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This episode of Capes and lunatics is brought to you by tweaked audio awesome headphones good at tweaked audio dot com and use the coupon code southgate to get thirty percent off free shipping and a lifetime warranty where he can get there through the link on our website Southgate Media Group Dot com and it's and it's John elway really WanNa be off. Hey Graham Termi professor esser with me as always is my skinny rich friend. It's MAS. Hey so glad you're here for quality tonight. We are once again in in the final season of Jessica. Down Season Three Episode Six Aka sorry face as the police shit sipped who the Gruesome Crime Scene Jessica and Tricia race defined cylinders latest captive Tim Yucca final Is there director this week. Bryan Michael Bender and Michael Gaydos are gonNA marvel created buys Jesse Harris. It's written by Jedi. Hope and Jamie King are Bo story editing the crap out of this episode so and Melissa Rosenberg gets of course that created by credit Jamie keen portion of the show or it's working minute showbusiness okay. Oh Aw man this. Oh it's it's a lot it's a lot this is a heavy. This is heavy stuff and man. Oh that guy that that that that's what salinger the fool. He's such a fool killer. Why is he still alive from fun. Of course we open up and you know you get this. This sort of I guess what we can say is essentially the the the the constant problem. We're going to be facing with getting salinger which is that in order for Jessica to protect other people. She can't build the case you know and that is that is the thing because of course you know Salinger against away they she finds all the body parts that he led him lead them to but you know at the end of the day. There's nothing that they can do because they say what what. You're you say. This guy was here and now he's gone unless we can have asked after evidence that ties to this branch. It's nothing but then he had this plan long ago. I mean he was ready to walk away from any of these things completely clean he was that careful well and he was careful enough even to not just get rid of the album but replaced the photos and not just replace the photos but replaced the photos with good photos that were believable that photographer would have in the detective says because he's easing press so it's not like there wouldn't ferris by somebody they are photos that would be cherished by somebody so he went a long way to build a narrative around it that make sense well he he clearly prides himself you know and being Batman you know already serving net plan always thinking that I had. I don't know if you really does that but he he does a lot of something and you know it's it's interesting expressly because literally it is the fact that the only the reason he gets to keep on going is because Jessica is choosing not to be the bead vigilant is choosing not to be the person that she could be right and and when he says you know somebody else's or the supers are cheating all he means. They're not allowing me to cheat well. Exactly I mean well. I mean this is the thing about this has got. He has kind of transparent at the end of the day. You know here's kind of transparent that there is so much. It's not even an you know what the job is not even that that he feels he would be. You know it's not it's not just lex. Luther ISM can argue that yet world without Superman lex Alexa or would be superman. Essentially this guy just thinks anyone who's gotten ahead of them passed to have cheated. I I you know when he talks about his brother and it's like well. You know he just you know he had he wasn't smart. He didn't have any of these things you know and and dismisses dismisses anyone who might have achievement who is right you know he's he's he's a bad person. Right is actually a very bad person. as we start at the end of the blast episode he does he does capture. Eric and he takes him to a commercial kitchen because as he says you know normally would do this private homes sitting but you don't have that kind of place you know his he's he's homeless well. He lives in a rented room. You know and you know. He is any trying to figure out you know so. How did you know and he gets all excited when he realizes my simple power of righteousness is hurting you. It's like no you're. You're an evil evil piece of nothing in that you are so painful to be around and and I do like that because it does emphasize as part of this story the limitations you know basically the old you know. Superpowers Towers are curse. You know you think that these are great and wonderful folk but you know what not for nothing you know kilbride they would've had no interest in Jessica if she were not a superhero. you know that that this puts you in situations. Sion's that make life so much worse right and the fact of the matter is is that Jessica is a good enough detective. That doc left her own devices. She probably would have caught far more people if she was not trying to protect other people right bryce because that's that's the thing even after they do and the whole track and and that's one of the things. I gotta say this is. I love the Gumshoe work work. You know I'd love how much work and effort they put in and also showcasing it. You know one of the things a lot of people say a lot of people talk about is that when they re bettman books they get upset because he never doesn't need detective work right right. You know it just goes there and he beats up people you know he's he's prepared and he's got all these gadgets these things you know. He's never just tracking something down that you know to see to see what we can find. You know where to see how how do prove surfing never tries to prove any and you know Jessica. She ride they've sort of relegated yeah they've sort of relegated that part of his personality howdy into going into creating the coolest gadgets to hurt people with as opposed to creating techniques to discover hidden things yeah exactly and and and and I don't mean to be done on that man is a Greek buck right right for decades. You can't really fault it but I do love