The Kist & Solak Show #87: Jordan Howard Is Okay & That's Okay


Kissed copy that listening again Benjamin so Lang. It's the kissed Solex show presented pine SP nation and bleeding great nation. You are flying high on the kissed and so lack show this episode. Eighty seven brought to you by the five books SP nation and bleeding green nation. I am your host Michael kissed. You can follow my work at bleeding, greenish dot com. Follow me on Twitter at Michael kissed NFL. That's K I S T as always joined by the best dog on co host in the game, Mr. eight year streak without a bad day. He is Benjamin so lack while his work at the draft network dot com. Also, follow him on Twitter at Benjamin Solex. That's SOL AK. Ben. I think you've got some news forests from since we last spoke on the podcast what's going on in your world. How you doing brother notice anything different about me? I really hope that sounds different. If it doesn't have to be so of set I was thinking that I would just talking to fake voice for the whole rest of our podcasting existence. This is the new Mike I haven't Mike, but I was just gonna be like Hello like, this is how I've always been manhood, like, you know, no, no fool everyone. But now I got myself in new Mike which. I wanted to get myself a new Mike after the first time ever recorded with Mike which was like two thousand and sixteen. Oh, wow. Been doing this for a while. You also some personal news too. I mean, that's kind of what I'm graduations on the mind we buy while. Now, if you're awful come into say this get it seem like it matters less than my mic such big talking about the mic before the show. And so you were like personal news. Not right that personnel. It's really professional news. But I thought it was just the continued conversation. Now, I can't say this now because it's awful it. So mean, okay, I it today's Friday, I got engaged Hugo, Mike. I did I am. So very happy about that. That's the most important thing. That's happened to me recently by the mile. No. Very she. Listen, this you listen to the very lucky happy, man. And she is a kind forgiving and understanding woman who will take this in stride. Like the champion that she is sucked tremendously better be to be with you at this point of good this. Cancel your plans. Kids your legs. All busy looking venues and figuring out cookie tables that shows missed this completely now that she was a regular listener of the podcast. Anyway, she's totally, you know, no sports family sports agnostic, which he works in local news in Michigan. And obviously both Michigan. Michigan state are in the tournament actually of last night. Michigan's no longer in the tournament. Go tech guns up. And so she very proudly told me like last week. She was like, I know everything there was no about basketball. Now. I was like do you? Really? Yes. And then she explained to me how tournaments eating works and how conference championships works and how you win Cup championship in the seating goes and how to build the brackets where the teams play. I said, I'm so glad you know, everything about basketball one question. What's a pick and roll? And there was no answer to that. So it questionable whether or not she knows everything there is to know about basketball. It seems that everything that was not on the eleven pm newscast. She doesn't know how basketball, but now I'm very happy. And I appreciate you saying the Michael thank you. Yes. I want to congratulate you on that. It's. It's been awhile come in. I can be happier for you. Some other personal news for the eagles. You don't know. Personal news means. Barely you. Don't do I. But no one none of the gas personal news is okay. So professional news for the eagles. They've got a new bay as well. Maybe not to the extent that Ben does. But look the eagles have traded for Jordan Howard. Of course, we had the BGN radio reaction show to that be Jan radio forty three. Make sure you go back and listen to that one. So they covered a lot of things so Jordan Howard from the Chicago Bears. The eagles Sunday two thousand twenty six round pick that can become a two thousand twenty fifth round pick if certain if certain while pull it together tiger, this is a professional podcast. Michaels. God the good lease shows gonna be off the rentals. So look it's likely tact to playing time as far as that pick. Goes it goes from six to fifth wold, no more on that soon. Hopefully, some notes on Howard. A fun fact even over the past three years Howard is second in templates yard runs with Seventy-nine behind only Ezekiel Elliott with ninety five in pro football focuses allusive nece rating. Here's the bad news source to come in. He was fourteenth into thousand sixteen forty eighth in two thousand seventeen fifty ninth in two thousand eighteen his breakway percentage which measures how much of his production comes on runs of over fifteen yards or more takes a similar dip. This is kind of what I was talking about on Twitter last night in terms of Howard. I really pounded the table for him coming out of Indiana a loved his