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Johnny show john kobylt and ken chiampou. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Welcome everybody to another edition of this A day after a san bernardino county sheriff's deputy was shot and killed after a high-speed chase. We have the breaking news from about three hours ago. Bit of firefighter shot at a fire station inaugural dulcie. This is northeast of santa clarita. If you're not familiar with the territory and covering the story for kfi news. Chris ancarlo so let's get him on to give us all we know now. There is a news conference in about an hour. Yeah guys into at that news conference. We expect to learn a lot more in terms of the exact time line. What we know is that the shots were fired at about ten fifty five that according to la county fire on twitter a little bit earlier But we don't know whether or not that was protracted or whether that was an acute we also don't force for sure no we haven't had it confirmed in terms of the number of people that were involved in the number of people that ended up shot right now working with the The idea of two people one person who has been confirmed to have been killed and another person who From what we understand was was shot and then flown down to the the male hospital in down in santa clarita Or newhall in so the other part of the stories that we've got a separate seen on an acting and that's part of the reason i think we haven't really heard a lot of information about this is because that's still a scene that they're trying to wrap up we've got a house fire you've got You know the sheriff special enforcement bureau down there. Their version of swab trying to secure the scene. Of course the firefighters not moving into a scene like that especially given what we saw up in san jose last week and so you have these two different scenes playing out in a couple of different ways. And i think From the county perspective and law enforcement and fire. They've been waiting for that other scene to start to settle down before they can get more information confirmed and then talk to the media about specifically what happened and then of course we talked to the public. And you're getting your information so far from where really it's it's been a combination of a few little Trickles coming out from l. a. County fire and from law enforcement And then of course. The the death was confirmed. Probably about nine minutes ten minutes ago. Supervisor hilda's lees tweeted out that Basically a grieving tweet for the family of the firefighter who was killed saying that flags would be flown at half staff so that that was the first official confirmation that we had that there was a fatality involved. Here other than that. It had been sources coming through the saying You know it looks like there's a fatality but not anything that officially came from a government source so to speak And so what we see right now just to kind of give you a lay of the land on sierra highway which is The road that really kind of gain runs the spine along the high desert up into the mountains. Back down the newhall pass and down below where we are about a quarter mile to a third of a mile from where. Chp is blocked off. The road is where fire station eighty-one sits it's a kind of a little culvert and throughout the last hour and a half two hours seen a number of sheriff's department vehicles l. a. county fire vehicles. Kind of moving in and out. There was at one point it was. It was a moment of interest for me. But i i don't know if there's much to read into it but yet a ambulance fire engine and a smaller fire truck. Kind of move out in convoy with their lights on but no sirens than that we haven't much action here and again i think. Part of that is because the investigators around seeing wrapping up. You know anything they can pull together here while also taking care of the fact that if there is a fatality that You have a body here. Which would partially explain why we are so far away. On both sides of this specific scene is the home still burning and or are they doing something about that. I am not on that scene. I've been trying to follow it from where i'm at right now from what i understand. The bomb squad has has shown up there as well The flames from what i understand. had been tapering off for a while and it was just a wisp of smoke but honestly i mean you guys probably have a view of a of a helicopter. That's looking down. There may be able to to show you a little bit more than what i've been able to glean from friends that are down there. In from twitter. channel seven has reports. A man's body was seen in a pool at the home. But nobody knows if that's suspect. Yeah it's something that i can't confirm with a With a ten foot pole. Just because stationed steve. Still there i know he was doing reports from the fire scene You know i again. Respond to everything down a bit more. All right we'll talk to you later. Yup sounds good. Hi kristin carlo. Kfi news yeah. I mean if you stitch together reports from various sources some are already describing this as a disgruntled firefighter. Who went into this fire. Station in agra dulcie an open fire killing one and injuring another. That may not pan out in the hours to come. it hits the reports. Were getting trust. No information for about a year in fact used to have a three day rule. Now you did why. It's a year after the after this chinese story. It's now a year. Yeah well