How the US caught up with Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi


Man and the first phase of a long awaited report into the Grenfell Tower disaster is released today how US special forces caught up with the world's most wanted daddy the head of the Islamic state a man who had been hunted for the last six years detonated himself and murdered his three children who he was using his across the globe on Saturday that hunt ended Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi is dead he followed the rise of Isis as they claimed huge swathes of land in Iraq and Syria for their so called Caliphate he also followed their retreat as we believe that troops descended from the helicopters they storm towards the House and as they did so children came running toward Martin. Can you tell us about what happened on Saturday how did events unfold a convoy of helicopters arrived awesome that'd been freed from within this house and there were also people shooting from the windows near the town of Borussia in northeastern Syria at a tiny town are they arrived shortly after twelve forty five in the morning as they descended Guardian I'm Rachel Humphries Today infocus how the United States up with Abu Bakar Al by daddy they avoided the front door they moved to the side of the House and down to some some points out into a stone yard and they detonated explosives would the hunt for one man continued the leader of Isis Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi who had inspired an organization responsible for dozens of atrocities allowed them access to a tunnel complex we understand that around this time the most wanted man in the World Abaco Baghdad human shields how it's US troops confirm that it was Baghdadi the US have been down this road before we they were wearing they press forward They were aware that the house had a tunnel network according to US officials they knew where the entrance to the tunnels were descended through a manhole from the floor of the House himself wearing a suicide vest he was with three of his children he walked to the end of it There was ferocious gunfire from a compound was a new newly built house built about eighteen months ago and the house erupted with gunfire living in fear and the ruins of their towns and cities or or sitting with them personally Martin Chiel reports on the Middle East for the Guardian Aw Islamically developed more culturally and socially conservative than he was and I think he started to show his stripes at university when he committed himself very in a town north of Baghdad in nineteen seventy one lower middle class childhood he did quite well at school he was trained when I look back on covering Islamic state's over the last five years my overriding memory is is one of darkness one of Football Soldi code out for him to surrender there was no response for several minutes and then a deafening explosion and we believe that Becker Donald he crouched there it was a dead end he could go no further a US military robot approached him dog sparked in the distance sensitively to Islamic studies shortly after that it was a a path to radical jihad which was brought on by the US invasion of Iraq in two thousand and three and four and he was caught by the US military in Volusia in Iraq in February two thousand four at the house mcdaddy dying so there was a clear forensic match in the field I do believe that they have their man and that there were some means of visually identifying him afterwards a US led operation against Iraq is underway explosions and anti-aircraft fire erupted over by Eh a big what paradoxes Oh my God and according to Donald Trump a match was made within fifteen minutes of you according to the US president and also according to people on the ground are we are told that to people within the house detonated suicide belts and they're Baghdadi was was put amongst many hundreds of others al-Qaeda suspects many of them were ideologically very committed to the the pitches people may have seen of Abu Bakar by Daddy show mom sat cross-legged wearing a military vest with a weapon by his side technicians forensic technicians who were carrying DNA of Baghdadi wisdom the Kurds say that they were able to steal a pair of backer Baghdad is underway eh Selefija headquarters and Baghdadi set out his stall is someone who would be a future leader how did the time he spent in he formed a jihadi group of his own friend and he was taken to a US prison camp in the south of the country could Boca which was named after one of the fighters from nine eleven in New York a force back out of the air they had held and thousands of fighters were killed or captured of Sunni Islam which reverted the society back to the earliest days of the Prophet Muhammed it was inflexible it was intolerant it's the he was hey nobody nobody was was a complex man he was born Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim battery thirteen the organization had expanded its influence and created Islamic state in Iraq and Levant also known as Isis and they carried out dozens of attacks ocoee security forces in a desperate attempt to retake northern cities now under the control of Islamic militants but many Iraqi forces reasonable calm man who could betray in disputes in the camp he got a good look at his enemy he spent a lot of time with us. God's when he runas to Islamic state which were Al Qaeda al Qaeda in Iraq had morphed into this group they had become one of two main protagonists in the was released nine months later he took that as a victory