rookie season. I thought he was solid in sophomore campaign. And then last year he struggled and impart. He struggled because the offensive line, which is important context in two thousand eighteen for the bears ranked in the late twenties and just about every. Run blocking category per football outsiders, but he also struggled because he isn't really like a creator. He's more of a reliable decision maker gets to his landmark makes the correct read gets vertical doesn't really dance around in the backfield liked that aspect, but after that it really all depends on how well the defense executes on the run fits, and they're fills the going back to the positive side of the coin has protection a big bugaboo for the eagles backs last year. Howard had eighty three pass blocking snaps only two pressures allowed. That's the least for any back with over thirty pass blocking sap. So he was extremely capable in that area. Which is a good thing for us. Ben overall, when I saw the trade, I thought the value is right in terms of draft capital. The bears were obviously very willing to move on from him and look at different options and increased recons roll. The eagles are a good fit scheme wise to say I'm excited is a stretch. Yeah. I've followed Howard very closely over the years and know what he's capable of. But there are clear. Limitations on. Film that keep me from throwing parade. But overall, this is a solid issue to the backfield. Ben, how did you feel about the trade? Yes. So obviously, I had my impression of Howard eagles traded for him gone through a healthy portion of tape. I wanna get one or two more games in both seeing enough to know that he's just just Joe Jordan Howard. He's just Jordan Howard. And there's not much on his film. That's exciting. And that's not always bad. You know what I mean? Like Jordan Howard regularly goes where he supposed to go so already when those small would goodbye forever, right like, and that's that's the nature of the eagles running back room last year. Big, you know, Jordan Howard going where he's supposed to go means. He has already equal on the level of court commend Darren sproles as runners before like we've gotten to line of scrimmage in terms of what you've got off from Josh out what you got from window Smallwood. So there's that Jordan Howard lacks allusive traits. He's not a high tackle breaker, despite the fact that he's big powerful. He's much more likely to run through guy and get four yards instead of three three instead of. Two than he is to power over a guy keep his feet and keep going. And that's the thing is that Howard is a, you know, a six one two hundred twenty five back who runs a little bit upright. And so his contact balance. Isn't you know, what they always to twenty pounds? He can be taken down by safeties and corners decently regularly. He breaks tackles from corners. Absolutely. But safe these taken down with pretty notable regularity. Howard is not have a high degree contact balance. So he finishes Ron's. He can put his nose down and drive a pile. When like, you know, a defensive tackle trying to make that half arm tackle on him like your half engaged with the lion half. Tackling. How're can take him a ride for two or three yards? And that's good. That's objectively good. But that's the best. You're gonna see in terms of Howard getting more than what's blocked for him. I was ripping through Howard's ten plus yard runs from this year. And really you'd be hard pressed to find a single one where Howard breaks any contact before he hits the third level. And so all our is of runs it's because of the blocking before him now again doing good job hitting the holes. He has some Bill. Eighty to press the line of scrimmage to manipulate blockers. Well, it's hit or miss depending on the concept. He's good on vertical styles stuff wide zone. And traps. Some of the best place that I saw him run and those are place that Philadelphia's getting gift from him. When I say why zone specifically I'm talking about the ability to cut wide zone backup field Howard's not going to be following the wide zone track outside the way Jay Ajayi would. And that's an important thing to bring up Howard may take the Ajayi role being the primary ball carrier. But I cannot emphasize this enough charlatans believe JJ, Jordan Howard or similar players. It's not it's just not the case Ajayi and Howard can run similar concepts and have some similar traits, but aja is athleticism and ability to break tackles made him a remarkably different player than Jordan Howard, number one. He's just more dynamic. He's a better runner when the balls in his hand. He's more dangerous. He produces better number two on like Howard aja doesn't stupid stuff in the backyard. So nice because he has the athletic ability. Things can get away with it versus Howard very much. Just stick to the script player. And that's another part of the problem. Howard really struggles against penetration when things blow up in his primary. Read is in trouble Howard runs directly into contact a lot. He's kind of bright