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Inch land hello into. May i josue too because she can't third just never i'm I i end report jeans. Just do because she. She's she's posses lis- she singing for mine thirty two who do badia. Making she do bother smart-size. She added down Took well a ten years. I started meeting love. Love is after dark my car actually until actually having just yesterday i remember emotionally felt from our you me feel so free and thank you for that. Thanks i've loved you all along. You know through it all has been you and me always there to keep me sane. When i needed to run we met on the dance floor. And you gave me wings to fly when i need into my soul. Your hobbies man morning. Tom last barely caught my whole night. And you did with my body exactly what you wanted to go. Hardly walk. we're through her. It was so worth. It always worth. And i have nothing love for you. Nothing but love for you Host get to trust you with my words once again. I just want to say happy anniversary. Mcgrane here for house. Music off and look think Long the end Oh list includes air. I'm like you see that. I'm like that used to be nothing. There used to be nothing there. And i'm like i sound like my parents but it's truly amazing you're going to get older too. You despise getting older and older people. And that's gonna wonder is so so now i get a call from wanted vendors. I work with general manager resource a cine literally after eleven. Comp tie on driving. I'm tired now. He had come a whole meeting for half an hour over the phone to midnight last night. Yeah because nobody can get in touch with you right so now in this odyssey of me dealing with my personal. But it's just like anybody else. His personal and business right china focus. 'cause they'll have a deficit of that because of the adhd now. I'm in new york city last night. And i didn't even notice. I don't know if you've said in the news review. I wasn't listening podger yesterday. In new york city the opened up new york city. Because i andrew cuomo said that they reach a certain threshold of vaccinated people. Now now now. Remember all of these. That i'm trying to catch up autism. I land in my beloved be x. Bronx the x. Be excellent next. Be next to be axed this. There's thousands of people singer. Your you know new york this like everybody's on top of each other right. Seventy four seventy percent of the people were aware matt. And i understand why. Because i was like okay remember. We talked about the supermarket here locally. And i'm walking in the supermarket without my mass right. New york is whole different piece. Play yourself like that senior. Going to western before prospect avenue. Yeah they they sit. They kill the lambs in the back. The meat is so fresh. Acting is a slaughterhouse behind the meat section sinning. Everybody aca say literally maybe seventy might be too dumb it down a sixty percent there. They were celebrating last night with the lifting of these restrictions in new york city. So cine i get out the car park over there on fordham road over there so when near south everybody. If you haven't been to south southwest inveigle you gotta go. Rob stapleton is the host. We will have rob come out here To do his thing he had at the. I am bill and every tuesday does a dope lineup of comedians lovie famous comedians. You know eight list be listed celestis wholesaler. And my man. Mike mris the hosted. I mean he's a dj's off the hook seeing get out the car now remember. I was at my mother's house yesterday. Match taken care things with my mother. I'm going to the supermarket for her doing all these things i do for my mom babbler shuttle mama mama. Harvey's your call charlotte to mama. Hardy combining the whole day. Your hands on me at your wedding. She paid for me. I love her. I told her i need it. And she started waking for that. She does she really put a hand on my arm. What's her and your aunt. Is there any metal parts. Selena's a pastor. That's what she was probably given my past the dirty looks. I go no right to call me. It's shut out the past the island. Now hey sandwich. Love her because she's gonna call. She said she's going to do a report. She's like sean going to hang up on me and listen. I don't want to check back to whole wedding experience Tiny had this whole sangre thing that she was making us proud of even though sangre beautiful is something simple to kind of make my pin notice to the sangre. Try to tiny. I'm sorry but jags out so minus come up my nieces from the streets my nieces the only woman i ever saw knocked the dude out dr dude out hit him and knock them in between two cars. I the was in averted leg. Extension uses the body of the bodies awkwardly underneath the ca- so so so shannon come through. She's she's so so slips the sangria and there was a bottle of hard liquor next to the saint. Where at tito's without even actually this is nothing she goes. Glisten the tourney sangria up right now. It's kind of weak your move out the way this. Is she cracks. Open city city right next to a ready to relapse thorny city myself he likes to have a drink and i don't i don't need one around one right so so so my knees cranked up to what accident. Anybody spotted the whole but that's not to sin sin instead. Give me a shot out. Because i did save you from relapsing emma wedding. You did it. Nobody talks about this and he really seriously i really did. You told me a step away. He's because they get away from. Because because i saw assorted relapse in your face it was going to happen. I was standing too close to. Your nose is open ready about these. She had that. That alcoholics talk. That we all can identify would and the way she put that in because the violation of what she did is enticing to the relapse opened up the stolen book. Straighten out at this. Has it out there everybody. Yeah i like cindy just go away cause you ain't gonna relapse at my wedding and then they already mad at me anyway. People feel certain way about me and if you to relax at my wedding they would arrested a chat room with a walk right the hell out of so chapel. You sit there and you all ways. Get on your boy harvey. When i had to sit the day that i set sydney was going to a a relapse off this whole thing. Thirteen day was actually. I believe my wedding day. And guess what i saved her as from a relapse chat room for your boy harvey. She just admitted that i set the cindy right. Tissue ready to he gave me added strangled. I haven't everybody. She was grabbed back out seem to go because she was sitting here. It i sitting on a chair and this leg was going like this this august shaking like this and right here talk about the happy and i said get away from their. Get away from there. I could have been a straight asshole and say go get your drink on whereabout it and she would have probably did it. Because the whole atmosphere was set it was set for relapse. I know then relapse. But i i so now. Running around for my mother yesterday speaks bugs on these. That's that's how this whole we slough sidetrack blue nicer sydney the bronx on pop in south chicago. I get the mass in my pocket. Because i'm determined to wear my mask like pocket for 'cause i worked in the supermarket in the bronx. I like for some reason. I felt comfortable where my mass out here. Of course the giant but not in western beef too much going on who many people is just. So you're everybody's yang zany. So i had the masks on and western beef with it had to go there twice. Dead get go city. Why even put on a mask to head security dude south right. He's yochon up. You know everybody you know the owners the security folks bite out there because you know there. All the time is it. Feel good though city. There was a line for the second show right. Yeah and i walk right in. Whose work right like it was a sunday morning. Sending talking to the security guard didn't realize to put my mask on. And i walked in the south so can forgo with over three hundred people and i didn't have a mass on sydney. Wait a minute and literally. Only maybe three senator close in at the mass on right before you can see store. They walk through survey now j. p. justice alfred. Jp just 'cause jp's me when he has his face me yeah it's ap justice capitalism's says they fireworks they celebrating the threshold of the seventy or seventy five percent of vaccinated people. And i swear. I don't know if you've set this shared this story yesterday. I didn't even realize this. He joe we. We're going down to the fireworks fireworks and new york city last night to celebrate. Whatever percentage that they reach to reopen new york city and south waigel was open last night. Senior people were out in the wrong people. They mass on people are not playing in new york. First time that. I saw in over a year and a half multiple faces in new york city. No mass did go to the celebration last night. Down in south street seaport. Cj that would be weird to go to a celebration of a threshold and no one's in the mass thousands and thousands of people. We haven't been that's what they're saying. Seventy percent of the people have at least one shot. Have at least one does so. That's where they're at with it you they everything can go back to seemingly normal. You know barber shops salons restaurants. They can choose to continue their mask wearing or not. But it's not required venues and other big large scale. Things have to be They're still going to be the social distancing and mask wearing but that's soon probably will lifted the same thing for pennsylvania pennsylvania they're saying that eighty percent of adults have at least one does right so they're June twenty eighth is zero lifting all the restrictions. Pennsylvania was sitting right so there will be no more requirement however people can still feel free to move about the cabin with a mask of now and move out the cadillac. Now comedian hamburger hamburger from back in the day legendary legendary. Comedians him burger. My comments are coming weird on facebook in the thing so you guys like other people there is but it seems like it's delayed for me. I don't know what that's about but higher sent something. So i can make sure everybody we're gonna shut you out soon so Comedian legend during the game. He's got the original. What is dead in our ninety five is it must say that right. And what does that mean in. The mass would end ninety five in ninety five. The one that you can't breathe the one that you put sheet. Rockall were no. That's the wrong but the right ones in other accord again. Yeah and ninety five but there's like two different kind to cut version. Yeah the one with like that vent thingy that's not the right one right right. He though the original the one that you can't breathe in city. He had to have masks on like he was the literally. Almost the only person wearing a mask. Right get one for costa rica right like in in in south of whipple right but see. Here's the funny part about it. Not only was. He wanted a few win a mass. He had that in ninety five and we all started snapping on them. And that's where this is going. It shouldn't be that way. It was sitting. Check this out. The peer pressure got to my friend. Hamburger either he took. It took it off. Oh but you know what. That's what i said. I said pressure part. That's who is that cool but as city we were going on do that at every even the events that we've been into over the iron you got to take a picture they're like oh off or people you go into like their group there you can take that off union twin my like it seems like they make big and then you get around them and don't know if it's because they don't have there's on so they don't want you to have years on because they feel like be like me. I don't know what that is. That happened with city. The contradiction really like absurd like he had this mass on to hamburg. I let do right. When i was a new jacket. Seem just would we do without. The beloved hamburger was sitting. Here was a contradiction. He had the mashal on that. In ninety five. I mean it had like capital in on it with ninety five. Like the whole thing. I go i said i go. You've vaccinated i. He was talking and i kept going. I can't hear you folks. Vassals is what was i can hear they go. You know. I said you know so which you got to say and the rest of the night. He took the mask off in. Hopefully he's fine but again it goes to story cj. Because i want to make sure that we carry all bases of information with corona virus. And you got us a story about that right now. My whole thing is if you go to new york city today. Everybody where umass suggest well breathe in the fresh air herd immunity but know that node at they party and the new york