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Works and why it matters at your favorite bookseller. Thanks none none of what of world welcome onto another episode of the Ocho presentative in partnership as always that's being nations blogging two boys dot com or Joa in of course from BTV and from radio's you're humble host on the road show. It is Tuesday February. Twenty Fifth Two Thousand and twenty An apology for not GonNa Monday episode. But you know the week it's going and sometimes you know the errands run late on Sunday and things are. We had a fantastic episode talking the draft another awesome interview there. Connor did so. I thought it'd be enough to hold you. Plus my Sunday night was dominated by debate on twitter DOT COM. You know I've said this before definitely on the radio in San Antonio. I'm not a fan of cake. The cake kind of sucks and I don't think it sucks. I think the cake requires something to elevate. Threats Legis is fantastic but again it's not really like a cake. Ice Cream cake is really good but it needs the ice cream. If I'M GONNA eat some cake I've gotta have something with it. Something like an ice cream cake on its own is really lame and in fact cake by its very nature needs icing to elevate it. Although I will say I'm somebody there are people that prefer. Like fifty percent fifty percent icing. That is terrible to me. I like maybe like five percent icing but still the fact a cake need something is a week in a more of a pie guy. More of a cinnamon roll got more of a cobbler guy wrapped up in that. Sunday night with a bunch of other stuff. Which is why we didn't have an episode of the available before you on Monday but here we are on Tuesday. The weeks stays rolling on and it is the week of the NFL combine which means the most influential people in the national. Football League are all in the Midwest. They're all in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. If you've never been to Indianapolis I went with my dad. We went and saw the cowboys play. Indianapolis in two thousand and eighteen when they lost twenty three to nothing. Remember the week before it was the week after they had beaten the eagles and overtime on the Amari Cooper touchdown and the week before they want the NFC against Tampa Bay and it's such a cool city. It's perfect for this At least in in my humble opinion it's if you're unfamiliar it's everything's kind of connected all the hotels and Convention Center and even the stadium are connected through sort of tunnel systems truly great. You know. Obviously it's Kinda cold this time of year you don't have to worry about that We did go to Saint. Elmo's an hour there so that place gets tons of business this week And lots of conversations are head while breaking bread while devouring shrimp cocktails spicy as they may be lots of draft decisions. Lots of free agency decisions. Lots of kind of. Hey don't tell anybody that's just kind of the way the Indianapolis Combine Works and we're starting to get that on Monday. We got some reports because and I should say that this is also the time of year. You have to be very careful with what you hear. There is a lot of truth to a lot of things. But it's also this business and there are an. I don't say this just about the cowboys. Teams are trying to get their narrative across players are trying to get their newer dip across every single thing that every person says typically has some sort of slant some sort of objective some sort of purpose so you have to keep everything you hear in mind in terms of all of that context now. We did start to here on Monday. Obviously when it comes to the cowboys. This is the first combined from Mike McCarthy as the as the team's head coach and whatnot I one without Jason Gary and over a decade or really kind of practically a decade over a decade. If you count you know his contribution is an operative coordinator and whatnot but we got some reports in the Dallas Morning News and then some ensuing outlets followed Michael Galkin on twitter at Galveston. Nfl had the first week that kind of said these conversations ablaze tweeted on Monday afternoon. Cowboys Vice President Steven Jones said the team has not met or negotiated with quarterback Prescott's agent Todd France since September before the season no talks yet. This offseason may meet here at combine but meeting not firmly scheduled yet. Now Michael had some follow up tweets where he added a few more details. He noted that Steven Jones said no contract with dako remark. Cougar will be agreed upon until. Cba rules for the twenty twenty year. Decided he did note. And this was reported by everybody all the reports. That are Indianapolis that Steven Jones was very firm in the Dak Prescott. Is the cowboys quarterback. Day Aren't going in a different direction. This is simply a matter of. We have to get the deal done with deck. Michael also noted that Back in September Steven Jones said this of the Prescott contract negotiations. It just kind of stopped. We kind of left it where it was. I wouldn't say there was anything acrimonious. I guess they felt they were done where they were. We felt like we were we. Were we never really got it? Going final thing and I should mention that Dak and Amari. It seems like where the the two people kind of really being discussed Stephen added. We're going to have some challenges with our salary cap. We are certainly with. That's going to shrink it in a hurry. We'RE GOING TO HAVE CHALLENGES. But they're not challenges that we cannot overcome. I mentioned because