bulldoze put your head down. You can get don't get upset sort of runner. So again, a lot of stuff there that isn't bad. It isn't wrong. Like, it's very hard to poke clips for the article writing on him because so many of them are just vanilla. But there's very little that he brings that gets you excited. So you really like if Jordan Howard is gonna be a big part of the eagles offense number one. You don't really want it to big part of the eagles offense. This is a guy who was over twenty touches only four times during the season for Chicago. And I think that that you see that number get even lower. He was only over fifteen touches seven times for the for cargo. I think fifteen is likely you want have his ceiling for the eagles. You really wanna see him spelled by Darren sproles or a player of that caliber. You know, what I mean if rose, obviously? I don't know if he's still mulling retirement if he's definitely back for next year. Whatever it is the situation was sprawls. You really wanna see Howard spelled by more dynamic option. And that space is absolutely there. I do not think that trading two thousand twenty six that could become a fifth should lead. Anybody to believe that the eagles are interested in Howard as a twenty plus touchback in primary ball carrier. You know what? I mean. The only way that six becomes a fifth is if he does well enough to be worth. Anyway, you know what I mean? So like is really very low low investment, and you should expect eagles to still be by committee and to still be looking for more dynamic options as receiving threats Anna's just runners because Howard might be a good thunder may be good hammer. He's gonna be helpful and goal line situations. But he is really not a runner that threats defense at we're gonna talk about somebody that could be his lightning to his thunder in his second year. But I wanted to touch on something that you said looking for a different receiving threat. I mentioned the pass, bro. So you can leave him in in certain concepts. And he can execute pass pro stuff in whatnot. You look at his receiving stats this. This guy is nothing, but a check down option and has always been that including going back to his college days. You're one in the NFL twenty nine receptions, twenty three receptions after that twenty receptions, never averaged more than twenty yards per game as receiver in the NFL. So he's not going to give you much in that regard. You might think off the film like, hey, you know, big dude, he can Ron Gill. Steam behind him. Sounds great swing pass target the lack of tackle breaking ability baseline allusive nece or the ability to lower your break tackle, just really hampers. Mike sign for Jordan Howard, implicit a low low cap on his ceiling. He doesn't break tackles Naheed. He was more successful tackle break in previous seasons. The maybe in the want to wasn't there under nag he felt like to Rico was taking his job change of sceneries can be better tackle tackle-breaking is a relatively sticky in terms yards crate after contact generally pretty predictive. But obviously he can get better obviously player his power you expect to break more tackles. I think he will break more tackles. Into nineteen twenty eighteen but just his his lack of allusive traits is damning, do we have anybody on the roster right now that you're looking at oh interesting question, Michael as recieving threat. I would like to formally announce to give people asked I've spent a lot of time. Michael a lot of tough hard time talking with myself talking with my loved ones talking with my microphone, and my fiance in that order apparently. Speaking to professionals and looking inward just taking time to reflect and I'm pleased to announce that I've moved on from the now palm free. Oh, and by Marie gone from the Nope, I'm free. I mean to say the first time I see him catcher pass in training camp. I will be fully back on his train. But right now, I moved onto. Nope. Humphry because Mike found love I have found someone who treats me better somebody who's more reliable somebody who I can trust to be there. When the going gets tough somebody who will not be hamstrung by the smallest things, boss. It's baby. The bus got. Let's go bus got Boston, Scott. I liked Boston. Scott coming out of Louisiana tech. Tony seventeen. I like the fact that the eagles added him. I like the fact that they immediately got returner looks out of him when he was added to the roster stolen from the saints practice squad at the end of twenty eighteen Boston Scott is is Darren sproles mold of player. He's a Tariq Cohen modal player. Obviously, you know. That's that's kinda the Howards been spelled by Tariq Cohen player. Before it was to recall it. So I think that Boston Scott has a very clear role here if Darren sproles retires. I do still believe like a healthy pump free is a good player. Have never seen an NFL healthy denote Humphry now his frame cannot handle one hundred seventy pounds will then screw it. Like, you know, you guys gambling in the NFL. I still think healthy pumpers good player. I