believes even at the ripe age of forty three which you will be in February of twenty twenty. He's still believes he can beat many pack young because he beat him so easily and his he he he beat him so easily yeah well even if he believes that many was healthy. We had pretty role yesterday you mentioned toy rotator cup and Pretty Roach said yesterday that by the fourth round he said I just can't throw any more punches right through his writing and get through it just hurts too bad and by the way did he throw his right hand against Keith Thurman. The other night knocked him down in the first round right go ahead and so many clearly wants this fight. I believe this is the only reason that many is continued the fight and he knows in order to lure. That's what he's going to have to do to lure floyd out of retirement. He's going to have to look awfully impressive and he's looked really impressive knocked out Matiz any gay permit in his first term so he knows what he must do in order to lure floor fluid out of retirement and the way you do that is that you get the fans clamoring because I still believe giving everybody. I just like to say the first I'm watching it. I believe you you got about five. T._V.'s and you'll buy every last TV because you along with a lot of other people want to sleep floyd go fifty in one. That's what you WANNA see. That's the only reason people I want to see him. Go down. It's not gonNA happen even if the fight does happen and I believe it will. I believe there's eighty percents. We'll go to talking about that. Maybe later I believe Florida's going again. Nego Walk Away with three hundred million. Um You will walk away with three hundred million and one big loss. That's what he will. It will be five. Oh Stash one beverage. You are you willing. Are you willing floyd. Dare risk getting your ass kicked by Manny. Oh I'm sorry I'm sorry it is coming and last night. I don't think that was just a bunch of fight high talk back and forth on social media I think he got pretty real last night because I believe that Manny's his response tweet to floyd I posed caught floyd flush in the jaw and knocked him right on his tiny little tail. That's what I think happened. Tiny tiny tiny finally remember economies. Maybe the highlight of the pre so that the manny tweet was the response we you come to my fight. Which Floyd did on Saturday night? I was there I saw floyd saw number two it was it was quite a night you come to my fight and then you use my name in a post but I'm the one that is trying to stay relevant floyd. If you WANNA be relevant again then Hashtag may a pack to I think we need to flip that Hashtag around to pack may too. I think back may even though I'm sure floyd can argue. He will be the a side again. Even though I'm sure floyd will argue it should be sixty forty. Maybe even seventy seventy thirty floyd on the split of this purse. I still believe that the better fighter right here right now as we saw on full display on Saturday night is manny Pacquiao so that that sent floyd spinning off into another I g retour in this one was flailing this one was weak and lane because he goes into this whole idea that because Al Hayman promoted the fight on Saturday night and Al Hayman was Floyd's manager when Florida was fighting but he hasn't fought for what what is it been two years two years that somehow that means that floyd came to supervise Saturday night's fight because he's above Al L. Heyman on the flow chart and that means that he is now manny's boss or that's what he was trying to present in his second. I G Post and again that that indicated to me that that manny got him Gotcha chip now I will say this just for the record. I don't think manny actually tweets. I do know his P._R.. Man From years and years and I'm Fred Sternberg in Fred's a smart clever guy and manny has never been a big trash talker as we know it's his forte. I don't think is Freddie. Roach said yesterday that it's in his heart do that right but again he signs off at least on the fact that Fred can tweet for him. Whatever Fred wants to so? I think it came. I'm Fred just for the record but it was funny. It was clever in it was a Gotcha and here went floyd and then here came manny slash Fred back again this morning with yet another one daring daring daring floyd to let's. Let's do it again. They'd be called Hashtag counterfeit much counterfeit money okay so now. Let's go back to Floyd's. I Post that set off the fireworks last night. which was I'll just read a couple of times for for years? All you heard was that quote. Floyd is afraid of manny any pack Yale but I won so easily that everyone had to eat their words. The you know this man knows no shame because he continues to gloat about the fact that he easily beat a one armed fighter from whom he ran for twelve rounds and again we did have Freddie Roach on and I'm going to reiterate what he said. Yesterday you can take it or you can leave it but Freddie has told me from the start that manny tore his rotator cuff sparring three weeks ahead of that bout many thought about trying to withdraw but manny does need the money because he gives his money away. That's what Freddie said yesterday floyd spins manny gives away away and he gives way maybe way too much money in his native Philippines the point that he's always a little bit on the edge and I need another fight. I need another fight and I believe he's a desperate forty year old fighter trying to hold off father our time because he doesn't want his boxing pipeline to dry up and if he could fight until he's fifty or sixty he will try get one one more and more big pay. Maybe to to your point. You're it also skipped. He believed that is if this were to happen to be in this contract. He said it would be drawn up. Yeah yeah well. I don't know just floyd one. Dare the devil on that by presenting the possibility of a second fight right because I I don't think you can beat manny right now but again back to the first fine Freddie's point was that they both filed paperwork floyd and manny before the fight may second two thousand fifteen in Las Vegas Floyd's down they both filed paperwork with Nevada Athletic Commission to get painkilling injections. You have to declare it before the fight we both need painkilling injections. According to Freddie both filed exactly the same paperwork but the the commission allowed Floyd to get painkilling injections his chronically sore hands growth them have just been chronically his whole career so he got them and for some reason just before fight time no manny you can't have one in your shoulder or you will be disqualified or you will be disqualified so they're flailing a little bit and again. Manny has our time he's not from here and he's obviously not a resident of Las Vegas Floyd. It does sort of run LAS VEGAS. He is great for the economy because he certainly pours a lot of money into the economy. You're right yes and it. It seems to me indefinitely seems to Freddie Roach that judges will overprotect him. They will let him get away with running and running and running for twelve rounds because he's just GonNa win by decision right so it's almost like a done deal if you can't knock him out which is virtually impossible to do because it's hard to catch him and he is the greatest defensive fighter in history. I told told you that before and I'll say it again and I believe he still he could roll out of bed tomorrow and still be the greatest defensive lighter ever so it's almost impossible to beat him in Las Vegas because it's a home game for him with home referees who are going to protect him unless you knocked him out a shot knockout. Okay no protection so Freddie Roach is saying that by the fourth round as you brought up manny thing in the corner. I can't throw any more meaning his right jab because he's left handed in his knockout power comes from his left but but again he seemed reinvented or reinvigorated on Saturday night because in the first round he got Keith Thurman with a Quick Stout Little Rock and he landed eighty two jabs and most most of them were right handed jabs to only eighteen for Keith Thurman will all of a sudden I saw the ultimate two-handed Manny Pacquiao on Saturday night and I saw none of the above against Floyd so then Freddy also talked about that he was having he. I wrote this before the fight on E._S._P._N.. Dot Com you can look it up but Freddie was concerned with Manny's mindset going into the first floyd fight because manny was a born again Christian and he was so spiritual on that point that he couldn't come to grips with trying to knock somebody out he wanted to just simply outbox them as in what they call boxing the sweet science so he wanted to be a sweet scientist and just sort of Allah Oh points yeah but al point that's one guy you're gonNa have a hard time outpointing right grit because he is manny's in extremely skilled defensive fighter also he always was but is he quite foot. No He's not quite mainly man is offense. Offense is this defense smothers you so much pressure that his deep is that you're retreating and he's pummeling you with punchy okay. It's GonNa took your role. You know he's like no you're not gonNa hit me and he forces you to follow him around. He hits you one or two and and then he moves away okay. He's not skip in the thing is is that when floyd fights everybody say this boring because he's not looking to engage you. He's not looking to go toe-to-toe. Let what we thought he did a gift conor McGregor because he didn't respect conor McGregor's punching power. There's no way he'll stand in pocket in front of many pack if it okay let's trade blows. He's not going to do that. He Herman tried right and Keith Thurman landed a few he did so but Florida's GonNa fight. Floyd is gonNA fight his fight and he does it. It doesn't matter they can boom boom because of his style but Florida's not going to change he he made a billion books. He has a fifty year old record in that's the way he fights so if you wanted this always going to be a knockdown drag if you're going to get Hagler hearns is not going to be that is never going to be that with floyd mayweather okay but Freddie also said that he still kicking himself because he needed a better game plan going in. It's still hard to win with the one armed fighter against Floyd in Las Vegas right right right but the point is I want to see a healthy manny and you keep saying I'm I'm on the same mission managed on. I just WANNA see one fair fight and I'm going to keep pushing that. I'm daring floyd to fight in a neutral venue again. Jerry world is a great thing well. We'll pack yells fought there before what about Madison seriously a fight of this magnitude. It must take place in Bay. Well does it why have to walk because it's packed is may pack by just belong in Vegas fights of this magnitude. I mean look and guy so it belongs in Floyd's back yard. He happened to live. This happens to own their yeah. I mean look the role in the jungle unbelievable. We get the thrill in Manila. We get the Madison Square Garden fight with Frazier and all that you're making another case those worked but there's nothing like Vegas Vegas. I was made for fighting. This fight belongs to Ali fights in New Orleans there I do all he ran in New Orleans. I went to an Ali fight in the Bahamas all okay but now vegas it's gotta be that's Floyd's only hope is they all want to see neutral field. I want to see fair fight Abigail Yeah. Oh you're the jail you used to be the champ you haven't fought our to the beach you didn't want the fight or not okay is that how about in my business OUGHTA McEwen Nigam Cuban linx how big linke can get what number three hundred meal maybe mania say. Let's go fifty fifty in your backyard or fifty fifty first of all because they know marriage <hes> pity it does start to feel like kind of a we know they are linked forever. Delete why don't we do you know what since you've been. You know what man you've been. You've been out of pocket on social media so I was thinking about sixty forty sixty five thirty five now. Keep talking is going to go seven thirty really interesting so again. Manny points out in the shot that he took this morning. Maybe Fritz Sternberg but the whole idea of way to say you're not my boss because your name has not been on any of the contracts