city in the mass or off. Yeah i'm done. I'm diving right into that thing. Yeah let's get back. Lets you left. What did the president say. Let's get back to good old american summer. Bet to a good old american civil and coming up next week. June twenty-first is pumping data. So everybody step outside. I'm am i them. I might go today. Cindy worcester first story. You have if you don't mind about the bad batch of a lot about that everybody's celebrating because celebrate this cuomo. I don't know if you're working in new york new york right now. Let me call in. Let us know what's going on in zero jackson. Daniels is our. She dropped. the dan dare jackson. Are you if you're in new york right now and every no if you see 'cause cine western beef the epicenter almost of corona virus and my beloved be x. Borough where a lot of folks sick and died in that area sitting have these folks was in western beef. No mass jr west in beat. The house was so small. you can't even turn a shopping kado round of going to the supermarket cine like how does anybody move around city. Nobody did and then of course is like a latino lady that leaves the baby in the carriage in the in the out blocking everything. I don't even there was even a confrontation out with down out. Seven all the way down to to come all the way back up the alphonse because i did not want to deal with this woman and her child blocking up the out in the west. Nbc nj they when you talk about using every square footage for profit. They are now playing in there. They know that is a hazard as cindy in the hood right. They have stag stores. That i've been into some of these places it's ridiculous city then the of course new york city police are coming into the parking lot. I guess doing job. I guess coming into the parking lot driving around the parking lot. And then they're just you know gore and it's not good to have either state plate. No we live here in pennsylvania so obviously have a pennsylvania license plate but it just illuminates times thirty. When you were in new york especially in the hood please look at you. Know they focus on your low just a little bit right because you could. You could block the intersection with a new york. Play and the cop could see you right there and don't pay it any mind but have a out-of-state plate driving through the green light. They will pull you over out there right right. So what's what's new york if if you in new york right now. Calling because the turn-up israel series and they had a celebration last night that i refuse to go right on george washington but on chinese sound no way in hell. You had mask in your pocket. Put it on the hours and you're not going to celebrate in your city the home that you love. Go away down to south street. Seaport for fireworks. Yeah just to take it. In at nine thirty it started at nine. Thirty s gets dr. levin the afternoon with a work perfect for me would have as well What happened was in new york. Almost nine hundred people were injected with expired. Pfizer kovin covid. Nineteen vaccine is a vaccination site. In new york's times square. The new york state health department is recommending that they schedule another fis. Earth shot eight hundred ninety. Nine people got the injections at the former. Nfl experienced building between june fifth and tenth. Atc vaccination services the company that administered the shots told cbs new york. In a statement. We apologize for the inconvenience and one people first and foremost to know that we have been advised that there is no danger from the vaccine. They received an email from the state. Health department said the doses in a freezer too long and added that. There's no guarantee of this expired vaccine effectiveness gabrielle. Swift mother fifteen-year-old recipient dante's have pointed out that it's not like it was one day that they messed up it was over five days And then they just go on to say about. How did you know. Relaxed restrictions and it was a momentous day and over seventy percent of adults in the state. Have at least one of the vaccine. You guys pfizer arizona. They are still a bit. Cdc calling emergency meetings because the injections are causing more heart inflammation and it's causing them more concerned than they originally thought because the cases are rising with that. Okay and then you're going to sit here and say so you don't even know what the regular experimental doses doing. But you're gonna stay here and say that the expire does is a okay. You know what the regular and they have. A bad batch is coming out of baltimore plants. Fda approved salmon said. The other one's gotta go. What made that differentiation for you. To decide which batches were. O'kane which batches were not at the contaminated baltimore facility. That johnson johnson was mixing their vaccine with another companies with their experimental. Dosages used the spur. Use the word experiments. They are very lightly but will we do know is this and now they got some experimental junk there. Now they want you to go back and get another one nine hundred people and then and then go back to get your second note and then go back to get your boost. Their know says it's it's too much for me. I believe that but you go ahead and believe they report. They can't even get their own inch together. But you're going to believe what they say but we do know something that's fax. God bless and godspeed all of you a lot a lot of shrimp rinker. Trina pinker you out there girl. She got she wanted to tell you she got her vaccine or she's going to get it today or something like that. She's scheduled suggests that she in the chat room now. I i don't know trina if you got it girl. Please check in a in check and everything that you said. A lot of it is not even and my whole thing is this go get vaccinated because there's one thing that is certain is one thing that is fax and you can. We can debate beta to the cows. Come home take a quick break and do one shot. The death rate is almost one percent in this country and is not because everyone's wearing a mass and from this time last year with no vaccine. And i'm not advocating will i am. Nobody's write me a check for it. I believe in the science. I'm one of those okay from this time last year. Pre vaccine thousands in the day. We can look at very easy. We could just type it. How many people doubted corona virus on june. The eight o'clock hour with what you have. Many people data corona virus june sixteenth. Two thousand twenty. We could easily get that number. We all get folks. Listen to get that number. That's easy comparison today. This was excuse me this was a pre vaccine and now today that rate is down at one percent and it's not because of everybody's wearing a mass because if we and send the respect break i respect your decision. Say that a lot of which you say is a lot a lot of non facts. But it's fine. What would i say this. Say nine when i say this. What a lot of what. I pack nine. You choose to ignore. I'm affects kind of guy. I i see things in black and white. You know that. I'm affects kind of guy. I don't do the conspiracy very well but listen to hold us any. The reason why this country is starting to follow the reason why this country has done open up. It's not the abundance amount of vitamin c. That show all taken out. They're still taking my vitamins. Take any noise not is not the best seymour mall. Whatever that is see. Mossy boss is not as not the see. Most admit this vitamin c snatching jamaican roots. That did this that you got from your grandmother. May i say that respectively to your grandmother. It's not the gallons of lifting and when you're this time last year everybody was in the head and the steam water with using god abby. Every pot doll that chat room if you saw that video of black guy with the with the pot with the onions and garlic and peppers banana city say clinic inciting. This was twenty dollars a town this time last week because the puck went out there. And you had to pop and you got display phase. Because they want to dock. Didn't save that evil because that flassbeck ios losing your mom exactly attended the vaccine came out and it was the pocus and i get that to get. I'm o'reilly but what's the facts. Though was the facts though exit that we don't their families are whatever they decide to. Put out and talley you. So we still don't know this sensitive jamaican nurse and houston took. The i was administered. The for i know why she was jamaican. To the japan is in jamaica jamaica the jamaican no said houston. Remember last year sometime. She was the first one they put it on tv. Oh boy we criticized her some of us who. She was a hero. Guess what everybody now talent. She took the first one. I guess targeted at african american nurse to do this. Because you know african americans who want to didn't want no part of it she's still alive but with the faxes before we take a break is the corona count in section defection rate in the death. Ray has church tremendously plummeted because other vaccine could do abuse in sean harvey along ones cologne. Comedy world net weight. This offense from the morning show featuring the wake of cash radio. hey dollars. Each radio took took t two checked took his case. Do so we. We are back in is With wednesday wednesday june sixteenth. Twenty twenty one of four minutes after. Welcome back sean. Everyone show wake up. Team suspect shutout. He's a dj young. You know he's never knew. Roman upside for the disconnect joe. That's the only thing dread about does show agent dale. I would love to be in a chat room and chopped them doing all. This scenario barbeque is glory. So i wanted to give us better shot at dj younger nutty. I'll tell you why. And i want to give a special shout out to dj shut out the dj also shot off the i want to shut out. Dj woman also dj. Not here and also gitai sings. We'll make sal who's who created and produced our morning theme right not this safe safe for some reason and i and i'm grateful for digit younger gregory young and god bless him for now on social media as part of this thing that we do here is allowing his music to play. I don't know why road has who dj who's created a great platelets for us as well saying they won't they won't play. I don't know why we get emails all the time facebook. Like we're gonna shut you down over one year because of this music and our own beloved gitanes who made the song for us can't play but shallow god's doing your support beloved young because laughing his music to play for now so we are grateful to dj young john hidden. We're gonna talk about that in a minute. We've got a lot of folks coming out father's day. Let's do it. For the dads john hidden hitting would be down at the. I m come. You're not you know. John from living single sitcom post a video of him talking about the event upcoming This upcoming fall day. So y'all come on out to the. I am mill eight. Thirty one south delaware dr eastern pennsylvania doors open up at five showtime a social grown event. We got a lot of folks coming out. We don't get a party on. We've got to tell some jokes going. Mingle with each other. We're gonna connect with each other and have a good time. So let's do it. For the das- day. June twentieth john hidden from living single. Be at the missions. free There's a table charge as well so You know hit me up. Five seven zero ninety two six five zero and also the day before sending with stacks juneteenth festival here and bethlehem. We'll be broadcasting outside or inside so if you're in bethlehem eighty between eleven and five in the afternoon come on out to the million. I mean to to the still stacks next to the wind casino down his Self side of bethlehem. We'll be there broadcast live so we appreciate you for them but shadow for dj rome. Who is in non who will take our equipment down there. Set up everything for us so special. Let's wrong thank you so much for that and in one would think the following week at the mill we have smoked to headliners. Smokey suarez and roberto vander pool for the rest of this week. I'm giving. I'm giving away. Free passes leshan brown. Oliver took advantage of that. She got two passes. Hit me up. Five seven zero ninety two six five zero. That's june twenty-seventh free passes smokey suarez reporter. Vander pool sean. I'm bill okay a show. Have you want to anybody. Who's on the phone. good morning. My favorite morning show. This is your angel cobblers. Are you saying looking good girl. Keep it up. i really appreciate it. It's really hard looking fabulous stuff face things. I really appreciate it. You're not ready to appreciate what i'm calling to tell you. And sean what's going. I'm calling to give you a few statistics sean. To back up all of