still think that Pomfret sky both avenues to this roster. Especially of sproles doesn't come back. But Scott is the player that excites me in that. He's not the no pun free. And it feels fresh in new nets. The main reason so Ben has found new love in multiple areas of his lights. Great, mike. I say. So before we go to break here. Let's talk about another player that the eagles have brought on to this roster. Recently. They've talked about it on BGN radio. I think we've touched on before as well. But Anderson day ho the safety from the Minnesota. Vikings comes to the eagles on a one year one point three million dollar contract, filling the Corey Graham roll not the Chris Maragos role. I believe that's very very important distinction to make because he's much better than Chris Maragos ever was who is you know, my feelings on on Chris Pappas areas alcohol spillage does that preclude the eagles from taking a safety early. Now that the third safety rule is filled. Even though, you know, the they got two guys now starting to get up there in age in that safety room. They could be looking to add some youth and add some versatility some guys that they've brought in and we'll we'll start to talk about some of these official visits here. But official visit Virginia safety one Thornhill. Official visit Maryland safety, Darnell savage. My guy, I am really high on savage a love this, man. And then the other official visit of course, we already talked about was garnered Johnson's that's all of them round one round two guys. So they are looking at high value safeties. These are all guys that I value within day to for. Sure Thornhill, I think is my lowest ranked out of them, and I would take him for three fifty seven no problem whatsoever. So Ben seeing as they're looking at these high value safeties in the eagles with official visits. You can't necessarily like connect the dots with them specifically. But it does for them matter, and I have to go back to my research in this update this, but I know going in the last year. This was the thing that the eagles kind of have a little bit of a tell when it comes positionally as far as what they're looking at in terms of the volume of official visits that they bring in for a certain position they seem to be keyed in on the top of the draft of the safety position. Does bring in some day ho preclude them from taking a safety early in the two thousand eighteen NFL draft. Or are they doing what they're doing at a lot of different positions when they bring in Eljay fort. They bring our now are they just creating options to where they have that optionality when they get to twenty five when they get to fifty three when they get to fifty seven they can do whatever they want to do without being hamstrung by certain needs where the had to reach for a certain play. This is like my my answer to your question was gonna be what I say when they resigned Jason Peters. And when they signed the league Jackson when they reside Brandon Graham neon. I mean like you want to have freedom in round one. You not want to be where the Texans are which like the Texans. Don't take tackle dish on Watson can actually sue them, reckless endangerment. You know like the Texans in the guy. That's like joking example. The Texans could go the directions. I'm sure they're considering it. But like every knows the Texans tackles sought every knows they need tackles the draft tackles, it just like make sense when you have the freedom. Then you have the ability to move up and move down and still get impact players. You have the ability to take a guy who's falling or gamble on riser developmental guy. Because you know, you have your. Year one stars between nineteen stars secured. And that's huge. I would still say that safety is the biggest need for the eagles. I would say that safety office of tackle running back on the three. Biggest needs edged linebacker going to be the needs following interior defensive line. I still not with you this whole into your office of line train thing. But different matter entirely. I really wanna talk about that, by the way. But go ahead. Yes, we which we will. But the eagles could go for one of six positions at the top of the draft, Johnny. I wouldn't be super shocked. And that's the way you want to be because it means if you have top fifteen grade on chancing, he's falling will then you can go up and get him knowing that you're not screwing yourself off tackle because Jason theaters for these home. That's the freedom that you have which is sick. The other the player that kind of become the titular target of this hypothetical. Freedom is at all over who. Ed, Oliver tested exactly as we expected him to his now, a top ten lakh when he wasn't before we knew he was super quick. But at all of the guy who if he's fallen eagles will love him will value him icepack that from the team. So we'll say I do believe that Jordan Howard eliminates round one running back that I do believe there was a chance at round one running back. There are people in the building who would like to see round