some of the tabloids dive right in. I'm reading the daily mail. This man then drove ten miles to his home for. He barricaded himself inside. Set the property on fire shot himself and his body's been found floating in a described as a water feature on the burning pro water feature water feature channel seven called it a lap pool channel seven. I was watching them too. They interviewed a man. They're acting who thinks that he knows who the person is that lived in the house. It might be the shooter. But he would only say that because he goes well the properties out here are far apart. I kept one hundred percents which ones burden there but if it is the home i think it is. I have little run in with that guy not only said he did a homeless registered to a forty five year. Old california man. It's unclear whether or not though that is the person that lives there owns the property or it could be the person who owns it as renting it out to someone else right right because but it does say. The owner is a veteran firefighter. Police have not confirmed that. And we don't know if he's grunfeld older disgruntled and this theme of disgruntled employees returning to a workplace to take vengeance continues. We saw last week in san jose. It seems like every single day. This is the story and didn't want the shooter's recently. I was at the san jose shooter. He also put his house on fire. I think he did right the guy last week. The shooter did set his home on fire. I think so. They're all the new thing that they're doing and i then he killed himself. I know that. I can't even separate all these shootings in my memory anymore. I really don't. I know just so many of them there too. Similar rates like Pissed off a bunch of grinches goes in his his co workers and your maybe kills himself. Maybe sets fire to his house. It's just over and over and over again you've become desensitized to i have become desensitized. That's terrible didn't you read the story that ghana gun purchasing boomed last your big time in that country. Yeah drove people. Oh yeah and then. Probably the defeat of trump among those supporters know. There's a whole nations had a nervous breakdown. Tender for ways and start ending. The country needs like that slap in the face. Snap out of it s mac. There's a lot of jobs available. Go get one go back. To work stopped. I mean drives is a horrible story for the firefighter and his family. We don't have any idea. We may find out a little more next hour. Although i kind of doubt that since the story is only three hours old. But that's what we know from official sources. Which would be chris. Ancarlo and the john and ken unofficial source. It looks like they're still trying to put out the fire if channel. Five a live picture. And there's the the buildings pretty burnt out. There is a fire in the middle of it. There's smoke coming up. And i just saw the helicopter doing a dump. They work there waiting for air support because nobody was to go in there because it might be booby traps. So you don't wanna take care of this from the air. That's burning for a while and see if they're gonna show the pool in the backyard there if somebody said voters said there's a body covered up in the yard or in the pool. I guess that's probably the shooter. All right We'll have more obviously as the show progresses and then we'll cover this news conference after three o'clock more coming up. John and ken show. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt. Ken chiampou kfi am six. Forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. will be returning to the horrible world of the homeless after two thirty. What a story in the also go two times over the weekend. That one of the homeless guys that was camped out at echo park lake and then that whole thing got cleared out to be cleaned up a couple of months ago. It just reopened. Last week. Decided he was going to try a new encampment in griffith park believing that he had the backing of the local council person for that area. And that's our friend again nick rahman anyway. We'll talk about the story because it's unbelievable and again he can go to any park and set up villages people to shoot up drugs and defecate and start fires. That's what this guy thinks he. He was put on earth to do and this nitya rahman is backing backing them up. What i swear. I got go to griffith park now. If rahman has her way the thing will be burned down in gone by the end of summer. When the way i read that story that nifty rahman is trying to have it both ways. That's what's really dangerous about her because they're trying to make it look like support the homeless. But i don't wanna go that far. But i don't wanna she wants all the filth but she skipped screen day all day long exact so she's got her you know. Her belief system is that people ought to do drugs and defecate and street and the parks. That's your belief system because she's one of those Democratic socialists right. So she's about undermining our civilized way of life however everybody in the world is screaming her now and she can't take we'll run through the story coming up after the news to thirty and again for those of you just tuning in. We're expecting around three o'clock a news conference to update us on what has happened earlier today. Just before eleven. Am somebody walked into a fire station inaugural saying opened fire and so far from what we understand. One firefighter dead another wounded. We don't know that person's