your wonderful information this morning so statistics on your covert virus between this time last year. This time this year there has been a significant sixty one. I'm sorry yeah. Sixty one point. Seven percent decrease since the kobe shots have been administered to those that have lost two million eight hundred and one thousand four hundred thirty nine to virus. Youth has experience and that twenty two point nine deaf so far this year much more than that last year so there was a sixteen point. Seven percent decrease just in january win. The vaccine began being administered. So yes there is a decrease even though a lot of people are not getting their vaccination away. Some people are coming around now. You have Year you have seventy two point four percent of us That are not vaccinated. That the you have thirty eight point one percent. That have only taken one of their vaccinations and haven't gone back with the second one yet. For whatever reason so they are binney different reasons. People are dying from this virus now unit because they have gotten kobe inbetween shots and they haven't taken their second one yet for whatever reason. Knock on back but it's significantly less than this time last year so we are seeing some improvement with this virus with people. Who have you know. Run had gotten the vaccine so an avenue of know incident evitable that people will go ahead and finally get it once. They're comfortable with it. But i would suggest the better. And i know you don't want to hear that but you know i didn't necessarily want to do it either. But it didn't make sense for half of them not to so. I went on a heading conform to the head of my household and i submitted a process. And that's well well well. So refreshing with some icon wisdom stats. And i wore that and i did you know i sort my reference. It is online from jamat. Net from jamat network dot com. If you want to see it and read it for yourself in full length You know because it is there. And that is something i looked at in addition to the cdc dot com website yourself which is connected to and The statue there Once again like. I said if you don't want to get vaccinated get it on stanton cds. Cj actually hold the cdc propaganda. She did that. She sat and which is fi- to still have the rights in the opinions razzie opinion about this whole thing before we get into weird news. But you young lady. Everybody andrew johnson on radio so refreshing come with some stats so refreshing to come with. The facts is really. You can dress it up and you can call it the devil's in the boo boos was and i get that and i respect that but when you call it hard facts pause anyone unless had a hard facts a nose last october but when you come with the hard facts of the numbers still we still haven't had any confirmed deslys five thousand of them certificate. Kid i told you not about death. Excuse me it doesn't have to be about sas. Scooby doo remember. I'm not necessarily going to take the vaccine rowan. Everyone buys local saying. That wasn't what i would say saying that there's adverse report back to set are gonna happen. That don't know what can happen to you affect like all these people that are having heart inflammation that they don't really have secondary conditions. Now now they did there between ages fifteen and thirty five and they don't know why it happened. You pericarditis statistics on that. You can look it up right now. i don't need to look up. i'm good my mom. My grandmother and my children now backing assistant sometime. This truth hurts. It does hurt. Everybody do what you need to do. What i'm doing. I could care less about anything memphis. Cdc's putting out pitcher talking about people. I know what. I'm not all that matters to me firming. Hit it and you know what angel johnson that's the conspiracy bailout and it's five. It's not. That's the bill up before it's time to move on to the now how you bet. I'll say and they're being statistics of how are they going to have a lower rate and flu and all other that. We've been seeing sue to mask wearing and social distancing as well as kobe going down but oh it's because of the vaccines entirely nobody's doing any broussard. That whole like. I came out over a billion people in china work good. I know statistics work to research on all be clear about that question. No bail. I feel that i do you do you believe in these stats. That angel. johnson's is this. I don't know what the stats are on that now. I don't know how many people off those her period these are baseless and you also have to remember. She does have a valid point on people who have underlying health condition. That i said that well you have a point or people who have underlying health conditions can people who are sick you know you do have some cases that have gotten sick before so it's not one hundred percent full proof. Now listen if you sit in there and you smoke two and a half packs of newports today why are you taking the vaccine wiping vaccinated a two and a half a newport's congress and of course if you can't break you why getting vaccinated anywhere cine. I understand what she's saying in this very debatable. And get and we could do this to the test debatable. Because nobody's because you're not comparing it to let me just breaking out do you. do you take that. Ain't you just said only because of the vaccines or because of massive social distancing now place. Nobody was looking at it. Chinese people in china because in china they listen to the government because we don't have allowed those rights here in the united states and the united states. You can't tell nobody with the dude. In china they said. If you don't wear masks we're gonna kill ya so for six months in a row. Everybody wore masks disappear. You can't tell us that here. So when they gave us the vaccine it went away. Andrew just gave the stats. I'm to do you. Would you live in her stats with the death rate. At least at least well yes. Obviously the death rate has gone down. But i i. i'm not gonna say that. It specifically because vaccine sorta s west dissipate. Excuse me it's what they choose to. Yes it's what these people choose to tell you to put out. Nobody knows send numbers of anything. Are you really. You really believe in which i believe. Tallying separate from corona virus from this time last year she said almost seventy percent of the deaths in reverse just mystically magically just disappeared. I'm not saying imagine. That's next is left them. I want them to compare to what they were doing before. That's what i wanna see. I wanna see daddy's hearing that that. That's what i want to see city. How the death rate dropped dramatically like this. It could be a combination of things of social distancing of mask wary of how people taking people taking these. Maybe that's what they want you to think aid you got the last word. All i'm saying is it is a combination of the vaccine of the social distancing of people cooperating and working together they have a mandate. They haven't attended to do so. They're gonna put out whatever you need to put it out. They have reports of people still having kovin and people still dying out in rural america. But nobody's reporting on cova numbers anymore. All they want to report about the people that are surviving and they do have those those out there is. She's just and that is one report. There's thousands of reports on why rate. Okay okay that's great. The death rate has gone down. That's what everybody wants again. What i wanted to see different. Well you want to say it's because of the vaccines. So that's fine sean. And i told you what. I think it was injured last word. And then we're gonna go to the weird stories. My last word is can you and god bless topless. Joel's act thank you. Thank you thank you for this. Statistic put them in put them in a room for me said everybody putting it will ever. Everybody can read that tiktok videos and coop. God bless him. Sit before we wednesday. Yes becoming very weird today. Seems like a regular day. I gotta go ahead. Thirty chinese to get his life together as please. If you don't mind just give me like one day to get my life together this please akron idea. I am going to dedicate his whole day to getting my life together. I have nothing to do so before we get into Shouting out the room. Going to sean. Huggy morning show. Syndergaard was going on and let roy. Give me a call eggo. You've got three minutes. Sit down and listen okay in this city hall you y'all do a lotta arguing but Talking about the coronavirus and everything right. Okay right right. What about the skinny black people. What about the Black people that shape you see them diet. No you don't see them. You only see the butter biscuit. Bill foolish boola sas black folks. That's dying from corona virus and those that have dog on underlying health conditions. My son had the corona virus. He didn't ass he right isabelle. My grandson had it. I'm not vaccinated. My oldest daughter is not vaccinated. None of her four children vaccinated. My son is not vaccinated. The virus has run. Its course jon. And that's all six hundred. Did it run. Its course this guy. It's cold season is a flu season. The corona virus is that like eight so all of a sudden. That's out of nowhere without the vaccine. That just ran. Its course court so it was. So you're saying that we didn't have this vaccine on june Without if we then have this vaccine on june sixteenth which is today 2021. Run its course. Yeah because it's not a disease. A virus in viruses are different. Wait a minute wait a minute diseases. No no no hold on his the disease the it the diseases which would have can send this lowers would continue for the next five years and i'll tell you what does disease is us. American folks not listen to instructions. That's an opinion degrees after opinion diabetes. Disease well we deserve. These is a disease of the mind. Cj it's a disease of the mind you right okay. i'll give you that litter. But there's a disease at our minds. Sidney j and that disease is we follow instructions. So what about all of the although they showed on. Cnn about is adversely affecting black america. But nobody could up the top button on his shirt because they wide us all outside. What a skinny black victims corona virus show me. Cnn chelsea people people. Sean was a whole big homa. The joe linnet city. Dick agree or disagree with him of mad at him or not. Dallas kinda point there with in shape black folks. What gerona five this linnet are you living next question. Do you think that we have a deficit of following instructions in this country. Yes we do have a phone instruction deficit we do have that and as a black america. We got a serious problem with diets right. That's true now. now let it would they do. They have that same deficit in mainland china. Where did this come from again. what was the name of that town. Send you the corona came from all do. Do you think they have a definite deficit of following structures of wuhan china because city not in china right now now now. The virus went away china. Everybody simply put on a mask with a few months and it was gone because everybody cloudy destruction here here in this country. Everybody's fighting on an airplane because then went away this so this is a disease of the mind that will continuously that would that would have this virus continuously affecting this country for the next three years. 