running back, but with Howard. I don't think it happens. So I will say that. But Sunday how I on safety listened Sunday hope cost one one point three million and can be cut and you'll news hundred thousand so you'll paid five hundred thousand to maybe not draft around safety. That's honestly like very fair exchange. I mean, honestly when it comes to Sunday. Oh, if Sunday who is keeping you from drafting Gardner Johnson. Who is a round one grade and a top twenty player for me. I think you're going about the process wrong thing. He's he's not. There's no way. He is. He's anderson. I how exactly so when we come back. I actually want to get into this interior offensive line discussion made you can talk about some official visits that. The eagles have brought in to you to go on that train. That's next on the kissing Solex show episode eighty seven I believe is that what I said, I'm selling. We'll call it that Trump lead ingred nation. Get your brackets ready. March madness is here and the best place to stay on top of all the NCAA tournament. Coverage. 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You don't necessarily think despite the talk that we had re you said, we could have six different positions in round one wouldn't surprise you. I think those options expand even more as you get into round two. What what is keeping you from drafting interior offensive linemen in day one or day two considering the fact that Brandon Brooks coming back from his achilles injury is a Malo on one of the most tentative contracts that I've seen where they're like you're going to probably be the starter this year, and we have no clue what to do with you after that. But we will pay you if your decent, and we're gonna pay you a pretty low amount of money that also you have Stephen was new sqi me on does the team. Like prior that much like like, what's what's your thinking behind interior off into line? Not being that much of a need. Yeah. I don't know. Ten me. I hear you with the same. Oh deal and the sense like if he becomes a starter, it's super cheap. But I don't think you extended him to be a backup guard center that was new ski was when one he had significant snapping. She's end number two. He was you're starting left guard. Like he was you're starting off guard played well to close out the year, not great fifth at a fifth of his women. But like was newsy was as well. It's really off the line. Same just a part of it. And he's not like a huge liability has developed over the past couple of years, and listen if he's willing to take three years twelve million and just chill through twenty twenty two and be the starter at that number like to me, like even if same likes development stops here him at four million per is fine value to me like he's gonna have to start saving money somewhere. That's good example, like say Mullah gets ended and Kelsey gets extended to me you're not gonna extend those two players and then go hi at into your offense of line. You can go Leyland office of line. But to go with one of your first three picks, you'll only three day wanted to Beck's doesn't make much sense to me. I hear what the brain Brooks injury. But if we're talking about, you know, drafting to replace players to coming off of injury. It could be ran Brooks McLeod. It could be Carson Wentz eventually have this guy's gonna recover. And then, you know, survive if you don't and Brooks, huge body tackle, like frame, incredible strength. That's where I think prior is successful. And I'm not sure the team is super high on prior. But when you draft guy with tackle guard versatility. And he also had a pretty decent preseason. You want him to stay Rosser. Like you want him to be on active game. They roster. Philadelphia. Obviously didn't do that this year as they had was new ski. But I think that prior takes that active roster spot. And so you have big the prior and then question-mark available as your eighth offense of Lyman. If you're going to be carrying eight on game day, obviously with same Allah's ability to snap. I put that in quotation marks. If guard goes down prior tack was on iovine, if Santa goes down Kelsey. You slide Sam all into center and prime was into left guard. So like, the gestalt of the the the unit make sense. I don't think making a high draft pick a guy that you're pretty much going to demand an active roster spot for at least a fifty three man roster. Spot four makes Thomas with the current have argue against upgrading that position. Because I think we both feel the same way about the Amado that he's a replacement level starter if you wanted to operate that my -sition and therefore accentuate your run game that way help protect your quarterback a little bit better as well. Yeah. An official visit for the eagles frame it. This way is Boston College offense of Lyman. Chris lindstrom. And just looking at the analytics on Chris Lindstrom from the two thousand nineteen sports VO solutions rookie handbook. Boston college's team that ran zone blocking concept sixty four point three percent of the time. Chris Lindstrom