the P._B._C. contracts that I signed so oh he's putting floyd right back in that place also so if the United boss I'm your daddy yeah and it wasn't as you remember last time and I sprang just like a pot would do his child when he misbehave call a tutor room Kim year ooh BOP BOP BOP spanking on one arm child. That's real child abuse it Murtha Ball skill look the only reason you want to see this but I've never seen anything like this before but let the only reason you know I'm right. No it was not right. What happened on May second even that I took such a shelling after that like everybody said Oh eat your words? I said he was hurt. He couldn't throw right any that as it may okay. Let's just say for and I'm I'm GonNa say you know what you're right is what one arm he tore his rotator cuff and letting the injection to numb it but the only reason you want to see this fight is that you want to see that blemish on floors resume. I thought maybe connor could catch him one time just with one and he did you really yeah you walked right through uppercut. You started coaching plus. Get with uppercut employed what right it is sat down on the chair in front them say give me your best walked out like I told you this gives you drag them to the deep. Khanna Cam drag him to the deaton in the bath connor had him in trouble that time he had him in trouble in the eighth around in the flow yep mobile you know it when that Kenny bayless my name with a low blow. You try out now. He had trouble that low blow with a low blow. Break it up. Let's start over in the middle of the ring. You're out of trouble again. All meet it with a low blow skip. Okay okay I just for the record. I want to point clean out that Manny Pacquiao is not conor McGregor. Just you know enforcement invited like that. Just by Florida's Keith Keith Berman willing to trade punches would manic. He's Thurman thought he was going to knock me ride into retirement right because he's ten years younger so he felt he was the stronger of the fighters is hard to say you underestimate eight time champion eight division champ yeah but maybe he took. Maybe he's like. He's looking at forty year old man and saying I got this is not going to make the thing that Florida's done better than most all fighters. There's no way I can prove this is that he's under-estimated. no-one flawed has to remember. He fought Madonna Madonna. They gave him all they can handle the person and maybe underestimated then he came back by it. I give him and he's like okay. Let me let me show you what the Real Floyd Mayweather is about okay and took him to school all right he will. He will never underestimate manny manny Pacquiao <hes> but he skipped now we don't we know how Florida is about this drug testing either real stickler for that right now. Maybe the rule we don't know if this is your. That's GONNA rear. Its ugly head. You know this. Will you know medium okay. Here's the other point I want to make in the twelfth round twelfth and final round on Saturday night I was there at ringside. I did not see a spiritual pacifist that I saw pre floyd fight may second two thousand fifteen. I saw a different manny I saw a guy who was trying his damnedest. Do Knock out Keith Thurman. He was in a tack mode and he was as aggressive as I've ever seen him that was back to the days as Freddie Roach said yesterday of knockout artist manny pack yeah he tried to put him down and he came close a couple of times well he definitely heard him. What those body shots I mean he had him troubling and keep them and try to run away in many was chasing him but I don't know if he's going to be able to get those clean shots just shot that he got on Thurman? I don't know if he's going to be able to land those employed. Yeah because you know Florida is going to touch it back skill well. He'll touch you can heal but while run hello. What did you say I will put pressure on Florida will put pressure on more pop? Idol sounds like Bob in manny says like Bam Bam pop up Bam Bam Bam damn. That's what's going to happen. Got It but you look at Colin fleeing the drum and then you get the guy in the band is hitting their the different skill to go boom boom boom. Okay Reynolds Habitat without hey yeah ooh yeah it really feel collins on drums. Getting I want this. I'll I'll take ringo. I have a feeling we're going to be hearing more from them. Maybe the next hour we will keep you posted <hes> coming up next Ezekiel Elliot actually over rated. We're going there. We'll discuss next. Oh forget you can check us out every day on the Fox sports channel on Sirius X._M.. Yukio Elliott is ranked as the eighth best running back heading into this season according to pro football focus. This rating is despite the fact that Zeke led the League in rushing last year with nine total touchdowns the articles that quote. It's hard to overlook that fact that his production erection is in large part thanks to the offense that Dallas has built around him so Shannon. Are you surprised he's that low shop and it makes no sense to me. I believe he's the best pure running back in football is he is can catch the ball all out of the backfield like some of these other guys that they have in front of him. The album Camaros the saquon Barkley McCaffrey's no but for me if you say Saquon Barkley is number one. I can give you that because he's a Guy Saquon is different than a Zeke. Zeke is an old school runningback skill he three yard cloud of dust. He'll get you five. He'll get you fifteen saquon. Give you three to seventy. He's a home run hitter bore his size. We haven't seen do that. Ask you but you can't punish the gaffer that he led the League in rushing toured the three years. He's been in the league with playing fifteen games and he always wasn't because he was injured. He just thought out they didn't couldn't stand to gain anything lose anything so he rested and he's still when the rushing title usually going away you look at this season that he got suspended six games. He led the League in yards per game so he played sixteen games. He's going to lead the league in Russia. Mcginn is almost like they're punishing. Give like Zeke. You should have two thousand yards rushing. Do you understand the toll that it takes on your body skip to get two thousand yards and that's the offred's crossing the Rubicon you reach a point of no return because the only guy that's got too close to that number of carries and it didn't affect them with their dickerson. Dickson went three ninety six. I think he went fourteen and came back with four or five the to the twenty one hundred yards season but you look at Terrell Davis you look at any George you look at all these guys. I'll tell you what I know a guy. He wore that uniform before the DEMARCO Murray I agree. He approached four hundred cares yeah. He was never the same bang. You can't punish a guy for leading the league. We'll look at his office VLAD. Okay yes but a lot of these other guys skip. They split carries. Kamara split carry Melbourne with Mark Ingram. That's not the diminishing Christian McCaffrey was splitting chimeras number one on that list yeah like I said if you put saquon number one skip ain't got no problem with that because I believe Saquon Russia thirteen hundred and catch one hundred passes out of the Backfield but Alvin Kamara skip these guys are gonna have great yards per carry for the simple fact that's leading carries and they're getting a hundred hundred fuel cares Zeke and what's happening to Zeke's get when they get a lead. Guess what we're trying to run out the clock so we got eight men in the box in the luxury of the AVOCA. MIRA had that Zeke does it. He has you read as a quarterback so you're not putting eight guys in the box. They put together Gabbana box against Dallas because they don't believe the quarterback this is this is not a knock on a Zeke. This is about your quarterback skip bayless. Your quarterback cannot live that defend the out of the box so they hey dragon Zeke down but I am shocked they V._U.. L. E. V. does not the eight best backup. Aaron Jones Dude ahead a hundred and thirty three carries. Well I WANNA see I hope he the feature baton it. We're going to see what he did. Is the feature back not splitting hairs getting a hundred and thirty three caring because we've seen this before oh man that he had one hundred kids give them another hundred and fifty cares okay. You think you'll have five and a half yards per carry on two hundred three hundred okay okay. We'll see Zeke Elliot the best pure running back in football. There's no way he's the eighth best back in zero chance that happened and everybody know how I feel about the cowboys so timeout you just mentioned Aaron Jones who seventh Zeke's eight that means Aaron Rodgers has a better running back. You need to stop Aaron. Rodgers got more help than Dagger Bill Do my right Oh right but I'll tell you what's going on. It's my turn I. I hate to say I told you so but I've been telling you so for about two years. I love Zeke but my quarterback is more valuable than my running back in this proves it north seven for all because my cowboys are going to go this year as my quarterback goes and the point here is that as much as I love Zeke. Why does he get downgraded in this system it's because he has so few missed tackles? What do I always tell you about Ezekiel run the contact back skewed runs through brick walls and I've never seen anybody at running through brick wall? If it's third and one in the wall is just bricked. I know my guy is gonNA fight in squirm in push and shove in body lean his way to a yard and he might only get barely the first down but he keeps getting coming in and giving up his body to do so because on guts and desire into sheer physicality. It's just like share physicality. It's like it's a man who is like I'm GONNA show you. I'm GONNA prove to you at the line line of scrimmage. I'm just tougher than you are Mr Defensive tackle or Mr Linebacker or Mr Safety whoever wants to come and smack me in the mouth. I'm GONNA smack you back harder. That's the way he runs. He does run to sometimes I think he he runs and out of desire he looks for contact you about the mistake that people make they look at Zeke in his stature and there's like well while he's a short back but Zeke ways to twenty five to thirty he does so he's not Alvin. Camara is what to ten Christian McCaffrey two. Oh five to ten there more shifting not saquon to be as big as he is. He has he had really really shifted and that's why you see him. He'll step up inside. He'll get lateral. He'll get down. You criticized for that. Oh he just had one run for sixty y'all well I could show you. I'll give you fifteen carries in a game for a total of twenty one yards and then I'll give you a seventy year. Okay okay. My God doesn't give you a seventy well he just he just gave the three five three eight seven what you want you say you don't like saquon style to Homerun you like Yoga. Mr Reliable Zeke go get the first down. I like my team because I love my quarterback. We'll talk about later in the classic. Classic case of this happened in the playoff game. My team lost right here in Los Angeles in the call crime against the rams who came very close to winning the whole thing last year right in what happened Rams Cowboys Jenny. was there in the stains. You told you told you go back to watching the glue my whole year. Stay genes that night. Z. Tried Twenty Times to run into Wade Phillips Defense and it was hilarious good less. You guys you know what it did to Tom. Brady and company in the Super Bowl right it gave them fits in oil right. It's given Tom Brady fits. His whole career Wade can do to Tom Brady so it was giving Zeke fits because he tried twenty times to run for a grand total of forty seven yards. That's two point four Kerry but guess what one of those was fifteen yards so if I take that out it's nineteen carries for thirty two yards. That's one point seven yard. Normally what way does and I know wait till the very well. He's my defensive coordinator when I got my head coach for two years he's going to take away what you do. He knows the cowboys want to run the football. Everybody women no no no. No no no no. No Tom Brady wants to Roy went second. You're telling me everybody wants to minutes. You know the Dallas cowboys