'cause it run its course spread for viruses like that only last so long. The aids virus is not a tie released virus. It is persistent. that's the reason the aids virus worker. Where did they break that. If they bring it down on the dna level if they break it down they will see that. The corona virus is the actual virus animals but the Like the typical things that allows it to get in connect with the human body. Cellular system was man made. It was not nature may hold on. He will show up. Anybody could morning show logging fifty grandma man. We go back like pants. I'm trying to tell you. I love what you guys are doing up there man. You got a great thing going on man. Thank you hold on a second everybody. This comedian fig a legend in game. I used to watch on television and go. I want to be just like that. Man he worked did. I did this and he was on. All major television shows back in the day. Comic views and the snaps. And all these figure here on a game. You'll take that when before still doing stand up when i was in relationship with thirty seven. You don't think i was enjoying you. Go back in the eighties and the nineties. Men are spaying that man i really do man. I was blessed to be able to get on them shows and in and do my thing man just making my way but but you you doing your thing. Now i'll tell you what you back then you games. You're doing your thing now. When i appreciate you but i just want to let everybody know. See who figures figures. Legendary standup comedian on urban side was opened up the door for many comedians like myself. So thank you for that. My my brother esau just get pulled they know who you i just wanna give flowers and saw them saying i love that. Ma'am appreciate you. Thank you so much man. Listen on show. Let me let me make this as quick as part of this is this fake. Little backlit befriend. Yeah i wanna. I wouldn't say something man as a not as a comedian. As a citizen of the united states as a husband a father. A grandfather person who i've i hope about myself that i i consider myself to be a wolf. You know what i mean aware of. What's going on around me. His corona virus just in a miracle. What they reported has killed over six hundred thousand people in just about a year. No disease has ever done neck. He's talking about the call who came on before no disease has killed over six hundred thousand people in twelve months and that's just a pig look. That's just the people that america has reported. We know america been used does not tell us everything but if you want world news you can see this thing is not is not just exclusive to america is happening all over the world. I mean in india. They were three to four hundred people. No no no no. It was three to four hundred or three or four thousand people dying every single day in brazil. Three to four hundred people every single day. In japan they talk about shutting down the olympics because of the corona virus america. We know america's all about the dollar. We know money. I cash rules everything around me cream. Get the money dollar dollar bill to beat the model of the united states. Right america missy. American school system makes billions. Would it be billions of dollars. Every year they shut down the school system. They shut down all major sports. A multibillion dollar industry shutdowns. No disease has done that. This bob and i'm going to say this. I'm gonna tell you what's happening and king. The only thing that'll make me right wrong is is is a time this week. A prerequisite was coming last year. We're in what's called the eye of the storm in september. This virus is going to between september and october when the fall hits this virus is going to accelerate. And it's going to get worse are strands in america. Now that did not even talking about and the fact that america has jumped a gun and going ahead and started everything up and got people's guard down is very dangerous to the people who aren't aware and not still paying attention like this thing has gone away. it hasn't it just laying dormant during the summer. It's the same thing that happened last year. During the summer months it lay dormant and as soon as the winter kick game. People started dying against. And that's exactly what's going to happen to get this thing. I'm telling you this thing is not over. Don't let your guard rail. Protect your so. I don't care what everybody else is doing it. I don't what this government tells you until you to protect yourself because it's not over. I'm not telling you to run scared. I'm not telling you to be terrified. Is staying your house. But when i'm telling you is do not let your guard down because there's virus has you haven't seen the worst is virus yet will think. Thanks for scaring the crap out of me. I wear mask when i'm in a crowd of people. I socially distance as much as i can but down now regularly. I go out. I enjoy life when i go outside. I'm not wearing a mess. I get as much sun as i came. I take as much vitamin d. As i can't because vitamin d boost your immune system and what the gentleman was saying before is basically people would immune with weak. Immune systems us acceptable to the virus. That is one. Oh one everybody would have weak. Immune system is acceptable to anybody's or any coal to anything that's going around if your immune system is weak you can't fight it off. That's the body's natural ability to be able to fight off anything your immune system and vitamin d. Helps you do that. So here's what i would say. Okay this virus. We know attacks people who have a lot of inflammation in attacks the lungs it attacks the heart so if you have a lot of inflammation in your body that's what this disease attacks and it's x. People weaken immune systems so over the summer. I'd say work out a little big issue. Nice little exercise. Get you some signs. Take your vitamin d. Make sure your vitamins up. Make sure your immune system is up. Godia doctor make sure your vitamin d levels are high and protect yourself. Where umass you in a crowd of people that you don't know if you go into the grocery store or something. Keep your mask on social distancing as much as you can continue to do the simple things that are mothers and fathers toward us when we were growing up. If you sneeze cover your mouth if you cough koby amount with the mask is all about. Wash your hands because your hands carry germs if you touch is all your face those germs transfer into your body. These are the things that we were taught when we were kids. Safe to say that speaking. Get the mucus out. And just thig is didn't get vaccinated. That's still still got it. I need you why my my wife works in. A hospital sean. My wife was first hand information. My wife works with your hospital. She's getting i in in some. She's telling me everything is going on. But listen i'll tell you this. Here's the thing that you should think about the whole world. The whole america is opening up restaurants. Movies everywhere you go. You don't need to wear masks just opened up. just do whatever you want in hospitals. Everybody has to wear a mess. 'cause somebody explain that to me the place that takes care of the most sick people period. They still have their mandate awareness. So why is everybody else opening up and hospitals. You still have to wear your masks because somebody says somebody just simply explained that. He's to me. If you wanna make sense of anything. Could you these to me while all hospitals has the mandate whether you visiting or your worker. You must wear your mess. Somebody has to explain that to me. What everybody else's opening up a good observation and we'll send you the hospitals or ground zero for all infectious diseases in kind of illnesses and hospitals on a number some different standard than the every day going outside folks. Hospitals have to protect themselves. They have to protect ourselves from having they had to have enough space and enough room for when people are sick. So this place to be like really a sterile place. So they have to continue those mandates. The hospitals might have these mandates for the next five years for this way. If there was over weight may be. I know because they still no the strain. That's the flip side on that too hot the healthcare industry. They were vaccinated. I so if this vaccine the vaccine work they all be dead and then we're or be debt because if the hospital closed i'm just saying get sick of hospitals close. We're all dead with done now. You just you just reinforced my point. John thurs and they're still wearing masks. Why is everybody else taking them off it. Because you don't know who's coming into the hospital. They had new viruses coming into the they have to protect yourself. Because cindy and just said it wasn't always this a new strain or new variant. Whatever word they use of virus anybody's rights any right where people get sick. Where's the first place they go to. The hospital has to be all a whole number level of protection. Because you don't know what style for all that. And why wouldn't they have always been like that dan before it is virus came out. Nobody husband always wearing method because there was no need to because there was no viruses out. There will probably be the first why they act because maybe again it might be a grace period. Where is the one dying over virus so of course they gonna put guards down a a minimized the rest of Having all this protection but was something. You don't know when something's going to happen. The right the gods now next year and the two years from now somebody gets sick. Where are they going to go into the hospital. Then they got hospitals down again because they need the space. Well let me let me ask you this. This virus we know has a two week incubation period like you you can have it for two weeks and have no symptoms. Right was fixing. Study things right now. You take your matt. So everybody's going to restaurants amusement parks movies displays that place that place. You mean to tell me two weeks. You can have this date spreading to everybody that you've been in contact with for the first two weeks and then when you finally realize that you have symptoms then you go into the hospital. What about the rest of the population is opening up. This virus is still there and as laying door meet. What about all these other people that did this thing is opening up about going to a restaurant and a hug by i go to a concert. I go to a club. I go to the movies or go to an amusement park. As hundreds of thousands of people. I'm going to these basketball. Arenas this shutting down the noticed. In other countries that is hungry as united states. They not playing no games. Japan told you say listen. Don't bring up a honda. They don't want no chance. They took down. The olympic shut down the olympics last year. The calendar year for the olympics was last year. They shut it down. They're gonna open up this olympic thing this year but only back to those at didn't i think they stopped this and see what they say about that. Now i'm city. Yeah the thing. is this a it. Goes back to that. Been saying all the time about this. You can't tell us what to do in this country. You know know you right. You can't tell us what they do. People getting shot and kill because someone else request in a business to put on a mass. So i say that if people are behaving that way it's always going to be continuous. That's why i said this country needs a dab of communism. We need some kim jong onen here. The shut everything but we. You can't shut us down because we have to carry guns. You can't tell us what to do you. Can you tell somebody to look both ways across the street. They will debate you with that. And that's why it's the disease of the so when you say they open it up everything and this is a capitalistic society. Of course you're definitely right about that but you can't tell us what to do. You can't absolutely right and that's why and that's why. Yes you're right. It goes back to what you say. Get your vitamin c. Eat all golic. You want sniffling onion kit. Take the vitamin d wall. Try to get the mucus out of uses them and gm ginger or whenever you want to take door and try to protect yourself but this country right now into the next wave or something new right because city scared the crap. 