blown block percentage less than one percent on runs will point zero zero percent on passes. He's a guy have a first round great on believe you do as well. Is there a major argument there that the depending on the way the board falls that they would rather wait not take Lindstrom, and maybe later on take a guy who was another official. Visit Arkansas guard slash center. I think agility fro Holt. I'm not mistaken. And I believe Dana Jeremiah said that he's like your prototypical development type guy like you bring him in. And you hope you get something like maybe three years down the line. Do you think that's more of a possibility if winstrom there do they pass? And then do they look for a guy like for a whole later on in the draft e-health? He Alta yelp yell to like Norwegian or Danish for something. Do we know this to be true? Yeah. And he was asked at the combine but yellow Yeltsin role youthful. Yeah. I love it. I think it's I think it's it's it's moving. It's poetic. Yeah. Like yellow I feel like you should have a Mallon somewhere Stenning, y'all. Yeah. I think like if you said Ben the eagles drafted and interior offs of linemen in round two. Who was an y my guess would be Jason Kelsey replacement. So to me, that's like Gary bribery, Eric McCoy, and then like, I don't think Yeltsin is a day to guy like day three, right, whatever. Right. So to me. It's like all right. We have enjoyed an elite. Center. He's probably gonna retire soon. We need to be ready for this. Now, the caveat. There is do they want Sam Malo to be the center rise. If so that's where we start introducing left guards. And that's what we started through saying the long term replacement guard to move Sam to center wants Kelsey play really tails off once he retires whatever it is which I don't know that. And so that's how I could see like that like extra stepping out of that make guards make sense Lynch is interesting because Lynch from did start for your at tackle at Boston causing his better guard at the next level. It doesn't tackle experience. And you always like to see that in your players. We're gonna be depth pieces the ability to fit in multiple spots. The most important thing to remember all top thirty visits. And this is not directed. Just in general, you use a top thirty visit and I don't wanna say top thirty because Greg Gabe yellow using top thirty but us one of your thirty visits to bring a player about whom you have questions and try to answer them the eagles stout on location to work out. Chris Lynch from Boston College. He was there for that. Pro day is that significant. Yes. But also Stallone's only gonna go to the pro. Oh days where office of linemen are interesting and Boston on the east coast. So like if salad had nothing else to do that week. It's really not that difficult you work him out. And then if you have medical questions from the background of his EVA's history, if you have questions about his personality Lindstrom's like a super quiet friendly, dude, which some authors, align coaches, aren't huge fans of the offense of line lane. Johnson Jason Peters brand Brooks. Jason Kelsey are not quite dude. That's not really their way. If you you bring in players on your thirty people visits to answer questions about them egg knowledge that in three years when Chris Lynch Trump is on the tray block, you won't have the ability to ask him these questions and do these medical reach rejects that you can't do now medical checks short like to make the trade goes through. But you won't no you won't have that access. And so anytime, you have gaps on the eve I'll you wanna bring in that player and somehow access them whether it's at their produce in top thirty visit whenever it is. You wanna ask them to get that down the evaluation because in twenty twenty one when they're free agents in twenty. To when they're on the train blog. Whatever it is you want to have that completed scattering for your personnel department is going to use that along with your pro personnel department finishing evaluation. What he has been the NFL that's going to matter. So that like that is always important. Remember, those those third thirty player visits. So again like, I can see it. It would have to be very clear replacement plan for calcium my opinion. It would surprise me. I don't think it's what they're gonna do. So even if you don't think it's what they're going to do in what kind of to to what you were saying if dirt Bradbury's there twenty five a player that I frigging love I loved the grim richer, how could outlive bradberry and his tape wasn't Bryce who caught on the grim richer. There was Daniel Jeremiah, the combine call them. Call them the grim richer. Wow. DJ here doing Maine's. I don't make comps. Hey counts for the most part. We watch the eagles all the time. We know what these players are like, I watch bradberry. I see flashes of Kelsey if we're going to replace Kelsey, why not do it with the guy that I'm getting serious? Flashes of Calcio watches film. Would you would you be upset at all whatsoever? Even even of you don't