their offense to run the football. That's why they got a first first round center a first round up right Gar. My first round left tackle for four PICO wallet running back. They're telling you we are going to run the football and way Philip Says No. You're not in if you can beat me with that press cotton <music>. I keep telling you skip bayless look here if that breath got sold for three hundred yards and three touchdowns not shut down. I'll go to the mill and beal congratuling job zeke Elliot who led the Ploughs in rushing which team last year. You brought this up to me several New England. Uh New England is okay so maybe the goal is to stop New England's run. You're not dropping a guy down there with Tom Brady of the quarterback. I don't know so Dak that night here at the call seem against those rams coach by Wade Phillips swint twentieth thirty two to sixty six with wait a second with the touchdown and no interceptions a Q._B._R.. Of Eighty four Tom Brady and his game against Wade Phillips in the Super Bowl went twenty one to thirty five pretty close for two sixty two pretty she close zero touchdowns one interception and a Q._B._R. of Twenty Six so my guy win eighty four Q._B._R.. Against Wade Tom went twenty-six versus way but you WANNA get with. You want a guy with a Q._B._R.. Twenty six to win the M._V._p.. But we're talking about that another day the Neapolis was you need to stop this now. You know goodwill. There's no defensive coordinator. That's going to stack the box with Tom. Brady at quarterback who makes the biggest runs for my team who makes all the crucial third down on runs who made the crucial run that broke open the Seattle playoff game at Gerry world's. Get help me out. It's my quarterback who weighs two hundred and fifty five. Let's get here's the thing when it's thirty to fourteen. You think you're going to throw the football so you're in a passing down the answer getting appeal. Everybody's vacating so he he ravi a quarterback draw with a league okay. The had the lead the running back leading them up on the way okay yeah. He's going to get that. Stop this notion. You need to stop this notion that look and I get it'd be guys in the reason why Zeke should be highest gift because before last year whether he taught himself or they gave him more opportunities Zeke up seventy seven passes now he they better pass catcher. We know he can run the football that we saw it his his secretary sophomore year at Ohio state would he did to Saint Nick would it in the championship game what he did in the big ten what he did against Michigan so we know he can just let out run the football but now he's added what Kamara what Christian McCaffrey what faecal Barclay can do out of the backfield which catch the football so for me to have remember the same survey a year ago ranked him sixteenth vaulted all the way from sixteen to eight because he started to really really catch the football last year but he's still only eight on his running ability or capability of making you miss but some of these guys but Alvin Kamara and I look I love Alvin from the Korea but he's split time with mark. Ingram Christian split some time Kareem Hunt Aaron Jones Torri Cohen James. All these guys play time. There's really really only one bell cow in his essay. The Bell Cows Dak Prescott the stop that stop this should prove to you know what all again. I love Zeke and again. I grant him higher than eighth but it just shows you. This is what Jerry Jones is thinking. You don't think Jerry Statisticians is analytics guys. You haven't brought him. This yeah said Jerry you know. We've got to be careful statisticians. When you know six games they wouldn't take just got got that will bring I see so you're gonNA give Zeke five more years at twenty million a year twenty five million a year? What are you going to do? You're going to be worth it. Just was Baylor's. They saw what just happened to Allen. hearns at the man broke his leg broke his ankle in a gruesome in-app and so a lot of guys and then five days before they go to captain we want to give you a pay cut a hole. No not play the most damaging position all of football. I wish I might give me my money. They say you work by this work by said that words his mouth only all he'd been he'd been that'd be in Oxnard. All I know when camp opened up today or tomorrow he bet not being oxnard. I'm call today by calling the show. It's your only hope to not only did the Boston Celtics win the N._B._A.. Finals in nineteen eighty six but a queen size mattress was only one hundred and sixty nine dollars though Larry Bird is no longer playing mattress firm is making sure the eighties are still represented during mattress firm's flashback sale you can save up to four hundred dollars on throwback deal suitable for the sleep hall of fame score and updated bed for a price in the past and start sleeping like one of the pros talk about your team if the ratings didn't get any better for the cowboys in U._S._A.. Today's power rankings the rival eagles are ranked as as the third best team in the League third yeah well Dallas is far behind them. Fifteen fifteen fifteen yeah they write that phillies lineup. We'll be bolstered by the return of Carson Wentz while the cowboys are a quote team prone into distraction deal with contract issues for key players and yeah. We just mentioned a few of those names Shannon. Do you agree with these rakings skill while this hard. This should be an indictment. Oh your quarterback didn't they didn't have it ranked seventeenth us as you say is. The most valuable position is the most important position in all a pro sports who you mean the athletic the day as this. Would you say oh. It's the most all but I mean you said they had him ranked seventeenth. What was the athletic okay okay good? He'd gone you. Tell me to quarterback if the most important position is the most valuable more important than a base is more important than the point going. Yes now about your quarterback please. Oh he helped him. He helped with the acquisition. They got D Jack. They believe Jackson on a d align got that rotation going again Jordan. How sign mile set drafting Mile San of great running back? I don't know if he's great but Penn State Nice Nice little because remember when they went to and won the Super Bowl. They had a great one two point J._J.. <hes> Lou gehrig Blunt Winnebago so now they're going to get back to that. <hes> steel guys Zakar got another big receiver out of Stanford. Skip got tied in any mentioned Alshon yet and I did I mention D._J.. A home run hit him busy. ooh I love what they're doing and they got it right. They got it right. You're this an indictment on your teams. This is an indictment on your team because let me ask you one simple question and I don't WanNa talk. I don't want to take any more time. I would ask you one simple question mhm if Aaron Rodgers was the quarterback the cowboys with that office with Zeke Elliott's with Amari Cooper. We'd be in big trouble. Where do you think they rated quarterback? I'm doing this all I'm saying. Did that every time you'll dot com what everybody sit here coach of and they always say the Zeke Zeke played has come out here late against both of them Zeke Zeke Zeke. We'll Mijo Hazel hard. <hes> Mike Turns your turn. I must say I love this. I don't like it. I love it. I say why eagles fly I say the higher the better just fly higher and higher with exit stations and rising go up into the stratosphere I want pressure mounting and mounting and mounting. I want disaster lurking right around the next corner because this team is the most likely to fall on its face. Is this year I got the cowboys. This is how I have it right now. The Eagles are easily the most overrated N._F._l.. Team in my cowboys have become the N._F._L.'s most underrated team and it just astounds me but it also makes me happy because because it will only motivate my team in it will only increase what do you call them expectations on those Eagle which fair to me for a quarter century. I think we've won the division two so let me get destroyed. I want to get this all in my head because it gets cloudy for me but I think if memory serves that my cowboys beat the Eagles twice last year. Is that right idea. I think that my cowboys get their all pro. uh-huh Center Travis Frederick back this year and I think Jason witness come back but maybe I missed that Jason Jason. I'm pretty sure we added Randall Cobb so we upgraded in the slot measly measly you love me and I'm pretty sure that Dak Prescott just is just got a whole off season with an Amari cooper that he's going to get for all sixteen games instead of just the final eight games in which my team and my a quarterback went seven and one in my quarterback had thirteen touchdowns only three interceptions because he finally had a number one go to receiver that he trusted in had real rapport with for the first time ever now he gets a whole off season with Amari Cooper and now I'm thinking wait a second. The Eagles vaulted all the way to third bolted faulted and we're still at fifteenth and let me get this straight yeah get eagles lost the magic man Nick Foles who had Chris Rind Bill to him in the eagles locker room a shrine crew feel bad for building. That's right he retired okay in so that leaves Your Guy Carson Wentz working for the first time without a net. There's no magic man to save him at the end of the years the last two years well Linda we don't we own our. I don't want the great. Can you without a why. Do you realize what could happen if you slip. We don't think about that and do you realize that your man alien just signed a new deal that gave him the most the most guaranteed money and all of the N._F._l.. A hundred and eight million guaranteed you WANNA talk about back -tations and you know what they thought it is up they mentioned in article. Wow Allowed the distraction the contract let me tell you why they put them at seventeen. You know why because there are two things down fifteen discount you quarterback seventy two days when you guys bayless in that's what it is your hair. I told her Your quarterback head coaching your quarterback pulling your downscale neighbors. I wish acting that's interesting that you like to say the album itself. I'll give Jordan Howard. He's pretty good. Is he going to change life in Philadelphia. We don't need to change my Mandy Jack to Sean Jackson. Has He ever been cowboy. Killer helped me out. He's played them. A whole bunch of Times is Chris Sixteen Toll Times. He's six and ten versus. My team never really gashed him for big had one big day at one hundred yard game but that was way back in two thousand ten would cut that when he let it go on the one yard line remember that Monday night game that was ancient history history and would you believe that does Shawn Jackson has lost his last five games to the Dallas cowboys. I don't know I and then it brings me back to my quarterback. Would you believe that my quarterback last year in one game against Philly at Gerry world in the fourth quarter and overtime he went seventeen of twenty for two hundred forty three yards just in the fourth quarter and overtime with three touchdowns and no interceptions think think about that to forty three and then then if we throw in the fourth quarter of the game that he beat Carson Wentz in Philadelphia that started the role in the second half of the season he he was a combined twenty four of twenty eight was Dak Prescott into to fourth quarters for three thirty one four touchdowns and no interceptions. I dare you to go find any division rival quarterback who had a better a two fourth quarters than Jack had against the third ranked Philadelphia Eagles helped me out here because that is off the charts sensational you realize he threw for three thirty one in two fourth quarters but what about the first second third or those two game who won those games and give you one interesting well. I don't know where everybody can see it but I'm telling you gather go look demarcus. Lawrence has shoulder surgery with data. He could miss the start of the season skip guys. Is it GonNa want their money. They just saw Alan hearns get could they put demand on the situation skip one week before training camp starts. Take a pay cut else so Zeke in my money. You're just