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Good evening everybody Zo Hawaii today and so thank you so much for being here today. I would like to give will literally implemention about meditation before we start our practice because we have wonderful group today. That group came from in Gaddi. Great and they really like to study meditation. I mean there's first meditation Into their okay. How you a done meditation before he had today. We are going to practice to meditation. I practice loving kindness mutation and We need to add more. Lau in the world right and today we are going to practice loving kindness and first of all we have the practice loving kindness to ourselves in I. It's typically are going to practice loving kindness to ourselves. I'm I'm happy I'm peaceful like that because it is so important flow is so important. We need it right without making allowed to ourselves. How do we sin Laos to others just to fol how to practice loving kindness to ourselves? Then we are allowing us to other friends patrons who close to you the sisters practice you're busy sprain and you'll also enemies and vinoo practice loving kindness to your enemy sometimes you maybe you you you are thinking it is not important part but it is so important because so many things come to mind because if you have any difficult people in our life. We are living with the fear of punish punishment. If I do something wrong to community we think or something will happen to me exactly. You're thinking like that. We need to share a line. Those two are difficult. People difficult person to and then each of those to around the world human non human and also beautiful environment. This is loving kindness. Meditation you practice loving kindness meditation. It has eleven benefits awin benefits. We call Meta myth in loving kindness. Baha Benami Meditation. Okay but you know you don't need to thinking about that benefit things benefit come automatically to you know need to think about benefit you have to concentrate to remind you have practice to eleven thoughts loving energy if it has so many you know ideas so so many dreams five practice this loving kindness. I can achieve you know Good place it doesn't it means you cannot practice very where you have just stink or. I'm trying to stay the way I'm trying to stay. You know present moment. This is the moment so important to me and this moment not come back again. I have enjoyed this morning. Then you had breakfast meditation so many times. When you practice meditation. We held close allies. We need closer vice. What happen mine goes everywhere. We say we have monkey mind now. You can't imagine a monkey. Monkey mind goes anywhere. We have to recognize our mind. We how do understand about a mind how. How do we understand? My mind goes to extreme. One extreme is equal pass memories and also stories and also sometimes future fan plan when close a mind a mind goes that it extreme thinking about mom think of thinking about dinner when we think about that stream. We missing something. What present moment right present moment? We have to enjoy this moment. This meditation thoughts `Tatoes as how steam present moment? Okay today are going. To learn out is different moment and then we are going to practice. You know reading meditation. Meditation we We have to observe breath. Why do we need to up? Zilla bread Our Life Life. We talked grits. We cannot ally it means. We can't handle. Brits began stop all hold our blitz. Can you can you hold your breath like it? Five minutes know exactly. You're going to die. It means we have to breathe normal way right. Read teen pita beaten readout in breathing meditation. We habte we have to understand breathing process because British when we understand our bread. It means the end the standard life. We cannot change the world we held in our life. I was right and in the Buddhist teachings you would that taught wonderful. Verd- what is the word he sequel? Aching mean dumb. But Sika mean see we are your inside not outside always always all the time looking for outside what happened. What happened in our neighborhood? What happened now. Is what happened in the world like that. But we are not focused in that much about inside right but what. We need to focus on inside reading meditation. Mindfulness practice data's US how to focus on our inside how to understand our weaknesses. Okay and also sometimes when you practice meditation of Mine. I told you goes everywhere. No need to control your mind okay. No need to control your mind and but you have to understand nature mine how they are three situation of mine. That are three situation of mine. There are three situation thoughts. What toward side icing thought sorry meaning towards disappearing? When you practice you know loving kindness compassion you know there are so many tourists. Come to your mind exactly. Some thoughts are very peaceful some Tulsa very bad at that time you you you need to control your thoughts you how to observe them. We are distorted. Come from I want to teach you. There are two mines. How many minds to minds? I one is equal. Wholesome mind and second one call unwholesome mine we all have to mindset. Now think about when you're getting angry with your parents or teachers but you might. What my new at the time because unwholesome mine and another name. I use for that demon. My Demon Mine is still I? Have you know anger to sometime? I'm getting angry with my brother. And then what mine I have. I can see my demon mind right but when Naylor fighting each other right and And other way we need the practice loving kindness compassion that mind we call the human mind wholesome mine it means to mind demon mind diamond mine today. We are going to practice. Which might demon mine known diamond mine? It is Shinier and you how to shine eat. There say you are here okay. And also they knew your thoughts