there's no mention of Byron Jones in that then that little quote right there we'll get to him and a little bit but you. This is this is both complicated and not complicated right. This is both easy and not easy. Easy and not complicated. Parts of this are look. There is something very simple to understand about the salary cabin and quarterbacks and you know people think that the Saudi cap can can really hold teams down and whatnot and and can keep from being flexible. You can make room where you WanNa make room The reality here and maybe you don't think this is easy or uncomplicated. But the reality is that no price especially for a quarterback goes down. None and history would suggest that Steven Jones continues to believe that he can win a staring contest with a Premier member of the Dallas Cowboys. It needs a contract extension. Stephen Jones took things well into the eleventh hour. With demarcus Thornton. There was the Laborem surgery that became a part of that. And Obviously Stephen. Jones didn't take things to the eleventh hour with Zeke Elliott because the cowboys scapegoat contract after his third year in the NFL. I mean he was eligible. But you know they They they bent. I mean really soon as possible and you know there was some objective reasoning why they should from the perspective of a running back but obviously most people at least on twitter seem to feel that running backs in our giving contract extensions to even the most incredible ones. Zeke certainly is one of the best running backs in the National Football League. And so your thoughts on that really kind of depend on your philosophical approach to football but would act prescott a year ago. It was reported there were different reports and you know how it is but It seems like the neighborhood. The DAK Prescott came on. It was somewhere around thirty three million dollars per year and a lot of people balked at that number year ago and Dak Prescott went out and played like a quarterback. Should that should be played paid. Excuse me at the market rate the market rate. The reality is now above thirty three million dollars annually. That's the truth. That's the cold hard truth whether you think. Dak Prescott is a viable quarterback or not. The truth is that the market value for a quarterback whether you believe Dak fits those requirements or not. The market value is well above thirty million dollars from an annual average value perspective. And so if you're Dak Prescott camp you certainly believe that he is of that variety which means you certainly believe. He should be paid the market value. Which means you certainly believe that he should be paid. What is now the market value? Which is more than thirty three million dollars on an annual average value basis? And I mean if the cowboys had paid back then and this is easy to say I understand that with hindsight and the benefit of that would look you know not like a steal but his his contract would look friendlier. I mean his contract would look less intimidating. And we've talked about the implications of these franchise tag and the differences and if the new CBA is reached and whatnot. The cowboys would still have the franchise tag utilize on Amari Cooper or Byron Jones. And if they do have the transition tag the US on top of that they would be able to tag the other. This is just I. It seems like the you know. I'll say this about myself and we tweeted this on the blog. The boys account on twitter at blog on the boys I am such a procrastinator. If I'm being totally honest and I will often. I read this article. I think it was from buzzfeed and it was about. How millennials became the burnt out generation. I think the article was from like two thousand nineteen But I just saw it in my apple news. Feed by the way the boys on Apple News if you want to subscribed are there. I think it's really helpful. But that's up to your cup of tea but in so I am somebody who in the article kind of mentioned this. We'll put something on their to do list. And it will literally stay there for three months and it can be like a mundane thing and that's kind of silly that you let a Monday and faster and faster and faster. But that's kind of how Stephen Jones is approaching the biggest and most important contracts with regards to the Dallas cowboys right. I mean just waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting how have you had an? I think there is a possible explanation for this. But how have you had no contact or no negotiations with Jack? Prescott came in September. A lot of that was that we heard deck. Say you know if the deal isn't done before the season I wanna put it out of sight out of mind. I want to put on my own to do lists and let a faster and not worry about into the season is over but the reality is that we are almost now two full months removed from the Dallas cowboys. Sing their season. And there's no reason why there has are. There should have not been a meeting between then and now with regards to Dak Prescott team in the Dallas cowboys but It is what it is and this continues to be very curious thing In something that Is going to linger. And there's people that believe. Oh you know Jerry. Jones likes the attention. That's the only thing that this thing is at the very least causing is attention. And a lot of eyes are fixed on the Dallas cowboys but There's some other things to get to some other things discussed and we're going to do that but before we do. We're GONNA take a very quick break to hear a word from our sponsors. Hello this is Jesse David