making me laugh because all you daf on. All your ammo is Joe got distractions because you contract problems Baloney. We got no contract cow. They have not already what happens to the cowboy. You've got the contract problem because they gave him a hundred eight guaranteed and helped me up. How many how many playoff downs is Carson Wentz played and his life? How about zero it gets? What do you realize how tough those Philly fans? I know I've been to a bunch of games in Philly the problem. Okay not tough on the quarterback really no so. Do you realize what those Eagle Fans will do. The first time he throws a home interception Carson Wentz. They'll be thinking themselves. We let foles go. Let Oh my goodness. He finally threw a pick fifteenth. Any straight down with no intervention finally gave a what your man is in trouble in just for the record. I'm GonNa read again what the athletic had yesterday a couple of quotes from anonymous the first ones from defensive coordinator. I just about Carson Wentz. I I just don't know his ability to read it and have touch passes. I do not yet know if he has the touch in the field to ascend. I've told you that from day one about your guy and then the next quote comes from a coach who studied the eagles this off season said Oh he's damned good and he can run but he does not play with a calm to him yet. I keep telling you deer in headlights and now he's expected to lift that team up to third in the expected depicted limited number number one leading but they'll save but some of those same execs the same thing about your quarterback in one set about the the guy who set the all time record for the first three years of his career all time record of sixty six percent accuracy. What about what about big Bro that emits remember he shot Amari Cooper had wide open? What touchdowns wasn't supposed to go to overtime you? Remember that skip. I do a lot of touchdown passes. I'm did you say it's seven in one day head coach you quarterback wow. The anchor is running your name Shannon. You're in trouble. I'm just here. I'm going to tell you this and it's going to start happening Monday after Monday. After Monday. Come September September North Dakota skill that'll be North Dakota why he should be playing linebacker and cynical if they started at linebacker. I'd be a little nervous. I know you're not talking. You know the guy just better than your guy. It's okay hey it's okay you got trouble. Okay I love this is my team is going to be mission here. We Go Michelle to Moscow buddy that says pay me. That's all your bags saying he wants his money. Amari wants his money bobby. Jones won't money amid contracts. Someone else got an interesting one. Yesterday I had williamson already. Superstar will discuss all the latest appears. Zion Williamson wants to be like Mike is ionised sign a multi year deal with Jordan brand for reported seventy five million dollars the company Zarni put up billboards say kingdom come come Jordan said about his new client quote. He told us he would shock the world and asked us to believe him. We do Shannon. What do you think of this choice? It was his only to a skill Jordan in May the Nike Basketball Shoe is only right that he the Zion William the most height incoming players since Lebron James who happened to also be with Nike you'll scale before Michael Jordan it was converse com birth would shoot doctor oxygen had to call and if you had those in that's why Larry Bird and Magic Johnson or the cons in then he'll come Michael Jordan with that Rick that Red Black Ridge Red and black shoe red black and white issue it changed the landscape and from that point old by wanted to be like Mike and if you WanNa be like Mike get what you have to have you had to have nikes and Lebron NYC A._D.. Katie Jaanus and he won't values Gov. He wants to be that he skipped their look and reported that he turned down more money to go with Nike and Jordan brand as opposed to maybe going with Adidas Puma Puma woman a couple of Chinese yeah yeah asking me up. I mean look the all timeline score in the history basketball only when he wore NITA's but by a dike is still that a gap and I get it the money I mean I mean you look at Klay Thompson getting eight million nine million dollars a year from an and Leeming gave the D. Wade a bunch of money and instead of with with underarm and I get I get all that skip but if you that guy in g believes he's that guy. This was a no brainer to me him blowing out a shoe that meant nothing because he blew out a shoe that wasn't constructed for him. I mean he's wearing a Kyri are- urban Kerry is maybe a hundred seventy pounds and he all Paul George George but so he's going to have his shoes actually put Zion that we're staying two hundred and eighty pounds up and down up and down up and down so for me. This was a no brainer he it was almost like a foregone conclusion. He had to go there Bra. You Know Brian said that yet Zion probably turned down more more money than Lebron. He would've eclipse them with vital. There was a shoe company say Lebron. This is not the shoe contract money that we give but we'll give you ten million. If you don't talk to anybody did they tell him. Et probably did million judy. I'm GonNa give me but you can't talk about Lebron. SKIP seventeen years old coming from the sprees accurate would a single mom ten million tell you why does it always have to be about that guy. He's got you up. He woulda Clinton abroad. If heated went with unaccompanied Lebron's outside keeps trying to be relevant on I g with talk on Tuesday aged last night where you go you got to go. We might have Kinda Shave. We have we have a president. That clip was accommodate. Say WE'RE GONNA talk about tacos about we just do what we do gives us a little glimpse of his space Jam Jersey Okay little little little little Glen. Ah I'm not impressed but what do I know so back to Jimmy's original question. I believe that Jordan brand just got the steal of the century. This is a great choice by Zion because it will be a great fit for all involved and remember right now. I think you'd say Russell Westbrook. Maybe Chris Paul or kind of the faces of George Graham Probably Russ more than Chris. Zion is about to take over Jordan brand so he's actually going to have his own literal line of shoes that will be he'll be defaced right and again. He wanted to go with his idol. Who was Michael Jordan? Not Lebron which is interesting it was Jordan is still the same that'd be stop. It's okay well. He Lebron up in there but it's it's broken out into. This is a different brand and now the Zion brand is the Jordan brand. That's more impressive than just being one of the Nike. All been equal. Lebron probably should have said you know what made a bid for so you know what Zion I want you Lebron shoe we got we got a couple of hundred meter coupling meal on a male laying around somewhere we could badness park okay so when it comes to marketing we're going in a whole a new direction with Zion Williamson because preside on all the marketing is about street cred edge and you have to have a little bit anti hero in you lebrons Guy Little Anti hero in him he'll he curses openly okay and he's got some edge to him. Kobe had edge at the end of his career obviously and we can just go right down the line. Zaylon has no edge to him whatsoever. He's a lightning rod of joy and energy and and passion and sheer love of playing the game of basketball right. Isn't that what he just emanates Uzis love. George Mitchell bet did joy and pain which he plays the game. That's that's exactly right so I think a whole new generation of kids will buy Jordan Brands Zaylon sneakers because they're going to relate. They're going to gravitate to the new hero who is more role model more hero Ich. I hate to use that were hero but it's he's more hero wing than a lot who become who've come before him because he's pretty pure. I don't know what he is. I don't WANNA put him onto high of a pedestal but that's how he does he Kim but you know what Vegas Oh you skip the thing that really made the Jordan shoe is because Jordan had so many highlights to soaring through the air the dunking on people the up on the bed he was doing and you remember when he first got the leaks. GET MORE BIG O. J. The N._B._A.. Later outlawed you could we're that anymore but Zion will have a lot of highlight plays so he will be on many juicy that don't die such as did you see the bloodshot design on we had one quick highlight in the brief time he played in that we rift the ball out not Suzanne's and slammed slammed it so he will he will be every night he would do something he will make one play one talking about. Did you see Michael. Jordan jump shot no they were like. Did you see that guy walk through the reply every night. I heard I've never seen that exactly Ali Dunkin you remember he. He dumped on someone and somebody in the crowd won't you don't go somebody else is he. Gets the ball goals down and Dunks Marky. How about that? You know the market you put four Zion is going to have highlight highlight reel plays on a nightly basis and that's what we we like how because when you practice what you show highlights he they highlight reel waiting to happen is and I still say even though you said it's not a big deal that he blew out that shoe eh the fact that he did explode out of his shoe only makes him more marketable when it comes to selling sneakers and what did he do skip he blew out of Nike Shoe and then when he came back he had another Nike Shoe so it showed you he unconcerned and where he was going to get because if he like Nah I'm done he code. I know you with Nike in. I know Duke Duke. Men's basketball is a nike but I can't put that on. I'm one hundred million dollars walking and shoes do so with that told me everything I needed. Notes give you remember cohee started out what data's and then he's which by the way he did not do well with four Adidas. I should say guess what happened. When he came over to the Nike Mamba Mentality the Black Mamba and go okay desire all right just the beginning so we'll Zion be able to live up to all this it will not be easy? We're not yet my only concern his his health yet three hundred pounds whatever and it looked like he put on a couple of pounds through the circuit of all of his celebration picking up all the awards skip skip. Everybody knew he's going to be number one why it'd be to work out. We're GONNA have a what workout for who work out he did anybody. I'm going to be the one to Arizona where margin we're marching up design things on kingdom. Come okay the Kingdom will oh com. We've already got the King King. We're talking about king dumb. He got that he got that he got that. The king has been the king adipose by number two. I hate to say he did. That's what you got that right there. I'm GONNA need that. I will need that November December Christmas 'cause we got. We got some formal Christmas. We got some formal. I'll save this energy for the opening of space jam to grow right there. That look obviously going to be back. I wanted to get the the big screen about forty foot tall. It's interesting you bring up a number to skip quite Leonard Win over these guys at his press conference off day. Leonard will make his first official appearance as a clipper later today when he has his press conference right here in L._A.. E._S._P._N.. Surveyed Twenty execs and coaches and twelve of them picked Qui- as the best player in the N._B._A.. Honest. has finished a distant second and by the way Lebron got zero walked votes zero sting no there we're joined by senior N._B._A.. Insider Canes. You're going to be at that press conference later today looking yeah. I think he's got this special. Exclusive normally normally have carpet the media's COM special in by getting one on one right but clippers. They have to go back to this. Did they get this vote right Chris in your opinion look the way I was brought up the way I was raised. I gotTa tell this story real quick. If if there was somebody who was better at basketball the only way to prove it we play one on one. That was the only way to prove it so throughout games. You know you'll see somebody scoring thirty. The other person May scored twenty five and we knew those two of the top two but it was up for one game one on one to settle the