they never did know the character of the man that they had so when he was released in two thousand and four the Americans just didn't see him at he had been active in the Sunni insurgency pry and they certainly didn't know what he would go onto become but he rose to prominence and in two thousand ten became getting them from the other side of the of the river in Mosul when that happened we knew something truly historic it was taking place and that was a a very tequila bitter and vicious civil war which saw the two main sects of Islam pitched against each other the the Sunnis and the Shias the the uniforms and weapons and flayed for NEIGHB- Iraqi Kurdistan in short the Iraqi military collapsed that day in two thousand four eighteen and they did so in the face of no more than seven hundred to a thousand guys in pickup trucks and motorbikes with black turbans who was stolen it was it was hard line and it was cruel by twenty call have been forced to flee Iraq city of Mozell after it became the second city to fall into the hands of Islamist militants do you remember watching this all unfold Cattolica shape him Baghdad he's nine months in Camp Buka were among the most important of his life he was able to his jailers into thinking that he was a written Salaheddin province and very nearly Kirkouk the oil city on the ground and from the air in Iraq but June twenty fourteen several hundred Isis militants overran one of the country's major cities as many as five hundred thousand people the attack them in their homes and neighborhoods that were very sectarian very anti Shia and they were determined to impose a strict interpretation the Iraqi Sunni insurgency took the fight to the shears deliberately willfully they detonated several shrines bin Laden with a up almost cowie in Iraq and some other high profile targets set the hit and Syria and they did have with them took they took cuts they impose themselves and ensured that what they believed to be God's vision of of how society should be should exist often summary executions in town squares which we use to impose authority under the pretext of of punishing people for any Faux Pas committed were raising children and intending to the house the men on the other hand setup it taxation system in most towns and cities they stood over vendors and how close did they come to catching him there were several instances over the next four years we do know that he was culturally or religiously seen Baghdadi became the world's most wanted man and he was being aggressively hunted by the US military and also the allies in the region aren't proving up to the task there were five divisions of the Iraqi army which supplied melted like snow in spring afternoon we're talking one hundred thousand men who simply was very much a man's world women did not play much of a role they were completely covered including their faces they were enforces claim to being a new caliph of the Islamic world he was saying to follow who they're within that mosque but but to the region beyond that he was now in his landmark university his claim to fame throughout his youth was that he climbed a line edge to the Prophet Mohammed Tom Had lessons he'd started to become more Anita over jihadist organization could Islamic state of Iraq and what were they doing at the time by two thousand ten the what was implemented the towns and cities that Isis commandeered robot lockdown betrayal was was just around the corner of many they were impact on line one Mujahadeen in love with him Iraqi Kurds and the Americans were using one of the senior women in the Islamic state organization who had been captured and taken to a bill northern Iraq at the time it was an extraordinary time I was I was in Baghdad Mosul found very quickly it fell in an afternoon as did most of northern Iraq several occasions in which his usually watertight anti digital way of operating dropped a bit and there was once when he was killed quote religious place who would y women who was showing their ankles or any part of this skin they did not play a functional role in community their duties were apparent change of power the militant Islamist fighters claimed to be celebrating their declaration of an Islamic Caliphate after the group captured territory in neighboring intend to hit him he was wounded and he had a severe back injury and after that I think it was a year later early two thousand sixteen the German he again emphasizes that point saying you should take up Jihad to please God and fight in his name this was life like in Baghdad Caliphate hit in an airstrike in western Iraq in late February early March two thousand fifteen there are reports this morning that the leader of Isis was Iraq at the end of that month the so-called Caliphate was declared war and a few days later video into effect what did he show what did he say he made a public appearance in the Grand Mosque Grand Mosque in Mosul and he effectively as quickly as isis gained ground Martin lobster and Alberto was in hiding watching his caliphate stepping away from him did his supporters speaking on radio urging his father's to continue fighting and there was another time where one of his aides briefly used an Internet connection so for the much of a threat they saw him as threat Sir they they thought that he was just a devout Sunni band who had been caught up at all they didn't end up believing that you a dentist by the safe houses that he was using it Mosul and this woman her name was unsafe pointed a house out and we we sooner another decided not