condition and then although reports not confirmed the shooter went back to a place in acton and probably took his own life while burning down the home there in acton so all of well maybe some questions will be answered coming up after three o'clock. The other thing that happened just yesterday in san bernardino county was the shooting. Death of an a. county. Deputy he was actually a sergeant by the name of dominant vodka. Forty three when you look at this story by the way i can remember it and it wasn't too many years ago when something like this happened. It was big really sad news but it kind of got buried this morning because there's so much focus now all the woke stuff. yeah now. it's hard to even filter through the news anymore with rich radio or tv. Actually i turned on a radio. Newscasts over the weekend was all woke news. Honest to god. That's the way. I felt this morning to a couple newscast. It's like all woke all the time. And then there's all this crazy stuff going on especially in the city and the state and there's nothing not not a whiff of it just this thing this group this injustice this activist spokesman blah blah blah blah. And then the stuff. That's affecting real people suddenly i. Nothing's happening anymore. Right and you know what struck me about. Fifteen years ago on this show. We recovering attempts to rein in public employee pension. Remember that that drive. You have done it a lot but we run deep into it because they were ballot measures that we're going to do something about it. And one of the reasons that the ballot measures lost is because they were commercials that were running about the widows of police officers and how this could affect them and apparently was very effective. And i remember thinking at the time. Yeah maybe we're being too harsh. There are times when these guys can be killed. But you and i are acting like for most police officers. That doesn't happen. Some never even fired their all their years job and so i heard the story this morning. I'm like but this is. This guy did die and all he was doing was doing a traffic stop. He sees a motorcycle without a plate. So he decides to put over the motorcyclists drives off. This is in yucca valley. He ends up ditching his bike in the desert and running off. So the cops thinking you've seen this a million times on tv right when a guy runs a neighborhood to chase him down and cuff them right instead. He position himself for an ambush and he opened fire. And he killed this officer. dominic vodka. I mean that poor guy goes to work yesterday. Probably not expecting some evil person like this to be out there and all because he didn't have plates clearly probably go and by the way they killed him he got involved in the shootout. They killed the shooter. I don't have his name yet. I don't have as criminal record. It's probably a good bet that this guy had a reason for not wanting to pull over because he had no license plate on the motorcycle you might have thought that they were after him for something more series. And where does that lead us. Oh yeah when you release all these bad guys into society. They're going to be out there on the streets and they're going to be a danger wherever they are. I just saw a story in orange county. Where a guy killed an older man and this was another one who just got released recently and another assault case salt with a weapon case he was on the streets and and then he killed an old guy just the other day down in orange county. Well they've let us what. I'm reminded every time it is these guys they've been they've led out thousands of feldman's many of them fallon's who have guns they have guns whether they have a legal right to them or not and wonder Because you see in chases what they'll do is they'll hang back behind the guy even if they have to chase them for three or four hours and then there's a whole collection of cop cars and they strategically surround wherever the guy decides to stop or if he stops and runs into a building Because you always have to assume you got a crazy guy with a gun. And so when when when i saw case like this i'm thinking well now what what's the normal protocol here. Do you chase guy in a desert all by yourself because you don't know if he has a gun and then and then he could win. He could shoot you so i went. Sounds like he was accompanied. Says the deputies approach the motorcycle not realizing they were walking into an ambush right. So i don't think he was alone when they were approaching. But i imagine it took caution but you're right but wins the kind of nut balls. That are out there at wendy. You take the precaution that he he might have a gun and not go rushing in their. What i i don't understand because sometimes it seems to hang back and sometimes they they run up like this and i always thought i mean i think you should always assume one of these guys gun and is willing to shoot. Yeah that's what they normally do. The next i get out of the car and then lie flat on the ground with his arms wide and stuff so before they get any closer like last week with that guy who shot the little boy in the car right. You have to assume every crazy person has a gun now because there's hundreds of millions of guns out there and they've let out thousands and thousands of felons violent felons. So you see somebody doing something screwy. Odds are pretty high that this guy. This guy is armed and is willing to use it. I don't know. I don't know what the what