debate and now we can't do that now in N._B._A.. But look the point. I'm making is that to me. Nobody has taken it from the Bron James Yet. That's that's my that's just my I 's my viewpoint. I not take anything away from Leonard Not taking anything away from him. What he did was unprecedented beat? The Golden State Warriors Squad major is not no Kevin Durant but what the the Lakers went through with the injuries. There was still a scenario where somebody came and just took it from the Bronx S._O.. Until that happens I still have to you know if I'm giving an order. I'm putting you know I'm putting Lebron up there. They got Katie and right there no disrespect but I'm still trust me out that the Brandon get one vote. It was collided. Jaanus James Harden did did the N._B._A.. Finals Beaten Habat warriors or is that that kind of convince everybody that caused the best. That's that's what I don't know so but that's just my viewpoint. I think you've gotta take it from him. We'll get to hold you. You skip was little he was. He's looking a little shocked. The result is that I think you coined this phrase prisoner of the moment and that's what these twenty coaches execs are prisoners of the moment because Hawaii is the last man standing while why won the title taking that were from wives unbelievable best two-way playing basketball. I believe either top three. I don't believe he's better than Lebron. I don't Lebron going prove it again now. The Warriors Katie played twelve minutes clay misses. The game gets injured in a game gets injured another game and it goes six game and live they win the title in now. All of a sudden quiet just is like he's overlooking the N._B._A.. He's looking down at everybody. Stop this stop this. This is not taking this not a shot at the quad not better than Lebron you know that and you actually all this the Lakers Lakers didn't he get one vote to be the conference champion not one. The Clippers got sixteen to nuggets to Jan the rockets. We got the best duo in all of basketball bar none the best the better players on the team currently better than what the link is going to try it out there on open. Is it onto now. They changed the rules. I think still need three of them defied that we tried out there. You know what I'm talking to you. You're laughing but you eat the words. Here's what I think about this poll. They got half of it right. Lebron deserves zero votes best player Lebron Lebron's last season vacated best player on the planet but I will agree with both of you number two did not seize control of best player on the planet all he proved to me in the playoffs was he was the luckiest player on the plan. He got lucky break after break after break after break starting with Joel embiid being hurt and sick and sick and hurt and hurt and sick and then he made the lucky shot in the history of the N._B._A.. Playoffs which bounced four times on the Rim from the corner which is impossible. It's still dropped but I gotta give it up. It happened but then Golden State didn't happen to all your points. It's just like here silver platter number two. It's yours it's meant to be I defy either of you to go back you. Probably you'd love to do this. Tear down the fourth quarters played by number two throughout the play offs and not the Orlando Series start with Philly Milwaukee Golden State. Go back and tear down the food quarters and tell me he's a closer because he's not a closer. I don't think lebrons closer either. The point is best player on the planet is still vacant as we speak and that's why I can't wait for next year to come because it is so wide open not only on the team front but on the best player front because James Harden has a chance to make his case with Russell Westbrook and Steph curry without Klay Thompson for maybe two thirds of the year he has a chance to restate. His case is the best player on the planet. Janas S. needs to really restate his case because he came up real you all the layoffs but here's the problem that I have Chris and you could win. Lebron won the title everybody keeps saying if if a dream on done suspended they win the title where people just talking about with Katie hitting the got hurt if clay tough ahead the guy I'm talking to why would win the title. He's the best player now argument. Oh your dream ahead of play by is over over ray-ban play game six and seven yeah but nobody says anything about K.. K. D. only playing twelve minutes and six games Klay Thompson missing the entire game tears A._C._l.. In game six I believe they're going to win if he doesn't get hurt and then they won the game that went I would hurt hamstring ovation fooled what's ronal. There's an anonymous quote in here from an N._B._A.. Executive when when asked to defend rank and number two number one he said did you see what just what happened. That was his defense well yeah we did exactly so. Did you see that's the question. Did you mystery anonymous if he Toronto would a healthy K. D. in the healthy Klay Thompson if number to pulled it off the bench player. He's the Best Lebron. I'm sorry but you gotta get to- step back. I remember I wasn't covering the lead downs in caused but I remember when the Miami Heat one it was Dwayne ways for Shamsher four six thinks here and it was a press conference a couple of days later after they won a championship a young the way shack on that team. Somebody asked Pat Riley. Have you ever seen anything so amazing like what Dewayne way at this age did did it during that finals and they beat the Pat Reilly didn't hold back. He was like yeah. Kinda did Magic Johnson. You know what I mean like Magic Johnson what he did for my my point. Is You know the prisoner at the moment tend to fall victim to that and I remember pat rise being as blunt as he can. He could easily just said No. I mean I haven't seen anything but no he kept a real pity and with this we have to keep it in the proper. Context of what Golden State was going through. I and I hate talking having these talking points because feel like were downgrading no he. He did what he had to do and skip you could call it a lucky side about south. The fact of the matter is the ball mall with you. WanNa put out there that you know anybody top player. Look look skip. There are down years. There are up years but even in those years they're still a top player. <hes> give me a top player right now. Skip Kim number one play you gotta give me one. He vacated he went twenty eight and twenty seven in the Games. He started for the Lakers last year. That's not best player on the planet. We'll give me give me one probably Oh. My Guy got hurt Katie well he. He is and he was in again. I can't defend it right now because he's out for a whole year so it makes it wide open. Nobody's had a chance to state their case so I can't tell you the best is this. I gotta see it unfold filming a movie right now yeah. He's getting shots at five this morning. He was the biggest below taco Tuesday waves on the side did a lot of cheese. Do you need to stop hating look. This is not the taking moving away from quiet moment. He's going to have another moment today. He's going to get into the clippers press conference but skill. We gotTa Stop This so oh. Let's start this. I said on Monday show told you yesterday when we were in each other in the hall felt like Saturday night was number two's coming out party because he an uncle Dennis decided. Let's just go to the PACU. I'll fight and we want position a we want Ringside T._v.. Row like boom where you're constantly on camera the whole twelve rounds that would have never happened when he was playing for my eighteen the spurs in fact. I talked to a high ranking official yesterday. You said what got into him and again no no disrespect to. Maybe maybe he's going to show you starting today. More of the real personality is not at all. He's Oh oh he's feeling the smell of themselves would be far. I wish I'd seen more of that. In San Antonio we will they all drift right now going Worley over Sir Lebron come with family water and putting this ain't but once you invite that spotlight you have to live up spotlight and he's never had to do that before I still think his personality trait I still think it might be a situation and where the media spotlight is going to have to adjust to how subdued he is met. Maybe that maybe he'll be there. He was it was it was a clip. I'll probably see now. I think it was at Nickelodeon like that. He was trying to walk. I can get away from the cameras and you walk into Green. copulate broad is why you came up saying he's GonNa Rocco carpet but he'll stop it for pictures. He stopping doc for pictures today because they need him to come out. Maybe maybe but I I think it's probably going to be a lot more like I was. I was telling somebody back in the green room is that it's going to be the pressure is going to be on the reporters asking the question because just just based off of how is I don't know that he's going to be that forthcoming up. The right questions aren't asked and this is a press conference setting. It's not like it's one on one strike. I can just give a follow up you get a question. He says he says what he says as they move on then I have another question and remember he's up to a Paul George as well along with doc rivers and everybody else. Do you think they're all going to be seated. I guess I think they will that will help him. He'll be buffered. That's the way suits dress rule commanded. I'll take a picture I did this. This is a new he's an L._A.. That's what I'm saying new or the old guy who just never decide to show so why co why some say if you see you've got home time. Hollywood is going to have to adjust the coup. Why not the other way round where they probably? They prompted a helicopter because he got that big place down in Rancho San Diego so you got a helicopter Zibanejad promised him everything Eh oh yeah no problem everyday Lakers Lakers then we can make enough from play by the rules play makers enter episode. You know you get that kind. Of what are you gonNa tell. You got that kind of the room but that's okay I I wouldn't know I am eager to see what number two has to say today and also to you and your little session with him. I'm excited to hear your question. After that's an interesting dynamics reveal more how uncle Dennis that's wow that's great to hear me on the dais that today's he can be sitting up there next all all he'll be but he he speaks for number two. He rode up yeah but he did tell me that he said Co.. I sent me over to remind you. His name is usually well. I'll tell you to take a while to come over here to skip. The huskies skipped have his entourage. Dennis is not a peon. I think he is the commander of the I don't talk into meteors now told you got a bunch of C skip who I absolutely nothing to do. Even though you got a big a big little bits we might have another pre limb aren't going to be back later in and speaking of that fight. What are the jets is floyd and manny actually bite again? We'll discuss back to floyd mayweather and many pack Yo there might be a rematch which but for now we have their tension filled exchange on social media. Yesterday they have been busy floyd started off on instagram saying quote this man's entire legacy and career has been built off its association with my name ultimately. I will always always have the last laugh. Manny followed that up tweeting. If you want to be relevant again may pack to then Floyd posted quote I beat you mentally physically and financially remember you fight because you have to fight when I want to and then this morning and he called Floyd Counterfeit Money Twitter Shannon. I want you to give this fight of happening. Eighty five percent because it just makes too much sense financially Florida's a simple guy. If it makes dollars it makes sense and this could make a lot of dollars manny show that he's still a very very good fighter his last couple of fights he's kind of reminded us of the old man you paquito not the old manny Pacquiao but the old manny pack and and obviously there's a number that's going to have to to entice floyd to come out of retirement into risk fifty and I believe that the starting point is probably a quarter of a meal and then you're probably gonNA approach to seventy five. Maybe even three hundred a