and for for that estimate. I love any good detective stories. This is a good detective story. Were they realize okay. This guy cleaned all the body parts. We can't we we yeah we identified all all the body parts all seven all seven people they belong to whether eight people that I know he he addictive and yeah and the guy says once you give me your mind less and he's like you know he's like Jones. Does that whole big. Welcome then casually drops the list of names for right now because I mean the other office was there and he can't be seen as colluding with Vigilante Celente but at the same time he knows what the side of good is well yeah and never nothing. It's everyone everyone saw that. That's what I'm going to say everyone. What's that and what we saw it. I don't know if that that that they're saying hey. You got to take a look. She was ahead of him so I. I don't know if she caught it anyway. It's anything spots but I did love that scene. I love the way that it played out. This is his own. Cya You know so just to make sure that he is he is covered but at the same time I mean like I really I really liked that aspect today and then they realize okay. This is the one one person that we can't identify this is who is this person and then of course she has to you know then you know get into mouth mature it man. I. I love Malcolm Story in this whole thing because it is just trying to decide. What do I want to be and you know what's great. Is that the short answer. There is not necessarily. He wants to be a good person. It's just that he doesn't want to be helping evil. You know it's like he's. He's you you know. He is not a sweet summer child. He knows the world is a mess and he is not above dealing with the darkness of reality and even his own darkness when he goes beats up the you know gets revenge for beating him and then of course what I love best about that scene you know so you know where because of course does does that happens after she comes to comes to Malcolm and such you have facial recognition software lead depended undisguised is actually still alive which makes for a great story to which we'll get to and then he goes and he beats the heck out of the camp and then leaves very behind basically says there's a serial killer after you come back to my place. If you want you know come with me if you WANNA lip and and like you you left her there and she said look if I if I try to force her to come back. She is not coming back. You know she you know she will just leave again if she comes uh-huh here because she makes that choice she'll stay yeah just like that seen in stranger things with hopper letting Alexi walk and then having him getting the car and drive off and recognize. He has more to go only that he can't come back. I haven't finished watching street for things so spoilers. Mas Atari Yeah. I know I know how it ends. I just don't want to know why he doesn't really mean much. It's a tiny little thing but but for those mirrors what we just saw here yeah and I and that's and that's a good aspect of they do and again again to show how just who selling your really is that he ties the gap and this the sex okay gotTa funnest interesting uh-huh and then all of these you know. I think this guy might be a little serious. I might be a little odd out of it and he does the only thing you can think of what you see kissing salinger injure freak out because that's that's a human trait. I don't think he's comfortable being human anymore. He's straight so far from that line signed that he doesn't recognize it as familiar anymore. I think I think it goes. I mean don't understand you know you you of course heard of the gay panic defense and this is gay panic by in the flight version of it because right of the game is is so that basically probably he is very much a person uncomfortable with his own self and sexuality. You know he is uncomfortable. He's he's just an uncomfortable and when someone who is comfortable with themselves actually one upset he doesn't know how to it's interesting to me in that because the whole time in my head. I just saw it being like that's what it was meant to be from the beginning and he was going to pretend to be that and then Kellyanne but to salinger that might not have even occurred to him he might have just been you know lowering him with the the thought of placating placating his ego saying I want to take photos of you and he might not have even seen the romantic angle of it and he's like wait a second what this is not what I had planned. This is not what I intended. It and I am no longer in control the narrative any longer and I very uncomfortable this go yeah. I mean very much that is a real part of it. I mean when one thing to and tell us how the guy was the whole reason. He's doing it to this guy because he's he says he overcooked the state. You know look. I hate an overcooked sake. As much as I really despise I will send that I will send that back if that is not a buddy rare steak I will you know cause I need. I eat my sakes draw. I that's who I am and I you know I do not like I think I'm medium a medium rare medium. Well steak or medium rare steak you can. I think that's too much as a but but at the same time it's still a good steak. I'm sure it was delicious. I I think I think the offense was laid laid in the fact that it was a Michelin Star Chef giving him an overcooked stake if it was just somebody or just another restaurant giving him an overcooked sake. It probably wouldn't have been as great an offense but you know at least that's the I think from yeah from his perspective and again I I don't WanNa see I wanna see someone actually check up on any of those degrees. Even those are real. I still say that. Those are all fake degrees. He freedom out wunderlist computer just to look like a big big big important guy. Maybe maybe that contest back in the day that he actually one was picked at random. I would wager that. That's was actually true. In fact I would wager that you know that you know that I don't know anything about the contest. It was a state fair. We don't know if this was some magazine contest. Where maybe