to take the shot that night and they they missed getting there man this house is being run almost I've heard since then that Baghdadi was in that house close call for the world's most wanted terrorist a man with a ten million dollar bounty on his head but the American military for one the new rule in this sermon he is saying that the month of Ramadan is the month of Jihad and it is the time to be fighting the enemies and the unbelievers towards the end of his wounded in a coalition airstrike to Iraqi officials in state television say Abu Bakar Outback dotty was wounded. The strike was carried out by the Americans and I didn't as a headquarters and it was where Baghdadi was keeping Ziti women as slaves and also an American could kyle fuller your eventually died did the the duration of his time in the run up a Becker Baghdadi rarely went near anything digital all his messages were passed on person or in the old fashioned way of writing a note let's have any other encounters with him we believe that there was a near Miss Derozan Syria early last year and that the the appearance in the mosque and Mersal and the second of which was early this year omitted slutty omitted Islam well enough said from him a toll Baghdad was hiding throughout his time as leader there were only two examples of Baghdadi appearing in videos one of which was how in the end did American troops track him down well it seemed to be a story of good various terror attacks that have happened in the Middle East and around the world in recent time that every time he put his head up there was a risk fashioned spycraft here so in late September we understand that the Iraqi intelligence service was able to locate a people smoking he died like a dog he died like a coward the world is now a much safer place donald trump his taking breaking news that Isis leader Abu Bakar Bughdadi is believed to have been killed in a US raid in north west Syria now I mean seemingly ailing the message was to say I have prevailed I'm still in charge according to analysts that have seen it shows that he's trying to take credit for quickly within a couple of weeks information had been passed onto the Americans we believe that part of the information was shared with the with the Kurds and in Syria aalst territory in Far East Syria Baghdadi appeared sitting on the floor alongside aids aged and it's all the credit for this and the comparing himself to Barack Obama under whose leadership the Americans killed Osama bin Laden what did you make of Donald Trump's tone in that press every time he moved around there was a risk and the decision he took to move from Iraq to Syria was a very significant and consequential one full him of a of a Jihadi organization in it lip and by Saturday afternoon a confirmation came through that he was still there so when the located this smuggler they soon found a one of his wives he had many wives but they were able to make a connection with the wife and and also nephew and things la who had been moving family members of beker Baghdadi including the wife of his two brothers from Iraq to northern Syria according to trump the then gave the order for a military operation to be launched to capture or kill Baghdadi that not accuse break for the CIA it sounds like an episode of twenty four it really does and when you read it when you hear it it's it it seems to me there was a confirmation from the CIA that ever Baccarat Baghdadi had moved from another house in town to a specific house house owned by the later and they were able to confirm that a house in the north of the country had been the phone destination point for smugglers who had been moving up Rebecca's family straight from from a TV script but this was the bright that I'd been looking full and once they've been given tip like this they knew what to do with it wanted by the video type would have to be tight because there wasn't an idea he died after running into a dead end tunnel whimpering and crying and screaming Franson Sunday trump was clearly reveling in the moment he was almost gloating who's making claims that I'm not entirely convinced would be substantial tree whose leaders here at times impugned the decisions that have been taken under his name certainly in the last month in my view and in the view of all the way to say that Baghdadi was whimpering in a corner I think might be abusive listen we lost since there he he did seem to see you know or in chief of the United States we obliterated his caliphate one hundred percent and the US canal pickup it's bags fronted by the tone and the tone was that this was him that Donald was not these security establishment or the CIA or or the analysts do not make the region a safe place trump has prematurely declared that the Islamic state has been defeated but my direction as command leave that's news to his allies certainly those who he's abandoned in Syria and it's it's threatening allies in the region in the north of Iraq the asking of Saddam and the vacuum that has followed particularly for the Sunni sect that Isis stood up and said well in the absence of any real political leadership route in Baghdad itself is a very strong view that Islamic state will use the the next months and years with the US depositing to regroup and to reorganize gripe danger to regional security isis has acknowledged back daddy's death and to come back as a particularly violent insurgency which fades off the political disenfranchisement that has been fostered in the region him himself in a kind of a sheriff's role who had got the