million and I do believe Lord would step in the ring. People want to see Floyd Kit beat out skip out which I can give it to you. Play that people they love Floyd. They love to see floyd box but that's not what it is. People WanNa see just like Mike Tyson Buster Douglas. I know a lot of people like watching that fight but I watched it and I got an opportunity Mike Tyson the first defeat I saw Mike Tyson get knocked out. People want to have that on their resume. I remember where I was when I saw Floyd Mayweather get beat for the very first time and this is what would drive this fight. This is what will have another you know three four five million dollar pay per view buys because they want to see Floyd Gabby but guess what it does get to go too fast well. He's not a fast world wound but I still believe he fast. He also might be too smart to take this fight because I'm going to go. I'm <music>. I'M GONNA go much higher than you. I'm going to go ninety five percents that had happened but I'm going to hold out five percent that floyd just comes to his senses and says you know what I don't want to give up my legacy to go in there and lose a fight to to that guy who is desperate at forty to stay in the peak of shape new. He looked like manny to meet look like he was in. Maybe the best shape of his career that's he looked so cut in lean in quick and strong. I was just surprised by the quickness because I thought Keith Thurman had fairly quick hand and he made Keith Thurman looked like he was in slow motion throwing punches okay so thermal with a much bigger may remember floyd into the fight sat ringside drank it all in in he's High Q.. I mean we're talking sky highest boxing. I Q I think there's ever been you can make cases for other sugar Ray Leonard. Obviously it would be right there with them but it's okay. This guy knows what's happening and he is processing. He is computing in his computer brain. Oh and he did leave before the verdict was announced. The judge's decision came. He probably got on the phone so he left a bit Al Al Hayman how much we can get this year yep three fifty three fifty well. I'll tell you what remember as I pointed out yesterday. There's right now a void in hand to hand combat. Yes fight right if you have seen boxing. There's there's not that mega fight on the horizon. This would be a mega fight even though obviously Xlii we all wish you would have happened for real ten years ago fifteen years ago in yet when it did happen May the second twenty fifteen it was not a fair fight because manny had torn his rotator cuff three weeks before while sparring manny seriously seriously thought about just postponing the fight but manny needed the money he gives his money away to a fault floyd can spin to a fault and I'm going to reread the quote that I got from boxing insider. He's been around for a long time time. This was two nights ago. He said Floyd spinned rate has to leave him needing a fight. He may not want deep down his better. Judgment might be saying not not now not that guy not this place like this is wrong time wrong place. There's not a whole lot of people in the history of the world that's ever been able to turn down three hundred million dollars that is true and when you're talking about a guy that he does what he does. He fights and to get this type of payday in one given night. Talk about some athletes don't make three top athletes. Some don't make three hundred million a lifetime and we're talking about that. If it goes twelve round for thirty six million that's what the I mean he may to twenty five thirty a gift pack you out. He may what seventy five to eighty against connor in another two fifty three hundred okay and then he just say for the sake apartment he lose. What would what would the trilogy be worth okay so you're telling me that I'm right down three hundred and fifty million? That's one two three four five six seven zero. Does it takes seven Zeros. You're telling me those seven Zeros would be worth more to floyd than that one zero at the end of fifty and I believe he can beat me. I don't believe we can beat me. This guy can beat him. I don't believe this guy will wreak revenge. This is more driven at forty than floyd is at forty two and at some point father time's GonNa start catching up with floyd to do you understand what T._b.. East dance book the Best Ever Abba <hes> oh. I thought it was just T B. Tom Brady T._v.. Dabbagh okay we're bundles yeah. That's a long time ago hadn't fought for. What do you keep telling me to do that? Opponent Bartolo so really you gotta go back way back Burr twenty fifteen bull Connor McGregor your county Conor McGregor. I don't owe you it was I was due orb. Okay you want to win it back. I lost a thousand dollars per month to we'll have pop on before this fight the he'll probably get him. He's going to get him no younger. Many look lethal the other night and again. I'm going to reiterate what Freddie Roach told us that neither the fight may second they both file paperwork to get pain killing injections in Las Vegas with the Nevada State Athletic Commission in and what happened Floyd was granted. Manny was not granted so floyd has chronically sore hands which is always an issue or just brittle hands and he needs to inject both of them so he can't feel the pain during the fight is just like that chronic. It's nagging nagging pain. Yes it's not that acute pain so he got the two injections and his hands but when it came time to manny get one in the shoulder torn his rotator cuff which by the way needed surgery the next day from Neil L. Troshev <music> survey right here in Los Angeles Joel there you go so that proof was in that pudding that will give what tell him to file paperwork for his but <HES> but they'll need to be numb because we're GONNA put Bush thin it really yes oh i. I think that's in the within the room we can't kick not literally figuratively speaking okay speak literally. Speaking Floyd is going to be on his back. When in this fight ends because for the first time ever? I believe that manny is on a mission to Keio Floyd Mayweather Junior hanes came up with is the out he's going to get in because the the eyes are getting Floyd's Floyd's is are getting slower and slower his hands reflexes this debate. What's always man is no? I don't think so you know he likes to Dr in and out and we got time to time. Dot Hey calm time. They fought three times. He just got bored concentrated in a second. That's all that happened. What did they do? Did you see what Floyd did the marquess what whitewashing okay they around you. GotTa let it be the rainy three times and Marquess is really good and guess what we're GonNa fight mainly three times in do 'em all three times and make a quick bill flow about to make a billion dollars on three three times because if you beat him the next time there's not going to be at third you. The third time will not gonNA that. Nobody would buy the third one if it just gets again. I'm going to push hard for this. This has to take place at Gerry Earl Madison Square Garden or I don't care the way it make it it rumble in the jungle. There's no Wales cannot swim in Dallas the Whale Swimming Vegas you know those big guys. I don't know there are a lot of Wales in Dallas. They come to give nobody vegas. The way of whales don't normally go watch football games well short and gamble gambling that in Dallas skip working. I put a million dollars on the blackjack table or BACCARAT. We're can affair fight to vegas yeah yeah so nobody posted last night that he's the boss of Banney patio will. He's the boss of Vegas. I'll give you what you make it like you make it seem like Florida's literally fighting in his backyard literally knows always does he runs the town and he runs the judges psychologically because they let him run for twelve rounds. I'm going to say it again. I still think manny with one arm couldn't throw a right after the fourth round won that fight because because I was taught and I covered a whole lot of boxing from early age on from in my early twenties I thing the masters all taught me was the aggressor wins. The round was manny not the aggressor the whole fight. That's why Evanger Holyfield said right after the fight back he won the fight skip. If you rumble somebody in you bark do all that barking and they pop shot you in the eight he won no you didn't you got box dropbox hitting. You just got out run in Vegas. Biggest Floyd just runs for twelve rounds in the judges. Say you want to go. He walks in. We we dancing. You follow me in pop pop. I'm over here up up. That's what we do with what we do. See you want us to get into the old school the Joe Frazier Muhammad Ali you will those the Hagler hearns. You won't knock out I went to Thrilla in Manila. That would be a good idea. How about in Manila hello? How `bout you floyd so tough? Why didn't he go to Manila and fight man? You know that's not skilled. Floyd doesn't fight like that. Why would why would why would all of a sudden? I got the fifty no doing it this way. Why would I change up to a piece? Someone that greater much graphic greatly increases my chances of losing what would I do that you do on stand to get aggressive skill. You GotTa throw punches in when you throw punches. Guess what's open. You'll chain man. He's got a strong chair. I don't care even been put down the phone that we know we watched Saturday night. He took three or four shots. That would have put some lesser humans down but we thought we saw conor McGregor. Hit floor would have straight up a cut. They didn't fee walk through. We saw Shane Mosely hit him blush on the chance gift yeah. We've never seen a ploy. Get hit any flushing. I agree I agree with both of those assessments but floyd is now forty two and he just they can't take a point to like that now. It's forty two. I'm is now I see this. I think Vegas though because I as fair to go to Manila we can't go to Jerry where we go to Dallas and the Vegas. We can't go to Dallas. Why not just doesn't have that the Vegas but what about how floyd could gloat after IBM and Jerry were? I've met a neutral site that neutral site right. Let's have a fair fight. It'll be fair yeah you got eight ounce gloves. I got I got on the square is the same for both the boom. I get to inject my whole body with painkillers. You don't Yukio fate <hes>. How about this for a debate? I think we're GONNA be talking a lot about who is the best team in L._A.. Lakers or clippers don't know about these. We'll discuss the Lakers have at one more roster spot and according according to E._S._p._N.. They're saving it for Andre Igwe Dala. The former finals M._v._p.. Could be bought out by the Grizzlies which would allow him to sign with L._A.. And speaking of L._A.. E._S._p._N. surveyed twenty execs and coaches and thirteen picked quite Leonard Heard Anfal Georgia's Clippers to win the title while the Lakers <hes> they got zero votes joined once again by Hanes who is better right now clippers or Lakers I well let me say this but this is this the best dynamic duo on the league and they can't get evolve even not God but I'll say this. I gotTA agree with them. On the clippers I gotta look look look look at the resume that they have outside of Qua- Vadym quiet mantras herald over their best six man Yup History Lou Williams they have they have a winning nucleus over there already then you add in effect you add into the top ten players and the league already so just from that standpoint already got ta five. That's I'm getting. I'M GONNA get to that okay so just from that already you gotta give the clippers the not just for that. They have a lot of players on that squad already who have formed a winning nucleus now with the Lakers. We saw the season that they had. They still got guys that don't know how to win. Greatest Anthony Davis is he hasn't won anything. Thank then the roster around them. The whole roster around him are pieces that look okay but we don't know if we're going to fit now all that being said I do think the Lakers should have at least one or two votes to to win the Conference Championship leadership because I put them one into the West myself right but if we're talking about just those two teams I got to give a not to doc rivers and those clippers you see Anthony Davis had won anything. Can someone tell me what