everyone's a winner. You know they all right your poem and we'll oh published in this anthology only the best poems. We'll get Mike meanwhile. There's five thousand homes in the Hey you're a published author now so you can take that so you don't like giving take but at the same time yeah. It is the fact that maybe he's never achieved any. Maybe he was really good at some things but maybe not the best. He's he's. He's the you know. It's the the small time he's the small time champion and he can't accept the fact that being a big fish in a small pond is actually achieve nice place to be and when he realizes they're bigger fishes. He can't handle it. You know you know it's like you know it's it's like the Anti L. Buddy L. Bundy he you know he he did. What is it five touchdowns in a single game at the same time you you know he's happy about that because that was his real achievement and he doesn't look at something. I think we could see later. Is the fact that even in those little treatments he was not the best that was and there were other guys. You know he's better than you know. He's better than some random. He picks up the street right because because he gets the element of surprise which I think ninety nine percent is always the element of surprise. If you have the element of surprise you know it's much easier to get the drop on somebody nobody but of course telling in that is that he wasn't intending to Stab Jessica at the start of this whole story line that was a shock to him and he ran because because he realized she stabbed the wrong person and didn't even know who Jessica was and then when it all starts to unravel. It's like you know he tries price to spin Oh this just even better than I ever match. It's like every defeat for him is just proof of how much better he was than you thought he was before that moment uh-huh yeah it is it is it is a thank for him strong illusions but that's his character is yes. We get that Jessica finally comes clean to her mom Jessica. I'm sorry Well Jessica finally come clean to Patsies Tom. Yes exactly and does the I love just pushed out the window which I certainly hope she knew that was gonna work. Yeah Yeah but it does show that yes. She does actually do have superpowers. You now have the fall from great distances like a cat and has is you know obviously stronger tendons and muscles and bones to handle the force of that get a feed under her lamb. You know how to land right superpower. You know you don't want in Europe the third floor that's that's interesting because is it almost is the complementary power that Jessica is missing because she has super strength but her body is still a human body and still has to deal with the trauma of applying those magnificent forces onto a body. It's not built to handle them now. Maybe if she had patsies power she would be complete superhero. You know she would be impervious to allow out of a the fallout from the four. She applies on her body on other things. One of them is still bulletproof and actually right. I think I think they I think actually just does have stronger bones and and tendons and things because we've seen her like smash things and Ben Thing and something like her skin flakes off when she does that. You know we're in hard knuckles bleeding what she was trying to break out of the container yeah they they were but she was also punching against solid seals anti which also means that her bones are are pretty so basically it's. It seems like you know I mean I. I don't know because it. It seems like your skin's pretty strong too. It's just you know it's not right. That's true isn't that bulletproof. overnights prove otherwise be fair. Very few. Things are especially nice. That's let's people always forget about that. Actually knives can actually get a hard enough. It'll just shatter the plate and going through. I wonder if an Arrow probably would too do if it's from a compound boy actually yes it probably could close in the French because the reason why vote actually worked is because the force force behind the bullet actually causes the flatten rather than pierce and it's really just the whole differences whether or not the vote flattens Pearson's but if you have a knife because it is has a much longer length and is also designed to be you know essentially stronger and it has a much smaller surface area to which the entirety of that forces applied exactly and it's got the little wedge aspect of it. There's a lot of things that works works out great for knives but you know Pulitzer also good too but and then of course you can have you know bullets that are you know if you have the ceramic bullet that has made of the same ceramic as he shield that that is going to you know give you give you pause as well. You know ceramics crazy strong but of course like you know that's a diamond diamond but another down that was the moral okay yeah there's there's a nice seen this with a jerry going the funeral enroll for the guy who killed himself and confronting the son who is who. I actually have so much sympathy for 'cause he's a teenager and it's clear that he knows what a piece of trash his father was now. Oh my father was a hero and you toward him down. It's like no my father was a manipulative liar his whole life and you know but but he was so my dad now I don't have one and and I also know that you know you you exposing him filled him in a way that makes me mad at you to you know right because it's like he has confront the facade now which had always existed so even though he gets to see the truth but he was much happier with the facade but you know. I think it's the thing that if if the guy had just gotten caught by you know the university exchequer or the or you know they arrested arrested audit and found all the stuff than it would have been a much easier to handle thing as much as his father would still still be a ranting raving jerk probably still kill himself and blamed the government. I think I think the fact that it wasn't so that both the government could sleep with his mom could might have had a better better dealing with it and and you see like the horror in the