you have to. I told you you have to recognize. We are these thoughts come. Come from some savvy part of our anger sometimes that towards part of our compassion loving kindness to investigate and then you have to see how they are remaining then win the disappearing then you can learn newer nature of your mind. Okay Wendy monk came to the and said would the this. Meditation is so horrible and when I practiced this meditation my mind go goes everywhere I had. I had distracted. Mine is so crazy crazy monkey. This meditation doesn't work for me then. We'll say with the to calm and he said it will be changing and didn't monks wind today following day. He came to see the Dan said with. This medication is awesome. I got it I need it. It is so awesome beautiful. Now I can control you know. I can learn my mind than say it will be changing nothing all the time of minus changing before you come to the temple. Maybe you you were thinking. Today's snowing Soco so-called can chain this schedule another day. Sometimes you you. You were thinking like that. But now you're here now. You are so excited to learn about meditation. It is changing. All the time line is changing but we need to understand nature of the mind. How is ending okay? Today we are going to learn that point two okay and Sometime people say you know. Do you have enough time to practice my meditation. Right as the kids do have enough time to practice meditation. When I was twelve years old I became a monk but at that time I didn't know about meditation. We had a very tight schedule at our temple in C- Lanka we have. We had to look up early in the morning for thirty that mutations in went on to loose but I didn't want to practice meditation. I just fell down and sleep. It was my meditation and but when I was teenager and then I understood how important is meditation is because I was so angry. Monk at that time too. I'm getting fighting with my brother. Mong deny learn something from imitation. Then I start to practice it okay. Now I'm practiced is because I got so many opportunity from meditation. Yeah sometimes we don't. We don't have enough in wisdom enough information about meditation. But Meditation is so simple and easy things you how close your eyes and also you have hope so your mind and is it boring. You can feel them and Steve. I learned that things when I was. You know a twelve years old. But when you learn more and more about meditation you can you know expedients. How valuable is it? Because as students you how to learn more more things about your subject and knew how to complete so many things this meditation so helpful to those things do okay. Today's I think you can expedience this. Awesome wonderful meditation. And if you have any questions about your practice or meditation teaching of the Buddha you can ask us of afterward. Okay now we can is And find your comfortable posture. You can change your porch any time when you get any pain then you can go to get Cha and you can change your time. Please Final compatible voice and sit comfortably. Keep your becky street as much as you can gently close your eyes gently. Bring your attention to your body note take a few loan blitz and relax your whole body relaxed your hit nick shoulders. You lift Right Tom so your taste your billy up of Up Authorized Noth rightly relaxed fingers. Relax your mind relax. Relax Relax No Miko literally smile in your face lit this loving kindness meditation myth the Bahonar. Csl Blessed Yourself Vista Yourself. May I believe me? I'd be happy. May I be peaceful? May I be bill me? I'd be happy. May I be peaceful understand the meaning of Eastwood deeply end clearly than repeated yoursel? May I believe it? May I be happy? May I be peace? May I be free from suffering? Edna's fear anxiety ENGA. Jealousy Eagle warring difficulties. May I be bill? May I be happy? May I be peaceful? May I be bill? May I be happy? Gist mind but does your mind say. Are you happy person? If not happy asking to your mind why are you not happy? Peaceful person found not peaceful. Buchen Nasty. Mind why I not peaceful find yourself. Who are you? Who are you me? I'd be happy. He May. I be peace. No imagine your family fade ans friend's husband Ovalles Children Radison sisters your good brain boyfriend of Screened also your neighbors. Kogas will close to you and listen to them me and my family be. Ville the HEPI BE PEACE MANDATE BE WILL. Hepi midday be peaceful if you have any difficult people in your life. Just imagine. Dim Cindy spiritual powerful. Lobbying does the damn might difficult people be still be happy? Be peaceful like Human Mia. We own not I picked is still in the world. All make mistake we have to practice will give us to our difficult people to bring. That band is stories to the future. Just Lit Litton go and practice pro given us to your difficult. People may diffucult People be will be happy. Be Peaceful me my family free from suffering Ilyas Feel Insight Eighty Anka Jealousy Ego. Worrying difficulties may be will be happy may be peace you can. Change opposed any time. Do you mind fully slowly now weekend. Sending this spiritual those two around the nor need to separate the people in the Muslim Christian Buddhist just Stink Viola. Human and list to team mayday be. Ville may be happy may be peaceful may be ill midday. B B media be peaceful sending loving kindness to around. It means you're try to add more now to the world. We need to add more. Allow the world because of so many things happen in the world right now. Some people are dying without food without glow without house can do anything for them now. Just we have to send despicable. Who wish us to them? May All living beings human non human also environment be will be happy. Bp's mandate be. Bill may be happy peace. Repeat this three again again bill. Happy and peaceful. No you have wonderful mind. Mind is so peaceful. Calm Stink