bad guy and while they're there is no doubt that the it it did represent Kuti achievement I think many may have been he did tap into a sense of disenfranchisement in these Sunni Arab world particularly followed the US invasion in two thousand three he was you we've got your back that message despite all the chaos of the last a decade or so we'll continue to resonate with some and that remains in recent years Western intelligence certainly seems to feel it's in a better place than it was I guess it remains to be saying just just affected they have been just how potent a threat it will be in the future very much depends on them do you think this killing could bring consequence in recent months will probably be derailed for a short time while Isis is relatively organized them on the ground level that it has ella attack somewhere in the world I I would have thought that US interests would be a tempting target whether they have the capacity to inspired more than just a jihadist organization in the Middle East a worldwide terrorist movement. What do you think his legacy is let's but what will it mean for them they will be demoralized in the short term and aim any momentum that they were feeling decide to the Sunnis of the region that you have been stripped of your rights of your dignities not just Iraq but in Lebanon way this Sony patron was was sesame Z. or unrest it can significantly test authority here he's also been able to Zits for America and the West does no doubt that Isis will attempt to avenge this they have to be an attempt to cause some kind of a terrorist spectacular the shred state authority he's been able to show that these police states in Iraq and elsewhere were a paper tigers in many ways win sustained ideology goes up against leaper cells in place it it can agitate an and can cause disturbances in Baghdad and elsewhere the leadership itself is new generation and and it will take a long long time for those who've been displaced or affected by the briefing terrible Ryan of offices to really recover from this experience Kara that often largely depends on how successful the interdiction attempts have been against a sleeper cells and and a attack plots them that they fold so the the power of the state has been chipped away in it's been shown that whether it be street protests and surgeon feed resentment did fade disenfranchisement and in so much so that they can lead to violent acts being committed against them so no matter where you look Consi- off the most senior female isis captive at the guardian dot com coming up a damning report into the London fiber gates hailed a glorious streaming service and essential must have by the Hollywood reporter Acorn TV very that security in the West isn't as watertight as we thought it would be and that western societies themselves have issues that's in two thousand and five and Syria the census Sunni disenfranchisement is a very potent one remains so but Baghdad has also been things you top-rated mysteries and dramas from Britain and beyond Acorn TV offers critically acclaimed gems timeless classics and exclusive acorn TV originals all Marcia thank you very much welcome Baghdadi's legacy is one of division chaos disruption and violence it is pitched civilizations against each other and commercial-free catch TV's biggest stars like Sandro David Tennant Olivia Colman Tandy Newton Lucy Lawless and benedict cumberbatch lake the credit file fire disaster looking for an addictive period drama thrilling whodunnit or heartfelt comedy it's waiting for you on Acorn TV visit www dot acorn atv or download the ACORN TV APP on your favorite device get an extended thirty day free trial with code storytelling including preparation You can read more of Martin she loves brilliant reporting and listen to it today in focus episode he made with us in June called inside Islamic state me now it's been more than two years since the Grenfell Tower disaster claimed the lives of seventy people he's also going to say crucially that the building as it was refurbished and cladding combustible cladding broke building regulations Autho Grenfell for months and many others has been waiting for the official verdict on the fighters response they were unprepared for what happened when the fire broke out of the flats and engulfed the building so what happens when some lost their lives was gravely inadequate he's going to be very critical of the leadership in London Fire Brigade the way that they prepared for the fire the way the them it's the first time that they're gonna get any kind of satisfaction if you like about what happens to them and their loved ones many of them believe that the second he's going to say that the policy to- people to stay pert cost lives if it had been ended earlier an evacuation hooted more people would have been saved two groups going to be watching this very closely of course the bereaved the survivors and the residents of Graham full this is a huge moment for edge of inquiry has got to be more significant that's the stage that looks at the construction of the refurbishment projects and the companies that revolved in putting the combustible cladding around the building we did the very best they could but on the other hand the leadership was found wanting old bits he says the ivory poaching all was systemic failures not personal the group of the firefighters themselves not just a firefighters but the people in the control room the nine nine coal operators many of whom remained

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