face when he accidentally gently knocks tearing down and realizes this woman you know fell and hurt herself. He blames himself and it just you know it's a hard day man. It's the hard data via teenager when your father commit suicide claims lames your mom's lover sort of course you know the whole thing with in which of course is the other aspect of this story which is that he's blaming you know blaming. Jaren for inciting superhumans against US norm for normal people in using their superhuman detectives to find out Oliver Dirty secrets which of course wasn't sure at all just just you know if detector came in and really quickly realized all of your stuff because no one just had looked at you and anyone who had looked at you probably would have found something very eighty. Seven you know because the guy just was not being careful you know and you know that's that's what happens oh you know but then. Jaren has to deal with all of the all of the of this and then trying to fight in keep other clients nights and we find out that ironically ran doesn't want to be associated with Super Superhero vigilant. You know the remnants of rand that are are have assumed power in Danny's absence don't want to if there was just one more way to show. What a subsidy jerk? Dennie ran this yeah. Here's the one silver lining to the ending of the netflix Marvel universe. I don't know about that the much rather if if he actually wasn't just a complete waste of right obviously okay maybe not a several lying but at least somewhat of a constantly cry did did the sister live was yeah. I don't think well okay. We'll spoiler alert. Let's forget well. That's that's an area but she's also she also wasn't in charge of Randolph working. You've got kids. They've s oh right well. I thought you meant Berry. No no you met right right right right at the ranch the other sister the completely blanked out and who the other the two siblings thinks who were yeah. Why can't I yeah I don't. I can't even remember the brothers name. Yeah the kid on the way who ran off with find himself in Thailand. The father's name was Harold Right. Yeah Heroes Breaking massenet heroin anyway wasn't rant. I know that but rand industries and the board emphasized that jared hogarth joy joy was a the girl and I thought it was another Jane named for the anyway but choice choice invest so basically all of Jerry's contacts at rand are gone so that and that's that's dangerous for her also for the tour goes to that point where that she wasn't being very invested in keeping this because otherwise she might have kept tabs on iron-fist now aw although then again it also wondering imagine that maybe you know at some point in the future when Iron Fist doesn't need a lawyer. He's going to call Jerry again. Because what what do you mean. You're not my lawyer so you know there's always instrument but she's dying of. Lou GEHRIG's disease so How much time does she really have and it is. I it's painful when a former partner comes back now out in proud yeah it is what it is yeah but yeah the loose. Iran and that's the thirds of their business say making keep all these other clients but but of course that's what Lee well. That's what we're GONNA see her way to to win back the public but that's something for next episode in the meantime. Mas Anything else. You'd let's talk about this episode. I I think my favorite piece of this whole episode is after they finally saved Eric and Jessica comes in to see him and he says the goofiest little line to her and he says you're like Aspirin Bernini and she says Oh that's the worst I never but then she lays down and has like the only genuine satisfied like she takes at a brief vacation from all the madness of the world and allows herself to smile and it's the most beautiful moment because it's the sweetest thing anyone could have said to her and she played it off in her. Are you know hard exterior way but then you know she sort of like it to herself. Accept his adoration to which absolutely adorable. I know that there actually is a a a aspect that goes a little deeper which is that you're a really good person and you pretend you're not but you are actually in the same way eight at people make good but are actually or rightful here actually a really good person and that that has the opposite effect on me like when I'm around someone who's really good. It actually relieves the pain and as much as she beat yourself up about it. She genuinely is good in that. It's what a comforting thought. That must be what a weight lifted off shoulders for everything that she feels guilty about but you know maybe that's what makes a good person is that you do feel guilty about. The inadvertent things that you end ended up. Doing you know we'll exactly I mean that is the basis of being good is that you actually care uniform thing and yeah. It's it's it's awesome. It's wonderful in that region eight hundred and forty three where we love this show so Mars if he would like to talk to you about how much you love this show and things that you you like and you know other philosophical and moral dilemmas that they may have how can they find or if they want to send some questions are way for or one of the writers of the show Jamie Gingell Boon to appear on this podcast shortly they can email me at mas manzoor edge email dot com or find me on facebook under Mas Manzoor S. M. O. Doubles E. M. A. N. Z. Double O. R. and of course if you'd like direct me that old fashioned email where the Muslim Paswan says you can do so at superconductivity blog at dot com. That's Super GonNa Timothy blog. Oh one word word gmail.com of course follow me on twitter as I live tweet ageism shield cloak and dagger other shows that I like to read about when I feel I like the place if that ever comes back Orville Hulu so I can't really live thirty but we'll see what we do at Charlie answer. That's career. Rela e CR look for the two E in the Middle Johnny they go all Right Ladies and gentlemen. That's been one more wonderful episode of the Aka Jones cast. Were just so happy to be your friends good night.

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