'cause they're probably a number wave around the corner. This is something that we didn't protect. You know that you don't know if it does. You might need booster shot. I'll take a booster shot. I got no one thing. I don't want to be in a position where i'm not vaccinated. And then something else comes out right. Like rather have something. They'll have nothing that's not that's just me but my thing is you're right. You have what we all we supposed to get into where news but where we have what we should've learned do these last eighteen months. Cj is right with would figures a list. Let's be more conscious of our health regardless of how how much how much you don't want to lose weight. I mean if you big just big would just be as healthy as you can and that this is something that we need to because it's also disrespect if coronas over and then you go back to your same behavior. You did before corona as far as your health. Well let me say this. If you're protecting yourself in his over what are you have to lose. because they. Here's here's the flip side to that. If is not over and you let your guard down and you just running around you in trouble well city. I've been playing navarre. Varsha left last six months. It's gonna let you go. Because i know y'all news funds funds. Here's the thing. Is that what you said earlier is that you can't tell americans but do you tell you. Honest truth what what we're really talking about is the privileged. We're talking about white america. No no no no. No no no no no. It's not the previous white. America is everybody in america. Everybody latinos white folks. It's all of us. You can't tell us what to do things you know what i'm saying. I'm talking about the mentality to close people. This storm the capital. That's very different. That's a different mentality right. It many could you imagine a bunch of us just even having that thought in our mind that we could do something like that you know. That's not in here. S is not in our community and of course black folks wouldn't do that because they get shot and killed but all through corona virus when thousands of people were dying last year. Us blacks and puerto ricans had underground parties. Three hundred twelve to a party at somebody's house. We sheriffs were going around stopping people from having had bars in the house. Underground and full kobe. So is it any different from somebody. Won an opponent capital. We still where they told us. Don't congregate stay away what we do we do. We have parties with three to four hundred people almost every night of the week. A major cities in this country. That's fax for some goes back to. You can't tell us what to do. The the babylonian i get it. Yeah that's that in but we all you can. If this china china and had a city that apartment three hundred eight child you can but now missing listen to this. The capital will full adults sorties. Thirty years people who were throwing parties. We kids man folks to they will fix. They'll be ready to party. Was where it was. Forty and fifty year olds off the big thing. We did it. But when you're old enough you know right or wrong you know instructions. You could be twenty five years old. They said don't do that part. You know what they city was making secret invites on social me. Yeah he ever w area with six hundred calls. She'll lives on a listen me. People my your aid forms you know. I was not says was at two of those fun listed. Miami's john people our age. If they're not entertainment or some form shape back might not even be on social media. No doubt agree with you but at the same time. And thanks for example cindy i believe eight has nothing to do with that. He's saying fifties sixties and climbing the war. I get that i get that privilege. I understand everything that he's saying. Age has nothing to do with this winter. These young folks twenty five years old of seventy five years old. You still can't tell america. He said we'll fix it when you just call it in. He's an american citizen at that. That was funny now. now senate. you can't tell american citizens. What do you care because short canton many. Take this back on top of that. Is that what you said. Thick is live in this capital to solicit society is all about the dollar in this country. Where you can you tell us what to do. And that's why this singles are now. Leonard said this thing would. Iran is cost right city without the vaccine he said on this day. Today was june sixteenth. there was no vaccine period. It would iran. its course anyway. I don't know about that. I don't think so that's debatable. Outbid so but limit said that he said a vaccine is just one is caused through the whole society and and historically he said that's what it's all about except for the aids virus now so so basically what he's saying is if we were to just continue life as normal. This is exactly the same result that we would have had. People wasn't washing hand. So justice wearing masks this thing with iran. it's course and then we would be over. That's basically what he was saying. And you know what. Let's keep it real that's linen but let me let me. Let's let's make sense. Let's let's talk about this. There are people out there. Black folks white folks. it doesn't matter. They still nasty not washing their hands. You know how many people out there. They stood on washington hand. They still nasty. They sneeze all over the place. Some people just nasty. These are carriers of the corona virus. So you've got walk which is said everything you said was simple follow instructions. Wash your hands keep your distance the how many people that was out there smoking the blood passing it from the drinking not washing their hands smashing and i'm not being judgmental about it right but it keeps this thing going but he does not. That's now that is exactly right. The fact that people are not adhering to the cdc guidelines the center for disease control. Some we have the organization called the center for disease control and they put out guidelines. We took to protect yourself to protect your family. Your loved ones and people were and people are ignoring and dying. Now we got. We got to go but cineas seen like coming out again. Thanks so you'll michael jackson bubble protect myself. And that's what i said. I believe publishing the cleanest fingernails on the bloc s. Now that's true. hey. I want to say one thing one word and then we're going to give you less work is going to get to the shots is. You're saying people do need to keep protecting themselves. I think that they should have people that are working with the public that they should still have them wear masks. I think that that's a good idea. And i think that it's an i think the social distancing and the masjid more i mean definitely if more people have been forced to if the government was let these states enforce it more especially in southern states and things like that i think it. Does you know they said there was no flu. Season practically last quick break. I will just say this. On my last word i would. I would advise all your listeners. Especially you and and your whole team is that is to protect yourself and marcus down. I want you to hold this this show on this side between the indus september a mid october. We're going to see an uptick in cases in viruses in of this virus and people are going to start passing away the same way. They did before because they're not the people that are not paying attention. They're going to be in trouble because the virus is not over. And it's definitely coming back. This whole i think we can find you can find also should media platforms that comedian fig of. I do a show called bought seats monday through friday one or two pm. Comedians talk sports myself. Talent rodney perry frank holder from humil- magazine. I love you guys man. What you guys are doing is absolutely amazing. Man and tune in every candidate i get the charlotte harvey morning show. Baby check a Was not five a. We are back with wednesday saguenay. So much Fifty five minutes after the hour. June sixteenth twenty twenty one. God bless each and everyone. Don't forget John hidden from living single. Im mill father's day this sunday. I'm thirty one. South delaware dr eastern pennsylvania. Welcome on now. Have a good time. Those open up showtime six hosted. By roy smith me show harvey. Let's have some fun. Dj hassles got a few comedians before john. And then we have you know after party so your komo now. A five zero ninety two six nine five zero john hidden living single outside free passes the following we june the twenty seven smokey suarez and roberto vander pool. So y'all come on now. I city a room you know. No we did not sean harvey on this. Show some love to see a heart in chattanooga gaza and before we shot out the room everyone on day. You are now seeing whou day. Fourteen fifteen now. Well now oh yeah today. Today's sorry so everyone cities on her journey. She's on day fifteen following through social media through the group and please when you follow city to the group's invite fifty of your friends to the group. That would be really nice. Yeah so they can join us on my journey. Well she's about to fall asleep right now and i can see i see more than next shredding. A neck is gone away concern. I can't wait till they thirty. I wonder what i'll look like. And now i kind of see. See our kasese this year metamorphasized into something. That's kind of like remember when you first met me. I've i've gone through multiple weight loss phase. It's very easy for me. Why don't we post a picture up. Remember when you always talk about that video like oh my own. She was really happy. I was like probably like one seventy five there. I had like lost a lot of weight than do but it wasn't. I wasn't doing like a crash. It was like over. It was over an amount of time. I like i did it and i was really happy with it but i was on a really strict protein diet and then i started like eating a bunch of carbs and it just didn't work out for me but this time i'm doing it and like as a shorter amount of time and it's a very restricted diet. So that's why it's just a little bit different this time because i'm very i'm really hungry. Like controlling cravings is. It's really mental allies. So i've been sleeping a lot when i can because you know like think they say you should go to bed early. 'cause i will say that 'cause you need sleep rejuvenate your your body but also like later in the day like at night like sometimes when i'm just watching tv. I'll be like. Oh like. I want something but i don't have any snacks in my house. Anyway like it's all gone. So even if i did wanna eat something. I told them last night. I ate some cucumbers and a string cheese. It was like ten thirty like we were on the phone late last night. So oh yeah. That's kind of like an. Yeah but it was. I was skinnier than that. I can't find the way dan. Yeah yeah i was. If i can get back to that practice rica. I'll be very happy. Which i think i'm on the way you know. I told you. I'm down thirteen pounds. I'm excited so in the next two weeks i can do another thirteen pounds. That'll be. I'll be down twenty six pounds in a month right. So that's what i'm holding onto. Thanks you wrong. I said thirteen days. Fifteen days yeah. I'm coming for you. Leshan sets twenty days and then someone else at the browns messed around said thirty days forty. Yeah he said forty and not forget my forty nine which is like basically everybody in our website following doubters key cenis journey on the patients and cine appreciate putting all that information in a group as though god bless you and then following it. And that's that's what we do here. Now sean i see this sweaty faith homeboy going down and everybody was sending his forty ninth day. I need everybody who put about forty nine hundred stars in the a group of about doing that. I'm going to have the best cheat meal. That's what i'm thinking about. You know what it's going to be. Well we'll be in costa rica. So it'll be something costa rican this six restaurants. I'm gonna eat all costa rica. that's when you just gonna start eating. Because sitting whitney considered that would be me and now hit me up just to meet new people and now i see him out of city city. Meow yell me out. I think honestly if you're going to do this. Forty nine day phase right for me having reached this goal which i guess. I'm a believer now. No doubt you know with the thirteen. You shouted that some also Here on the movement on forty nine movie. You could put me you fish. You put me with the forty niners and you can do that. You refuse to come into harvey's house. That's fine but i'm more open to come your way. I have my people talk to you now sitting listening here the city. Can i give you a suggestion if you don't mind because folks don't listen to me on this show for some reason i really may because i'm a comedian. I think i'm joking around law right but then every time i say something that comes through us allow facts with me even though the absurd thinking of it right and then two days later sean was right. There's a lot of that trend's on this show. Would you agree. So i'd like to say one one thing. I strongly suggest that you continue you your fast and your diet. Why in costa rica and then when you return to the united states then you go hand with the pizzas and all that and the only reason. Why the only reason why. I'm saying that because sydney you really you your body your body's really in trauma right now and right and this works. See some of that joy to give me give me. It's nervous now because you know what black folks black folks lose weight. everything sick. Why folks lose weight. They look great as city. I strongly suggest that you don't beat in costa rican. None of the food or just hit what you've been eating happen as you go down there day one and all of a sudden have all his food right yeah. This is great food type of result. I'm thinking about that. I've been experiencing throughout my life. The is going to be great right. Say that but city. What if you would if you eat like the first day down there. Yeah all other rice off the trauma now not to tristesse line on my whole thing is i know you got to run to the bathroom. Your body is just crazy. You get sick and don't think that thirty dollars insurance fifteen hundred dollars and that's the amland to the hospital and then insurance and then they go cash money and then all