Fox. I'm senior editor at vulture and I host the podcast. Good one day podcasts. About jokes it's a podcast about well jokes. Every week I sit down with a comedian comedy writer or director relates to one of their jokes and figure out how it all came together. I don't sit down with a pen and the pad and physically write down everything I just has not. My style turns out comedians jokes pretty seriously. I like all Joe Okay. That's what I do. That's what I live. There's really nothing else I care about. It's all very revealing. What did you sort of learn from this? What was your takeaway? Nothing guy not. I'm not sure mar person good one from vulture in the box media podcast network subscribed for free on apple podcast or on your favorite podcast APP. Do not use the PUCK is. I'll let a great question Jesse David Fox welcome back Amigos. Hopefully the break was prosperous for you. I went in and fixed myself a cup of coffee because I'm recording this on Monday afternoon. Ish about four thirty central time on Monday. So don't tell me what happens the rest of Monday night I WANNA be surprised but anyway so the deal is something that is going to be one of the bigger talking points throughout the NFL. Combine Indianapolis Thankfully for the Dallas Cowboys. That's not the only deal they have to talk about. You know I listen to a lot of podcast and we certainly hope that the blog on the voice podcast is part of your daily podcast routine. You do get at the very least one episode per day every day even now in the offseason. So I'm actually hit the subscribe button wherever you get your podcast. But I listened to a lot of podcast myself and one of my favorites is the around the NFL. Podcast and Greg Rosenthal Chris Westland from NFL MEDIA NFL DOT COM. That's an inside joke. If you listen to their podcasts. Every year they do their top one. Oh One free agents. Top hundred agents across the entire national football league. There are seven Dallas cowboys on that list. And while that's cool that the cowboys had that much talent it is not that they could theoretically lose that much talent and Dak Prescott Amari Cooper Byron Jones. They were all in top three or top three there on the top ten players on this list me cons on the latest Robert Quinn Randall. Cobb Michael Bennett was the lowest rent cowboy to be on the list so they have their work cut out for them and it does seem like when when it comes to the top three Deck Amari and Byron Jones. The Byron felt this for a while. It's kind of the odd man out. Dave Helmet from DALLAS COVERS DOT com. Friend of the show headed tweet on Monday afternoon on twitter at home in DC at the outset of this week's NFL Combine Steven Jones. Says he's optimistic about This isn't the helmet widows talking about. He does have a different tweet. One second here I got my helmet tweets confused sometimes Here we got helmet. Has This tweet again on twitter at helm in DC? We've been speculating from the outside. For a long time that of Baron. Jones's days are numbered. And here's the Stephen Jones. Quit that he transcribed Byron's Guy we think a lot of he's had a great run at corner he's played really well played at a high level. That's the hard thing when you have quite a few good players on your football team. Is You get challenges? I Know Byron understands it but at the same time. He's worried about a Byron is he. Should be certainly. We'll continue visit with his guys while we're here kind of see their direction and what they're thinking and we'll have to keep moving good for Stephen Jones saying the Baron. Jones should be worried about Byron. If only the other longtime members of the Dallas cowboys felt that way about other players. You know like Dak Prescott should be worried about that Prescott. Nobody should be worried about You know the team or whatever but anyway Byron does seem like he is going to be the does seem like there is not enough room and a lot of that is because the cowboys I suppose you could say mismanaged What is happening? You know? Terms of their contractual status and their contractual situations and the cowboys. Obviously you know jumped on paying Zeke Elliot and so when you do stuff like that you run the Captain Matt. It's numbers and The ringer had a great ride up about the cavs translation. Robert mays one half of the ringer. Nfl show always does a fantastic job. But I thought that you know we and we wrote about this to Dave Halpern wrote about this. Dot Com but This is in mazes article on the ringer. In the end it will probably mean that a quality player like Jones. We'll go elsewhere. Some look at the cowboys predicament. This spring is a good thing when you hit on. So many draft picks it becomes virtually impossible to keep them all but the franchises looming cap. Who are more than just a big contracts coming? This off season maze goes on to say as contract talks stalled with some of their stars last year. They're always handed other deals. That complicated matters the difference between keeping or losing Jones doesn't come down to a couple million more for Prescott. It's what happens when you combine a- Prescott deal with a six year ninety million dollars extension for Elliot two years ahead of schedule and a five or sixty three point eight million dollar contract for Jalen Smith the cowboys were always going to extend Elliott after him in the top five in two thousand sixteen and Rewarding Smith after his incredible comeback from a career-threatening knee. Injury made some sense but much like it's wrong to frame the Prescott