Paula George One <hes> rhetorical one anti carry teams to conference finals prior to him hitting the game winning shots it okay okay see the only time he was hitting buzzer-beating gatorade commercials now all of a sudden Paul Wall power jar with the ball because I'll give it away. I missed I missed. It was every conversation last year. Of course my guy was leaving conversation till he got hurt when he leaves behind Jay. Jay Hardheaded J. Hard at thirty five. What do you want to score like forty six three gay? We get full of distance between us but we got Rondo Rondo won anything pretty yeah. We got boogie. You don't believe Boogie going to be better than what he won last year a year being healthy they'll stick to the winning formula. So you said one anything boogie. Okay Okay Book Okay Montreal. They were pretty good. We know you talk about winning. They beat the warriors at full strain own Oracle. Oh ice in the first Toronto sports run OBI Golden State in the final according to you that was without without we've seen teams teams. The Rock is two years ago took three games off in order to beat the Golden State help. You gotta take four off. I'll just say look I get it look you Air Paul George you add a bay well coach from top basically from top to bottom mm-hmm bear well organized but coaches did think about this player league and we got to atop the old Iraq so quick question back for you you mentioned these players Lebron James and Kyle Kuzma look Lorn Rondo and Boogie in what are those. I'll leave him out of this but what are those four that we just mentioned. What do they have in common? None of them play much. If any defense none of them and the clippers can draw this line of death across the half court line every night feature and Patrick Beverley in the middle and those two two way guys out on the wings long to weigh six eight gun Baracuda Maritime. I just want to know who to God is going all deal with eighty. Go deal with these big zoo to the eagles by the cage you you think he can deal with the mission. Skill you know what he was ranked top five rim protectors last year level stats. I'm just telling you what I read your choice. You can have big or you can have a D- which one you take you defense or I tell you what I'll do. Chris Paul George Anthony Davis Who's taking twenty seven general managers <hes> with what you won't you won't Paul George you gotta go with eighty and that's the you know what I see what to be Kawais hot. He he will hot boy. We win it right now to we really did a great thing. I get it Lebron. He didn't make the plan for the first time in fourteen years. Lebron team didn't make the playoffs and we will go poop who we've number twenty seven eight and if you don't have the same impact your bayless I talked to somebody I cannot name dog and the people in the San Antonio Organization last night who was making this point. You said you know we just had David Robinson. Pre Tim Duncan. We were winning fifty something games. David Robinson is our focal. Yes in the same person said you know when I was in New Orleans that they couldn't win fifty something games because us. He couldn't lift that whole franchise the way David Robinson lifted are in the same kind of player. You know you'd think they would have equal impact. Something has always been myths missing and Anthony Davis. I've told you that for the three years we've I've worked together and I do think it's a great fit for Anthony be complementary star to Lebron but Lebron is starting to have to battle with father time as well as the opposition giral okay. We better take vibration brainy dose being did you but you say okay. You wouldn't fit the Game David Robinson which didn't win until you got that big six ten superstar from wake forest then over so hello you pair that guy with this guy and guess what you get guys passed his noise Nazir's ooh passed the prime. He's not that Guy Smack Dab in the middle really right now but I can play no defense got embarrassing. I I saw cal Coosa push him in so what would you seek out put him into that. They WANNA give Miami big over the half thirty eight thirty point DOT COM Kuzina push him into a twenty the eight twenty seven record and gained a soda sold it Lonzo Ball Ingram's exact concern. I'll have a dean this reason why a big reason why his team's New Orleans weren't able to advance as far his injury history yeah there is a lot. That's that's a concern. That's serve those two right that we tell Maekawa quals GONNA sit out some games because the no management Sergio Superman ever since it's fun minor cleanups always mine and when somebody else I think he had minor motion. That'd be workup students off that you know you you got. You still got pieces over there. He's still got pieces over there. I don't know if they can fit Rondo is good as won the list. He's a winner does his skill set fit eighty heads bet you Rondo remember. They've got Portland and vote but the Brown was on team. Seen Lebron was the ball go to what can you imagine picket role as the pick and roll last year and that was the veil now now we gotta pick and pop the the three mid range. Get to the bucket yeah so. Are you really saying that. The Lakers are a better team from top to bottom the clippers right now as we speak you know what I will say this if they sign iggy that could level that playing field because it still got game we will allow us to do it'll say Lebron minute from having to guard Paul George and so that's what they'll do. A guy that played in big on the big stage taken made bigshots in he still premier defender now the question. You have to manage manage him because he's getting up there in age so you're gonNA have to take a couple of shots at his age when when he was a warrior but I'm saying <hes> for do what he was doing you had someone has taken on the score Louis L. K. d. you had clay so he was a pro. You can sit back again six but he can give you quality minutes on the Kenny. Give was that we're not asking them to go. I didn't get a fifty like he was in Philly dollars. Value is not Guana fruit has Talia was not shown until the play all right okay so the regular season you gotta get through it so it would be great for Lebron to have iggy is a teammate so that iggy can't guard Lebron anymore because he can really guard they put us putting clamp on him in clutch taking the ball right out of his sixty we gave the triple double is in a game five six at forty one sixty one game at forty one eleven the game but I don't know how many times down the stretch of those crucial playoff games those last couple of years to dig to say. I'm GonNa just take that ball right out of your hands says <hes> you know what does I agree Yep. Can you imagine I'm not going to get in his back before with you. Let's let's talk about one thing where he talked about. We're talking about the players. Who Has the Coaching Event Coaching Chris Komo now? Oh It's obviously Frank Vogel the Laura to see organization start with bomber as you go this Jerry West Ruffling. I've already said it cobol Steve Gear with spray dot river okay got it. take screen day k. plea chris good stuff i can't wait to hear how the press conference go today we're going to switch gears is ezekiel with your elliott not the most important cowboy go right at you we'll discuss zeke elliott is ranked as the eighth best running back heading into the season while that is according to pro football focus zeke led the league in rushing last year and had nine total touchdowns but there are still seven backs ahead of him on the list the article said quote it's hard to overlook the fact that his production is in large part thanks to the offense that dallas has has built around him but we're joined by fox n._f._l. analyst mark chalerm with <hes> mark are you surprised that low yeah i think it's ridiculous that he's i think you make it very compelling argument that he could be number one he's in the top three i think there's i think like i may an eighties freak like i love the eighties i love alternative bands from the eighties and i used to listen to this one band called the waterboy and they had a are the water boys and they had a line in one of their songs that i see the crescent crescent but you see the whole of the moon and i think when you start to look at running backs and you start to look at football it's so easy to get so focused on fantasy stuff that we don't see the whole picture when you face the dallas cowboys as defense there is one dude you're trying to stop there's one guy that you're looking at that zeke elliott like you see if we have to stop this offense we're gonna say hey quarterback you beat us but that dude ain't beaten us like we're not gonna let that guy beat us when you face the green bay packers aaron jones god bless him he's a really nice running back he's ahead zeke elliot when you face the green bay packers just trying to stop aaron rodgers not aaron jones he's he's a secondary player like melvin gordon melton gordon nice player he's played sixteen games one time in his career he's last year was the first year you ever averaged over three point nine yards per carry he had fifty catches zeke had seventy seven and when it comes blitz pickup there's none better in the in the league in blitz picket than zeke like to have him bat low on this list just says to me you guys you guys see crescent i you know i'm looking at the whole the moon i'm looking to complete picture you don't see what you're talking about are you don't i know what you're talking about when it comes to the running back we we do we break it down like that denver broncos though we we just stay we build team that won super bowl we understand the value of the running back i like this guy this guy is a great player i like this rating to me is is is borderline ridiculous i was shocked as well stink and that's what i said if you wanna have him second to saquon okay i get it christian mccaffrey is on the field says he's christian mccaffrey spent about ninety percent of the time but christian mccaffrey had almost one hundred your carries the z. <hes> for that workload in when they get the lead in the game guilty given the ball to when they when the opposing hold on defense in the cowboys off his trying to feel i nap they got guys in the box because i refuse to let twenty one get going get he's an old school back he's not a make you miss guy he can't make you myth like alvin kamara he's not gonna shake they both quit christian mccaffrey swing passed out the first guy not bringing him down saquon to be as big if he hears he has really lose you could make you miss it he had homerun ability that's not what ezekiel zeke rose contact so he's an old school heave a nine he's running back but you know what skip he gonna play fifteen games you can play sixteen if you need him and he's going to give you three yards three yards and a cloud of dust but to say he's the eighth best bat no disrespect to any of these but there are no way they're seven guys on this list better than zeke elliott no way so i like eighties music also but i don't live in the past like enough you guys have missed the boat in the point everything changed mid-season when dallas acquired amari cooper and my quarterback finally the first time in his n._f._l. career had a legit number one that he trusted and had reporter with and they took off from that moment for they went seven and one because defenses started to say oh aw we better concentrate on stopping number four throwing to amari cooper before we worry about ezekiel elliott and i'm definitely not saying zeke is overrated but i'm just telling you my quarterback is more valuable than my running back and always has been and my quarterback can make some of the more key crucial runs in games because he is highly capable at about two hundred and fifty pounds of running through around and over people as my i running back just runs through people and the reason they downgrade them is to your point he can't make anybody miss as he did as a rookie but slowly but surely he turned into pure battering ram and i don't love his is longevity possibilities because of the way he runs i love my number twenty one on third and one because he will run through a brick wall he will make his own wall you'll knock a hole in right in it's all body auty