of us in the result have to do some kind of go fund me to get your podcast back here now because i wanna eat some seventy rice because acting on your forty nine day challenged and everybody is so inspirational. Saying i want to save you from yourself. Go right to fifty five days young lady you might as well because at least you know one thing that is true. You won't get sick and you you don't want to venture off into the unknown being thousands of miles away from home. I just say. I'm not trying to. I'm sydney believer now. Okay because you relapse it thousand times and god bless you. I'm just want to be proactive. I really concerned if you go down to costa rica city. Oh my god the food down as probably incredible all type of falls down. Is i think if you had to french fries. You're done so this. Is the french fry see. Can i lick one proposal. Say stick with a salad stick. I think you should still stick with which you're doing until you return back that you should go forty nine days and add an extended number seven days and go straight to fifty four fifty to six or whatever that is come back home and then celebrate because it just simply too far away and you don't know what your digestive system gonna is to react to all of this if you're gonna trauma bond all the way to forty nine. I'm not a nutrient. I'm just saying right here. I am just making me sad. Don't care i care see. Imagine you go down to costa rica day one and they're gonna throw a steak right in front of your face that you paid for you. Don't even have to pay for it. And then the wide savings study wanted to drink like say the whole thing or tell you what things you can do here and this is coming from a former alcoholic. That's lost weight via smoking crack. Because i'm not drinking either. Drink the humil- out this this would be my suggestion. Superlight ways training up until the days drinking every day. This would be my suggested this things you can do here. You can not eat like said right. Stay with the same die until you get back you can drink all you want in costa rica sanjay. But don't eat just eat the salad and don't eat all meats and fish and all of all the good food have now because now you don't yourself in a major quagmire you've been sober here. Come the steak. You don't think that there might be more chance of some kind of reaction from which you've been going through and that's all i'm saying be careful mean considering going so far away if he was going to miami and all that that's fine united states. That's nothing to go to hospital. It's not the ploger pitch venus. They caught they still on it. You don't know what the hell's going on down there. I wish my mom was coming now. Let's awesome. I'm just saying just be careful because you know 'cause the food is very good down there. I'm going to be sitting here. Eat my ass off letters. You're going to be doing when i'm not leaving. You guys can go do it. Everyone do but i'm not leaving the resort. You're not going to go on an excursion. Not sean come on. i'm gonna say. I'm just remember i'm i'm coming from the us version. Yeah i'm gonna take the whole week before. Yeah then. I'm gonna come here to change my clothes to go to the airport to fly someplace else and it's very you gotta be careful with the traveling and scott you want to get out lining. I wanna go to the pictures. Come on think about it. One hundred twenty five dollars. It's not the money part. I just don't know that's what i'm saying like it's like just doing like doing zip-lining zip-lining come on get a picture. Like nah i will. It'd be a mess. Be careful doing that. But what i'm saying is try. I'll be more more concerning for me than which eating out there. I'd rather you zip line and be hungry than zip line. And have a whole bellyful food. And you're going to go to poop point you saying you're gonna sit right on yourself on the line do sixty miles an hour. And this is sandy. Remember you go to beat a few days before by saturday. Your body the acid. Take food rejection of it. City diarrheal is going to be. You don't know that's eighty five dollars down there. You better take all see. That's another thing you better. You better pack all of that. You better would supplement galling for all that in your bag sometimes the eighty the through the continental all and you talk about. What kind of outfit you you got shit on your outfits doc. Here know it's going to be good. I'm gonna take it under advisement fresher. It's gonna be good when heart. That the puerto vallarta talk accessing. Let's go down with a heart back with jack with a heart. Where the hoopla. For what walk artifact the check take fat tape woah woah woah with heart set may where the heart heart set with. What's what hey. Hey hey hey. I check the heart and the fact that where the where the where the where the heart with a heart set one. Hey for work. Hey hey shut out to a barbeque colo. Hey barbie hey girl hayes to you shout to how are you doing things for other music. We appreciate you. Shout out to shove. Mika love hey golo bog leo. How're you doing girl. i don't think she's coming out. The father and i didn't get to see her this we i know i know getting a hold of her. She's just like butterfinger is. That's what i'm going to call you. She mickey he's slipping keep slipping through our hands. Come on out butter twenty seven. I got some free passes. She she's gonna be an upstate new york she's gone out we can i. I already checked. All her weekend was yeah. I think she's doing a memorial for her husband's father but a july is a new month. Shikha good old american summer so get ready girl. We're stalking you. Shoutout to michael grassy. Hey michael new york michael grassi. Shot out during the twenty-seven no oh she did okay. Shout out to angel johnson. Hey angel what's going on. Yes we always appreciate your. Thank you for those facts. Keep them coming girl shoutout to lose shawn heins jones win the last time you kept it shots ula shot. I truly around last october. I love you shine. Can't wait for costa rica's shaw swung longlist. How does that work see working in your life. It's fine to be honest. Really don't even think about it. Oh you can come. The twenty-seven for free passes for you. If you could come. Four look at look sean give about. Can i get one shot for was smokey. Suarez roberto four twenty seven. Look at that. Oh it's this when you can't the memorial okay. The twenty seventh. She got four for you. Four four repasts. Look at that you point heart son. I'm done i. Oh i like that. That's nice jewish. Show your love and you're sitting here. You're criticizing recall me and not just sit here and just show your number. I lose weight here on this show to perform for you. Only misleading about this show. I was married thinking the show. He's nobody shows harvey he'll come in. I have a deficit lowered. Oh come to. Bora bora wants to calm zero. Two free pass for you. Get on that. Buzz and bring gloria we gotta right yeah shamikh and two vertebra four fishermen six. I am on it. You guys can say with us. Shutout away free passes. Smokey suarez twenty seven roberto bamboo alaron. He opens up for tracy. Morgan around the world. I cannot wait to see them. I've been chasing smoke even these past years. You seriously slips through the fingers you better. He better be there shine. I'm going to hold you accountable. Mccollum myself to shot time. You like who. Are you gonna hit with every time. You always sean. You can get the isn't like shaw. Who's this letter school. Yeah there are. All i gotta do namedrop. Good out to one day i will. Oh oh yeah and will is semi prophecies. That i bohm was some location and say your name and then that eight class ching mid shaw out to tonya lynette. I know you're out there on youtube girl. Hey shoutout to you. You need to hold it down on youtube for us and all of you who are not subscribed on youtube. You need to go over there. You can watch tv. Take what you do. All types of shutout get free passes to smoke suarez. Berta pants not many passes. Come on now. you're better see down. These folks feel mind is who who got fleet pass it. He said to further. Borough the borough guess what to borrow another. Guess what it's changed that deploy leslie gets passes. So she gets one for herself in three. Wow there you go. I wanna see gloria there to make it happen. Shot out to the real sakina scott. Hey girl judy channel one seven. Smokey suarez roberto van. Not the fall show. Shoutout to de low map is haiti low. What's up one of my original forty niners. How're you doing girl. Get your ass out of north carolina. Twenty seven sat out to underground railroad. Get you get you arrest them. You can leave that far. God'll give us an update. What's going on in that farm over their free passes spoke whereas shoutout to veneta george haven that. How are you girl. Talk to you today. Shot out to robert beri aka doc. Smooth as sure boy dot calling calling if you can Louisville kentucky attack Ninety four. he called him. Before we call him. Bro we would love to hear it again charlotte to lynette nat serano odd. Thank you since he's over there. T. lynette we're gonna get a curate by the end of the year so don't worry we're going to update this for you. Yes we're in hot. This this yeah. This has gotta go shutout to feel about things like this. I know because stay there. We don't give lynette. Not sending something from me charlie. go wrong. don't don't give me in that space. Everything's just laviola which you will in the next two calendar ready to give you. Don't make me look at it. Shut out to queens iann and queens said well damn can i get a couple of ticket queen queen. I can't write that down queen. I got two free tickets for you. Smoking suarez then go take of course. Queen love the imu. That's for you and the dark okay. So we'll think shoutout to row. Mr sensational hala. Shoutout to your. Oh i'm going to get one a year I want to get one of your shirts or whatever but are you just having hoodies right now. Bro what it might be kinda hot. But but i might get a cropped one pretty soon. Yeah no doubt hala at chiro. We want to support you as well. Who else shot out to allen's swamp. Mcalister you go. Hey allen good morning shoutout to free passes. June twenty seven. Smoking took shots at crystal rony. Hey christo what's going on. Oh dealer said she's gonna come to texas when we when we go there okay Shoutout to tiffany close. Hey tiffany what's going on and shout out to you and happy birthday to your husband. That was such a sweet message that you left for him. She said you have my my body and my soul or something like that like it was just so sweet. You guys are the best shoutout to you and your husband. Kevin tiffany arrest june twenty seven. We got three pets votes while row. Them pool shot at to sir prints b-a-e-n what up. Sir how are you shot to you. Shutout shaheed johnson hacia e. What's going on. are you back on your workout. Like with the surplus. We need you in the building they were going on. I didn't hear nothing from shoutout to johnny ball. Hey johnny yes rain said he was gonna hit you today. Shot to train up or trina. You got that shot today girl. What's up which we need a report. I'm glad calm zero ninety. Two six nine five calling in shot out to dera jackson. Hey tiara are you here. I saw some. I on june twenty seventh spoke. Swallows birth fell. Free passes you boy harvey yet dear. i would love to see you here. She said she got her arm her. I hope that's all that hurts girls. I'm used to her to when i was single and i was one of my point of run. Shot out to the coal harris. Hey cole what's going on girl. Shout out to lee scott haley. What's gone on my brother. Shut up to april sky. Rub the belly personally from me thank you. We're with april in her in a while. She's still in october november timber august july. June she's about five six months. I think i did my math. Ron shutout to where my aunt a few months. How how how. Far along april lean. Shout out to alicia. She's five months. I was right. She's moving right along there. Shout to leshan. Biak's what up less sean was going on girl. I'm coming for you on the twenty days. I'm coming for you. Are you going to have a little treat for me. A little surprise. Thank you shoutout to tiffany thomson. What's going on tiffany and morning show. What is going on over there with your finger and shoutout to prentice cox can morning mr robinson. How are you chat prince. Shout out to marcus. Mr one emoji hit me with an emoji bro. Shutout to comedian fake. What up how are you all the information. Much information we're going down the dallas texas. I know i'm going because i'm going to be working. We go into that now. Follow your boy harvey because it seems like to travel and man that i am done piggy bank and now piggyback then all you folks running around with me throughout the country and that's fine could come out with your boy now and pay back up. That's what you did. Of course he did. And i feel free for my peoples to travel with me throughout the country. You know. i'm the only one on his show. Now just traveling the world in the country and you okay. Hang out with your boy. I got the information. Hold on before you finish. Anna finish on shut up to comedian. Fake shot to peachy cream luberon. Hey peachy at a shout out to lady photogenic. What up girl through the borough leslie deborrah free ninety nine. Hey girl shot out to sister. Hey shonda yes i am. Don't worry girl. I know i'm i'm not starving myself. I mean i am also she was like you know. Don't starve yourself your body to eat in trip out one day we still gonna love you man. Yeah but now. She loving basis milton away. Yeah no i know. I'm just i just have to go and guess what city rome is coming here tomorrow to make the adjustments at the show with the new lenses. 