the protocols are on that stuff i. It's a story. That's titled evicted from echo park. He wanted to bring a homeless camp griffith park. Things got messy. Where do you hear about this guy next. John and ken show john kobylt. Ken chiampou john and ken chiampou. Kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app right again. Coming up at around three o'clock we're expecting a news conference from an la county fire department With some more detail about what unfolded about three and a half hours ago and agua dulce. That's northeast of santa clarita. Someone went into a fire station there and opened fire killing one firefighter and wounding another then. Apparently driving off to a home in and that was set on fire and it is believed that that person probably own life and is dead on the property. The house was burning. What they're working on putting it out. We'll see what else we find out at three o'clock. If that comes off as expected at that time here the john and ken show right back to the world of the vagrants and john and i both notice the story over the weekend in the el segundo times special by david. Zanna sir zonta assir. One of their staff writers evicted from echo park. He wanted to bring a homeless camp to griffith park. Things got messy this. we covered. What happened in echo park link intensely a few months ago they finally decided after more than two hundred tents and a lot of waste material to close it down for a cleanup day through everybody out. I can't emphasize enough that that these disgusting people created thirty five tons of trash and about seven hundred pounds of human waste that had yet to decay thirty five tons of trash seventy thousand pounds of trash that they're ends the debate that nobody wants to hear anything else that is so disgusting and so gross and they had. What was it like thirty forty pounds. A needles yes. So don't you just hit the road get out of here. I don't wanna hear anything coming out of your yap about this. All this stuff passed close and be cleaned out and throw these guys in jail after one of the last holdouts at echo park lake is a guy by the name of raymond ahmed he and a few others decided to go over griffith park and set up a new camp griffith park which was the scene of a horrible fire back in two thousand and seven. It's a high fire danger. It also happens to be in the council district of a woman by the name of nitya. Rahman now i'm is acting like he got permission. Or he was told by representatives in romans office that yeah go and camp there of course. They're denying that but park rangers. Said you can't stay here and eventually arrested a group of these homeless people and went further by saying that apparently robbins office seem to interfere with their efforts to get these homeless people at a very high fire. Danger zone in griffith park. Of course she did because these people like baden rahman they don't care if people's homes burned they don't care if entire neighborhoods burn l. For all the animals burned to death at the griffith park zoo. They don't care. They're on a higher mission with god to give these homeless people their right to defecate in the street that seems to be their north northstar right now by gavin newsom marshall mcclain's president of the los angeles airport peace officers association. That's the union that represents the park rangers. And he said one of nifty rahman's. Aides interfered with the work of park rangers to clear out that encampment. One of the people. There's two of them worth quoting here. Besides amid caleb crowder is an activist who was also arrested that night. He tried to tell the rangers. The cdc says you should leave encampments and place during covid. Nineteen housing options are not available. Thanks dr fauci. This brings us to something. Called ground game los angeles and the quote of the article which comes from somebody named bill. Pris- lucky ground games executive director i. He says homeless people should not be arrested for simply setting up tents and parks and many ads. If an outreach worker has offered a shelter better a hotel room the homeless should have the right to say no and stay where they are see. That's what we're dealing with. The offer is being shelter not a voucher but housing then unequivocally yes they should be allowed to stay in the park said. Should i think that's a polish name. Joe lucky because you could try it. It's pr z. Y. yeah that's a jew. Sound shoe you. Yeah so jill. Lucky people here. I think for all right but the thing is he smokes out their real agenda here. If there isn't a house for all seventy thousand homeless in the county that means seventy thousand homes that not shelter right not a bad not attempt right now in a parking lot not even what bond offering claw they could because permanent supportive housing even some of the most restrictive court decisions had just said. Hey it's a bed which means it could be a better to shelter. This is where we are now over his fight but the thing the thing is this is a complete wack job and he's part of this extended group that wants to ruin our way of life because the next thing is there at the same time. This crowd is working on. Rezoning your neighborhood so they have to build apartment buildings right right. Your neighbor sells out. Developer comes in puts up an apartment building. Well what's next after that. Oh affordable housing for the homeless in that apartment building. And now you've got thirty