think they're going to do it. Would you be extremely happy? As I would if the eagles drafted Garrett bradberry on the condition that like Jason Kelsey has been like, listen. I'm retiring next year slash GSA have been like, hey, like drafter replacement for me. It's fine. I wouldn't want to like catch Kelsey like no I had. No. This was happening. I wanna play here forever. Yeah. But now like in terms of bradberry being Kelsey like player and being able to plug and play and also important for bradberry. He needs a sort of Philadelphia's to be successful right now. I mean, I'm all about I would I would love it. You know as long as likely make sense in the plan. I don't think it's again there. But yeah, I'd rock with that. If they get bradberry Lynch from Erica Koi. Three players have for grades on. Actually. I don't know. If I have a first grader Brad rages because he's so scheme dependent, but we have talked about that too. Where if you were doing it for a certain team like the Rams for instance dance lot zone. He would be a first round guy for you. Yeah. Right. So. Like like for the eagles. Specifically, if they bradberry Lynch McCoy, I'll be happy setting. They got a good player twenty five and that's the name of the game. Then as a matter of figuring out how it's integrated into the Rosner what the one year three your plan is south, you know, I'll be happy camper. Listen, just not not actually. And then honestly, find not Jonathan Abram honestly, say slight Abrahams. Erin be shocked doesn't make sense what they like not Abram or Dexia Lawrence. I'll be happy camper. I love the we are not on board with Dexter Lawrence or Jonathan Abram Dessel, orange your big run stuffer. Everyone keeps mocking into the eagles. I frown which is wild to me. I know we're near listen a Lord, Dexter Lawrence's. I take Lawrence for corner every day of the week. Imagine imagine imagine mocking eagles a corner around one so many people do it. It's insane. How many quarters we talked about that on the last show? It's it's wild to me and going back to two Lawrence for a second. I mean this. This is a guy that I did a summer evaluation on last summer and didn't see development and from him. In any manner in any facet of his game. I give him the benefit of the doubt of having that foot injury in his sophomore campaign. He had a better freshman season. But that's just based on production. Not really on the film. I just haven't seen enough development from him. He's abortion only type of guy. Jonathan Abram is a linebacker to me put some weight on him make him Dion diem BQ in or something like that because he can carry routes vertically. But on in breaking out breaking stuff. He's getting shook I surprised on there. He's a little bit reckless attack ler. I mean, you're asking guy who's key to his game as aggressiveness so aggressive that he ended a spring game by knocking out one of his teammates, which just a vicious hit. And you're asking to tone it down and be a little more under control. I don't know if that's going to be a thing for him. I mean, I have a third round great on my think as a late third. There are a lot of different safeties that I like in that second grade all of which the eagles seemed to be bringing on proficient. Visit. So I'm totally down with that. Right. So you would your ranking for the three safeties. Brought him be Chauncey garner Johnson, Darnall savage one on health. That'd be order. Correct. Yeah. I'm Cianci and then want on how. Darnall savage but round two safeties baby. Oh, yeah. That's boys, and I love mall skinny one on. There is is Taylor up one of them. Like, I love Taylor app is a player would Philadelphia needs. I wouldn't like it too much just because he's super as gotta be in the box and Philadelphia the deep guy, but if we're talking about want Thornhill Diatta, Don, Darnell, savage, Amani Hooker Hooker Khokar surprise me with this testing. He checks boxes Hanky, brother. What the heck was that? Listen, good. Good testing could fill nice guy. Let's do it. I was watching his phone in my problem. With Hooker was like, I didn't know if you could like mass rows vertically into all the in breaking up breaking stuff and whatnot. But what you saw on film was just like a super smart player. And I like it, and we talk about this all the time give me smart defensive backs. He's very smart defensive back. And then he tested the roofing has great ball production. Great ball skills. Give me that guy. Like, I'll take him all day. He all the things that I was concerned. About with him as far as what boxes you need to check. Check them in testing. I'm good to go on like, right? It's not one to one. But like when someone Desmond king came out of Iowa, we were all like, this is a really smart instinctive corner. The problem is rethink. He's not a great athlete. And I think that he's going to potentially have to move to safety or just be like a cover to corner that's going to be the situation for Desmond king. And then king gets drafted by the chargers, obviously, very helpful for his role is the charge