lean and physicality and that is my you know this is where i get an argument with people about what the running game is the running game to me is not empty yours i look at this list there's a lot of guys that compile empty yards why because it's third down and six they pop a draw the guy goes for thirty two yards and the end of the game you got a big rushing total and people like oh my goodness that's like this guy gets his yardage why people are as shannon said eight-man boxes trying to defend him the like that's that's the number one goto i hope i hope you're right i hope it becomes about daqing i hope it comes about about cooper and i hope i hope those things happen because i'd like to see him get some empty yards but here's my definition of the running game on third down onto when everybody in the building shannon i played on a team where you know second down and one how a lot of teams will throw it in the air and say hey let's go see if we can attack him and get a big play you don't we said let's go ahead and mosh pit these dudes and where these dudes out to see what we can a growing the week we do yeah we're about to build it you had a battering ram running back this they've john elway's career is right this running back gets yards when everybody everybody in the building knows or handing it to twenty one that to me is definitely running on the play of the year for my cowboys at the coliseum on that fade k. but it's fourth and one from the rams thirty five i play of the fourth quarter and it's a one on score game and the coaches say they have the whole commercial break to decide let's just give it to twenty one up the middle and he went nowhere slow should that should be an indictment on your quarterback because they don't have the confidence that they can put it in his hands a._m. camp he should have put it in his belly and pulled it right back out and we can all agree that this raking of eight overall is is ridiculous it's probably a little low going to get the gist of it they're saying he can't make you miss he's not an efficient back like chimeras because american catch eeking gash you so many ways but he's getting he's getting a lot of those chunk place you get you get him in space that's not what zeke zeke is a pure run of a running back that can catch the ball these other guys get or this new wave guy that can get your ninety catches a hundred catches we saw saquon over two thousand yards of the rookie which doesn't happen in total yards from scrimmage from a rookie running back he did that these look there's no disrespect to any of these guys on here but there's no way that there are seven guys on this list that's better than that if you put to any general manager in football thirty two and said okay here you you get you can have nolan gordon no disrespect melvin board or zeke elliot thirty two hundred thirty two we'll take zeke elliott right now okay that's yours i said here he's four zeke is is i will give you that but my point is that right now jerry jones is looking at these third level numbers and thinking gee do i want to commit five more years to to this guy because i don't know i wouldn't commit i wouldn't commit to anybody hey the way the structure of the way the last collective bargaining agreement especially for first rounders the fifth round option you run into the ground and then get rid of them they're going to be there don't anyhow that's the issue because pittsburgh tried to do i'll pick up your auction and then i got franchise got you have my number for seven years so the nine electoral dude i'm going on vacation so i just want to point out one last time that my quarterback in the two biggest games of the year against the philadelphia eagles the defending super bowl champ within the division the two games that my team beat the eagles in my quarterback in two and fourth quarters in one overtime went twenty four twenty eight for three thirty one four touchdowns and no interceptions how could that be because they weren't run the ball in the fourth quarter and overtime the way they usually run the ball they were throwing the football skew my guy what is more valuable than zeke is the thing when you have what made it so successful for three from ninety six to ninety eight the reason why you were hard for you to beat us we had teeny back there but we had a caliphate quarterback so pick your port what what you want you want to stack the but you really want to go one on one with sharp you won't rod that what you won't you won't give my used to beg y'all please stop t._d. so weak throw the ball because the stop and we just go just lineup run it stop uh-huh typically tell them we'd run into john elway won a single super bowl if t._d. hadn't fallen out of heaven in the sixth round yes right woody no i don't i don't know i know that we got to do here's here's the deal with this is not this is not a discussion on who's more valuable i i'm a i'm a dak prescott fan i think dak prescott compla- i think he's an old soul and i think he's a really good outstanding and growing quarterback but this is a discussion on whereas zeke elliott lined up in on this on this list were kamera saquon barkley christian mccaffrey melvin gordon todd gurley kareem hunt and aaron jones is ahead of him that that to me is a garbage rbis list i'll i'll accept that but cannot discount my quarterback skip what made the quarterback so much more dynamic is that if you stack the box he had a guy outside but they were still stuck in the locks because remember the last three games he has seventy dollars total coupet that would job since you are we talking about here looking at that mixing them that yep you gotta believe zeke is happy ellen herds that's not gonna help i'm going forgiven get my mark thank you get paid that getting money so jalen ramsey had a very interesting training camp this morning trust us you wanna see it ah feeling ramsey said back in june that he won't be getting a contract extension from the jaguars well that will probably explain his grand entrance to camp today just sit back listen enjoy this this may cover so good so good at jail david bowie could be a single twenty four lockdown if you take your he got eight minutes to roxie knocked out workman walkman pay what an entrance and this morning jalen tweeted strictly for your entertainment your welcome uh shannon how do you think tom coughlin will react to that those kamkoff no nonsense type of guy tom coughlin says if you five minutes early you're late he's a military regimented you show up and you pick up truck or whatever car you drive and be ready to go to work he's not amused by this but they got bigger fish to fry because they still have jalen ramsey on the contract for this year and another year they better worry about in god quick 'cause he's holding out and remember they traded dante vowel fowler last year to the rams and he wanted the better pass rushes they cut maliki jackson so they better make sure -cause callejas can't do it all by himself glen campbell the big d. tackle so they got bigger fish to fry than what jalen ramsey show but i have no problem with this i think like you said it was four years but i just hate that jacksonville have you been no one got an opportunity to witness that i believe tom coughlin will find zero humoring i do believe jalen ramsey is jimmy just pointed out he just tweeted what he tweeted because he knew he needed to soften softened the blow a little bit like loops i might have gone a little too far so strictly for your entertainment you're welcome tom's not saying you're welcomed right in i just want to point out even though again this is a collective bargaining getting issue but jalen still stuck on that rookie contract and he's only supposed to make three point six million this year it's thirteen point seven next year but he has the two more years before he can hit free agent right so what happened he made two pro bowls also in seventeen news first team all pro but what happened to his team last year it went from the fourth quarter of the a._f._c. championship game in new england when it led twenty to ten obviously lost that game but it went all the way from there to five have an eleven last year and i know you're down on pro football focus rankings now but last year off last year pro football focus ranked jalen the fortieth best cornerback obviously he's not but that was just in his production last year he had by his standards and off year so this will fall on deaf ears upstairs that he's saying i gotta bring struck you i'm back it up and you gotta pay me my money well what i think they're going to pay him is i i believe i'm said this now for a couple of months i think the tom kaufman will soon look to trade jalen ramsey because i think he's close to that production tolerance issue where he's becoming more trouble than he's worth because remember how last year started he it was a big he's just like odell ethan every every quarterback he took them all on and it probably wasn't the smartest thing he's ever done no he gets full of himself and he it's like entertainment value to part with the heightened up his own quarterback who's the worst of the quarterback that ethan was bad he took shots at every everyone art undo that except tom in he's becoming the odell of cornerbacks right so tom coughlin having dealt with odell and tried to look the other way away with odell when he probably should have pulled him from the carolina game remember that i just think it's to the point where he's going to say i'm going to auction him off to the highest bidder just the way the giants auctioned off odell and if he can get first rounder can you tell me you could definitely get because he was the fifth overall pick but if you could get a i in a second round or i and a third you're going to do that because you're going to let the other team figure out how to pay jalen ramsey well you better get these guys because they're loading up they're paying these topped the de'andre hopkins the hooghly a._b._c.'s you better get somebody to cover and he's a guy that that will step up to the challenging you're gonna win some you lose somebody at the very short memory and to play on that island you must have short memories get guy really good yeah yeah coach confident knowing the little bit i know about him he's strictly business he caught him in one year the pro bowl i'm like dude i'm not on your team here all these rules do this and do business just just in that experience i think jalen ramsey just entertained his way right out of jacksonville and maybe that's good for you might have to come in do me like that really really every might not even be sitting in the shettima really what did you hear what ha ha said at the very end he said the man the myth will maybe he's a myth right or is that apply to all time really really talking about the way to go thank thank you i'll stick to the introductions you're welcome should skip and all the cowboys fans finally forget about the dez catch i liked this cyber final topic of the day remember this play back in two thousand fifteen the ref said dez did not make the catch former head of officiating and now our colleague dean dean blandino said cowboys fans still yell at him on twitter call the layers skip i heard that cowboys fans finally let it go i will never ever ever let this go because i get sicker and sicker every time i see it that was a oh catch dez caught it he ran to strides with it he shifted into his dominant hand his left hand and he slammed it like a running back would on the goal line and the ref raised his arms touchdown it's catch they should have won the game they should have gone on to seattle where they were beaten seattle superbowl here they came no thank you blandino go it was the right call based on the rules two time skill that nobody dimensions aaron rodgers march right down the field is starting kneeling the ball down on the twenty eight yard land so guess what green bay would go go in either kick a field goal or get a down and beat you bomb heine wayne was devastated ripped their heart sounds like it would have been over if if if that touchdown stands we're going to seattle where we had one in the regular season eh rogers march the ball down the field is

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