guys defecating on your front lawn and they're your neighbors across the street and this. This is really where they're headed. I'm just watching. These would seemingly unrelated stories or not unrelated. they're all part of the same movement ear which is to destroy suburban life. It's immoral to them. We had this same fight. The one you just described them with rehab homes in people's neighborhoods. Remember that years ago. Yeah with the drug addicts and there was all these companies were enticing drug addicts from all around the country to come to the beaches of orange county and live in a nice home in a nice neighborhood and we'll take care of you instead. They ripped off. Most insurance money ran out. They dumped him in the street story a lot yet. Most of them are criminal operations. Now i guess the homeless don't even go to those anymore. They just go straight venice beach bright or they go to echo park lake or because look you've got bonded and rahman the practically advertising around the world coming here. We won't bother you. And then you have these whack-job advocates who i'd love to see the funding for this for this group Ground game. how are they getting their money. And what are the salaries of the people involved like this guys. You lookie. how much is he making. And he can stand there. All arrogant pompous sag. Well event is in housing. Then they should be allowed to stay in the part both sheltered voucher. it's gotta be housing. How much how does your lucky. What's a salary as you making this way. I want to know because i wonder is part. The whole complex the indus- only hoped faked on profits are getting millions of dollars in grants. And this guy's getting six figure salary. I don't know but i want though there's one more person to talk about in this story. This is a good one. Tampa the yellows tampa yellow says a field manager for elliot city. Councilwoman nitya ramat. Jesse zwick a spokes hole for rahman said no one. The council office suggested it would be okay for homeless people to sleep in griffith park but he did confirm that this tampa yellows asked rangers not to make arrests well. The head of the park rangers union. I mentioned before. Marshall mclean said. He believed rahman staffers blurred the lines between their duties and the activism of this group called ground game which by the way supports the abolition of lapd statelessness filing show. That yellow suit served last year as chief executive of ground game. How about that and now. She's a staffer. Diptheria robbins office. You see the connection. eli see. The activists have now infiltrated the city. Council she co hosted and field director she also co hosted an episode of the ground game video production called night discussing discussing police brutality. The defunding the police movement and the international use of the acronym. Aca all cops bastards. don't they know acronyms racists. We learned a few months six same. I know he can. And then yellows said the police suck here and they suck in latin america so she is some of the times makes the distinction. She wasn't employed by the city at the time. She made that comment. So get up all right because she doesn't have those thoughts now actually. She's cleaning she's having slate she's not trying to implement that policy is she now. The thing is because griffith park is covered by the park rangers. They don't have to answer to nitya rahman nitya rahman and bonded push around. Lapd because lapd has a terrible leader. This michael moore. He's really weak. And he lets the council people push the cops around so in bonn and rahman call the local precincts. Hey don't arrest the people in in the park. Police listen right but the park rangers. that's a separate organization. Give a fig what nitya rahman asked to say. They're not going to let the park burned-out and that's what mclean says if you have somebody with that mentality working in a position in la city council members office. What do you think that's gonna mean who sired that person going to take and that is. The plan plan is together infiltrate infiltrate on the inside. They have infiltrated neighborhood councils. They have infiltrated the city council. Now they've infiltrated the staffs at city hall. That's why they allow this to go on and that's why they don't respond to your complaints. This is by design. This isn't an accident. this isn't just apathy this is activism. it's in disguise. But i'm sure yellows is not the only person with one of these radical anarchy groups to get inside government. Yeah yeah she's now right inside there. She's got this year not that that woman was already out there on the homeless. But if you're revenue found out with the los feeless gang encampment right. She's a social democrat. She's not a regular democrat. she's a social democrat. So she's way out on the french and these people are about abolishing prisons abolishing the police letting the homeless run free ruining suburban neighborhoods. They say it on their websites. Go look it up. And some of them are funded by our tax money. Where do you think are prop h h h h. Money is going to these. Fake nonprofit groups were making big salaries and then they leave. They leave the organization and they go work inside at city hall. We got more coming up. John and ken. Kfi john and ken show john kobylt and ken. Chiampou kfi am six forty. Why everywhere on the iheartradio app expecting a news conference to start around. Three o'clock