'cause we trying to make a whole television production out of this show really going to be zero and zero in on face. A tape doesn't camera at ten pounds. I look at myself after the show. I look horrible. This shot how to assist so shonda. So yes. Sean sean sean. Come on down got freak. Twenty seven's going shot to danielle williams hate then follow. What's going on girl. I cannot wait this year. You guys are gonna see her on sunday. She is just a lover shoutout to randy montgomery. Hey randy girl. Hey how are you. I'm getting there. Wow shaheed call your boy on after the show and let them know because this is embarrassing for all of that. that's going. hey randy. I know who you are. I looked i said wait. a minute. almost almost had it. yesterday. I looked at randy's pitches social god. Now you're being a stalker. Shot out to natalie right. Hey natalie what's going on. Hold on randy. I'm looking at you sean. Harvey you see me. I don't look the same as they were all thirteen. Fourteen years old. And god bless but now randy that you are involved in this movement here on this show show show featuring wake up in way you get your morning started right now. You have to put in. Emily and What you do is you have to. If you don't mind it's not mandatory or mandated using that word for the last year starting to bring your friends aboard one nobody in this group lazy now sitting there you get more than right is not fair that you feel good and you have a little humor and you get some informative inflammation any keeping it to yourself. That's not right. I want you to gather all your friends has been sitting stuck in this abyss of listening to that. Fm radio station. And nobody cares about you. Randy montgomery you had been liberated by sean harvey. Im your moses of the podcast part to seize free you to be in this love community. I need help. I need help how i need you. If you don't mind young lady you're grown ass woman to articulate back to the others thou- joe refuge that you found your sanctuary with all these other loving people in the group talking to stay yourself. Please would devastate me. One out there. Please spread the word shoving him show featuring a waco team custodians on every get you wanna start a right coupla grazing and last finales godfather of solar tracy ray and shot out to you the godfather you was out there hanging on my girl leslie at their harlem. Let's let's snappy right now z. Cine i'll tell you. Let's take a moment in applaud the godfather and he took a moment out of his to go up there and support the poor lizzie and her birthday who we loved dearly. And what's for sure surprise. Definitely a surprise and that's why again it goes back to Randy montgomery young lady. Hold on see what we do here. Young lady the godfather solo win up and surprise our beloved member. Both of them bought away. Let's put some respect on eight or chat room week. And he went up there and he showed her love on a surprise as she posted it in the group and we all reacted to it in a loving way. And this is what we do here. We've made lifelong friends. We've last come from the. That's what we do here talk. We really bring people together if we could bring me a man from this showdown practicing. Reagan picked indifferent become permits but still friends as vows. We don't want that for you and see the way. The godfather did a solo. That warmed my heart surprising. I'll beloved at her birthday party. At the social centre is social distance. Social listening social corner. Cuonzo's social the corner right. The right the right in the hall of hall and he's from brooklyn. He came straight to the epicenter of hall. And that's what we do here randy. Montgomery god bless you and we want you to be a part of that because these are some love in folks that you leshan brown from the bronx all. Let me start. Naming on veneta. George in in linda serano and all the men that prentiss cox no pause blackheart. He's your first chat room in week and as you continue to watch this show you will learn history randy. Amy and i'm moral okay. That is all we truly appreciate out there. We really appreciate you guys. You definitely want to make sure that you stay connected with us. Through social media the sean harvey morning show featuring the wakeup team business page. Make sure you like that. That's what we broadcast from. Every day you can click the bell on there because then you'll get notified in the morning when we go live. we also have a group page. That's connected to facebook. The sean harry morning show featuring the wakeup team group the group is popping. Please invite yourself at fifty friends. grow the community. We really appreciate it. We are on and I heart radio platform true. Follow us on their. We are also on fam- radio app or on comedy worldnet dot com And we are on other affiliate station so please like this video. Love this video posted on your wall and any groups that you are part of. We truly appreciate it. We'll thank you. Well said also especially shout out to our affiliates. We appreciate the most Ninety four point five. The plays louisville kentucky. We try truly appreciate you. Wfl legs are the flex and ninety two point three in rochester rochester. New york thing you especially shoutout to comedy cloud as well so we appreciate all you folks that are out there and all of phillies for believing in what we do here each and every day and also helping us pay the bill. Here's a very expensive. So thank you so much. We appreciate it now since about the fall asleep where we get into the news. And then we're gonna get out of here. Here's what you guys get bingo okay. So doug be production and chris love and friends and to harvey in their new york. New york mets dallas is called then called the new york meet dallas. It's the fifth anniversary. Two thousand sixteen to two thousand and twenty one right new york giants versus the dallas cowboys. Right getaway weekend so it's the fifth anniversary two thousand and sixteen two thousand and twenty one. Get away weekend in dallas texas right on friday. We have a meet and greet okay at the ambassador sweet. That's friday october. The kief everyone right and then saturday. We have the party hosted by we'll checks. I'm gonna do. Some jokes is going to be a all white a day party. That's sunday october tonight with being dallas. All that's gonna fit. And then on the sunday the tenth. We have to tailgate party at the stadium. Now re you do have an option to purchase a ticket to go inside and watch the game now. It's not about the dallas cowboys and it's not about the new york rep your team up in new york jeff fan. I'm bringing all my gear down there so if you're interested hit me up. Seven zero ninety two six not zero texas pricing start as at at one hundred and sixty dollars per person real light that doesn't include the flight me. Ingred embassy suites. That's friday twenty eighth in. We get dead day partied at all white party and i wanted to local venues in dallas. That's on october tonight. Wear a belt. It will track audience the tailgating body right at the stadium city. The hit me up. I'm going down there chris. hire me. i'm going down. There is crazy boy whose comes down which point. You're t october eighth. The of all we can the new york. Jeff we will be in dallas a but does only having a baby lee. I think they'll do sometime in october. It doesn't matter if you listen to the show. Part of the country urine hit me up five seven zero ninety two six nine five zero and we all go make a beeline right to dallas texas. We're going through a meet and greet friday the all white affair on saturday and then the tailgating went to christopher's tailgate upon. You got the tv's out there. The tailgate parties is actually better than going inside the state my opinion so we start promoting. Let's go to dallas. Texas every want is that weekend line of some shows in texas in dallas With my man rush all of them. And i'm going to do some of a comedy shows while i'm down here so texts everyone you want to travel. I'm you're you're actually. I'm human travel agency. Thank god if you want to go somewhere the country. Just sean we going on and i'll tell you u s version. He didn't tell us about it. Took a sold out with. Us version so doubt. Costa rica the week after. That's almost so down. Don't we go down to atlantic city. The end of july and august atlantic city manufacture roxanne. Sante will be at the new august. I right and then we come back in. Sydney are going down to us. Version allen against saint croix. That's almost sold out rob stapleton. They missed the cheeks. And there's some s and then the following week we go down to texas. How would you boy. You say it's already dad today and tell anyone he keeps always from cell so if you want to travel and you wanna party and have a good time boy who. I'm here i'm here. I'm wrestling through book written the blues. Sandy j. all date. Y'all wow y'all hey everybody is soon unconcern. Cenis us about the fall asleep. Not just like my body. but it's gonna. I'm going to do a workout when i get home after this. You guys are going to see a picture and the next like two three hours. So get ready for it. 'cause i'm ready to go i just some conserving energy. So i can power through. And then i'll probably eat something. Give me some suggestions on what i should eat. Because i'm really hungry. The first story that i'm going to give to you because this one is don't i'm i'm actually happy. I probably wouldn't right now. What i'm doing. No because if i was with a guide lose weight you'll find the way now i don't even that negatively in my life it'd be like what are you doing. Let me put this away for you. A lobster divers sean was swallowed by a humpback whale. Did you hear about this A little before eight. Am friday veteran lobster diver michael packard and the water for his second dive of the day off herring cove beach and surrounded by a fleet of boats catching striped bass. The water temperature was a balmy sixty degrees in the visibility about twenty feet licensed commercial lobster divers literally plug lobsters off the sandy. Bottom and now packard. He's fifty six. He saw schools of san last sand lances and stripers swimming by. So i guess that's fish. The ocean food chain was full evidence but about ten feet from the bottom packard suddenly knew what it truly felt like to be. Part of that chain he said all of a sudden felt this huge shove and the next thing i knew it was completely black because packard was swallowed whole by a humpback whale. Pack over called packard. Last week friday. That i could sense i was moving and i can feel the whales squeezing with the muscles in his mouth Initially packer thought he was inside a great white shark but he couldn't feel any teeth and he hadn't suffered any obvious wounds. It quickly dawned on him that he had been swallowed by a whale. He said i was completely inside. It was completely black. I thought to myself. There's no way i'm getting out of here. I'm done i'm dead. He said all he could think about where his sons who are twelve and fifteen years old. He said i was completely inside. Outfitted with scuba gear. He struggled and the whale began shaking. Its head so that packard could tell he didn't like it. He estimated he was in the whale for about thirty to forty seconds before the whale surface as he said he saw light and started throwing his head side to side and the next thing. I knew i was outside. In the water his sister spoke with crewman job mayo who relate some of the details to her parents and mayo saw the whale burst the service and that he