us like seventy -fensive back is king came out and pretty much tested as expected him to appreciate how yet here like a good three coun-, and that's pretty much everything else was like average to below average had decent exposure numbers to which which were fine. He had a thirty four inch Vert in a nine nine broad at two hundred pounds. So like, not great. But imagine if you could have another wack, Desmond king just this time. He tested. Well. Right. Like, not one-to-one. I think king did stuff in the balls in the Hooker can't do yet. I don't think that I think huggers much more natural fitted safety, whereas king, obviously has better man cover skills. But it goes back to like Iowa DB's what they're asked to do in their defense, and then hawkers being able to test so much better than we thought. He was going to be able to so, yeah, I'm on money. Hooker gave money will go to the bears as an agent aimless replacement. That's not go over. Well. So that tells me people have not watched Hooker. I I would agree with that. All right been I think that is going to do it for the kissed and so like show number eighty seven. Would you say goodbye to the gentle gentle listeners, everybody stop on the six full podcast Bleacher report, they had on Cody Ford. Oklahoma has tackle official. Visit for the eagles, by the way, it the sound effect. Miller tweeted out we asked for to play word association game. They said, Texas. He says sucks Charles Amena who and he said average in the mistake that was made. Here was not knowing that Charles who searches his name at least once our website, Twitter dot com. So Charles men who responded can't be that average when I had two sacks three three pressures against quote best allowing the country end quote in both games. Played doesn't seem average to me thinking face in one of the year. Second game had a stomach virus and still got the QB. Don't play yourself bra prospect prospect crime, I love it. I'm here for the slot at all times. That's. That's really good context. Because what I watched that game reading about the over the stomach virus. I was like what's going on with? What's what's I was one of the first games? I watch. I'm like his conditioning is just like bad in this game. Like, I don't know if it's because the no huddle or they were doing to him. But like he's not getting any kind of pressure omega who I'm talking about here. And I just thought his conditioning was bad. And I watched more, and I and I saw better conditioning from them throughout games. But that's interesting context that you bring into the aides Lowery, plus from hurting that little anecdote, but I am here for Cody Ford, who is a nasty dude fight, which many you who is a name searcher on the Twitter dot com vary. Noted name searcher. This is my first. This is my first ever like fake whisper with the new Mike. I wonder how it's gonna sound but to me Cutty lock them up and I'm on team Ford. But that doesn't matter I'm on team Ford as well. Thank you as always for listening to the radio, we do preach a single by. This was absolutely he sat and talked a little bit about the editions got off the rails on the draft as per usual. We're less than a month out. Vow to over the next few weeks of shows not only will we be updating you on the official visits for the Philadelphia Eagles. But also be giving you some of our final ranking some final predictions and some of the final rumors that we are hearing as we go throughout the process pro wrapping up, and then it's all draft baby. If you like the show, please you a five star rating and review if you are engaged you probably like the show that later, but if you did leave five star rating interview only five stars works. It's the only way could possibly rating on review. Listen to radio episode forty four three forty three. I was suppose the Darren sproles where they they also talked about some of the news of the Philadelphia Eagles follow us on Twitter. I'm on Twitter at Benjamin select ks on Twitter, NFL, let's to talk to you later this week. We all we got. Fly eagles fly. If we get him around to be so happy if we get somebody around to. My name is Spencer hall by name is Jason Kirk. My name is Ryan nanny, we combined. We form the shutdown full Tron keep telling you, we're not this forecast is technically college football podcast. But it's also show about lawn care disaster regional grocery stores. We love Tennessee Batman, homeowners associations bears video games. Pittsburgh Batman the hell of being trapped in a group. Text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion about coaches, having used contracts coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport like time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot, and it escaped and it wound up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a k. Cody, sometimes we talk about all gays alleged with if you wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts like this one this focused. It's not voltron unless it is Cam.

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