annoys happen on time. We'll see this concerns to the apparent shooting. Death of an la county firefighter. In a fire station and agra adults northeast of santa clarita and reports that the shooter then drove off to a home in acton. Set it on fire and killed himself. That's the best information we have now. It was also fire. Fire wounded in that shooting at the firehouse. Some reports are that it was a disgruntled firefighter either. Current or past. We don't know we'll see what happens. Stay tuned to kfi. For all the latest. Chris ancarlo end steve gregory story. And you'll get more details as soon as we get them. This story in n. P. r. standing for national public radio dealing with the cost of homeless housing in la. What we're talking about as tense in a parking lot. This is kind of bonds idea. The main theme of the story is two thousand. Six hundred dollars per per month too high and most people in this story said you could probably find that apartment for that money. You're putting these people in a tent. Which brings us to a nonprofit to keep an eye on. We've been talking a lot on the show about the homeless industrial complex. I don't know a lot about urban alchemy. But that is the nonprofit. That's running this campsite. Which apparently is close to downtown los angeles and it's called the first city sanctioned camp ground it's beside the one on one freeway in east hollywood to give you an idea. Seventy tents twelve by twelve foot spots marked by white squares painted on the asphalt and the debate in this story is is are we spending too much for tents and a parking lot it might be able to find them something like a real apartment. Well two thousand six hundred sixty three dollars per tent per month that is higher than what a typical one bedroom apartment reds. Four in the city. Yes the response from alchemy as but that includes meals sanitation staffing right. Got all this overhead guys -partment. We wouldn't get. How much do we owe these people. Ellery thing why. Why do we owe them all of that. We owe them all these meals. And what are the services exactly. Is that the free drugs. No i thought it was Counseling mental health job. Counseling counts what percent ridge on taking the part of urban alchemy. Fast food restaurant. Over the weekend and i saw they had a basket with applications. There's plenty of jobs out there. Walk into the fast food. Burger joint picked up that application. Fill it out. They're going to hire you in five minutes whenever the story takes a twist right near the end after the debate whether or not it's too much money just for attempted a parking lot a job post guy who is running for mayor kind of defended and you know why he defends it. He says it's one of the ways that we can enforce the anti laws near you go. You got some place in the parking lot you get meals sanitation security and then one of the activists in the says ono. This can't be the place. I'll say you now going to criminalise. Who turned down the tent. You see how it changes you. Give him the tents are not good enough not good. It's an endless game because again. If you solve the problem who would lose yourself that who loses all the middlemen lose all the nonprofits who are taking tax money. They are not nonprofits. I'm never going to use that word anymore. they're profiting these people are making good salaries. And this also i take issue with this idea that Whereas sky courting and what pages that. Because there's there's the it's near the end. I don't have pages. I just have a whole. I'm looking out of seattle. Okay right near the. Yeah he said. La city council member. Joe bus guy ain't no says enforcement as part of the point because this this campground is accommodating seventy tents seventy tents we have seventy thousand people sleeping in the streets here in la county seventy thousand so this handles one one thousand of the problem. Where are you gonna find sixty nine thousand nine hundred and thirty other tents to lay out in the camp where we're gonna find where you gonna take over all the parking lots you can find. Yeah we're gonna find another thousand parking. Lots the lay in the tents well. I thought the pandemic empty lot of office buildings are going to take those over or actually. Today i saw the story. And maybe they're at all the abandoned shopping malls and shopping centers. Oh yeah we're trying to get somebody on about that story. At in city council members been Tracking the attempts to take local housing jurisdiction away from like local city councils so they can turn over shopping. Centers balls right to housing. Yeah so look at Oh my god. There's a nearly abandoned shopping center just around the block from me. Oh yeah just go. They used to be probably. You have homeless people to them to the vet center. They should half mile away. They can put like a bottom in there. There's there's really only a bank and report that no. That's what's going to happen though. I i just thought of this. It's like wait a second. We have one of these places used to be about twenty businesses. they're eighteen of the twenty year gone. I won't all nother story. I've heard we'll see what happens. We're expecting this news conference over the shooting at the fire station and agua dulcie which cost the life of la county firefighter in injured. At least one other will stand by for that. John and ken show debra mark has the news. Kfi am six forty.

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