standoff as an inevitability it's wrong to treat the possibility of the cowboys losing Jones as something that was always bound to happen given the circumstances and it should be mentioned. Obviously the cowboys traded for Mark Cooper in that really kind of changed the perspective here because Amari was drafted in the first round in two thousand fifteen the same draft at Byron Jones went so that put them on the same timeline as far as needed new deals after their fifth. Your options. And you know that. That wasn't expected when the cowboys drafted Byron Jones. Certainly however. May's has a great point. You know think about the the big deals that were done a year ago. Obviously demarcus Lawrence got the richest contract and franchise history. Obviously Zeke Elliott. Got A ninety million dollar deal opposite Jalen Hill. Jalen Smith got his deal and Lyle Collins got his deal and so sometimes you just live with the consequences of the consequences are you know. We're not GONNA have Byron Jones if we're on what we're doing and that seems to be where the cowboys are. And it seems I know Shahbaz kind of made this point a little bit on twitter before it seems like the cowboys were were pretty decided that they weren't GonNa Keep Byron Jones for a long time. They just kind of realized. That's right up this with your option and then we'll figure it out but they're putting themselves in a potentially compromising situation and you play this game a number of ways but if you look a year from now okay a year from now. The rest of their secondary is up for contracts. You've got to be able to say Jordan. Lewis and rewards are eligible for contract extension a year from now so the cowboys needed corners. And then cornerback depth pretty soon pretty soon but that is where things stand. And I think if you haven't made peace with the fact that the cowboys are going to lose Byron Jones and you need to start to the You Know Byron Will Mark. One of the only cow was drafted in the first round by the team to knock it a second contract With the organization if ultimately does move on free agency. And we've seen that happen. Obviously Charleston's obviously gone but Moore's claiborne did get a second contract originally so Byron will be the first to fulfill the entirety of his rookie deal and then knock it an extension with the team and I'm not trying to forecast this and I'm not trying to put this out there and say this is what's going to happen but an interesting tweet popped up from another beer on Monday. Connor lives who you here on. Talk on the draft on twitter at Connor. Nfl draft tweeted. What Brian brought his said now on the G bag nation. I WANNA five three. The Fan brought us according to Connors tweets. And I've been hearing some concerns about late in Van Direction. We've heard this for a while. Obviously In vandross had the neck issues come at a boise state when he entered the draft now two years ago if light and vander Russia's neck issues are more serious and to be clear anything with regards to that is very serious and should be treated very seriously. This is the same injury by the way the Michael Irvin head. He's spoken several times about it But if this is something that is going to persist and going to linger and going to be a big deal that is going to absolutely impact Dallas cowboys and the state of their linebacking core. You know a year ago we were all talking all discuss saying this linebacking core the Dallas cowboys have. It's their future is going to be great for a long time. It's going to be the the reason their defense it's awesome. It's going to be the reason they're reliable they are going to be amazing he's on track etc etc etc Jalen. Smith's doing great. And now you look at it. One season later lane vansh not reliable from a health perspective at least not totally reliable guy willing. Obviously things get better between now and training camp and whatnot and Jalen. Smith Jalen is not reliable from a talent perspective. I mean thank God Jalen is healthy but historian is May's noted in his article is incredible. Nobody can deny that but Jalen is not Necessarily you know somebody who can really count on in in thousand and twenty and so you know. Got His deal and maybe late in. Jalen both come back and regain their two thousand eighteen form in two thousand twenty bucks. Betting on that is really bold. And that's why you know between there's a number of narratives to take the cowboys but it does feel like not. Only that Sean Lee will be backed with Sean. Lee is necessary. That's my humble opinion for what it's worth but it is what it is and it feels good to be back. Sorry about the Monday absence for what it's worth cake does suck pie is better. And I've gotten before when I've said that I- cinnamon rolls for dessert. A great like if I go to a restaurant I have an awesome meal. And what do you want for desert? Well here's a dessert menu. Whatever if a cinnamon rolls on their dude? That is not a contest. I'm taking a cinnamon. Roll one hundred one hundred times. I also had the take me. That cinnamon rolls need to be great. That's not true. The Cinnamon Roll Bread on. Its own is fantastic. Just like you. You're fantastic and do me a favor all right. You did to make sure that you have an absolutely fantastic Tuesday. You GotTa have the best Tuesday of all time every Tuesday. You've ever had have the best Tuesday ever you know because you deserve it. We were in the Anna friends as always go cowboys and peace out.

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