when you're getting angry with someone at that time you how to think deeply. Yano tangled person because of your practice loving kindness. No need to burning with the people against the people menus see any weakness from team. Just be patient and practice loving kindness. Stink and keep your mind deeply. No-one fifth hooked in the world. No Megan practice breathing. Meditation Jonjo Mine Change of Polish People Lohan breads and legs. You mind again relaxed Breathing read out. Breathe Tin Mine Louis. Greed out mindfully Greeting process. Now you can see that up type of threats. Deeply in-n-out showed Ritz in breathing. Mindfully read out my family. If you cannot see your great you can focus on your billy Pissed and you can count your Brett like these breathing. One beat out one breed in to be all to be in three out three. You can count Nonni to control your greeting center. Your attention few GNAWS Dean Brady Come to your mind. Lead them common goal. Be a sky in this guy that so many clouds. Some clouds seem sly so heavy and also dark. Some some clouds look like white. Un Light. Same thing's going in mind right now. There are so many thoughts. Some thoughts savvy heavy. It could be past memories sometimes. You're thinking about Tina future plan to moral some thoughts. I realized compassion kindness. Just let them go. Focus on your natural loading regret breathing. Mine plea bree doubt mindfully Sunday stand. We can't hold our breath. He can't breathe past Britt. We can't breathe future breath. Just we have agreed present print. It means. We have to stay present moment. Enjoy this moment. No you're fine and Moody Audie Legs peace-for-land com thing. How important is to practice this meditation? It is bring to you you own. Happiness Delon's read joyfulness. Make literally smile in your face again. Please bring hands to get the in front of your heart. Make you strong determination to practice this meditation everyday. At least two minutes may be you. May ALL LIVING BEINGS BE BILL. Happy and peaceful. Thank you very much open. Your he's not going to chant a few chanting You can book Chanting it is guy in the opponent the meditation it can concentrate our mind For Stanton Equal Namo tested than would southern Jami. When you chain that things if you're uncomfortable with that you can You know you can't you. You can do anything you can just listen you. Can you know Close Your eyes and you can enter your own meditation but would symbolize our teacher. Okay when you when you read would it means Dita dumb symbolize guidelines. Sanga symbolized noble friendship. We need these three things teachers guidelines and also noble friendship. Sometimes people in a comment as Bundy if I if I don't how a data to how find a teacher that is a good good question and because teachers so important to our life. We need a teacher because we need Some guidelines to go go good way good bet and if you don't have any teacher you can set up your mind as a teacher. I tell you that there are two mines. Good mine in bed mine when you up so you're good mind. There are so many good qualities in a good mind loving kindness and you can a pleased your loving kindness as a teacher in your life. Then that loving kindness guides you good way and also if you don't have loving kindness do can set up like a compassion joyfulness equanimity whatever. Okay generosity and dumb limousine guidelines. We need guidelines. Because if you want to be good person in the World Nice person in the world you have to know about good guidelines and how do we learn good guidelines? We need noble friendship third-party croissants community. We need nobleman ship. We have different. How do we go facebook? Friends in game prints bad friend. Good friend who you know. There are some in France but we need noble noble friends. Who is this other friend? How do we fine? Normal friends? Normal friends native ease when we do something wrong. He or she come to you and what he does so she does. Don't do that sometime. It you we to funnest. You don't do that if you do. These things bad thing happened to you. They guy you for good way. Noble friendship many not going to change the things we knew chant would just symbolize. You can imagine your teachers and Sanga Manama friendship and also dahmer good guidelines and then we take you know. I need jobs on Kara. Its nature of our life. You can think deeply about your life and also the chance to Meet the Subiza bones circuit that. Vida to be by John. We are going to add more allow to devote again negate. Then we tend to work in them. Nopal Bungoma Manos it domino MIA. There are two minds again. Those very beautiful to worse in the how to train our mind How to understand on mine that who was teaching us about our nature of the mind and then we believe and also my wish. Okay now we can start to get the if you like to chat with us you content and Device you can close your eyes and enjoy this chanting nominee the vertical arte hot to some Some Naaman thoughts Bugah Hottle some Some numb. Ooh That's Buck too hot some Some dust blood sodden on got TA. I'm hung on got TA Song Hung SORTA GOT TA on duty. He non got on it Sarah Nam got Do John P. Some SORTA got thought he would tongue. Sarah Non Thought it done nine. Saw this on gone gone On it but Son Kara Lupu Via Domino Lupu did narrowed to some move circle. Sub Biggies da Avi era to sub is I need to Saab Sukey. Mcdonagh maneuver done Emma Dom Manush it if Manasseh Do not rule diva dot worn. None the Mon- MAY THIRTY JAR gun memoir heart pod Down Mono in Goma Dhamma Manos Sit Manasseh Not Percents. Baas city Dot Sokaia Monday eighty nine. He turned mine. Spirit is or sees she later. Beer believe mean the final fantasy Nikolay lows Nervously Tunitas going this sending generosities ourselves. Your is Mine Beach Report. Is those stories you.

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