initially thought it was a great white shark. I'm he said all of a sudden there was all this action at the top of the water. Then the well flung her brother back into the sea. They picked them up call by radio to shore and sped him to the hospital. They said thank god. It wasn't a white shark. He sees those all the time out there. He must have thought he was done now. Humpback whales He said that you know. Experts are saying that this was probably a mistake as an accident on part of the humpback whale because humpbacks are not aggressive animals particularly toward humans the humpback with described as being medium sized and. They suspect it was a juvenile feeding on the fish. Now when humpback whale when they feed. If you didn't know they open its mouth really big. And like the bottom of it like their neck gets like Gets really big. It opens up a parachute so it's almost like a vacuum and they just scoop it up So that's what happened to him and they think the whales gonna be fine story. Yeah type of was. I kind of complete lose. Are you get rejected by will back up. That's the total disrespect to your life. My friend used to go out. Laurie usually you like that guy from mma. Remember that Kuni movie and Mark wahlberg member was in that boat and they died out there. What was the name of that. Everybody was a george clooney. And mark waugh bird and i were out. Were in the middle of massachusetts and win. It was out there trying to find the some fish and they went too far. They tried to go go through a hurricane. I was in the like three hurricanes combined. Everybody what was the name and movie and they win out in glory and he died and it was a true story and that and it was such an honorable death. I never name of that movie. Everybody was the name of more warburg was in it. George clooney and a few of and it was seaman and george clooney. Was sean connery in it. No i don't think so sean. This is still alive and what would happen was accent. Went out too far city because they wanted up perfect storm of the perfect storm right. I never seen that movie. It's a great movie so see but they all died god because they didn't follow a structure. He wanted to get the big catch and they were saying. The storm was coming a storm sydney. The storm came off different directions and it was this little fishing boat and it capsized and the died and was a great movie. Oh my goodness. Cbs's moving but how it translates back to this unbelievable story that you're saying. How are you a fisherman out there in these obser- divers okay lobster. That whatever they all is back on your in your glory now and welcome. Swallows you whole this way you supposed to go out. This is the way. If you're sick. I die away. He was supposed to die with whale or get a the shock. Suppose and that would have made his death of glorious. Death put no and he went down for the second time he already dove for the day he went down for a second straight socal. You survived the world through you bag out to tell the story. You should never go back out there. My friend i feel bad for the whale. Like our wealth for he's the supposed to swallow his ass and he would have been done for the rest of his life and he would have been glorified but all the over lobster bruce by xiaomi cola. We love you to shine now. He got swallowed by the whale. The whale you're right deal. Oh the whale didn't like how he pays back out the well. The whales don't eat humans. How would he died. So you that city with this. What is this season swallowed. My throat city violently shoved him out of his mouth. Shoutout out to the way anyhow hung nasty. Was this human being that the will rejected him. The well was supposed you ever had said you have as something accidentally that you didn't like and swallowed it. Yes on that. Put us triple ginger. I hate when people can buy it back up just dealt with it and do the whole natural process right. Yeah that's that's been it out or put a pause on spitting it out now. It's been a bit calm down. This is a work environment. Jesus tell me how you really feel it now. Did you do all right. I don't wanna know what you do. You spit things out of your mouth now on what that he would never be. Glorified it will take him as mediocre. He survived this was his moment. Don't think about those kids. Those kids ain't thinking about him otherwise i think about. You probably had that relationship with the give a damn about you sir. You are complete loser. Will you had your moment if you remember. These were gully if he was really gully. Light that you the dove right into stomach and let that acid myrna crap out he had an the whale would not let him go down okay so he had to go so shout out to that man. Nbc halt production of its ultimate slip and slide after crew members experienced explosive diarrhea. The rap has reported that at least one person tested positive for gr gret. Ah on june second and reported symptoms on its seamy valley california set up to forty crew members reportedly fell violently ill during production resulting in awful explosive diarrhea that left people collapsing. That's going to be you when you go and you stupid. I don't wanna laugh. I'm sorry that's going to be you and you're going. That stupid was going costa rico. That left people collapsing and being forced to run support. Oh potty insurance and that's going to be you you're gonna have a shit storm going up there. It's going to really be literally shits when you go in that free. What is free will. And what are you doin' against our snow diving. Wizard ziplock gonna be followed by horseback riding going to be doing the same thing. am i. Thirteen hundred a rental forest. You don't think you're gonna do on yourself with all of that if you eat a steak prior to going on saturday for ten hours are you out of your complete left mine. What is wrong with you. Jared billy in the stay awake for this show metamorphasized. God knows what that is still looks great. And you gotta sit there. You could barely get to the door and you're going to have the energy to grab on something or handle zip line two hundred or three hundred yards to another location at the stake and you'll think you want to do and you got you got the nerve to read this story. You what should do is take eat. Illicitly you boy. Harvey don't eat nothing. Zidane's you're gonna shit on yourself. It's going to happen. And i'm going to build it and i'm going to put it in a group. I never posted a group and very rarely. But i will do that. You actually do need some depends. You'll that that would be. I would take depends any because you just never know. Is you look at me. Can you give to see this fall. Our take hate. You're so tired right now. We're going to show you done seeing you you actually in a delusional state right now. You're not even gonna remember being here today and you gotta go out there after reading this story and zip line i say. Get some data set. Say how much the depends how much the average price of a pack. I don't. I would suggest that you take that along with the pepito business and everything else to costa rica. Obsers on desert listen gre. A- giardi ah is a small paris. I typically found in soil food or water that has been contaminated with feces from infected animals or people. The parasite can be spread from person to person but the most common way people become infected is through ingesting contaminated drinking or recreational water. Girardi causes diarrheal disease. Cheer dr gerard. Dioceses and nbc representative told the wrap. That outbreak occurred within just five days left to film to determine the issue. They determine that the water used on the show was tested for parasites the la and ventura county health department as well as a third party company. The initial test results were negative for the sets water but additional testing revealed that giardi within the surrounding area city. Stuff as you probably have that right now sitting in your stomach lady to explode as something that you will not be able to control. So they're just trying to figure out you know. Make sure everybody's okay and filming away to refill. This after this is sad won't sounds like it's really painful. Well it's gonna be sad for you if eat steak down in costa rica. I'm telling you saying you'd better we re evaluate which you plan on doing down there. You're gonna be you're gonna have a shit storm going down. There is going to be really credit for you and that is not going to be sexy for using j. And not only the single men down net. At all five hundred y'all would be vying for. Ub be left in in the in the dust. Because there's no single man is going to be dealing with a phil women that zip lining sports hobbies house sports deep brooklyn nets defeated the milwaukee bucks. One fourteen one eight last night at the barclay center atlantic avenue in brooklyn. But here's the problem with the nets are now up three games to two. They have to go back to milwaukee where they can close out this series. That's going to be a tough one. Now here's the problem with the new jersey. And i'll tell you this kevin durant before we leave scored forty nine points singer out of one hundred and fourteen. Point is half the points. He's like forty eight point nine percent of the points not only that he played every minute of the game sydney to play forty eight minutes. I don't care what type of superstar you are. The a levels guys and kevin durant is a level guy that is a lot to put on an individual cine. He basically scored a point a minute and he contributed to use thirty more points. So he contributed to seventy five points to one hundred and fourteen points brooklyn. You have a major problem my friends. If you think that the milwaukee bucks you think brooklyn brooklyn you think you'll come into milwaukee. When that kevin is tired he's tired just like saying the mayor. Play forty eight minutes. Sending the game is forty eight minutes long. He played every minute of the game. He couldn't even sit on the bench. James harden no kevin durant superstar. James harlan still nowhere in sight brooklyn tonight. You will meet your basketball maker an estimated walkie bucks you will go into that temple of doom and you will lose. Kevin is tire. whatever daily. Play on tonight tomorrow. Kevin's tired is not even playing in the two hundred million dollar man. Don't give a damn if you think you're going to go to the nba finals finals. Like i was with the practice practice. Find i'm scared for you. You're kevin durant the play and novel forty eight minutes. It's one of thirty points. He's gonna have diarrhea like seaney woolen. Zip line down costa rica. Because it's just too much for one to bear. He is a one. He's a great player in this generation. No question about it but you need him for the whole entire forty nine forty eight minutes to score forty eight point. He contribute to it number thirty points which equals over seventy points. And you're not concerned. Kevin durant you are chew ballplayer. Carry urban. You a trooper. I which was on that that basketball court you feel about james. You're gonna go into milwaukee you get your ass kicked right city because milwaukee's deaths predict gotta win the game where they're going to get eliminate so you know what they're gonna do. You gonna come back to brooklyn on a game seventy to say this to my friends. Yeah say my brooklyn. It's no hate city okay. We got closer games. Haven't it did you say i'm gonna. I'm gonna turn what turned to the forty five degree angles right to the left. Me you over. I wanna let you notice good run brooklyn. God bless you nick sam brooklyn. Hey did you know that. And i always wanted to see all big three play because i wanted to play to get eliminated then i would have justify my decision anyway. We'll go on with the new jersey nets. Because i don't believe in that big three thing but your savior. Kevin durant is not gonna be able to do in my friends. Because he has nobody around him yes score forty nine points and forty eight minutes should done. We're walkie bucks will win tonight tomorrow. Night saying wherever they play arkalyk on and game seven be but comeback harvey's housing. We'll talk about it. You ask them find barbie barbie on facebook barbie cologne designs on instagram and designer babe. Three eight on in no no airbase. Three eight on three also not notice my friend. I just want you to jump back into reality and princesses. I'm looking at the prince's man. Come on bro. You was the one that disappointed me. Most you're coach bro. And you jumped into fandom. And i'm not mad at you because you got caught up. You know that is disturbing that your top player play forty.

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